Violette (1978) - full transcript

In an interwar France struggling with profound social and political change, 18-year-old Violette Noziere rebels against the constraints of her claustrophobic, working-class (and possibly incestuous) family, with troubling consequences.

Come on, I'll show you.


But if we're caught?

But if we're caught?

What a scandal!

Republic! Mussolini's different.

Shall I tell you what Mussolini is?

Two gin fizzes.

He destroys Italy's masons

but wants the Red B?nard
to represent France in Rome.

It's a mess!

The same faces.

Bankruptcies and fake profits,

sleepy shareholders.
This is the end of the west.

We need a Hitler.

We all know he's crazy,
he's got no future!

Do you know that Daladier offered
the Socialists seats?

Lebrun will pee in this pants.

You can't fool with commies for long.

If there's trouble,
what would Breton do for France?

Such bores with their politics.

We're drunk on Napoleon!

Whisper sweet words again...

I like that.

Too dark, looks like blood
on your fingers.

I need words that make me dream.

Don't start that again.

Your ring is nice.

Can I borrow it?

Careful, it's gold.
Paul gave it to me.

You're lucky to know boys
who give you rings.

Your turn will come.

I want a really decent guy

who'll take me
to Sable d'Olonne in a Bugatti.

I thought it was the men's.

Men on the other side.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Don't daydream.
The sister-soul is a myth.

I'll pick you up in an hour.

Am I disturbing you?

No, not at all.

What is it?

The Satin Slipper.

May I?

I'm not really hungry.

Some butter... there.

Want to sleep with me?

You whore!

You couldn't understand that!

Thanks for the bite.

Fire! Fire! Saloon's on fire!

Suppose we left home?

Lots of girls do that in America.

They leave one morning,

as if going to school,

turn the corner and are off to California.

California?s a bit far.


what am I going to tell my mother?

And me?

Is that you Violette?

Forgotten your keys again?

My keys.

Violette! Where are you?

What are you doing?

Looking for my key.
It fell from my purse.

Hurry up.
Father's waiting for his game.

Good evening.

What about our game?

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Good evening!

Come on, let's eat.

What's that?

Goodness, I forgot to tell you.


Forgot to say I found it.


In the street.

It's gold.

What's the matter?

She found a gold ring.

I'll take it to Lost Property.

A gold ring?

Young girls don't need rings.

Young girls need to smell of good soap.

I found letters in your drawer.

What, letters?

You should be ashamed.

Ashamed of what?

I didn't tell your father.

"My Paul, my king, my love..."

who is this Paul?

Nobody, mother.

What do you mean?
It's written down!

Don't shout.
I know less than you.

But it's your writing!

Oh, now I remember.

It's a draft essay I sent off
to the Universal School.

An essay on love.

An essay on love.

What's the child doing?

She's washing, Daddy.

She's taking her time.

One day, she'll have a bathroom,

so she must learn about hygiene.

Or she'll feel out of place.

Don't worry.
I'll make a perfect lady out of her.

Instead of a railroad mechanic
for a husband,

you'd have preferred an engineer.

Of course not.

Yes, yes.

But even so...

You drove President Lebrun's train?

I certainly did!

How much sugar?


Oh, sorry!

Are you trying to give me diabetes?

I'm sorry.

That's alight.

What's wrong?

Go and speak with her.

Are you all right, Violette?


You would look good with a middle part.

Hold on, I have an idea. Come.

We'll dress you up like a millionaire!
Here, sit down.

With a middle part...

So you just go like this...

what do you think I am, a doll?

I'll go find you something to wear.

You'll look nice in your wedding suit.

I was picking up some money
that fell out of father's wallet.

It's getting so old that
money falls right out of it.

Did you finish father's hair?

I think we've done enough
playing for today.

It's inside out.

Yes, but this one is not.

It's all...

Look at what you're doing! It's inside out!

My cousin is a great writer, you know.

What are they doing?

He's doing it like that...

Yes, he draws well.

I'll never finish this button.

Take it off.

I'll pull it up. I'm cold.

No, take it off.

I'm cold. Be quiet, you'll wake the child.

Oh, it's cold!

Where's the cloth?
You'll dirty the sheet.

Get the cloth.
You'll dirty the sheets.

Is it there?


Shh, not so loud!


Violette! You asleep?

Of course she is.
Head on the pillow and she's out.

The house could fall down.

But suppose one day
she does wake up?

She knows that a husband and wife...

Going somewhere?

I'd like to go to the sea.

You're crazy.
What time will I get home?

No, don't. It's hot.

Are you horny?

Come on, it's nice here.

Leave me alone, I'm hot.

I want to go to the sea.

Oh, just leave me alone.

You little hussy! You bitch!

Get out, you stupid, hussy bitch!

Goodbye, Father.

Violette, don't leave secrets
lying around.

If Daddy knew about
those letters, he'd kill us.

You have his elegance.

Do you think so?

You must have a great destiny.

Let me go.
I must go to work.

Have you seen your hair?

Yes, I know. It's falling out.

At your age? That's odd.

Lack of calcium.

Did Dr. Deron say that?

Has he given you anything?


I see him in an hour.

Be careful of the cars!

Okay. Bye.

I have a headache.

You have severe treponema.


If you prefer, syphilis.

I must tell your parents.

They'll know I'm not a virgin.

Where you off to?

To drown myself!

- Hello.
- Hello.

Thank you.

Forgive me, I'm late.
I had to see the professor.

Don't worry, I'm not in the mood.

You mad at me?

Oh, go away!

Full of ganglions.

I'll soon be bald.

Thanks for giving it to me.

I'm not a fourth-year medical student
for nothing.

If I had syphilis, I'd know the symptoms.

Maybe it's your family.

Of course, it's hereditary.

Are you sure?


This week, we're studying
venereal diseases.

Venereal diseases, here, look at that.

Can I borrow this?

Until tomorrow, then I need it.

Who is it?

It's Zo?, Miss.
It's 5:00.


I dreamt of someone I don't know.

Someone who looks like no one else.

You don't look like anyone else either.

I wish I could be like you
and sleep the whole day.

Yes, well, I work at night.

What is it that you're studying?


Last time you told me history.

It doesn't concern you.

Miss, I didn't mean to be rude.


Thank you.

Where is she getting her money?

It was Pierre who infected me.

The med student?

Yes, you remember him?

What are you doing to do
about your parents?

Hmm? What are you going to do?

Good evening.

Is this when you start homework?

Just as we're about to eat?

Where were you?

At the cinema.

I've forbidden you to go.

I went with Dr. Deron's sister.

You want me to stop me
from seeing decent people?

It so happens I saw Dr. Deron.

So he told you about it?

That's all you say?

You tore my notebook.

What did you say?

What am I going to do with you?

It's not my fault if the family is sick.

Perhaps your grandfather got it from
an Arab in the Algerian conquest.

An Arab! You know what you're
accusing me of, I hope?

Germaine, I believe
what the doctor said.

Your Violette picked it up from a boy.

It's not possible. He examined her.
She's a virgin.

You can't doubt a doctor's word!

Get me some water, I'm thirsty.

If it's hereditary,
we may have it unknowingly.

You're quite mad!

In that case, it must be treated.

We did nothing, it?s her!

It's her.

Mother doesn't like you to help me.

That'll do you good.

Germaine... my dear Germaine...

what are you doing?

Help do the shopping.

I don't need help.

Your appetite's not affected!

A telegram.

Dr. Deron's sister
wants me to go visit her.

I can hardly refuse.

Why not invite Dr. Deron's sister?

We'd like to meet her.

It's too small here.

She's used to a large apartment.

You're right, you can't upset
people's habits.

You're really smart.

Your mother's out,
so you paint your nails.

If you'd kissed her this morning,

everything would be all right.

I know your mother.

I fainted.

Your disease.

I must have some air.

Shall I come?

- No, no.
- I'll be here.

You know him?

You should sleep.

I didn't want to.

It's normal for you to get paid.
You only had to ask.

You think I'm a whore.

Hurry up, hurry up, Violette, baby!

It's on this track!

Marie Pasquier, I have to say
that I never quite understood

why a woman would want
to become an aviator.

You don't think you only need
to know how to pee against a wall

to become a pilot, do you?

I sure don't!

Don't play with the cheese!

Go get the dessert, Germaine.

There isn't any.
I didn't have time.

It doesn't matter.

From Dr. Deron.

Why must we take these?

To stop it spreading.

I said it should be treated.

But I'm not sick, I didn?t do anything.

Dr. Deron put a mark on her packet.

She must take a different dose.

Why a different dose?

Because my sickness
is worse than yours.

You should be ashamed.

Baptiste. Baptiste.

I'm afraid.

Why be afraid? You're better now.

Please, I beg you.

See she's away when I get home.

Why? You're crazy.

I'd feel better.
Take her away on vacation.

Vacation during the school year?

Now, Germaine,
I just don't understand you.


I thought you'd like them.

My little girl.

I'm crazy.

Now, it's all right, it?s all right.

What was wrong with the bottle?

Dr. Deron gave me a carafe.

Could you go greet the neighbors?


Dr. Deron says it's better in a carafe.

It's good to have you out of the hospital.

She was frightened,
it was just food poisoning.

How are you, young lady?

I'm fine. Bronchitis, but I'm treating it.

Ah, the bronchi, like the lungs.

I was gassed in 1917, as you know.

It's very, very painful.

Don't you drink?

No, I prefer milk.

You'll marry this year.

How do you know?

You wouldn't mind if he was a nice man.

A doctor!

Yes, or a pharmacist.

Or a lawyer.

Yes, why not?
What do you think, Mr. Nozi?re?

Violette has time.

Yes, she has.

Were they expensive?

I don't know.
They were a present.



You know his friend?

Yes, I saw him in my dream.

He was coming out of the sea.

Syphilis makes you see things.

Oh, stop it!

I like the one in black.

That's Nozi?re.
She's loaded.

She says her father rapes her.

She's a bit...

As long as there's money.

You owe me 400 francs!

Hello, my beauties!

My friend, Jean Dabin, not Gabin.

Dabin, with a D, as in derby.

This is my girl, Maddy,

and her friend, Violette.

So you want to be a lawyer?

Or anything else. They say law
takes you everywhere.

Yes, of course.

And you?

Me, I...

I'm a model at Paquin.

Fashion, that's nice.

It must be interesting.

You scare me.


You aren't getting undressed?

Undress me.

Carry me to the bed.

Do as you like with me.

I love you like an animal.

Like an animal.

Yes, I love you.

Promise me it's forever.

I want to go away with you.

Far away.

Or I want to die here.


Die now? Right away?

No, not really.

Will you take me to Sables d'Olonne?

Did I upset you?

No, it's not you.

Worried about your exam?

Tell me what's the matter.

You can't help.

Are you sure?

I played the market, that's all.

You're short of money?

Keep it for your clothes.

Help yourself.
I don't need anything.

I was afraid.


That you didn't love me.

Lovely hands.

You need a ring.


And Sables d'Olonne?

To go away takes money.

Hurry up, Father's had an accident.

Where is he?

He's in the hospital.
He fell from his train.

I can't understand how it happened.

Poor Father!

You need me?

No, stay and do your homework.

I can't today, I have a lunch.

Be there at noon, or I'll talk.

I'll be away for two months.

A vacation, Father?

I forbid you to call me "Father."

Ashamed of your past?

The future bothers me.

Don't do anything silly.

Afraid I'll jeopardize
your public image?



You'd like me to be gentler.

Like my mother?

Let's get a Bugatti.

With that? Just enough to buy a suit.

A suit is a good idea.

I'll work it out.

You must have a Bugatti, everything.

What should I play?

Play... play what you like.

Oh, why didn't you play a trump?

What shall I play?

Play the ace.

I have the king.

Well, you win a point.

No! Oh, yes!

Yes, you win a point.


Just in time.
I couldn't pay for my drink.

I gave you 400 francs yesterday.

It suits you.

420 francs.

I still owe the jeweler 20 francs.

A man like you shouldn't have debts.

I told you I had to go to Poitiers.

No, you didn't.

Yes, I told you yesterday.

I would know.
I remember everything.

Don't worry, just three days.

Three days!

What about me?

There's another woman.

You're going with her.

What an idea!

I only know you in Paris.

But you're still leaving.

I must go Violette.

I promised my parents
to visit these friends.

I feel washed out.

You can't talk here.

Passengers for Angers, Nantes,
Sables d'Olonne...

the train is about to leave.

Is Mr. Jean not here?


You must be bored then.


How about a game this afternoon,

I can't. I'm meeting Janine Deron.

Don't upset your father.
Since his accident, he gets bored.

No, I can't.

Is she hiding something from us?

Well, what?

Swear you missed me in Poitiers.

Swear you love only me.

Swear it's forever.

Go away!

You'll leave, anyway.

You're on edge.

We had a date at the hotel.

No, are you sure?

Of course.

Well, I'll leave you.

No, you can stay.

You take care of her.

And it's cold.

I said I was bored.

Being bored is mean, it's petty.

I like grandeur.

Love without grandeur is nothing.

I feel love, but what do you feel?

I didn't write...

You had to want to write.

I didn't feel inspired.

Leave me alone.

I'll write from Brittany.

Brittany? What do you mean?

It's in two weeks.
My parents have friends there.

They have a lot of friends!

I know what you need... money.

You'll get it.
As much as you want.

How much?
Two... three, five hundred?

No, much more.

We'll go away together.

Sables d'Olonne... in a Bugatti.

That's it!


Don't you think I can find
10,000 francs in 3 days?

10,000 francs?

You think I can?

I think you're capable of anything.

You want it?

How will you get the money?

My father will advance it to me.

You never told me he was a millionaire.

I'm telling you now.

Thought of the will?


I'm happy with you.

One day, I promise,

I'll take you to America.


When we're rich.

There's no one home.

They're at the hospital for his check-up.

You're very elegant.

Doesn't make you look any younger.


She must be with the doctor's sister.

What are you doing?

Tidying up. I'm coming!

Have gone to check out Sables...

I daren't go near the bed.

You're imagining things.
Mr. Jean was alone.

Look, it's written: "I'm waiting for you
and your promises."

"I'm waiting for you and your promises."

I'll get you the change.

Where did this come from?

Janine lent me a dress.

I'm too old to dress like a child.

Dr. Deron agrees.

You've no right to read my letters.
You're lousy cops!

You don't impress me.

You're jealous, so you're mean.

He has loved me for three months.

That's how it is.

We only want what's good
for you, Violette.

If the man is decent, he must decide.

Write him.

Write what?

He must say he'll marry you.

He's ready to marry me.

Mother's right... come on.

My parents...

Have... no, having,

no, have... have found your letters.

No, have found our correspondence.

They would be glad to know

your feelings about me.


So... I am counting on you

to write to my parents.

I am, yours sincerely...

And you sign, Violette.

What about mentioning her disease?

If he's responsible,
he'll marry you despite your infection.

You're mean, you're petty.

You're petty!

I told you, you went too far.

We both went too far.

We should have talked of her dowry.

What do you mean?

She thinks too much about money.

A dowry isn't the same.

It'll be gone in 3 days.

I prefer her to have it than have
my savings stolen.

We don't even know Janine.

We soon will.

Go and fix the roast.

Let's make a good impression.

You're not mad anymore?

Janine will be late.

Her parents kept her, she's sorry.

The roast will be overcooked.

Get dressed, I'll take care of everything.

Janine's only eighteen,

there's no need for all the fuss.

I don't want her to end up like us.

If she's proud of her father,
she may be less silly.

By the way, I completely forgot...

You look wonderful!

Let me out! Let me out!

Out walking alone?

You going far?

Get in, we'll drop you off.

Here it is.

Come tomorrow.
I'm always home.

Let's go see Janine.

What do you want?

Come quickly!
I don't dare go in, it smells of gas.

- Huh? Gas?
- Yes.

Yes, there's a smell of gas.

I feel faint.

Rose, take her home.

Violette, dear... your father...

The gas cases are always
on the top floor.

Just tell us what you know.

They committed suicide... awful.

Is suicide likely?

All I know is, Mrs. Nozi?re was strange.

Sad and strange.

When she had nightmares,

I could hear screams.

Call for me at 8:00.

We'll visit your mother together.

I can't get over it.

At 12, Violette was first sick.

But she dresses like an adult.

The gas was on for
at most seven minutes.

Believe me, I'm an electrician.

I was gassed in 1917.

Thank you, sir.
That is all for now.

What about the girl?

I told her to come at 8:00.

What if she runs off?

Why should she?

If she does, I'll have a quiet morning.

I've never seen such
an easygoing guy as you.

I wonder what you'd do
in Germany these days.

These or those days,
I know what I'm doing.

These or those days,
I know what I'm doing.

I don't like the hospital.

It'll be alright.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Nozi?re
cannot see anyone.

She couldn't answer your questions.

She keeps repeating the same words:

Violette, so much blood, Violette...

Let me in a moment.

Wait for me there.

See you, my darlings.

Well, kids, how about that coffee?

Help me. Will no one help me?

Why a watch?
I don't need the time.

See, I came back.

That's nice.


Our fashion will probably not go
beyond the Rhine anymore.

The F?hrer decided to open
an office for German fashion

with Madame Goeber in charge.

This company would create new fashion
to fit the German culture.

What's this?

It's what I prefer.

I don't understand.


So, don't you recognize me?


It doesn't matter.

I shouldn't have.

Take it.

I don't need anything now.

Take them all.

But you need them for Sables d'Olonne.

I'm not going.

And Mr. Jean?

No, please stay.

God is empty.

Someone must be above him.

You love Mr. Jean too much.

Much too much.

It's alright.

Read Le Matin

The skirted terror!

She killed, robbed.
Read Le Matin

The skirted terror has killed, robbed!

Read Le Matin

Le Matin

The skirted terror has killed, robbed!

Read Le Matin

Le Matin

The skirted terror has killed, robbed!

Read Le Matin

Andr? de Pinguet.

Paris is deadly dull.

Thank God, I'm going to England soon.

Do you live at home?

Yes, with my mother.

She works in a fashion house.

And your father?

He was with the railroad.
He died last year.

My uncle in the police looks after me.

May I?

Well, look at that.


You look just like

Violette Nozi?re.

She killed her parents.

You're right, I do look like her.

Especially the chin.

Don't worry, I've killed no one.

I'm Christine Darfeuil,
I live at 77 Henri Martin

with my mother.

Do you have the time?


I must go home.

So soon?

We could meet this evening.

I'm all alone.

Could we meet here later?

Let's say 6:00?
I'd be very happy.

Alright, goodbye.

Here at 6:00!


Nozi?re. Police. Follow us.

Bastard! Poor bastard!

So you tried to run away.

Sit down.

Does the warrant handed
to you refer to you?

Answer yes or no.


You admit having committed
the deeds therein?

I am guilty. I admit it.

I would like to understand.

You couldn't.

But you premeditated your act.

Not against my mother.

Against your father?

My father, yes.

It was an obsession.

For the past two years.

I had tried in March.

Never against my mother,
even in March.

You tried to do away with her?

I was afraid she'd interfere.

That she'd stop me killing him.

Was he too authoritative?

Is that it?

Well yes, that's it.

He was jealous.

Forbade my wedding.

But that's not all.

Tell me everything, my child.

It started when I was 13, with him.

You're the first to know.

That's right, I wish you no harm.

You don't.

But him... Even now
I can feel him watching.

Even dead, he lusts after me.

What did you do?

Poisoned my father.


He made me sleep with him.

You were right.

Here, have a drink.

By the way, I forgot...

You look wonderful!

Dr. Deron gave me this for you.

That doctor again!

"Dear Mrs. Nozi?re, I've mislaid
the note about your husband

"but I'm sending these three packets.

"I insist that you take them
before going to bed.

"As you were poisoned in March,

it would be wiser
to take this powder."

I don't understand this prescription.

The disease. We're still sick.

I want to know what this is.
I'll show it to the pharmacist.

You coming?

Yes, of course.

Well, don't stand there, go on!

I don't know what's the matter with her.
She's so on edge.

Hi! You know who I saw today?


Jojo Lelouche?

No kidding!

Got a moment?

It's worth hearing, I swear.

Don't sit there.
It's dirty.

It?s just for a minute.

Jojo naked on the track.

That's not true!

It had all burned:
Engine, carriages, the lot.

Just Jojo on the track.

Aren't you exaggerating?

But I saw him!
I'm telling you, I saw him!


I saw him! But you don't believe me.

He only believes what's in the papers.

Must go, the old woman hates
the garbage can gossiping.

When does the pharmacy close?


Then it's closed.

Look me straight in the eyes.

I trust you.

If you say I must take
this medicine, I will.

Dr. Deron said to take it.

It was too late.

What do you mean?

Get some water,
Dr. Deron knows what he's doing.

This is her packet.

For sinusitis, she has a special mixture.

How do you know?

She just told me.

Now hurry up, I'm hungry.

It doesn't take an hour to fix that.

So, my little girl...

It's not so bad that way.

Add some milk.

I don't like milk.

It tastes horrible!

I'll fetch the roast. It's overcooked.

Just take a little nap, my Violette...

What's the matter, Father?

Violette, get up! Your father's sick!

I don't want any.

You'll eat later.

You're on a hunger strike?

Shut up.

Conversation strike?
That's no fun.

We're not here for fun.

Listen, I'd have eaten
your soup and bread.


I'd have eaten your soup and bread.

Where to?

Don't worry.
A confrontation with your mother.

I won't do that, not her!

Are you sure you can walk?

Repeat before your mother

what you have told me.

Miss Nozi?re, speak up!


Do away with yourself.

How can you live now?

Forgive me, Mother.
Forgive me, I beg you.

I'll forgive you after the verdict,

when you are dead.

I didn't want to kill you, Mother!

Pull up her sleeve!

No, Jean, don't hurt me.

I love you too much for that.

They have things to do.

I wonder what
they keep secret from me.

I'm sure they have a big secret.

One they've never told me.

You tell me!

You're strange.

You're quiet when you make love.

It bothers you?


You're strange.

Her dad raped her at 12.
It's no wonder she's odd.

We weren't there to see.

She can say what she likes.

She tried to poison them twice,

and twice, they took it.

In a way, it's as if they wanted to die.

Violette is right!
It's the family that's on trial!

She has untied the awful serpent's knot
of blood ties!

The serpent's knot of blood ties.

Paul Eluard, who's he?

That's Dabin,
Nozi?re's lover, that's Dabin!

Bastard! Bastard!

Get off, you jackals!

Rotten bastard! Scum!

Jean, my love...


Stop calling me "my love."

It's unnecessary.

Hello, my dear.

Wait, I've lost an earring.

I'll find it.

You look after your daughter.

I am, I am!

What's wrong?

I dreamt that I was poisoning
my mother's spirit.

When she was young, I would tell her,

if ever a situation occurs where a man is
bothering you, tell your mother right away.

This is quite a different type of situation.

Have you ever envied your daughter?

No, I've never been envious of anyone.

At first I wanted to die, but when I knew

all the evil she'd said
about my husband,

I decided to live to clear him
of these ignominies.

To live to avenge him.

I've decided to prosecute my daughter.


Do you still love your mother?



I don't know why.

I saw right away that this was someone
perverse, with a distorted perception.

Her insensitivity would
manifest itself in terrible ways.

She lied all the time.

But sometimes staying close
to the truth. Horrible lies.

She even created
an imaginary sister.

As if a sister of mine
would ever go out with her.

You would've been ashamed.


Money... you shouldn't
have gotten a taste for it.

You know they hate it when we touch
their dear savings.

I have no regrets.

Everything I did to my father
and mother...

It has cut off my desire.

I have never loved like that before.

Now I love no one.

It's better for you.

Do you think I'll be convicted?

She said she was
in the business of fashion.

I don't think she ever left Paris.

Once she took us to the park
with a bottle of champagne

to celebrate her leaving for vacation.

Except, she never went.

She was always with younger people

who would say they were students
but were not.

And with whom I never liked
to associate myself.

I am happy to hear you say that.

Thank you.

I don't even care about my defense.

Then you may be acquitted.

Judges like martyrs.

The crowd is mad.
We can't get her to court.

But of course, of course.

My office has been used before.

A prison always has a history.

This chair was used by Marie Antoinette

when she appeared before
the revolutionary court.

There is Louis XVI's armchair.

He sat on it that fateful day.

No, no, not there.
Excuse me.

I'll leave you my office.

I was sick.

My father wanting all the time to...

I wanted to die.

What about your parents?

I wanted us all to die.

I wanted to end this long, troubled past.

What do you mean?

I can't say.

She's mad!

Listen to me, Mother.

Listen to me!

Look at me.

I want to see Grandmother.
She knows.

So you killed.

But why steal?

It came to me later.

You needed money?

You promised to repay
Dabin's debt to willy.

I didn't repay that debt.

Because he left without you?

Don't you say that!

Sit down.

Let her go.

I'd like you to ask her certain questions.

Ask them yourself.

You maintain the accusations
against your father?


She must have an accomplice.

How do you know?

When I fell in the dining room,

someone helped her
carry me to my bed.

I carried you alone.

How can you believe her?
She wanted to kill and rob us!

We had 120,000 francs in the bank,
and she wanted it.

That's why she's accusing her father.

Here is the cloth she claims

Mr. Nozi?re used so that she would not

become pregnant during
their incestuous intercourse.

That's a lie! They are mine!
I mean...

It was intercourse between
my husband and I.

What a disgrace!

How did she find them?

She was so nosy.

And so were you.

Were you aware of your daughter's
excursions to the Latin Quarter?


And yet, here under 32, we have
a letter written by Violette

in which she vows to commit suicide.

The same day, your husband went searching
for her and found her in the Latin Quarter

with some friends, so
I believe you were aware.

As for the imaginary sister of Dr. Deron,

you never had any doubts?

I believe I gave you my word,
Your Honor.

Violette Nozi?re, you claim

that you did not want to kill your mother.

Explain that now.

The packet for my father had 24
powdered Sorvenal pills.

I put it near him.

My mother's contained 12.

I put it in front of her.

A lie! I prepared the glasses.
I might have taken the other one.

If I hadn't emptied half my glass,
I'd be dead.

Call Jean Dabin.

Mr. Dabin.

Sit down.

She gave you our money.

She killed us for you!

Please control yourself!

Is it true that Miss Nozi?re gave you

between 100 and 150 francs a day?

Yes, it's true.

What effect did that have on you?



In the Quarter, everyone lends money.

My husband's ring.

He's stolen it!

Mr. Dab?n, did you, as Mrs. Nozi?re claims,

steal that ring?

No, Violette gave it to me.

Had I known, I would have returned it.

Is what the witness says correct?

Was he aware of the ring's origin?

If the witness is lying,

He will be accused of being
an accomplice to the robbery.

I only have you to care for me.

You are so strong.

I swear he was unaware
of the ring's origin.

Police reports prove that Nozi?re
showered you with gifts,

that she paid for the hotel room
where you met.

Did you know that the accused,
to meet these needs,

prostituted herself?

Never! That's a lie!

Then where did you get the money
you gave Dabin?

The stolen money is not a quarter
of what you gave him.

Please explain.

I wouldn't dare.


Mr. ?mile took care of me.

Another of your lovers?

Certainly, no. It was
a platonic relationship.

A sort of spiritual father?

If you like.

And he gave you how much?

1, 500 francs a month.

Why was he so generous?

I cannot tell you here.

Then tell us who he is.
Maybe he can tell us why.

I cannot, sir. I have no right
to compromise him.

It's in your interest.

I cannot.

No need to push.
Trial is not for two hours.

Mr. ?mile has a blue Talbot
and a gray moustache.

That's easy!

I don't understand the mother's attitude.

She is for morality, rightly so.

She gave her parents poison,

the evil Violette Nozi?re.

Pitiless for their sorry airs,

she committed this dreadful crime.

It will go well.

Don't be afraid.

You were right to dress like this,
you know.

Jurors are always impressed
by simplicity.

This is incredible!

Half of France is on your side.

Marriage proposals!
Seven men offering to die for you!

And priests on your side!

All I want is the forgiveness
of my mother.

She played her part so well
that her mother is finally giving in.

Here comes the mother!

What will you do now?

Look after my child.

It's time.

Yes, it's time.

The verdict!

The court, after deliberating,

orders that she be taken barefoot,

covered by a black veil,

to a public square in Paris,

there to be decapitated.

I've lost my chain.
Where is it?

- I had a chain.
- Violette.

I must find it.


Everyone, please forgive me.
I thank my lawyer.

Sign your appeal.

Violette, you've been condemned.

You disgust me.

You're all bastards.

You're pitiful.

I curse each and every one of you.

Take her away!

Don't touch me, don't touch me!

Give me my purse.
Leave my things alone!

Are you afraid of being bored?

Your mother said she'd give everything
she has to save you.

Tell her I thank her.

The inmates are all talking about you.

If killing your old man didn?t affect you,

the guillotine...

will that affect you?

They won't guillotine me.

The supervisor said I could work if I like.

I want to make a new start.

You should've done that sooner.

Before, I couldn't.

Now, I can.

Condemned to death
on October 13, 1934,

Violette Nozi?re was pardoned by
President Albert Lebrun on December 24,

and her sentence was reduced
to a lifetime of hard labor.

Because of her exemplary behavior,

Marshal P?tain reduced
her term to 12 years.

She decided to take holy orders
on leaving prison.

She was freed on August 29, 1945,

then pardoned by General de Gaulle
on September 1st.

He signed a decree annulling

her 25-year residence ban.

Violette Nozi?re finally married
the son of the prison's clerk,

by whom she had five children.

They opened a business.

In 1963, shortly before her death,

the Rouen court took
an unprecedented step:

A prisoner sentenced to death
before criminal law

was given back her full civil rights.