Vingarne (1916) - full transcript

This film has been restored by The Film
Archive, the Swedish Film Institute.

For a long time the film Mauritz
Stiller, "Wings" was lost;

only a few images remain.

Until a copy was found in Norway

but it was incomplete.

The plot of the story, crucially,
had entirely disappeared.

To get an idea of ​​what
should look like this film,

part of the story was reconstructed
using stored still images

and often damaged and the
original intertitles associates.

The manager responsible for one of the
productions Svenska Biografteatern has an idea.

"Come, let's take a closer look."

"I had an idea that might
be worth to be developed."

Mr. Asther plans to become an actor.

Young intelligent man
with a comely appearance

is searched for a movie.

Contact the director Stiller between
13h and 14h, address: Grefgatan No...

Now the director develops the scenario

including Miles "Wings"
gave the idea,

and it reflects on how to
fulfill the roles properly.

"Heavens, how can I find a young man
capable of taking on this role?"

"Maybe I should look
in responses to ads."

"I have a role that
might suit you in this case,

if you want to play with Lili Bech.

"Study the novel carefully to
become familiar with the atmosphere

the script evokes the idea that the
"Mikael" Herman Bang ""

In the studios of Svenska Biografteatern.
The shooting of the drama begins.

"Tell Lasse Hansson to come,
if it is still there."

"You see, Mr Asther, I realize now
that you are too young and inexperienced.

"- I do not think it will work."

The first film, titled "Wings"
will be held at Roêda Kvarner.

Today First

"Silence - it starts."


A drama in four acts after the famous
novel "Mikael" Herman Bang.

Direction: Mauritz Stiller
Photography: Julius J.

First act.

This drama is a modern version of the
story coming to us from antiquity

about Icarus, whose father, the great
master Daedalus, gave him wings.

An audacious theft was going up in the sky,
but forgetting the warning of his father,

he approached too near the sun and
crashed to the ground, burned wings.

The master recalled the ancient history

and the idea of ​​sculpture,
"Wings" came to him.

"But this is my Icarus,
in the flesh ..."

"You have talent - thus paint a picture
and show it to me next year in Paris."

"Ouch, I'm awful in this role.
I can not stand this misery."

To be continued.

The wings Second act.

Four years later. The master took
Mikael home, as an adopted son.

"You will have that job. I'll
melt the bronze for you."

Charles Schwift gives a speech

in honor of the new creation of
the master "Wings".

Welcome to you Claude Zoret

"This is the most beautiful
woman I've ever seen."

"There is no price tag,
and it was only plaster."

"The original, bronze,
belongs to Mikael."

The master painted the
portrait of Princess Zamikow.

"How did you know it was me?"


Dear Claude,

We went to the countryside
to make sketches.

Sincerely, Mikael.

"Well, there is that you ignore

everyone knows that
Mikael spending your money

in the company of the Princess. "

Charles Schwift "Let the boy go

it will not make you happy. "

Claude Zoret: "No, I do not
want to die without children."

To be continued.

The wings Act III.

Money, money, here is the
constant worry of Mikael.

"I do not accept alms servants."

Princess Zamikow, including
waste and extravagance

were often mentioned in
the high society circles

reported rumored that his
innumerable creditors

had demanded its notice...

But Mikael decided to
sell the master's gift.

"As I have said, I
am bound by a promise

the work should not be
sold within five years

and it is only then that I
will accept 100000. "

The art dealer has not kept his promise.

The last work of Claude
Zoret, "Wings" sold.

The art dealer, Pinero, was
acquired for a fantastic price...

"Give me back my child."

"You are old, Claude Zoret, and you
will understand more love ..."

To be continued.

The wings Fourth act.

The next morning.

"Quick, a doctor."


I, the signatory, declares my last will

and wish all my property,
tangible or intangible,

return to my adopted son
Eugene Mikael as sole heir.

"Give this letter to
Mikael immediately."


The master is seriously ill

he expressed the wish to see you.

Come immediately. Charles Schwift.


"Mikael Commment I
could reject you ..."

After the first.

It was very successful and the public
seems to have fully appreciated.

But dear Mr. Lars Hansson

how could you reject the
charming Mrs. Lili?

Had we been in your position, so...

In the house of Madame Lili.

"Why I could not play with
you" wings "?"

"When I saw you yesterday, I realized
I can not live without you."

"Yes, Mr. Eide, the owner
is a visitor right now."

"There, there, Mr. Asther, now
shake hands like a good boy."

Yes, young people - and God thank
you this film is finally finished.