Vivere (2019) - full transcript

Coffee's ready !

Luca !

One shoe, two shoes.

Sorry, I burnt you !

Will you finish your milk, please ?

Here !

How do you say "finish" ?

Could you finish your milk please ?

I can't, I need to go and fall in love
with Matteo Pagni.

If you don't eat, you'll feel weak.
Remember you fainted last time ?

Shit, it's late !
Luca ! Honey !

We need to go, will you help me ?

They'll close the school gates,
I still need to get dressed.

We can't do this every morning.

My darling.

What a great butt you have !

Just go !
Go have breakfast, I won't be long.

But she's good, she's teaching
her English, that's important.

Nowadays, that'll come in handy.

Room and board in exchange.

You love Matteo Pagni more than me ?

The same.

Have a sip for daddy too then.

- Good morning !
- Good morning !

- Have you met Mary Ann ?
- Your au pair, yes.

- Techie ?
- I'm an industrial technician.

It's so late !

Come on, let's go.
Say bye !

Bye, Mary Ann,
see you later !

- Bye, Techie.
- Come on, honey.

- Call him Mr Tranò, not Techie.
- You call him that.

He's a tech expert, you see ?
A "techie." Seatbelt on.

Goodbye !

Bye !

Good morning.

Come on. It's late !

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Mum, I'm still here.
- Lucilla !

Lucilla, wait in the car, okay ?

Good morning, ladies !

Sara, can you put the music on ?
Ester, come on !

Let's start with a ten-minute

Duckling: one, two, three, four.

Swan: six, seven, eight.

Duckling: one, two, three, four.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Feel like a duckling,
an ugly little duckling.

Then a beautiful swan,


Pull your tummies in.

Squeeze your bottoms.

Up, up, up, high.

Down, down, down, low.

Up, up, up, high.

Down, down, down, low.

Swan, swan, swan, swan.

Duckling, duckling, duckling, duckling.

Carry on: Swan, swan, swan, swan.

Duckling, duckling, duckling,

I forgot to drop Lucilla off at school.

Off you go then.

Keep an eye on them.
I like your new hairstyle.

40 euros ? Are you nuts ?

That's half as much
but it's still 800 characters.

The freelance journalists'
taxes are due.

But I've had a million clicks
on the online edition. Look.

Look at the net ratings.

Two-headed lamb born

to ewe under antibiotics.

What can I say ? Seems we lost
another 2,300 copies.

Cuts are being made everywhere.

Try talking to Botti.

Giovanni, listen.
I was told by management that...

No, come on,
you can't just ambush me like this.

You're taking advantage because
I can't run away.

You know I don't deal with these things.

Take care.


Attach the spacer then press four times.

Once every 10 seconds:

one, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

Again: two, three, four...

- Four cycles.
- Five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

Oh God ! What's that smell ?

- Honey ! Did you hurt yourself ?
- No.

Mary Ann, help her,
I can smell burning. Goddammit !

He was supposed to
keep an eye on it.

Never mind, let's go.
It's burnt, but only a little.

Lucilla likes it.
Sit down, honey.

Mary Ann, you sit there.

- Luca, honey, it's ready !
- Coming !

The newsroom closes in 30 minutes
but they're requesting edits.

Don't worry.

Come later.


In Italy we say "Buon appetito".

Only chavs say that.

Pierpaolo told me.

Is that so ?

Scram !

Why do I have to show her
round Rome ?

She wants to see
the churches, paintings, museums...

She knows about a lot of artists,
not just Caravaggio and...

She wants to see St. Peter's,
the Vatican Museums and Pope Francis.

Pope Francis ? Screw that idea !

Mary Ann...

- Hi, Mary Ann. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you to.

Please speak Italian,
you'll help me learn it.

You can speak English with me,
not with Susanna,

she speaks like a Spanish cow.

- What ?
- I understood "Susanna".

Luca, I'm home.

"Hi, how are you ?
How was your trip ?"

Seeing it takes me a good hour
to come out to the sticks.

- You know those things dads say ?
- Sorry, son, just 5 minutes and then...

And then...

Learn "poi", that's Luca's keyword.

Come on ! For heaven's sake !

- Move it, shorty ! Come on !
- This is a pedestrian zone !

Pierpaolo, "tranquille".

- "Tranquillo", not "tranquille".
- Tranquillo.

Come on, these blacks are everywhere !
There are thousands of them !

Do you have any in Ireland
or just sheep ?

Pierpaolo, come here !


Santa Maria della Pace.

Raphael's painting: "The Sybils".

It's free to go in and see it.

Never been. I didn't know it.

So did you go to an American school to ?


- Did all of you...
- Yes.

Why, if you're all Italian?

Because this is a country demerda.

Like Italy?

"Merda" is shit.
"Demerda" is more shit.

Yeah, I get it.

Who's turn is it now ?

Come with me.

Why did you bring that hillbilly along ?

She'll be giving me
a blowjob in no time.

500 euros for a photo.

Here, use it to pay the bill.

It's not my turn today.

it's a pre-blowjob investment.

- Mary Ann ?
- Yes ?


Excuse me.

What is the difference between
rocket motor and rocket engine ?

One uses solid fuel
and the other one liquid.


Thank you very much.

Do you work
on space programes ?

- In Italian, please.
- Of course.

No... I mean, today yes.

I'm writing about a rebel satellite,
I'm embellishing it so they'll buy it.

What do you mean by "embellish" ?

Make its more stunning.

You see, the agency says that
the satellite

will disintegrate when it reaches
the atmosphere over Italy.


I need to think of a place where
something's happening today.

Jesolo ! The Miss Italy finals
are being held there today.

No, what's her name ?

- Nadia, hi, it's Luca Attorre.
- Hi, how are you ?

Fine, thanks, and you ?

I'm writing an article for Mondo Sera.

Did you know that Reuters
has named Jesolo

as the place where pieces
of the Corpas satellite will land

when it disintegrates today ?

What ? A disintegrating satellite ?
I'm in Jesolo !

Really ? Can I get a statement
from one of the finalists ?

You choose one,
the most emotional.

- Okay, I will.
- Call me back, bye.

Are they in danger ?

No, there's no danger.

Winning the lottery is 250,000 times
more likely.

So why write that ?

So they'll buy my article.

Oh God, no ! I forgot my wallet.

I picked up my daughter's lunch-box

Really, I forgot...

Can I make a call ?

Step aside so I can serve
someone else.

"And Miss Lucania commented:

'The sky is where Heaven is, right ?

But instead, man's evil nature

has turned it into Hell'."

Really ? Did she really say that ?

Almost... I just changed it a little.

It wouldn't be so bad...

If a satellite fell out of the sky
and destroyed


I really needed those.

Where's Luca ?
He always runs away.


You always bitch about him, always.

That's how he is,
and I'm fine with that.

This goes here,
but now I've had enough...

Don't worry, I'll call your mum.

Sit here, look at this lovely chair !

My dear girl !

Why don't you eat your snack ?

Look what's in your rucksack.

So, Attorre...

let's see...


What's up ?

What's wrong ?

- The toad will hear you.
- What toad ?

The one in my throat,
he stops me breathing.

No ! Let's open this, so the toad...
Hello ?

- Is that Lucilla Attorre's mum ?
- I'm not her mum !

- It's the school.
- She's nuts, she left her phone here.

How will I find her ?
What a mess !

Lucilla ?

Honey, how are you ?

- Fine.
- Where's the toad ?

- In here, he's asleep.
- Let him sleep !

- Hi !
- Off you go.

Be careful, kids get messed up.

Then you'll spend a fortune
on shrinks.

- Remember that.
- Thanks, Captain.

I'm a constable, get it right.

No, I've never been to London.
It's very expensive.

A hostel would set you back 40 euro.

- Don't you have friends in London ?
- No, Nicolo, I don't.

- No ?
- No.

she's never been to London.

Listen up, let's strike a deal with her.

- A blow-job...
- Shut up !

She's holier than thou.

- Why did you bring her ?
- My dad told me to !

He said she doesn't know anyone...
But really, he just wants rid of her.

Get your act together,
get a strike.

Snort that.

Go on.

Yes ! Way to go !

Get in the car.
I'll take you home.

- No, I'll take the bus.
- You have to take two.

Nocturnes pass every hour
and the metro closes at midnight.

You're in Rome,
in the cradle of "civilita".

Speak Italian !
I've got an exam in three months.

Okay, sorry, I'll take you.

I'll take you, Mary Ann !

What does "pompino" mean ?

What ?
I have no idea, I swear.

You've had too much to drink,
and you took other crap too.

You're so immature.

I apologize.
Really, I...

I'm going to throw up.

Turn right there.

- Turn right here ?
- Yeah.

Let's go to the kitchen.

Honey !

- Hi, go straight upstairs.
- Hi, mum.

Grandpa's expecting guests.

Hi, welcome. Sorry...

we'll talk properly later.

- Dad...
- Stand up straight.

Watch out !

Where's your room ?

Good evening, minister.

No, call me Fulvio,
we're all equal.

Of course... how are you ?

Damn, Azzurra,
you look so beautiful !

Come on in.

- Dad's waiting for you in his study.
- Great, let's go.

Good evening.

Good evening.

I'm sorry, I came as fast as I could.

I screwed up, I know.

How do I resolve things ?

Dressing like a petrol station attendant
doesn't help you.

- Why did they get divorced ?
- They were never married.

I was an accident.

We all lived here.

Luca earned jack shit,
less than now.

Mum came home and found Luca in bed
with her best friend.

I was sleeping in my cot, I woke up
to the sound of my mum screaming.

Tell me more about this God thing.

You're not a believer ?

In what ? In that sort of
Father Christmas in the clouds ?


In a presence within us that
gives us guidance.


Don't you feel alone ?

Of course. Don't you ?


- Hello, darling !
- Hi, mum !

We'll miss you so much.
How are you getting on ?


-Evelyn has been asking about you.
-It's my turn now.

Tell your sister to stop being a bully
with me and come home soon.

I'll call you and dad tomorrow.
Is that all right ?

- Bye
- Bye, mum. Bye bye.



Strange, isn't it ?

Meeting like this.

I was taking a stroll.


The same for me too, please.

Cold, isn't it ?

So, how's it going ?
Do you like being here ?

Yes, very much.

Don't you miss home,
and your parents ?

No, I don't think so.

do you have a boyfriend in Galway ?

It feels strange talking to you about
this. Susi's never asked me.

Susi just happens to know things,

Forgive me...

for asking.

But... Pierpaolo ?

- Pierpaolo ?
- He's very mature for his age.

What I mean is he's suffered a lot,
his grandpa is...

So over-powering, authoritative...

He dominates him
and I'm unable to protect him.

You know, I'm a bad person.

I can't... I can't protect anyone.

Did you go to the bank ?

- Are you talking to me ?
- Yes.

Did you talk to the manager ?

What manager ?

The bank manager, you said
you would go there.

No, I didn't go.

But you promised ! We need to increase
our overdraft limit to 5,000 !

A lady from my dance class said
you need to be harsh.

You've got to say: "Otherwise
I'll change bank", understood ?

Dammit !

- I don't want to hear you two !
- Sorry, honey.

- I'll go tomorrow.
- Tomorrow, tomorrow...

If you'd gone today, I could've made
an appointment with the top specialist.

- Today was impossible.
- Where is the toad ?

- What did you do ?
- I'll feed him.

I worked all day from home, I only
went out to make some photocopies.

Right, photocopies, of course...

Our local lung specialist
pumps her full of steroids,

but a mum told me that Dr Marinoni

uses a whole new method.

A natural method that cures asthma
with breathing exercises.

A visit will cost at least 200 euros.

How many visits will she need ?

What are you doing ?

The toad's eating.

"The toad's eating" ? Honey !

Honey !

How are you ? Come here !

How are you ?
Let me take a look.

Fancy having a dance with your mum ?
Remember ?

This is your space, and this is mine.

Don't invade my space
and I won't invade yours, go on.

Dammit, it's freezing !
Bundle up, honey.

Dammit... go get in the car.
Luca !

- What's up ?
- I'll be home at nine tonight.

Why ?

My students weren't happy
with the class times.

So I'll do another later class,
understand ? Goddammit !

- Good morning. Excuse the swear word.
- Good morning, madam.

That way you'll work twice as much,
for the same pay.

Right ! You have such an industrial mind.

- Goodbye.
- Thanks.

Anyway, the swear word was called for.

Haven't you put your seatbelt on ?
Come on, Lucilla, it's late !

Sorry, sorry.

- Sorry about before.
- Don't worry.

Who was the blonde girl ?

No one, really.

I'm unhappy.

Mum ?

I'm not your mum,
I'm a pure spirit.

I'll be mum again in half an hour !

- Listen, grandpa...
- Stand up straight.

Sit down.

Luca's in trouble.

Bad trouble,
there's a problem with Lucilla.

You know, her asthma... they need
to see a very expensive specialist.

Could we... I mean, could you...

help him ?
To pay the rent at least.

- They're on a rent-to-buy scheme.
- Right, exactly.

They missed a few payments,
the bank will foreclose.

You know, Paolino,
there are rules in life.

And that's why...


Your father had nothing
and we took him in.

He asked, and we gave.

It's a simple rule: those who ask
must respect those who give.

And he broke this rule.

He disrespected your mother,
and therefore me too.

"Legum servi sumus ut liberi
esse possimus".

"We are servants of the law
so that we can be free".



I'm starving.
It's Irina's day off today.

Cooking is such a drag.

How about we order something
from Ottavio ?

Spaghetti with clams ?

Or sea bass with potatoes ?

- I fancy sea bass tartare.
- Mum.

You say this every Sunday like
it's a new and brilliant idea.

How much do you spend ? 100 euros ?

I wish.

Honey, what's up ?

What's the matter ?

I don't want any more, I'll put it back
in the fridge.

Get rid of this yoghurt.

Spaghetti with clams.

- How much is it ?
- 700.

- Did you take it without telling them ?
- I got it out with my card.

- What if your mum notices ?
- Luca, take it.

She won't notice,
she doesn't check my account.

I'll give it to you every month.

Where's Luca ?

- What ?
- Where's he gone ? He was here.

He always disappears at the right time.
The table needs laying.

He's outside with Pierpaolo,
I'll help you.

You don't have to,
you can't do everything.

I'm happy to help.

Trust me.


Lucilla !

Honey ! Why the long face ?

Mary Ann !

Breathe ! How are you feeling ?

Luca !

Luca ! Lucilla's not well.

- Look...
- Close your cape, quickly !

Close your invisible cape,
the toad can't get in. Close it.

Close it.

Good girl. The toad is furious.

- Can you see him ?
- No, I can hear him.

"Fucking hell !
This little cow's got her cape on !"

Close your eyes. Keep the cape closed !

Breathe. Close your eyes.


Pierpaolo, you're a genius.

She's not eaten.
Can you get me some bread ?

If I get home at nine, can't you do
dinner ? Mary Ann's not a slave.

It's almost ten,
we can't eat this late, dammit !

I don't always know who
you're talking to.

Who are you talking to ?

With the wall.

Keep it closed. Breathe, breathe...

I'll give it to her.

Honey ? Good girl.

Shall we give the toad some ?

Some to your big brother.

Some to Mary Ann.

And to mummy.


I'll sleep here,
so I can hear her breathe, okay ?

- Mary Ann ?
- Yes ?

- 'Night.
- Goodnight.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Have your lights gone out ?
It's because of these meters that...


If you like, I can help you.
If you like.

Yes, of course, by all means.

We have the same ones.

Let me see.

These meters aren't up to code.

We need to have them all changed.

Yes, maybe we do. Okay, thank you.

Well, if you need anything...

you know where I am.

- At your disposal.
- Have a good evening.

Same to you.

You know that Lucilla's a lovely name ?

It really suits you, it's just like you.

It's svelte and lively just like you.

Now breathe normally, Lucilla.

Marinoni suits you too,
it sounds nice and grand.

I've wanted to bring Lucilla to you
for a long time.

I thought: "Dr Marinoni fixes everything,
Dr Marinoni will cure her".

You're exactly how I imagined you'd be.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Take a deep breath.

Well, Lucilla,

you just need to be patient
while we do some tests.

- She did some three weeks ago.
- I need my own ones, they're important.

- You can dress her.
- Yes, of course.

- Age ?
- 35.

36... shit, 37 next month !

I meant the girl.

- I know, I'm six and a half.
- Sit down.

As soon as possible,

bring me the results of these
allergy tests I'm prescribing for you.

Then we'll do a lung function test,
a bronchoscopy...

and a chest X-ray.

Stop pulling that face,
everything will be fine.

What face ?

Well, I...

Do you feel sorry for me ?

- Are you separated ?
- No.

Sorry, I thought you were...

Stupid ?


- Where are you going ?
- To enroll for my Italian exam.

We can do that online.

You despise me like
everyone else does ?

Despise you ? No !


One day you get kicked down,
the next you get punched,

then one day you die.

In between...

rules, regulations, conventions...

Some things could bring you
bit of happiness, but...

you're not allowed them.

We live like this, in a dark prison.

And amidst the darkness...

a tiny light appears.

That light is you.

What you're saying isn't fair.

- Why ?
- Because it'd hurt others.

I love Susi, I love Lucilla.

I want to know what your flavour is.

What ?

Your flavour.

Please, don't do this to me.

- We can't do it.
-Do it, I'll bring the prescription later.

We can't, those are the rules.

She might be allergic to something,
we can't take responsibility for that.


Luca, say something ! Luca !

Why do you always forget things ?

I only have one brain,
I can't think of everything,

The tests, the food shopping,
the dance routines,

the washing, whites with whites,
colours with colours !

- Here's the file !
- Thanks, darling !

Come, Lucilla.
Here it is ! Here you go !

Remember when she was born ?

She always slept in our bed.

Like a log.

We squashed her so many times
as we screwed.

- She never complained.
- She's so good...

Take a deep breath... hold it.

Turn to the side and lift your arms.

- Sorry.
- I'm sorry too.

Take a deep breath... hold it.

We're too stressed.

Take a deep breath... hold it.

Good girl.

Way too much.

Take a deep breath... hold it.

Take a deep breath... hold it.

- Here's the attorney.
- He's here, good.

December, January and February.

- Count it.
- We have to trust each other.

Count it.

If anyone finds out...

What'll you do to me ?

How are things at home ?

- Are you trying to be mysterious ?
- Of course not.

It's just that these results show
no allergies nor physiological problems

and asthma is an illness that
can also be psychosomatic.

I knew it.

It's my fault.

As I'm her mother, you see ?

I'm just not with it.

That's certainly not true.

But tell me what is true.

It's true that I smoked when
I was pregnant.

My mother says that's why Lucilla
is asthmatic.

It's true that I was so infatuated with
Luca that I couldn't even think straight.

He was handsome, super-intelligent,

but as empty as a banana peel,
someone else had eaten the banana.

It's true that his son
who's seventeen, seventeen...

pays our mortgage for us

and he mocks me because
I can't speak English.

I imagined myself being on stage
in "Swan Lake".

But I got pregnant.

I teach ballet to fat ladies
who want to lose weight.

But they don't lose weight
and they get mad at me.

I could go on, if you like.


Let's do this:

we'll have a pity party together.

Want to know what's true for me ?

It's true that I was widowed
five years ago.

It's true that I have two grown-up kids
who live abroad,

for goodness knows how long now.

It's true that I've been dining alone
every evening for 5 years.

Let me deal with Lucilla,
it's not your fault.

- And stop worrying.
- My God !

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

- Is no one home ?
- No.

- How come ?
- I don't know.

- How come ?
- I don't know !

I'm watching cartoons,
do you want to join me ?

- Do you like chocolate ?
- Yes.

Techie, I can do a cartwheel.

- What can you do ?
- A cartwheel.

What's that ? Show me.

You really are a superstar !

You know how to do everything,
you're a champion.

Where did you learn that ?

- From my mum.
- So you take after her !

I don't have any juice.

I'm out of milk too,
would you like some red wine ?

- No ?
- My mum won't let me have that.

I'm joking, you really think
I'd give you wine ?

I don't even drink it myself,
it makes me dizzy.

Mum !

- Mum ?
- Honey ?

Lucilla, my darling !
Stay there, it's raining.

Why are you with Techie ?
Come here.

- You left this behind.
- Mr Tranò, I'm sorry.

- It's no problem, your toad and this.
- Your sweatshirt.

- Thanks.
- Wait a minute, these too.

Thanks, how kind of you.

- You can return the plate later.
- Yes, we will. Goodbye.

Where's daddy ?
And Mary Ann ? Where are they ?

- Daddy...
- Dammit, it's so cold ! Come on !

- I did all sorts of stuff...
- Don't talk, keep the cold air out.

Don't get cold, don't talk...
you'll tell me later.

We're soaking wet !

Dammit, we got soaked !

Luca ?

Luca ? Luca !

Lucilla was with Techie !

Honey !

I rang the bell, didn't you hear ?
Techie wanted to give me wine.

I'm sorry.

- Where's Mary Ann ?
- I don't know, maybe she went out.

Couldn't you look after her ?

I was working !
I need to concentrate !

I can't continue like this,
without a study.

Go ahead and concentrate...

Come here, you're soaking wet,

Time for your bath.

How did you find me ?

You filled in a form.

Of course, how stupid of me !

Thank you ! Here it is !

I'm sorry, I didn't want to intrude.

This is such a gallant gesture.

I haven't spoken to anyone like that
for such a long time.

Like that, how ?

I mean, with someone
who actually listens.

Say something else then,
I'm listening.

Do you ever wish you could
change identity, like they do in films ?

Dye your hair blond
then disappear...

- Blond, me ?
- I'm just saying...

I want to appear, not disappear.

I want to be there for someone.

- Oh, it's you.
- Irina, hi.

Put these in my room,
or I'll lose them.

Honey !

No bowling today ?
How come ?

I didn't feel like it.

Scoot over.

What do you want ?

- What's up ?
- Nothing !

How are things at your dad's ?

Same old story, they're broke.

But Mary Ann's very good,
she helps Luca with his work too...

And Lucilla went to see
a top specialist.

With what money ?

How do I know ?

They make me take Mary Ann
out sometimes, but she's nice.

- And Susi's still a flake.
- Of course.

But Mary Ann says
she's not as dumb as she seems.

Really ?

But you needn't worry.

That girl will be leaving soon,
so you don't need to worry.

Who's worried ?
Why do you say this bullshit ?

I say this bullshit because you've
mentioned her three times already.

She's young, pretty and helps
your dad with more bullshit.

When's she going home ?

Well... I'm going upstairs.

- It's dangerous, she shouldn't go !
- My god, how did I end up with you ?

How did I end up with you ?

She's going at Easter,
the whole class is going,

otherwise she'll be the odd one out.

They're only going to Anguillara,
if she has an attack, God forbid...

we'll be there in an hour.

An hour is ages !

I even asked Dr Marinoni.

- What did the almighty prophet say ?
- Do you want to know ?

He said "of course", he didn't say "yes",
but "of course".

Goddammit, Susi !
It's impossible to talk to you !

We can't have a discussion
without shouting.

If I don't shout, you don't even notice
that I'm talking, it's like I'm invisible.

I'm invisible, goddammit !
I'm invisible !

You don't even notice...

when I'm talking.

Let's go Lucilla, it's late.

This way !

Are you okay ?

Will you ask dad to let me go
on the trip ? We'll be camping.

He won't listen to mum,
but he'll listen to you.

You'll be late, come on.

Come on !

Remember that day when I saw you
with the blonde girl ?

You said you were messed up...

I didn't realise,
but I'm messed up too.

We're all messed up.

Let's go back, let's go back to that bar.

Luca, no...

"Dear Susi...

forgive my grammatical mistakes.

You are so special...

that I forgot about studying,
understanding and learning.

Along with all the things
I wanted to do in Italy.

Sorry to leave so suddenly.

I'm so fond of you that
it pains me to say goodbye."

Didn't she say anything ?

I was working.

- You didn't notice that she was packing ?
- No.

What could have happened
so suddenly ?

She was too young
to put up with our problems.

The money, the asthma, our struggles.

But to just leave like this...

Maybe it's an Irish thing.

Where's Mary Ann ?

Honey ! She's not here.

Where is she ?

She left.

- Did she die ?
- No !

Let's just say that your daddy and I
are surprised because...

she left without telling us.

I know why.

Lucilla ?

Lucilla ?


- Why do you say you know why ?
- I just do.

Tell me, just me.

No ! No !

- Lucilla, whisper it to me.
- No !

Come on ! Look at me !
What did Mary Ann say ? Where is she ?

It's okay, it's nothing.
Everything's fine.

What did Mary Ann say ?
Will you tell me ?

Honey, mummy's here.

Take some Cortilan.
Two pills.

Here... No, honey !

- Take your medicine.
- No !

Lucilla !

- Take your pill, honey.
- Take your pill.

Let go of her, let go.

Come here, take your Cortilan.

Now, breathe.

Breathe... great, good girl.
My goodness, you're such a good girl.

- Easy now.
- Have some puffs.

- Honey, will you have some puffs ?
- Mary Ann hates the toad.

What ?

Have some puffs.
Honey, you need to.

Calm down, my little darling.

You're such a good little girl.

Lucilla, please.

Give it to me.

Breathe, now open your cape.

Will you open your cape ?

Her nails are blue.

- Her nails are blue !
- What does that mean ?

Shit, her nails are blue !
Call an ambulance.

Can you call an ambulance ?
Can you do that ?

We don't have a bed here,
let's try another hospital.

Find a bed,
she's one of Dr Marinoni's patients.

- Dr Marinoni works on a specialist ward.
- There must be a bed.

- Please, try to understand...
- Okay, I'll call him.

- You shouldn't be here.
- I employ you, I pay my taxes.

I'm not your employee.
Now leave !

- Call security !
- Go do your job !

- I want to know what...
- Call security ! Get out.

Now leave, go on !

You have to leave, you can't stay here.

This is a hospital !

Go do your job !
Do some work !

Security !

Visiting hours are 14:00 to 16:00.
You can go.

Come with me, you'll be admitted
with your daughter.

Trust you to forget her pajamas !


Doesn't your brain ever work ?
Not even now ?

- Are you waiting for her to die ?
- It all happened so quickly.

We had to rush here.

Grandma's little poppet.

I saw Luca.
He was legging it as usual.


there is no scientific proof
that confirms the fact

that chronic asthma is caused by
mothers smoking during pregnancy.

I read it on Facebook.

I personally carried out a study at
Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Visiting hours are 14:00 to 16:00.

You can't stay here now. Goodbye.

Thanks, mum.

- I'll see you later.
- Yes, okay.

And I need her address.

Luca, no ! Luca !

Enough ! I came to see
how Lucilla's doing.

She had an asthma attack and...

they're keeping her for a week.

- So it's serious.
- No, but they want to find out why.

How's Susi ?

She's with her.

- Have you told her ?
- Told her what ?

What ? Don't you feel bad
and dishonest hiding the truth ?

What is the truth ? Do you know ?

What happened between us.

The facts...

Facts aren't the truth,
neither of us know what the truth is.

Why are you here ?

Why did you come ? For Lucilla ?

Is that the truth ?

No, look at me.

Good evening.

Now he's bringing her cakes too.

I reckon he's brought some condoms too.


Good evening.

Oh God, I bumped into that.


I thought you'd be fed up with
chicken and potatoes

so I brought some sushi.

Dammit, you brought wine too !

- Come, let's go into my office.
- Okay.

One moment.

Poor Pierpaolo.

There's no point knocking,
no one's in.

Come on, in you go...

Do some exercise.

Go on !

At the dance recital,
my mother was backstage.

She said to me:
"You'll fall at your pirouette ".

And at the first pirouette ...

I fell and almost busted my kneecap.
It was so embarrassing.

Life's a mystery, isn't it ?

What did I say ?
"Life's a mystery" ?

Where did that come from ?

Well, I never imagined
I'd be here having dinner...

in my office, with a ballerina.

- Sorry, it was an impulsive reaction.
- To catch my knee.

My elbow's not bad either.

Is this happening ?

Let's take no notice.

That way we won't realise.

- Do you know how beautiful you are ?
- No.

- You're really beautiful.
- No, no.

Doctor !

The young girl's crying,
she wants her mum.

- Lucilla, it's okay.
- Excuse me.

Nothing happened,
I didn't do anything.

And even if I had,
what the hell do you care ?

I always talk to myself,
usually I wear an earbud

so people think I'm talking to
someone on the phone.

For me, a great deal happened.

Excuse me.

Now what ?

Excuse me.

Lucilla ! Honey ! My darling !

Honey, mummy's here.

Honey ?

Honey ?

You left me too.

No, I was...

It was just for a moment... okay ?

The toad's gone.

No, stop.

Can you ask Mary Ann to come back ?

Of course.

No more crying now.
My darling.

- Hi.
- How did the night go ?

Her breathing's stable now.
I'll have a shower then come back.

- Did anyone call about the car ?
- No.

I got some money from the ATM.
Do you want it ?

Luca, I need your help.

Is there enough petrol ?

You have to call Mary Ann.

Put this on her.
Is it a clean one ?

Lucilla wants her to come back.

She wants her at home with us.

I don't know if that's a good idea.

I can't think of a better one.

This is for her eczema, here.

She has it here.
Those damn steroids !

Is there something wrong ?

There is.

Help me, Susi.

This is no time for us
to tear each other apart.

She's in a convent on the Aventine Hill
with Irish nuns.

Thanks, I'll put 10 euros in the tank
and come straight back.

Go on in.


How do I know how he got the address ?
What do you care, mum ?

Are you very tired, daddy ?

- Very tired.
- Are you ill too ?


Open your mouth, be good.

This is for your tummy.

And this is for your heart.

Mary Ann.

Are you scared of me ? Why ?

What did I do to you ?

Mary Ann, tell me something.

Look at me.

By any chance, did Luca...

You know what I mean, right ?
You know what I'm talking about.

- Did he molest you ?
- No ! Susi !

- So that's not why you left ?
- No.

Because Luca's alone, you see.

He's got no one, they're all dead.

You know those people in the desert
or on "Celebrity Island" ?

They don't care about anyone,
only about surviving.

That's what Luca's like,
he doesn't react, he hides.

He's the cave, he hides inside himself,
all alone, all huddled up...

- But he has you.
- You can't be cured of that thing.

He always has the shadow
of a guillotine hanging over him.

He always looks haunted.

- How did they die ?
- Cancer.

First his father and six months later...

his mother too.

He was in secondary school.

No, Susi...

It's not Luca's fault.

I was so worried that he'd... you know.


you are totally out of the cave
and there for everyone.

Why won't you come back ?

Lucilla really misses you.

I miss you too.

And not just for laying the table.

One... two...

and... three !

I'll give you the fourth one.

Okay, now that you've survived...

eat all your salad.

Did you wash the salad ?

Paolo, wait for me !

- What happened ?
- I'm coming with you.

- Where ?
- Away. Just away from here.

- Like this ?
- Yeah.


Are you okay ?

Can we have some more ?

You shouldn't overdo it the first time.

Paolo, ask Nicolo
if we can get more.


- One, two, three...
- Let's go.

My mother used to do that.
My own mom...

Let's go home... no !

Mary Ann, let's go.


- Are we going home ?
- Yeah, I'm tired.

Bye, guys.

You are a prick !

What happened to her ?

- What's up ?
- What's up ?

You're acting odd.

I "snuffed" some cocaine.

"Snuffed" ?

My Italian may not be perfect but
I got top marks in my exam.

You know that I keep on asking
but no one ever answers ?

- Who are you asking ?
- Father Christmas up in the clouds.

Tomorrow I'll take you to see the Pope.

You really make me laugh.

Why are you only seventeen ?

And four fifths.

Shit, you look just like Luca.

- What's going on ?
- I think we have a big problem.

The usual problems with Luca.

So problems for everyone then.

- Goodnight, honey.
- Goodnight, dad. See you.

Hi... sorry I'm late. But my dance classes
have started again.

Have they got fatter ?

No, I work with children now.

They've not finished yet.

What are they doing ?

Breathing exercises.

Asthmatic children tend to
breathe more than is necessary,

thus altering the levels
of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

They become used to hyper-ventilating.

Thank you.

Don't thank me yet.

Listen, I thought...

Well, because...

you're always late,
you never have any money...

If you want to sell it, go ahead.
I won't mind.

But if you keep it, look at it often.

So it'll remind you of me.

It'll remind you of the time.

And it'll remind you of who you are.

An étoile .

In you get.

Such elegance !

Honey. What's wrong ?

- Leave me alone.
- No, come here.

Please, leave me alone.
Don't touch me.

Don't touch me.

I'm invisible to you.

Even though we're together,
we're alone.

I don't tell you anything anymore,
about what I do or think.

I don't tell you anything at all.

- Why ? Why don't you tell me ?
- I don't know why.

I think everything's pointless.

That it's all your fault.

But then I think it's all my fault too.

What if we were to split up ? Huh ?

Maybe we'd all be happier.

Maybe if you were with someone else...

and me too...

we'd be happier, and Lucilla too.

Are you nuts ?

Please, us having a screw
isn't going to make everything okay.


Don't say these things,
or I won't sleep.

Do you understand ?

Please, Luca ! Please !

Careful, I'll crush your balls !


- What happened ?
- It was inevitable.

- Are you Moreno ?
- Yes, ma'am.

What do you want to do, madam ?

No one here wants to kick up a fuss.

But they'll need persuading.

Leave it to me, leave everything to me.
What's the damage ?

- Two hundred.
- Three hundred.

- Ladies, two hundred !
- Three hundred !

I'll take this.

Ladies, this is original, dammit !

You're animals !

Go away ! Show some respect !

I can vouch for them,
they're well-to-do folk.

- Did he give this to you ?
- Yes.

He gave me an olive green one.

You must be Pierpaolo.

You're so handsome.

And you are his father.

A bit of a loser, and a jerk.

Forgive me, but I know you all.
He talked about you all the time.

He was so kind, so sweet, Bibo.

Bibo ?

Why ?

We'll take him to a private clinic
to get a generic certificate.

- A false one.
- Yes.

It'll cost what you earn in two years.

- Sorry.
- Don't worry.

Well, shall we speak tomorrow ?

No, I don't want to leave you.

Do what you want.


- Thank you.
- He taught us a lot.


Thank you, thank you so much.

Did you buy these at the traffic light ?

Look who it is. Come with me.

- Good morning.
- Hello, madam. Condolences.

Thank you for coming.

- He was a great man.
- Yes, he was.

- Have you met Luca ?
- Hi, Luca.

Excuse me.

This is Luca Attorre,
I was telling you about him.

- Who are you looking for ?
- Mary Ann, have you seen her ?

He wrote those bizarre articles.

The hallucinogenic hosts.

How brave ! A million clicks.

Come and see me, okay ?

- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.

- May I ?
- Come in.

Good morning.

I knew De Sanctis because
we had friends in common.

And I was hoping to see you.

You won't answer my calls,
I can't sleep.

I wanted to tell you that
I will give you whatever you want,

my home, my life is yours.

Thank you, sir, please accept
my condolences too.

Oh God, I gave him
my condolences, in front of everyone...

But I had no choice,
I had to do it.

What are you doing here ?

What's up ?

He would open all my drawers and...

- Have you done a test ?
- Yes.

Three times.

Did it happen when you left ?

- I thought you seemed strange.
- What should I do ?

Mary Ann, do you want to have a baby ?

I don't.

But if it's there,
there must be a reason.

- Dream on.
- Dream on ?

- There's never a reason.
- Maybe God never needs a reason.

Then he's a bastard.
A real one.

Won't you ask me who the father is ?

Wake up ! There is no father,
there is no baby,

it's just a blob of cells.

But there's you and your life.
Think about yourself.

Okay, Mary Ann ?

I'll book you an appointment.
Then we'll have a week to decide, okay ?

And don't tell Luca.

Men are useless in these situations.

All they know how to do
is stick it inside you.

After that, they're useless.
Totally useless.

Useless... and I mean totally useless.

Rest now.
I'll start the washing machine.



I wasn't...

You don't need to explain.

I know you two are going through
a rough patch.

A difficult moment.

I don't understand what you mean.

I mean... I can help you.

If you like.

Your car, I could buy it.

Yes, of course. Sorry.

- What were you thinking ?
- Oh, nothing.

- Will you let me know ?
- Yes, either me or my wife.

- Her too.
- Okay.

- I'm here, when you want...
- Yes, we're here.

- You scratch my back...
- Right, yes !

- And then...
- And then...

I'll scratch yours.

Yes, right.

What's there to smile about ?

- What did I do ?
- Mary Ann !

And mum, and Susi !
What are you, a baboon ?

It's over.
I don't even know how it started.

Sorry, sorry to all of you.

I can't believe how reckless you are.

Sorry, I'm sorry...

Luca, are you crying ? Stop it.

Luca, everyone's staring.
Let's go.

Walk normally.

Normally, I said !

Stay here, I'll be right back.

The newspaper want me to write
a detailed report about your granddad.

- What do you mean ?
- They want to know everything.

- What do they care ?
- They want to expose him.

Your granddad had a very shady
political role and...

by denouncing his private affairs
they'd denounce that too.

- Did you love him ?
- Yes.

Some days, I loved him loads.

With that superior attitude he had...

I pitied him, I don't know why.

Are you going to write this report ?

They'd give me a steady job.

With a salary ?

A pension, a desk, a place in the world.

Luca, stop, we already look like
a pair of faggots on this boat.

Well, if you could start calling me
"dad" at times, that'd help.

Take the job.

Let me talk to mum.

Here Guido Reni depicts
a reckless young woman,

who by way of an adult man's desire

is able to make her femininity

Giovanni ?

Luca ! Sit down.

I just spoke to
the head of personnel.

They'll be down to get you soon.

I'm putting you on the news desk.

Really ? On the third floor ?

That's been my dream, for years.

I was thinking of five parts,
excuse me...

How's it going ?

Let's not go there.

A five-part report.

And only at the end

you'll mention the friendship
between Attorney De Sanctis

and Judge Barresi, from the second
section of Rome's Supreme Court

who annulled several important trials.

For years it's been know that
they both frequented lady-boys.

They went by Bibo and Ninni.

- I know.
- So...

In these articles
about your father-in-law,

I want the same style you use
in your usual made-up bullshit.

- Is that clear ?
- Yes, of course.


But ?

I can't accept the job.

What ?

Do you know how long it's been since
we hired new staff here ?

- Yes, I do.
- Maybe you don't understand.

If you want, I'll send you abroad
as a reporter,

I'll send you to New York
or even to the goddamn Olympics !

- He was my son's grandfather.
- He was a bastard !

- I know.
- He ruined your career.

He was Azzurra's father.

Fuck you, Luca.


Thanks for coming.

How are you ?

I don't know.

When we're at a crossroads in life,
are we the ones who decide

or is it fate, or God's will ?

What do you mean ?

Nothing, nothing.

Can you see the twin churches ?

I wrote about them for my graduate
thesis, without having seen them.

My teacher used to say "Renacimiento",
like in Spanish.

Mary Ann, what's up ?
Why did you want to meet ?

They're not twins.

They look like it.

They were built by Carlo Fontana,
following Bernini's design.

The ground was uneven,
there was no harmony.

Bernini resolved the issue.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli
has a circular plan,

the other has an elliptical plan,
to make them appear symmetrical.

But they're not.

It's just an illusion. A trick.

A stroke of Italian genius.

What did you want to tell me ?

Just that.

Where are they going at this hour ?

If I catch you making trouble
at the cafe again,

I'll keep you in for another three days,
I mean it.

- Where's the Scottish lady ?
- She's Irish, Mary Ann.

Same thing !

I can already picture the Italian jerk
that got you in trouble.

You need to leave.

Mary Ann, I'm here, okay ?

- I'll wait here for you.
- Yes, okay.

So, are you scared ?

- A bit.
- A bit, that's normal.

We'll be real quick.

The Scottish don't have Mohicans
like you all !

What's there to laugh about ?

How long have you been here ?

- Have long have you been in Italy ?
- One year.

Aren't you fed up yet ?

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women,

and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.

Holly Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners

now and at the hour of our death.

Will you Skype me when you get there ?


- No cryin'.
- No cryin'.

Chin up, okay ?

Take care.

I chose Dublin as an option
for my studies.

That'd be great, it's beautiful.


Come here.

Did you know what she meant
by "Mohican" ?

That women shave their private parts
like a mohawk.

Leaving just a strip of hair !
That's what it means.

- Right.
- Because you need to know that.

Thank you, Susi.

Thank you for everything.

Turn around.

Mr Tranò ?

Mr Tranò ?

Hi, I'm just returning the car.

Here you go.

Thanks, that was real kind of you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

You're sure you don't need it anymore ?

No, because Luca's son
will lend us his car,

they have four or five
at his granddad's,

there's no shortage of cars !

We'll get one that's cheaper to run.

Oh, by the way, my condolences.

- Thank you. So you know ?
- I know lots about you.

Sorry for being so... intrusive.

You're so kind and polite.

I always see you all rushing around,
always late...

I hear you all shouting.

I hear you all laughing.

I hear you all... arguing.

I see you all crying.

I see you living your lives.

We've had a really tough time.

We'll be more careful, now.

About what ?

Careful about what, Susi ?

I envy you all.

I envy you.

Goodbye, Mr Tranò.

All the best.