Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll (2019) - full transcript

Violet Evergarden, a former soldier returned from war, comes to teach at a women's academy and changes a young girl's life.

My name is Isabella York.

And this is my prison.

There are only sheltered girls of means,
their handmaids, and teachers here,

a girls' school separated from the world
by high walls.

All its students are

from respectable families
or will be marrying into one.

I am, no doubt, the latter.

She is free to go anywhere.

But not me.


May I introduce myself?

I'm pleased to be at your service.

I am the Auto Memory Doll,

Violet Evergarden.

What's a Doll doing here?

Your family instructed me to help you
achieve success as a debutante.


In three months?


I'm to be your tutor in culture,
conversation, etiquette, and dance,

all that is befitting of a lady.

I will serve in that capacity
until your debut.

Dolls do that kind of work too?

No, we usually just write letters
for our clients.

If not for the Drossel
royal family's introduction,

I would have declined.

You sound like a snob.

I really hate people like that.

I heard you're prone to coughing fits.

Don't touch me!

Your hand...

It's a prosthetic.

I lost it in the war.

A Doll who serves the royal family?

No, I'm a civilian doll.
Our company is in Leidenschaftlich.


It's the southernmost nation.

It's four days from here
if you only use local trains

on the transcontinental railroad.

You can go anywhere you want.

For a job, yes.

If you say so.

I will remain with you
until I complete my job.

I don't want to be friends.

So keep quiet unless it's
absolutely necessary for my education.

You've got that grumpy look again.
Is it really that difficult a matter?

Yes, it's a request for Violet.

They want her to tutor
an aristocrat's daughter.

A tutor?

And it's for three months.

Can't say no to the royal family.

But three whole months?

How about I go check on her
every now and then?

It's a girls' boarding school.
No men allowed.

A girls' boarding school...

These public love letters are so dreamy.

I made this the other day.

It's lovely.

You can have if you'd like.

Hey, look at this.

Who's she?

Never seen her before.

Do you know her?

No, I've never seen her either.

Good day, Miss York.

Who do we have here?

-I'm serving as Miss Isabella's handmaid.

My name is Violet.

-Well, I'm--
-Miss Lancaster, I presume?

I've heard your name.

She's so beautiful.

She looks more like
a princess than a handmaid.

Please use the outermost knife.

Miss, you've stopped working.

You must continue your lesson.

This is mandatory curriculum.

I don't wanna--

Please say "want to" instead of "wanna."




You mean the world to me, Taylor.

Miss York, which salon
will you be entering?

Miss Lancaster's salon, of course, right?

The Lancasters,
the prime minister's family,

and the Yorks, the titans of trade,
both have ties to the Drossels.

I'm so very sorry.

Miss Isabella is frail
and has spent much of her life alone.

She is now trying to acclimate
to living with others.

Would you please allow her
a little more time?

Yes, of course.

How dreamy.
She's like a knight from a romance story.

Miss Isabella.

Forgive me for leaving your side.

Just seeing you

makes me miserable.


Good day, Miss York.

After this, we'll be holding a tea party
back at the dormitory.

-If you would like--
-Leave me alone.

I'm sorry, what was that?

I'm so sorry.

My master has instructed me to limit

her interactions with others
until she becomes a debutante.

A true princess knight.

Very well, let us forget
this ever happened.

Good day.

They only see me for who my family is.

It's like I'm trapped.

I wonder.

You're no different.

This is simply a job I must do.

You really are perfect in every sense.

You could even pass as royalty.

I'm an orphan.

You're really gonna stay three months?


You told me to keep quiet unless it's
absolutely necessary for your education.

Forget that right now.

Our company has other Dolls,
so business will continue--

That's not what I meant.

There's no one you'll miss?

So there is.

There is someone, but...

we cannot see each other.

Is that so?

I hope Violet is doing all right.


No, it's me, Violet.

How are you feeling?

Were you up all night?

I've undergone endurance training,

so a little missed sleep is...

It is not an issue.


I want to talk to girls my age,
but I really don't know how.

Very well.

But please tell me
what you wish to talk about.

For example...


It's time to get ready.

You'll be late for school.

At this school,

it's customary to practice with students
filling in as male dance partners.

Miss Isabella, let's have you take
the woman's part.

And I shall be the man.

-How dreamy.
-She's a princess knight.

-I am so jealous.
-How lovely.

But I'm gonna step on your feet.

Here is the secret.

Relax your body, and follow my lead.

Miss Isabella.

Hey, come on and join me.

No thank you.

Friends are supposed to bathe together.

Is that what they do?

Yes, exactly!

So, come on.

Get in.

This is actually the first time
I've taken a bath with anyone.

Is that so?

Come here.

Is this also what friends do?

I don't know.

I slept like this with my little sister.

Did you?

Open wide, Taylor.

Is it good?



You have the basic steps down
nearly perfect.

Let's add some new steps today.

All ready.


-You always wear your hair the same.

Miss Isabella?


This will not do.
You'll miss the morning lecture.

Don't worry.

I used to do my little sister's hair
all the time.

Your hair is like velvet.

Bet it's worth a lot.

You'll sell it?

Of course, I won't.

And done.

You like it?

It might block my line of sight
in an emergency.

Really? But it's so cute.

Okay then, how about this?

Ta-da! Just like cinnamon buns!

Miss Isabella, you seem to be having fun.

Was it so obvious?


let's forget about school.
Can't we go somewhere else?


Anywhere's fine.

Just the two of us.

We can't do that...

Miss Isabella.

Now, let's try that again.

Miss Isabella?

I can't do it.

I was never going to be a lady anyway.

-You've learned to dance and--
-I don't need your flattery!

I can't do everything good like you!

I'm not like you.

Not like me?

That's right. Totally different!

It's not fair.

You're so lucky, don't you think?


You're just a little tired.

What sorts of letters have you written?

I've written lots of letters.

Letters from kids to their parents
and vice versa.

Letters from sisters to brothers.
Even love letters.

Love letters?
A straitlaced girl like you?

-Yes, they were well received.

Every one was filled with love.

Letters let you express

the things you normally can't say.

I was wondering.

I'm so mean,

but you're still so nice to me.

I'm nice?

Yes, you are.

I'm just...

doing what I've learned.

If you can't sleep, Miss Isabella,
I could tell you about the constellations.

I learned about them
when I worked at an observatory.

Very well, I'll tell you a story
about the stars

that shine this time of year.

What's all this?

It's from you father.

You are to wear this
when you become a debutante.

This is for you.

What's that?

"Having fun?"

What the heck?

It's a dress from my company.

And it was most likely delivered
by one of my coworkers.

I bet it means he wants
to see you as soon as possible.

You're leaving today, aren't you?

Yes, I'll be leaving tonight.


let's have lots of fun at the ball.

Will you escort me?

I'd be delighted.

They're all looking at you.

Is something wrong?

No, silly.

You're so beautiful.

Everyone is so dressed up.

But you're the most beautiful.

Don't leave my side, okay?

Okay, I promise.

Miss Isabella.


thank you.

You're welcome.

Are you tired?

I am, but...

that was fun.

I didn't even step on your feet.

You didn't.

What will you do now?

I'll start writing letters again.


want you to write a letter for me.

To whom?

My little sister.

I wasn't born into the York family.


See that you do better next time.

It's tough out there what with the war.

Where's your mom?

Another abandoned child.

Even if we could sell her,
she's probably not worth much.

-I've made up my mind.

She'll be my little sister.

Don't be stupid.
How could you possibly support her?

I mean, you're still a kid yourself.

It's about revenge.

I was forced to live like this.

This child was to suffer the same fate.

But I'll make sure she has a happy life.

I may have nothing,
but I'll give her a fighting chance.

You call that revenge?

It's not my fault if you two die.

You're my little sister now.

I'm Amy.

I'll be you're sister.



I'm home.


Open wide, Taylor.

Is it good?


Our room was filthy.

And we had next to nothing.

But back then,

there was nothing more I could do.

Amy Bartlett, I presume?

How dare you barge in here!

So, this is that woman's child.

The blood of the York family flows
in her veins.

She is my daughter.

Leave your name and your past behind,
and come with me.

Do that, and I'll see that
the child is cared for.

It's in her best interest.

Did you truly think
you could keep living like this?


I had nothing to offer.

No dreams, no hope.

If it would mean
a better life for her...




My desire to protect her, to save her...

It became my reason to live.

That was the day I sold my freedom
to the man who said he was my father.

And so ended Amy the pauper.

I've been separated
from Taylor ever since.

We're not allowed to meet.

I some ways...

I can relate.

I never knew my parents.
I was found abandoned

and was raised as a human weapon.

But then someone new entered my life.

He taught me to write.

And he raised me,
always treating me kindly.

He even gave me purpose in life.

I never gave anyone anything.

That's not true, Miss Isabella.

You gave me
my very first gift of friendship.


you taught me that

holding hands can warm the heart.

And I believe you have given Taylor
more than you'll ever know.

A letter would allow you
to express you feelings.

Dear Taylor...

I'll pay you back someday.

I've nothing to give right now,
but I will repay your kindness.

There's no need.

Why not? I want to.

I don't really know why, but...

I don't want you to.


will I ever see you again?

I don't know.

But remember, Miss Amy...

I'm an Auto Memory Doll.

I go wherever my customers desire.

So, the princess knight is gone.

Now we can finally talk.


Your waltz at the debutante ball
was lovely.

It was all thanks to Violet,

Miss Lancaster.

Please call me Ashley.

I wish to speak with you

without regard to house or standing.


I have a couple of letters for you.

For Taylor?

That's right. Here.

Hey, you there. Can she read?


Just my luck.

I'll read them to you.


-Okay, here goes.

Big Brother.

I'm not your brother.

Whatever. Just listen.

The first letter is from my coworker,
Violet Evergarden.

This gist is, come see me if you're ever
in need or want a shoulder to lean on.

The next one doesn't have
a return name or address.

Why's it so short?

"Here's a magic word
that will protect you.

Just say, 'Amy'."

That's it.


I'm no longer known as Amy.

I abandoned my name because I love you.

But if you keep saying it
like a magic word,

my hope that you'll have a better life

will never fade away.


So, please, Taylor...



Postal service.

Postal service!

What's the matter?

Mr. Field isn't home again today.

That's strange. He's always making
such a racket at night.

I could hold it for him.

No, it's collect on delivery.
I'll come again this evening.

Hey! Hands off my bike!

Run! Stupid old bike!

Postal service.

Postal service?

Thank you.

Always happy to serve.

Where'd that postman go?

Postal service.

One moment please.

What on earth is that tall building
over there?

I told you before, it's a radio tower!

What's a radio?

It's not going to give me
headaches, is it?

It's nothing like that.

The war's been over four years now.

Lots of progress is being made.

Despite marked progress worldwide,

the work of a mail carrier hasn't changed.

It's the same thing every day.

What a boring job.

It's the same symbol.

Big Brother!

Big Brother!

Oh, my.

Are you lost?

Is that your little brother, Benedict?

Or maybe it's his love child.

Gimme break. She's just visiting.



Taylor Bartlett!

What? You're a girl?

So you're Miss Taylor?


You're Violet Evergarden?

She's delusional.

This is the letter you wrote
three years ago.

It said to come see you
if I'm ever in need.

That's why I'm here.

She's that kid?

Are you in trouble?

I've a favor to ask.


want to work here!


"If you ever leave the orphanage

and find that you need help,
please come find me.

Sincerely, Violet Evergarden."

I see.

Taylor, did you run away
from your orphanage?

The letter is addressed
to an orphanage in Drossel.

I can't imagine they'd let a girl your age
wander around alone.

Is that true?


Besides, you need to be a bit older
before you can work here.

No, please! I'm all out of money!


I've a favor to ask.


She's the precious little sister

of a dear friend.

I want to know.

I want to know what "I love you" means.

Well, I suppose it will take some time
to send her back.

It'll require some inquiries.

So then?

Sure, you can look after her till then.

Sound good?


You'll be helping the ghostwriters then.

No, I won't.

I wanna deliver mail!


Deliver mail?

You don't want to help the ghostwriters?

I decided I wanted to be
a mail carrier before I came here.

There's no way a little kid could do
that sort of work!

Don't say that! Please, Big Brother!

-I'm not your brother!
-Won't you do this for her?

Come on, you guys.

She's right. Benedict...

she came all the way here.
Why not show her the ropes?

You heard the boss.

Listen up.

It may look easy,
but delivering mail is really hard work.

Let's have you start with
delivering this mail.


To the addresses on the envelopes.

Here, read that.

Let's see...

Two, one...

It says, "2125 Alexander Street,
Mier District, Leiden."

-Don't tell me--
-Oh, yeah!

Mier District! I knew that!



Next address.

Hey, there's no mailboxes.

That means we go to each unit.

-The fourth floor?

That's it for today.

Let's head back.


You deliver that much mail every day?

And you never even looked at a map!

That's amazing!

Any mailman worth his salt
has his entire route memorized.

Big Brother.

No, wait.

Can I call you "Teacher"?

Are you kidding me? No way!

It lit up all by itself!

They're switching to electric lights
all over the city.


Why'd you want to be mail carrier?

That's a silly question!

It's 'cause mail carriers
deliver happiness!

I can sleep here?


Where's your room?

The one across from
the bottom of the stairs.

I have this whole room all to myself!


Teach me again tomorrow!

Here's the thing.
You don't know how to read yet.

You didn't read a single address today.

You only read the numbers.


I can't read.

I have trouble learning the alphabet.

I always had the nuns read
the letters I received.

"Here's a magic word
that will protect you.

Just say, 'Amy'."


read it again.

I didn't tell you everything.


Miss Taylor,

I'll teach you the alphabet.


Yes. We'll practice together tomorrow.


Actually, I meant, study.

Study hard, and we'll make you
into a fine young mail carrier.


Yes, I'm Violet.

Do you think I'm a baby,
'cause I can't sleep by myself?


It's looking outside?

Mine's a bear!

I used to sleep in the same bed
with your sister.

Really? You slept together?



I wonder if I used to sleep with Sis too?

I wanna hear more about Sis.

Rise and shine, Miss Taylor.

Good morning.

They come undone with only two strands.

By braiding three strands,
they'll stay in place.


Good morning!

Good morning,
you adorable little apprentice.

Mr. Roland, I thought you had retired.

I have so much time on my hands,
I just can't help myself.

What about you, Violet?

I hear you'll be helping out
with deliveries today.

"A" is for animals,
"I" is for ice

"U" is for umbrella,
But the weather's so nice

"E" is for ear--



It's been ages!

Wait, why are you dressed like that?

We're delivering mail!

Delivering mail? With this little girl?

She's an apprentice,
and I'm helping her learn.

You're helping her learn?

Where are you headed?


That's right over the bridge.


All right, see you later, Violet.

I'm Taylor!

Good luck with your job, Taylor.

Who was that?

She's also a Doll.

And that man?

I don't know.

I've never seen him before.

-This is Newtown?

Try reading the address.

Okay... Le-i-den... shi...

-What's this say?
-Retorika District.

Re-to-ri-ka Dis-trict. 812.

I can read!

Here it is!

Miss Taylor.

This way.

What's this?

They call it an elevator.

It's a new device being introduced
at Newtown's latest apartment buildings.

How's it work?

I'm guessing we use this.

It didn't work.

It's moving!

That was our floor!

I'll bring it back down.

We made it!

The stairs would have been faster.

Hello there.

Oh, my.

Postal service!

Why, thank you.

It's from my mother.


There's a gift from your grandma!


What is it?

Slow down!

It's candy!


Did it really look
like I wanted some that bad?

It did.

Really? Luculia is in Leiden now?

Yes. She was there with a gentleman.

I wonder whether it was
the man she's to marry.

I guess marriage means
her Doll days are over.

No, she said wouldn't quit.

She'll keep working
even after she's married.


Times have changed.

They've changed?

There's more to a Doll's life than finding
the man of your dreams and retiring.

That is the ideal life for a Doll?

Yeah, until now at least.

Do you two share that ideal?


I wouldn't call it an ideal exactly.

But I want to become
the top Doll in the world.

I want to write novels. That's my dream.


Actually, I already wrote
and submitted a short story.

So many dreams and ideals.

Well, how about you?

My ideal?


I'm not your teacher.

Time for afternoon deliveries.

Miss Taylor!

You sure it's okay?


No one's ever bought me clothes!

Is that so?

At the orphanage, it's all hand-me-downs!

I love having something all my own!
I'm gonna treasure it.

Same with this!

I'm gonna treasure my teddy bear.

Having something to treasure.


a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

I wonder if Sis used to do this for me.

I forgot almost everything.

"Here's a magic word
that will protect you.

Just say, 'Amy'."

Miss Taylor, why do you want to be
a mail carrier?

I wanna be like Teacher
'cause he delivered Sis's letter.

I forgot what it was like
when I lived with Sis,

but I still have this letter.

It reminds me about her
and her love for me.

That's what Teacher delivered to me.

He delivered happiness.

Mail delivery is a truly marvelous career.


I want to deliver happiness too.

Why don't you write a letter
to your sister?

But I'm still learning to read.

Plus, I don't even know what I'd write.

Miss Taylor.

I'm a Doll.


let me help you.

You think Sis will like it?

Just tell her how you feel.

Dear Sis...


Do you know how early it is?

Back to the orphanage?

No. We'd like you to deliver a letter.

You wrote this?

I learned to read and write.

You're sending it to Amy Bartlett?

Where's the address?

We don't have it.

Amy Bartlett...

is now Isabella York.

She attended a girls' school
as heir to the York family,

but her current whereabouts are unknown.

Isn't she your friend?

We exchanged letters for a time.


she stopped writing.

I imagine she was married off
to an important aristocrat.

But we've no way of knowing who.

Are you asking me to track her down?

-But that's--



I have to get that letter to Sis.

Every letter must be delivered.

But I have one condition.

I thought you might be here.

Hard work is all fine and dandy,
but you also need your sleep.


That hits the spot.

I almost forgot. A letter arrived for you.

Found it.

This was his condition?

Yep. His old bike was
on it's last leg anyway.

Be careful out there, Taylor.

I will.

Let's go.




Thank you...


You're welcome.

Good luck, Miss Taylor.

May your love...

be delivered.

It seems the York family
went to great lengths

to keep Isabella's true identity a secret.

But she's from one of the great houses
with ties to the Drossel royal family.

So, there were only a few worthy suitors.

Now it's just a process of elimination.

She lives here?

This is Count Neville's manor.

The local villagers say
they see the count often,

but they've never seen
the lady of the manor.

However, merchants who visit here say

around this time,

they've caught a glimpse of her
at the back of the mansion.

Excuse me.

I've a letter for you.

For me?

Yes, it's for Isabella--

Make that, Amy Bartlett.




I don't believe it.

Dear Sis...

The nuns told me what happened.

They said

you went off to somewhere far away
for my sake.

But you still sent me a letter.

That's why...

I know that...

"I know that I'm Taylor Bartlett.

Amy Bartlett's...

little sister."


little sister.

Good morning, Taylor.


Violet helped her write it.

Oh, she did?

I'm so glad.

I'm so very glad.


Like peas in a pod.

She can write now.

She was so little when last I saw her.

I'll write Taylor a letter.

And Violet too.

Will you deliver them?


But someday,
it just might be someone else.

Teacher, I saw you crying.

You were the one crying.

Yeah, but you were too.

Enough already.


no second thoughts about not meeting her?


Once I'm a real mail carrier,

then I'll come
and deliver my letters myself!

Still haven't given up, huh?

-'Course, not! 'Cause mail carriers--
-We deliver...




Taylor Bartlett was adopted
by the Evergarden family.

And when she's old enough to work...


...she'll become a mail carrier
once again.

Postal service.

One moment please.

When will that big building be finished?


All in good time.



Subtitle translation by Jason Franzman