Violated Angels (1967) - full transcript

A young man breaks into a nurse's rooming house and one-by-one kills off nurses.


produced and written by

Juro KARA as the Handsome Boy

Keiko KOYANAGI as the Head Nurse
Miki HAYASHI as Nurse A

Shoko KIDOWAKI as Nurse B
Makiko SAEGUSA as Nurse C

Kyoko YOYOI as Nurse D
Michiko SAKAMOTO as the Young Girl

directed by Koji WAKAMATSU

White Lily Nurse Dormitory

Hey, come on, wake up.

Wake up, wake up. The other room.

- Hey, listen to this.
- What?

- They're doing it again in the other room.
- Really?

- There's a man outside the window.
- A man?

- Let's bring him inside, okay?
- Yes.

Come on... we'll show you something.

Back there.

- Kneel down.
- Through there.

Get off!

Somebody help me!
I'm going to be killed! Help!

Help! Do something!

Help me!



Why are you girls watching me?

What are you looking at?

Why are you killing us?

Why are you?

Why are you?

Haven't you satisfied yourself yet?

Have you?

Calm down and ask yourself.

These people were my...

Why not me?
I'm the oldest of these girls.

I don't care what happens to me.

I'm serious. If you're human,
think about what you're doing.

These girls have just reached maturity.

How can you destroy their future?

If you're human, you understand me.

If you need to kill, then kill me.

And let the rest of them live.

Look at the blood... have you
ever lost your own blood?

You're probably the kind who's
afraid to shave with a razor.

Blood is sacred...
and you've wasted it.

If you are arrested and
sentenced to death,

You will never be forgiven
for this sacrilege.

What did we do?

If we did something wrong, we'd apologize.
We could give you money.

But that's not it, is it?

Answer me!

Please, say something!

What is it you don't like about us?

Is it our occupation?
Have you had problems with nurses?

Is that why you were watching us?


Then why?
Do you have a reason?

No. I just...

Just what? What?
Just what?

I don't know.

There must be some reason for doing this!

I refuse to believe
we are being killed for no reason.

If I'm killed, what will
happen to my kid in Katsuura?

Yes. It's a secret, but I have a kid.

This month my child will be two.
A child without a father.

I'll show you the photo.

I put the photo in my wallet...
I left it at the office.

But still...

If I die, what will happen
to my child?

For my child's sake,
please don't kill me.

You can't do it to me!

I'm sorry...
I didn't mean to yell.

Please, calm down and listen to me.

You will probably kill me anyway.

But please, don't!

No... you won't kill me.

You realize what you've done.

You want to stop now.

Don't you agree?

I can see you're frustrated.

You're having a difficult time.
You're upset because you don't have sex,

and you've found it easier to
kill for attention.

Do you understand?

If you try, you'll be feeling better.

You can't help yourself.

It's because of your past.

You're just mixed up.

You need to think things out.

Everything will be fine.

Do you understand?

Let's just put all this behind
like a bad dream.

That's exactly what we should do.

You can be forgiven.

Only a devil would knowingly kill a nurse.
You're not a devil.

Kill a nurse?

We are nurses, angels in white dresses.

Are only women angels?

Angels in white dresses
are always women.

- Put this on... show him. Hurry!
- Yes!


Don't kill me!

Please! Don't!

Let me go.

Don't just stare at me,
Let me go!

I'm begging, release me.

What are you doing?

Release me. Quickly!

I will show you an angel.

No. Don't. Let me go!

"Parents might be different...
but the heart remains..."

Is that an angel?

Do you want to be an angel?

I'm not an angel.

You liar. Liar!

Stop! Stop!

Everything was a lie.
Even the part about a child.


Help. I'll do anything.
Please, spare me!

Please. Anything.

Out of my way!

What? If you're
going to shoot, then do it.

Please don't kill the others!
Just me!

Please let this girl go!

I promise before God and
before all those here today,

I will live my life as destined.
If this is the end, then so be it.

And praise to God who knows everything.

I will forgive the poison and the evil.

I will never allow evil
to taint my soul.

I will offer myself
to the purity of heaven.

I will never allow another
to change my goal.

I offer my soul for the
happiness of the others...

Angel whore!

Why have you left me alive?

Why are you looking at me like that?

I asked that question before.

You asked why we were looking at you?

- That's right.
- Of course.

But I don't know the answer.

I don't know you at all.

I don't even want to know you.

You know me.

No I don't.

Where are you from?

- That way...
- Tokyo?

- No.
- Where?


You can hear the waves.

I can't hear anything.

Yes you can.

From past the forest...
even further.

You think so?

I came from there.

It hurts.
It hurts when you do it so hard.

I'm sorry.

Did you really come from
near the ocean?


I don't believe you.

Like in a fairy tale?

Where did you come from
before that?

I don't know.

Look, the blood you spilled.

I did that?

I'll ask again.
Why did you do it?

Why have you spilled this blood?

To decorate you.

- Me?
- Yes.

Why did you use
the blood of others to decorate me?

Why didn't you use your own blood?

This is your blood.

This is the only
blood you need to decorate me.

I would've told you before...
before you killed so many.

I didn't know. Is that why
you were looking at me before?

You're so strange.

Yeah. I said you knew me.

I don't know you.

But you were
waiting for me to decorate you.

Yes, I was waiting.

Who are you?

- Do you know the song 'Ocean Traveler'?
- No.

I am the ocean traveler.

That day the ocean was rough.

Big waves and small waves
kidnapping water.

I'm an ocean traveler collecting
shells on a mysterious beach.

An ocean traveler,
looking for a true love...

The End