Visions of Murder (1993) - full transcript

Jesse Newman is an ambitious psychologist in a therapy center. One day Gloria Hager appears in her office and starts telling about her husband, who beats her. But suddenly she runs out... ...

[eerie orchestral music]

[phone dialing]

[phone ringing]

- [Answering Machine Voice]
Hi, this is Katherine.

I'm sorry I can't
take your call.

Please leave me a message

and I'll get back to
you as soon as I can.

Just wait for the beep,
and have a great day.

- [Woman] Katherine,
I got your message.

I'm coming right over.

Now don't give up,

we can get through this.

Hang on, just hang on.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[phone ringing]

[car horn honking]

- [Voice On Answering Machine]
Hi, this is Katherine.

I'm sorry I can't
take your call.

Please leave me a message

and I'll get back to
you as soon as a can.

Wait for the beep,
and have a great day.

- [Woman] Katherine,
please pick up the phone.

It doesn't have to be this way.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]

Will you let me in, please?


- [Man] What's going on?

- [Woman] Excuse me.

Katherine Hopkins' apartment.

- I don't know.

- [Woman] Katherine?

Katherine, open the door.

Where's the manager?

- He doesn't live here.

- [Woman] Do you have a
key to this apartment?

- No.

- [Woman] Do you have a hammer?

- [Painter] Get out of here
before I call the police.

- [Woman] I already called the
police, where's the hammer?

- [Painter] Whoa, where
are you going with that?

- [Woman] Katherine?


Oh I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

[siren sounding]

- How did you know she
was in trouble, ma'am?

- She left a message
on my machine.

- And what's your relationship?

- I'm her therapist,
Doctor Jesse Newman.

- [Woman] Good morning, Jesse.

- Good morning.

- Your three o'clock canceled,

and you have a
new patient at 10.

- Oh Stacey I can't take
any new patients this week.

- Well, I tried to
give her to Phil,

but she said it had to be you.

- Did she say why?

- Her name's Gloria Hager.

Doctor Singleton wants to
see you as soon as possible.


I'm sorry about your patient.

- There you are.

- Ah, good morning, Gwen.

- Good morning.

Exactly what did you think
you were doing last night?

Jesse, suicide requires
a response team.

Now, what if you had found her

holding a 45 to her head,

and what if she had
turned it on you?

- She was in so much pain.

I couldn't help her with it.

- Jesse, it's okay to
identify with people in pain.

That's what makes
you a good therapist.

- Not good enough.

- Jesse, you're only human,
you can't save the whole world.

You rose above your own pain,

and you turned your life around.

I admire you for that.

You've got patients
who need you.

- Thanks, Gwen.

- [Woman] You'll have to
bear with me Doctor Newman,

I'm a little nervous.

- Why don't you call me Jesse?

And I'll call you Gloria.

- All right, Jesse.

- Do you mind if I
tape our sessions?

- Why?

- Sometimes it's helpful.

Our sessions are
strictly confidential.

- Okay, I guess.

- [Jesse] Is this your
first visit to a therapist?

- [Gloria] Yes.

- [Jesse] Was there some
reason why you requested me?

- Ken Koplin recommended you.

- [Jesse] Who?

- Ken Koplin,

he's your lawyer.

- I don't know him.

- He referred me to you.

- Well, why don't you tell
me something about yourself.

- This is difficult.

My husband just got
a big promotion,

he's under a great
deal of stress.

I love him very much.

He loves me too, it's just,

he likes to have
everything under control,

but sometimes he loses control.

Oh God.

- [Jesse] Is he physically
threatening to you?

- It's not me I'm worried
about, I have a daughter.

If something happens to me,

I want to make sure
she'll be safe.

Can you keep her safe?

Can anyone keep anyone safe?

I'm so sorry.

I've told you too much, already.

I deserve whatever I get.

- No you don't.

- I made a terrible mistake.

He's be furious if he knew.

If you knew everything,
you'd hate me.

- [Stacey] What happened?

- Did you see Missus Hager?

- She flew through here
like a bat out of hell.

[phone ringing]

- Hello?

- [Jesse] May I please
speak with Gloria Hager?

- She's not here.

- [Jesse] Will she be back soon?

- [Man] Who is that, Kimberly?

- I don't know Daddy.

- Hello, who is this?

- [Jesse] Jesse Newman.

- [Man] Gloria isn't here
right now, may I help you?

- No, thank you.

Just tell her I called, please.

- [Man] Jesse Newman called.

Who is that, Gloria?

- [Gwen] Seven o'clock.

You're gonna burn yourself
out if you're not careful.

- I'm almost finished.

- I'll lock up on my way out.

- Goodnight Gwen.

- Goodnight.

- Who's there?



[eerie orchestral music]

[phone ringing]

- Counseling center.

- [Man On Phone] Jesse?

- Who is this?

- [Man On Phone] How many
ex-husbands do you have?

- Hal, it's been a while.

Is everything all right?

- [Hal] That's why
I'm calling you.

I saw your name on
a police report.

The Katherine Hopkins...

- Suicide.

- [Hal] Yeah, I
thought maybe you could

use someone to talk to.

- Oh, that's sweet Hal.

I'm fine.

- [Hal] Well, I need
someone to talk to.

Can you meet me an Blackburn's?

I'll buy you a coffee.

- Okay.

[crowd murmuring]

- You haven't changed.

- Your hair's different.

That's life, I
just cut it short.

- It looks great.

- Thank you.

- Two more please.

- [Jesse] So how are you?

Keeping the city
free from crime?

- I'm trying, I'm trying.

They say you found the body.

You're not blaming
yourself, are you?

- No Hal, I'm fine.

- I never liked the
way you say fine.

- I never lost a patient before.

Can we change the subject?

- You like to talk about
everyone's feelings but yours.

- As I recall, you didn't like

to talk about feelings either.

- It doesn't mean
I don't have them.

I think about us sometimes,
Jesse, what went wrong.

Maybe if I'd been
more open with you,

maybe you wouldn't have
had your depression.

- You mean breakdown.

I was a little nuts.

- Nuts?

That's a clinical term they
taught you in graduate school?

I'm proud of the way you
pulled yourself together, Jess,

went back to school
and all that.

- You've done all right, too.

- We should have been
there for each other,

not withdrawn and gone
crazy by ourselves.

- You didn't go crazy.

- I lost you, Jesse.

That was crazy.

- Hal, please, it's
been eight years.

Let's not look back.

- I want you to know I'd
handle it differently today.

I'd be there for you.

I just wanted to tell you that.

What's wrong, Jesse?

- Nothing.

I thought I saw somebody I knew.

I was mistaken.

[phone ringing]

- Hello?

- Gwen, did I wake you?

- [Gwen] No, Jess?

- Go back to sleep, we can
talk tomorrow at the clinic.

- [Gwen] No no, I'm awake now.

Um, what do you want?

- What do you know
about hallucinations?

- Jesse, are you still working?

It's almost midnight.

- Well I'm worried about
one of my patients.

- Jesse, I told you
this morning that you

are getting too involved
with your patients.

If you get too obsessive,

you're not going to be
of any help to anybody.

Okay, what are her symptoms?

- Hallucinations.

They only last a
couple of seconds,

but they're so real, she
can't tell the difference

between the hallucination
and reality.

- [Gwen] What about
auditory hallucinations?

- No, only visual.

- [Gwen] History of drug abuse?

- None, whatsoever.

- [Gwen] Okay, well
you may be looking

at some sort of psychosis.

- That's what I thought, too.

- Suggest a complete physical,

and a chemistry panel.

Sometimes these things can be
controlled with medication.

Jesse, if you don't stop
taking your work home with you,

we're gonna have
to hospitalize you.

- I know Gwen, goodnight.

- You can't force feed therapy.

If a patient walks out,
you've got to let them go.

- This woman is in
real trouble, Gwen.

Her body language, her speech,

the look in her eyes.

She is terrified.

It's like she's calling me.

- Do you need a vacation?

- No.

No, that isn't necessary.

I have things under control.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[engine starting]

[slow moody jazz music]


[siren blaring]

- How are her vitals?

- Her pulse is good.

[Jesse gasping]

- Relax, relax, relax.

Pulse 88, blood pressure 125
over 80, respiration normal.

- Looks like we have a small cut

on the left side of her
scalp, a little bleeding.

No broken bones or fractures?

- Not that we can see.

- [Jesse] Everything, man, man.

- Was there someone else
in the car with you?

- [Jesse] No, yeah he was there.

Man in the back.

- Is she DUI?

- We'll close the cut and
do a toxicological screen.


- According to witnesses
she drove her car

straight into a barricade.

[eerie orchestral music]

- You should be in bed.

Come on.

- Where am I?

- You're at Saint
John's Hospital.

It's okay.

- What are you doing here?

- You still have me down

as who to call in
case of emergency.

Scoot over.

To tell you the
truth, I'm flattered.

- Why are the doors locked, Hal?

- Jesse this is the
psychiatric ward.

They lock the doors at night.

- Gloria.

- Who's Gloria?

- I have to get home.

- As soon as you're
feeling better.

- I'm fine.

- Jesse, you're not fine.

- They think I'm crazy?

- They think you may have
tried to kill yourself.

- What are you talking about?

- The police report says you
aimed your car at a barricade,

and gunned it.

You're lucky you're
not seriously injured.

- You don't really believe
I tried to kill myself?

- You did before.

- I'm a different person now.

You can't believe I'd do that.

Not now.

- You are under a
lot of stress, maybe.

- What are you doing?

- This is just something
to help you sleep.

- Oh Hal, I have to stay awake,

I have something to tell you.

- Jesse, please take it easy.

- This will take
effect very quickly,

and you can stay if you like.

- Yeah, please.

- Hal, you have to listen to me.

There was a man in
my car, in the back.

- Jesse, there were witnesses.

No one was in your car.

- I've been seeing
him, and Gloria.

Gloria is my patient,
she, she's been hurting.

I know...

- [Doctor] Has she ever
had delusions before?

- Yeah, once before.

13 years ago,

when we lost our baby.

I mean, it was a born dead.

She kept imagining that
she could hear the baby,

crying for her and,

the doctor said it was just

grief and postpartum
depression, all that.

They said she'd get over it.

- And then what happened?

- She tried to kill herself.

- [Nurse] The doctor should
be in sometime this morning.

He'll want to take a
thorough look at you.

I'm sure we'll want
to keep you here

at least a day or two.

We want to make sure
you're good and healthy.

- [TV Reporter] This
is a KNBS news break.

Newly appointed
Admiral Truman Hager,

commanding officer of the
San Pueblo Naval Station,

reported his wife missing

to the naval
investigative service.

Gloria Hager
apparently disappeared

from their home late last night.

Stay tuned to channel
15 for new developments.

And in other news, flood
warnings are still in effect,

and the Coast Guard has
issued small craft warnings

along the coast of
the entire bay area.

We've just received word
from the US Weather Service

concerning the storm,
and we have issued

a small craft warning now,

from the Oregon coast
south to Monterrey Bay.

- San Francisco Police,
Officer Glennon.

- Detective Hal Winter, please.

- He's out.

Should be back in about an hour.

- May I leave a message please?

I think I have information

about the missing
woman, Gloria Hager.

- Can I have your
name and address?

- Why?

- We'll send someone
out to take a report.

[dial tone]

- Where are you going?

- [Jesse] Out.

- You can't leave.

- Yes I can, my
observation time is up,

and you have no
grounds to hold me.

I'm not a danger to
myself or anyone else.

Now, if you want me
to stay, I suggest

you get a judge and a
psychiatrist down here,

but I don't think
you want to do that.

- Oh please.

- [Cop] Can I help you?

- Jesse?

Jesse, how did you get here?

- I rented a car.

- No no, I mean, what are you
doing out of the hospital?

- Can we talk up in your office?

- [Hal] Where did you
meet Gloria Hager?

- I already told you,
she came to my office

a couple of days ago.

- And where did you say you
saw her fighting with this man?

- I was at the
restaurant with you,

but I'm not really
sure where they were.

- Jesse, what kind of drugs

did they give you
at the hospital?

- What does that have
to do with anything?

- [Hal] Probably everything.

- [Jesse] She's not just
a missing person, Hal.

I think she could
have been hurt.

Would you check it out?

- Check what,

check what out, a bad dream?

Jesse, you were in a car
wreck, you hit your head.

Honey, you're confused.

- Hal, I saw Gloria
fighting with that man,

before the crash.

- You know how
crazy that sounds?

- Yes.

Hal, I don't know
what's happening either,

but Gloria Hager is missing,

that much is real.

- I'll see what I can find out.

But I want you to
do something for me.

Go home, get some rest.

- How are you feeling?

- I'm fine.

- So how long have you
been having hallucinations?

- Not long, a couple of days.

- You weren't calling about
a patient the other night,

you were describing
your own symptoms?

Okay, you've got two weeks
accumulated vacation time,

I want you to take
it, starting now.

- Oh, but Gwen.

- No buts.

And I want you to let me know

if you have any more
of these experiences.

- So you can assess me, huh?

- So I can be your friend.

- Gwen, what do you
think about ESP?

Do you believe it's possible?

- Carl Jung did.

There is a professor
over at Berkeley

doing some advanced research
in that area, George Brenner.

But frankly Jesse, I think
your problem is stress.

- What about this
woman I've been seeing,

this Gloria Hager?

- Now wait a minute,
wait a minute,

before we jump into

let's come up with
something obvious.

- She's missing.

- Losing your first patient was
extremely stressful for you,

but you need to let it go.

Rest, come on.

Don't think about anything
connected with work,

including Gloria Hager.

- Thanks Gwen.

- [Gloria] He likes
everything under control,

and sometimes he loses control.

It's not me I'm worried
about, I have a daughter.

What if something happens to me,

I want to make sure
she'll be safe.

Can you keep her safe?

Can anyone keep anyone safe?

- You must be Kimberly.

You must be Kimberly Hager.

I'm a friend of your mother's.

- You've never been here before.

- No, no I haven't.

Are you all right?

- Kimberly.

- You better leave.

I'll get in trouble.

- [Admiral] I told
you to stay inside.

- Are you nuts?

If I can be so clinical.

- The same man, the same dock,
I saw in my mind last night.

I'm seeing things
that are real, Hal,

things that are
actually happening.

It could mean,

Gloria Hager's
body is in the bay.

- Jesse, the police are working

with Naval
Investigative Services.

If Admiral Hager
had something to do

with his wife's disappearance,
they'll find out.

- I saw them fighting.

- Well maybe they were fighting.

That doesn't mean she's dead.

- I saw Hager dump
something in the bay.

It could have been a body.

- And it could be
your imagination.

- Gloria was frightened of him.

She said that sometimes
he lost control.

- Hey, we all lose control
sometimes, including you.

It doesn't make us criminals.

- They have a child, Hal.

- And what's that
supposed to mean?

- It means that if I'm
right, at this moment,

that little girl is
living with a killer.

- All right, I'll
talk to someone with

Naval Investigations
this afternoon.

- Then you believe me.

- I believe you're
seeing something.

Don't ask me why.

- Thanks, Hal.

- Gotta go.

- Are you all right?

- I saw him.

- Who, Jesse?

- Hager, he was in this room.

- It must have been a bad dream.

- What are you doing here?

- Well, your phone must
have been off the hook.

I came to tell you that I
talked to my homicide captain.

The Naval Investigator
will call you tomorrow.

Are you gonna be okay?

- Yeah.

- You want me to stay?

- No, I'm fine.

- Well,

I guess I'd better get going.

- Hal?

How did you get in?

- You want it back?

- No, keep it.

- Call me tomorrow.

- I will.

[dramatic piano music]

[phone ringing]

- Hello?

Well yes, of course I'll
come out to the base.

- [TV Reporter] With still
no word on his missing wife,

Admiral Hager held a
press conference today,

offering a $10,000 reward
for any information

leading to her whereabouts.

- Yes, I'm here.

Tell Mister Peterson
I'll be there at noon.

[dark jazz music]

- [Jesse] Mister
Peterson's office please.

- Yes ma'am, right
around to your right.

- So you are going
to file a report.

- Of course, we confirmed
Missus Hager went to see you.

Everything checks out.

- Has anyone questioned
the daughter?

- Naturally, she's distraught.

Of course, she believes
her mother will return.

- I really hope I'm
wrong about all this.

- Would mind telling me again

how you persuaded Captain
Armstrong to contact us.

Your ex-husband is a policeman?

- What does that have
to do with anything?

- I have to get the details
right to file my report.

- So you are going
to search the bay?

- I know you think
you saw a body,

but isn't it possible you're
jumping to conclusions?

- Isn't it equally
possible that I'm right?

- Perhaps not equally,
I'll give you possible.

- So you will search the bay?

- We'll investigate
the possibility.

Thanks for taking the
time to come out here.

We'll take charge from
now on, Doctor Newman.

- It's up to us now Kimberly.

We just have to believe that
your mother is coming back.

- I do, sir.

- If we let her down,

by thinking for a moment
that she's not coming back,

then she might not.

You know she's all
right, don't you?

- Yes, sir.

- We have to think
positively for her sake.


tell me what you
know in your heart.

- She's coming back.

- Yes.

- It's starting to happen sir,

the reward's starting to bring
people out of the woodwork.

There's a therapist,
a Doctor Jesse Newman

in San Francisco, Missus
Hager went to see her?

She said she had a vision of you

throwing what appeared
to be a body in the bay.

- What?

That's absurd.

- Well, of course it is.

The point is, we can't
discount the possibility

that some harm did
come to Missus Hager.

- Oh God, Peterson.

- I know how you feel
about Missus Hager, sir.

- I want her back.

- We all do sir, but right now
I'm concerned about you, sir.

- Me?

- If Doctor Newman
talks to the press,

if she convinces the
police to regard you

as a serious suspect,
there may be questions,

especially given your
recent promotion.

- They never leave
you alone, do they?

- No sir.

The press will launch
an investigation,

the question of the use
of unnecessary force

in the death of the
midshipman may come up.

- Naval court ruled
that an accident.

- I know that sir,
I'm just trying

to prepare you for the worst.

- You said she went
to see this therapist.

Do you have any idea
what they talked about?

- No sir, but we'll keep
an eye on Doctor Newman.

Maybe she's psychic.

Maybe she's crazy.

But maybe she knows
more about your wife

than she's telling me.

[sharp noise]

- I'm sorry, I
knocked this over.

Doctor Newman?

I'm Truman Hager.

- What do you want?

- Funny, that was my question.

What do you want from me?

- I want you to leave.

- Did Koplin put you up to this?

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- I'm a decent man.

I love my wife, I
love my daughter.

I would do anything I
could to make them happy.

Gloria saw you just
before she disappeared.

What did she tell you?

That she loved me, didn't she?

I made her happy.

Please, I need your help.

- I can't discuss
Gloria's session with you.

- If it was
something that I did,

I could never forgive myself.

This is a very
difficult time for me,

my wife is missing,
there's been no word.

Do you have any idea what
kind of hell that is?

- Of course.

- Then why are you
making it worse?

Don't you realize what
you're doing to me,

to my daughter, by
making these accusations?

- I didn't set out to
accuse you of anything.

I'm only reporting what I saw.

- What you saw?

What you saw in a vision?

In a dream?

This is my life
you're toying with,

my reputation, my little girl.

- I'd like you to leave, now.

- You can't possibly
know how I feel.

- I'm sorry about your
wife, Admiral Hager.

- Then please stop harassing me.

- I don't want to harass you.

- Then we understand each other.

- I got here as
quick as I could.

- Hal, he was really here.

- The other night when you
said he was here, he wasn't.

Remember, Jesse?

- I know he wasn't.

That was a vision,
this was real.

I know the difference
Hal, I talked to him.

- Then why do you
think he came here?

- The INS told him what I said.

What kind of an
investigation is that?

Can't you do something?

- Well, what can I do?

He didn't break in,
he didn't hurt you,

he just wants you to lay off.

I can't bust a
national hero for that.

- Hal, his daughter
is in danger.

That's why Gloria came to me.

- We need evidence,

hard evidence Jesse, evidence
from the physical world.

- Drag the bay.

- You don't ask
easy ones do you?

He knows where you live.

You want to stay at my place?

- Oh, I don't think
that would be necessary.

- Yeah, I know.

You don't need anybody
to take care of you.

- You didn't let me finish.

I have a couch, Hal.

That's what I was trying to say.

- So you do.

Did I tell you, that
I learned to cook?

- Hal, I'd like you to meet
Jim Peterson from the NIS.

He's here about the
Hager disappearance.

- We've had an
interesting conversation

with your ex-wife,
Detective Winter.

You know she's making
some strong accusations

against Admiral Hager.

- Maybe you should drag
the bay for a body,

and eliminate that possibility.

- I've known Admiral
Hager for 10 years,

and he is devoted to his wife.

You don't mind telling
me a little more

about your ex-wife,
do you Detective?

- Of course not.

- Did she ever discuss
a patient of hers,

a woman named Katherine Hopkins?

- She never discussed
any of her patients.

- Katherine committed
suicide last week.

- [Hal] What's that got
to do with Gloria Hager?

- Maybe nothing,
except Missus Hager

was also a patient of Jesse's.

How long has Jesse been
obsessed with Gloria Hager?

- I wouldn't say she's obsessed.

- Well, what would you call

having hallucinations
about someone,

convinced you had
witnessed their murder?

- Look, Jesse was in an auto
wreck, maybe she's confused.

- According to her, her visions
started before the accident.

We know that this
isn't the first time

she's exhibited signs
of mental imbalance.

Well, thanks for your help.

I'll be in touch.

Oh, that's the funny thing,

I was working on this
case a few years ago,

and this psychic
volunteered to help.

She led us straight to the body

within eight hours of
her coming on the case.

You just never know.

Good day, gentlemen.

- How could you do that?

- Just protocol Hal,
nothing personal.

- I call it covering your ass.

You don't think I'd
help him nail her?

- Yes, yes, if she's
involved in this.

But you don't think
she is, do you?

Where was Jesse the night
Gloria Hager disappeared?

- With me.

- All night?

- I see you've already made
up your mind about this.

- Jesse implicated herself.

She's the one who
went to the NIS

and told them she knows
where the body is.

Maybe you'd better back off.

- Since when does
this department take
orders from the NIS?

- Personal feelings cause
errors in judgment Hal.

- Look, if Jesse's committed
a crime, I'll bring her in,

but she hasn't.

I'd bet my life on that.

- Well I hope you're right.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- Ah, glad you could
make it, Detective.

- I wouldn't miss
it for the world.

- Remember that case
I told you about,

the one cracked by the psychic?

I didn't finish the story.

The woman who led
us to the body,

we didn't believe
she was a psychic,

hell we knew she was a kook.

But we took her seriously,

then we convicted her,
on first degree murder.

- The current's fast here.

The body wouldn't
be around long,

unless it got hung
up on a pylon.

If they haven't found it yet,
there's nothing down there.

- Then I really am crazy.

- Jesse if the body turned
up where you said it would,

they'd think you were
guilty, not crazy.

Come on, let's get you home.

[yelling from the water]

- Hal.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- I'd like to ask Doctor
Newman a few questions.

- I've got a personal
stake in this case, Russ.

- Not anymore.

We found this earring
on Hager's dock.

It's not his wife's,
she's a brunette.

- Jesse didn't kill her.

- The coroner's report
fixes the time of death

at eight o'clock
last Friday night.

- Jesse doesn't
have a motive, Russ.

- Why'd she run Hal?

- I don't know what goes
through her mind, I never did,

but I do know Jesse
could never kill anyone.

- Hal, two of her patients
turn up dead in a week.

The way I see it, that's
mighty lethal therapy.

- Look Russ, the way I see
it, a woman's been murdered.

Jesse Newman didn't do it,
that means somebody else did.

She says it's Admiral Hager,
she's been right so far.

I'm gonna believe her.

- I admire loyalty in a man Hal.

A man that loyal to his ex-wife,

is a man who's gonna
be loyal to his job.

When you talk to Jesse,
advise her to come and see us.

Take this earring
back to forensics.

- Well, if you hear from
her, Doctor Singleton,

have her call me.

- [Cop] One earring.

- Jackpot.

- Gwen.

- Oh Jesse, what the
hell are you doing?

You almost gave
me a heart attack.

- They found Gloria
Hager's body exactly where

I told them they'd find it.

The police want to question
me, they think I did it.

- And you ran?

You want them to think that
you have something to hide?

- I'm sure Admiral
Hager killed her.

He's setting me up
to take the blame.

- Okay, come on,
let's get you inside.

Jesse, the right thing to
do is to go to the police.

- Kimberly Hager is in
danger, and Gloria Hager

asked to see me, Gwen,

not some other therapist
at the clinic, me.

Tomorrow I'm going to see that
professor you told me about.

The parapsychologist.

- George Brenner?

- Yes.

I need to know
more about Gloria.

I need to know what she meant,

not what she said,

but what she meant to say.

- You're psychoanalyzing
a dead woman.

- Yeah, in a way, yes I am.

So there's no logic or pattern.

The visions appear
anywhere, any time.

What I'm looking for is a
way to control the visions,

so I can understand what
they're trying to tell me.

- I'm afraid it
doesn't work that way.

- Well how does it work?

What are the rules?

How does something
like this happen?

- When did these appear?

- In a vision.

Admiral Hager grabbed my arm.

- Extraordinary.

- But what does it mean?

I mean is Admiral Hager a ghost,

who can transport himself
physically into my life?

- There's a phenomenon known
as interpersonal resonance.

In folklore, it's
known as the calling.

It usually occurs between twins.

- Cases where one
twin will manifest

the physical symptoms
that his or her sibling

is actually experiencing.

- They can be in
different rooms,

or countries for that matter.

They can be totally ignorant
of one another's circumstance,

but still respond physically
to one another's pain.

- But I don't have a twin.

- I am merely suggesting
that when Hager grabbed you,

he was really
grabbing someone else.

- I'm seeing through
someone else's eyes?


- Possibly.

- But why wouldn't the
visions stop when Gloria died?

I barely knew Gloria.

And what you're
talking about happens

between people who are related.

- Usually.

Sometimes telepathy is triggered

by a physical or an
emotional trauma.

You recently lost a
patient to suicide.

It may have made
you susceptible.

[phone ringing]

- [Voice On Phone] Hello?

- Gwen, I need to talk to you.

I'm coming right over.

- No, I'm afraid I can't
see you this evening.

- Is someone there?

- Yes, right now.

- All right, all right,
I'll call you later.

Hey Gwen, thank you.

[eerie orchestral music]

- Kimberly?

- It's all right, Daddy.

I'm not gonna cry.

- [Jesse] Kimberly,
July 13th, 1979.

- [Jesse On Tape] Is this
your first therapy session?

Was there a reason
why you requested me?

- [Gloria] Ken Koplin
recommended you.

- [Jesse] Who?

- [Gloria] Ken Koplin,
he's your lawyer.

Ken Koplin, he's your lawyer.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- Mister Koplin?


Oh Hal.

- Jesse, are you all right?

- Oh no.

- I told you to stay inside.

We have to stick together
sweetheart, especially now.

- Who would have
wanted to kill her?

- There's a woman, some woman
the police are looking for.

- Why would she do it?

- I don't know.

She must be very sick.

- But, if she killed Mom,

why did she tell the
police where the body was?

- I don't know, I don't
know, I don't know.

We just,

we have to leave that
up to the police now.

- But she seemed so nice.

- When did you see her?

- Just the story in the papers.

- Outer burns on his head,

the gun's in his hand.

- Do you think it was suicide?

- Someone wants it
to look that way.

Jess, what were you doing here?

- Was Koplin ever your lawyer?

- No he wasn't.

I'm gonna have to call this in.

- Well, when Gloria
came to see me,

she said she was referred
by my lawyer, Ken Koplin.

I'd never heard of him.

- Jesse, what are you doing?

- Hal, he was an
adoption lawyer.

- Don't touch anything.

- I've got to check
something out.

- Jesse, listen to me.

You're only making it
worse for yourself.

They already think you
killed Hager's wife.

- You know that's ridiculous.

- Jesse, they found your
earring on Hager's dock.

- I've never been on the dock.

- Then how did it get there.

- The night Hager
came to my apartment.

I always leave my
earrings on the table.

He must have taken one.

Hager was here, everything
under H is missing.

- Jesse, why would Admiral
Hager kill this guy?

- Look what was written

on the back of
Kimberly's baby picture.

Kimberly was born on the
same day our daughter was.

- Oh come on, this is insane.

- Cooper, Cooper, Cooper
was Gloria's maiden name.

It was on her patient
information form.

- July 13th, the
day our baby died.

This is impossible, we
don't know this guy.

- Look under your name, Hal.

- Our baby's birth certificate.

Copeland must have arranged
black market adoptions.

He could have been
blackmailing Hager.

- Gloria's last
words to me were,

if you knew everything,
you'd hate me, I'm sorry.

I thought she was apologizing
for bolting out like that.

She was apologizing for
something she'd done to us.

I remember everything
went wrong that day.

I was in the doctor's office,
and the labor started.

- And I was on my way.

- He said the baby's
heartbeat was dropping.

There was no time to
get to the hospital.

It was just me and the doctor.

He gave me a shot,

he put me out,

and he never showed us the baby.

- He told me it would
be too traumatic.

That you'd get over it faster.

Your depression, your breakdown.

- All that time I
heard her crying,

calling to me.

- She was.

- She's alive, Hal.

- My God, Jesse.

We have a daughter.

- You ever see her, anywhere,

you must tell me immediately,
do you understand?

Let's go back.

I have to be able to
trust you, Kimberly.

We have to share
all our secrets.

Don't ever let me doubt you.

We'll go away for a while,

just the two of us,

until this is all over.

- Kimberly's in trouble.

We've got to get to her.

At the funeral,
she looked at me,

and we connected in a
way I can't explain.

I know Hager has already
killed two people.

If he thinks he's
losing Kimberly,

who knows what he might do?

- Your mother used
to pack for me.

It'll be your job now.

- Daddy, I don't know how.

- Sweetheart it's very simple,

everything in its
own compartment,

lights to darks,
Mondays to Fridays.

- What if I make a mistake?

- If you get something wrong,

then you just start over again.

I'm gonna go get our
passports, I won't be long.

You're my big girl, now.

- [Hal] The police talked
to Kimberly a dozen times,

I don't understand why
she didn't speak up.

- Children often don't.

They prefer the hell they know,
to the fear of the unknown.

- By now they've lifted your
prints from that earring.

Not to mention, they already
want you for questioning

in Gloria's death.

- Oh please Hal, as soon as
we get Kimberly out of there,

we'll hand the whole
thing over to the police.

She's scared, Hal.

She's really frightened.

[car starting]

Let's go, Hal.

We don't have much time, we've
got to get her out of there.

- Are you sure you can
get her to trust you?

- I hope so.

- Okay, I'll watch your back.

[door buzzing]

- [Kimberly] Yes?

- Kimberly, it's Jesse Newman.

Please, may I talk to you?

- [Kimberly] I'm listening.

- I need to talk to
you, face-to-face.

- My Dad says not
to talk to you.

- Oh please, Kimberly.

You don't know me,
but I know you.

And I know this
sounds very strange,

but I've known you
for a long time.

- You shouldn't have come.

- Your mother came to see me
on the day before she died.

What happened that
night, Kimberly?

- I don't remember.

- Please, try.

- I can't.

- I know some of what you
saw, because I saw it too.

- I don't want to see it.

- Kimberly, it
would be all right.

I'm here with you,
we'll face it together.

- They were fighting.

My Mom was really upset.

- [Gloria] How long
as this been going on?

- [Truman] Since I made Admiral.

Koplin saw my
picture in the paper.

- [Gloria] He's been
blackmailing you.

Were you gonna pay
the rest of your life

for your dirty secret?

- [Truman] Just a holding move,
Koplin is a reasonable man.

A hundred grand ought to
get him back on his feet.

- The problem isn't
the money, Truman,

the problem is what you did.

- What I did was make
you happy, Gloria.

You wanted a baby
more than anything,

and I gave you a baby.

I'll give you anything
you want, you know that.

- But to steal
another woman's child?

- What do you care
about some woman

you never met, until today?

You and I and Kimberly,
that's all that matters.

- It's all built on a lie,

and I can't be
part of it anymore,

and neither can Kimberly.

- Did you just get
promoted to Admiral?

Are you gonna start
giving me orders now?

- No, but I'm through
taking orders.

Kimberly and I are leaving.

Go to sleep, sweetheart.

Momma will be okay.

- I shouldn't have
left her alone.

- Oh no, no no no.

How could you know
what would happen?

- I saw them later.

- You are not going to take her.

There's nothing
left if I lose you.

- Truman, stop.

- I will not let you leave me.

- I never saw him so mad.

It was the same
thing, the next night.

They started fighting again.

My mother disappeared
that night.

- I'm sorry, honey.

You're all I've got.

I couldn't bear to lose you.

- He was crying.

He didn't mean to do it.

They were fighting over
me, it's all my fault.

- No, it's not your fault.

- He's not my father.

She isn't my real mother.

- She loved you very, very much.

Let's go upstairs and get
some of your things together.

- Why?

- We're gonna take you
some place that's safe.


- Good evening, Doctor Newman.

Go upstairs Kimberly.

- No.

- It's for the best, princess.

- Go upstairs, sweetheart.

- No, I'm not gonna
leave you alone with him.

- Please, the admiral and I
have some things to talk about.

It's all right, go on.

- Why couldn't you
just leave us alone?

- Kimberly is my daughter.

- How did you know
what happened?

- I saw everything
through her eyes.

- Are you a psychic?

Can you read my mind?

- Kimberly said you didn't
mean to hurt your wife.

- Gloria was my life.

I would have done
anything for that woman.

- Gloria told me she loved you.

- It's all such a pity.

- You can go to the police
and tell them the truth.

- The truth is you're breaking
and entering in my property.

The truth is, this is
classic self defense.

- I'm not alone.

- Oh, I'm afraid
you're very much alone.

[alarm blaring]




- Kimberly?


- [Truman] Kimberly?

- I know who you are.

- Oh, come on let's go.

- You're beginning to get
on my nerves, Doctor Newman.


- There's another way
out, come on, this way.

- [Truman] Kimberly!

- Hal?


- Step out of the
car please, doctor.

- Daddy, daddy.

- Don't do this, Hager,

for her sake, as well as yours.

- It's a little late for that.

Don't you think?

- Daddy no, don't hurt her!

I'll go with you.

- Hager,

it's over.

[sirens approaching]


[sirens approaching]

[dramatic orchestral music]