Vivre ensemble (1973) - full transcript


So, she left you
to visit her mother. Is it serious?


Her mother's health status?
Is it serious?

Can you hurry up?

Yes, it's quite serious.

I'm finishing shaving and I'm coming.

I'm feeling crazy!

- I'd like to load her up, believe me.
- What?

I'd like to load her up.
She's drivin' me crazy...

That's fantastic!

Her mother is at least 60 years old!

I'm feeling crazy!

That's not funny.

Here, look.

I don't care.

Give me pants and a shirt!

Okay... Pants...

If you ain't got your lady,
you ain't got no clean shirt!

Currently, it's total panic.

The other morning,
I got a phonecall from an American.

Nicely, he said: "Somebody
talked to me about your paintings".

"I'm promoting young artists in America.
I'm making exhibitions"

I jump at the chance
and give him a rendez-vous at my home.

He comes the next day with his lady.

I give them a first class reception...

All of sudden,
he's chatting about something else.

At the moment, I don't get it...

I show him my paintings,
I talk to him for hours...

As a result...

he drinks all my scotch,

my favourite lamp: broken...

He burns my carpet,
I'm starting to get mad.

Then, I start to understand the trick.

His chick, not even my style,

She begins her show:

spreading her legs,
lifting her skirt...

I thought: "I get the message
in the bottle. I don't play this game."

What happens next?

He feels my anger and starts to say:

"Do you like to see pictures?"

He shows me pictures
of his lady "on holidays"

I couldn't talk.
I was in front of crazy porno clich?s.


I had to choose:

To strangle them
or to kick them out.

I kicked them out.

I'm not letting anyone trap me anymore.

I already had a bad experience
with a Venezuelan...

I told myself: "Never again".

But no time to rest:
10 mins. later, I hear the doorbell.

It's this paltry American,
asking for his camera!

His camera...
I gave it to him and I said: "shit"!

Can't you pay attention?

Living Together

First picture:
Alain Rivent

Do you often sleep with anyone?

No. Why?

You're pulling my leg...

Excuse me?


Is it your flat?

No. The owner is a friend.

What are you doing?

I'm taking my breakfast with you.

I mean in everyday life...

Well... I'm a teacher.

"Teacher"? What are you teaching?

I'm teaching History. And you?


I have fun...

I'm an actress.

How old are you?

25 years.



Okay. 30.

I need to go.

I have a lesson. I'm in a hurry.

Yes, me too.



I really need to go. I'm late.

Can you give me back my tie?

I'm giving you back your jacket.

Do you have a pen?

Yes, sure.

Don't look at it right now...



"My name is Julie"


Here is "Le Monde"

Thank you

Ask for "Le Monde"!

There are less cops than usual.

Excuse me for a moment.

You start;
I'll take the same as always.

Or both of you, as you want.

Maybe tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow night?

But why? Then, the day after tomorrow?

Why don't you want to see me?

Yes, I'm sure.

Why don't you want to see me?

Tell me, honey, why...

You're back already?

Are you crying?

Are you crying?

Ain't no better deal:
three coins, three grand.

That's fantastic!

Don't make that face...
Take her seat:

She buries her mother,
she finds chick pants in her own bed.

Other things could happen...

Maybe you can ring her.

- Can I use your phone?
- Yes, it's right here.

- What time is it?
- It's ten to one.

She's probably sleeping.

Hello Sylvie?

She hung up.

- Normal, normal, normal, mate.
- Speaking like a parrot won't help.

I don't have ten dimes in my pocket.

Second picture:
Julie Andersen.

That's completely crazy.

People buy it?

What do you think?
Even not for a joke, poor schmucks!

The idea of these posters was yours?

Yes. Yesterday I was walking
in St-Jacques street,

in front of the costume shop.

The window was broken.

I saw the pigs beatin' someone.

I thought: another student.

In fact, she was a young one:
she was at least 70 years old.

Poor old lady, walkin' down from
the market. Don't know why...

As a shield, she took her umbrella.

It was like in old movies.

Be sure that they had
other things than umbrella.

There were people
but nobody saw anything...

If you ask them,
nobody knows what happened.

That's disgusting.
Poor bloody lady on the ground.

- In any case, I didn't get involved.
- Repression.

That's the word: repression.

- That's pretty much how it went down.
- Yes.

Pretty much, yeah.

Worse than that, you may say.

She looks like the girl
from last month.

Don't you think she looks like her?

A buddy knows her very well.

He gave me information.

She's a strange chick.

A nasty girl, a real whore.

17 years old:
she leaves her mother for New York.

She finds a place, a guy pays her
a flat, she marries him.

A month later, she gets divorced.

She tries to get into films. She fails.

Then, model.

Now, she's working at a
questionnable modelling agency in Paris,

ran by a well-known old lady.

In conclusion, she's a strange chick.

You won't leave Sylvie
for that kind of crazy bird, won't you?

I heard she's taking drugs.

Currently, she lives with that guy...

Anyway, in the hood everyone
but the bus rode her.

That kind of girls... I know them, only
one thing lives in their minds: dough.

The day you'll be out of cash,
you'll be out of her.

They're all the same.

In any case, one day you'll be tired.

You can't leave Sylvie
for that loony girl!

How do you live?

Well, I'm taking
pictures, I'm travelling...

What kind of trip?

Why do you care?

Maybe one day
I'll bring you to New York!

You'll see!

- I need to go.
- Oh, no!


Tell me a funny story...


Wait! Let me tell you...

Do you know the Sacha Guitry's story
in his movie Napoleon?

About Napoleon and the actress?


You want me to tell you?


Tell me first who's
the guy up there?

Oh, that's a buddy.

And the other guy?

A buddy

Tell me...

You've got a lot of buddies...

Sure, I've got a lot of buddies, buddy.

So, you're gonna tell me that story?

It was Napoleon...

And he knew an actress...

...named miss Georges.

He invited her for dinner.

At the time,
he was preoccupied with a campaign.

- I think it was Austerlitz.
- So what?

So... He forgot the rendez-vous.

The servant arrives and says:
"Lady Georges is here".

He answers: "She can sit".

The servant comes back:
"Miss Georges is hungry".

"She can eat" Napoleon says.

- What did she eat?
- Let me finish!

After that...

Napoleon is still working,
the servant keeps comin' back:

"Miss Georges has finished.
She's waiting for you to take a coffee."

"She can drink it" Napoleon says.

The servant leaves.

Then, around midnight...

He comes back and says:
"Miss Georges is tired".

"She can sleep" Napoleon says.

Later, in the middle of the night...

The servant comes back,
one last time... Let me finish.

He came back, trembling,
knowing not how to tell:

"Miss Georges is very eager".

And Napoleon says:

"She can leave."

Oh... Ploum, ploum, tralala!

Napoleon, what a dumbass!


Maybe, but he won a battle.

What do you do?

Do you love me?


You're crazy!

You hurt me!

You're really a loony!

Come on...

Come on.

Let's make peace.

Come on... Come on.

Come on... Shhh...

And Sylvie....

You leave her now?

And it's starting again...

Come to me, you, come to me...

"I don't want to see you anymore.

"I love you!"


Ah, it's you Jackie..

No, I don't want to go out...

I'm waiting for someone, a friend.

What time is it?


So I think he bailed...

At Tony's?

Ok, I'm coming.

Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!

Stop it...


Don't you want us to come with you?

- No!
- Why?

Because you're too dumb!

That old chick is completely high!




It's me.

Come on, you!

So, what does she say?

Take that wig off.

It doesn't fit you at all...

So, what does she say?


You want us to play liar's poker?

I'm sleepy...

Let's go to bed

Third picture:
Two grey haired children.

She's still drunk.

Hello ma'am, how are you?

Oh, I'm fine!

Oh, mista Rivent!

- Yes, madame.
- Oh, it's you!

I am Madame Marie, the concierge!

Sorry, I'm in a hurry!

Be careful, 'cause Julie:
she's like my little sister!

- Sorry, I'm really in a hurry!
- Wait! I have a letter!

I'll take it tonight!

Mister President

I'm asking...

all of you, ladies and gentlemen...

to raise your glasses...

To Mister president Lamizana...

To Mrs. Lamizana...

To the joy of the people
from Upper Volta...

To the Fraternity
between France and Upper Volta.

Look at me! Look at me!

Don't you think
I'm looking like Pompidou?

It's an attack on the head of state!

Modern Tamtam named "Radio"...


...since the morning,
all people from Ouagadougou...

Upheavals and tragedies
had been avoided...

No need to hide, I have read it...


"Can you give me back my 2000F
before the end of the month?"


For a love letter...

African ballet will end the night.

Shit! Stop it!

What have you got this time?

I missed my class!

Once again...

What time is it?

It's noon.

Call them, say you're sick.

It would the third time in two weeks...

Stay with me...


Stop... Julie, stop!

Stay with me...

- Alain...
- Quiet...

I love you.

Well, Bruno, I'm leaving you.
I have a rendez-vous.

Are you really going to New-York?

I still don't get why
you leave your high school.

Don't worry about it...

Did you see Sylvie recently?

Not since two months. I think
she's in Cote d'Azur with friends.

- You want me to do something?
- No.

Well, I'm leaving too.

Ciao. Have a good trip.

Ciao, Bruno.

Mister Rivent! Mister Rivent!


I'm sorry.



"No way", you say, but you'll see!

- Once again. I have three shots, right?
- Yes.

- I'll need just one...
- You're talking...

Wait, just one shot...

I get it!

I win! I'm the winner!

Are you alright?

What have you got?

- Well, let's go.
- Well, yes.

Bye bye, teacher!

- Bye Jackie.
- Bye my doe.

- Call me when you're back?
- Okay!

Thank you for everything!

What did they do to you?

These two irritate me.

Listen, close your eyes.

I got a surprise for you, old chap.

Stop calling me that,
this is really getting old....

Look at this!
We're leaving for N.Y. on Saturday!

Look! Look!

Where did you find that money?

With Jackie...

Listen, Julie...

I'm getting scared.

I don't want to go anymore...


Promise me you won't
do this kind of thing again...

Promise me.

After the holidays,
I'll be looking for a new job.

Fourth picture:
The New-York Trip

- Here he is!
- Where?






He took off.

He left us a letter.

Speak French, speak French...

"Could you pay the bill for the phone?"

"Buy products against bugs?"

"Double-lock the door
because of thieves..."

"Wash clothes..."

"Repair the Radio..."

"Water the plant..."

"Repair the shower..."

"Put curtains up..."

"Give 20$ to... Kenny"

Who is Kenny?

The concierge.

He's mad!

Is that all?

No, he gives us a big hug: "Love, Bill".

That's nice. Bill has really lost grip.

I don't understand.

What we gonna do?

We gonna make love.

No. Let's take a walk.


There's nothing to do.
You hit on everyone.

Take it.

You know I've met a friend.

He invites us tonight at the Chelsea.

He's playing flute: awesome!

How much did he take from you?

Ten bucks: that's the price.

Will you buy me that for ten bucks?

You make me laugh...

You think you're clever?

You always get fooled.

Well. Are you coming?

Tonight, I'm sleeping. I'm beat.

Wait for me!

Are you sleeping?

This is Johnny. An old friend of mine.

Who's that guy, once again?

He's a friend!

How did you meet him?



I don't remember.


Anyway I don't find him...

...really attractive.

Of course,
you've slept with him too.

Will you go to bed or what?

I told you not to do it again.

Come on, calm down.

Calm down right now.

Calm down...

Calm down...


I'm pregnant.

Is there anybody?

There is somebody.

Good news, old chap.

Johnny lent me his rabbit and 5$.

We're not leaving on the 28th.


Because the charter is
late, I can't help it.

We've got 3$ left until
the end of the week.


Eight, if you want. So what?

I have an idea.

You piss me off with your ideas.

Do you come? It's closed.

Take back your rabbit.

I know what to do:
we're going to see my old friend Leon.

What does he do?

He's a lawyer full of money.

Leon who: what's his name?

I don't remember.
But he's a great friend of mine!

Here it is: Wall Street. I'm sure.

Sure, as always.

Yes, this is the way.

Now I'm hungry, let's eat.

I got tired of walking.

It's the third building
we had to climb to find your Leon!

I don't believe it anymore:
we'll never find your Leon.

It's not my fault
if everything looks the same out here!

So what're we gonna do?

Let's take the metro
and let's get to the Village.

You're completely oblivious.

Let's go to the Village on foot
'cause we're moneyless!

And tell me why did you buy
these stupid masks!

- You're still mad at me...
- No...

Give me the rabbit.

We sure look dumb.
Fortunately, nobody's watching us.

- Anyway a mask... Let's go this way!
- No, this way...

Wait for me!

A mask isn't made to hide
but to show your true face.

You're talking.

Perfectly, old chap.

I think I saw him.

If he sees us,
he will ask for his 5 bucks.

Anyway I'm done with your bullshit.

You'll show the money, I'll give
him the rabbit for 5$. - No, for 10!

Hide yourself.

No car is stopping, what do we do?

- I'm tired of walking!
- What time is the plane?

Charter is at 8, 8:30 I think...

- So let's get to it.
- We're going on foot...

- Sure, what do you want to do?
- Let's go...

Fifth picture:
Mummy's eyes.

Mister Alain! Hello, how are you?
When is the wedding?

- We're not in any rush.
- Wait, I've got mail for you.

Even a postcard from America.

- Thanks Mrs Marie.
Are you Okay, Antoine? - No!

So you work for the state?

- I'm thirsty!
- Ahh...

Yes, I'm a teacher.


A teacher in the building,
do you hear that Antoine?

I'm thirsty Mummy: I'm thirsty!


- Did you buy everything?
- Yes.

Take it.

What have you got?

They offer a job in the countryside.

It's a shitty place, I don't go there.

Find something else...

Are you sad?

I will find you a job!

"Graduate teacher gives private
instruction between 7 and 9pm

Education)... Affordable price (5th floor).

Only 7 to 9 year old children."

Antoine, Yves and Pierre...

...are not very quiet...

...nor very intelligent.

are not very quiet nor very intelligent.

Can you keep your mouth shut?

See you tonight!

We'll get yelled at
because of you guys.


- I'm leaving, I'll come back at 8.
- Ok, good.

I finished, sir!

- Me too, sir!
- Yes, yes...

And you Antoine, what do you have?

My mum wants me to be a teacher
like you and not work just like you.

But I don't want to!

- So what?
- I'm thirsty!

Go have a drink
in the kitchen but hurry up.

I'm cold, sir!

Seriously... put your coat on!

What are you drinking everyday, sir?

Tea, why?


So come on, take that.

Give that to your parents.
Antoine, it's over. Get your stuff.

Let's go. Hurry up.



- We say "Goodbye, sir".
- Goodbye, sir.

- That's it.
- Bye!

Don't forget to give
the bill to your parents!

Yes, yes.


Hi! Yes...

Could you lend me your tape recorder?
It's for a thing at the Sorbonne.


- Can't we make love?
- No...

Look, it's snowing!


Yes, hi buddy.

It's ok.

Who was it?

It was Jackie.

Come here, I'll tell you something.

Come on!

I hate winter!

What time is it?


I need to go.
I have a doctor's appointment at 5. Ciao!

- Yves...
- Yes, sir...

"You will see" is spelled with
two "e" and not like the "sea"...

So you will write fifty lines...

... "You will see the sea".

- Yes, sir.
- Stop the paperballs.


"Imbecile" is spelled with a "c",
not an "s", just like "concierge".

Fifty lines, too.

"My mother is a concierge..."

"...and I'm an imbecile".

Right now or at home?

And for you, Pierre...

"To die" is not with an "y".

Think about it and ask yourself
"why" you only die once.

Not James Bond, sir.

James Bond?

- I'm thirsty, sir!
- Enough!

Well, listen...

I'll be away for one hour,

I don't want anyone
to leave in the meantime.

Meaning quiet...

...and work completed.

Without mistakes, okay?

I said:
without mistakes. With an "s" at the end.

He's completely mad!

Do you want an English tea?

Holy crap!

Shit, shit, shit.

What time is it?


What are we going to do?

I hope they don't call the cops.



If my misfortune, the baby
doesn't see the mother nor anyone

he falls into terror
and non-communication.

When she came into existence, the girl
understands she has nothing to show...

Curious thing, the fact she doesn't
show anything when she gets a call.

On the other hand, the boy...

Police, open up!

...penis doesn't work anymore. So the
dice are loaded, cards are doctored...

The door is open.

Come in...

We got you, old girl!

I was afraid!

Say then, mine is larger...
you didn't see!

Julie! Don't you see my belly?

- Look at that! Allright,
twins are comin'? - You hurt me!

"The Mummy's eyes are in the sky..."

Leave her.

Leave her, let's have a drink.

The Mummy's eyes are in the sky...

We're hungry and thirsty.
When there is for one...

There is for two!

There is for three!

Don't forget me!

I'm hungry, holy cow.

Can I help you, girl?

I only have the salad left.

You're sure you're not angry?

I don't care.

Drink my boy.

Oh no! No, please. No.

Drink my boy.

Give me that knitting!

Don't be a pain, give her back, shit!

I've had enough!

I've had enough!

What has she got?

She became completely hysterical.


The Mummy's eyes are stars

You will find them among the sky



...Ready to join the angels...

To his dad, suffering

He says: "Don't cry, little dad"

"Your pain shall not make you mad."

Adding while he's dying:

The Mummy's eyes are stars

That soon I'll be able to kiss

They are up there in the cloudless sky

For them the baby yearn

Sixth picture:
The dice are loaded.

He's my son and I call him Jules.

Stop it, his name is Jim.

I call him Jules.

He's my son, isn't he?

You know, he looks nothing like me.

- Do you know who he looks like?
- No?


And my dad.

This is the last time.

I assure you, we're in good shape.

Anyway, I have a high-
ranking guy behind.



Listen, three grand,
that's something, right?

Did you talk to Julie?

No, I'll see her later.
You know, she changed a lot.

- She lectures me and she wants to work.
- Julie?

But she can't do anything!

And how is the baby?

We were afraid but now it gets better.

He screams a lot, that's all.

Can I count on you?

No, I'm not sure.

- We'll see. Bye.
- Bye.

Listen, I'm tired.

Are you happpy to work?

- Are you sleeping Julie?
- Yes.

Well, I'm taking a spin.

Alas for the tender child

The sorrow plagues his mind

Troubled by strange spells

Ready to join the angels

To his dad, suffering

He says: "Don't cry, litte dad"

"Your pain shall not make you mad."

Adding while he's dying:

The Mummy's eyes are stars

That soon I'll be able to kiss

They are up there in the cloudless sky

For them, the baby yearns.

Go! Don't waste your tears for me.

Still your heart, calm your stir.

The Mummy's eyes are stars

I will kiss them in your name.

Well, I'm leaving.

You'll take care of the baby.

Oh, my boy....

I'd like to see that necklace, please.

Yes, yes, I'm coming.

The other night at the Pariscope...

- A kind of a whore comes, you see...
- Yes.

- Is that you Julie?
- Yes, yes.

So I tell her...

Come on, I'll show you a funny trick.

I take one-half of a banknote
from the bag, and I give it to her.

At first, she looks at
me with surprise, you know?


She starts to move her ass
and I put the other half in my pocket.

So what?

I say: if you're smart and wise,
I'll give you the other half.


She says: ok.

I'll make you something like
in boarding school. But what is it?

Did you buy some milk or what?

Yes, it's in the fridge.


So, I'm taking her in the toilet.

- She says to me...
- Wait!

She says:
I'm going to wank you in your pants.

Do you know a guy
who could resist that?

Oh, no!

So we get into it...

I put myself behind...

I close my eyes and I'm waiting.
Do you know what happened?

She took the other half of the banknote
and she ran away!


Leave me alone, I'm tired.

What have you got?
You're still sulking?

Are you coming with us tonight?

Mrs. Maris is okay,
she's gonna keep the baby.

Come on.

Your story isn't funny.

Neither are you, you're not funny!

Who's knocking?

It's me, Bruno.

Come in. The door is open.

So, so, what's up,
what have you been up to?

As you can see: babysitter.

I can't believe
how much he looks like you.

- Do you think so?
- Spittin' image!

Stop it, I'll get mad.

Are you all alone?

- Julie isn't there?
- No!

- No, she's working.
- Well...

As a saleswoman.




I've heard such screams, I went up.

What's going on?

Fortunately, the door was open.
He was lying on the ground.


Frankly, it really hurts my feeling.
Never let a baby alone in the house!

I tell you that 'cause
I like all of you.... Screw it!

Antoine told me everything!

Your man...

He drinks... He won't stop drinking!

He's drunk every day!

And in addition, unpleasant!

There's no one?

Get lost.

Can you hear me?

I'm sick of it, get lost!

Come on, old girl.

You always say that.


Yes, yes, yes...

Me too, I've had enough.

Enough of staying here, locked up.

Enough of playing the valet.

Enough to be at your disposal.

Anyway, you're not funny funny anymore.

If you want me to tell:
you're an old prick.

You're not even able to find a job!

You're silly.

Mean and doltish.

Oh, no!

Look at you!

Look at you, look at you!

Enough! Shut up, now.

Shut up, shut up!

Listen to me right now.

One year ago,
you piss me off so I don't work.

I'm not even sure to be the father.

Don't forget, when I met you,
you were a whore.

A prostitute, a whore,
an old whore, a cunt!

Now you piss me off!

Don't touch him!



I'm out of here.

Last picture:
Once upon a time...

- Do you think he...
- I don't know, ask him if you want to...

We don't really know.
He almost never speaks.

He's wasted from morning till night.
Jackie fired him.

He said he'll come and
see you this afternoon.

He just went on 10 minutes ago.

He had a strange face.

I felt bad for him.

He asked me
to see the child, I showed him.

He looked at him
for a really long time.

With a strange thing in the eyes.

As if he turned a blind eye.

I was afraid.

So I closed the door and I left.

But Julie...
Julie, You're crying, you're crying!

Is there anybody out there?

Subtitles by Syraph.