Violación fatal (1978) - full transcript

Daniel is a writer, who arrives to an secluded inn in the countryside near a lake, in there, he meets the owner Veronica, a beautiful but perturbed woman who is married to an invalid. Suddenly, one by one other guests fall prey of a razor wielding maniac.

You only have to follow that road.

It's not as bad as it looks.

Because nobody goes there.

You'll see the lake
at the end of the hill.

It's beautiful.

I swim there almost every day.

Where you pass the lake
you'll be close to the hotel.

It's a big house.

You'll find it right away.

You're always thinking the same.

That's why you married me.
Just because of that.

And you even want to smoke.

Drop that pipe now.

You're dropping ashes everywhere.

Stay still!

I'll go and make dinner now.

If you'd help me once, but no...

You married your maid
so you could always have a maid.

I assure you all this
will be over one clay.

Don't let the cat out.

If you need anything else
I'll be downstairs.

Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon.
- I'm sorry I scared you.

I was in the basement.
I didn't hear you coming.

- I think this is quite far away.
- Yes.

Honestly, it's quite
difficult coming here.

I was driving around aimlessly

and I suddenly saw your house.

- This is your house, right?
- It's my husband's.

Well, it's mine too.

- Want to come inside?
- If you have rooms for rent.

Are you alone?

Yes. Alone.

Please come.

- It looks like a quiet place.
- And boring.

So do you want to spend the night?

If it's no problem.

No problem at all.
My husband will be pleased.

He always complains this
accommodation doesn't

accommodate anyone.

It's like you said,
it's not easy coming here.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Daniel.

What are you looking for?
Your license?

No ID is necessary here.

My name is Veronica.

That's a nice name.

I think it's hideous.

Don't worry about me.
Do whatever you have to do.

- I can wait. I'm not in a hurry.
- No

It's my husband.

He's handicapped.

He can't move from his bedroom.

I was just about to
make him dinner.

But first, I'll show
you your bedroom.

Will you follow me?

You have a nice view from here.

I like this.

Is there a phone?


But it doesn't always work.

If you want to make a call,
you have to dial operator.

It sucks.

Do you want to make a call?

No. No, thank you.

It's my husband.

I'm sorry, I must go now.

Would you like some supper?

Don't worry about me.

I told you. I'm not in a hurry.

It feels good here.

I'll tell my husband you're here.

Do you know how to play chess?

I'm just okay. Why?

Because maybe you and my husband
could play after dinner.

He'd like that a lot.

Well, if he doesn't mind
playing an amateur.

- See you later.
- See you.

Here's your wine from the
vineyards of...

But you haven't eaten anything.

If you don't eat you'll
get sick again.

You know how much you
hate doctors.

The worst thing it's all my fault.


It's your fault for
smoking all the time.

Eat please.

Do whatever you want.
I'm not spending the day here.

Did you know we have a
new house guest?

He looks like a
distinguished person.

I have to make dinner for him.

If you don't eat it,
the damn cat will!

If you need anything, call me.

Come in.

I'm sorry to bother you.
It's about supper.

- What do you prefer? Meat or fish?
- It doesn't matter.

Me neither but the fish is fresh.

- From the lake?
- The lake, no.

There's barely fish here.

And if there is it's not edible.

It seems these waters
aren't fit for life.

Wow, a storm is coming.

The worst thing is we'll
lose electricity.

Don't worry, we have candles.

Are you a writer?


- Why?
- I can't even write a letter.

I learned to read and write
after I got married.

My husband has made me all I am.

You must be very thankful.


Should I make the fish?

As you like.

You'll like it.
I'll make it with iron sauce.

- I'm sure you'll like it.
- No doubt about it.

Well, I'll get it right away.

Thank you very much.

- Let me go.
- What are you doing here?

- Let me go.
- What are you looking for?

- Let me go. You're hurting me.
- I'm sorry.

I just wanted to know if I could
help you find something.

Mr... Mr. Daniel!

I'm here!

You'll like it.

It looks magnificent.

What do you think?

- Exquisite.
- Thank you.

You know, my wife
doesn't like fish.

Your wife?

So you're married?

Yes, I'm married.

You sound worried.

Yes, I am.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.

Don't worry.

Everybody has problems.

Sit down.

No, I don't want to bother you
while you eat.

On the contrary, it's good having
company when you eat.

All right.

- May I?
- Yes, of course.

It must be very exciting to write.

Sometimes it's boring,

but other times when
the characters come to life,

when they make their own lives...

- Is that possible?
- Of course it is.

And we can't do anything about it.

Sometimes we want a character
to do this or that.

And we find he goes his own way.

For example, instead of
getting married...

he dies.

It must be wonderful to write.

Your wife must be proud of you,

I'm sorry.

I'm prying into your
personal life again.

I'm sorry if I don't
express myself very well.

You express yourself very well.

Don't make fun of me.

I don't know why, but you
looked familiar when I saw you.

You might have seen my face
on the back of one of my books.

No, I don't think so.
I barely read.

You're doing yourself wrong.

You seem very intelligent.

Reading helps cultivate
your intelligence.

Do you...

do you think I'd have a chance?

I only have to look at you.

Your hands.

Do you know how to read palms?


But I'd rather read your eyes.

Please, don't make fun of me, Mr.

Just Daniel.

All right?

That's better.

I think you're a very
interesting woman.

Why do you say that?

Because I sense it by
looking at you.

And by the way you
prepared the fish.

I think I haven't eaten
this well in a long time.

I want to show you something, huh?

Look. Do you like them?

- Very nice.
- Do you really like them?

- They look like antiques.
- No.

No what?

They aren't antiques.
I make them.


May I?

Anyone would think they
were antiques.

I use a special treatment
to make them look antique.

I guess they sell very well.

Why would I sell them?

They're mine.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

The storm caught us by surprise
giving us no chance

to build tents.

- Can we come in?
- You already did.

Do you have anything to
take the edge off?

Like cognac or whiskey?

But Victor, are you
going to drink now?

Why not?

Even my bones are wet.

Of course, a hot soup...
Could we have dinner?


the kitchen is already closed.

Please, can't you cook something?

Scrambled eggs... anything.

All right. I'll see
what I can find.

Sit down.

We were lucky. Very lucky.

Look, they have a fireplace.

And there's wood.
Shall we fire it up?

I better ask.



- Excuse me.
- Tell me.

Can we light your fireplace?

- It doesn't work.
- But there's wood.

- And matches.
- It doesn't work.

I told my husband
100 times to fix it, but...

Can you throw in a
couple sausages?

- They smell great.
- No problem.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Do you live here?

No, I arrived a short
time before you.

You talk to me like
my grandfather.

Maybe I'm getting old.

Are you trying to climb
the mountain from this side?

We'll try it if it
clears up tomorrow.

The lady with you,
is she your wife?

Who? Anna?
She's my best friend.

I hope it's alright to rent a room
to a pair of friends, true?

You mean...

you're planning
on spending the night?


We're very tired, you know?

My name is Anna.

I'm Daniel.

Now that you've
introduced yourselves...

I tell you we can't light
the fireplace.

- She says it doesn't work.
- What a shame.

We're going to spend
the night here.

- Better than the tent, right?
- Any place is if we're together.

I love you.

Dinner is ready.

I'm starving.

You're finished already?


It was incredibly good.

If you stay tomorrow,
I'll make you something special.


I'll be staying for a
few more days.

The only thing I ask is for you to
feel welcome in my house.

Can we have some wine, please?

How annoying.
Always asking for something.

Thank God they're
leaving tomorrow.

They'll go to the mountain.

These youngsters are
very athletic.


Where's your husband?


He sleeps at this time.

What a shame.

I thought he wanted
to play a game of chess.



Would you like some coffee?

No thank you. I'm tired.

I'm going to my bedroom.

Good night.

Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

If I knew you were awake I'd have
told him to play with you.

But I thought you were sleeping.

You don't eat. You don't sleep.

Tell me what you want.
Tell me!



Not that.

You know I don't like that.

No. Don't hit me.

You hurt me a lot the last time.

No. Please don't hit me.

Don't hit me.

Don't hit me.

All right.

All right. I'll do it.

Come, girl.

No. Not tonight. Please.

- Come.
- Wait a minute.

I love you, you know?

Tomorrow will be a big day.

The mountain will be ours.

Let's forget about the mountain
tonight, will you?

I can't forget the place
we first met.

I fell and you picked me up.
Romantic, right?

But the whole thing was a
joke from you.

Because you started
tickling me then.

How? Like this?

No. Don't.

Please don't.


What's wrong?

Nothing. Lights went out.

I thought I heard something.

It's the storm passing.

I don't think so.

I didn't hear anything.

- What's wrong?
- I feel like someone...

- Like someone is watching us.
- You talk silly.

All right.

I'll check.

But don't complain about
being left alone.

What are you doing?

I'm going to scare
whoever was watching us.

- Wait here.
- Don't leave.

It's the boogeyman.

I'll be right back.

Excuse me. Good evening.

Did you see who it was?

Come. Lay down.

Did you close the door?

I'm a little chilly.

I'm cold.

What are you doing here?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

It's true.

Have you seen
what a wonderful day it is?


But I have a terrible headache.

How'd you sleep?


I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

It always happens when
I miss my bed.

My neighbors should have
slept like trees.

- Neighbors?
- The mountain climbers.

After being loud most of the
night, I haven't heard them again.

Is something wrong?

They left without paying.

That's what's wrong.


Go figure!
They even stole the bed covers.

That's a nice way to repay
your hospitality.

- Can I have some coffee?
- Of course.

Don't think about it.
Don't worry.

I have to worry about it.

My husband will call me stupid
for accepting people like that.

By the way,

may I use the telephone?

Yes, of course.

You must dial the operator first.

But after last night's storm
it's probably not working.

It's an important call.

I hope it works.

The telephone is in the parlor
You should have seen it already.

Yes, thank you.


Ma'am please, connect
me to Madrid.

What number?


Hold on a moment please.


Long distance call.
Hold the line, please.



Is anyone there?

Answer me.

There's no response?

No, ma'am.

Hold on a second.

- They hung up.
- Please, can't you...

Ma'am, ma'am...

Hey, mom.

No. No news about Daniel.

I talked to all the hospitals
ancl police stations.

No, nothing.
Not the slightest clue.

He didn't leave a note
ancl he hasn't called.

Well, the truth is
I don't know if he called.

I just had a long distance call
but they hung up.

Maybe it was him.

Yes, I know it's a lousy clue,

but that's all I've got.

Yes. What should I do?

Here's your breakfast.

Thank you.

Did you make the call?

Yes, I did.



I decided to leave things
the way they were.

- Yes.
- I can't.

Are you worried?
ls something wrong?

I don't want to talk to her.

If my wife knew I was here

she'd come looking for me.

Then don't tell her.


You need to rest.

And to shave.
I'm not presentable.

Don't worry about me.

However you're comfortable.

Thank you.

The only thing I want
is for you to like this house.

Tell your husband whenever
he wants we can play chess.

Right now...

I'll take his breakfast to him.

Do you want anything else?

No. Thank you.

What are you doing?
Are you leaving?

I'm going out after I get dressed.

Can I fix your bedroom?

Of course, whenever you like.

Are you eating here tonight?


Smoking again?
You know it's bad for you.

See? I told you.

You know everything I
do is for you.

Things can't go on like this.
They'll find you.

You see? That's better.

You look younger and handsome.

What do you want now?

No. Not again.

Tonight if you want.

But not now.

You'll be my bitch
whenever I ask!




Hello. I'm here.

Look what I found.

Thank God.

You'll see how we
spice up tonight.

- If you need a stimulant.
- You're my stimulant. Your tits!

You're so ordinary.

This car is crap lately.

You're so foulmouthed, my dear.

Don't call me that because
you remind me of my wife.

But aren't I your woman now?

We'll see tonight
when we're alone.


Come on.

How is it?

- Is it cold?
- Yes. Freezing.

Why did you let me go
without telling her?

Because we, men, help each other.

Isn't that what you wanted?

Yeah, but you can't
trust older people.

You can trust me.

But what were you doing there?

And you?

Work and rest.


I write. I'm a writer.

Do you write books?
Give me one.

I don't have any here.
They're in Madrid.

I'll give you one
when I come back.

When are you coming back?

I don't know.

Do you live alone?

No. With my wife.

Why isn't she here?

Because I wouldn't be
able to rest.

I don't understand.

If that's your wife,
you should take her everywhere.

Everybody comes here
with their wife.


It seems you're very
interested in that inn.

Not really.
But weird people show up there.

Like me.

No, I don't think
you're weird.

Thank you.

Tell me, why are you
so interested in that house?

So you're an engine expert.

Come on, accelerate.

Not so much.

Then you do it.

Come on.

Get out of there, you're
good for nothing.

I'm good at what I'm good at.

We'll see about you.

Look in there when I accelerate.

All right. I'm looking. What?

Just tell me if you see
something weird.

A loose part or something
like that.



- I don't see anything.
- What did you say?

I don't see anything.

- What are you doing?
- I think I've found what's wrong.

Oh yes!

- What was that?
- What?

I heard footsteps.

Go ahead, slob.
Pull up your panties.

If you say these things to your
wife it's no wonder

she's sick of you.

What are you doing?

You're more elegant that way.

It's a symbol of your manhood.

You're so horny.

That's why I love you so much.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- ls your car broken?

This piece of shit
doesn't want to work.

Are you a mechanic?

We ran out of luck.

And there's no mechanic around,

None that I know of.

And in this bumfuck place
you can't even call no one.

He wanted to get
close to the lake.

- Sometimes he feels a little wild.
- Shut up.

Don't be a jerk.

Do you live around here?

At an inn.

It's close by.

You can call from there.

Should I leave the car
or can we push it?

Whatever you like.
It's very close.

- If you help me...
- But of course.

Thank you.

Let's go.

We're here.

They should have
something to drink, right?


I'd like to invite you
for a drink.

- Gabriel.
- Eva's right.

We bought these two
bottles in town.

We could open them right now, huh?

I'd like to wash my hands first.

I'll go with you
and I can make the call as well.

Eva, wait here for a second.



I'll find the owner.
I won't be long.

It's beautiful.

I love dolls.

Especially these.
They're a bit sinister.

You don't understand art.

Fuck off.
Look who's talking.

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

I haven't met you before.

Damn animal!

- I'm sick of you.
- Veronica--

I came to tell you--

How many times I've told
you not to run?

You must stay with your owner.

You were saying?

There are some people downstairs.
They're waiting for you.

Their car broke down.


Good morning.

Are these your dolls?

They're so beautiful.

Do you sell them?
How much?

Tell me.

- The gentleman must have told you.
- We don't even know his name.


As Daniel explained,
our car broke down.

We came here to make a call.

I'm sorry, the phone
isn't working.

I called this morning.

The line is old.

It breaks down frequently.

What a bummer.

Will it be out for a long time?

I don't know. Two hours. Two days.

We can stay here for the weekend?

Do you have anything to drink?

Excuse me.

I'm sorry.

I found them next to the lake
with their car broken down

and I thought--

I don't like those people.

They remind me of the kids
who skipped out.

These people have money.

You don't have to
worry about that.

And you?

What about me?

Don't tell me you didn't see
how that woman is looking at you.

I'm sure they aren't married.

It's such a wonderful place.

And really quiet.

I hope it stays quiet.

So that means we can stay?

But I won't leave you alone
until you sell me a doll.

I love them.

You make me crazy.
You make me crazy.

She's shameless.

Let me tell you something.

That lady looks like a prostitute.

- Let people live their own lives.
- Yes, but not in my house.

Imagine if I'd had an inspection,

they could shut me down.

Don't worry. Everyone has a price.

Want some coffee?


I'll have a cup, but then I'll go
to my room and work a little bit.

Can you give me a
sample of that book?

When it's finished.

I promise.

Actually, I have to tell you

this place inspires me
of many things.

It's odd.


It's odd.

Everything has become
obscene around here.

You're probably used
to this calm and peace.

But can you understand how it
feels to a citizen of Madrid?


The woods, the lake,
the mountains.

This is all a remedy for stress.

What is stress?

The tension of modern life.

You're fortunate not to know it.

If I told you I'm
sick of all this.

The peace.

The lake.

And my sick husband.

You would think I was crazy,

Of course you'd be crazy.

But you, you're a woman...

I'm sorry.

I'm going to work.

- Let's go upstairs.
- Dear God.

Why did you change your mind?

Someone might come.
Let's go to the room.

I like you so much.

You'll see how much.

Hurry up, otherwise I'll rip your
clothes off right here.

You'll see.

You'll see.

You didn't listen.
You'll see.

Be careful or you'll hurt me.

I'm not a werewolf.

♪ It's your perfumes, girl ♪

♪ Which fascinates me ♪

♪ It's your perfumes, girl ♪

♪ Which will fascinate me ♪

♪ It's your tits, my girl ♪

♪ Which I'm going to eat ♪

♪ It's your perfumes, girl ♪

♪ Gabrielito ♪

♪ Gabrielito ♪

♪ What a night you'll have ♪

♪ With my butter ♪

♪ Butter! ♪

♪ I want to die
I want to die ♪

♪ My brown meat ♪

♪ I want to die
I want to die ♪

♪ Such a hot girlfriend ♪

♪ I want to die
I want to die ♪

Should I take them off
or you take them off?

♪ I want to die
I want to die ♪

♪ My brown meat ♪

♪ I want to die ♪

Little nipple.
My little nipple.

Well, it's time to celebrate.

What are we celebrating?

It was a good fuck, wasn't it?

Don't you think
everything is solved with a drink?

- Isn't it?
- It's not.

The show is over.


What's going on?

The money.

If you don't pay me---

Can't you forget you're a hooker?

I don't forget it
and you shouldn't either.

The money.

The money.

Don't hurt me.

All right. All right.

All right.

Is that enough?

Don't be cheap.

Thank you.

I'm going to the bathroom.

Lock the door.
Someone may rape you.

I'm going to the car for
my cigarettes.


Where are you?

Excuse me.
Have you seen Gabriel?

- Who?
- Gabriel.

Oh yes.

I haven't seen him.

Well, maybe.

He said he was going
for cigarettes.

I think he had some in the car.

You should check.



He's not there.

Maybe he went to town.

That's too far, isn't it?


Maybe two hours round trip.

I'm sorry, the doors all
look the same.

I'm sorry.

You're a writer, aren't you?

I pretend to be an author.

How awesome.

You have to fill
all those pages with adventure--

Adventures and many other things.

The view is wonderful.

- Did you know Gabriel left?
- He left?

He left me alone.

Went to buy cigarettes.

I always said he was a bum.

Do you have something to do?

I thought you might like
to go for a walk.

- You're alone, right?
- Yes.

Or would you prefer
coming to my room?

Thanks, but I have to work.

It seems Gabriel will be gone
for a few hours.

Do you think it's right for him
to leave without saying anything?

He'll pay for this.

I don't know what to tell you.

That's okay.

I'll wait for you by the lake.

You like it by the woods,
don't you?

I like the woods, yes.

Come on, dude.
You know what I mean.

Don't you think I noticed
how you looked at me by the car.

All right.

We'll be discreet.

I'll go outside first
and wait for you.

Riddle me this.

You're the kind who likes
to do it with gloves.


what do you want?


Come in.

- Sorry, I thought you were awake.
- What time is it?


- Unbelievable. I fell asleep.
- I'll leave you to it.

No, please.
I was really tired.

I just came to ask if you want to
have breakfast here or downstairs?

Downstairs. Don't bother.

How's the day?

Normal. A bit cloudy.

Did you sleep well?

- Like a bear.
- I'm glad.

- Would you like tea or coffee?
- Like yesterday.

Very good.

Tell your husband
I'll play the chess game today.

Something wrong?


Well, yes.

I really don't know.

I didn't sleep well.

I had a bad night.
Very restless.

I even heard footsteps.

Did you get up during the night?

No. Absolutely not.

It must have been my neighbors.

I don't think so.
They left.

I hope they've paid you.

The car was gone when I woke.
But they left the money

in the kitchen.

Thank God.

How strange.

How did they leave if the
car was broken?


No, dark.
Thank you.

- Did you eat breakfast already?
- No, not yet.

Eat with me.

You told me your husband
was handicapped--

He's paralyzed. He also has
something in his lungs.

That's why we live here.

- You have no children?
- No.

And you?


Well, it's better that way.


everyone has their own
problems and ideas.

That's true.

But everything looks different
in a place like this, trust me.

Do you want to return to the city?

Not at all.

I don't feel like
going back at all.

I feel more real here.

It's like all this frees me
from the routine.

And your wife?

If you knew how it is.


I know you came here
running from her.


You see I was right when I said
you are an intelligent woman?

And I can tell you more.

You've grown tired of life.

Tired of your friends
flattering you day and night.

Tired of people who read
your books and don't understand.

Even though you make a
living of it.

If I could be clone with all that.

My wife's easy.

Send them all to hell!

Wow, I like that.

See you later.


I love looking at you, Veronica.


Because in your face

and inside of you...

there's something
very fascinating.

Don't tell me you're going
to write a book about me.

Why not?

Because nobody would buy it.
It'd be very boring.

You think so?

What? What do you mean?

I'm going to see
if my husband needs anything.


You scared me so much.

You could've at least left a note.

I've looked for you everywhere.

I'm here.

Did you call me?

What are you doing here?

It's a beautiful place.

Let's go inside.

Veronica, this is Elena, my wife.

Nice to meet you.

Are you leaving already?

We're not in a hurry.

Not anymore, right?

Come on.

I love this place.
It's beautiful.

What are you doing?
We're not leaving just yet.

I've had a rough time.

You left without telling me.

I thought something happened.

The worst.

Everything has been an escape.

I think your own characters

- influence you too much.
- My characters?

They can do everything
you can't do.

I understand and love you
the way you are.

Because you need me.

- That's why you're mine.
- Maybe.

You know I'll always be
by your side.

I loved you when you
were a nobody.

Now I'm here to protect you.

Do you understand?

Hasn't it crossed your mind
I don't need protection?

Wow, it seems your escape
has changed you a little bit.

Would it be that you
and that woman...

What's her name? Anna?


I'll make you forget that woman.

Just like before.

Yes. Yes, baby.

It's useless.

I can't.

You must.

It's always the same thing.

Come on.

Did you hear that?

I heard nothing.
Come on.


It sounds like someone fighting.

- It's her husband.
- What husband?

That lady's. Veronica's.

He's sick.
He lives upstairs.


Leave me alone.
Why do I have to do what you want?

Stay put.

Please don't get close to me.

Please! Please!

Where are you going?

Something bad is
going on upstairs.



What are you doing?


Open the door.

What are you doing?



Open it now!

What are you doing there?


Open now, you idiot!

Do you think I'm going to take
your shit on our wedding night?

Open now or I'll break
down the door.

Who do you think you are?

I'm gonna start counting...





Don't move.
This won't take long.

No, you promised not tonight.

Come on, woman.

Not tonight please.

No, no.

Get off me!

Damn you!
Now you'll see what I can do!

I'll keep my promise now.

The promise I made when I met you.

You'll be my bitch
doing whatever I ask.


You don't want it.

That's better.

I like when you resist.

Get down.

Get down!



Give me that.

I told you already, Veronica.

We've gone too far.

Someday they'll catch us.

Now we'll have to pay.

It's the same.

Deep down it's like freedom.

It's been horrible.

Like a nightmare.

To think her husband was
all in her mind.

I wonder where she buried him.

Thank God everything is done.

What do you want? Cigarettes?

Hold on a second.

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