Violence Without a Cause (1969) - full transcript

Three young men from Aomori-- Harada, Matsumoto, and Osawa-- live together in a small room in Tokyo. They constantly bemoan their lack of money, lack of girlfriends, poor living conditions and boring lives. Riding home on a train one evening, they impulsively go to the beach instead. There they attack a couple, raping the woman, and forcing the man to have sex with her while they take pictures. The next day, they insult and belittle student demonstrators at the university where Matsumoto is supposedly studying to take entrance exams. In their apartment, they disturb their neighbors by singing late into the night, and then peep on the couple making love in the next room. Chieko Yoshinaga, an elementary school friend of the three who now works as a hostess in a Tokyo nightclub, pays the men a visit. They later rape her in her apartment. By chance, the three men meet a model whose nude pictures decorate their apartment. She invites them to her room and entertains them with whisky and sex until three thugs burst in and beat and rob the three men. After this attack, the trio begin meeting violent ends, and the survivors blame society for their sorry plight.

Wakamatsu Productions

Contemporary Sexual Crimes - Shout

How about going now?

But where should we go?

We have no place else to go,
other than our studio flat.

We're fortunate to at least have
a studio flat to live in.

It isn't good.
I'd prefer a luxury flat.

I don't want to live in a cheap, narrow
flat. It's no use but to sleep in.

A flat is a place to sleep in.
That's sufficient.

Even if three men live together?

Matsumoto, are you tired
of living together?

No. Only he wants to do 'it'.

- To do what?
- To do 'it' with a woman.

You can do 'it'.

A woman won't come
in a small, dirty room.

Be clever, Harada!

If you're clever, you can do
anything with a woman.

"My father rents a luxury flat for me.
Come with me!

"How about sipping brandy, and listening
to the Beethoven's 9th symphony?"

Say such things and bring her to
the room! Then you can do as you please.

You're talking about a dream.

A dream is arbitrary,
but reality is inflexible.

You've watched pink films too much.
Reality is not as easy as in pinks.

We've not been able to do anything, since we
rented this flat more than a year ago.

I don't know what to do any more.

I want money.

Shinjuku Station

Matsumoto, it would be fine if trains
were always empty like this.

Of course! Isn't that right, Matsumoto?

We're deplorable.

We'll get better surely, Matsumoto?
We're still young...

- We're only 19 years old.
- What's the use?


Hey! We've arrived.


What's the matter? You won'tget off?
Won't you return to our flat?

- Where do you want to go?
- Somewhere far away.

Me too.

It's the same thing everywhere.
Nothing changes.

- That's why I'll go.
- Don't joke, Matsumoto!

Do you have the money
to go far away?

- I have only this.
- Only that?

Then show me your money!

I've paid more than
five hundred yen for you.

- It's rare for Harada, not like usual.
- It might snow.

Harada, isn't this sufficient?

Wow! How did you get such an amount?

This isn't money from a dubious source.
A registered mail arrived yesterday.

Your father has sent you
thirty thousand yen?

This month, much more than usual.
He may have got more in the lottery.

They send me no more than
twenty thousand yen.

Don't complain! I live by myself.

- It's natural, as you work.
- I don't work spontaneously.

Where on earth do you want to go?

"Far away, it's the Sea of Okhotsk,

"a red, bright red Japanese rose is

"looking at the sea and crying.

"The name of the place is
the Abashiri prison."

Without joking, where will we go?

- To Abashiri.
- Impossible!

It's cold.

Osawa, don't you have to
go to the factory?

It's OK.

It's strange. I'm angry
when I'm in the crowds of Tokyo,

as well as when I'm looking at
the sea, out of season, alone with you.

Harada, I'm tired of hearing
insignificant things you repeat.

- What? Don't speak as if you
were important! - Stop, Harada!

Don't do anything that makes me hungrier!
I'm already very hungry.

A lie! You neve rfight seriously.

- You're a coward.
- You no less than me!

You can't blame the others.
Because we're the same species.

- Let's go!
- Damn!

- Hey! They look like a couple.
- You're right - perhaps newly-weds.

They may be on their honeymoon,
and staying in a hotel near here.

Damn! They're doing well.

If so, last night should have been
their first night. They're doing well.

We alone have nothing good.

There's an enormous difference
between us.

A popular man can do 'it' with many girls,
whereas an unfortunate one gets nobody.

"Ah! No! Stop! Forgive me!"

Stupid! No girl says that
on the first night nowadays.

"What? You can't go any longer?
I must worry about our future.

"My body is on fire like this!
I don't like weak men."

Congratulations! We award this week's
prize to Akiko Matsumoto.

Congratulations! We'll give you
ten dozen condoms and

a hundred thousand tissue papers!

- Look! The girl is fairly nice.
- The man is affected and foppish.

- I wish that glamorous girl would
let me do 'it'. - Impossible!

If she won't, we have no choice
other than to do our own will.


Set me free!

Don't enter the erosion control forest!

Stop it!

Shut up!

Please! Stop it!

Stop it! Please!



Hey! This man seems to be
a salesman of Towa Firm.

Really? That's a prominent company.

If I enter a university,
I'll never geta job with them.

He's a lucky man. We're all the second
or third sons of poor farmers.

We're unnecessary. We were born
because our fathers saved a condom.

- But I've had to make a lot of effort.
- You want to preach to us about life?

I didn't mean that.

Effort? Don't make fools of us!
Effort is useful in what way?

If we make an effort,
who will benefit from that?

The world is structured so that
we can't get women, nor money!

I can't be patient any more.
I'll do 'it'!

Finish quickly!

- You do 'it' too.
- Do 'it'! Don't be ashamed!

- Our relationship isn't like that!
- What kind is it then?

Is yours a platonic one?

Ah, platonic. If so, you'd better do 'it'.

Now do 'it'!

From the medical point of view,
you should eject what needs ejecting.

You'll feel more agreeable.

Don't hesitate!

Do it at once!

Do 'it'! Don't be an idiot!

Harada, take photos of them
with this camera,

when they are excited and naked.

Take off your clothes! Don't be an idiot!

Do it with eagerness!

You must do it with eagerness.



- Osawa, you did your best.
- She has excellent breasts.

- That guy won't try to prosecute us?
- He won't, because we have these negatives.

Excuse me!

- Who can that be?
- Hide them!

- Who is it?
- I'm a bill collector for the newspaper.

Wait a moment, please!

- Give me some money!
- I only have this.

OK. That's sufficient.

Thank you.

Money only goes away from us.

How about stopping the newspaper?
Events in the world have nothing to do with us.

- You're right.
- I want a woman, rather than newspapers.

Oh! They've done well.

They confined two female university
students in cars, and violated them?

"At around 1am, December the 15th, two cars
approached A, 19 years old, and B, 18 years old,

"walking in a street of Harajuku, and
forced them into their respective cars.

"The two cars went from Shinjuku,
via the Ome route, into a forest.

"Then the six men in the two cars
suddenly rushed upon A and B,

"carried them out of the cars,
took them behind some trees,

"and started tearing off their clothes.

"The female students resisted violently
saying, 'No! Please don't! Stop! '

"But the men threatened them saying,
'Be quiet! Or you'll get beaten, whores.'

"Faced with the violent strength of the
men's arms, their resistance was in vain.

"Buttons from their blouses were thrown
away, their skirt fasteners pulled down.

"Their white bodies that had never
known men, bounced in the dark!"

Osawa, didn't you add something
you'd imagined?

Don't joke! I'm only citing
what is written here.

- I don't want to go to the university.
- Why?

If you wan tto know the reason,
come to the university!


- Can I discuss this with you a little? OK?
- OK.

- Your department?
- I haven't entered yet.

Oh? But you're interested in
the student movements?

Dialogue in a period of reformations

Now campus disputes escalate
with historical universality worldwide.

This fact proves clearly that
the bourgeois democracy, in the name

of constitutional democracy,
is facedw ith crisis as a whole.

The recent legislation
on universities...

"What we need to do now is
to radically break

"the way in which universities are controlled
by the power of the State.

"In this way, we must fight thoroughly
against the capitalism of Japanese

"imperialism, that's revealing the essence
of monopolised national capitalism."

These are boring phrases
which are intended to threaten us!

What are you saying?
You lack comprehension.

- The strategy of the State is obvious.
- I've understood you. Stop, please!

- What have you understood? Nothing!
- Don't say pretentious things.

What we need is a woman.
Do you understand? Let's go!

She's a nice girl.
She doesn't need to distribute leaflets.

She's probably doing it for the memory.
She'll marry a man with a bright future,

they'll make a healthy home together,
and she'll bear two children or so.

- When they've grown up...
- She'll say, "When I was a student,

"campus disputes took place everywhere,
and I also participated in them.

"I was like Rosa Luxemburg
or Joan of Arc.

"I recall that vivid and
passionate time," and so forth.

Nowadays, for the girls
the revolution is a kind of romance.

Kazukoin 'The Setting Sun' of Dazai,

also says, "I was born for
love and revolution."

- What are you doing? - What are you
thinking of, distributing leaflets?

What do you want to say?

- How about going to bed with me?
- I'm not a whore!

- A whore? You're worse than a whore.
- Don't disturb me!

You understand nothing.
In a word, you're sexually frustrated.

That's not true, because this job
is very satisfying.

Job? A joke! This is a pastime. You
receive money abundantly from your home.

That's why you're able to do such a thing!

It's cold.

I want money.

Do you have any cigarettes?

"Even flowers that were wished
by the spring mustfall.

"Drink after drink, I drink all day long.

"Anyway, the name of my last destination
is the Abashiri prison."

It's late at night -
don't sing such an odd song, please!

- Pardon. - Be conscious of your
neighbours! We can't sleep!

I'm really sorry.

A comet twinkled briefly.

My burning body is at the northernmost end.

Bastard! In fact they can't get excited,
hearing that record while doing 'it'.

That song isn't suitable
as background music.

- Hey! Let's peep.
- OK.

Me first.

Can you see?


- Change places!
- Shut up! They've just started.

Change places!


That's enough for you.

- What can you see?
- They're doing!

Bes ilent!

- Amazing!
- Damn!

- Change!
- What are you doing?

Move away!

Wait a moment! He's putting it in.

Hey! That's enough for you.
Let me see a little!

Wait a moment! Shut up!

- Let me see a little!
- Now it's a good scene.

Move away so that I can see.

Hey! Quick!


- Let me see a little! I want to see.
- Wait a moment!

Enough for you. Change! Ouch!


- Enough for you.
- It's a good scene. Ouch!


- Unbelievable!
- Uh-oh!


- It's clearly visible?
- I can't see.

Hey! Move away a little!



- Don't push me!
- Ouch!

This is amazing!


- Enough for you.
- Wait! Wait a moment!

Good! Good!

Super good!

- Let me do 'it'!
- Stop!

- I want to do 'it'.
- Shutup!

They're going to finish.

Damn it! Hey!


- Look!
- Invisible behind a board.

- What's going on?
- They're doing well.

I also want to do 'it'. Damn!

- Shut up!
- Let me see!

You can look.


We're always only looking.

I've also become eager to do 'it'.


- Harada, can I put up these photos?
- Do as you please.

She's so glamorous, isn't she?

Yes. I want to do it
with such a girl forever.

- When we're free, we always watch pink films.
- With our money, there's nowhere else to go.

If we get excited by films,
we have nobody who will let us do 'it'.

- How about raping by turns again?
- We shall probably try that way.

- It's unlocked.
- You may have forgotten.

How are you?
I haven't seen you for a long time.

- Do you know her?
- Er...

- I've seen her somewhere.
- Somewhere? Don't you meet her regularly?

Don't joke! I don't know her.

You're all talking nonsense.
You should all know me.

You happen to be Chieko, one of our
classmates at the primary school?

Yes. I'm Chieko Yoshinaga. I asked
the caretaker and came in. Sorry.

We couldn't tell because
you've changed so much.

- You've become very beautiful!
- I've changed so much?

It's been seven or eight years since then.
Who told you this address?

- I heard it from Sato.
- Sit down.

- Chieko, do you live in Tokyo?
- Yes. I rent a luxury flat in Akasaka.

- You heard? She lives in a luxury flat!
- What do you live on?

- I work as a hostess at a nightclub
in Ginza. - Ginza?

A hostess at a nightclub?

I can never go to such a place.

- What are you doing now?
- I'm a student.

- You go to a university?
- Yes, like that.

- You were good at studying at
the primary school. - I wasn't that good.

- Matsumoto?
- I don't do anything.

- Nothing? You don't work?
- He's preparing for entrance exams.

- So, you go to a preparatory school?
- Yes...

You don't look so good.
Don't regret a failure!

Your cigarette is back-to-front.

- Osawa, where are you going?
- The toilet.

- What does he do?
- He's a factory worker.

He was good at engineering.

He works in a small factory, but
he feels comfortable, as he likes engineering.

- Matsumoto, give me a cigarette!
- This cheap one is oK?

Are you feeling inferior?
I don't like mean spiritedness.

- Osawa, do you like your work?
- I don't like it all that much.

Wha ttime is it now?

It's five minutes to one.

It's so late! I'll go back home now!

- You can stay here.
- Idiot! We aren't children anymore.

Write your address here.

You live in a fine place!

- I'll leave now.
- I'll accompany you to the station.

Really? You're kind, Harada.

- Bye.
- I'll be back soon.

"Really? You're kind, Harada."
Damn it!

Hey! Let's sleep now.

Preparatory school

- Hey! Matsumoto. You play well?
- We think about the same thing.

Don't you have to study? Examinations
will be taking place within a month.

- It's none of your business.
- How about going for a drink?

Oh! What's the matter?

You shouldn't be surprised.
We came here as customers.

We won't drink for free.

- You made love with Harada that night?
- I don't know. What do you want me to say?

He left with you and didn't return home.

Do you mean he stayed in my room?

- Yes.
- That's why a rustic is irritating!

- A single cell!
- What? - Stop!

Since you slept with him,
you'll sleep with us. OK?

Don't joke! Do you want to imply
I'll sleep with anyone?

It isn't fair that you let him do it,
but not us!

That's my own business!

For three notes or for five?

Don't take me for a whore!

OK. You're worse than a whore. A whore
lets a man do it for money, but you won't.

You're completely selfish.
You don't have the slightest bit of kindness.

- It was dangerous.
- Idiot! I'm a veteran.

You've stolen three books.
You've done well.

850 yen, 730 yen and 550 yen.

These amount to 2130 yen.

Take them to a new store,
in case you're suspected!

They'll pay 1000 yen.

How about picking up a girl today?

We won't succeed this time either.

Hey! How about a cup of tea with us?

Come chat with us. All right?

- How about a cup of tea?
- Only for a while?

Next time!

- A cup of tea with us?
- Disgusting!

We live for nothing.

Nothing is interesting.

- How about raping Chieko between us?
- Chieko?

- Are you serious?
- What an expression you pull!

She isn't just a friend from long ago

- Harada, I'm sorry. I was wrong.
- What are you talking about, all of a suddden?

- Because you didn't return that night.
- You suspected me?

- Yes.
- It's only natural.

Then I was thinking of
having her to myself.

As we suspected.

- Then?
- You didn't do 'it' eventually?

No. We arrived at the block of flats in
Akasaka, and she asked me to return home.

You should have got angry.

I got angry down to my balls!

To have me accompany her to the block of flats
and, then to reject me - is this allowed?

That's obviously a way
of making a fool of you.

- To tell the truth, we also went to...
- To the block of flats?

- No, but to the nightclub.
- And there we were refused by her.

Who is it?

- An employee of the cleaning shop.
- Wait a moment!

What are you doing?

Set me free! You've gone mad?!

We aren't insane!

- Set me free!
- I can't forgive a woman like you!

You'll sleep with rich people, but not
with us! Don't make fools of us!

- Wait, Harada! Let's decide our turns!
- You're right.

- Beasts!
- Who has made us beasts?

Who has made us beasts?


- Beast!
- Women like you have made us beasts!

You're haughty, despite your dirty
mind and body! I dislike that!

Always the same supper.

I like to eat bloody
beef steak sometimes.

There are people who eat it everyday.

If we spend money on delicious food,
we can't play.

If we spend it on play,
we have toe at bad meals.

- The world is short of money.
- We'v played a lo trecently.

- But only pachinko and films.
- Those don't count as 'playing'.

In summer, we worked part-time and
didn't go to the sea or to the mountains.

- Without a car, nor a luxury flat.
- Without fine clothes.

We aren't popular with women.

- How about returning?
- Where to?

- To Aomori.
- What would we do there?

- But in Tokyo, there is nothing good.
- In Aonmori, it's similar.

What are you doing? Eat!

How about doing something with this?

A toy pistol. You mean
robbing a bank?

Stupid! This was converted
from a cap pistol.

I modified the firing pin
during my nightshift.

- That fires bullets?
- Of course!

But you can't become
happy with a pistol.

I don't have it in order
to become happy.

- Hey! I expected you were here.
- Hi, Matsumoto!

You've been to the school today?

Yes. I must sometimes go there,
as the exams approach.

- We've seen that woman somewhere before?
- Yes, I've seen her somewhere...

I wonder where?

That's her! She's the woman
in the nude photos in our room.

You're right.

Osawa, she's the woman in the photos
cut out of your magazine?

As you identified her first,
you ought to call on her.

- That's a cunning thing to say.
- Let's decide by playing for it.


Who is it?

- What do you want?
- Nothing. How to say...


- know you.
- A model?

- I do things like that.
- We have your photos.

- You're glamorous.
- You're referring to those nude photos?

- Yes. Those nude photos.
- You're a funny man.

- We live near here.
- Really?

- For a long time?
- Yes. For more than a year.

Then you've lived here longer than me.

- When did you move here?
- About three months ago.

Just recently!

It looks as if you were
investigating me.

If you're free, come in! OK?

This flat is much cosier than ours.

- Do you live in a studio flat?
- Yes.

- We live together in a small room.
- So we always make a mess.

- Where are you from?
- We're all from Aomori.

- A coincidence! I'm also from Aomori.
- Sister... No. You're from Aomori, too?

- Do you want some whisky?
- Good!

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I want to go shopping.
Could you take care of my flat for me?

- All right.
- Thank you.

- I can't stay calm.
- No woman has ever been so kind to us.

She's our angel, Santa-Maria.

- Perhaps she'll sleep with us?
- It's certain.

She's a woman who lets men do 'that', surely.
Her lascivious eyes tell me that.

My dreams and hopes have always been
betrayed. I cannot believe in anyone.

Hey! She seems to be back.

I'm sorry. I've made you wait a long time.

We must apologise.
We've stayed sat here for ages.

Be at ease, because I can't
offer you a meal.

- I'm not okay today. Can I sleep a bit?
- We'll go now.

- You can stay and drink.
- Thank you.

- Hey! She's provoking us.
- "If invited, a man mustn't refuse a woman."

- I will do 'it'.
- Me too. - And me.



We want to be... in bed with you.

- You've never been in bed with a woman?
- No!

- All right.
- Wait. Let's decide by playing for it first!

I'll go first.

- Damn!
- Damn!

Have you finished?

- Osawa?
- OK.

- Hey! Hey!
- What?

Be quiet! Or you'll get a beating.

We aren't in the wrong. She invited us.

Don't try to justify yourself, after you made
love with another man's woman! Bastard!



Fortunately, we only had one thousand
yen, but they took my watch.

You're still lucky, since you got to do 'it'
with her. But what should we do?

Damn! I didn't expect my dream
would be broken in this way.

Damn it!

Is this our angel?

Some Santa-Maria!

- Osawa, where are you going?
- I cannot help drinking.

- Osawa!
- Let him go!

- He left with his pistol.
- Don't worry. Hew on't do anything.

- Matsumoto, you got balls?
- No, not at all.

- He hasn't been back in three days.
- Where is he wandering about?

- Does he have any other place to go to?
- He seems to have no such acquaintances.

- Perhaps he's begging?
- Or maybe he does a day-labour job in Sanya?

- He might be dead?
- Don't say such a thing!

- An accidental firing of his pistol.
- He's an unfortunate guy.

- Killed by a pistol he'd made himself.
- Why did he go away with his pistol?

I don'tknow.

- Did he want to kill the nude model who
had deceived us? - It's possible.

The dead never speak.
We cannot know why.

On the cold concrete in Shinjuku,
not yet lit by the sun,

he was found dead, face down,
like a stretched-out frog.

Our future isn't much different
from Osawa's. I can see it.

- I won't die. I won't die.
- He didn't die.


- He didn't die.
- Then, what?

- He was killed.
- Killed?

- By who? By who was he killed?
- By everybody.

By Chieko, haughty though an old friend,

by the nude model who deceived us,

by the caretaker here who complains,
if we're a little bit noisy,

by the teachers at the junior high school,

by the policemen who brought us to a police
station to investigate us, though innocent,

and by all those who, instead of being
punished, live proudly, he was killed!

He was beaten to death!

- Hello! You're Harada?
- Yes.

- Matsumoto, your mate, killed himself.
- Killed himself?

At 11am, he killed himself by leaping from
a platform at Shinjuku station.

We want to hear about him from you.
Come with me to the police station, please.

Can I ask him about the cause of
Matsumoto's suicide? - OK.

He was to sit the entrance
exams this year?

Yes. I think so.

Did he look like he was suffering from
neurosis caused by the exams?

Well, he didn't study hard...

Osawa, killed a week ago in an accident
with a pistol, was his roommate...

- Was he shocked by that?
- I think so.

- Had his attitude changed recently?
- I hadn't noticed anything.

For example, did he say that
he'd grown weary of living?

Such things he always said.

- Was he worried about a woman?
- I don't believe he was.

We cannot determine a decisive cause.

Not because of neurosis caused by the exams,
nor because of despair about life.

Can we say 'a solitary man
in a megalopolis?'

How about writing 'The suicide of
a young man who has lost

sight of how to live in the
developed, industrial, capitalist world?'

That isn't true!

He didn't kill himself.
He was killed!


Shut up! Who kills himself willingly?

He was killed.
He'd no reason to kill himself!

Osawa, Matsumoto.

I'll play the record with
your favourite song on it.

Even flowers that were wished
by the spring must fall.

Drink after drink, I drink all day long.

The name of my last destination is
the Abashiri prison.

A comet twinkled briefly.

My burning body is at the northernmost end.

My name is such, my first name is such.

The name of the place is
the Abashiri prison.

Far away, it's the Sea of Okhotsk.

A red, bright red Japanese rose is

looking at the sea and crying...

This time, I really have nowhere
to return to any more.

Throw away the pistol!

Throw it away! Or I'll shoot!

Throw it away!

I'll shoot!

Producer: Koji Wakamatsu
Scenario: Izuru Deguchi - Toshitaka Sakabe

Camera: Hideo Ito
Lighting: Hajime Isogai

Editor: Isamu Nakajima
Music: The Hard Schedule

Hiroshi Muraoka
Toshimasa Sakaguchi

Kazuya Jo
Ei Tojo

Yuko Ejima
Yuko ohama

Naomi Asaka
Joji Ichimura

Hiroshi Imaizumi
Hiroshi Yajima

Director: Koji Wakamatsu

The End

Translated by quaisnord for ADC
Revised by Lord Retsudo for ADC