Vizontele Tuuba (2003) - full transcript

Vizontele Tuuba is the sequel to Vizontele and recounts the 1980 military coup, the repercussions of the coup in a small southeastern town in Turkey. This is a very confusing period: every sad incident leads to a funny event or every funny incident results in sadness.

I don't know what reminded me.
After 24 years it all came back.

Maybe it was unfinished homework
that reminded me, so I finished it.

It was a random autumn
morning in Ankara in 1980.

School started at seven.
And it started like this.


-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Good morning!
-Good morning!

-Good morning, everyone!
-Good morning.

-Good morning!
-Good morning!

Sit down!


Children, writing is a serious business.

Writing is a set of rules.

You need to do it well,
most of you don't.

This is your essay topic.

How did you spend
your summer vacation?

That is the question.

What do we do?

Answer the question in

a one-page-essay,
that's the maximum length.

Introduction, body and

conclusion paragraphs are essential.

Please mind your spelling.


-We mind our spelling.
-Yes, we mind our spelling.

Here is a mistake most of you make.

You write "two" when you mean "too".

If it means "also"
spell it "too" and put it at the end.

We must remember...

I have toys, too.

You have toys, too.

He has toys, too.

We have toys, too.

Start writing.

It was a hard question.

It was a hard question
for everyone who was a child then.

Many things had happened.
Funny things, sad things.

It was the last summer of my childhood.


Why aren't you writing?

What is there to think about?

Shame on you!
You can't even write two lines.

What can he not do?

He can't even write two lines.

What can he not do?

He can't even write two lines.


I couldn't do it.

I couldn't do the homework that day.

I was only able to write one word. A name.

Now, years later,
I try to write that essay again.

I wonder if my teacher would like it.


JUNE 1980


Bandits raid the place
we're going to, right?

-Sure. Every single night.
-No! What will we do?

-Get killed, I suppose.
-You both are very sweet!

I didn't say they come every night.
They say some live in the hills.

How can bandits get in the city?

-They're outlaws, after all.
-Mind your own business.

-Dad, any avalanches this season?
-Tuba, shut up!

Hello, Mr. Nezih!

This is Latif.

Are you trying to bankrupt me?

Couldn't you find
a worse movie to send me?

The whole audience fell asleep!


Isn't the city still there?
Is Adana gone for good?

Who? Yılmaz Güney? All right.

He doesn't get beaten up
in the movie, does he?

When that happens
fans will throw chairs at the screen.

Hello? The line's cut off!

-What happened, Sezgin?
-Almost done, chairman.

Good. Move it.

-Is the tail fixed?
-I've sorted it out.

That won't do.

Ours up, and Ankara's drooping.

-The sign is very important, Sezgin.
-Right, everybody will look there first.

Even if you sell trashy shit,
you need a beautiful sign.

Remo, go play somewhere else. Come on!

The little bastards dust it up!

Mom, don't bother going.
He'll come anyway.

Mind your own business!

-Let's ask grandpa for money.
-And if he doesn't agree?

-Where are you going?
-Chicks came to the market, Aunt Ceyhan.

Chicks came? On their own?

-What are you folks up to?
-All buying cheap chicks.


If they were cheap hens
there would be a stampede.

Kino, I'm busy, get off.

Come on, Emin. One more spin.

-Only one more for today!
-Okay then.

What can I do? I'll have to settle
for what's left. Here, take the money.

This is being dishonest.

Nobody tells me there are
chicks in the city. Give it to me.

Friendship is dead now.
I might have bought two whole crates.

-Durmuş, can we go now?
-There's no hurry.

They won't realize it
before at least one month passes.

-Get ready.
-Okay, sir.


-What's that?

-A bird or what?
-Right, chairman.

-It's a dove.
-Have you completely lost it?

What's a dove doing
on a Justice Party sign?

-Why not?
-It's Ecevit's bird!

It's mine.

Get rid of it now!

No. It's my logo. Give me my money,
Latif. The bus will come in a minute.

Sezgin, get rid of the bird!

How do I explain the bird
to Mr. Süleyman at the inauguration?

İso, Veysi, remove the bird!

You do it! Stick to theft and extortion!

Why did the mayor kick you out?

If I drew Latif and Sezgin,

nobody would tell me
to get rid of those animals.

They wanted one horse,
then two. I did them all.

They wanted its tail
to look down, so I fixed it.

Ecevit's bird? No, it's my bird!

Stop that right now, you bastards!

Rotten bastards!

Ecevit's bird? No way! It's my bird!

Where's the bus, mayor?

How do I know, Siti? Am I on it?

-Dad, can I go meet my friends?
-Sure, off you go.

Hi, guys.

It's coming. The bus is coming!

Stop. Where is your
report card? A deal's a deal.

No getting off the bus without top marks.

-He's got them.

Now you deserve a great vacation.

-Good boy!
-Here you go, Mr. Chairman.

-Hi, guys!
-Welcome, Mahmut.

-Hey, Kino. What's up?

-Yilo, we got some chicks.
-How many?


Come on. You can look at them at home.

-I bring greetings from Diyarbakır.
-Thank you.

Greetings, comrades.

-Kino, did you read your books?
-Yes, Mahmut.

What do we do now, Güner?

-We'll see.
-See what?

Welcome to our city.

I'm Emin. Some call me
"Crazy Emin" or "Visiontele Emin".

Crazy Emin? My name is Tuba.

-What? Tuğba?
-Tuba. No g in the middle.

There is no need.
Tuba, what a wonderful name.

Sounds like dessert.
Two scoops of Tuba, please.

You're so tall.

Give him money to get rid of him.

Get rid of me?
Why? I'm not selling anything.

Know a place to drink tea?

-The municipal garden.
-Look, there is a municipal garden.

-I'll take you there.

Did you come here to drink tea?

The red carpet treatment!
Met by the retard of the village.

God help us!

-Was Rıfat's military base green?
-Green, mom, and very beautiful.

What trees are there? Any poplars?

Which are poplars? The tall ones?

Yes, their leaves
rustle in the wind like a song.

Go on.

Rıfat loved the rustling.
Our village had many poplars.

-They lulled him to sleep as a child.

Let him eat, Siti.

Come over here, my boy.

This meal is in the honor of my grandson.

-Welcome, Yilo.
-Thanks, Uncle Casım.

Yılmaz is the only kid from our village
going to boarding school. That is hard.

If he was as lazy as
the others, it would be horrible.

I get top grades.

-A's in nine out of eleven classes.
-Don't brag.

Rıfat! These two barely pass,
even here. Take Aykut for instance.

Aykut failed in four classes.
In Ankara he'd be expelled.

Grandpa, can we have meat?

Sure, you will.

We have guests!

-Don't bother.

-Please, join us.
-I told them you'd say that.

-I told them you'd help out.
-Come on in.

-This way.
-Come on in.

This is Tuba. Without the g in the middle.

-Güner was exiled here, sir.
-They transferred us here.

Exiled, promoted by transfer,
one or the other or both.

Want to freshen up first?
Ceyhan, show them the bath.

-Fero, get some tea.
-Tuba, you like some tea?

-I don't drink tea, thanks.
-I'd like some. Thanks.


I'd like some, too.






-So you were appointed here?

The district leader is on leave
so there was no welcoming committee.

No. He called in sick.
That's what he said.

What will be your position, Mr. Güner?

The new director of the library.

-Director of the library?


What an honor.

Congratulations, Mr. Güner.

Why didn't you tell me, Güner? We've
been together since you got off the bus.

Finally we have been blessed
with our very own library director!

And the tallest director on top of that.



If we had a library, it would be perfect.


You don't have one?

Afraid not.

It's the first time it is mentioned.


That really is a wonderful name.
And no g in the middle!


But you haven't written me for ten years.

Couldn't you write me back even once?

How are you, Zübeyir? I hope you're okay.

I have a bit of gas,
but I'm fine otherwise.

Hope you feel better.

Fadile, could you take this inside?

Sure. No problem.

I brought you this.

Read it.

"The shackles of longing...

...chafe... heart."

-What does "chafe" mean?

How was Diyarbakır?

Fine, Zübeyir.

How is school going?

-I failed two courses.
-Failed where?

I failed in school.

You don't get involved
in politics, do you?

No, Zübeyir. Not really.

Well, don't get involved. How's school?

Fine, Zübeyir.

Good, my boy.

Don't get involved in politics.

Don't get involved.

Would you excuse me?
I have to go to the store.

Don't get involved.

Why has the master called me?

I don't know. But he asked you to come.

Wait, Emin!

-What's up, you good-for-nothing?
-Not in front of my friends.

The mayor called. I'm busy.

-Mahmut wants to talk to you.
-What does he want?

-Come with me!

-Yilo, wait.

-How are you, Brainy Servet?
-Fine, Crazy Emin.

How's it going, revolutionaries?
Keep on reading.

-We have a job for you.
-What kind?

Our organization's third anniversary
is coming up.

Why is it my business?

-You have to write something for us.

Something big, Emin.

-A gigantic sign.

-On Mount Vatan.
-Near the top?

Yes. Big letters. DFKD.

-On Mount Vatan?

-In big letters.

Who would write something up there?

You owe it to your people.

-I don't owe anything.
-Listen to him!

I fixed visionteles and
painted signs. People owe me!

I painted Latif a horse. He didn't pay.

He's a fascist.

Fascist or revolutionary,
no one pays me what they owe me.

This one of Joseph Tironki
hasn't been paid for, either.

-The bushy mustache was hard to paint.
-Emin, look.

It is your duty.

If they catch you
they let you off because you're mental.

You're a jerk.
So you may write it, as well.

Just a minute.

Don't let him look at me that way.
Comrades, make him stop.

-Look somewhere else.
-Or change your point of view.

Emin, you're the only one
who can do this big thing for us.

It's a big deal.

A gigantic sign.

Just imagine! A ten meter high D.

An F of that size
would also be impressive.

Of course, Emin.
F would be the high point.

D has a tricky curve.
That presents a bigger challenge.

Bring us some tea.

What do you say, mayor?
You are the politician.

If only politicians had a say!

-Would you like anything else?
-No, thanks, Abdurrahman.

-You called for me, master?
-Emin, take a seat.

Come here, rascal.

Get yourself something.

-Emin, Mr. Güner has an idea.
-What is it?

Building a library.
We don't have one.

Building a library?
I was thinking of that myself.

In the garden when we learned
that you are the library director.

But I didn't say anything.

Sure, we can do it.
All we need is a site, but where?

We'll find one.
We'll find everything we need.

We'll build a library. We'll all pitch in.

Of course, we will. Where's Tuba?

-At home.
-Who's at home?


I asked you that, didn't I?
Want some cologne?

Don't worry, son.

Your father will take care of it.

I'm giving you Asiye.

Hello. Yes, this is Asiye.

Very well, thank you.

How are you?

Me, too.

Me, too.

Father will handle that.



The line's cut off.


You still haven't arranged my son's leave.

Am I the chief of staff?
I'm banking on party connections.




They're here again.
Every night. Make some tea.

-Is Dallas on yet?

Sue Ellen promised to wait for Basri.

-She has good taste in men!
-Basri is a dupe for J.R.

We'll be late.

We are late.

How are you, Aunt Süheyla?

Turn on the heater. We're freezing.

-The heater is going full steam.
-We're losing money and shivering.

Where's Auntie? Isn't she watching?

Mother Siti? No, she never watches TV.

-Why not?
-Just watch, mom.

Yilo. Tell me again
what it was like there.

Green as can be, mom.

-Any poplars?
-Nothing but poplars.

-With big leaves?
-What do you mean leaves?

Some poplars have huge leaves.

They tremble when
the wind blows and rustle and rustle.

Mom, could you keep it down?

I was translating a book.
I was arrested on page 62.

For six months I was in
and I finished the translation there.

They read it and released me.

-Case closed?

The charges were not dropped.
They called an expert witness.

Don't we need books for the library?

-Of course.
-Where do we get them?

Good question!

And we have to find you a house, don't we?

A better question!

By the way, there is one.

Casım, isn't
the doctor's residence vacant?

Yes. It's unoccupied.

But it sure needs a good repair.
Nobody has ever lived there.

Thank you, Ceyhan.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Güner, will we always sleep on the floor?

That's where the bed is.

Your laid-back attitude is killing me!

-See any famous people there?
-Always the same question.

-Yes or no?

-Ekrem Bora.

Ekrem Bora?

-The one with the big hair.
-The bad guy?

-No, the hero.
-Where did you see him?

We saw him singing
at the big amusement park.

It was a set menu.

-A set what?
-Set menu. That was on the flyer.

Under the photos of the artists.
A double bill with the Ladybugs.

-What bugs?

-What do they do?
-A stage act.

-Folk dance?
-No, a comedy show.

Two people on stage alternate
between telling jokes and laughing.

-Yilo, know this one?

She sells seashells by the seashore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.

She sells seashells by the seashore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.

No, that's wrong.
She sells seashells by the seashore.

-No, you're wrong!

-No way!
-It's definitely not right.

Tuba's family's furniture
has arrived, Güner!

Good news, Aysel. The furniture has come.

Let's go straight to the house.


Careful. Lift the latch.


My television!

The road was full of potholes.


Don't worry. We'll fix it.

-Emin, what happened?
-The furniture's in pieces.

The visiontele is ruined, too.

The damn driver blamed it on bad roads.

Ceyhan, I can't thank you enough
for the furniture.

-Where would we be without you?
-Others would have helped.

No need to thank me. You're guests.


-Can we do our hair later?
-Don't worry, we will.


Isn't that Mother Siti?

-Yes, that's her.
-Where's she going?

To her son's grave.
She visits it every single day.

-The one who died in Cyprus?
-Yes. It's not really a grave.

There lies visiontele, not the body.

-A what?
-A visiontele.

Rıfat is actually buried in Cyprus.

The last time Siti saw her son
was in the news on the town's first TV.

She was desperate to get him back.

Then she took
the visiontele and charged off.

Nobody could understand it.

It was as if she'd lost her mind.

She held a memorial service up there.

Did she bury the TV there?

Not the TV, the visiontele.

When a disaster happens on TV
everyone says it's a visiontele.

It became a saying in these parts.

Emin, you've got to do it tonight.

For God's sake!

Don't you understand? I'm busy tonight.

You promised. Tomorrow is the anniversary.


You're kidding.

All right. I'll do it.

If I'm caught, I'll tell on you all.

You will not.

This is a political statement.
No bird underneath.

There's no point
in painting a bird on unpaid work.

What happened?

I'm playing and piping folk songs
to my mother's grave.

That's not her favorite song.

It's mine.

The same old song
is boring. I play a variety.

He's playing folk songs at a shrine!

Let him do it.

The fool claims it's his mother's grave.

-What is it, Yilo?

-What are you doing here?
-Grandfather is calling you.

You'll do it, won't you?

All right. I'll do it.

But I need a lot of whitewash.
Where do I get it?

Look, Ahmet!

You have three children.

Their mother is dead.
The children need you.

Get a job.

Stop drifting around.

Look at yourself!

Clean yourself up!

You've embarrassed us all.

I haven't embarrassed anyone.

Unless you have
a problem with my beliefs.

What? Beliefs? What do you mean?

-I've dedicated myself to God.
-Be a good father to your children first!

Dedicated to God!

He's dedicated to God!

Because of you,
the children sit with drunks.

You don't say!

You could drink
the whole town under the table.

Yesterday's drunk is today's preacher.

Sit down! Ahmet!





-You had three sacks of lime.

-Behind the sacks.
-What sacks?

-Do you see the cement bags?

-Behind them.
-Where did they go?

-Think I stole them?
-Think I do?

-Did I say that?
-What did you say?

I asked about the bags.


Great job.
It's wonderful. Let's get Emin a present.

-Like what?
-We'll decide later.

All right.

Just look at it.
We should send Diyarbakır a picture.

-Good idea.
-Can Emin take one?

-After the present?

-We'll discuss it later.
-Sure. Sure we will.

Did Emin do that?

Let's go, Kinyas.

Comrades. Time for a meeting.

Is it true that Mr. Demirel
is coming to the meeting?

On the phone he implied:
"Latif, I'll come just for you."

-Or something like that.
-Well, then, I'm sure he will.

-Hello, gentlemen.

-My respects, sir.

-Where are you off to, mayor?

We plan to open up
a new library with Mr. Güner.

-Yet another municipal service.
-Another service?

God! I wasn't aware
that we had any to start with.

That's nonsense, sir. Look around.
The people are hungry.

Don't worry, Latif. No one is
as ravenously hungry as you.

Your days in office
are definitely numbered!

You're sure the answer is no?

It's impossible.
My son's marrying. It's his room.

-I wish them happiness.
-Good God.

Does he have a son?

Rüstem, we're building a town library.

Sorry, you know my father.
He insists on opening a shop.

-Is that your final word?
-Yes, mayor.

Go to hell, you bastards! God damn it!

Calm down, mayor.
Don't argue with them.

They were born
jackasses and will die jackasses.

You were going to build a barn.
Leave space for yourself, wretch!

-You think we can fix it up?
-I think it will be great.

Don't worry. I'll turn the place around.

It has great potential.
At least it has a solid roof.


What happened, Emin? Everything all right?

The roof is rotten after all.
At least the foundation is solid.

You scared the hell out of me.

He'll do what he says.

-You know your mission, do you?
-Yes, sir.

-Any second thoughts?
-No, sir.

You've scouted the surroundings?


-Who is no revolutionary?
-Cahit and his gang!

-All who shirk duty.

Nice. Here is your first mission.

Take this message to Fadile.

Don't let the hadji see you.

I know.

Off you go!

Comrades! Comrade Mahmut!

-What happened, Nafiz?
-They rewrote a letter.

-The social fascists.

Cahit and his gang? Run!

What are the revolutionaries up to?
What happened, Nafiz?

They made it DEKD.


Come on!

Out of the way!

-What kind of an E is that?
-What happened, Emin?

There's going to be a fight for sure!

Should I fix the E at least? It's crooked.

It doesn't look right.

Come on out, you social fascists!

Come on out!

-Is this your idea of revolution?
-What happened?

You changed the F!
You took advantage.

Is it your private property?
Everyone can write what he wants.

Is that so?

We had planned to write
something but someone did it for us.

All we had to do was to alter one letter.

What are you smirking at, prick?

You're the prick. Watch your language!

Let's compromise.

I'll do an E for 15 days,
then an F for 15.

The cops will erase it.

-You'll change it!

-You will.
-We won't!

You'll change it. Screw you!

-You fuck off!
-No, you fuck off!

He said "screw", not "fuck".




-What is it, Kino?

Mahmut can't come. They're in custody.


They beat up the social fascists.

-Cahit's gang!

-Was Mahmut hurt?
-I don't know. Casualties were high.

But they say the mayor is trying
to get them out of custody.


I told you that I would do
E for 15 days and F for the other 15 days.

They flipped out.

He hasn't shut up since yesterday.

Emin, that's enough.

Well, they're just kids, Commander.

Be generous and sort this out
without going to the court.

Most are from leading families.


What are they thinking?

Both the local small-town jokers
and the big-city ringleaders.

Who do they think they are?

They want a revolution
that has already taken place!

They want socialism. God!

If it was any good,
the state would create it!

You're so right.
It's an empty adventure, isn't it?

Not even empty. It's pure adventure.

Does the state give us what's good for us?

If it's not too expensive, yes.

The tea is lovely
and I'm not trying to flatter you.

-Don't let it get cold.
-It's not good when it's cold.

Yes, it's wonderful.
You have the best tea around.

For yourself.

Mr. Güner, stir the sugar.
Or it will be bad at the bottom.

Too sweet.

The sugar around here is a bit too strong.

-You're the library director?
-That's right.

-What kind of books do you have?
-We don't have any yet.

Then there's nothing
for me to worry about.

Even you will do a decent job there.

But we'll collect lots of books.

-Everyone is sure to help.

I'll let them go this time.

But if they're brought to me again,
nobody will be able to save them.


-I understand. Thank you.
-Thank you.

-Let's go then.


-You'll pay for that!
-You, too!

Shut up! Don't let it
happen again! Go home!

-They beat me up the most. For my letters.
-They beat us up, too.

What were you doing with these anarchists?

You wretch! Was it your business?

-Not in front of my friends.
-Some friends!

-I'm the association's vice-chairman!
-Get lost, son of a jackass!

What are you doing here?

Go to work.

What did Demirel say?

Is there a box that we didn't open?

The things people won!

Once we were touring America.
Elvis Presley showed up.

You know him? Sure you do.

He was just a kid then.
Not involved in music.

He asked me in English to open the box.

He told me to open the box.
He calls me a box.

And he won a guitar!
Started playing right away.

What about Zeki Müren?

There's not a trace of loyalty

In those violet eyes

Okay, that's enough. Let's make a deal.

I didn't open the box.
I offered you gifts.

One's not enough. Give me something else.


All right then, go get an oven!

Take it.

It's a deal.

Is there really
a mermaid in there, Emin?

Where? In there?

No idea. I was looking at
the boxes the fat man was messing with.

I watched him instead
as the mermaid isn't pretty.

Naked and half fish.
What if she's not fresh? Right?

There's some candy floss over there.

Let's have a look. I'll be off then.

Ladies and gentlemen!

She's signed off work
in the land of Atlantis.

And here just inside this tent.

For a limited time only,
just to help out with our campaign.

A real live mermaid!

Right here!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen.

My God!

Not my type. Too thin.

A mermaid should have meat
on her bones, a nice round rump.

Let's go.

In a town that starts
where everything ends,

good things happened as well.

But none of them did last long.

Very funny!


Tuba? What are you doing here?


I think you should help paint.

-Just hold on a second!

Hold on.

-I'm cranking it up.
-Keep at it, Emin, that's it!

-Here you go.
-It's your turn now.

-My daughter will do the first stroke.
-Here or here?

Well, that settles it.


Thank God!

Saved from the communists!

We're in power now, aren't we?

Former prime minister Nihat Erim

was killed in a terrorist attack

while he was on holiday
in Dragos, in Istanbul.

Kartal Deputy Prosecutor Ali Hikmet Alp

gave our correspondent
the following details.

Nihat Erim and bodyguard Ali Kartal
parked their car at Dragos Beach...

-I ran home.
-How many people were there?

I didn't see anyone.

I didn't even see their faces.

Did they come from outside?

We were playing cards
at the table in the corner.

Labor Union Chairman
Kemal Türkler is shot dead.

His bodyguard,
Halil Bileser, seriously injured.

TRT state television and
eyewitnesses report that around 9:40...

My dear friend.
It has been such a very long time.

Who knows,
you may not even remember me.

My friend, the state
has appointed me library director

to a town with no library.

That's nothing new.

I was once a teacher in a village.
With no school.

We couldn't build one then.

But we're pitching in
to build a library here.

I'm sending a photo taken of us

one cold night in Ankara.

It may jog your memory. Sakarya Street.
Remember how drunk we were?

It'll be fine here.
At least we'll have a library.

But we've got no books.

I was wondering if you
could help us in any way.

My friend, we need books.

Warmest regards, Güner Sernikli.


Welcome, Mr. Chairman.

-Is everything ready? The posters up?

-Our prime minister will sit here.
-That's right.

He should be given a seat at the desk.

It would be more appropriate.

We'll seat him here.

Quickly! You sit down, too!

Imagine he's asking you
what your title is.

Sub-Provincial Vice-Chairman Sezgin Taş.

Regards, Prime Minister.

That was great.

Now he asks your name.

-Zeki Bayar.
-Like an asshole? Button your coat.

Say: "Zeki Bayar,
Your Excellency the Prime Minister."

Zeki Bayar, Your Excellency.

That's it. He'll never
forget your name now.

-Now he asks for your name.
-Hüsnü Fırat, Prime Minister.

I just wish your name was Hüsnü Menderes!

-That would do, too.
-Now you're Hüsnü Menderes!

As you wish, Prime Minister.

What's this?

Cover it with underwear or something.

The prime minister shouldn't see this.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.
I'll file it down a bit at the shop.

-Just grind it down, would you?
-Don't worry about it, Mr. Chairman.

It's almost finished.

That's right.

-It really turned out great.

-Didn't it, Casım?
-God, yes.

We've got a director and a building.

Now all we need are some books.

Mr. Güner!

-Take a look at the paper.
-Let's see!

Turn to page three.

My letter's been published.

The whole letter.

"The state has
appointed me library director

in a town without a library."

It's all here. And they added
the address of the municipal building.

-A friend of yours?
-As it turns out, yes.

A true friend.


It may be a library
but nobody was there for help.

Either no one read about it in the paper

or something terrible has happened.

It's a library.
Everyone will chip in for that.

Sure, they're bound to.

-I'm switching them on.
-Switch them on.


-How is it?

It's wonderful, Emin. Congratulations.

Maybe one day we'll get some books, too.

Yes, of course, we will.

Let's go. Your mother will worry.

Can I stay a little longer?
Emin will bring me back.

All right.

-But don't be late.
-Don't worry.

Don't worry, Güner.
I'll bring her home. Good night.

-Put me down here, will you?

-Hold on tight then.

-Like this?

-What a bushy mustache you have.
-Is it ugly? Should I shave it off?

-I couldn't. I've never trimmed it.

Isn't it hard to eat soup?

No, but milk leaves a trail just here.

Didn't you ever get married?
Everyone marries early here.

No, I've never been married.

No one would marry me.

-Why not?
-Because I'm crazy.

Ever had a sweetheart?

Yes, a long time ago.

A foreigner called Christine.

Spelled with a C back then.
But she was a foreigner.

The girls around here
all just make fun of me.

-Aren't you going to ask me?
-Ask what?

-About my legs.
-No. Why should I?

It's the first thing everyone asks.

The first thing people do
is calling me crazy.

Anyway, I can't look into your eyes
to ask you a question.


Well, you're so beautiful.

It's better for a beautiful person
to sit with another beautiful person.

Beauty's more comfortable
with beauty, you know.

You have lovely eyes.

My eyes? Which one?

Give me your hand.

What? My hand? Which one? This one?

Now what?

What do you mean?

My hand.

What about your hand?

You wanted my hand for...

I see.

Well, okay then.

I'll go get some nuts for you.

-What nuts?
-Never mind. Fresh walnuts.




Emin is bringing Tuba home.

Aren't you a wine drinker?

There's no wine in this village.

You've been crying.

I got drunk.

Do you at least feel better?

I suppose so.


Why are we always on the road?

Why did that accident
have to strike our daughter?

All right, dear. It's all right.

"The historical precedent is clear.

Colonialists had little
capital to invest in colonies."

-Mahmut? Fadile sent this.
-What is it?

How do I know?

-Fadile sent this?

-To me?

-Did you read this letter?

-Okay then.

-Stop giggling.
-I can't help it.

If only you could see yourself.

Mahmut, what does "chafe" mean?

Everything all right, sisters?

No idea. A truck has arrived.
They asked for the mayor's office.

I asked the driver what was in the truck.

I understand the need for cost-cutting.

But I have to pay my workers at least.


It's already been
a year since they were paid.


The line's cut off.

Mr. Mayor! You've got mail!

-Simo, what's this?
-A parcel for you, Mr. Mayor.

Public library.
Güner Sernikli. Just look at this.

Kurtuluş High School, Ankara.



Zonguldak. From all over.

Didn't I say
everyone would pitch in for a library?

A whole truckload of books.


Testing. One, two.
What are you up to, citizens?

It's ready.
I now present you His Honor, the mayor,

Mr. Nazmi Doğan,

who will make an opening speech.


It's customary for me
to speak on such occasions,

but I don't think
I'm the most suitable person today.

A family became our guests this summer.

The husband was sent here
as director of a non-existent library.

His first deed was to build a library.

That shows us,
the best way to get a hospital built.

Send a doctor like him.

Mr. Güner, please, step up.

Please, step forward.

But they are all dangerous leftist books.

I had a look, sir.
There are books this thick.

Thank you, everyone.

Mr. Mayor is really
an outstanding speaker.

I'm afraid I'm no good
at this kind of thing.

In this building,

on these shelves,

await hundreds of talented writers,

and many poets, too.

If I manage to achieve one thing,

if I'm able to introduce
you to just one of them,

I will be perfectly content.

The real founders of this library

are the people all over Turkey

who sent us hundreds of books.

Thanks to them. Congratulations.

That was a wonderful speech.

-Good job, Güner!
-Okay, Emin.

Then we now,
all together, open our library.

Time for the grand opening!

May it all work out for the best.

I've got to drop by the office.

Here's to the new library.

No one came
to the library after the opening.

It wasn't as if we'd
expected floods of people.

But not a soul stopped by.

No one.



-What happened?

-We've got a great idea!

We can fill this place up
night after night.

Not during the day,
but at night. Install a visiontele.

They'll go here instead of to cafés.
We'll hand out books.

How are we supposed to find a TV?

How many are there in the whole town?

-Dad, there's an extra one.
-That's right.

-Under the ground.

Under the ground.

Ignore this crazy fool.

That TV has been buried for five years.

I know.

They told me.

If the tube isn't damaged
I can get it to work.

Pity for it to stay buried.
Most people have no TV.

Those without visit those with.

-Fahri threw them all out recently.

Because of Lucy. During Dallas
someone said she's fine,

imagine making love to her. Vulgar things.

Fahri got vulgar.

He said: "The visiontele and
Lucy are both mine. Just fuck off!"

Fahri was vulgar, too.

-Enough, Emin!

Typical Fahri.

Mr. Güner, what do you think?

Well, mayor.

Don't you always say
people would help with the library?

Okay. Get it, Emin.

Right away! Thank you, mayor.


It's such a creepy feeling.

Rıfat, we'll just take
the visiontele and then go.

With the grace of God.

And here it is, the visiontele.

Emin, you really think you can do it?

Absolutely. Maybe.
I just need to look inside.

He'll put it together again.

But the picture could be a bit muddy.

Of course,
measures were taken for Mother Siti.

The rustling sounds of a poplar tree,

so an absent dead person
could rest in what wasn't a grave at all.



How are you, dear?


Who isn't?

Waiting for the soldier once again?


And it's our halfwit Veli.


You're a complete idiot, Sezgin.

Three counters out
and you'll never get in.

Mr. Chairman, could you throw the dice?

A television has been
installed in the library.

All citizens are invited to come
and watch television, free of charge.

No one else is coming.

I'll turn it on. Just one thing.

No one turns on the visiontele but me.

Okay, I'm turning it on.

It was hard to fix.

All the circuits were rotten.

By the grace of God.

Everyone has to read their book
and exchange it in three days.

Don't forget. Back in three days.
No losing them.


I can't read or write.

Me, neither. We'll just say we read it.

What if they ask what it was about?

-Oya, play ball
-Oya, play ball.


-Run, Ali, run!
-Run, Ali, run!

Kaya, go to school.

Kaya, go to school.

-Kaya, go to school.

Come in, Mahmut.

-I know how to read, teacher.
-Even better. Help those who don't.

Have a seat over there. Servet, you too.

Emel, drink warm milk.

Emel, drink warm milk.

Again. Emel, drink warm milk.

When you hold my hand like this

-I just can't believe it.
-Why not?

This beautiful girl.
And she's holding my hand.

Stop joking around like that.

Do it again. Stop it now, just stop it!

Do it again.

We agree wholeheartedly.

So do we.

So we'll join together to get this done.

-That's the right decision.
-Come on, let's go.


We oppose to your ban on smoking.

So are we.

Commander, this tea is delicious.

God, tea again.

One of our soldiers makes good tea.
What's wrong with that?

We drink the same tea as everyone else.

Well. No offense. I said it was delicious.

Mr. Latif. Get to the point.

Well... I don't like to complain.

This library thing goes a little strange.

That man has filled it
with men and women, boys and girls.

They're all sitting together.

I do not see any problem
with women going to libraries.

I didn't see a problem, either.

But all the anarchists and
communists are gathering there.

I have no doubt about that.
I've met the director.

And you realize he was exiled here.

I wouldn't raise it

were it not for the upcoming visit
of our esteemed prime minister.

Prime minister's visit?

We're not informed of that.

It's being kept secret.

The other counties
may expect the same thing.

You know, Commander. Everyone is uneasy.

The whole country's uneasy, Mr. Latif.

We're all uneasy.

Things are so bad at home,

I'm reduced to have
a drink with these chicks.

Here you go. There you are.

You say there's a line on Cyprus
and only half of it belongs to us?



What do you mean?

That's how it is.

If I kept this book a bit longer
they wouldn't get angry, would they?

-No. Siti.
-That's good.


You must weep now.

And for the rest of your life.

What happened, Emin?

There's a smell.
The tube might be damaged.

I'll work at home until dawn
to be absolutely sure I get it done.

-It must be ready by tomorrow night.
-Hopefully it will be. Good night.

Good night.

Great Turkish nation.

As you will all remember,

I took the opportunity
to address you on radio and television.

And in the short time
that was allotted to me

I attempted to provide a brief outline...

Silly me. I must have left it on.

What's that? A war film at this hour?

Turkish armed forces have
assumed the task of governing the nation.

A curfew is in effect
until further notice.

From now on citizens are forbidden

to be in the streets after five o'clock.

Turkish armed forces
have taken control of the nation.

A curfew is in effect.

Dear citizens,

we have been forced

to seize power in our beloved land.

It is our duty to reestablish democracy.


Autumn had arrived.

Those September days
marked the end of my childhood.

I started to grow up.

What a luck! He was
about to come to the opening but...

Justice Party Head
Süleyman Demirel and his wife

moved into their lodgings
in Gelibolu Hamzaköy today.

The couple spent the day
walking and listening to the radio.

Demirel and his wife

seemed to be
in good health and high spirits.

Ecevit and his wife on the other hand...

-Fahrettin, got a cigarette?



-That was you, wasn't it?

In the hijab.

Get into the vehicles, everyone.

Excuse me.
I am the son of the mayor, Nazmi...


They took Güner and the others away.

Some returned after a few years.

Some never came back.

They were all fine men.

They knew some
of what they planned was illegal.

But they had not done
anything they had planned.


Move along! Why are you so slow?

Discipline is the key!

-Discipline! Repeat after me!
-Discipline, Mr. Chairman.

There was no peace of mind.
Take that thing down!


-The chicks grew up to be roosters.
-All of them.

They ripped us off. No hens.

Yilo, let's go, my son!

I'm coming to Ankara next year, too.

-You're lazy!
-Stuff it!

Goodbye. Study hard.

-Don't forget. You are our hope.
-I won't forget it, dad.

-You'll go there again?

Yilo, it's wonderful. The poplar...

Just as Rıfat loves it.

The bus is leaving.

Şehmuz, will you carry that all over?

It is the only hen, mayor.
The rest is all roosters.

I'm surprised yours grew up to be a hen.

-It must be my good luck.
-Şehmuz, put it down. Are you crazy!

-With all the roosters around?
-Come on! We're late.

Okay, mayor.

What's that?

If you'd listened to me,
this wouldn't have happened.

-Mom, now is not the time.
-"Mom, now is not the time."

What happened with the attorney?

Nothing so far. It looks serious.

Everyone is out to save his own skin.
Let's get out of this place first.

-Where's Tuba?
-Going to the station.

-I forgot, Erkut sends his regards.

Why are you mad? He's nice.

I'll write to you.


I'd end up waiting and waiting.

So few people come here.

And so many leave.

Those left behind have to wait.

Sometimes they wait for ages.

It's like looking down a road.
Just watching and waiting.

A long, empty road.
You expect somebody to appear.

But nobody ever comes.

Don't write to me.

I'll never forget you.

Where is she?

-Bye. Call me when you make it.

-Bring home another good report card.
-I certainly will.

Goodbye, Aysel.

Keep this.

Smile, go on and smile

Let the clouds disappear

So I can come back to life

Go on, smile

A movie might come to town

A forest appears in what's written

The weather turns to Mediterranean


Commander, our friend fixed it up right.

The Turkish Unaligned Union

Bipartisan Academy.

The letters got to go!

Or else you will have to go!

Imagine I'm hungry

I fell out with my mother

The whole city fell out with me

I don't even have a cat
Do you see what I mean?

Come on and smile