Visaaranai (2015) - full transcript

Four immigrants (Pandi, Murugan, Afsal and Kumar) are detained by the local state police, tortured and forced to admit to a crime they have no knowledge of. When all hope seems to be lost, a policeman from their hometown speaks on their behalf at the court hearing, setting them free. The policeman asks for a return favor and the boys oblige, oblivious to the consequences that await them. As they unwittingly bear witness to a political treason, the system seeks to silence them at any cost. But Pandi is determined to be heard.

Dude! I'm off to work.

You're leaving this early?

It's festival season.
The boss asked me to open up early.

I know you, man.

You're only going to check out that girl.

Shut up.
There was a problem last night.

This is not your hometown.
Watch out or you'll get fucked.

I need a lift.
Wait five minutes?

No, I'm running late already.

Stay out of the watchman's sight.

He'll ask for money.

Stop! You haven't paid me this week.

-I'll pay you tonight, brother.
-And buy me booze?

Sure, brother.

You've lived here for a year!
Learn to speak Telugu.

Stubborn Tamil mule!

Good morning!

-Hello, boss.
-You dumb cunt!

Is this the time to open shop?

You'll ruin my festival business.

Don't worry, boss.
Up and running in ten minutes!

Don't yell at the poor boy, dear.

Stop chewing papers, puppy.
I'll give you a biscuit.


Give me a pack of cigarettes.

Where's Brindavan Colony third street?

So, you're Tamil?

-Beg your pardon?

-I saw the Tamil Daily in his bag...

Put it inside your bag.

I never meet Tamil folk here.
So, I got excited.

Let's just say I'm from Tamil Nadu.

Where is Brindavan Colony third street?

I don't know. Please leave.

I don't want any trouble.

His pistol is jutting out.
We've set out to work with such idiots.

Walks around with a Tamil newspaper
and pistol for the world to see.

Matchbox, please.

Your Telugu wasn't so convincing,

-What can I get you, sir?

What's your name?

-Your name.

I'm Pandi.
What do you want?

-We want you!
-Get your hands off me!

What are you doing?
Let me go!

Buddy, don't...

They're cops.

What happened?

They woke me up at the park
and asked if my name is Murugan.

I said yes, and they just picked us up.

They didn't say anything.

Get off!


-My fare, sir?
-Want me to seize your cab?

Get going.

What are you staring at?
Get in, all of you!

Sentry! Eight men in lockup,
now these three.

There's a boy upstairs. Total, 12.

-Get them breakfast in the morning.
-Okay, sir.

Remove your slippers.


-Frisk them. They might have blades.
-Okay, sir.

-Where was I?
-The old warehouse...

They surrounded the building, right?

Our inspector was a sub-inspector
back then.

-He was pissing his pants!


I wasn't.
I fought them single-handedly.

You should have been there.

Alas! Influence is more important
than skill when it comes to promotions.

Will you be joining us?

No? Then give it to Jai.

Hold on! Give me the pink one.

It's my lucky lathi.
Let's get them to confess now.

Sir, I'll wait outside.

He's running that way!
Stop him.


What if he dies? Good God!



Wake up, Kumar!


Open your eyes. Kumar?

Kumar! Kumar...?

I asked you to stop him!
Not shove a bucket in his face.

He's a fine actor.

-Thinks we'll stop hitting him now.
-It hurts...

-Sir, the tea has arrived!
-Give me a minute.

-Come on, sir.

-It hurts!
-Tell them not to hit us...


They can't reach us in there.
Help me lift him.

It really hurts...

You're okay.
Just hang in there.

It hurts so bad, brother!

Why did they bring us here?
Why are they hitting us?

It was a great pilgrimage!
Give everyone this sacrament.

It's the inspector.

Is he coming this way?

-Is he coming?
-Yeah. He's coming.

I'll put in a word
about your husband's job.

Thank you, sir.

Thank the Almighty.
I just want us to be friends.

Give them some, too.


Take it, son.

Guys, come out!

-Eat up.

Don't be shy.


They're beating us so bad, sir.

Don't even know why.

It hurts a lot, sir!

All police meeting, sir.

All police beating, sir.

Very pain, sir.

-Hey, Oguru.
-Yes, sir?

Why are they still dressed?

Strip them and beat the shit
out of their asses.

They won't even tell us
why we're getting beat up.

Lock them up for now.
Give them time to think.

Right, sir.

-Are you Tamils?

-Why are you in?
-We don't even know!

How can I close the case overnight?
The AC should understand my situation.

Am I right?

I've got Tamil boys in my custody.
I'll close the case.

But I need to account
for the stolen goods.

Get me the money
from your builder friend.

-Committed big time crime, huh?
-We did nothing.

It's my fault, man.

You mentioned some problem this morning.
What is it?

I spoke to that girl last night.

-The one who lives by the shop?

-That girl in the car is totally...
-Checking me out?

Precisely why I'm not looking.

That's an expensive car!

Why would she check you out?

You're the new boy here.
Shut up and mind your job.

She comes out at this time
every day to see me.

When I ring this bell,
she comes running out.

She ditches work to ogle at you!
Her boss won't mind?

Is she a housemaid here, brother?

Yeah, what did you think?

I thought she lived here.

Afsal, girls don't even notice
homeless loafers like us.

But this girl seems to like
our brother.

If a girl thinks she'd be happy with me,
that's a great honor.

She came to the shop last night.

You look tense.

Keep trying.

Hello? Mom?
Can you hear me?

Got a rupee coin?



-Does the phone work?
-It works.

She looked really worked up.

I thought it would comfort her
if I held her hand.

But she got offended
and walked away.

We've run away from home to make a living.
Behave yourself.

This is what happens when you
prance around with a boner.

It wasn't like that.

I closed the shop and went after her.

I'm over here!

She was there waiting for me, you know.

I thought it would comfort you...
holding your hand.

Don't misunderstand me.

Please don't cry!

What's your name?

My name is Pandi.

I'm Shanthi.

Can you find me a job?

A job...

A job.

Will you let me know?

-A job for who?
-For me.

Your boss is not paying you?

They're paying me. But...

My mother is in my hometown.

Sometimes when I feel like going home,
they don't let me go.

That's why.

Shanthi, don't cry! Listen...
We'll fix your problem, whatever it is.

The boss's wife...

She travels often.

I end up being
alone with the boss at nights.

I want to get out of here.

Don't feel bad! We'll fix it.

I'll find you a good job.

If there's some problem,
just come to the provision store.

You know where I work.

We can work it out.

-It's fine.

I need to cook dinner.
I must go.

You should go eat, too.

Take down my mobile number, just in case.

I don't have the phone with me now.
I'll get it tomorrow.

I'll come to the shop and get it later.

Meanwhile, if there's a problem
just come to Gandhi Park.

We'll figure it out.

You were chatting for so long,
like you speak each other's language.

She said something about being
alone with her boss.

I saw bruises on her arm.

I can understand
what she's going through.

She works at a cop's house.

-We'll get into trouble--
-What trouble?


Don't you worry!

I'm here, no matter what!

-Don't shout. People are looking.
-I'm here for you.

You were shouting so loud
last night.

-I knew we could get into trouble.
-But thank goodness

Afsal didn't get caught with us.

The kid can't take all this beating.


Why the fuck did you shout?

We should all get beat up
to get you laid?

Sir, open up! I need to poop.

If I do my business here,
the whole station will stink.

-Wait for a bit.
-Can't hold it in!

Out! Rascal.

Get out! Stinky creatures...

Newbies, come here!

Grab a mug and go in.

Is it bleeding?


Just a bit of swelling. That's all.

Don't let it get wet.



Hey, Afsal!


When did they get you?

Last night.

-What did you do?
-I did nothing!

Then why did the police arrest you?

On my way back
from the cinema last night...

-Come here.

-Where are you coming from?
-From a movie, sir.

What's your name?

Afsal, sir.

-Are you with al Qaeda? Or ISIS?
-No, sir.

I've come from Tamil Nadu to work here.

Tamil Nadu? Are you LTTE?

I am a Tamil, sir.

All Tamils are LTTE!

Take him in.
He might lead us to the Tamil robbers.

I don't know anything!
I only got here a few days ago.

They hit me and asked
who I live with.

I told them we stay at Gandhi Park.


You fucked us over.

I didn't mean to.

Dude, this is not about your girl.

We're in deep trouble.

But I don't know what.

So... do you accept?

He asks if we accept.

Accept what?

What do you want us to accept, sir?

Sir, he wants to know what to accept.


All is fair to close a case.
You'll get used to it.

Get me water.

Enough. Untie them.

They'll end up with a clot.

Make them run for sometime
to get the blood flowing.

Okay, that's enough.

Stop! Enough.

They are ready. Start again.

What the fuck do you want from us?

Don't say anything, brother.
Just be quiet.

You need to tell us what to accept!

You keep saying, "Accept, accept."


Half my tooth is stuck inside, dude.

So painful.

My mum would always say
my teeth are my best feature.

She'd be so upset
if she saw me now.


You've forgotten your phone.

In your situation, if I happened to
find a phone, I'd call for help.

I'll be back in two minutes.


Boss, the cops have us.
They're holding us at R.K. Puram station.

-No idea!

They even broke Murugan's tooth!

Don't be afraid!

The shop was open and you were missing.
I was so worried.

-Please get us out!
-I'll come.



-What's happened?

Don't know why they're holding us!

Pandi, don't cry.

I'm not.


Get us out of here somehow, please.

They broke my teeth, boss!

The cops are saying strange things.

I'm really scared.

They say you've burgled
a senior officer's house!

Of course not, boss!

They say you took
over 10 million rupees.

I come to the shop at 5 a.m.
and work till midnight!

How could we do this?

Please talk to them
and get us out of here!

If you've done something wrong,
accept it!

You too, boss?

We didn't do anything.

I get that.
But the cops won't buy it.

What are you doing there?

I'll be back.


-Who are you?
-My name is Subburaylu.


They're being held for
Brindavan Colony robbery.

Don't leave us here!
Take us with you, boss.

The kid admitted to committing the crime.
They probably did it.

One of them has been working in my store
for a year. A good lad.

I'll talk to the inspector.

Buy us some stationery supplies,
and food for everyone.

Eat up! You poor boys...

You must be in so much pain.

If you just accept,
they'll stop hurting you!


We didn't do anything, sir!

Look at my leg...
And my teeth!

Poor things! Suffering in an alien town.

But he's already confessed to the crime.


They beat me badly
and asked me to say I'm a thief.

I couldn't stand the pain.

So, I told them I did it.

But we really didn't do anything!

The inspector won't buy that.

Shall we do one thing?

Let's just go to inspector,

tell him,
"Sir, they caught the wrong guys,

file us under a petty case.
Let us go."

He'll do it.

What say? Shall I speak to the inspector?

Will they stop beating us
if we accept?

No one will hit you till
you're taken to court.

They'll even buy you biryani,
fags, alcohol and everything!

No, sir.

We've run away from home
due to various reasons.

We've vowed to go back home
only after making it big.

We've got jobs here.

Our reputation--

This is Andhra!
No one in Tamil Nadu will find out.

This is not headline material.

This is a small theft case, bit news.

Sir, we could do this...

I'll speak in Tamil.
You translate in Telugu!

If you do as I say--

Son of a bitch!

I took pity on you
and offered to help you Tamils.

You're issuing orders now?

You'll only learn the hard way.

Clean it up!
Clean up your mess, now.

Ramesh! Get ready.

I'll tell you when to block his car.

Okay, sir.

Start the car.


Hey, stop!

The police have stopped him.
Stay there.

-Where are you coming from?

-Where do you stay here?
-Brindavan Colony.

Do you have a photo ID?

Turn around. This is too risky.
We'll snatch him at the court.

Here's your food.

I don't want it. You eat up.

They picked us up.

They beat us black and blue
for no reason.

They said it's a petty theft,
and we should accept.

They give us one square meal every day,
no matter what.

So, it's important to them that we eat.

To make them hear us out,
we should stop eating.

What if they let us starve to death?

It's better to die fighting
than get beat to death.

Why have you wasted food?

Sir, it's the Tamil boys.

What's up with you, Tamil mongrels?

We will not eat until you let us out.

We'll see how long this lasts.

-Viswesvara Rao!

-When will you close that case?
-Another two days, sir.

Fool! Don't you know your job?

If you can't do it,
why the fuck didn't you say so?

Another two days, sir.
It will be done.

Sir, it's the superintendent.

Mic 50 to mic 10, sir.

-Narayana Rao.
-Yes, sir?

-Call me on my phone.
-Okay, sir.

Look. Did I ask you to find the criminals?
Just close the bloody case.

Pressure is mounting
from the chief secretary's office.

I'm going to tell the commissioner
you'll file the FIR tomorrow.

If you can't, take a sick leave.
I'll get someone else to do it.

Listen up, Pandi.

-Want get out of this place?
-Yes, sir!

You only have one option.

Cooperate with us.

Think we'll let you go
if you starve yourself?

If you don't cooperate,
only your corpse will leave this station.

Your friends have agreed.

We didn't do it, sir.

They've started beating
the batter at the hotel next door.

Yes, brother.

I hear it, too.

I can't stop thinking about food.

Can we just eat?

You bastard!

Starving oneself is not easy.

This robbery case is getting complicated.
Get those boys to accept soon.

They just won't eat.

We'd better find someone else.

We've beat them up badly,
one of them is very ill.

We'll be exposed if they get out and talk.

If we hit them anymore, they could die.

Stand over there.

You haven't eaten in three days?

Who came up with this idea?

They're so determined!
They must be innocent.

We can't get them to agree.
Let them go.


He's asked us to go.

Let them collect money from the hotel
and sign a statement.

Go on!

Ask that cashier to give them
2,000 rupees. They must come back to sign.

So, you starved yourself
and had your way, huh?

Go on, I'll come.

Maybe he's a good man after all.

Iqbal Bhai!

The inspector asked you
to give them 2,000 rupees.

Thank you!

Let's go to the station, sign,
and leave for our hometown.

-I want to take the girl with me.

I'm so hungry. Let's eat here.

Two omelets, please.

You're eating with your broken teeth.

I'll beat you.

I want this prawn
and this goat's blood.

-I want half-boiled eggs.
-I want chicken!

I want the leg piece.

-Hello, sir.
-You can sign and leave.

Okay, sir.

-They gave you the money?
-Yes, sir.

We ate there.

But I couldn't chew the meat
with my broken teeth.

But we ate well.

-Want some bananas?
-No, thank you.

-Can we sign? We're running late.
-Come in.

-Yeah, go in.
-Thank you, sir.

-Have you eaten, ma'am?
-Yes, you?

We did.

Starving yourself, huh?

Strip. All of you, strip now.

Couldn't bring myself to hit starving
young men. So, I had to make you eat.

I don't have a choice.

I must get you to accept.

I don't enjoy this, either.

I'm giving you one minute.

Accept of your own accord.

Or else...

I will stop being so considerate.

We didn't do it, sir.

You, come here.

How's the leg?

It still hurts, sir.
They've given me a tablet, sir.

Get me that.

There are schools and houses nearby.

When I hit you, there must be no sound.

And if you make a sound...

Hold it!

See that?

If you make a sound...

or fall down...

they'll get hit.

If you don't, I will only hit you.

Okay? Turn around.


This is my station.
My word is final here. Got it?

We didn't do it, sir.

Hit us all you want,
but that's the truth.

Lock them up.

Bring in his boss tonight.

What have they done to you?

How long will you suffer this way?

Till they arrest the real burglars.

They are saying you are the real burglars.

If you accept now, they'll file you
only under this one case.

But we didn't do it, boss.

Why should we accept?

Once they set their minds,
they won't let you go.

The other boys are willing to accept.

They are saying if you cooperate,
it will end well.

The burglary took place
at some big officer's house.

Almost 10 million has been taken.

If he doesn't close the case,
the inspector might even lose his job.

What can I do about that, boss?

Look, boy.

The burglars tied up
the lady of the house.

One of them was heard
speaking in Tamil.

The cops caught your friend
while hunting for them.

They were desperate to close the case,

and they found you:
Homeless, nameless, immigrants.

They always use men like you.

They were confident about coercing you,
they even told the press.

You are refusing to cooperate.
So, they haven't filed an FIR.

They're under a lot of pressure
to produce you in court.

So, just accept.

But we are not burglars, sir.

You're being silly!

They've got money and jewelry
to account as the stolen goods.

They need someone
to own up to the crime.

Help them out.

They'll take you to court.

When the judge asks if you did it,
say, "Yes, we did."

Everything will get sorted
in three months.

You can all go back to your lives.

I said we didn't steal,
why are you...?

What the fuck do you think...?

Sir, I'll convince him!

-He refuses to understand!
-I'll convince him.

Pandi, I've been pretending
to be a Telugu

to make a living here
for 30 years now.

I've invested all my savings here.

They're threatening to lock me up
if you refuse to accept.

Please accept, son!

You are making life difficult
for your friends.

And now your employer, too.

I'm saying this as a well-wisher.

The inspector will ask you if you did it.
Just say, "Yes."

No more beating.
You can happily go to prison.

When you come out of the prison,
I'll find you a job.

Pandi, please don't get me in trouble.

Uncuff them.

Climb on to the ledge. Okay?

Show us how you did it.


Didn't you climb this way?
Do it.

Come on, boys.

You climbed on to this ledge, right?

Isn't that what you told us?

-Yes, sir.
-Show us.

Have you recovered my jewels?

They sold the jewels.
But we found the money.

What are you waiting for?

Show us how you unlocked the door.

You entered the room. Then?


There was a lady sleeping, right?

What did you do to her?

She was asleep.

I covered her face with this sheet...

I did this... and held her down.

Rao? Bring the weapons

Which weapon did you use?

-Was it this one?

Yes, sir.

Who used it?

Murugan did it, sir.

Come here, my darling!

So, you held this weapon?
What did you do with it?

What did you do?

You shut her mouth?
And threatened her...?

-Yes, sir.
-Show me what you did.

She was asleep. I did this...

I said, "Give me the keys!
Give me the keys!"

Who opened the locker?

I did.

You, again? You're the leader!

Come here. Show me.

Come on, leader!

Give him the keys.

Tomorrow, at court,
you shall tell the judge all this.

Or else...

Please talk to the leader!

Suresh, I'm at the court.

Watch it, man.

-Mr. K.K, please get down!
-Who are you?

Get down.
Come with me, Mr. K.K!

-Who are you?
-He is surrendering in the court.

He won't be going to the courts.
We'll take him.

Get the bloody car soon!

I'm going to surrender at the court.
They just grabbed me!

Wait, let me explain!

-I'm a cop!
-I'm a cop, too!

Yes, Muthuvel.

K.K. has surrendered in court, sir.

You spent a whole week in Guntur
just to tell me this? Shame on you!

If you could pull some strings,
we can still do it.

The DSP is your batch mate
from the academy.

-If you could put in a word.
-I'll call you back.

Accused from Ramakrishna Puram
Police Station!

-That's us.
-Come on.

Get up. Up!

Lift your collar up.
Hide your bruise.

-Inspector will get us a job?
-Inspector is a nice man!

-We'll be released in two months?
-You will.

You're helping the inspector out.

You go to the prison now.
He'll remember the favor.

Do you plead guilty?

-You're remanded for 15 days.
-Sir, we did nothing!

They hit us and asked us to accept.
We know nothing!

-You can't speak in the court!
-Fuck off.

If I can't speak here,
where can I?

I'm speaking the truth.

I work at a grocery store.

He works at a butcher shop
and he's a painter...

We came here to earn an honest living.
We don't know anything.

They are threatening us.

-We didn't hit them!
-They said they did it.

Don't believe him, sir!

Son, tell the judge. Did we hit you?
Did we hit?

This is our last chance.
Let's speak up, fools!

See for yourself
what they've done to us...

Show him the bruises.
Tell him the truth.

It's true, sir.
They even broke my teeth, sir.

They've hurt us so badly.

You don't speak Telugu?

Sir, I can understand,
but can't speak.

Does anyone here speak Tamil?

I can speak Tamil, sir.

Think I'd trust you to translate, right?

A group of officers
from Tamil Nadu Police Department

have come to take custody
of an accused.

My client came here
to surrender at the court.

They tried to kidnap him
inside court premises.

First court magistrate
needs the Tamil speaking cops.

A magistrate wants your help.
Go there.

Going with them would pose
great danger to my life!

I'm remanding him.
Take custody of him through courts.

Were you previously suspended
for filing false charges?

But that case was different...

Were you suspended or not?

-It was all a waste?
-The DCP is calling...

-Muthuvel, I spoke to him. He's agreed.

But they can only
bring K.K. outside the court building.

You must take it from there.

Done, sir.

What's the matter?

I work at that grocery store!
You came to buy cigarettes, I mistook you.

We don't speak Telugu.
They're forcing us to say we're thieves.

Some burglar had spoken in Tamil.
They're telling us to own up to it.

-Don't panic.
-Cop to cop, please help me out.

I'll tell the judge.

What's all this?

Sir, we all know
Tamils always back each other.

He's just trying to cover up.
Please think about it--

Telling a magistrate how to think?

-Come, stand here.

Come here.

I said, come here!

Face that way.

You must stand there
till the session ends.

Son, you're not remanded.
All of you, go home.

Constable, tell them what I said.

Send in the next case!

-Sir, please re-consider--
-Shut up.

You heard the judge.
Leave my client alone.


Take this money.
Go straight home.

It's not safe here for you.
Take this.

Sir, his lawyers are tailing us.

-They haven't left our side.
-So what?

If you can't go near him,
use someone else.

The cop's maid came
to the shop looking for you.

What did she say?

She said she's leaving town
and wanted to talk to you.

She left her mobile number.

Can I borrow your pen?

-Tell me, boss.

Okay, boss!

Boy... Come here.

Will you do me a favor?

If not for you, we would have been
branded criminals.

We'll do anything you say.

You're here to be remanded?

Let's go!

Please go with him.

But my lawyer said
to wait till evening--

No, sir. We're taking you now.

He's a court-orderly policeman.
You can go with him.

What's this?

Please get in, sir.
It's for your safety.

Grab him, now!

-Did he cooperate?
-Yes, sir.

Get down.

K.K., come with me.

Let's go.

Her phone is off
but the voice mail is in Tamil.

So, she must be in Tamil Nadu.

Lock the door.

Send her a text.

I've already sent one.

Shall we eat here?

No, I'll get dropped at my village.


You had K.K. kidnapped at the court
when he tried to surrender!

No, I didn't.

Even though you're not directly involved,
it's easy to guess.

When media gets wind of this,
the ruling party will walk.

We'll be the scapegoats.

The leader of the opposition party
called me regarding K.K.

K.K. is his auditor.

The leader will stand by his loyalists
after winning the election.

Personally, he's taken good care of me.

He's a very generous guy.

I know about your loyalty to him.

Sir, his transactions are neat.

If you agree,
I'll make sure your name isn't involved.

Rathnam. I'm getting paid to work
for the government.

Spoke to him?

He doesn't get it.

Elections are round the corner.

We know the opposition party will win.

Ask him to choose his loyalty wisely.

Sir. That's my stop.


-Get home and call me.
-Okay, brother.

Take care!

Call us when you reach home.

I'll get a new phone and call you!

-Where's the other guy?
-He got dropped on the way.

Get home safe!

And you can't mention the kidnap
to anyone, understand?

Yes, sir.

You slept well?

Looking fresh!

The AC has been trying to reach you.
Don't misunderstand me for saying this.

-We must accommodate him.
-Just focus on your duty.

Stop sucking up to that AC!

Or you won't get anywhere!

Off you go.

Don't try to save money by
sleeping in public parks anymore.

Rent a place.

With the rising crime rate, and you boys
looking like a bunch of thugs.

Scarred faces and broken tooth!

-They can file you under any case!
-So long, sir!

-Can you tell my teeth are missing?

The AC wanted the station cleaned.

We couldn't find anyone for hire.

Shall we make them work?

Will you clean
the station before leaving?

Sit down, sir.

Are you ready to talk?

Not going home on a festival day?
Won't your wife and kids mind?

They will.

But work is important, too.

That's precisely why
I never got married.

But you make up for that
with three girlfriends.

What do you do?

You looked up my girlfriends...

but not my profession?

-Hard to believe, Mr. Muthuvel.
-Call me Muthu.

You're older and greater
than me in every way.

You've got me locked up!

You're the big guy here.

Not at all.

I'm just an inspector.

Not you, I meant the system
you represent.

The system is the most powerful.
We're all but pawns.

A game has begun now.

I know why this game is happening.

You can't get to him through me.

-Give it a try.

You were harsh yesterday,
so I thought I can never pursue this.

-Thanks for setting up this meeting.
-There's nothing wrong in having a chat.

We can't talk about these things
at the office.

That's why I wanted to meet them here.

That's Rohan, sir.

-Okay, you may leave.
-Sir, let me introduce you.

-Will they recogonize me?
-Yes, sir.

I'll take it from here.
You needn't talk about this anymore.

Okay, sir.

-Have you briefed him?
-I've explained everything.

You needn't worry. Go meet him.

Hand me that pillow?
My back feels stiff.

You're used to finer living, right?
Want to lie down?

-You look tired. You lie down.

You have the rich and powerful
as your clients.


You're actress Sundari's auditor?

I'm a big fan.

Did she undergo some surgery recently?

Looks much firmer now.
Her nose, sir.

How did you get so rich so quick?

I need acid to clean this toilet.

We don't have it here.
I'll get it this evening.

So, you're helping them?

Getting two "friends" to meet...

paying commission
to one of the friends,

investing that money in a foreign country,

giving licenses to
foreign companies here...

investing that money in a Swiss Bank.

Favors like these, right?

Some of the things were right.

Correct us, then.

What is your job?

You said so yourself.
I'm an auditor.

Back at square one.

Okay, Mr. K.K.!
You must be worn out from the travel.

Get some sleep.
Let's go, Ramesh.

Even police stations are nicer
in our hometown!

Everyone is so pleasant.

-This building, the cops... it's superb.

They're even polite while interrogating.
They don't hit.

Oh, brother! You give lengthy monologues
during inquiry.

But you get so startled
when you are woken up from sleep!

So afraid?

When you have a lot of money...

you have a lot to fear, eh?

Freshen up now.
I'm in the mood to talk.

No, thanks.

We paid for it. Eat up!

On February 26th...

a deal was made between your leader
and an international company.

-The transaction...
-Are you both drunk?


I have a problem talking to drunks.

We'll talk when the alcohol
is flushed out of your system. Okay?

I'd like a fresh set of clothes.

The DCP asked us to catch this guy,
at any cost.

But the AC wants him freed.

-I don't get it.

The outcome of the next election
depends on whether or not K.K. talks.

The opposition leader made a huge chunk
in his term as the chief minister.

I wasn't born yesterday.
I know that.

But do you know that K.K.
has invested all the money for the leader?

If he talks...

the leader will be locked away for life.

Which is precisely
what the government wants.

So, they had their loyalist, our DCP,
posted here.

Through the AC, the opposition is trying
to prevent him from talking.

From my experience,
I think Muthuvel needs to watch out.

They will wipe out every last person
involved in this kidnap.


Did he talk?

No, sir.

In that case... bash him up.

K.K.'s men dropped by.

They're scared he'll jeopardize
their chances at the election.

I told them he's ratted out the leader.
They panicked!

They've agreed to pay us 30 million
to drop the issue.

Hit him, make him talk.
Make all the necessary arrests.

We can get some serious money here.


Something has come up.

Everybody, get out of here.

Tell them to leave.

Come back later. Go!

Officers are in a meeting.
You can clean up later.

-I left the cleaning acid downstairs...
-Let it be. Not now.

Mr. K.K., I'm giving you two minutes.

Answer all my questions
to avoid humiliation.

-I'll give you more money than--
-Fucking bastard!

Think I'm your fucking servant?

You're talking too much!
Trying to buy me, huh?

I'll kill you!


Come here!

Get him talking in ten minutes.
Do whatever it takes.

Fucking piece of shit!

You'd better cooperate.
Won't talk to drunks, huh? Bastard.


Attention all static mics,
collect a list of ATMs in your limit.

Bring me some water.

Collect a list of ATMs without security
and CCTV camera and report by midnight.


-Have you received, sir?
-Received by Madhavaram Static, Control.

I will collect the details
and report back to the Control Room.

-Received by Manali Static?
-Received, Control.

Go on!

Pick up your clothes.

Order received by Manali Static, Control.

Go on.

-Puzhal Static, come in.
-Received by Puzhal Static, Control.

I will collect the details by midnight.

This is a mistake--

I told you to crawl. Don't get up.

Go. Sit over there!

Chain him!


Let's clean the toilets
and get out of here tonight.

In the middle of the night?
Lie down, we'll go in the morning.


I think we've made a mistake.

Let it go, man.
Why should we feel guilty?

He must be a fraud.

With or without our help,
the cops would have done this.

Now the cops are friendly with us.

-They'll help us in times of need, right?
-So, it's okay to hit him?

We were innocent.
Didn't they break my teeth?

How would they let him go?

If not for us,
his lawyers would have saved him.

Why were you at the beach
so late at night?

-We were discussing a project, sir.
-Oh, yeah?

-What's that?
-I'm going to clean the toilet, sir.

Make it quick.

Open their wallets.
Let's see what they've got.

No, sir. I don't have my wallet.

Sir! Sir!

Inspector sent you to spy on me?

No, sir!

Someone once gave me her phone
when we were locked up.

I don't know what else to do.

Forgive us, sir.

Who is this?

-What's going on, Suresh?

Have you spoken to the leader?

Sir, I couldn't meet him.
But I spoke to his secretary, Rohan.

Fixed a price for the DCP?

Sir, we're talking.
But he's expecting too much.

They're still negotiating.

Hello? Hello!
Sir, can you hear me?

How much do they want?

-Leader has agreed to pay 30 million.
-But what?

DCP says you're talking.
And you're ratting out names.

He's obviously lying to raise the price.

Think they can make me talk?

Talk this out and seal the deal
as soon as possible.

-I can shell up to 50 million.
-Will do, sir.

You want my suggestion though?


It's safer for you
to stay in police custody now.

I don't understand.

There are talks that...

they will get you out
and then force you to commit suicide.


Hello? Hello?


-Do you have Muthuvel's number?
-No, sir.

But I can get it.
It's written on the board downstairs.


You call him up.
Tell him I'm ready to talk.

Ask him to come immediately.

-Did Ramachandran speak to him?
-I don't know, sir.

But he said he's willing to talk.

-You have the number he dialed?
-Yes, it's on my call log.

-I'll be there in half an hour.
-Okay, sir.

When did the DCP come?

Why wasn't I informed about it?
Unchain him.

This was so embarrassing...
How is your family?


-Who are they?
-Chain snatchers.

-Let them go.
-They're due in court.

Let them go.
We'll find someone else.

You made a mistake, K.K.
You shouldn't have talked.

But what...? I didn't talk.

Don't know what's going on.

DCP says you spoke to
Muthuvel about the February deal.


The leader trusted you,
let you handle the funds.

Tie him up.

Sir, to hit is one thing.
Tying him up is a little extreme.

Just follow my instructions.

If he talks, there will be trouble.

-He's been so kind to our station.
-I don't enjoy this either.

He got my daughter into med school.
But this needs to be done.

I had to make sure he won't talk.

Please get me down soon,
if you can.



Who did this?
Ask everyone to come here.

Ramesh! Ramesh!

Hurry upstairs!

-What, sir?
-Come upstairs, man!

K.K.! K.K.!


What the hell have you done?
Untie him!

Let him down.

Who gave you orders?

I'm the inspector. You report to me.

-It was the AC.
-Get in there, dickhead. Unfasten him!

Get the jeep ready.
Must take him to the hospital.

The AC's orders...

This is my fucking case.
Not his! Do as I say.

Get out of my department!


Steady! Careful.



They've used you to finish me.

This is the first move of this game.

Now you're a loose end.
They'll eliminate you next.

That will be the last move of the game.

You'll be okay.
We're taking you to the hospital.

AC is on the line.

You do this every fucking time.
Is he on the line?

Yes, sir.

-Are you taking him to the hospital?

-Yes, sir. Need to take him immediately.
-Don't you know your job?

How could you take an
unaccounted accused to hospital?

But we can't just let him die.

-He's got low B.P.
-Let him die. What do you care?

How can you barge into my station
and interrogate my accused?

You can't tell me what to do.
You follow my orders. Don't take--

I will take him to the hospital.

-The DCP forbids you.
-It's my job at stake now.

I'll handle the DCP.
I'll keep you out of this.

He's here next to me.
Talk to him.

What the fuck do you want?

It's over, sir.

Hello, Muthuvel?

I can't hear him...

Hello. Muthuvel?

Are you happy now?

-Who is it?
-Muthuvel, you hung up?

-The AC came here and...
-Now is not the time for this.

We'll all be in trouble if this gets out.

Need to dispose the body first.

Chandran from I-2 will be there
in two hours. He's a pro.

Follow his instructions.

I'll come there after you move
the body out of the station.

Straighten the elbows, Ramesh.

Don't mess up his shirt!

-Don't flick his wallet.
-I only took his cigarettes.

Age is catching up, yeah?

Sir. The DCP sent me.

-Are you well?
-Yes, sir.

Tell me.

DCP says K.K. is a bachelor,
so we can hang him at his house.

-Have you informed the local inspector?
-The DCP has spoken to him.


We're hanging the body
because the DCP said so.

But this won't look like a suicide.

His mouth is shut and body is not twisted.
He's only passed urine.

What are you staring at?
Get that chair.

When will you ever learn?


Get on the chair and tie it up.

I didn't know you were just trying
to scare him. Or I would--

This is elementary!
Aren't you an experienced serviceman?

Don't blame him.
Your ego caused all this.

-I'm not egoistic, sir!
-I told you I'll take care of it.

-Why did you get involved?
-They're going to win the elections.

I must be on their side to survive.

I'm not going to take all the money.
I did it for all of us.

-I'll take his shoes off.
-Yes, remove them.

Charles, leave a chair under the body.

-We needn't bother.

No need to wipe it out.

Local inspector is our guy.

The doctor performing post-mortem, too.

I said he's ratting their names,
giving information...

to scare them into paying more.

They were worried that K.K. would talk.

So, they asked me to verify your claims.

This guy screwed up
and now K.K. is dead!

-The root cause for all this: Your lies.
-Don't pin this on me!

-Is it done?
-Yes, sir

No complications?

Unlike you, he can follow orders.

He does a clean job.

But they offered us 30 million.

Now it's ruined...

-Have you told them he's dead?
-No. We wanted to inform you first.

Should have informed me
before you tied him up.

This is of no use now.

I think we can make use of the fact
that they don't know.

They think he's still in our custody.

Let's get 30 million in the morning,
and tell them he's gone home.

If the guy hangs himself at home,
how are we responsible?

Now the leader of opposition party
can't be arrested.

Sir, K.K. had mentioned his partner...

-Yes, sir.
-Then the issue is sorted, guys.

Let Muthuvel's team arrest his partner.

There's a guy from Intel
in our station!

I'll speak to his inspector
and keep him quiet.

He belongs to our caste.

Okay. We can give him a cut, too.

Ask PR to give envelopes
to the media.

Get them to slander K.K.

Who are you?

-We were asked to clean the station.
-What are you doing here?

We came to clean the bathroom.

Were you eavesdropping on us?

We just got here, sir.

Do it later.

You can clean later. Go!


-Is Murugan downstairs?

Are we in trouble?

Pandi, were you here the whole time?

Thought we'd clean up
and leave tonight.

You can clean it later.

Come with me.

Call yourself a Head Constable?
Letting these boys in at a time like this.


Dumb cunt!
Where are you taking them?

I'm taking them in.

We're talking here!
Take them downstairs.

-Okay, sir.
-Shut the fucking door!

Come, let's go down.

It's all right.

I'm scared, brother!

-Don't worry.
-What's going on here?

Pandi, you shouldn't come up
when officials are in a meeting.

You should know better.

When did you get here?

-Five minutes ago.
-Just now.

You say now
but he says five minutes ago.

-He's scared and confused.

If you didn't hear anything,
no reason to be scared.

Okay, clean the bathroom downstairs.

Do the one upstairs later.


Give me the keys.

Here! Sit here.

Do it after the officers leave.
We don't want to disturb them now.


-What's happened?
-It's nothing! Sit down.

Is something wrong?

Clean this bathroom.

Even police stations
aren't safe from robbers!

So I have to lock up.

Do a good job, okay?

I've made them sit downstairs.

When did they come?

Not sure, Ramesh.

One guy says five minutes ago,
the other says now.

I'm sure they've heard everything.

Yes, sir.

That's why they aren't
able to corroborate.

We just got there.
He opened the door and walked in

and asked if we eavesdropped.

I was confused.

K.K. wasn't there.
I don't understand.

It smelled of blood and piss.

Sounds like a big problem.

Sir, that's not the point.
Those boys heard us.

Let's think of ways to silence them.

There's no way they heard anything.

It's not a big deal
to shut them up anyway!

Sit down. Everybody sit.

If we threaten them not to say a word,
they'll just quietly go home.

are you trying to double-cross me?

I don't understand.

Are you gathering information
against me for Intel?


This is not a regular lock-up death
that we can brush aside.

The government is directly involved
in this.

If word gets out that we've
double crossed both the parties...

They'll hang us like we did K.K.

Sir, we have three cases
pending in Law and Order.

Can we use these boys...?

The AC released
two chain-snatchers today.

We've recovered the goods.

We'll use these boys for that case.

These boys?

They blabbed to a judge
who didn't even speak their language.

Take them to court here,
they'll get us all locked up.

Sir, we should let them go.

The inspector spoke for us
at the court and saved us.

He asked us to work here.

He'll make sure
nothing bad happens to us.


Shall we let them out,
and get Gunman Kumar to finish them off?

Get out of here.

-Get out.
-Very well, sir.


Shall we run over them on the highway?

You can't do that, Ramesh!

That's wrong. A terrible sin!

Humans are the greatest lifeform.

Just like every birth has a purpose,
so should every death.

When a life departs,
it leaves a void in this world.

That void can never be filled
by another being.

That death should have a significance.
Sir, the ATM break-in is pending.

when was your last promotion?

It's been 16 years, sir.

-You've faced two suspensions, right?
-Yes, sir.

-We'll make that go away.
-Okay, sir.

Why do such things happen only to us?

We haven't wronged anybody.
Nothing will happen to us.

Come here!

No, sir. This won't work.

It will, sir.

I'll get it done, sir. It will work out.

Sir, everything is falling in place now.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Muthuvel! Why are you getting worked up?
Compose yourself.

K.K. has been murdered.
In your station, in your custody.

You've disposed of his body.

K.K.'s men will protest and
go to the courts asking for a review.

The case might be taken over
by the CB-CID.

You'll be the prime accused.

Minimum of eight years jail time.

Neither me nor Rathnasamy
are directly involved in this case.

We didn't call you
from our registered numbers.

They trusted me, sir.

Where are you from?

Pondicherry, sir.

-What's your name?

-Your father's name?

-What's your name?


The DIG list will be announced
in ten days.

My name is second on the list.

If they talk about what we did to K.K.,
all our careers are gone!

All our efforts will be in vain.

Okay, sir.

You have made up your minds.

-Leave me out of it.

You kidnapped K.K. in Guntur court.

Interrogated him off the books.

He died in lock-up
under your supervision.

You tampered with murder evidence
and staged a suicide.

If you refuse to co-operate,
I can arrest you right away.


Fucking low-caste quota candidates,
you just don't get it.

Cooperate now.
You will benefit from it.

Open the bell of arms.

-Sir, we didn't hear anything
-Okay, just wait.

Have you eaten? We'll talk later.

Get one for Inspector Muthuvel, too.

Afsal, get the broom and buckets.

Sir, I'm telling you the truth.

Let's finish this work,
then we can talk.

-Where are we?
-I'll tell you. Let's go.

The AC wants his house cleaned
before the festival.

So, he's asked you to do it.

If you do a good job, he'll be happy.

Inspector Muthuvel will be coming with us.

After cleaning,
he will talk on your behalf.

Let's tell him now.

Stop yapping! We've got work to do.
We'll talk to him later.

You sit in the front.

Murugan, you go with him.

Pandi, sit with me in the back.

Or you'll keep nagging the inspector.

Slide in.

Sir, have we cleaned the station well?

We would have cleaned better
with more time.

Right, brother?

We could also clean your house, sir.

After cleaning this place,
we shall clean your house tomorrow.

We'll take turns and clean
all the officers' houses.


It was too last-minute.

I'm just setting it up.

-And the cash?
-It's ready.

Okay, give me that.

-Two guns and three handcuffs.
-Lead the way.

Okay, sir.

I'll speak to the local inspector
and town chief, sir.


Brother says you're going to kill us.

You wouldn't do that, right?

No, boy.


Is this how we talk to elders?
Your speech should befit your age, son.

Come, son.
Let's get to work.


Stay vigilant. Come here, boy.

-Is everything ready?
-Yes, sir.

Start cleaning the bedroom.


Why is there so much money here?

They're giving us all this money
to cover up something.

-Could that be it?
-I don't know.

We'll finish the job
in about half an hour, sir.

You can inform the Control Room then.

Ensure that the residents
don't face any trouble.

We're working for the public's safety.

They've robbed three ATMs in ten days.
They're a threat to the society.

We're staking our reputation here.

We'll refuse to take their money.

They've brought us here
for something else.

-No way...
-What is it?


That's our bag.

Those are our clothes!

They've set this place up
like we live here.

No! Our inspector promised me.

Wait. I'll ask him.

Sir, they say--

Let me check on them.

This fucking thing... stuck!

Hey, what the hell have you done?
Who asked you to shoot?

He was trying to run away.
What could I do?

Oh, my God! Afsal.

Oh, no! Afsal...

Oh, Afsal!

What have you done, sir?

Where the fuck is Chandran?

Hello. Chandran!

Sir! Please go inside.

This is a police operation.

Don't come out!
It's for your own safety.

Turn the lights off.

Sir, I asked you to wait
till it's all set.

-The pistol is jammed.
-Dude, he's still breathing!

You know the station pistols never work.

Those are just to make up numbers.

I gave you good pistols to shoot!

Sir, he's alive!

You haven't even shot him right!

Look, he's quavering.

Oh, I suck at shooting.
Why didn't you shoot, genius?

He's alive, sir!

He's alive, sir.

We need to take him to the hospital.
Save him.

Look, kiddo...

Afsal, you'll be okay!

Come soon, man.

What was that noise?

Shut up and get home.
Want trouble?

We can save him, sir!

Let's go to the hospital, sir.
I beg you.

Can we take him to hospital?

Please say "yes", sir.

You said we did nothing wrong,
so we'll be safe.

Why did this happen?

You'll be okay, kiddo.

We could have just gone to prison.
At least we would have lived.

Right, brother?

Let's rush him to the hospital, sir.

Please, sir!

I beg you, sir. He's just a child.
Let's take him to the hospital.

Boy, move away.

Let go of him.

What's this?
You should have cuffed him first.

I gave you clear instructions!

We're not specialists at this.
Unlike you. Do your job.

You'll be okay, Afsal.
We'll take you to the hospital.

We've told the inspector.
He's taking you to the hospital now.

Just run away.
Or they'll shoot you, too!

Ramesh, give me the handcuffs.

You're going to let him die?

Flee, brother!

Such a simple job.
You've complicated it.


Give me your arm.

Run, brother!

Don't worry, it'll be over in a jiffy!

They're going to kill you, too!

Put on this cuff,
we'll take him to the hospital.

Run, brother. Run...
Run! Run!

There! It's done...

Run before they shoot you.

Get them!

Shoban, stop them!

-Don't shoot, fool! Our man is there.
-Get my pistol, Ramesh.

Stop! You can't escape.

You asked me to snatch that man.
I did!

Asked me to interrogate. I did!
You asked me to hit. I did.

You killed him and sent me to hang him.
And I did!

I'll do this, too.

We'll get caught someday.

Our time will come.

You'll have to give answers then.

-Fucking look for them!
-I dislocated my knee, sir!

Fuck off.

Chandran, hand him the light.

Get into the ditch.

Shoban, come get this light.

You can't get away. Just surrender.


Sir, I'll climb on to the terrace.

You can't hide in there for too long.
You'll be spared if you surrender.

We'll burn this place down, if we must.

Shoban, turn to your left.

Don't just stand there!

-Go, quick!
-Okay, sir.

Give me that.

I'm going, I'm going!

Can't see them.

I will run this way.
Let them come after me.

After some time,
you run the other way.

No, buddy. Let's stick together.

We need to tell the world
what happened here.

For which,
at least one of us should live.

Okay, then.
We're both going to be fine.

We're going to survive this.

-Shoban, one of them is moving.

Right in front of you, fool!

I can't see him.

He's crossed you now. Dumbass.

Inspector, get ready.

Pandi, stop! Don't run.

Go, get hold of him.

-Don't shoot him.
-Okay, sir.

Sir, if he crosses the sewer,
he'll reach the highway.

We can't catch him then. Go!

If he gets out of here alive,
we are dead men.

Sir, he's running with my pistol!

-Get him.
-He's got my pistol!

Stop running.


Trust me! Come out.

We did trust you.

But what did you do?
He was just a kid.

He believed that you'd protect us.

He's been killed!

I didn't do it.

But you let them.

Murugan! Stop.

Don't complicate this further. Come out!

Oh, no! Murugan.

I had clear aim too, you know.


It was an easy job.

How you fucked it up!


Two down, sir.

Yes, sir.

No, he's not near me.


Okay, sir. I'll do it.

I'll call you, sir.

Shove this aside.

Let me. Hold this.

-Shall I inform Inspector Muthuvel?
-I'll handle it.

All done?

Two down. One more to go.

Shall I inform the press?

Not yet, sir. There's a scoop.
We'll tell them when it's all done.

Even now,
you've got a gun in your hand.

I don't have a gun now.

Come out.

Come! Come out.


I won't hurt you.

Come out, Pandi.

Let me save you, at least!

Don't be scared.

I'll take you to the media.

You can tell them everything.

We'll face it all, together.

Come on.

Take your hands off the gun!

Shoot me.

Shoot me and go!


Shoot me!

Should I kill to live, sir?

I don't want to.

You made us stay back
and clean the station.

You betrayed us!

I didn't do it.

Even now you lied
that you didn't have a gun.

It was for my safety!
Not to hurt you.

Give it to me.

Give me the gun. It's not for you.

Don't try to stop me.
Please let me go.

I'll drop the gun. You drop it, too.
Let me go.

Drop the gun. I will, too.
I wouldn't shoot you, Pandi.

Please don't make me shoot.

Sir, Chandran here.

Yes, tell me.

Done with both tasks.

Shall I inform the press?

Yes. Let the focus be

Inspector Muthuvel dying
while investigating the ATM break-in.

No one should sympathize with those boys.

That's easy, sir.

His wedding pictures in one column
of the morning papers,

pictures of his widow and children
crying in the other,

the focus will be on Muthuvel.

We'll cover his mourning family
on the TV channels,

and organize debates
on safety for policemen.

Can I do that?

-Do that.
-Okay, sir.

-I'll call you when something comes up.
-Great, sir.

When an unquestionable power center
treats a man brutally...

unlawfully, inhumanely, mercilessly...

It's a state of absolute
helplessness and despair.

We yearned for our cries for justice
to be heard outside the prison walls.

I'm consoled knowing that,
through this movie,

our story will be ingrained
in the society's conscience forever.

Subtitle translation by
Khawlah Mian