Viy (2014) - full transcript

Early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green undertakes a scientific voyage from Europe to the East. Having passed through Transylvania and crossed the Carpathian Mountains, he finds himself in a small village lost in impassible woods. Nothing but chance and heavy fog could bring him to this cursed place. People who live here do not resemble any other people which the traveler saw before that. The villagers, having dug a deep moat to fend themselves from the rest of the world, share a naive belief that they could save themselves from evil, failing to understand that evil has made its nest in their souls and is waiting for an opportunity to gush out upon the world.


(Birds chirping)


(Playful classical music)


You hold your ground, Sir.

Have you no shame, Madam?

Debauching yourself
in your father's house?

And with a common teacher?

I am of the king's court.


And I'm not just a teacher.

I'm a Bachelor of Geography
and Cartography.

Don't bandy words
with me, Sir.

You're a charlatan!

Like that rogue Newton,

Who swindled half of Europe

When an apple
fell on his head.

Father, I love him.

Love him? Him?

He can't even afford
a decent pair of britches.

I've great plans that'll
bring me fame and fortune.

Yes I'm sure,
by marrying my daughter.

No. What I mean is--

What do you mean,

Of course I intend
to marry you,

Just not now. More--

In the future.

Ha ha!

If I have my way,
he doesn't have a future.

Get him out of here.

Well go on!

Jonathan, run!

(Lively classical music playing)

Shoot him in the back!

Run Jonathan, run!

If your mother was alive,

She'd be appalled.

(Men shouting)

Set the dogs on him!

Run, darling!

I love you!

I love you too, darling!

Believe in me!


Why thank you.

Don't forget your birds.

(Horses whinnying)


My dear Miss Dadli,

I offer you
my deepest apologies

For my hurried departure.

As bitter as it is
to admit to you,

I have to say that
your father was right.

It is true that I have spent
all of my money,

But let me tell you,
I have not wasted it

As he wants to imagine,

But invested it
in my invention.

With the help
of this unique device,

I'm determined to revolutionize
the field of cartography

With maps that finally show
the true borders

Of the countries of the world.

I have decided to commence
this grand project

Right from the heart
of our beloved Greenwich,

Which I have chosen to be

The starting point
for all my calculations.

Some day,
our quiet little town

Will be renowned the world over
as the place

All time is measured against.

This is the dream,

But I need you
to believe in me.

My dear, the impressions of my
journey I write in my letters.

In order for them not to be
read by unintended persons,

I encrypt the letters
using a mirror,

As Leonardo Da Vinci
did before me.

I love you,

And refuse to be thought of
as some dowry hunter.

I will show everyone
that that is not true.

My news will fly to you
by means of carrier pigeon.

In this way, when times of
great difficulty confront me,

I will feel you close to me

And my heart will be warmed.

Lower your eyes.

Kneel down and pray.

Be afraid of the eyes of Viy,

The ancient god who dwells

In the eternal darkness
of the cave.

His eyes have taken root
in the Earth.

If a man but glances at him,

Then that man dies.

And no prayer can conquer
that mysterious fear.

The old folks say so,
and their grandparents said so.

On summer nights,

Young girls looking
for true love

Float burning candles
on wreaths in the water.

And if some young man
gathers in your wreath,

You know that he
is your destiny.

Since the beginning of time

When the Earth was young
and the gods were young,

This tradition has lived in the
hearts of the Slavic people.

Burning candles float
in the darkness.

It has always been so.

(Thunder rumbling)

(Birds shrieking)


Where are you?

(Thunder rumbling)

(Thunder crashing)


(Marsh birds chirping)

Time to go, Pannochka!

(Thunder crashing)




(Thunder crashing)





Right here!

Got her.

Who did this?

Who did this to you?

She wants to confess.

You must pray over me.

God help us.

Protect us from evil.

There's a student priest
from the seminary.

Khoma Brutus.

He'll pray by me for three
nights, truly and sincerely.

He knows who wears the sheep's.

I think she's dead.

(People murmuring)


The wages of sin!

One dead and one
out of her mind!

(Bell tolling)

(Ominous chanting)

So complete your three nights
of prayer over my daughter,

Exactly as she requested,

And I will reward you.

Who, me?

Yes, you.

It was my daughter's dying wish
and you must fulfill it.

Have you ever felt the whip
crack on your skin?

No, and it is not something
I want to happen to me.

Then do not fail me.

I'll pay you
a thousand gold coins

If you succeed in this.

A thousand gold coins.

You will not be allowed
to fail me.

Master Sotnik--
Lock the door.

He stays here
for three nights.

(Door closing heavily)

Please, dear God,
hear your humble servant

And forgive his sins
through Our Lord Jesus Christ.


* Oh Lord,
our Father dear God *

* Embrace us all
in your faith *

* And the whole--

(Ominous music playing)


Chalk circle,

Save me, protect me.

Chalk circle,
save me, protect me!

Save me, protect me.


Here is a thousand gold coins.

Blessings for you.

We could-- we could build
a monastery with this.

No. That's Khoma's fee.

Now leave and prepare everything
for my daughter's funeral.

Let's get it done, soon.


You know.
Pannochka's burial.

For three nights I've had
the shit scared out of me.

Master's daughter, yes,
but still a witch.

(Twigs cracking)

Oh, it's Paisiy.

What do you got there?

It's from Sotnik.

It's the fee
he gave to Khoma.

I have never seen
so much money before

In my whole life!

The key.

Go on!

(Wood creaking)


There is a curse here!

Be gone, Satan!

This is a cursed place.

His soul has departed.

This holy place
has been violated.

This can no longer be called
a place of worship.

Board up the doors
and the windows!

So she got him
in the end.
Yeah, the witch.

There's witchcraft here.

I declare this!

If that's so,

Yesterday's rules
are dead and gone.

Divide it equally,
like two blood brothers.

(Door closing)

There's a hole in the roof.





This holy place
has now been cursed!

From top to bottom!

See what the witch
has done to me?

Khoma is lying lifeless
in the chalk circle.

We can never go back in there
again, Master Sotnik.

The curse up there
must be a devil of sorts!

This is a cursed place.

We must barricade--

We can't leave
my daughter.

(Birds shrieking)


(People shouting in fear)

Don't take the sin
upon your soul.

Don't go in.

Think Sotnik,
your people, they need you!

They need you!

Please don't make this
any worse than it is.

In the name of the Father.

(People screaming in background)

(Wind whooshing)

My travels have continued
for a whole year.

Today is the first day
of April.

(Horses whinnying)

The spring takes so long
to come here.

What awaits me further East?

Thank you, Nanny.

Really, my Lord!


Carrier pigeons now, is it?

Papa, please look at me.

Oh, God.

I'll kill him.

Luck accompanied me
but now it has turned away.

I have not eaten
for several days.

(Singing softly)

And I have none
of the resources left

Necessary for continuing
this journey.

And alas, I have lost
my path somewhat,

Which is now patently clear.


(Horse snorting)

(Pigeons cooing)


Please, don't shoot us!

Who are you?

We're common students
at the city seminary!

S-s-seminary, uh-huh.

What about some food,
to eat?

To eat!

Yes, to eat. Uh-huh?

Yes. It's to eat.

Here's to new friends.

(Monks chanting in background)

So, you're a scientist.

Ah! We're scientists.

I'm Gorobets.
I study rhetoric.

And he's a theologian,

Right. Is the city far?

No, but there is
a village close by.

Oh yes.


It's close!

Oh yes.

I wouldn't send
an enemy there.


Around a year ago,
a friend of ours

Was there with us
and suddenly vanished.

A scientist?

Yes, a scientist.

Khoma Brutus.

So, about a year ago,

Me, Khoma and Khalyava

Passed through here
on the way home

For summer vacation.

Either it was the fog,

Or maybe the devil
spun us round,

But we completely
lost our way.

Oh! Look at him!

Stop that!

Have some mercy Gramp--
er, Granny.

I thought the Lord was
supposed to provide for you.

* Charity, charity

* May the Lord
look on you *
Stop that racket.

Enough now!

(Singing trails off)

All right then.
Come inside.


This way.

Do you, uh,
remember how this goes?

Sir, oh please
buy some food?



That witch wanted me.

She tried to grope me
with her filthy hands.

All women are witches.

And the market women?


(Breathing heavily)



Listen, Granny,

It's a fasting week.

I couldn't sin against that.

Not even for a thousand
gold coins.

Don't, don't, don't!

You're too old.
You're too old!






(Birds squawking)




The crazy old woman was
actually Pannochka.

She was a witch.

He knew that,
and I knew that for sure.



"Ha ha ha ha."

You think it's funny?
All right then.

You listen to me.

He just vanished
into thin air.

Let me taste
a bit of that.

Ah, certainly!


It's our best,
from Khortytsa.

What do you think?

It's not bad.

Unlike the village where
Hell's evil is all around.

That's definitely not good.

Evil that not even
our Lord God can stop.

In the name of the Father,

The Son and the Holy Spirit.

With this symbol
of our Lord's majesty,

We complete the circle.

Ah, so we are prisoners
in our own village prison, eh?


Merciful Lord!

Please help me
to protect my children

From these devil spirits!

And let them know nothing
of what is locked away

In the old church!

Show me a sign!

Be my shepherd!

(Wind whooshing)

Show them the misery
that is awaiting

If they do not choose
to listen to me!

(Wind whooshing)

(Frightened whimpering)

(Frightened chatter)



(Woman screaming)

Did you hear that?

So are you convinced now?

You said that the uh--

That the monster
had nine horns,

Nine great horns.

Seven horns!

Let's go, let's go.


If you're going on,
it's without us.

That's a funny story.



(Horse whinnying)

Shh, shh.

(Horses whinnying anxiously)


Wait! Wait!

Where are you going?


Stop, I say!


(Gears clicking)

(Horses whinnying)








(Crowd chanting in distance)

(Men singing indistinctly)

(Wolf howling in distance)

(Growling nearby)


(Horses whinnying)


Ah! Ah! Ah!

The apocalypse.

(Horses whinnying)


Stop, stop, stop, stop.


--protected by armour
made from fire.

The horses' heads were like
those of lions,

And fire and smoke--

He's coming!

(People shouting)


(Horses whinnying)

And here is the sign!

A messenger sent from Satan
has pierced our circle!

(Horse snorting)

What kind of messenger
of Satan is he

If his knees are knocking
together in fear?

He might just pass
with a good scrub.

(People murmuring)

(Low growling)

Master Sotnik.

He's alone.
There's no one else.

A servant of Satan!

What's all this noise?

The Devil's scripture.

"Jonathan Green".

Jonathan Green.

Yes, yes, yes--
Jonathan Green!

Scientist, cartographer.

I am the subject of Her Majesty,

The Queen of England,

Recently renamed
the United Kingdom.

Not a scientist.

It's a pleasure
to meet you all.

If he's the best
his country has to offer,

We're in terrible trouble.

(People laughing)


"Looking through my spyglass,
I could well discern

Leaping savages
and their frantic gestures.

I was sure they were
preparing themselves

For a terrible meal
of human flesh."

What are you reading?


This is the latest story
by Mister Defoe.

It's about the adventures
of Robinson Crusoe.

Of all the great writers
this country's produced,

You choose to read him.

(Baby cooing)

And what, Madam, is this?

Father please,
give it back.

It's from him,
isn't it? Hm?

Cease any contact with
that worthless specimen.

I demand that in my own home
there is nothing

To remind me
of the wretch.

Quiet, Father.

You are forgetting
that this wretch

is the father of my child.

You never thought that
perhaps at this very moment

He is somewhere,
surrounded by savages,

In deadly peril
on some desert island?


Island? What island?

It is the biggest continent
of them all.

Your Mr. Jonathan
"I am a cartographer" Green

Is in the middle
of that continent.

A continent?

"Savages" my ass!

Excuse me Sir,
excuse me!

Um, I have some
very important equipment

Damaged in my carriage.

It's vital to me,
you understand.

It's the fifth
measuring wheel.

It measures distance.

The wheel?
Yes Sir.


Our blacksmith's good at making
that kind of mechanism.

Let's go.

He made a contraption
that produces horilka,

A vodka so clear
it looks like tears.

Yes, I'm very well aware
of what horilka is.

It's not that, no no.

It's a-- it's a
mechanical thing.

It's a mechanism.

Ah, same shit.

Did I invite the commons in?

It's me, Taras.

Wait! Here, I brought you
a British customer.

A scientist.

A scientist?

Yeah. Look at his carriage.

Hey, what do you think
of this, huh?

An impressive rig.

Yeah, if it moves
and turns on its own.

Think you can fix it?

It wasn't made by God,
so yeah.

No, no, no, no.

The work of Dutch masters.

The Dutch masters,
you say?

Heh. Well try this!

Well, Mr. Scientist,

Remind you of anything?



It's like the drawings
of Leonardo Da Vinci.

I have no idea
what a Da Vinci is,

But I do know how
to make it fly.

That I know.

Will it?


But to land, not so much.

But first I invite the best
scientist to my house to eat.

You can't say no.

It's been a long time since
we had a foreigner around here.

Will he repair it?

Your carriage will be fine.

(Voices trailing off)

Why are you shielding him?

Now that's not why
I called you here, Father.

It's been a whole year
since my darling daughter died.

Let's have her funeral
at the old church tomorrow.

My men can clear the road
in no time.

I didn't hear that.

Don't think it.

That road is closed.

I waited nine days,
and then forty days.

And now a full 12 months!

Pray to God.

Patience alone is nothing.

There's one thing
I still don't know.

What was it you saw
inside that church?

Petrus! Petrus!

Yes, Master Sotnik.

What's this?
Read it to me.

It's a map of the area.


Go and bring him here,
that scientist.


But quietly.

(Jonathan singing quietly)

(Door creaking open)

Uh, excuse me?


Are you deaf?

Good, all right,
we're not speaking.

That's fine by me.

At least tell me your name.

The girl's struck dumb.


What delicate saplings
the Devil has brought me.

Would you like me to rub
your back when you're dry?

Thank you, but uh--


The other students like it.


(Nervous chuckling)

Spare us.

Of course.

The old woman,
Khoma Brut.

This is where it all happened.


Ah-- ooh!
Oh, hello.


If you're taking a flight,

You should dress first.

Look, is there
a problem? Hm?

Master Sotnik would like
to talk to you.

In secret. Shh.

(Door creaking)

Father, tell me
what is wrong.

Sotnik won't stop
asking questions.


It has been over a year.

He's thinking of
ordering his labourers

To clear the roadway.


I'd like to know which
of his labourers

He thinks is willing to risk his
skin around this cursed place!

Our village is gladly
short of heroes.


Outsiders then.

Master Sotnik,
the scientist.

Master Cartographer,

Do you believe in God?

How to put it?

I'm a scientist.

That means you don't
believe in the Devil.

Um, no.

Ah, that's good.

I want you to make another map
like this one,

But put the church
at the centre.

So I can see all my land.

That's good.

I must tell you that uh,

It'll take time to um,


For a thousand gold coins?

Where is Satan's messenger?

My guess is he's holed up
at Hannah's water mill.

(Dog barking in distance)

Here, for a start.

I'll need uh, an assistant.

I'll get you one now.

Begin at the old church.

Let no one see you.

Master Sotnik,
the path is cleared.

We should go.

Come on, hurry up.

Yes, wait, wait.


(Horses whinnying)

My horse can see things
we can't.

There must be
a devil of sorts.

Come on, you stubborn beast!

(Whip cracking)


About you talking to Sotnik-

Not a word to anyone.

It's better for us that way.

(Loon calling)

So, if Father Paisiy
is right--

Let's go see.

Where's the scientist?

He is here!

Master Scientist!


Let us pour some horilka
for our honoured guest.

Trust me, you've tasted
nothing like this!

Smells good.


To us.
To us.


So what science
do you do? Huh?

Look, Panas,

You were talking.

Right? You're an expert.

On scientists.

Well I've heard there are some

Who stare at the stars.

What kind of science is that?

Stargazing science?

I know what I am talking about.

They stare.

They stare at the stars
through glasses, like this.

Huh? Huh?


(Men laughing)

Hey Taras, this is empty!


That's what we got
from the last scientist.

He changed our village,

And not for the better.

He was a philosopher.

Khoma Brut.


(Suspenseful music)

Tell me how you happen

To know Khoma Brutus.

He's well known.

Everyone knows that name.

He's known, all right.

Master Sotnik had heard the name
of a seminary student

In our village,
a student by the name

Of Khoma Brutus.

Please let me go.

Dorosh and I delivered Khoma

To watch over
Sotnik's daughter.

Dogs were barking,
wolves howling.

Holy Mother of God.

Through the priest and through
our Lord Jesus Christ,

Our one true God,
forgive us our sins.


* We beg you oh Lord
to embrace in us *

* In the eternal life
that is given to you *

* And your blessed ministry

* In the name of the Father,
and the Son *

* Amen

What sort of a priest would I be
if I was afraid of a corpse?

Oh, I wish I could
smoke in here.


Oh, good tobacco.

Her face.

Her beautiful face
draws me to her.

(Breathing heavily)

Even in death, so beautiful.

(Laboured breathing)

(Wind whooshing)

(Stretching noises)



(Bell tolling)

(Bell silenced)




(Rooster crowing)

Listen, where is this church?


Tell us why do you
want to know.

Well, Master Sotnik and I
were thinking of maybe,

You know.

Pfft, forget it.
It's nothing.

Chalk is the most
important thing we own.

Draw a circle around you

And not even the Devil
can touch you.

Or a witch.

All women are witches

And they have small,
curly tails.

Who's that food for?

Are you going
to the the swamp?
Is that true?

Well, it's a superstition.
Don't you dare--

Legends. Imagination.

Maybe not in Europe, but here,

All women are witches.

Yavtukh, he's drinking.


(Men grunting and singing)

(Singing indistinctly)


(Singing continues)


(Music and singing stops)

It's supposed to be a song!

Stop tearing your throats out!


Don't like it, too bad!

Who do you think you are,
giving us orders?

And since when
are you in charge--

Whoa, whoa!

Let me go!



No, no, no,
don't go!

We're just getting
started here.

Don't spoil this.

You'll insult us.

Was there any evidence
of Khoma's fate?


Here it is.

Evidence I saw
with my own eyes.

But thanks to the curse,

I have only the one now.

My other is gone.

Now listen to the rest.

It's always scary,
the first night.

I'm not scared.

I'm not scared now.

Help me, Lord.


(Axe hammering)

(Thunder crashing)

(Thunder rumbling outside)

(Wood creaking)



Help me, God!





(Slow motion humming)




(Echoed shrieking)




(Slow motion humming)

(Satanic whispering noises)



(Rooster crowing)







(Creatures squeaking)

(Gagging noises)

(Wind whooshing)





(Creatures chittering)



I can't see him.

Where is he?

He's under the table.

My ears must be clogged.

He kicked my head!


Look, he wants to run.



(Creatures screaming)


I can't see anything!

Don't let him get to the chalk.

Turn around.

Keep him away from the chalk.

The chalk!


Get him!

Don't let him have the chalk!

Pick up my head.

I don't see him.

Get him.

There you stay.




Can't find him.

Can't see.

I call upon you, Viy!







Open my eyes.


Now he belongs to you.

We need you to find

Who's inside the skin.

Show that soul

And I will leave you
among the living.

(Rooster crowing)

So, you saw the monster.

There are many.

They live in
and among the people.

You do not carry a cross,

But when your scientific
reasoning fails you

You hide behind
the chalk circle.

Do as she asks.

Find out who is in
the sheep's skin.

Help her find her way.

By doing so,
you will find yours.

(Birds chirping outside)

Master Scientist,

Master Sotnik is, uh,

Very angry.


Give me that.

What's become
of the scientist?

He's gone.

So, he packed his things,

Ran out of the village

And ran off.

That foreign scientist,

Satan's messenger has gone

To the forbidden church.

Speak up, little one.

What's going to happen
to us, my Father?

Get ready.
Gather the people.

Save us, Father Paisiy.

What are we going to do?

Why the hell do you think
he went into the forest?

Sniffing for your treasure.

Well it's really not funny.

What if he goes
inside the church?

Then when Sotnik asks,

"Did you happen to see

The thousand gold coins
meant for Khoma?

The ones I dropped in fear?"

Oh yes.

I saw you.

You took them.

I'll hold it close,

Just as any confession.


Master Scientist,

You can do as you like,
but I won't go in.

Some assistant, eh?

Look, at least
hold the rope for me.

Do I have to?

Petrus! Hold it tighter.

I'll look around the swamp,

While you go and
check out the church.






First I'll buy you
some new reins.

And a saddle.

(Bird calling)

Here goes.

We have enough for everything.

Look at this.


Look how much money we've got!

Hold it tight!

(Jonathan 's voice ringing out)

What am I doing?

This is crazy.

There is nothing
to be afraid of.


Pull my stuff up!

I'm gonna spend all day here.

You just stay there.

Let's get Overko.

(Horse whinnying softly)


I can only suppose

That it was the shock
of the last few days

And my body's tiredness
that so completely distorted

My first impressions.

They remind me of pirates.

Have I frightened you,
my dear?

No no, my darling.

You see, first impressions
are sometimes deceptive.



To hell with you.


What are you doing
over there?

What news, brother?

I found him.
I found him at the old church.

Oh. Let's get him then.

Sure, just as soon as you
hide our money, right?



Go tell Paisiy,
and I'll head to the church!

Well Father,

We rode to the church

And there he was
on the roof.

And Petrus was there with him.

I had Overko stay and watch.

That scientist
finds anything,

He'll get a knife
in the back.


What should our next move be?

Hear me, Sotnik.

While you know this,

The villagers
are ready to act

And execute the unholy.

You want a requiem for your
daughter, Master Sotnik?

You'll have it.

Wait here
and see what happens.

This is not a priest speaking

With the power to punish
and judge you.


You see a simple servant,

That's all.

A worm anyone can tread on.

That's what I
needed to hear.

But this servant,
this worm implores you,

Do not--


--do not seek explanations,

For all that's in
this firmament

Is revealed to you--
It's a miracle.

Let others say that
you live in darkness,

That you are ignorant.

I say to seek to know all
of God's work as heresy,

So let go of the false
light of knowledge.

It does not serve our God.

What's wrong, Master Sotnik?

Has the truth of God
made you uncomfortable?

Have you no love
for Christ's flock?

Yes, that's us.
"The flock".

Ah, Master Sotnik is fallen

Victim to his crime,

And the influence of those

Who've declared themselves

You just stay there,
Master Scientist.

Stay there.

Fear the learned outsiders!

I see how Satan's army
is getting ever nearer.

(Suspenseful music)


(Playing lively tune)

Banish the evil ones from here,

So that the ground burns up

Under their feet!


Hallelujah! Hallelujah!



Ah! Ah!





I-- I didn't intend

To come down
quite so quickly.

Lift me up, Petrus.

Petrus, lift me up!





Master, I told you
this place is cursed--

I don't care.
I need my instruments!

Just-- Petrus--
Petrus I've got--

We need to know
the way.

Petrus, what--

Agh! Petrus!

Let's go.

Petrus, let me
get back up--

Run away!

I-- Ugh!

Run away!

(Horse snorting)




Hallelujah! Hallelujah!



(Children shouting)

Master Scientist,

Go to Sotnik's house.

You'll be safe there.

You little pests!
Go on!

What did you see there?

There's devilry here.

You've joined them.

You haven't been there!

Do not consort
with the scientist, any of you.

Or the Lord's curse
be upon you!

Get out.

Without my instruments?

You heard me.

Finish the job you started.

Or be flayed alive.



You said Overko
would watch him.

He's back again!

And he's not alone.

He's with
Sotnik's servant.


Who do you think?

Go now and
bring him to me.


So who again?

Petrus, of course!

Ah-- agh!

Sit him down.


Dorosh, what are you doing?

No no-- Ah!

What are you doing?


Dorosh, shut him up

Or we'll have the
whole village on our hands.

(Muffled noises from Petrus)

Dorosh, no--

No, get the other one.

What's that?
Dorosh no, please!

This isn't funny.

Can we talk about this?

I-- I beg you.

Oh that-- Aaaagghh!

What did the scientist
do at the church?

Tell us why he was there and
what was he trying to find?


Master Sotnik sent him,
to make a map.


And the fee was
a thousand gold coins.

It's lying around
the church somewhere.

Good boy. Good boy.



From now on you'll report

Everything you hear to me.

Put this on
and leave it on.

And no questions.

Now get out of here!

I'll run away first,
before I serve you!

Find the scientist and
don't lose sight of him.

Let's go and find Overko.



(Bell clanging)

(Villagers shouting)

Come on!

(Bell clanging in distance)

Master Scientist,
they're coming--

What's wrong?

Paisiy sent them.
Things could get very nasty.

So you've got to run away now,

And I'll run with you.

You are?

I have only one condition.

I'm taking Nastusya
with us.

Put your things together.

We're running away.

Just take things you need.

I've got food.

You're not going to starve
but you have to hurry.


Perhaps you don't want to go.

In that case,

I'll just have to uh,

Kidnap you.

I'll kidnap you and tie you up

With this rope.

I'll do it.

I swear I'll do it.

I hope you'll come,

Do you want to?

All right then,
it's goodbye.

One day you'll hear

That some foreign mercenary

Beheaded the brave
Cossack Petrus.



My love.

My true darling.


Come on!

We'll steal a boat.

Be ready.



Where are you?



(Horse whinnying)


Are you crazy?

You could have killed my horse!

I'll kill you!

Ah, you rotten swine!

You're no better.

I know you stole it.

Where have you hidden it?


I didn't steal it.

You've completely lost your mind
over all that money.

Such smart words from
a traitor and a thief!




Well Brother,

Anything to say before
I cut out your tongue?

Why don't we--

Settle this over a smoke, huh?


What do you say?

I like that better.


Oh, I dropped my pipe.

It's gotta be around here

Where's my pipe?




(Loon calling)


Petrus, come here.

Nastusya, this way.


Row to the dead tree.

I'll follow you.

Where are you going?

(Drunken singing)

(Taras' singing continues)



How many times have we
saved each other's necks?

Look at us now.



Let us redeem our sins,

And give the money back
to Sotnik.

Remember the good old days?

Just two brothers
with free spirits.


Oh! Ah!


Who's there?

Come out so I can--


Lovely pipe,
isn't it?

I believe it is yours.

Well, aren't you wondering
where I found it?

(Struggling for breath)

(Townsfolk shouting)



Viy. Viy.

Viy. He's back.


Down there in the swamp.

I saw him, I saw him!

The time has now come!


Let us drive away the Devil's
spawn with fire and sword!

In the name of God!

The money, there.

There is the rest.


Ah, the dumb girl.

Do you know
how lucky you are

That you're dumb?

Where is it?

Where is the money?

Give it to me.

(Dogs barking, men shouting)


Here, take this.

Don't kill me!

She's trying to kill me!

She killed Dorosh!

Hold the witch!

She's the spawn of Satan!

(People shouting in distance)

Nastusya, my love--


(Shouting continues)

Holy Father,

It wasn't Nastusya,
I sweat it wasn't!

I saw it with my own eyes,
standing there,

I saw the monster
with seven horns!

It wasn't her.

I saw him.
I saw the monster!

It wasn't Nastusya.

It was the monster!

But my son,
she's a witch.

Oh, what have I done?!



(Muffled screaming)


What are you doing
to my daughter?!





(Indiscernible shouting)

I'm gonna kill you!

(Shouting in distance)

She will die.


You used me.

You didn't even want the map,
did you?

It was about your daughter,

And the way she died.

What did you find out?

I know what happened
to her.

You found out who
was under the skin?

(Horses whinnying)

Calm him the hell down!

That beast understands

Just find out
and I don't care how.

You guarantee my safety

And for your information,
Nastusya's being attacked.

They're working up
their courage

To kill her,
you understand?

I'm going to handle this.

And right now!


What hellish acts
are you up to?

Let Nastusya go!

Just look at my arm!

You call this sacrilege?

And Dorosh, my poor brother
who was merely--

You could break her
with one finger.

She's a witch!

Panas, set her free.

Not permitted.

Master Sotnik.


Keep back.


I have my orders.

Whose orders?

And I'm not afraid
to carry them out.

Whose orders?!


Watch what you say

And be very careful.

No one heeds
your words anymore.




And there's another

Of Satan's servants.

Grab the sinner!

(People shouting)

Get the heathen!


We are not savages.

In the pit with the witch.

I'm a British citizen!

Let's see how you react to fire,

British citizen.

Well witch,
now you have company.

Let's see what
the bastard's written.

My dearest Miss Dadli.


"The wings of the
local inhabitants

Are very similar to those
of several species of bat.

Who knew that they stretched
to a width of some ten feet?"


I felt their rancid breath
so close

That I could reach out
and feel their filthy skin.

"--and can talk
like a human being"?


"They have hooves.

Do you remember
the sailor with the limp

That we met
in the Port of London

And who told us
of an enormous squid?"

(Crying softly)

Why are you blubbing?

It's been so long since I last
received a letter from him.

You're forgetting, my dear,
he's not worth your tears.

Oh Daddy, please.

"Well here, we have a squid

That is ten times as big,
has six eyes

And they call it Viy."

The fellow's obviously
lost his wits.

"If I should not return,
search for me

In this accursed place."

Please God,
let it be so, eh?

(People walking
and talking overhead)



Come on.

Wake up.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

It's all right.
It's all right.

Um, uh--


I'll-- I'll take it off.

It's all right.

I'll take it off.

Shh, shh, shh.

Here you go.


The monster.

The monster.

You're feeding it,
aren't you? Hm?

For how long?

A whole year?

It's just maps.

Papers than can just
disappear without a trace.


I didn't make these marks.


So, your monster
can mark routes on maps.

All of Sotnik's power
should come to me

Because you know my heart
is burning of it.

(Paisiy's voice overhead)
Oh, I see. You want his money.


It's power I need.

As for the money--

It's for the church.

We have to finish off the girl
as soon as possible.

She saw the whole thing.

Listen to me.

I want to conduct the execution
by the swamp.

This way the whole village
will be responsible

For spilling her blood.

Good thinking.

And she will be the bait

To expose a certain kind

Of monster.

I'd like to know who

Is under that skin.

Now go.

(Door opening)


All right, witch.



Overko and Paisiy,

There's a plot
to take over the--


You're coming with me!



Run, Nastusya.



Why are you dressing up,
stupid cow?

To see a young girl
put to death?

Come on, let's go.

Whoa there.

Sit down.

Such a bully.

You witch.

(People shouting)

Drown the witch,
drown her!

Drown the witch!





Why are you here?

I dare not speak of it.

Tell me, what's wrong?

Paisiy's sprinkled the witch
with holy water,

And she suddenly became crazy
like an animal with sharp claws.

Then she turned into a crow
and tried to fly!

You're lying, huh?

That's a good story.

I'm not that clever.

But it's not true, right?

(Screaming in distance)

There. Listen.

Can you hear that?

They say that when a witch
sinks into the water,

Well that's just the beginning.

So why are you here?

Would you mind watching the
scientist while I go look?

Please, thank you.

All right, I've got him.

But I'm a busy man.
Understand that.

I'll be quick!

Don't just lay there.
Climb out.



He's joined the others.

You should run.

That fire's for you!

Go along the swamp.

I've got your things
from the boat.

You'll get wet,

But it's better
than being burned alive.


Paisiy and Overko.

If we don't stop them,

A lot of villagers will die.

They're fanatics.

I understand.

Be careful, Yavtukh!

May God be with you.

This woman may be a witch.

Let rightful punishment pass

Without stones
cast from our hands.

It's very simple.

If she floats,
she is a witch.

There is no other way.



Brothers and sisters,

I call on you to cut this
disease out of our hearts.

Everything is ready.

I'm nearly finished.

Petrus! Petrus!

Go away!

Let me die.




I killed her.

I killed my darling!

I killed her!

It'd be best
if I just disappear.

Petrus, what are you
talking about, "disappear"?

Khoma Brut disappeared,
you're disappeared.

I don't understand!

Gone in a second,

Without even a trace!

No, no, no.

Where's the body?

Where's the grave, huh?

There isn't.

There isn't.
It doesn't exist!

Listen to me, stop.
Listen to me, Petrus.

We've got one chance
to save this girl.

One chance,
you understand me?

I know what you saw
in the swamp.


You saw a sheep's head
with horns, no more.

No monster.

You-- you simple peasants,

You create these monsters

And then you scare yourselves
half to death!

Of course. It can only be--

Put on the sheep's skin.
Show yourself.

They'll chase you!

Lead everyone to the church.

Bring them there!

I never thought I'd witness
such vicious stupidity.

I tell you,
we must strengthen our hearts.

And prepare ourselves all

To show no mercy.

(Long, mournful horn)

That's Viy!




I shout Viy!

Doesn't look
like Viy.

I shot Viy! I shot Viy!

(People shouting)


No, stop!

First we must kill the witch!


Bring him to me.

(People shouting)

Don't let him get away!

(Loon calling)

That's Viy!







Looking for these? Huh?



Khoma Brutus.

You tried to kill me,
didn't you?

Up there on the dome.

Didn't you?!

Steal my work,

And escape any punishment.

You want facts.

I'll give you facts.


You liked Sotnik's daughter.

You liked her a lot,

But when you realized
she was out of your league,

You attacked the poor girl,

Raped her,
and left her for dead.


As she lay there dying,

She hoped that her attacker,
being forced to pray

Over her dead body for
three days and three nights,

Would repent and confess.

But not you.

"He knows who wears
the sheep's."

Those were the last
words she said.

"Sheep's skin"
is what she meant to say.

And you.

You terrorized the village
for a whole year

And right now, as we speak

Another innocent girl
will be murdered

Because of you!

Well I won't let it happen.

Your secret will be revealed
once and for all.

What do you want from me?

Get up!

You won't believe me.

Ah, tired.

Where'd you get that?

Where did you get that belt?


You won't believe me.

Where did you get it?!

I got it when it snapped
off your map case,

As I hauled you
out of the swamp.


I told you
you wouldn't believe me.

So what about this?

Why did you steal my maps?

It was my only chance
of survival.

(Wood breaking)




With your map I
could get away.

Where else would I go?

To the seminary,
so everyone could ridicule me?

Accuse me of crimes
I didn't commit,

Like killing Pannochka?

Look! It's the Devil!

Boys, it's me, Khoma.

Don't run away!

So, it was you who set
Overko and Dorosh

At each other's throats.

They were too greedy.

Help me understand.

Why did Pannochka want you
to pray over her body?


A year ago,
me, Gorobets and Khalyava

Completely lost our way,

And found ourselves staying
at the water mill by the swamp.

That is my wreath you found.

What's your name?

I'm Khoma.


No uh--
I'm a student of philosophy

From the seminary.

You may be a Christian student
from the seminary...

...but we too have our powerful
ancient traditions.


I have decided...

I will take you my destiny.

And you're supposed
to love me truly forever.





In fear I put
on the sheep's skin.

I was sure Nastusya
would think

I was the one
who attacked Pannochka.

(Long, mournful foghorn drone)

In gratitude for saving her,

She fed that monster
for over a year,

And I've been praying for
Pannochka's soul ever since.

Only the first three nights
were terrible.

When the third night was over,
I was paralyzed from fear,

From what I had endured
in the church.

It was then at daybreak

That he came.

I've heard enough
about Viy.

No. He's more terrifying.


Who was it?

It's him!


Just lure the villagers away,

And she'll be fine.

I'm coming, Nastusya.

(Dog barking)

(Gun cocking)

Well, monster.

Look who's playing games.

(Birds squawking)

Well, Khoma.

You never saw it coming,
did you?

You like it there
with that dead flesh?

If you'd have died,

All of this would have been
much simpler!

(Wood creaking)


I don't know how,

But you survived.

I only meant to scare her
with the disguise.

Oh, how she tempted me.

That's why I put on the skin.

She seduced me, too.

How she moaned,

And how the fire raged

In her black, devilish eyes.

It wasn't I who sinned.

She was the temptress!

It's the tempter who sins,

Not the one who is tempted!

Somebody help me.




(Wood creaking)

Don't bother shouting out.

No one will hear you.

And if they do,

They're too superstitious
to come up here.

Where have you hidden
my gold coins?

Nastusya needs me.

Let him go.

Or your head will say goodbye
to your shoulders.

Petrus, run.

Save her now!

You want a miracle?

No problem.

I make miracles all the time.

For many years
I travelled Europe,

And I learned what was needed
to start a new religion.

Then scientists like you

Created tools to help
men like me take charge.

I am the new Messiah!

Now die.


As a priest,

I should give you
a chance to repent.

Read a prayer for the dying.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven."

"Our Father,
who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be thy name."



(Angelic singing)



(Singing continues)


I want you to understand,

That your life isn't
in the hands

Of our Lord above, no.

Your life is in my hands.

I am the one who decides
who lives

And who dies!

A curse upon you!

(Bell tolling)

You go back
to your business, please.

Well, young Daniel.

I have a confession.

I'm ashamed to say,

That I severely misjudged
your father.


Believe me,

And you will be proud of him.

These are his letters
to your mother.


Which I intend to publish

So that the world will see
how wrong it is

To judge a man as rashly
as I did.

They burned poor Bruno
at the stake,

When he said
the world was round.

(Baby cooing)



You hang on to these.





There's another pigeon.

Now, we're going to see
how the story ends.

(Birds squawking)

Where are you going?
Up there!

Aren't you afraid?

A real Cossack
doesn't fear anything.

Let's get this guy.

I'm the one who decides

Who lives and who dies.

You might as well
be shouting "fire!"

From the watchtower.

The whole neighbourhood
can hear you.

(Battering door)

A curse upon you!

(Wood moaning)


(Wood creaking)


(Gasping for breath)


(Staggered breathing)

"A miracle has happened.

(Door opening)

I feel the breath of God.

His touch,
which has changed my fate.

Never before have I felt
anything like this.

All my life passed
before my eyes,

And I thought,

What will I leave
after I depart this world?

My dear, I want us
to have a child."


There you are.

Your master and I
were such good friends.





"Evil was punished.

I received a worthy payment."

There's Sotnik's money!


Well is it enough
for you now, Overko?

It's my money! Mine!

Petrus, help me pack.


"The body and soul of Pannochka
are now both at peace,

And her father's spirit
is at ease.

And Khoma,

I am probably similar
to this seminary student

With our scientific

What is it?
Come on, move.

"Fortune chose me especially
for this godforsaken place.

To finish the story that
started with him."

Out of my way.

Told you.

It's definitely magic.

Science and magic?


Let me through!

What is that?

(Children murmuring)

I wanna see!

Where's the steam, Taras?

That's it.

Oh, oh!

It's amazing that
the geniuses of mankind

Can either destroy or create,

Depending on who they follow.

We'll have moving images

That'll bring far away cities
and people to us all.

It's magic!

It's moving!

Now that my fear is vanquished

And my cold, scientific mind

Can again analyze my feelings,

I can confirm that
all of the fantastic events

Of the last days
are nothing more than a figment

Of people's collective

Something which is still little
studied by modern science.



Look deeply in my eyes

As you burn for eternity.