Violent Panic: The Big Crash (1976) - full transcript

Takashi, a bank robber, dreams of his final heist and escaping to Brazil. But in his way, stands a woman that loves him, his dead partner's brother, a corrupt cop, a motorcycle gang and every police officer in the Kanto region.













Boso Panic: Dai-Gekitotsu

WATASE Tsunehiko



MITANI Noboru SUNE Masayuki


Directed by


It's great being in Kobe. What a lively city.

Look at that. All the bank
seem to have plenty of money.

We can snatch three hundred
million easily, can't we?

Don't be greedy.

Just think about how many bills
three hundred million yen must be.

It'll weigh 30 kilos. Can't
run with that much weight.

So what?

The speed is the most
important thing about your job.

It's how much you can grab
before the alarm sounds.

It's all over when you get arrested,
no matter how much you have.

Hey, pull over.

Such a nice location.

Yeah, looks good. Let's go.


It'll work.

We run into that alley...

and then we can rush onto
the train or getaway car.

What do you think?

Pose yourself. Quick!

After robbing this bank, what
we're gonna do is fly to Brazil.

How much do you think we'll get?

You think we'll take enough
to open a restaurant there?

Don't worry. There's banks in Brazil, too.

You're right!

By the way, how are you gonna
settle your affair with that girl?

How? I don't know.

She's mixed, right?

She must want to come with us abroad.

I don't have money for that.

Besides, I've got no obligation
to take her with me.

I know how we met her wasn't normal.

Hi, how are you?

Did you read this?


Why are you rejecting
me? I'm your husband!

A husband is allowed to
touch his wife's butt, isn't he?

Don't you think so, everyone?


I was fired from my job as a
ward officer because of her butt.

I haven't married her yet, but this is mine.

Her butt is mine!

What a pervert.

Excuse me.

Hey, man. Get up.

What are you doing? Let me go.

The show's over, man.

I'm sorry, but can you take
him with you and get out?

The unusual thing wasn't only
when we met her first time...

but also after that.


Thank you for the other night.

Why don't you take off your
coat? It could get dirty.

I can't.

Why not?

Mr. Yamada?

Are you there?

Can you open the door?

You know a woman called
Midorikawa Michi, don't you?

She's been arrested for shoplifting
and listed you as a contact.

Even though she was
a first time offender...

this one was new and
now it's used, y'know?

I can't agree to a private
settlement unless I get money.

I'd say 200,000 yen.

What do you think?

All right. I'll pay it for her.

I'm sorry. I let you pay for it.

What about your husband?

He's not my husband.

He's a customer at a
cabaret I used to work.

I didn't like from the beginning.

What are you going to do from now on?

Do you have a place to go?

Can I come with you?

She said she used to be
a nude model, right?


But she's unexpectedly good at cooking.

She cooked beans, you remember?

That's the only one she can cook.

I think she's in love with you.

It's cruel to leave her behind.

Can't be helped.

She's like a migratory bird. She'll
find another tree to nest soon.


Outa the way! Seki!

Calling all cars from Hyogo headquarters.

A robbery has occurred at Dai-ichi
Kangin Bank on Nitta street at 11:30.

The cars around there must
head for the spot immediately.

Head for the spot right now.

Calling all cars from headquarters.

One of the criminals is dead near the spot.

The other one is escaping in a car.

The model of the car is a 1946 Skyline.

The color is silver-gray.

The number is Osaka 55-2-3103.

The number is Osaka 55-2-3103.


Calling all cars from Osaka headquarters.

Calling all cars from Osaka headquarters.

The thief who attacked the Kobe
Dai-ichi Kangin Bank today...

is escaping towards the Osaka area.

Yodogawa and Konohana,
watch the harbor areas.

Hurry up!

Okay, all right! Don't hustle me like that.

Make a left here.

Calling all cars from headquarters.

The Skyline in question was
found at a construction site...

near Chidori bridge in Yodogawa.

Head for the spot immediately.

Head for the spot right now.

Give it to me!

Nitta is trying to earn points again.

Kuriyama! Come here!

Who found the car?

It's me.

You did a good job.
You'll get a good point.

Mr. Nitta worked as many years as you...

but he has been promoted so much.

I don't care how good he is.

What are you doing tonight?

Why don't we catch movie and dinner?

- Yes, sir!

Can you drive to Jyuso?
- Yes, sir!

Where's the master?

- What?

The cops are here.

How can I help you?

Is this your car?

Yes, certainly.

Did you find my car?

Yes. The car was used for a bank robbery.

Bank robbery?

Who is this?
- This is Tezuka.

I brought you your car.
- All right. I'm coming.

Hi. Thank you.

Sorry for being late. Please take a look.

Great. You repaired it so well.

I have confidence as a
doctor, but I can't do this.

Thank you very much.

It's me. Don't be scared.

What's the matter with you?

I had to work for the night shift
because of the bank robbery.

I'm so busy!

But I don't like you to hustle like that.

Why are you griping?
I don't have time now.

You gave me a glimpse
of yours at noon today...

and I couldn't take it, y'know?


You're hurting me. Be more soft.

You're always teasing me!

Hi, good evening!

Hi. How have you been
since then? You doing well?

What are you talking about?

You know what I'm talking
about? It's about Michi.

What do you say? She's
the first-class, isn't she?

I can't even sleep at night,
thinking about her sexy body.

She twists and turns in ecstasy.

Afterwards, she sheds a tear, right?

That satisfies me so much, y'know?

Can I have a drink?

Then does she still like to
be done from the back?

Or from the side? When I fucked her...

Good evening.

Michi! I was looking for
you, waiting for you.

Come here.

Where did you get that coat?

Did you steal again?

Where did you get it then?

Did you sleep with someone?

Because I wanted this!

What's going on?


I'll be moving out of this place soon...

So go anywhere you like.

Don't you forgive me?

The police has identified
the masked thief who...

the died during the robbery of
the Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank in Kobe.

Seki Mitsuo, a former mechanic, age 26.

As the result of the
investigation of his house...

the police found evidence as well
as his accomplice's fingerprints.

These fingerprints have
corresponded those of the thieves...

who attacked banks in
Nagoya, Kyoto and Otsu.

So each of the police
departments of those areas...

have decided to cooperate
to investigate the case.

It is said that the surviving
criminal will be arrested shortly.


Oh, it's you.

Hey, I bought some good beans
to cook for you one last time.

Can I come home now?

Are you preparing to run away?

Who are you?


I'm Mitsuo's brother.

I'm your dead partner's brother.

He's a pretty poor boy, isn't he?

Your good partner died.

Why don't you treat him to
travel expenses to heaven?

I think you're visiting the wrong place.

I don't know a person called Mitsuo.

- Well...

I have no such partner.

I'm in a hurry. Please excuse me.

You can play dumb all you want...

but you'll give me all the
money you got from Kobe.

You hurry up or your arm
will break in a minute.

You'll give it to me? Or what?

Yes, I'll give it to you.

You should have said that
in the beginning. Now!

Stop! I'll shoot you if you don't!


Get out of the way!

Idiot! Get into the car.

Right now!

That's right. Kosaka can't say a
word with such a serious wound.

We're asking Hatano for the
description of the criminal...

but he's in no shape to tell us.

What? Yeah.

Anyway, investigate the stolen car.

Did the guy look like this?

- Look carefully.

I'm saying it's not him!

He doesn't look like that!

Listen, Hatano! Are you
really a policeman?

Remember your oath when
you joined the police force.

You think back on how he looked.

Calm down and think!

All right, you ready?

One more time. How
did he look in the eyes?

Eyelid with no fold? Or
with fold? Which one?

I don't fuckin' know! His eyes were red!

Red eyes?

Yeah! They were wide and staring at me!

What's he talking about? Did
he see a ghost or something?

Chief, the one who stole the
truck was a bank robber in Kobe.


The fingerprints correspond to the
ones found in Seki's possessions.

Please take a look.

I see. Then have you identified him?

Yes I have.

His name is Yamamoto
Takashi, a bartender, age 26.

Please start a search.
- Of course. Let's go!

The thief who robbed the
bank in Kobe yesterday...

has been identified as
Yamanaka Takashi, age 26.

The criminal hit a police officer
pursuing him about one hour ago.

He injured the officer
seriously and escaped.

The police department put him on
wanted lists all over the country...

and has continued their
strict investigation.

Have a great evening.

This is what it is.

There are other perches
for you to nest on.

You'll burn yourself if you
nest on a perch on fire.

What do you mean?

I mean, 'good bye.'

I told you 'good bye' already.

Go home, bitch.

I'm going to see my
parents. Don't follow me.

Hurry up!

Chief, I'm leaving for
Yamanaka's birthplace - Fukui.

All right. Take care.

Hang on.
- Yes.

He might turn up if he gets homesick.

I'm ready to show results
of my daily efforts.

Be careful.

I'll see you guys later.

Hatano, can you drive me to Umeda?

But I have a car inspection at noon.

Good boy!
- Cop!

Don't say such a rude thing.

I don't care.

Everyone mocks me.

Hello! It's me!

Why are you here?

Why am I here? Just open the door.

Wait a minute. Wait.

Hello, sir.

You cat burglar!

I'm not a cat burglar. I'm a police officer!

I didn't steal anything of yours!

She's mine!

Her boobs!

And her this! It's all mine!

Well, I never married you though.

But you always liked to
sleep with me, right?

I do, but...

I like sleeping with him, too.

I feel so sad.

No violence!
- Stop! Please! Stop!


This is it.

The Yamanaka family used to live here...

with seven people until three months ago.

Their breadwinner older son
was injured on his right arm.

Then they became poor.

Where did they move to?

I heard they moved to Hanba, Osaka.

What? Osaka?

C'mon, Ma, eat more.

I don't remember how long it's
been since I'd eaten such a dinner.

Don't eat in so hurry.

You'll upset your stomach.

But I'm sure I'll produce
more breast milk tonight.

I don't have to worry about the next
door with the baby's crying at night.


One more plate and fish,
too. Hurry up, please!

Are you okay?

Don't worry. It's on me.

She's a nice humble looking girl.

Besides, she's beautiful. She's
different from girls in the country.

Can you get cigarettes for me?

Take this, Dad.

It's 100,000 yen.

It should be enough money
to live for a while, right?

But how will you live after
giving this money to us?

I'm leaving for Brazil
the day after tomorrow.


Where did you get this money, Takashi?

Better you don't know.

This is my first and last pious act.

Take it now. Here, bro.

You're Yamanaka Takashi, right?

There's a warrant out for your arrest
- Come to the station with us.

The man she is in love
with is a bank robber.

How unlucky she is to pick
the wrong man again!

She's a drag for him anyway.

She must be hanging around alleys
after being thrown out like a stray cat.

It was a foregone conclusion.

It serves her right for
choosing Yamanaka over me.

It's funny, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

Is it so funny?

I'm so sad.

Would you like some?

No, thank you.

No constraints. Drink some.

Thank you.

Is the woman Michi so good?

Excuse my words...

but you'll never know that hot
body unless if you experience it.

I didn't know that bastard
ran with that woman.

Did Michi do something wrong?

No, nothing.

I have to see her face or
else I can't go to sleep.

So you know where she is?

Yes, I mean, I can definitely
see her at that place.

I can sleep well there.

Can I go with you there?


Yes! Let's go.

What the hell? They're all mannequins!

That's right.

They look like real women but
they don't have that special place.

Of course they don't.

Where's Michi? Tell me already.

Calm down.

She's protected by these dolls.

It's a castle that matches her well.

This way.


Where the hell is she?

Right here.


Her real body betrayed me but
this poster will never do that.

Look, moron, are you trying
to make a fool out of me?

No way! I'm so serious.

This is only thing I can keep living for.

Son of a bitch!

Where the hell is real Michi?

Spit it out! Tell me, you dumb fuck!

What's wrong, man?

He's dead.

Hello, sir.

Come here.

Look at this.


The one who did this is the
same as before. Isn't that so?

Yes. Looks the same way.

It's a mark with a folded
spike. Don't you think so?

I guess so.

Let me take care of this for
a couple of days. I'll fix this.

I think it's useless.

You'll just make another
mark again, won't you?


I know everything.

Get on the car!

I assume you had the same ecstasy
as hurting your beloved woman.

That means you're in love
with this car like a woman.

I have some friends who
work for the police...

and I got most of your information.

Shoplifting and voyeurism.

A so called, Peeping Tom, right?

You're on the list as a habitual offender.

The police will be happy
to arrest you for this.

What're you gonna do?

What do you mean?

Should I head for the police station, or...?

Please help me!

Get the box behind you.

I prepared it for you.

Everything is all your size as I expected.

Thank you.

You're my boy, now.

Can I sleep some more?

I was desperate to have you.

That car was a trap...

and you neatly fell into it.

Please. Forgive me.


You pushed me.

Please forgive me. Please!

- This is the police.

I need your corporation.

Go open the door.

Sorry but can you hurry up?

Excuse me.

What's going on?

We've just getting started, y'know?

There was a...

I'm sorry to bother you. There
was a murder next door.

A murder?
- Yes, that's right.

The victim was a middle-aged man...

Hatano! Will you help the
postmortem examination team?

Well, but...
- Go now.

All right.

The murder occurred
about two hours ago.

According to the front, you've been
in this room since noon, correct?


Did you hear any cries or struggling?

No, I didn't.

It's weird that you didn't hear anything...

from the common wall
between two rooms.

Oh, excuse me.

We heard nothing.

We were busy anyway.

So you mean...

She moans a lot when she comes.

I see.

I was about to take a bath with him.

Sorry for the interruption.
- Yes, you are.

No time to lose.

What're you doing? Hurry up!

Are you going abroad?





Why didn't you tell me?

I know why.

I don't deserve to even
know about that, right?

You just took me in after
a chance meeting anyway.

I can't complain even if you abandon me.

I had already decided
this before I met you.


Hello, this is Cupid.

What? Yes, she's here.

Okay, hold on.

Hey, Michi.

You have a phone call.

Guess it's Yamanaka.

I don't want to talk to him.

He's leaving Japan tomorrow.

What does he want now?

Leaving Japan? Where to?

I don't know.

Must be Brazil. My brother told me before.

Yamanaka! You...

Where's Michi?

She just left. Wait a second.

She asked me to give this to you.

Hello, no one's picking
up the phone in room 13.

Are you sure about that?

Yes, I am.

I found you at last.

It'll be inconvenient to go to Brazil
with a hole in your head, huh?

I'm sorry but why don't
you give up this time?

What are you guys doing? Stop!

Wait! Stop!


You didn't leave?


There was some trouble.

I lost the money, too.

You know it's silly to try to kill yourself.

It's not enough to make
up for what I've done...

but let me get you some
money. It's big money.

I don't want it.

Don't be silly.

You can recover your
life if you have money.

You can even go abroad. Trust me.


Hello everyone, I know
you're all good citizens.

The Workers' Party is now
completely a tool of communists.

They paralyze Japanese traffic
with their atrocious strikes.

Is this being done with
our nation's taxes?

Look at the police and
the Self-Defense Forces.

They're the same civil
servant, aren't they?

They always make efforts and work
for us, to provide our security.

But what Workers' Party does,
also working as civil servants...

is that they support the communists...

and call strikes all over the big cities.

We can no longer continue to just
watch the communists' conspiracy.

Now, we must eliminate them from
Japan and open our brilliant future.


This is the police.

A thief is plotting to attack your bank.

We've arranged to arrest him, so
please follow our instructions.

Can you confirm there is a police
car in front of the entrance?

Don't worry, you'll be fine.

Is that a surprise training or something?

Hello? Hello?

Hold up your hands! Hurry up!

Who's the manager?

Put money in the bag.
As much as possible!

Everyone else, don't move!

You, put it in the bag.

It's so noisy.


I'll buy some cigarettes
and go to the restroom.

Go ahead.
- Excuse me.

Hurry up!

Not enough! Hurry up!

Put the bag on the table!

The green car, pull over! Pull over now!

Stop the car!

Damn! You son of a bitch!

He's a criminal!

What the fuck? Wait you asshole!

Goddamn fuckin' cop!

I won't let you get away with this!

Here's your money.

Go abroad or anywhere
you want. Take care!

You wrecked my car. What're gonna do?

What're gonna do?

Idiot! Get on the car. Now!

Moron! How stupid are you?

Stop! Stop the car!

Fuck you! Come out!

I won't let you go!

Get out you bastard!

Outta of my way!

That cop just hit that boy. After him!

Hey, can you come closer?

Good, good. Go like that.


How is a motorcycle gang like
them feeling about their own lives?

We listen to their real
voice, their real opinions...

we consider the way
today's young people live.

Let's start the interview.

I know it's kind of a
commonplace question...

but why are you guys doing
this? Is there a reason?


There's no reason. It's just
because the world is boring.

Oh, I see.

You're defying the society
that you feel is boring.

The police cars running
with sirens wailing.

Let's see what happens for a while.

Oh my god, it's a disaster. That
reckless car hit one of the bikers.

What are you doing, bitch?

What did you just say,
asshole? Move your ass!

Shut up, you fuckin' bitch!

This isn't the time to fight.
We have to catch them.


We're still on-air!

There also seem to be
other runaway cars.

What is really happening?
They must be insane!

Oops, excuse me. They're
mentally unstable...

Another crazy car!

I don't know what's going on, but
we're going to chase them, too.

Let's go!

It's not too much to say that...

we have witnessed a cross section
of today's society running wild.

Get the fuck out of the way!

Shut the fuck up! You get out of the way!

Hold on to the wheel.

What the hell are you
doing? Let me go! Stop it!

You stupid broadcaster! Don't
intefere with police business!

The police copes calmly even with
such an intense circumstance.

We pass this circumstance to you
from an impartial point of view.

Hey man, let me take a ride with you.

But I have to go to work...

What are you talkin' about?

We can't allow the police
to run wild like that.

We got to get some money
from the police, y'know?

Now we received information
that the cause of this panic...

is the the result of the
bank robbery in Osaka.

The police are chasing the suspect.

However, in this extreme chaos...

it might be difficult for the
police to catch the criminal.

Fire engines are arriving.

What the hell are you doing, idiot?

We have to stop shooting!


Don't mock MHK!
Outta the way!

Hatano! I'm here to help you!

Are you snatching my job?



This is the end!

I'll run you over!

No one noticed the
two figures slip away...

But a few months later...

At the Bank of America in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

A couple who was seemed to
be Japanese robbed the bank...

and escaped with $500,000 in cash.

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