Violets Are Blue... (1986) - full transcript

Young love may endure in your heart and one day re-ignite, but reality may soon dowse the flames.


Augusta, don't take
more than $2.00!

Where are you off to?

I'm going camping.
Did you tell your mother?

My kind of weather,

sunshine and a high of 96
for the next couple of days

as we approach the end
of the summer of '69,
here in Ocean City,

it's great to be in love...




HENRY: What did you
tell your mom this time?

That I was going camping
on Assateague.

With me?

Not with you. With Sara Mae.

Oh. Did she believe you?

Why not? Sara Mae and me
go camping all the time.

Sara Mae and I.
Sara Mae and I.




Are you scared?

Of what?

Of leaving.

No. Just scared
I'll never get out of here.

Everybody keep coming
around to say good bye.

My mother cries
every time
she looks at me.

Thousands Throng
Ocean City Beaches
on Holiday Weekend,

by Henry R. Squires.
You got a by-line!

Big deal.

The exact same piece
my father has written
for the last 20 years.

His going away present for me.

All he let me do
was change the number
in the crowd count.

He wouldn't print
the piece I did about
the blacks in Fenwick.

That was too controversial.

Oh, God, Henry, you're not
gonna be working for him
the rest of your life.

You'll only be here
four more days.

You'll have plenty of time to
write about important stuff.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

Like, waitress discovered
in secret love nest

on Assateague island
with sex-crazed journalist.

Yeah, like that.

Why won't you come with me.

What would I do in Boston?
You could go to school too,
you know.

I just got out of school.

I don't want to spend
another four years
sitting in chairs.


You gonna spend it
in an airplane galley.

Yeah, I get to see the world.

GUSSIE: Do you realize
the discounts
airline employees get?

We could go to Venice

and eat spaghetti
and peaches.


And make love
in the back
of abandoned churches.

That sounds good.

I thought you'd like that.


HENRY: Not the apples.


Oh, God.

Oh, God, Henry.

Oh, we'll go to Venice,

We'll eat
in little restaurants
and ride in gondolas

and see the pretty sights.

When you finish school,
we can live anywhere
in the world we want to.

We'll be together
all the time.

We will.

Won't we?
We will.

I love you, Gussie.

I love you, too.


MAN: Don't take
your eyes off him!

What did you find?
A diamond.

They're pretty.
What's your doll's name?


That's a pretty name.

WOMAN: I told you
not to talk to strangers.

Don't need anyone
taking your picture.

No one knows your face
less likely harm
will come to you.


Come on. Sorry, baby.

I'm sorry.

Hey, ma.




Ralph! Ralph!

I don't...
I just don't believe it.
I just...

Look! Look!
Look who's here!

Oh, honey.
It's good to see you.

Let me get my bags.

Oh. Ralph, you get them.
You get her bags.

Oh. Oh, I just don't...
Let's go in.

You know they...
Everybody's here.

Sally's here?
Yes, everybody's in here.

Come on.

Oh, I can't believe it!

Gussie Sawyer,
what are you doing here?

Came to see my niece.

Oh, God,
you boys have grown!

Clean all your hands, boys.
Don't get grease on her.

Hi, Gussie.

You've been gone so long,
I don't recognize you.


Look at here.

Oh, hi, Mary Augusta. Hi.

I'm your aunt.



Oh, there are presents
in the bag.

I--I still just
can't believe

that you just, just came
and walked in that door

and you didn't even
let us know.

ETHEL: And here I am
in my house dress.

You know,
I almost didn't know you.

You've gotten so skinny.

Mom, I'm not skinny.

I was same as I did
when I left.

Well, you look skinny.

Maybe it's you
that's changed, Ethel.

Oh, Ralf.

Well, I know,
I've gained a little weight.

Oh, thank you, honey.
Well... Oh.

Let's see now.

Let's see what we got here.

Oh, there's two
matching things here.


Oh, this girl
just wants her grandma.

That's it. Come on now.

We'll just go
for a little walk.
That's it.

There we go.

Well, let me give you
a real hug.

Hey, guys! Come on.
Come on. Sit down.

Everything's getting cold.

Come on, come on.

Boys, come on.
Let's have
something to eat.

Oh, crabs!

I don't believe it.

Oh! Oh, God.

Well, there's
a sailboat race
this Saturday.

Summer finals.

Maybe you could
get into it.

You think I could?

Well, maybe you can get
your dad to race.

SARA: What will they
do for a boat.

Oh, Phillip got
an extra boat.

The big red one
with a crab on it?
Not me.

Oh, come on!

GEORGE: Oh, he's just
being ornery.

As usual.

He's dying
to get into that race.

Then get us that boat.

All right,
let's get this thing wet.
Come on.

put on some sunscreen!

You're all going to
get burned out there.


Oh, come on, Sawyer.

Don't have to tell me.

Yeah, we're going to
kick your ass.


ANNOUNCER: Ok, let's get
this thing started.



two and a half...



Loosen the jib sheet,

Pull it back!
Go on, pull it back!

I got that.

RALPH: Let's run it
past those guys.

Yo! Come on! Let's go!

We got the wind on our side.
All right!

Get going. Good line.
Cut off the lines.

GUSSIE: Come on, Pa!

Let it go!

Who's the skipper
of this boat?

Hey, Sawyer, why don't you
just jack it up
and live with it, huh?

TONY: Fly away.
Screw yourself.

Where'd the wind go?

A little more.

I got it. How's that?
Yeah, that's good.

MAN: Ready to approach buoy.

MAN 2: Coming about!

Ready to come about.

RALPH: Okay, mate,
get ready to tack.

Coming about.

This is some kind of sailing,
I'll tell you, babe.


We're in the clear, Dad.

Yeah, we got it now.

Come on, Gussie.
Let's fly!

We need to keep
that jib inside

if we're gonna
catch those guys.

RALPH: Hey, Henry.
Get out of our way.

We're coming through!

Whoa. Watch your head.


We got them now, babe!

You okay, son?

What happened?

RALPH: We beat them!

ANNOUNCER: Let's hear it
for the Sawyers...


We'll kick your ass
next time, Sawyer,

you lucky bastard!

Next time there's
no more Mr. Nice guy!


RUTH: Addy.

Syrup's in the cupboard.

When are you
gonna quit sulking?

An accident. You know,
your dad, as big as he is,

slipped off that boat
just as easily as you did.

Come on, Mom.

I mean it.

Your mother's right.

Get over it. Cheer up.

Brooding over it
isn't going to help
anything either.

It happened.
It's over and done with.

You know, you can't always
be the winner, sweetheart.

Better get used to it
right now.

RUTH: So, what's
on the agenda today?

I'm gotta go to the office.

On a Sunday?
This is getting to be
a regular thing, huh?

HENRY: I've only done
half my lead article
for Tuesday.

What about you, sweetie,
what are you doing?

Uh, I'm taking tickets
for Mr. Carter.

Oh, yeah?

You know, he's really mad
about what you said
in your article

about Assateague
and the condos.

See, now,
he told you that, huh?
Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I'm not too popular
with any of the merchants
association now.


Why, though?

Well, I guess because

they think developing
Assateague Islands'

gonna bring more people
to the area.

But I think it's gonna
ruin the coastline.

And I'm right.

Absolutely are.

No people are gonna
come here if they don't
have any beaches.

How the hell are those
people supposed to get
out there anyway?

They want to build
a causeway.

Didn't you read
my editorial last week?

It's all right,
no one else did either.

RUTH: I'm gonna read it.
I've been meaning to.
It's upstairs.

That would destroy
the ecology
of the entire marine basin.

Nah. They wouldn't be allowed
to do that, would they?

I'll tell you. The guy
who left the island

to the state in his will,
50 years ago,

stipulated that
it was for the ponies
to run wild in.

They couldn't build.

Now, with the ponies
being as sick
as they've been,

they're contesting the will.

That was excellent
French toast.

You're not having any?

Right, all I need
is a bunch of syrup
and flour.

I'm getting so fat.

You look fine to me.

Hey. Dishwasher.

Well, good morning.
Good morning.

Oh. Mr. Grason called
from The Dispatch.

And he wants to take
a picture of you and dad
on the boat

for next week's paper.

I don't want
my picture taken.


I'm on vacation.

Well, most people are dying
to get their pictures
in the newspaper.



Well, you'd have something
to show your grandchildren.

I don't have
any grandchildren.

You will, honey.

Now, do you want
some eggs?

You want some eggs?

No, thanks.

Well, then,
some toast?

Here's some right hot.
It's right here.

I'll eat after a while.

Yes, but it's all hot.
It won't...

Well, she's been that way
since she was born.

You don't expect
to change here now.

ADDY: Me and Mr. Carter
is just gonna
have to have a talk.

Mr. Carter and I.
Mr. Carter and I.

You're gonna talk
to him, huh?

Well, you be careful
how you handle him.
All right.

People don't like
to be backed into corners
they can't get out of.

Gotta leave them
a little room
to save face. Okay?

Okay, but just a little.


Don't slam the...


You're a nice man.

A lot of good it does me.

Oh, well, you know,
people might just
surprise you,

vote that thing down.

Yeah, that'd be
a nice surprise.
Talk to you later.

All right. Don't...



We're open.

Well... Yes, if...

If it's relevant,
I'll reprint it.



Yeah, well, send it over.
Yeah, let me look at it.

Yeah. Look, I got to go.

I'll call you back
as soon as I look at it.


Yes, all right. Bye.

That was our mayor,
Wilfred Powell.

Willie's the mayor?

Yeah, and I'm pretending
to run the newspaper.

Well, how the hell are you?
I'm fine.

You look fine.
So do you.

I hear you have a kid.

No, actually,
I saw him at the race.

Yeah, I heard
you were there.
He's gorgeous.

Is he all right?

Oh. Yeah, he's fine.

The good thing
about kids is there's
always a next time.

So how are you?

I've been running.
So I probably look awful.

No, you don't look awful.

It must be
100 degrees out there.

Well, how are you?

Why do you keep
asking me that?

I don't know.

What are you
doing here?

I'm on vacation.

Look, I didn't mean to
barge in on you like this.

Oh, no, no, that's okay.
It's no problem.

Don't be silly. Come on.

Oh, my God.

Come here.

this is Ben Mahanes Jr.

This is Augusta Sawyer.
Hi. How are you?

Nice to meet you.
I know your work
and I respect it.

The last time I saw you,
you were about this big.

Oh, well, it's good
to meet you.

Tell your dad hello for me.
I will.

Well, I'd better go
so you can get
some work done.

We can talk another time.

Wait, uh...
Why don't you come to dinner?

I'd love to.


Tonight. No, tomorrow night.

Okay. What time?
8 o'clock.



Oh, it's my parents'
old house.

You know, up Alden road.

Well, I'll see you then.

I want you to meet
Ruth and Addy.

I'd like that.


What are you doing, babe?

What does it look like
I'm doing?

Driving around in circles?

Don't you have anything
better to do?


Get out of that thing!
I got to open up.

Get out of here!


RUTH: Didn't you sleep?

Thinking about the article.

Oh, did you finish it?


Gussie Sawyer
came by the office.

Your old girlfriend?

What did she want?

To say hello.

She's in town
visiting her folks.

I invited her
to dinner tonight.

You didn't.
I did.

Where else?

Oh, what time?

Henry, you might
have asked me.


Do you want me
to ask her not to come?

No. I just want her to be
short, fat, and ugly.



You must be...

Augusta sawyer.
Augusta sawyer.


Well, come on in.

Henry just had to run out
to the store.


I love your kitchen.
Oh, thank you.

I didn't plan it, you know.

It just sort of
came together
from odds and ends.

It's my nesting instinct
coming on I think

I actually do it
the way birds do it,

from bits and pieces
of things,

you know,
other people throw away.

I go to rummage sales
a lot.

I'm starting
to like the smell
of paint stripper.

It's really just, uh...
It's a big jumble.

It's wonderful.

What are we talking
about me for?

You're the celebrity.

I'm hardly a celebrity.

Oh, in this town
you are a celebrity.

You know, Henry checks
just about every photo

to see if you took it.

Sometimes I, I catch him.

He's got the magazine

to see if it's one of yours.

Where is Henry?

Why don't I get Addy.

He's upstairs.
He's just messing
with his fish tanks.

Why don't you go
on the porch.
It's a little cooler there.

The oven's
been on all day.

No, just...

Well, make yourself at home.
I'll be right back.

Thank you.



RUTH: Oh, dear,
is it too chilly
out here now?

I'm fine.

This is Addy.

Miss sawyer.


I'd forgotten how beautiful
it is from over here.

I think I just saw
some heat lightning.

Oh, yes?

I wonder what
causes that?

Then we're sure to get
a thunderstorm.

It's a good thing
I didn't plan a barbeque.

You know,
it's electrical discharges
in the atmosphere.

It's like two clouds
banging together.

I never knew that.

Our house scientist, huh.

He's responsible for
all the fish aquariums

and jars of half-dead crabs
that are all over my house.

Oh, mom.
Give him half a minute
he'll talk your ear off

about spawning patterns
and weak fish and...

Wanna see my tanks?

After dinner, honey.
Good evening.

If I would ever to get
the right wine.

He didn't have French wine.

I thought
that's what you drank.

So you've all met?


Well, let's get drunk.

Don't be foolish, Henry.
Nobody wants to get drunk.

I do.

Here's to Gussie and Ruth

and to Addy,
who finally washed his hands

for the first time
in three weeks.

What is this stuff?

It's gazpacho.

It's cold.

It's supposed to be.

Cold soup?

HENRY: Addy, just eat it.

I heard you've been
in a lot of places.

Yeah, I guess I have.

You been in wars?

A few.

ADDY: My mom said that wars
are no place for women.

Addy, I didn't say that.

Well, I didn't.
I said, um...

What I said, was I didn't...

I didn't feel like I would
ever do what you do.

How much money
do you make?


It's not a question
you ask someone.
Well, never enough.

Why not?
RUTH: You just don't.

HENRY: That's right.

How much money do you make?
Not enough.

So, um, it's been a while
since you've been back home?

I've been back on and off
over the years

but this is the first
real vacation I've had
in about 13 years.

I'm 13.

RUTH: And you live in Paris?

Um-hmm. Before that,
I was based out of New York.

Oh, New York! I don't know
how people live in New York.

Weren't you frightened?
I mean, I could never
live in New York.

I mean, all those people
packed together.

ADDY: But Dad said
you used to be a stewardess.

I was, until I had
a few pictures published
at Invite magazine

and I realized
I could make a living
as a photographer.

So that was the end
of my stewardessing days.

Gussie, more wine?
Yes, please. Thank you.

Thank you.

The soup's wonderful.

Oh, thank you.
It's very easy, really.

It's basically just salad
thrown in a blender.

We used the fresh tomatoes
from our garden.

I miss that,

tomatoes, sweet corn, clams.

I have some fresh clams
in the kitchen
I can get you some.

No, this is plenty. Thank you.

Are you sure?

I guess we're ready
for dinner.


Got it?

I'll get the other bottle.

She's pretty.

So are you.

I think Addy's
in love with her.


you jealous?

No, of course not.

Where are you going?

To Wally's
to spend the night.

Does your mother know?
Sure. Yeah, we--
we discussed it.

Come here. Give me a kiss.
Have a good time.

Nice meeting you,
and I hope
I see you again.

Hope so.

See you.

Good night.
ADDY: Good night.

God, I just can't
believe how big
he's gotten sometimes.

He's a great kid.

Only yesterday
he was that big.

He hasn't even
let me see him naked
in almost two years.

That was a pretty strange
thing to say, wasn't it?

Well, you know what I mean,
if you spend so many years

bathing and changing,

just feeling
a little child's body,

and suddenly you can't
see it anymore, it's...

I'm kind of sad about it.

You'll understand
when you have yours.

Well, I should go.

Oh, no, it's early yet.

Oh, I--I have
a long walk.

I really enjoyed dinner.
You walked?

You can't walk home.

No, Gussie let me drive you.
Oh, really, I'm fine.

I'll drive you.
I really enjoyed it.

Well, it was
really a pleasure.

I hope to see you again
before you leave.

I hope so.

Good night.
You sure you won't
let me drive you?

Thanks anyway.

Good night.
Good night.

Oh, take her home.
Go with her.


HENRY: Gussie!

Let me give you
a ride home.

I'm all right.

You're gonna get soaked
down here.

I don't care.
I like the rain.

I can get home by myself.
Please, go back.

What's the matter?

It's not much further.

Henry, I'll be fine from here.
Please, just go back.

What's wrong?

Something's the matter.
Nothing's the matter.

I just want to be alone.

Why did you do that to me?
Do what?

Invite me there.
To see you have
a perfect life?

What are you talking about?

Why didn't you
just leave me alone?

I wanted to see you again.

Well, you've seen me.

Let me explain!

You should have explained
a long time ago!

I tried!

I asked you to come back
when my father died.

I was gonna come back.
Were you?

Well, we'll never know,
will we?

Gussie, do you think
I would have got married

if I thought
you were coming back?

Ruth got pregnant.
By herself?


Look, I didn't plan
for this to happen
the way it did.

Didn't plan it.

You've got a home
and a family,
and you goddamn love them.

And you have nothing?
Look at your life.

I don't even have a cat.

I don't feel
sorry for you.

This is enough.

Let go of me!


Hi, Kate.
Hi, Henry.



Isn't he cute?

Where are the kids?

They're home.
We're celebrating.

Are you pregnant again?
Pregnant, no,
bite your tongue!

Hey, you see, Gussie,

you and the old man
kicked ass in that race.


He's got a new job
working on the condos
at Assateague.

They were approved?

All but the formalities.

Hello. That's silly.

GEORGE: Are they hiring?

You looking?
You're reading my mail.

Who do I talk to?

TONY: Come on,
I'll introduce you
to Vernon.

Do you remember
Barbara Turner?

She's afraid
to come talk to you

because she thinks
you don't remember her.

I don't remember her.

She was in
your gourmet class.

She used to date
Gordon Trimper.

Who's Gordon Trimper?

Oh, this reminds me
of high school.

Everybody's dancing,
and we're sitting around
and gabbing.


How you doing, Henry?
Oh, hi.


How are you, Squires.
I'm fine.

MAN: Hey, Henry,
what happened
to you Saturday?

I lost a fin on you.

Hey, Squires!

Well, we finally
kicked your ass.

Yes you did.
Don't count on
doing it again.

Well, you better talk
to my sister-in-law
about that.

All right.

Henry, can I get you
your usual?

No, no.
I'll come talk
to you later.

Make way for the champion.

Sit down.

Hi, Gussie.


GEORGE: How about if I
get you a cool one?
Oh, thanks.

Gussie, give him a few
sailing lessons, huh?

Hey, Squires.
GEORGE: Hey, Bill,
give me a cool drink.

I been meaning
to talk to you.

Why don't you just ease up
on them condos, huh?

(STUTTERING) Every time
I pick up a paper,

you're telling us
to turn them down.

You should.

Oh, yeah?

Well, it's gonna
destroy the ecology
of the whole area.

It's to them high words?


Well, there ain't
no ecology, man.

Nor jobs.

GEORGE: I mean,
what about them people
who've lost their work

when Del Monte closed down?

They need this work.

Yeah. You think
they care about some
flea-ridden ponies

when their kids got
nothing to eat? Huh?

TONY: Huh. gotta think ahead.
It's not just ponies.

The whole fishing industry
will be destroyed.

Our government's
limiting the fishing now.

Exactly. Limiting it
is the only way
the fish are gonna come back.

And in the meantime,
in the meantime,

how we supposed
to make a living? Huh?

George, tell them.
When them mink coat liberals
up in Washington, D.C.

let you go out fishing
one day a week, mind you,

one a day week,

how much fish you catch?
Not very...

How many damn fish you catch?
Not very much.

Yes, thank you.
Not very much!

TONY: I can't even
make a living.

My damn wife's got to work.
My damn wife's got to work!

Damn it!

TONY: Who the hell
does he think he is, huh?

Henry, that layout's
got to be to
the printer by 10:00.


Thanks for the beer.
Good to have you back.


Mr. Sawyer?

Henry. How are you?

Good. How are you?

My boy left his, uh, jacket
at the bumper cars.

Did you see it?

Don't know nothin' about it.

George needs
to talk to you.

Hi, Gussie.

I'm looking
for Addy's jacket.

Maybe he left it
in the bumper cars.

You know where?
Well, if somebody found it,

they'd probably, uh,
put it in the office.

I'll go with you.

Let me get my sweater.

There's no jacket.
I know.

Just wanted
to see you again.

I'm glad.

So, where do you want to go?

I don't know.
Where do you want to go?

Where can we go?



Oh, I'd forgotten
how tidy this beach is.

It's so closed off.

I guess that's why we all
felt so certain here.

You never felt certain.

I did, too.

Let's not fight.

At least you got out of here.

Henry, you have
a wonderful life,

you've got a wife
and a beautiful son.

You run the paper.

But you did it...
What we always dreamed of.

You went out there,
and you did it.

Yeah. But when I get home,
all my plants will be dead.

How come
you never married, Gus?

I had a few close calls.


When your father died
and you asked me
to come back, I...

I couldn't. I wasn't ready.
I know.

It was just too soon.
I know.

It all happened so fast.

I didn't understand
much about anything then.

I see it all
a little better now.

Good. Maybe,
you can explain it to me.


are we going to
pretend the other night
didn't happen.


I missed you.
Don't. Please, Henry.

What happened, happened.

And, maybe it's, you know,

it's even forgivable,
or understandable,

or whatever you say
about stuff like that.

But there's no place
for us to go from here.

I've only got
a few more days here.

Stay. Just a little longer.
It's too late.

It's too late.

Isn't it?

How's it goin'?

Want some iced tea?

My dad said
you came by to see me.

Yeah, see, I'm applying
as a special student

at Woods Hole
Marine Institute.

And, they need
a recommendation.

And, I was wondering
if you would write
one up for me.

I'll be glad to.
What, uh,
what should it say?

Oh, just stuff about
how highly motivated I am.


Okay. You got it.

Were you in school
with my dad?

How come you look so young?

You really think
I look young?

My mom looks
much older than you.

Are things okay at home?

Yeah, it's okay.




You want a backrub?


Come to bed.

I got some work to do.
I'll be up in a while.

MAN ON TV: ...Into second
base with a double...

Hey, pop.

Who's winning?
They are.

I'll get a beer.

I forgot to tell you,
you got a phone call
from a guy in Paris.

He wants to know when
you're coming back to work.

The number's on the pad
in the kitchen.

I know. I already
talked to him.

I'm not ready to go
back to work yet.

I like it here, Pop.

Well, you shouldn't have
moved out in the first place.

I tried to tell you
that once,

but nobody could ever
tell you anything.


Sometimes I wish
I'd stayed here
like Sally did.

You were born
with ants in your pants.

Every time I took
you girls sailing,

from the time you could talk,

you'd be the one wanting
to head for the horizon.

Sally'd be crying to go home.

I asked for more time off.

What for?

I'm not ready
to go back to work yet.

That kid was around
to see you.

Squires' boy.

What did he say?
That he'd come back.

He's married, Gussie.
Remember that.

Well, season's over
next Saturday.

I'll have more time
to spend with you.

What if we took
the boat out together, huh?

That would be nice, Pa.

MAN ON RADIO: Maryland transit
district bus drivers

have reached
a tentative agreement,

bringing to an end
fears of a possible strike.


Hello? Henry.

No, I haven't had lunch.

I'd love to.

15 minutes. Bye.

God, I love this boat.
Hold this, would you?

Can you cook and crew
at the same time?

You're the only good person
over ten who likes
peanut butter and jelly.

How do you want yours?



I got it.

Does this feel
like old times or what?


Do you believe what
they want to do here?

I can believe anything.

You're talking
to a very jaded lady.

About as jaded
as Tinker Bell.

I've seen people
blow each other up

over a piece of land,

You know what
I thought about

the whole time,
while I was in Venice?

Don't you remember?

How it was always
going to be you and me,

sailing the Mocking-Bird
down the Great Canyon.

You and I.
Oh, Henry.

It's funny being here,
isn't it?

As if nothing has changed.

Yeah. We're still hiding.

Do you realize
in all the years

I've known you, we've never
had breakfast at a table,

or made love in a bed.

Or made love on a table,
had breakfast in bed.

Yeah, I know.

Sometimes, I think about
what it would be like,

to live
in a house with you.

Have coffee with you
in the morning.

Supper with you at night.

Take showers with you.

Yell at you, for forgetting
to take out the garbage.

I would never forget
to take out the garbage.

I would never yell.


I'm going back to work,


I don't know.
Next week probably.

They've got
that deal for me

to do a series on kids.

We just have to
set a writer.

You're really going?

I don't belong here,

I came running back,
thinking I was coming home,

but it's not home
to me anymore.

I forgot about
the time I lived here

I was just trying to
think of ways to get out.

It's weird. I look at sally,
and she looks so happy.

She's married.

And so are you.

I love you, Gussie.

I love you, too.



Shit. What the fuck is that?


Came from over there.

Over that bluff.

Wait, Gussie.
Don't let them see you.

What are they doing?
I don't know.

HENRY: That Jeep is
from Martin & Company.

The guys who want to
build the condos.

I gotta get closer.

What are they
injecting into 'em?

I don't know,
but it's not medicine.

God, I can't see
shit from here.

Gussie, hey.

Take a shot
of Martin & Company
with the needles.

MAN: Hold still!

Hold still!


Hey! What are you doing here?
HENRY: Gussie, let's go.

Henry, the film.

All right, let's go.

I don't like having
my picture taken.

I don't wanna have
to persuade you

to give me that camera
and move on.

Get it.

Lady, you're just making
yourself a lot of trouble.

Give it to him, Gussie.

Thank you.


GUSSIE: Do you think
that's the right picture?


Is the headline big enough?

Picture tells
the whole story.

We did it!
I gotta call the printer.

Jim, we're done.

I can have it
to you in 25 minutes.
Is that okay?

Great. And can you print up
10,000 more copies?

No, it's just for this week.

Well, ask him. Yeah.


Re-write that whole piece
from the kids point of view.

What kids?

The piece you're doin'
in the Middle East.

The kids you're
gonna go photograph.

Yes, Jim. That's great.

Alright. Yes,
I'll be right there. Bye.

Henry, would you
work with me?

Would you write the story?

Would they hire me?

I don't know why not.

You've been syndicated.

You've written for
The Washington Post.

You're as good
as any other writers that
I've ever worked with.

Oh, God! Henry, it would be
a week in the Middle East,

and a week
in Central America.

Oh, God!
If we could make it work.

It would be so wonderful.

So wonderful.

Call 'em.


Where's he going?

I sent him to the office
on an errand.

I wish you wouldn't
have done that.

Breakfast is ready.
I'm sorry.


What's the matter, Ruth?

You must think I'm a fool.

Ruth, don't.

Who took those pictures?

Gussie Sawyer.

What were you doing
with Gussie Sawyer
on Assateague.

We were working.

I asked her
to do a job for me.

Don't lie to me.

You've never lied to me.




WOMAN: Good morning.
Can I help you?


You look tired.

Yeah. I didn't get
a lot of sleep.

Peggy, this is the one.

The Sun
picked up our story.

The governor's office called
and asked for an injunction

to stop the building
and they're setting up
a special commission

to look further
into the matter.

We did it!
Yeah, I guess we did.

I talked to New York.

You've got the job.

You're kidding!
Just like that?

Just like that.

Wednesday, we go to Paris
to talk to the bureau chief.

He's going
to set our itinerary.

He's talking about
Lebanon and Israel,

end of the week we'll
find out what we'll do,

they'll send us down
to Central America.

I can't get outta here
by Wednesday.

I mean,
I've gotta get someone
to run the paper.

I've gotta talk
to Ruth and Addy.

Well, how much time
do you need?

I don't know.

You just told me about this.
A week?

No. I...

I thought you wanted
to do this, Henry

I do. I just...

Look, they want us in Beirut
on Friday, there's war.

It's not gonna wait on us.

This is the real world,

Look, I'm not askin' you
to give up your whole life.

We're talking about two weeks.

I think two weeks
is the widest reference
you ever had to consider.

Have you ever
stayed anywhere longer
than two weeks?

Gussie, I'm sorry.
Please, please listen to me.
I'll get somebody else.

Ruth knows.
I stayed here last night.

If I go, I can't come back.

You don't have to go.
I wanna go.

I want this job,
and I want to be with you.

What time is the flight?

10 o'clock.
I'll be there, okay?



She got me the job.

She would do the pictures,
and I would write the piece.

We work well together.
No doubt.

it's a national magazine.

It could lead to other jobs.
We could use the money,

and I can write
about something

a little more important
than sewer assessments!

You can screw your girlfriend
in exotic cities

all over the world!

Ruth, listen to me.

We're talking about a job.
Oh! Is that what we're doing?

Don't condescend to me,
Henry. I am not an idiot.

If you're going, go,
but don't lie to me,

or yourself.

I can't compete with her.

You were meant for bigger
things than I was, Henry.

You've always known that.

If it hadn't been
for your father dying

and me getting pregnant,

you wouldn't be stuck here
in this shitty little town.

And, I don't wanna be the one
to keep you here.

And, I sure as hell
won't apologize

for liking it here.

If it's too small for you,
get the hell out.

But for God's sake,
be a man. Tell the truth.


Pop? I brought your lunch.

Set it down there.

Need any help?
No, I...

I've been putting
these things up
and getting them down

for 30 years.
I guess I can manage.

You know I'm leaving
tomorrow, don't you?


Well, uh, if you don't
need any help...

Augusta, what the hell
do you think you're doing?

Doing about what?
You know
what I'm talking about.

Going off
with Henry Squires.

Pop, I'm not
going off with Henry.

We have an assignment
to work on a story together.

We're partners.
Writer, photographer.

Photographer, writer.
It's no big deal.

But this time
it's different, Gussie.

This time you think
your partner's gonna solve

whatever you think
is wrong with your life.

And what do you think's
wrong with my life?

I don't know.
You tell me.

Well, as a matter of fact
I think I've got
a pretty terrific life.

And, I've worked long
and hard to get it
just the way it is.

I think you have
a fine life, Gussie,

I just don't want
to see you get hurt.

Do you know
how long it took me

to get assigned
with the Paris bureau,
Pop, hmm?

Eight years.
Eight years of working
seven days a week,

for months at a time.

You know, I missed every
Christmas except one,

for the past 13 years.
You know why?

Do you know why, Pop?

No, Gussie. Why?

I want to be the best.

To be the best,
you got to be there.

So, I'm there.
That's why.

The price
you have to pay for it,
it's worth it to you?

Most times it is.
Then why do you need Henry?

I don't need Henry!

I'm giving him
a chance, Pop.

This is a big break for him.

It's something
he's always wanted.

It's what you want, Gussie.
Not what Henry wants.

You chose it.

Henry chose something else
a long time ago.

He didn't choose it.
It just happened.

That's the way we choose,
Gussie. We let it happen.

It's two weeks. It's just,
it's just two weeks.

I think you deserve
something better.

I love him, Pop.

I love him, pop.

Good oatmeal.

It's the same oatmeal
I've been making
for 14 years.

Come on,
let me give you a ride.
No. No.

I'll be back in two weeks.

Hold the fort till then.

I found your gray sweater.
It was in Addy's room...

I put it on the bed.


You're okay, babe.

Hello, Henry, how are you?

I read your article about


You have a nice trip now.

Did you check your things
all the way through?

Are you okay?

You're so quiet.

I'm always quiet before I go
to Paris, for the first time.

My mother washed
and ironed all my clothes,

and packed
my suitcase for me.

She made me
a couple of peanut-butter
and jelly sandwiches.

Proceed to the aircraft
for immediate boarding.

Flight 1512.

I know.

I can't.

I belong here, you know?

Last boarding call
for Flight 1512.

Always be you and me.

You and I.


* One day down the years

* A bad heart disappears

* One day you see

* It had to be

* And cry your tears

* Far away

* When I've gone my way

* You will remember

* How good we were

* One day

* You'll hear
your heart say

* Sometimes it's love

* To turn and walk away

* That's the way
the world goes

* All those tomorrows

* We'll Learn

* What love knows

* One day

* One day

* Sometimes memory

* Is all a heart can see

* I will be there

* For you somewhere

* Hold on to me

* One day

* When I've gone my way

* You will remember

* How good we were

* One day

* You'll hear
your heart say

* Sometimes it's love

* To turn and walk away

* That's the way
the world goes

* All those tomorrows

* We'll learn
what love knows

* One Day