Vixen! (1968) - full transcript

Vixen lives in a Canadian mountain resort with her naive pilot husband. While he's away flying in tourists, she gets it on with practically everybody including a husband and his wife, and even her biker brother. She is openly racist, and she makes it clear that she won't do the wild thing with her brother's biker friend, who is black.

The Northwest of Canada,

Here Nature is present,

Few and difficult to walk
They are the roads.

Even trains are scarce.

However, they are
innumerable riches.

Fishing and hunting abound,
gold, silver, copper, oil,

and much more,
everything is found.

Transportation is difficult and expensive,

until the planes arrived.

They arrived 40 years ago,

its pilots

they were reckless, explorers,
cooks, ...

... fishermen, smart

But they should first of all,
be excellent pilots


Be careful with your pipe!

You're scared, huh?

Where are you going this time?

A guy takes his wife to fish.

It's a good season.

What does Vixen say about your absences?

I knew it before marrying me.

But if you take too long,
I could be bored.

- Expl cate!
- Nothing.

Being alone for so long,
without anything to do...

Without entertaining.

"It happens to everyone, right?

You're hot!

I just thought that ...

Vixen is special,

I would like no one to abuse

Vixen knows his limits,

especially since your
Little brother lives with us.

It is she who takes care of everything.

I did not know.

Come on! Come on!

Hurry up a little!

I have to go!


Su ltame!

Why is it so fast?

Tom is coming soon, idiot.

I want to talk to you seriously.

Go, seriously.

We already have fun, now
finished, you have to work.

Did you have fun?

You're a bitch!

Come, let's get dressed!

What would you do to me, if you could?

I would beat you over
my knees.

You are a very funny policeman!

Come on!

- Where were you?
- Walking.

Did not you see the cop?

That is not your business,
silly boy

My sister wants to make me
anger. Where is the Baron?

Carrying back
to the guests.

Was he good with the cop?

You are a runaway.

Stand up, Rufus!

My name is not Rufus, Vixen, ...

... my name is Niles.

You remind me of Rufus, ...

... and for you, I am
Mrs. Palmer, rogue.

Vixen, he just wants
be friendly.

The smell prevents all friendship.

Does it excite you?

Maybe she smelled the smell,
and it was the cop who made the most of it.

Since you talk so much,
I would like to see something more.

What do you propose?

Do you have any idea?

If the chicken is not enough for you,

let Niles fill you up.

He has no chance
to have something with me.

Do you consider yourself irresistible?

Everyone knows that
blacks want white.

It is the reverse.

They like love ...

primitive and dirty.

I thought them only good
to make riots.

We have the sense of rhythm,

And your military service?

You forgot to return to your country
and comply with l?

I have my reasons not to go.

To be black and coward at the same time?

It's enough!

I'll tell you again,
I'm Mrs. Palmer, scoundrel!

You should ...

What, black?

Only ... you have to think
only in the possibility.

Are you coming?

I thought it would be good
that will come together among you

You could have checkedmate.

So you're a mir n?

I can participate.

Enough talk, Jack!

Wait a minute, my sister
he wants to make me angry

Do not excite him.

Come on, man! It's all!

And if we do it in three?

Why not, just you and me?

He is the one who would look.

Do you want a free return?

Do not you like black people?

Neither blacks nor disabled.

And how about a pony?

I know 2 girls at school.

Introduce me.

Are you kidding?

Take a free ride ...

You do not excite me.

I have your number

I hope your husband
do not find out,

of the chicken

He would apologize if he had found out.

Are we going to stay for a long time?

We will profit
of the weekend.

Ready to go there?

I take care of the luggage.

What I liked about your house, ...

... when they ate there, ...

is that they were insatiable.

When they do ...

... everything they did not know.

Do you know if they asked
stop again?

What do we expect?
Let's go for them.

Let's wait until tomorrow.

We will see you soon.

Do you know me?

You excite them.

What excites them?

Nothing that matters to you.

What matters to you,
I care about me too.

You have that way of speaking.

You can not imagine to what extent
what your sister can do

Take your feet off my table.

I'm going to beat you up.

Do you want helper, coward?

Term nala!

Term nala you!

There comes Tom.
Go away!

We're here

My brother and his friend.

They are not bad guys.

Good day, dear.

I'm going to present them.

Here are Dave and Janet,

He is a lawyer. They will pass the end
of the week with us.

Enchanted, and welcome.

Do we enter?

Good idea.

Follow me

Vixen, are you going to make me
wait all day?

Wait a bit.
I do not lack much.

Hurry up.

What impatience!

I had a very long day ...

I like it when you're impatient.

The night will be very long ...

Come here!

I got undressed, or t
do you do it for me?

Come on, baby, come here?

Do not think I do not know
what you have in mind.

What are you talking about?

Of the pilot's wife.

You did not get bored

Do not you have enough with me?

Who could?

You do not even look at me anymore.

I'm tired.
I had a very difficult day.

Let's sleep.

Do not you take your shoe off?

Does it bother you?

Let's calm down.

Come on, um, me.

What are you doing?

Guess ...

Do not you want to sleep?

I checked if you were alive.

Come on, baby, you know me so badly?


Let's check it

Very good, baby
You have wanted it.

Yes! Now!

I do not finish.

You think too much...

What do you mean by that?

I saw how you looked at him
very good your ass.

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?

I do not cheat with you,

and assuming that was the case,

... it will be a coincidence,
but it was already with two types.

How many more will there be?

You're unfair, it was not what ...

... we agreed before we got married.

Why are you complaining about me?

Because I'm jealous.

You think about her, and you abandon me.

It's not that, ... it's not the girl ...

...I'm tired.

I'm jealous, very good,

And then?


- Goodnight.
- Good evening!

You're the best.

Who is the second?

Nobody satisfies me ...

... as much as t .

What do you think of Janet and Dave?

I did not pay attention, you know.

He is only 30 years old,

and he is already rich.

In any case,
It has more funds than me.

Yes, but you know
do very well

This is an ideal place,
Here you can fish well.

I think he will go fishing again, ...

if I have any luck

Three pics, that's very good.

But then, nothing happened.

Let's be pacient.

Patient! It is what it says
always my wife.

Hey, I know a very good
place more up ...

... following the current
I can show you

Can I go, honey?

Of course, darling.

Mr. Palmer will take care of me.

Is it far?

It is very close.

Is it reached by walking?

We can not go wrong.

Well, this is the place.

It's your turn to judge.

It seems that you like it a lot
live in this place.

I could go, if I wanted to.


It does not matter where ... Montreal ...
San Francisco...

Are you married?

Two years ago.

You color the landscape.

You will regret having to leave
so fast.

This is a beautiful place.

It goes fast.

I live in this way.

Speak little.

I'm just a girl,
and I like you.

When something attracts me, I respond.

What are you waiting for?

Or, you're a very shy man,
or maybe...

You know a lot about what you're worth.

Is that.

What if we follow the current
and we look for them?

I want to rest before.

Clear! It is a very good idea.

I can rest my head
on your legs?

Are you comfortable?

I will try, about you.


You forgot something.

I never take it.

What makes you be on the air?

You are sensational.

Now, your walk.

Do you take care of everything?

I had a good teacher ...

and I am an applied student.

What happens if they surprise us?

Are you afraid?

No, but I detest ...

... be interrupted.

Let's go further, then.

Very good, I follow you.

Today they are not stinging the fish.

Vixen knows the best places,

David will not be bored.

I knew it was a good idea.

You have cornered me.

Poor Janet.


It is so jealous.

There is no need

He has you, right?

Well, already last night,
I knew ...

... what would happen.

Will he take revenge?

Oh, no, no, just that
is going to charge your husband.

We support?

For her or for him?

I do not know how she is ...

That, I know. Is my wife.

It's scandalous! I am your guide
official. You must stop with this!

C brase, before I go back
her husband.

What do you think he does in this
moment with his wife?

You overflow imagination.

And how did it go?

The fish did not sting.

- We return?
- It's fine with me.

- You saw this?
- Superb

We will go hunting after the

What do you say about that?

I'm going to stay at home,
but go,

It will be very interesting.

Oh, baby! Come on!

You go,...

... I will make Janet company.

I do not want any company.

Janet, it's me.

What do you want?
The men left.

I know

What do you want then?

What is ...

I will get drunk.

Is that going to work?

Can I enter?

No, but you like Bourbon.

Do you feel very lonely?

Sometimes I'm a long time alone.

I'm less fun than my husband,

but be safe despite everything.

There remains a bottle.

Tell me where?

On the comfortable.

- Janet ...
- What?


You look great.

Are you talking about t pos?

No, of the monkeys.

What do you want to tell me?

What happened this afternoon?

Do not play the idiot girl!

This do not affect me,...

... I just did not have fun like that
for more than a month.

Look at me, I have a sensual body.

Show me
Do not I have a beautiful body?

It is much better than mine.

And you have not seen me naked.

I'm not like some, ...

... I am even better, without clothes.

I'm going to show you.

Let me help you.

Let me do.

I am going to help you.

I do not get there.

I'm going to do it for you.

I'm ready.

I'm going to take all this away

... could more.
Turn around...


Drop your clothes, too.

Now I understand what
my husband wants.

Nothing bad!

Nothing bad!

You have enough of everything.

Come on, smile a little!


What's up?

- A tone of beauty.
- A tone?

Your skin is very soft.

How do you make it so?

Nothing special.

Much softer than mine.


I want to caress you all.

It is so soft.



It's strange, ...

... you really excite me.

 What is wrong
between us?

Nothing, why?

Your hands do me good.

Turn around.

Turn around.

You've done this already
with another woman before?

Do not...
Is different.

You know many things.

Like a million ...

Shall we have a drink?

I'll see if Janet ...

It is better.

Listen, it's your husband.

My husband?

- Hello.
- Are you here?

Yes, he made Janet a company.

How is she?

We drank a little more.

I should have come
with us

We had a great time.


Hide from her, tonight.

Yes, if she wants it.

I hope you've had
a good stay

We will be back soon.

Say goodbye to Vixen.

I will do it.

Apply ...!

There is still a little time left.

No, it would be better to go fast,

before warming up with the machine
sexual and get us in trouble ...

No problem.
She must have flown.


Let's go out...

Spy me a half hour.

You can stay, Rufus,
but in your place.

Well, thank you, Mrs. White.

I feel contaminated
his white kitchen.

Go, go! saw the light,
You should go to the city ...

to violate a blanquita.

No, mistress, ... no, mistress ...

All of them love me.
It's because ...

our measure

Make a truce while I shower.

I wait for you,
do not take long.

I'm going to bathe!

I see.

This time, I will have you.

- Jud ..?
- Hey, do not wait ...

Hey, Vix ...! Hey!

Are you afraid?

I'm not afraid.

It's been a long time since
We were not together

Are you Niles out?
He is waiting for me.

Tell him to leave.

I'm not going to wash you.

You remember when we rubbed each other
together in the bathtub?

You said it was wrong.

I do not care more now.

- Get out of here.
- L vame the back.

Okay, but be careful.
Do not try to do anything.

You know me

Do you start or start?

Give me the glove.


Go slowly, not so strong.

Do you prefer to unravel?

It's more sweet.

It's enough.


We just started.

We were much younger.

That is sure.

All right, there's nobody like you.

You are very excited,
little brother,

and you do not know how to do it.

I know very well.

Do not be stingy!

Do not be stingy, baby!

Are you sure?


Show me what you're worth.

Jud, are you there?

He will see us.

And what then?

I could get angry.

We would not believe it.

Judd, what's happening?

Tell him to go with his black ass.

Good good good.

Come on, pi rdete, yes?

Is it going to take you all day?

Get a goat!

This was worth it.

I had better.

The fact is that you were almost
a moralist, little brother.

I know what I do.

Am I a villain?

You are the one who says it.

Am I a bad sister?

A real whore who likes everything.

Niles could find out about you.

You are a cocky

You pass by as if nothing.

You often dream about that.

You will see the seventh heaven with l.

I do not want to see your mouth here.

Think of that beautiful black,

with his white teeth.
He's ready, I know.

Leave it here!

You're a pig!

Do not fight anymore, stop.

Do you want to get up?

We are not going to stay here.

Do not do that.

Ten, it's a family position.

No Jud, do not go.

I send you to Niles.
It will do a good job.

I saw everything

Not all.

It awaits you

With a weapon?

He loves you

Let's get out of here.

Are you long?

It's your sister.

That does not stop me.

Be part of your family

You should have understood
what's your name?

I left the United States
to avoid these l .os.

I do not want to have problems.

You will feel better.

This is not what will make me
feel better.

Very good, she likes this.

What do you expect?

Do you want me to play the bad guy?

You know what he told me when
did he put his pants back on?

I wanted to see you more.

What's wrong!
Little white whore,

I'm going to show you ...

"Niles, huh?

Do you remember my name?

- Are you ready?
- Get out of here!

Sure, baby. But before
We are going to fix our accounts.

Get out of here!

Salt bastard!

What look!

No, I will kill you!

Let's have a beer.

If you say a word, dear ...

We'll see who knows
more stories T or me!



Hello, Niles! What's new?

Not much, Tom,
we take care, you know.

Mr. O'Banion,

my cuñado, Jud,

your friend, Niles ...

Your last name?


That's right, Brook.

Niles is American,

and opposes the war.

That's clear for some!

I protect myself from
my protector country.

Do not get it wrong.

Sorry, John.
- Perd n ... Sr ... - O'Bannion.

Where is Vixen?

At home.

Mr. O'Banion,

my wife, Vixen.


How much time does he stay?

He did not come to fish,

We take it to San Francisco.

He will pay us 750 dollars.

We will spend the night there.

Who? Us?

I take you with me.


Get ready, the plane awaits us.

- You help me?
- Clear.

Do as at home.

Very friendly.

Are we going?


Before it worked.

You can leave without me.

Do not take it with me,
It's your machine.

It was ready, an hour ago.
Come on! Go, I'll see you in the city!

I wait for you.

You're going to lose the girls
from school.

You do it.

I'll wait for you at Mickey's house.

I'll take care of two, if not
you get to be there

And do not let yourself be insulted by

We see you, Rufus!

They do not appreciate you much here.

What do you know about me?

It does not bother you
insult calling you like that?

Nobody calls me like that.

They make fun of you.
That woman does it too.

I do not care much.

And that they make you feel inferior,

Who said I'm inferior?

I think you tell the truth,
but I understand your situation.

Try to avoid racism.

No, I'm just trying to avoid
a weak army.

And here you feel like there.

Go to the point!

I am also horrified
of racism. - Y?

Sometimes there is equality
between the races.

Where? In Ireland?


Cuba among others.

Will not you be one of those communists?

You are from the people of the town.

You have reason
and I'm proud of that.

But first of all, I am a man.

What is far from being your case.

Thanks to your friends
they make fun of you

I do not buy that. For me, you
He is as enemy as anyone.

How could he be your enemy?
You do not know anything about me.

I know him


Tell me about Russia then.

In Cuba, you would be treated
like a man.

I hear you.

A cigarette?

- Thank you.
- Where can we talk?

There is nobody here. Only they are
Vixen and Tom.

What the hell am I going to wear?

I do not have what to wear.

Tom, we have to go, do not we?

We have time.

Of course, the communist world
Is not perfect,

for many reasons,
the Russians are reluctant,

to a schism with China,
but in Cuba,

Communism is young,

and all colors are worth.

The revolutionary fever ...

It is in the air. Everything that happens
There is the future.

The national liberation is extended,

and the blacks will be the first
in enjoying that.

when it's beginning
to project the future.

I should go to there, to Cuba.

Friend, that is exactly,
what I'm going to do,

and Mr. Palmer and his plane
they will take me.

But Tom, what is he going to do?
to take it there?

With this.

You want to go there,
either way.

I have my reasons.

And why me?

The issue is that here
You will always have problems.

I think that still
I'm going to stay here.

You will not tell Mr. Palmer
What I spoke with you?

I do not play like that.

That is your problem, not mine.

I just need your wife.

Pi nselo and despite everything,
I could change my mind.

I will tell you.
I will send you a telegram.

- Come on, Mr. O'Bannion!
- Good 1

You are truly a very lucky
client, Mr. O'Bannion.

- Good bye, Rufus!
- Vixen!

The refrigerator is full, ...

...take care of the house,...

...we will be back soon.

Mr. O'Bannion, I accept your offer.

Excellent! Mr. Brook
He joins us

With us?

Yes, I invited him.

- Not with me, yes ...
- Vixen ...!

I do not care if it's you
the king of England.

I do not want this scarecrow
close to me,

Tom, I do not even want
let him enter my house.

Mrs. Palmer, I invited you, ...

... I do not care about his color.

It's a human.

It is social decadence that
provoke that feeling in you,

You are as weak as
What is your country?

All the western empire
is in decline and it ...

... it's because of people like you,

... that his country is approaching
to the fall.

Excuse me, for me
It's very important,

I want him to come, if not ...

change of plane.

For me it's fine. We have
place for four. Yes, Vixen?

... Vixen?

Oh, come on!

Suba, Niles!

We arrived in six hours.


I do not envy him.

Can you fly Mrs. Palmer?

Only if necessary.

I found out

Well, let's try ...

Let's make this trip the most pleasant
than what could happen to us.

I agree. You have to relax,
after all ...

- ... we're going to spend the day together.
- Yes ...

Have you flown before, Niles?

Little Tom, never in a small plane.

We must go through the control
of immigration.

Is it necessary?

It is the procedure.

Is it necessarily essential?

You have to land.

Go to Sacramento.

It is illegal.

I do not care much,...

... with six stops
for the essentials, ...

... we will be in Havana
in 30 hours.

I can go after where ...

after having left us.

Are you with him, Niles?

You knew all along, did not you?

- Yes or no? - You commit a
international crime.

I know what I do.

- Obey!
- Niles!

I'm going to land.

Do not be an idiot.

I will not hesitate to use this gun.
It will not be the first time.

I will not go far without me.

His wife will pilot the plane, ...

... if he wants to live.

It's a pity that he does not have any
secret to sell for Cubans.

He's going to offer lectures ...

about our conditions of
work in America, in Canada?


Oh, but if he speaks!
Announce it, Tom.

I thought he was dead.

So, what are you going to say to him?
to those Cubans?

What is worse here
What in your house?

Here we ask you
Fight for your country.

It's true! You said it, ...

we spend millions for bombs,

make me kill for nothing,
and I have no right to work.

and another reason: relate me
with more treatable people.

The communists are poorer
than in America,

but we are all the same.

Yes, but some of us are
better than others, Mr. O'Bannion.

Everything they did for me,
is to let me out.

There are 50,000 blacks,

They do not think like you.

They are ignorant.

Ah, but you're a
very smart guy!

You gave up your country
thanks to a communist.

You really woke up,
thinking all the time ?.

That's it, baby.

Then this is,
your revenge with me?

You are not worth more than your tribe.

You would not have dared
without a weapon

Little white whore.

Stop, Niles.

We already have a lot of problems.

Very good advice, Mr. Palmer.

And Niles, calm!
What she seeks is only your anger.

I'm up to the balls of this,

I get sick of the boludeces of
the communists and the democracies.

What I do, I do for me.
That's it.

You also do the same.

We are totally the same.

In Cuba, we work
for the good of all.

I am not a Cuban peasant.

No, Rufus, you're the prince
Congo black

If you are wise, Castro will leave you
enter your country.

Maybe, I can understand you
what you have done here, no? ...

Will you understand, Mr. O'Banion?

It is not time to discuss.

He does not want to talk about that.

It's strange, do not you think Rufus?

What does he say about this?

Do you close your mouth, black?

You have to support the leaders.

Support the leaders of the town.

I already understood that.

What are you? Are you a leader?

The military is it.

C llate!

Mr. O'Bannion has no more humor.


Just a moment,
tambi n should I shut up?

What I want you to shut up
and there is no further discussion.

Should I shut up?


You are weird, weird,
You. the pro-Cubans.

C llate!

That is not it? Find me, no?

Catch me? Calm me, what?

Shut up, black!


The plane!

Take over.

Very good, it's over.

How are you, Niles?

Calling the tower, we ask ...

permission to land.

Permit granted, track 111.

Wind at three knots at 180 degrees.


Do not do that.

It's the law, Niles.

Let's go back to Canada.

Always the same.

C llate!

"Drop that damn weapon, Niles!

Only Tom and I know how to pilot.

If you do it wrong,

I do not respond to my actions.

You think whatever you want,

But I really care.

I can fly it, ...

but I can also not do it.

Cessner 69, they're in sight.

Land on track 1.0.6.

because of air traffic.


Track 1.0.6.

You do good, Niles.

For here.

Thanks for everything.

I leave it to you.

This guy is not worth anything.

You are the least worse of the two.

Niles ...

Everything is fine, Vix ...

- Hello, Tom! Sra. Palmer!
- Hello, George!

What happened with
the traveler?

Call Customs.

Oh, Tom, I have a couple
for you.

They want to go fishing,

if it is said that way

Thanks, Georges.