Violence Voyager (2018) - full transcript

Following an end-of-term school ceremony, the American boy Bobby decides to go with his friend Akkun into the mountains outside their village, to a place perfect for a secret base. On the ...

(Ominous music)

(thunder rumbles)

(low bass)

(fireworks popping)

(hurried footsteps)

(cicada chirping)

- Bobby, I knew your art in craft project

would win first prize.

No Japanese kid would ever think of making

a pinball baseball computer console.


- You're exaggerating.

Your cardboard dinosaur
is cool too, Akkun.

- I just made something big

so people wouldn't notice it was lame.

But yours is sophisticated.

You employed a variety of skills

in a minimalistic embodiment.

It's amazing!

- You think so?

If you make any more
compliments, I'll blush.

- Hey, guys, what about mine?

- It's not your fault, Yakkun.

You're still a kid.

- What does that mean?

- But the way, Bobby, the other day

I went looking for stag beetles

with Old Man Lucky-Monkey.

When I was there I found a path

that leads to our neighboring village.

- Really, you found one?

- Yeah, but I didn't have time to explore

so I didn't go far down the path.

- Way to go, Akkun!

That means we can go and see Takaaki.

Let's head straight for the mountain.

- But if we go now, it'll
be dark before we know it.

We should go first thing in the morning.

Otherwise, we might not make it back.

Okay, I'll see you first thing tomorrow

at the special meeting place.

- Hey, take me too.

Where is your special meeting place?

- It's a secret.

We'll take you when you're a teenager.

- Fine!

That's up to you.

But if you leave me out, you'll regret it.

(Upbeat music)

- Look, it's Bobby.

- What do you want?

- You were so popular when
you first transferred here.

Just because you were a foreigner.

But now that's the only
kid who'll play with you?

Isn't it cruel how children
get bored so easily?

- Don't talk bad about Akkun!

I played with Akkun because he's fun.

- Bobby.

- Do you really believe that?

I can think of so many others
who'd make a better friend.

(Sniggers) Let's go.

- Damn her!

- Bobby, forget about it.

- You let her get away with too much.

- They're probably going to the mountain.

They always go and play
without going home first.

It's so unfair.

They have all the fun.

Bye, Bobby!

I'll see you tomorrow morning.

- Sure thing.

At the special meeting place.

- Don't forget to bring your things.

- [Narrator] His name is Robert Houston.

People call him Bobby.

He came with his parents from America.

He can't believe the
summer holidays are over.

He still wants to play.

So he's planning to go
with his friend Akkun

to explore the mountain.

However, that one extra bit of summer fun

was going to take Bobby through hell.

The poor boy had no idea at all.

(Ominous music)

(birds chirping)

- And okay.

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.

(Metal rattles).

(Cat meows)

Good morning, Derrick.

Derrick, do you wanna come too?

(Cat meows)


Who's a good boy?

We might need this too.

(Cat meows)

(ominous music)

Oh, dad, good morning.

- I'm going to work.

I'll be back before dark.

And don't do anything to make mom worry.

- Okay, sure.

Have a nice day.

(Lively music)

Good morning, mom.

- Oh, good morning, Bobby.

- Mom, relax.

I'll do it.

- Thanks, Bobby.

Are you going somewhere?

- I'm just going to go play with Akkun.

- Where will you go?

You know I worry about you.

- I'm going to go get flowers.

Doesn't that vase look lonely?

I'm going to go find some
flowers to put in that vase.

I'll be back before dark.

Don't worry.

- Okay, Bobby.

After all, you're not a baby anymore.

- See you later.
- Okay, Bobby.

Take care.

Have fun.

- [Bobby] Sorry, Akkun.

- Bobby, you're late!

- I'm sorry.

- You'll never change.

So shall we go?

(Bush rustles)

I wonder how Takaaki's doing.

- I can't wait to see him.

We have so much to talk about.

- Oh, hey, Bobby, look over there!

That's Old Man Lucky-Monkey's house.

- Oh, really?

He's the strange old man you
became friends with, right?

- That's right.

But we don't have time to say hello today.

- Well, yeah, but while we're here

do you think he could
let me use the bathroom?

I'm about to burst.

- If you need the bathroom,
there's one over there.

(Door creaks open)

(toilet flushing)

(water drips)

(monkey growls)

(scampering music)

- (knocks) Hey, Old Man Lucky-Monkey!




- Ouch!

Akkun, are you okay?

- That hurt!

What happened, Bobby?

- I'm sorry.

But there was a, there was a
chimpanzee in the bathroom.

- That's just Konji.

Don't worry, he's Old
Man Lucky-Monkey's pet.

- Look what I found.

Hello, Akkun.

- Hello there, Old Man Lucky-Monkey.

- Hello.

And who are you?

- Hello, I'm--

- He's Bobby.

He's an American.

- You're Akkun's friend?

Nice of you to come.

- What were you doing down here?

- I was picking wild
vegetables in my backyard.

- Oh, really?

- So, Akkun, what brings
you this way today?

Do you want to come in?

- Oh, we can't.

We're on our way to see a friend

who switched school last year.

- On the other side of the mountain?

- Yeah, uh-huh, that's the plan.

- Akkun, I warn you for your own good.

It's too dangerous for children
to pass the mountain alone.

Don't go.

- We'll be fine.

I made it to the radio
tower just the other day.

- I'm telling you, you
must heed my advice.

Are we clear?

- Bobby, it looks like we have no choice.

We'll have to take the train
to see Takashi next time.

- That's a wise decision.

If you want to play, don't stray too far.

If something happens,
remember Old Man Lucky-Monkey

is here to help.

- Okay.
- Okay!

See you later.

- Goodbye.
- Bye!

What do you think about Old Man
Lucky-Monkey's warning, huh?

- What do I think?

Of course we should keep going.

You found the path for us, right?

We have to go.

- Okay, let's go.

(Metal rumbles)

- Something's there.

It's a bat?

He doesn't look too good.

We should give him something.

And this is all I have.


He ate it.

- Bobby, what's that?

- The bat was stuck under this sign.

A hands-on amusement park.

Violence Voyager.

Turn right soon.

This looks like fun.

- But that sign wasn't here last time.

- Let's take a look.

- Hey, wait up, Bobby!


Darn it!

- That's it!

Just like the sign said.

Welcome to Violence Voyager!

- [Akkun] Really, we have
to cross that bridge?

- [Bobby] No way!

- I think we should go back.
- We are going.

Right, Derrick?

- Wait up!


(cicada chirping)

- What is this place?

- It looks really run down.

Let's go home.

- No way!

We must find out what this is.

- Darn it, Bobby!

- [Bobby] There's the entrance.

Let's check it out.

- For real?

We should go back.

- Hello?

Looks like nobody's here.

- See, they're closed.

Let's go home.

- Not so fast.

There's a cage with a dog inside.

The food looks fresh, too.

It's a pet.

No doubt about it.

Somebody lives here.

- For realies?

(Cat growls)

- Derrick, settle down!

(Door creaks open)

(ominous music)

- Welcome!

Sorry about the wait.

- Oh, hello.

We saw the sign in the forest.

Is this place still operating?

- Yes, of course it is.

I'm always here waiting for
children to come and play.

- But isn't this place a bit run down?

- Hey, Akkun, don't be rude.

- It can't be helped.

I made everything here by hand.

And not many kids live
around here these days.

I'm unable to keep it open
because I have another job.

But parks like these are
dying out everywhere.

- Did I hear you right?

You made everything yourself?

- Yes, I made most of it all by myself.

- That's amazing!

Akkun, let's play here.

This must be an amazing park.

- But if we play here, we
won't make it to the village.

- Maybe, but we can go again next time.

We can go anytime.

- Okay.
- Yippee!

- Then that's that.

The entrance fee is 200 yen per child.

- [Bobby] Akkun, how much do you have?

- [Akkun] This is all we have.

- That's nowhere near enough.

Unfortunately, it looks like
we don't have enough money.

We'll have to come another day.

Good bye.

- So I changed into my
uniform for nothing.

What a shame.

Okay, hang on, boys.

This is a one-time only special offer.

Today's entrance is free.

- Really?

- You're valuable customers.

We haven't had many lately.

You're going to have a
whole lot of fun today.

If you enjoy it, you can
bring more friends next time.

- Thank you!
- Thank you!

- Wow, this is amazing!

What's going to happen?

- You'll see.

But, firstly, you must learn the rules.

Take one set of these each.

- What is this?

- Looks cool.

- It's time I prepare the attractions.

I'll leave the explaining to her.

This is my daughter, Saori.

- Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm Saori, your navigator.

It's a pleasure.

- Yes, it is a pleasure.
- It's a pleasure.

- First up, let's prepare for dispatch.

Take your Voyager suits from
the cases and try them on.

- Voyager suit?

Is this it?

- Bobby, that really suits you.

- You both look very handsome.

So are we all ready?

Come over here.

(Chiming music)

- Men, can you hear me?

I am Kioke, Commander
of the Violence Voyager.

Sota Kioke.

Let me brief you about the war situation.

As we all know, they began their attack

on mankind last summer.

We were no match for them.

In three days, they had killed
80 % of the human population.

They owed the swift
success of their invasion

to the dirty work of their
menacing combat robots.

They attack by spraying a strong

alkaline liquid from their hands.

This is what our soldiers look
like after such an attack.

Have you ever seen anything so terrible?

After their melt our flesh,
they absorb us nourishment.

In order to protect us
from the lethal attacks

we developed these, Voyager suits.

I'm sure you're already wearing them.

These suits are, under the
enemy's toxic attack, harmless.

However, they cannot
protect against attacks

aimed at your head.

Do take care.

Your suits need no further explanation.

Fortunately, our intelligence has led us

to the whereabouts of their commander.

His name is Dr. Bonobo.

You are currently in the tropical area.

The doctor hides on the other
side, in the haunted land.

- Hey, doesn't that doctor
look like Old Man Lucky-Monkey?

- You think so?

- Men, it's time to take your
guns and begin your attack.

(Speaking in foreign language)

Be strong, men.

Oh, I almost forgot.

The ammunition your weapons
use is called Petelkan.

It's a special type of water.

You can refill your weapons
at the water station

shown on this map.

That's all from me.

May you fight well.

Now you must go to the armory.

Squad member Saori will
provide you with weapons.

Follow her.
- This way.

- [Kioke] You can take
the gun of your choice.

Consider it a present from me.

(Determined music)

- [Bobby] This is amazing!

- [Kioke] This is the point of no return.

- [Akkun] It's awesome!

- [Kioke] Be strong.

- I'll get it for you.

There you go.

- Thank you.

Oh, this is really cool!

- So, are we ready to go?

- Yes!
- Yes!

- Then it's time to begin your mission.

(Calm music)

(machine whirs)

(machine whirs)

- What is this?
- How lame.

(Cat meows)

- Hey, Derrick!

Stop it Derrick!

Come out of there!

(Robot buzzes)

- I got it!

- Is this all?

- Apparently, but it's
more fun than it looks.

Have a go, Bobby.

- I guess you're right.

We should make the most of it.

Okay, here I come!

(Robot buzzes)

(gun squirts)

Got it!

This is fun!

- I told you.

Let's move on.

(Strained music)

(robot buzzes)

(gun squirts)

(robot groans)

(robot groans)

I owe you, Akkun.

What is that?

- (Laughs) We made it to the goal?

- The haunted land.

Let's go!

(Robot buzzes)

(gun squirts)


Take this!


- Oh, what's wrong?

- It looks like I ran out of water.

- Me too.

- [Bobby] Let's find the water station.

There should be one next
to the haunted land.

- Found it!
- Found it!

There it is!
- Okay, let's go.

There it is.

(Water running)

(bush rustles)

- What's wrong, Bobby?

- Something's there.

(Cat growls)

(exclaims) Give me a break, Derrick!

(Cat meows)

What's that?

It's the Violence Voyager logo.

It's a girl.

- It's a what?

- Hey, are you okay?


- Water.

- Water?

- Hey, Akkun, get some
water from the tank.

- [Akkun] Sure.

- Drink up.

(Calm music)

Are you alone?

- Yes, I am now.

- You are now?

- Yes.

I came here with my
boyfriend three days ago,

but we couldn't leave.

- Three days ago?

What happened to that boyfriend of yours?

- I don't know.

He sacrificed himself for me.

That was the only way to escape.

- What were you running away from?

- I don't really know myself.

- Bobby, this is starting to get,

Bobby, this is starting to get scary.

I wanna go home!

- You're right.

I think we should take her with us.

Can I ask your name?

- I'm called Tokiko.

- Ms. Tokiko, let's go back
to the entrance together.

My name's Bobby.

Nice to meet you.

- I'm Akkun.

Nice to meet you, too.

- Nice to meet you, too.

- [Bobby] Okay, let's go.

(Door creaks open)
- Hello?

Old Man?

Ms. Saori?

- Saori?

Did he just call Saori?

(Cat meows)

- I think we should go back outside.

(Cat meows)

Derrick, what is it?

The bridge!

It's gone.

- Oh, what can we do now?

Without a bridge we can't go home.

- We're done for.

(Door creaks open)

- The dog's gone.

(Dog pants)

(dog growls)

(cat growls)

- Bobby!

Bobby, it's too dangerous!

- Let me go!


(Akkun panicking)

- [Akkun] Oh, no!

- Damn you!

- Bobby!

(Dog whimpers)

(cat whimpers)

(water splashes)

- Derrick!

- Let's go, Bobby.

Before the dog wakes up.

Bobby, come on!

(Dog growls)

Bobby, hurry up!

(Dog growls)

(heavy thud)
(dog whimpers)



(Muffled cries)

Is that a robot?



Give me a break!

(Dog growls)

Bobby, wait up!

- I think they went in there.

(Dog growls)

(door closes)

(dog whimpers)

(calm music)

- Welcome back, honey.
- I'm home.

- Thank you.

- How are you today, Yoshiko?

- I'm feeling much better.

But, honey, about Bobby,
he went to pick flowers

but he hasn't come back.

He said he'd return before you came home.

- Okay, don't worry.

I'll take a look outside.

I'm sure he's with Akkun.

- I hope so.
- He'll be fine.

I'll go and check nearby.

I'll be right back.

- George.

I hope so.

(Door closes)

(ominous music)

- I don't like this place (cries).

I wanna go home!

- Hey, don't cry, Akkun.

I lost Derrick, you know.

I'm sad too.

Is that Tokiko's Voyager suit?

So she is here.

But then again there may
be other people here too.

(Gun cocks)

What are they?

- Are they robots?

But, Bobby, we're about to surrender

but aren't those just water pistols?

- I think we should play
it safe, just in case.

- Shut up!

- It speaks?

- Let's take them to the kids.

- Damn it, what's going on?

- That's far enough.

- What is this place?

- I think they must be robots.

They're robot monsters!

(Akkun panicking)

- It's okay, you can come out.

- There's more of them?

- Take them off.

- You are.

- Hello, Bobby's dad.

- Hi, Yakkun.

Sorry for interrupting your dinner.

Is Bobby here?

- No, he is not.

- I see.

Is Akkun here?

- Not so fast.

I know you're Bobby's dad.

But if you want more
info, it's gonna cost you.

- Okay.

(Coin rattles)

- Okay, I'll tell you.

I'll be right back.

Bobby went with Akkun to the mountain.

- Mountain?


- Mr. Houston, can you
please take me with you?

- No.

I can't take a child
your age up a mountain

at this time of night.

- But you don't know which
mountain I'm talking about.

- How much do you want?

- I don't want your money.

But if you don't take me, I
can't tell you which mountain.

- Okay.

(Yakkun laughs)

You win.

I'll take you with me.

- Okay, follow me.

- What you guys doing here?

- Yesterday we were looking

for something to do on the way home.

Then we saw the sign so
we came to check it out.

- You've been here since yesterday?

- Yeah, we can't leave this place.

- But why were you
wearing those robot heads?

- Did you see the white robot in the park?

It suddenly attacked us.

We fled to this haunted land.

We had to hide from it.

That's why we wore these and
stayed in this robot graveyard.

We're safe here.

Well, we are for the moment.

- What on earth is going on here?

- I don't know what's really going on.

But Tomoyuki knows the most.

Tomoyuki, don't be shy, come out.

(Metal rattles)


They got Tomoyuki's throat.

He can't even tell us
what happened to him.

- How cruel!

Will Tokiko end up like that?

There's another thing I'd like to know.

Who were those little kids?

- Hello there.

I'm Sayaka and this is
my little brother Kosuke.

- Hello.

- Sayaka, tell Bobby and his
friend everything you know.

And keep it short.

- Oh, okay.

It all started about 10 days ago.

Our little sister Matari

went for a walk in the mountains,
but she didn't come back.

We asked the village mayor to look for her

in the surrounding areas.

- Sir, hey, sir!

Hey, sir, sir!

- But he ignored her.
- Please.

- [Sayaka] He let the case go.

As a result, our little
sister wasn't the only one.

Two other children disappeared
after walking in the area.

Frustrated by the mayor's
unwillingness to act,

my brother and I sought the cooperation

of the punks in town.

We began our own investigation.

We weren't merely concerned
for the safety of our sister,

we wanted to find all
three missing children

and discover the truth behind all of this.

All we did was follow our hearts,

We true to our journalistic spirits,

but look where it took us.

We were planning to leave them

the moment we got some information,

but as you can see here, here
we are completely stranded.

- You are so long-winded.

I told you to keep it short.

Anyway as far as I can tell from this map,

it seems we should find a devil statue

on the far side of the haunted land.

That's this theme park's final attraction.

We searched all day but
we couldn't find an exit.

But if we can make it there,
I think we'll find a way out.

- I don't think we should
trust a map they made.

But I do believe there is a good chance

we can find some kind of vital clue.

- I think we should go.

- You guys should wear
these too, just in case.

- Thanks.

- We're leaving.

- But you spent all day
looking for that devil statue

without any success.

Do you really think we'll find it?

(Ominous music)

- What is it, Tomoyuki?



(Robot buzzes)

- It's him!

He's the one who took our little sister!

Stop it!


(Gun cocks)

(gun fires)

(steam whistles)


- Wait, it's too dangerous!

Come back.

- It's okay.

He's still breathing.

He's still alive!


- Sayaka!

(Bones crunching)

(blood spurts)

(gun squirts)

(robot buzzes)

(heavy thud)

- Are you okay, Akkun?

Let's get out of here.

- Bobby!

- Come with us.

Move it!

- Bobby.


- It's too late.

Forget about him.
- I'm gonna save him.

No way, I can't leave without Bobby.

- If that's what you want.

(Laser fires)

(laser fires)


(laser fires)

- Akkun!

No way!




(gun cocks)

(gun clicks)

Damn it!

(Heavy thud)

- See, there's no escape.

(Crickets chirping)

- That's the story and that
really surprised Akkun.

- Really?

I see.

Look, it's Akkun and Bobby's bikes.

(Bicycle creaks)

No doubt about it.
- I knew it!

They were here.

- Well done, Yakkun.

(Yakkun laughs)

(clock ticking)

(door opens)

(metal clanking)

(ominous music)

(hinge creaking)

(blood squirting)


- Takashi, hold on.

Daddy will do it for you.

(Slow footsteps)

He is.

He's dead.

You killed him, Takashi.

This one is,

this one is too thin you can see his ribs.

And what about this one?

Oh, it's a girl.

Is this one a foreigner?

We've never had a foreigner before.

I wonder what effect they will have.

Let's ask mother later.

Takashi, you know you can't kill them.

If you keep doing that, you'll
never become a real human.

How many times must I tell you,
you must capture them alive.

You know how hard it is to
find children around here.

You have to be more careful.

Okay, we all have to learn.

Takashi, daddy's sorry
he got a bit too angry.

That's enough for today.

You did a good job.

Daddy will clean up here.

And can you get rid of that body?

You can do it, right?

- This is it.

Akkun always comes here to play.

The old man who lives here
probably knows something.

- But isn't this old man
Lucky-Monkey's house?


(crickets chirping in distance)

(suspenseful music)

(door creaking)


- (angrily) Who could it
be at this time of night?

- Whoa, you scared us.

I'm Akkun's little brother, Yakkun.

We're looking for him.

- What?

Hasn't Akkun come home yet?

- No, not yet.

Do you know where he is?

- I saw him this morning,

but he must have ignored my advice.

He probably went up the mountain.

And who is this man you're with?

- I'm the father of the blond-haired boy

Akkun left with this morning.

- Oh, that blond-haired boy.

I won't be of much help,
but maybe you can do it.

Follow me.

(Water rushing)

This is it.

I think Akkun and your son
have been taken captive

in a facility above this cliff.

You've only had given
them a sterner warning.

- Don't blame yourself,
that's what children do.

But who would do such a thing?

- A man named Koike.

He moved to these
mountains a few years ago.

Anyway, he's dangerous.

Will you still proceed?

- I will.

I must save my son.

(Water gushes)

(door opens)

- Oh, Takashi, welcome back.

You did a good job.

And you look quite tired.

(Takashi sizzles)

Takashi, your tank is almost empty.

I'm sorry.

Let's have something to eat.

I'll be right back.

(Metal rattling)

(door opens)

(ominous music)

Takashi, wait here a moment.

I'll go wake up mother.

(Water bubbling)

This one's turned out quite well.

(Alarm blaring)

(blood squirting)

Have you had enough?

(Metal thudding)

You look much better, Takashi.

I think it's time you went to bed.

And while you're asleep,

daddy will prepare the
ones we caught today.

(Door opens)

(ominous music)

- Guys?

(Metal creaking)

Everyone's naked.

So am I.

Hey, guys, wake up.

Where's Akkun?

Akkun is not here.

Damn them!

(Hurried footsteps)

(door opens)

(light buzzing)

(water bubbling)

Is this?

(Metal clanking)

It's them.

(Door opens)


(Door closes)

(ominous music)

- Yakkun, you won't be
able to climb this cliff.

Could you stay with old
man Lucky-Monkey for me?

- I brought you this far
and you're leaving me out?

You'll regret it.

- I'm sorry, but I can't put
any more children in danger.

(Yakkun groans)

- Yakkun, there are things we can do too.

- No.
- Let's wait at home.

(Metal clanking)

(ominous music)



- That hurt.

- What?

You can talk?

- Of course, I can.

Damn, that hurts.


Bobby, it's you.

- How do you know my name?

- It's me, Takaaki.

- Takaaki?

No way.

If you really are Takaaki,
then take off that mask.

- Sorry, but I don't wanna
show what's under this mask.

But it's true.

Look at this.

- That scar, from when we
swore to be blood brothers,

which means you really are.


I missed you so much.

(Dramatic music)

- I see.

And Akkun came with you?

- But we were attacked by a white robot.

And when I woke up, Akkun had disappeared.

But what do you

two have in common?
- It must've been Takashi.

- Well, maybe I shouldn't
put you in the same category,

but what exactly happened to you?

- I think Takashi and
I are a bit different.

Koike makes Takashi capture children

and then he eats them.

- That's awful.

- Unfortunately, I don't think
I'll ever leave this place,

but she can, I'm sure of it.

All I want is to save her.

- Who do you mean?

- She's a girl called Tokiko.

- Tokiko?

I already met her.

But I had no idea the boyfriend
she talked about was you.

- We came to this place
just seeking a thrill,

but it was more thrilling
than we expected.

This is Takashi's hunting ground.

The funding games are just
bait to attract children.


He's taken care of a
great number of children.

I thought it was just my village,

but now he's attacking yours too.

Unless we stop them,

they'll kill every child in both villages.

- You're right, we can't just
let them cause any more harm.

We have to escape now and
tell somebody about it.

- I'd love to do that.

But before that, Bobby, could
you get Tokiko out of here?

She's been forced to
sleep in Takashi's room

ever since we got here.

She's probably there tonight too.

- Okay, I'll take her with me.

But, Takaaki, won't you help me?

- I have already lost many
of my bodily functions,

thanks to Koike.

I no longer possess enough strength

to move around normally.


- Do you think I can do it alone?

- Of course, and I will have your back.

But the most important
parts are up to you, Bobby.

- Okay, going out on a limb to save Tokiko

doesn't sound too bad.

- Okay, let's go.

(Ominous music)

- Hmm, this is strange.

That foreign kid isn't here.

Where did he go?



He's not there.


- Okay, the coast is clear.

(Slow footsteps)

(door opens)

Okay, Bobby, I'll wait outside.

I want you to go inside.

Look, you can see Tokiko
over there, right?

- [Bobby] Yeah.

- Okay, be careful not to wake Takashi

when you bring Tokiko out.

Meanwhile, I'll find an escape route.

The air ducts on the other
side of that door lead outside.

When you get Tokiko, make
your way out through there.

- Got it, thanks.

- Oh, and, Bobby, you won't
blend in dressed up like that.

Takashi's underwear are over there.

Once you're in the room, put them on.

- Okay, I will.

- Okay, let's start the mission.

(Heartbeat pounding)

(robot talks)

Damn it!

(Slow footsteps)

Tokiko, I'm here to save you.

(Slow footsteps)


(Suspenseful music)

(slow footsteps)

- Takashi, get him.

(Takashi grunting)

How did he get out?

Does this mean mother doesn't
work well on foreigners?

(Water bubbling)

(suspenseful music)


- Bobby?

(Metal clanking)

(water bubbling)

What is this?

(Angrily) What is this?

(Suspenseful music)

Blond hair.


- Who are you?

How did you get inside?

You've ruined Takashi's breakfast.

This is unforgivable.

- Are you the one called Koike?

Give my son back!

- You're a foreigner, I see.

You're his father.

- What are you talking about?

(Upbeat music)

(metal clanking)

(water splashing)

(water bubbling)

- Takashi!

- Daddy?

- Bobby, is it you?

- It hurts.

I hurt everywhere, daddy.

- Hang in there, Bobby.

I'm taking you to the hospital now.

We'll be there in no time.

(Door opens)

(hurried footsteps)

No way.

Damn it!

This is how it ends?

Bobby, live on.

Forgive me, Bobby.

(Bones crunching)

Where am I?


- When you fall that far,

not even a tough American would survive.

- [Takaaki] Bobby?



You don't have much time.

- Is that voice Takaaki?

- Yeah, it's me.

Oh, Bobby, look at you.

They modified you too.

Forgive me.

If only I'd made a better plan.


- No, I made my own bed.

- You're sounding like an adult, Bobby.

It's time for you to escape.

If you move that dead
body, you'll find an exit.

- It's Akkun.


Akkun, I promise I'll get you out of here.

- Bobby, could you lay
Akkun here next to me?

Thank you.

- I can't let anybody else fall victim.

(Dramatic music)

- Okay, but I'm not going
to hold out much longer.

If you see Tokiko, tell
her Takaaki is dead.

(Metal thudding)

I'm counting on you, Bobby.

(Door closes)

And now, I think it's time
we got some sleep, Akkun.

(Dramatic music)

(water rushing)


(birds chirping)

(dramatic music)

- You woke up.

Whoa, now take it easy.

You mustn't overdo yourself.

All the nerves in your
body have been exposed.

Unfortunately, it appears
Koike has modified your body.

It's a miracle you made it out alive.

- But Akkun is.

My dad too.

- Oh, my!

Akkun too.

- Huh?

The underpants I was wearing are gone.

- You mean these?

- That's them.

Get them back, old man.

I have to go back and save a girl.

I can't go looking like this.

- Forgive me if this sounds harsh,

but what can you do with a body like that?

And these underpants, they're Takashi's.

I'll get them back to him.

I'll give you some new clothes instead.


- Old man, did you know Takashi?

- Yes, he came here often in the old days.

Koike was too busy with this research

to play with his son Takashi.

I often looked after him during the day.

Our bonds transcended the gap in our ages.

We shared a truly wonderful relationship,

but one day on his way home,


(blood squirting)

Takashi died in an accident.

(Thunder rumbles)

Koike retrieved the body.

He applied the findings of his research

and he succeeded in resurrecting Takashi.

At first, I was thrilled
to have Takashi back.


(Derrick meowing)

- Derrick.

- Wait, wait, you mustn't move yet.

(Derrick meowing)

- You're still alive.

What a relief.

- He was lying unconscious by the river.

Kanji brought him back.

- Thank you, Kanji.

(Kanji screeches)

- So, you've had enough
of a teary-eyed reunion.

Take a look at what
else Kanji brought back.

- What is it?

- These are junk parts that
came from Koike's facility.

They're quite dirty, but
would you like to try them on?

They may not make a great difference,

but they should relieve the pain a bit.

- Sure.

Of course, I'll try them on.

- Okay.

What do you think?

- This feels pretty good.

Light too.

I can feel myself getting stronger.

- That's nice to hear.

- I'm standing.

I can stand.

- That's great.

- Ow!


- It looks like that part doesn't fit you,

but you should be fine.

- Are you sure?

You're that little bat.

(Bat squeaking)

- (laughs) Apparently, the bat likes you.

Oh, look.

Did you know you had so many nice friends?

- I do.

With these guys, I could do anything.

- You need to prepare for battle.

Follow me.

- Did Kanji find all of these?

- Yes, he did.

You can take whatever you need.

And you can use that table too.

- I'm good at craft work.

(Upbeat music)

(machine whirring)

(Derrick meows)

(Kanji screeches)

(fire rages)

(Kanji screeches)

(fire crackling)

(Kanji screeches)
(Derrick meowing)

- It has been six days now.

I don't know how many others

have fallen victim during that time.

However, there's no point in
regretting time's gone by.

You must break into Koike's facility

and I want you to annihilate them.

(Kanji screeches)

- Yes, sir!

(Derrick meows)

(bat squeaks)

- It is time, go on!

(Dramatic music)

(dog growling)

- Kill it!

Derrick, he's yours.

(Derrick meows)

(dog whimpers)

You can do it, Derrick.

(Dog whimpers)

(dramatic music)

Damn it.

We're climbing it, the haunted area.

Here we go, jump.

(Derrick screeches)

(upbeat music)

(metal clanking)

- Kayoko!


You poor guys.


Damn it.

(Upbeat music)

That woman.

Okay, let's go down.


- Oh, you're the foreigner
that came yesterday.

- Get out of my way or I'll burn you.

- Do you think that makes
you a match for Takashi?

Dad gave his life, and I gave
my youth to raise that child.

There is no way you can beat him.

- Your youth?

I don't even know what that is yet.

I ended up with a body like
this before my youth even began.

- You're too young to get it anyway.

You have no idea how important
these forming years are

to young people,

and you'll never know you're going to die.

He's huge.

(Fire crackling)


(Kanji screeching)

(bat screeching)

- No, you broke it!

(Metal thudding)


Leave me alone.

(Metal clanking)

(blood squirting)

(upbeat music)

(water squirting)


(metal clanking)


(door opens)

(machine whirring)

Hey, you, let Tokiko go!

- Who is it?

Who's there?

- Tokiko?

We met the other day in the tropical area.

- You're that foreign kid?

Did you come to save me?

- That's right.

My name is Bobby.

Maybe I should say I used to be Bobby.

I considered going home, but I came back.

Get out of my way!

(Alarm blaring)

- Hey, you, stop annoying Takashi.

So you're the piece of breakfast
that escaped the other day.

(Laughs) You look well-dressed.

Considering you're food.

- Don't come any closer.

- Takashi will marry that girl,

then they will conceive a new life.

You must not interfere.

So give me that dangerous thing.

- Shut up!


(monster growls)

(water squirting)

(machine beeping)

(fire crackling)

(dramatic music)

(metal clanking)

- No, stop it!


That's Takashi's softest part.

Damn you.

(Metal clanking)

(fire crackling)

(loud crashing)

- [Tokiko] Bobby, behind you.


- Way to go.

You can do it, Takashi.

(Gun cocks)

(gun fires)


(Derrick grunts)

(bat screeches)


(Kanji whimpers)

(blood dripping)

- My animal friends.

Thanks for buying me time.

(Laser firing)

- Takashi!

(Dramatic music)

- Bobby, hang in there.

- My little Takashi.

Oh, Takashi, forgive me.

(Fire crackling)

(loud whirring)

(loud explosion)


(flame sizzles)


- Bobby, are you okay?

- Tokiko, I'm hungry.

- You used all of the energy back there.

There's none left.

(Monsters groaning)

Will we ever be normal again?

(Dramatic music)

- [Narrator] And so, the young boy, Bobby,

found new friends and a new body.

(Door creaking)

He will surely face more
hardships in the future.

However, he will overcome any difficulties

that come his way.

- You can do it, Bobby.

Hang in there, Bobby.

(Dramatic music)