Vinci Da (2019) - full transcript

A passionate make-up artist has his life turned upside down when a psychopathic "serial lawyer" takes an interest in his work - and has his moral compass put to test.

Is it ready?

When did I ask for it?

Almost done.

Come back.

Get back here right now.

I'll slog all day
and you'll have fun.

What is it?

I asked for some chips.
Why can't you get it?

Why can't you answer?

You slut! I'll bring home the money
and you'll enjoy it.

Are you tired of me?

Say it... Say it...

Let Mom go.

Dad, let go of Mom.

Bloody hell! All I wanted was some chips.

Leave Mom alone.

I'm beating my wife.
What's your problem?

Go study.

I've been trying to concentrate
for a long time but I can't.

This has been happening
for a long time.

- Please stop. Will you stop now, please?
- Get out.

Go to your room.
Nothing is going on here.

Your dad will cool down in some time.

- Then the three of us...
- Will go out for dinner.

It's your birthday at midnight.

Listen to your mother for once.
Go to your room.

Finish your homework.
I'll finish... Anyway...

Did you give birth to this thing?
This bastard?

He can't be mine.

He's so disobedient.

He can't be my son.

- Who else did you sleep with?
- Let Mom go.

Let Mom go, you rascal!

Did you not hear me, idiot?
Let Mom go.

Say it again.

Let Mom go, rascal.

- Say it again.
- Let Mom go, rascal.

- Say it again.
- Let Mom go, rascal.

- Say it again.
- Let Mom go, rascal.

I'll beat you to a pulp.

Get lost.

Don't forget that I'm the one who pays
for stuff around here.

You've taught him to misbehave like this.

Who else did you sleep with?
Is he my son? Tell me.

I'll kill you.

Answer me.

Or I'll thrash answers out of you.

Hello, Bhowanipore Police Station?

There has been a murder.

I've murdered my father
just moments back.

The address is
105, Harish Mukherjee Road.

Once you cross the park,
it's the third house on the right.

Yes... Please come fast.

Happy birthday to me.

This is my father,
Debiprasad Bhowmik.

And this little boy is me.

I'll give you a brief introduction.

Then I'll be able to tell you
the actual story properly.

Otherwise, we'll spend
all our time... Anyway.

My father was a serious makeup artist.

It was a form of worship for him.

He didn't care about anyone.

Once he scolded an actor for chatting
in the middle of the makeup session.

After that everyone fell in line.


My mother left us when I was very young.

My father meant the world to me.

I followed in his footstep
and started a career in makeup.

I started studying it.

Father taught me as well.

I started learning with all my heart.

I started going to the neighbourhood library.

I began devouring all the books on makeup
I could get my hands on.

Then with the access to the internet,
I was unstoppable.

Not just makeup, I started delving into
prosthetics, special effects...

plastic surgery, colours, drawing, art etc.

National and international artistes...
Oh, yeah...

I completely forgot to tell you...
That's where I got my name...

Van Gogh is the real deal, bro.
He is a true artiste.

He was never appreciated
during his life.

He never sold a painting in his lifetime.

But now the entire world
is crazy about his work.

Actually, he was much ahead
of his time.


- He had enough support.
- What do you mean?

He was nothing without the support
of his brother Theo and friend Ganguin.

- What are you saying?
- Basically, he was mad.

Just because he cut off his ear
doesn't make him a genius.

You can call Picasso or Dali genius.

- They brought in a newness in their art.
- That Van Gogh did too.

Please, no point saying that, buddy.

You can say Van Gogh's strokes
had newness in them.

Otherwise, it's all Monet and Manet.

They're all amateurs.

- What?
- Excuse me.

Everyone is an amateur
compared to Leonardo.

The names you just mentioned
were just painters.

But if there is true genius
then it has to be Leonardo da Vinci.

He wasn't only an artiste
but a scientist too.

According to you, Van Gogh, Picasso,
Rembrandt, Dali are all amateurs.

- Absolutely!
- Are you kidding me?

Why would I?

If you want to argue,
you must study about it.

The only artiste who might come close
is probably Michelangelo.

But Leo is Leo.

- Have you been smoking up?
- Tell us how?

- How?
- Yes.

I'll explain it to you.

One must do some research
into the subject.

Watch your mouth.

Da Vinci was the first to prove to the world
that art is science and science is art.

Forget the paintings.

The sculptures, the designs for helicopters
and other machines...

Blueprints of different weapons, the hydraulics,
the pulley and so many other works.

Tell me who else has been able to do it.

Has anyone come close to his achievements?

Give me one name.

He is a Da Vinci fanboy.

So what's your name?
Da Vinci's fan, Vinci Da?

Whatever my name was...

but the name given by those two intellectuals
that day became popular.

That name stuck with me.

Yes, I'm Vinci Da.

And this is my story.

I am happy to announce
that the honourable court...

has been pleased to rule in favour of my client
Mr. Shyamsundar Jaiswal.

He has been awarded unconditional acquittal
with all damages included.

Due to lack of any substantial evidence
against him.

Mr. Jaiswal, your reaction on your release?

I am very happy.

I've been acquitted.
I knew I was innocent.

And the court said the same thing today.

So, are you saying the Rs. 2500 crore scam
didn't happen?

Please don't harass my client. Enough.

- No more questions.
- Let me take this.

See, the scam did happen.

And someone has done it.

But High Court just said
that that person is not me.

Mr. Jaiswal, one last question.

The company, the hotel,
the resort is all yours.

Then, who did the scam?

Just blame it
on the legendary criminal Nando Ghosh.

Hail Lord Vishnu!

Hail Lord Vishnu!

Put this on his head, heart and feet.

The person whose shadow
I've been under...

The person I learnt my craft from...

The person who never let me feel
the absence of a mother...

That person left me alone one day.

I wanted to remember
his living, smiling face.

Not the stone cold dead face.

I avoided looking at his face
while performing the last rites.

But finally when I saw his face...

I couldn't bear
looking at it.

Sir, where are you going?

- He's gone crazy.
- He just lost his dad.

He used to love his father a lot.

What are you doing?

Have you lost your mind?

Can't you see his face
is looking so lifeless?

My father was an artiste.

He should look good for his farewell.

Just these flowers won't do justice.

What is he talking about?

He's gone bonkers.

Makeup was done.

My father entered the set.

And we waited quietly
for the shot to be over.

I met one of Father's friends
from the film industry.

He said time for experimenting
and studying is over.

I must earn a living now.

I'll never be famous
if I don't get my act together.

He gave me the contact
of a famous director.

He asked me to meet for work.

I forgot to tell you about Jaya.

She is very sweet girl
from my neighbourhood.

I used to like her a lot.

I was very serious about her, I swear.

You can call it love.

She was by my side through the ups
and downs, even from a distance.

She was my inspiration
to do great work.

It was my plan to do something great
for her.

But it was difficult to meet her
or talk to her.

Her father was very strict.

And what did you do after that?

I drove the car back, sir.

But the accused left the hotel lobby
with his girlfriend, Ms. Gupta.

Where did you join them?

Boss had called me.

So, I met them on the way.

And I took the keys.

So, were you driving the car
when the accident happened?

Yes, sir.

And your boss's girlfriend
was sitting with you instead of him?

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

So, when the car hit the divider,
killing Ms. Gupta on the spot...

you were driving the car,
not your boss?

Yes, sir.

And before the crash, the car ran over
five people sleeping on the pavement...

you were driving the car,
not your boss?

They constantly want fresh blood.
Is this a blood bank?

Sir, Debiprasad's son is here.

Send him here.

- Here he comes.
- Who?

Come here.

Are you talking about Debi Bhowmik?

Isn't he from the Ice Ages?

He passed away recently.

A common friend asked me to meet his son
to give him work.

Hello, sir.

Abhijeet told me about you.

Do you have any skills
or are you using your father's name to get work?

I am good at what I do.


Why did you leave Sujit's shoot?


I felt insulted that's why.


He told me before the shoot started
that we have to compete with Bombay.

I was doing the prosthetic makeup.

A man who had been in a blast.

I had spent four and a half hours
to get the actor ready.

Sujit said it was excellent work.

But then he said...

The prosthetic makeup was so realistic,
the blood, the skin...

that the Censor Board
would chop that scene off.

If that was the case,
why did he push me so hard?

That's why I quit.

You want to surpass
the Bombay film industry, right?

I don't want to.
I can.

And I can do it in half the budget.

Got it.

Hey, come here.

Call Vikram and push the call time
by an hour.


Take him to the actress
and explain the character to him.


Go with him.

- Go ahead.
- Thank you, sir.

I want to see your work.

Fresh blood.

- You are unneccesarily tensed.
- It's not about that.

- It's nothing. Nothing will happen.
- Things are getting worse.

It's not about confidence. It's okay.
Nothing to worry about.

These people again.

No comments. No comments.

You'll get to know anyway.
Please move out of the way.

- Please give way.
- Excuse me. Excuse us.

Please... No comments...

He got the acquittal after all.

He was supposed to get it anyway.

The last judge got transferred.

The one before him died mysteriously.

Who will take this kind of pressure?

What happened to the girl?

What else?

If she has money, she'll appeal again.

Next, it'll go to the Supreme Court.

The person who was raped
will have to prove that she was raped yet again.


He is very perverted.

He has a distorted mind.

He is very experimental.

And he films himself in the act.


What have you done?

Didn't my assistant brief you?

He just told me about the character.

I found out about the entire story
and today's scene.

I did this makeup after I figured out
the flow of the scene.

After so much effort, you came up
with this ugly, realistic makeup?

Don't you understand gloss at all?

What is the problem with beauty?

Sir, the character is starving
for 10 days.

She's struggling.

If she looks like a glamourous model,
will we be doing justice to the audience?

This is an urban mainstream film.

People will be watching the heroine
and her acting not your makeup.

Makeup is a part of acting.

So is the camera's angle.

The writer's dialogue is as much
a part of the acting as is the production design.

We don't need you right now.

If there's something in the future projects,
we'll call you. Good bye.

What is so funny?

Sir, you asked me if I was using
my father's name to get work.

Sir, I'm not doing it but...

I can see you're using your late uncle's legacy
to get work in the industry.

The first film was good.
But I couldn't sit through the next four.

Horrible makeup, horrible costume.

The most horrible thing was the art.

Absolutely no research on props, right?

Who the hell do you think you are?


I'm one of the technicians who you haven't paid
despite having a lot of black money.


You will not get a job here
or anywhere else in the country.

I know.

That's why I want to tell you something
before I leave.

It's just your luck that even after
being such a bad actor, you're still a super star.

And you know that very well.

So don't show your expertise
about makeup.

Makeup is an art.

Your thick brain can't handle it.

Bloody swine!

You didn't get the job?


They abused me and threw me out,
bloody idiots.

Forget about them.

You'll find another job.

Like hell, I will.

They're very powerful people.

They'll not let me work
in the film industry anymore.

That's okay.

You can...find some other work...

You have time.

Because I stammer...

they can't find a groom for me...

We'll get married, right?

During the rituals,
you'll have to chant Sanskrit words...

How will you utter those?

I've thought about it.

I'm quite stressed about it.

- The priest from the neighbourhood...
- Bonomali...

I've learnt the important part.

I'll just say that.

What will you say?

You know...

"May my heart be yours.

- May your heart...
- May your heart...

Catch that man!

Thank you, brother.

Thank you.

So, where are you going right now?

We have to go to the police station.


Yeah, you broke the law.

Now we have to put it back together.

- What do you mean?
- You'll see.

I lied a little while ago.

This is the first time in my boring life
I've got a chance to be the hero.

That's why I couldn't help myself.

This is not just my story.

It's his story too.

He was a little screwed up since he was a kid.

He has a sharp mind.
He's very well read.

And he's crazy about Law.

He wanted to be a criminal lawyer.

He loved his mother.

His father was a drunk scum.

And that's where the trouble started.

He killed his father exactly half an hour
before he turned 18...

and escaped the death penalty.

Oh, you're here?

I'm ready to go.

Let's go.

Do you want some chips?

He freed his mother from that horrible life.

But strangely, his mother got scared.

She thought he was crazy
and left him alone.

He killed his father.
His mother left him.

For the lack of opportunity,
situation, time and money...

He couldn't become a criminal lawyer.

Instead, he got a criminal record.

But he was not one to give up.

He continued studying Law
even inside the asylum.

He would feel very unsettled
if he was not close to the Law.

So, he started going to the court
after being released from the asylum.

He started taking notes on the difficult cases.

Then he set up his own office
outside the courtroom.

Experienced lawyers would drop by
to take his advice on cases.

He earned a lot of money.

But by that time, Adi Bose
had completely lost his mind.

Mukherjee, of all the police stations
under me...

yours is the most efficient.

So, see to it,
this doesn't happen again.

It won't, sir.

If we get a high profile case.

Involving ministers, businessmen etc...

- Then we'll need your help.
- Of course, I'll look into it.

- You can't go in.
- It's urgent.

Sorry, sir.
He just barged in.

Wait. Yes, tell me.

There's a pickpocket in my car.

He was beaten very badly by a mob.
He's dying.

Please look into it.

Take a look.
Give him the keys.

The car is not locked.

Where did you find him?

I was on my way to the court.

Saw him... Brought him here.

I'm a lawyer, sir.

Where do you practice?
Alipore Court?

No... Actually, I don't...

I haven't started yet.
About to start my practice.

- Civil?
- No.



He is in a very bad state.

We've to take him to the hospital right now.

Then, take him.

Why didn't you take him to the hospital?
What if he died?

But, sir, the Law?

Law comes before everything else.

Life and death are secondary.


Actually, the Law is our living, Mr...

- Adi Bose.
- Adi Bose.

The thing is, if the criminal dies...

we can't follow him into the pyre to cuff him.

But Law's hands are not that long.

That's why you need a hook like me.

Like picking a fruit from the tree.

Sir, what sections will you
book him under?

Normal ones...
Whatever is applicable for pickpocketing.

There are no provisions for pickpocketing
in the Indian Penal Code.

You'll have to book him under theft.

378 and 379.

And there's mental trauma caused
to the person he stole from.

That amounts to voluntary harassment,
so you can charge him under Section 323, as well.

Good bye.

What was his name?

Are you done?

How much longer?

You have to wait.
You're too restless.

Sit quietly. Don't move.
And don't blink at all.

Irritating me all the time.

Hey, what's the matter with you?

- Do you want some tea, Uncle?
- Yeah.

I left town for a few days...

and you've screwed things up
in the meantime.

Got it.

What have I done wrong this time?

What? Don't you want to work
in the industry anymore?

You've picked a fight again in the studio.

They've complained to you, right?

They were saying a lot of mean things to me.
I kept quiet.

They said whatever they felt like.

I'm a self-respecting artiste.
How can I tolerate such nonsense?

Apparently, I use my dad's name to get work
and I don't have any makeup skills.

Those bloody idiots.

I work from the heart.

And the director criticising my work
just runs an assembly line factory.

All he wants is to earn money.
He is not interested in films at all.

- I'm the only one who says...
- Why don't you adjust a bit.

Absolutely not.

Am I a newbie that I'll keep my head down?

I'm poor but I'm proud of my work.
I am happy.

I heard you're doing makeup for the kids' plays
and brides to earn money.

- An artiste like you...
- An artiste doesn't differentiate...

The ordinary girl I dress up
on her wedding day...

the happiness on her face
is nothing less than the National Award.

It's difficult work.

And you were talking about the kids' play?
Damn right, I do them.

They are more honest
than the film people.

The honesty with which they perform...

the big directors and so called actors
from the industry will soil their pants.

They'll feel ashamed.

So you will not change, right?

Will you have some biscuits?

I delve into your mind
but find only masks

Like a hunter waiting to kill
You hide

I look into your eyes
I'm lost in your train of thoughts

The sore wounds don't stop bleeding

The one you see, the one you feel
Is not real

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

Every day

The stench of burning flesh
Comes from your room

Darkness grabs me

Your heart cages the gods

Mankind creeps towards extinction

The one you see, the one you feel
Is not real

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

Does Mr. Vinci live here?

Da... It's Vinci Da.

Tell me.

I wanted to talk to you about a film.


Please take a seat.
Please sit.

Give me a minute.

Sorry... The house is a mess...

- Would you like some tea?
- No, thank you.

- There's a film being made.
- Oh, okay.

Shyamsundar Jaiswal, the businessman.

- Shyamsundar was in...
- Jail but not anymore.

It's based on his life.
He's had a very interesting life.

Biopic... Bumba, the superstar
will play his character.


We were trying out prosthetic makeup.

We spoke to some people in Bombay.

Dates are clashing.

And the cost is very high.

Really high.

That's why we decided to get someone
from Kolkata.

Everyone in the industry vouched for you.

Are you interested?


It's a huge offer.

Such a great opportunity.

Actually, I've been doing it for a long time.

I've been doing research
for the last 10 years.

But there's not much prosthetic work...

I know.


But I've been carrying on with my work.

So, I can do it.

But prosthetics are expensive.

That's alright.

But how would it be?

Will it be like a mask?

It'll be very real.
You won't be able to tell the difference.

- You get it?
- I get it?

The person whose face we'll be copying...

the colour of his skin,
each wrinkle...

the colour of his eyes...

- Will it match?
- Absolutely...

You won't be able to tell them apart.

- I'll match it exactly.
- That's exactly what I want.

For a perfect fit,
I'll have to measure Bumba's face.

The mask has to be fixed
on his face.

- You get it?
- You'll have to make a sample first.

Make one according to my face.

Let me show it to them.

Let them see it.

If it's approved you can go
and take Bumba's measurement.

We're in a hurry.

It'll be done on time.

I'll have to buy the chemicals
and materials.

- So, if you can give some advance...
- Of course... Here you go.

What's this?

This has Jaiswal's photos and videos
for your reference.

There's a difference in their heights
and body structures...

- There won't be an issue...
- Are you sure?

I can make him fatter with a body suit.

- I can make him wear heels...
- Won't be too different, right?

It would be exact.
No one will be able to tell.

Great! You get to work.
When should I come?

Some events alter our lives
so much that...

you think while drinking...

What would my life be
if that event didn't happen?

What would happen to me?

Would I then...

Yes, meeting Adi Bose
was that life altering event for me.

It was very difficult to ignore
the part of my brain that he had tickled.

Art, my friend, art.

Asking me to do a complicated
and difficult makeup was like...

asking a starving tiger to taste a deer.

And you know what?

The relationship between an artiste
and the blank canvas is like...

lovers' naked bodies.

Do you remember the feeling
of touching your lover for the first time?

I felt the same way.

I felt a spark
when I touched his face for the first time.

This canvas will make me paint a masterpiece.

And that's what happened.

Standing in front of the mirror...

the duet between my hand and his face...

had resulted in something like
a Vitruvian Man.

I delve into your mind
but find only masks

Like a hunter waiting to kill
You hide

I look into your eyes
I'm lost in your train of thoughts

The sore wounds don't stop bleeding

The one you see, the one you feel
Is not real

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

Every day

The stench of burning flesh
Comes from your room

Darkness grabs me

Your heart cages the gods

Mankind creeps towards extinction

The one you see, the one you feel
Is not real

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

Every day

What's burning in that head of yours?

Let it burn
But the beehive doesn't break

You have the fever
without a cure

This everlasting fear doesn't let go

The one you see, the one you feel
Is not real

He lives in a lonely corner

He hears the dead scream

He lives in a lonely corner

This bank has been robbed in broad daylight.

The person behind this crime
is famous businessman, Shyamshundar Jaiswal.

He can be clearly spotted on
the bank's CCTV footage and phone videos.

He pointed his gun at us and took all the money.

There was a scuffle with the security guard.

Then he shot the man.

I still have shivers down my spine.

I have seen with my own eyes
that it was Shyamsundar Jaiswal.

The guy who was involved
in the scam.

He came in
and threatened everyone.

He pointed his gun at everyone
and took all the money.

He even got into a scuffle
with the security guard.

He shot the security guard.

He's missing since morning.
Police are looking into it.

We've started the investigation.

The area has been cordoned off.

You'll get to know if we discover
any new information.

Till then please wait outside.
Thank you.

No one is being allowed inside the bank.

Even DCDD Bijoy Poddar
has no further comments.

Hello, Rajdeep.

Yes, I had kept my phone switched off.

You know that I have my appointment
with Pinky.

What should I do now?

What the heck is this?
I don't understand.

The media will say anything, Rajdeep.


What do you think?
I'll murder someone for petty cash?

Okay, I'm canceling everything
and heading to the farmhouse.

But for how many days?

Any other number? SMS?

Take me to the farmhouse.

We're standing in front
of Shyamsundar Jaiswal's house.

He's missing since the bank robbery
in the morning.

We've been trying to reach him
since morning but he remains at large.

But according to his office colleagues
he is out of the city.

He's the same guy involved
in the scam.

I saw him with my own eyes.

His lawyer just told us he is not in the city.

My client had mentioned
that he'll be going out of Kolkata today.

And I know it's true.

I'm sure my client is innocent.

Then who robbed the bank?

I really don't know where he is.

He never tells me anything.

I can understand but...

you must know something.

I've already told you that he had gone
towards Singur to look at some land.

He even called me.

Since then, I don't know his whereabouts.

His phone is switched off too.

Sorry but I must say this.

There's the CCTV footage
from the bank.

Plus some phone videos of the robbery
and the murder.

And then, there's you.

And you are Jaiswal's right hand man.

A phone call that you received
that no one else heard.

Do you really consider it an alibi?

Please check my call list.

I don't doubt that he called you.

He could have called you after the robbery
from highway while he was fleeing.

I don't know what you spoke about.

Why are you harassing us, sir?

Why would he do it?

If he wants he can buy
six of those banks...

The thing is...

There's a difference between six banks
and one police station.

The man who has died was newly wed
and his father is unwell.

One more word from you
and I'll slap you hard...

And my alibi will be I was with your mother.

Bloody idiot!

What's the number?


Not your mother's.

- Shyamsundar's...
- 9830033344.

Do I look like a rookie?

I have this number.

Give me his driver's number.
We'll use it for geotracking.

Who did this?

Who said it?

I want an answer now.

Rohit started it, sir.

Is that true, Rohit?

It was all over the internet, sir.

- It's true. Disha's dad has killed someone.
- Shut up!

Just shut up.

Three of you go back to your classes.
Three of you stay back.

And Disha, I think,
you should be going home.

Move... Move... Quick.
This way.

- Sir...
- Follow me.

Follow me.

Go to the first floor. Quick.

You go to the bedroom.

- Come with me.
- What are you doing here?

- Cover it from all sides.
- From the front...

- I'm approaching the back.
- There he is...

- Bapi, this way...
- Sir, he has a gun.

Cover me, I'm going in.

- Kick the door open.
- Watch the left side.

Break the door.
Kick it in.

Who are you people?

- What are you doing?
- Put him in the van...

- Why are doing this?
- Shut up.

- Bapi, hurry up...
- Let me go.

Come on... Let's go...

Let me talk to my lawyer.

Do you know who I am?

Robbing a bank, killing a security guard....

Carrying a gun without license,
shooting a cop...

Of course, I know who you are.

Get in the car.

- Let's go.
- Believe me, I haven't done anything.

Get in. Let's go.

- I haven't done anything...
- Shut up.

Shyamsundar Jaiswal is being presented
in court today.

DCDD Poddar is also present.

The police said he was arrested
from his farmhouse last night.

Along with the robbery, he is also accused
of murdering a security guard.

His 10-year-old daughter
tried to commit suicide.

His lawyer still insists he's innocent.

And that he was out of the city
at the time of the crime.

The police has arrested him
from his farmhouse, right?

How can one man be in two places
at the same time?

And we'll prove that in court.

My client is innocent.

Watching the news?

He's being framed.
There's a conspiracy...

What's all this?

Please, wait...

Isn't it great?

Why are you laughing?

What is so funny?

What are they showing on TV?
You told me it's for a film.

Bumba the superstar...

- Shyamsundar in my prosthetic...
- I'll tell you everything.

I did my job.

But they're saying the same person
is in both places.

- Yeah...
- Tell me something...

I've seen that face on TV.

That prosthetic, that makeup...

Did I do it?

- And that man?
- That's me.

You couldn't tell?

What can I say?

- You robbed a bank?
- Yes.

- You killed the guard?
- Yeah...

- You shot the cop?
- That I didn't...

I didn't shoot the cop.

Shyamsundar had a panic attack
and shot him.

But I did everything in the bank.

But why?

I'll tell you
but first some tea.

Please make some strong tea
with ginger.

I'll tell you everything.

Thank you.

You see Vinci Da,
I'm a serial lawyer.

What do you mean?

According to normal definitions,
I'm a serial killer.

Apparently, I'm mentally disturbed.

I choose my victims according to a pattern
stuck in my mind.

Victim's pattern?

Yeah, that's it.

Say Shyamsundar,
my so-called victim.

Am I killing him?

Am I killing him?

No, I'm not.

He's the killer.

He's swindled so much money.

He's stealing poor people's savings.

So many people are suffering,
committing suicide.

It was a Rs. 2500 crore scam.
Didn't you read in the papers?

But he got away with it
because he is powerful.

I committed a crime like him
and gave him up to the law.

Crime like him?

Crime... If you think of it as crime.

Then you're a criminal.
I'm a criminal.

We're partners in crime.

- Right?
- What?

You might think like that.
But I think you are an artiste.

He's robbed the common man
and I've robbed the bank.

It's the same thing.
Isn't it?

Bank robberies are a thing of the past now.

Next time, we should do something smart.

The crime and the criminal
should be at par.

Have to match it.

- Next time?
- Of course...

Otherwise, what's the point of the word serial?

Serial lawyer.
Not serial killer though.

Are you... Are you really a lawyer?

I really wanted to be a lawyer
but it didn't work out.

I have loved the Law
since I was a kid.

I've been reading law books as a boy.

While listening to his life story,
I realised that the man was absolutely crazy.

And I've unknowingly involved myself
in a crime with a criminal.

Because no matter how much he argued
in defense of his mission...

or he tried to prove what monsters
his chosen victims were...

I couldn't forget,
even if I took everything else away...

the innocent security guard.

Anyway, that's my story.

No, I get it.

But a lot of innocent people are affected
because of what you're doing.

- It's not their fault...
- That's collateral damage.

There's some in every war.

In any big war...
If you want to achieve something big...

Happens all the time.

It's an unrelated accident.

Believe me, the guard,
the daughter's attempted suicide...

These were absolutely unplanned surprises.

But Shyamsundar is in jail.

He's been destroying so many lives...

Now, he can't anymore.


Got it.

But I don't know.

I'm just an ordinary artiste.

- I don't want to play God...
- You don't need to be God to punish Evil.

You need Ubermenschen.

When God is dead,
they fix things.

What's right,
what's wrong?

What's just, what's unjust?

Have you heard of Nietzsche?

Is he an international lawyer?

Neither a lawyer nor an artiste.

A philosopher.

He came up with the term "Ubermensch".

It means a powerful, talented,
sharp Superman...

Man-made laws, rules, society...

He's above it all.

He decides he wants to commit a crime.

No one will be able to catch him.

He's so sharp.

Just like me.

You can do it too.

But you'll have to perform your duties
as a talented artiste and a responsible citizen.

Let's see who's next?

Manas Saha, minister's son.

He's killed people while driving drunk.

Who's going to match it?

The artiste will match it.

This is going to be Vinci Da's "Mona Lisa".


But I'm an artiste.

If my work benefits someone, great.

But why should it harm someone?

The Nobel Prize for peace...

Do you know where Alfred Nobel
got that money from?

By selling dynamite. Bombs. Explosive.

What does that have to do with the artiste?

Let's start with your idol.

Have you seen Leonardo's
designs of weapons?

Those designs can annihilate millions
of people in seconds.

Isn't that art?

Isn't that science?

At least, the work you're doing
is helping a lot of people.

It's hurting a few.

Darling, what's wrong?

What are you worried about?

I think I'm trapped, Jaya.

I don't know what I should do.
I've no idea.

What happened?

Tell me.

I know that as a person you'll do the right thing
even if it's difficult.

And as an artiste?

- I don't get it. How is it different?
- It is different. Completely different.

The rules of morality are not applicable
on artistes.

Some famous artistes, writers, singers...

Whatever their personal life might be...

that's not people's concern.

Ultimately, it's their work
that people remember.

That's what remains, Jaya.
Isn't it?

Which singer is a wife-beater?

Which bloody cricketer has taken bribes?

Which actor is a womaniser?

No one remembers.

No one wants to remember.

What's the point?

What are you talking about?

I can't understand anything.

Before this, no one else
had given me such a huge opportunity.

You know.

It's not just the money
but the work is challenging.

He's challenged the artiste within me.
No one has done that before.

This man gave me the opportunity
that the entire film industry couldn't.

My makeup, my prosthetics, Jaya...

How can I let that go?

He didn't do it on purpose.

Actually, he was in such a rush...

Even we make mistakes in a hurry.

Maybe, he pulled the trigger by mistake.

And the man just got in the way.

Yeah, got it?
He didn't do it on purpose.

I'll be with you,
no matter what you do.

I'm very worried about something.

What do you have to worry about?

- If one of the parents...
- Stammer.

- Will the child...
- Stammer too?


- I... Love... You...
- I love...

Me too.

The gas balloons have floated away
The blue salons look away

Tell me where should I go

I have lost my sleep
Maybe I should take some pills

Tell me what should I do

Hug my craziness
Adorn the tramlines with poetry

My blunt sword lies in the pocket
Or empty it out at the next sale

Every time I am in your neighbourhood

I gulp my discomfort down my throat

As I walk down the steps of your dreams

That short, stout man stands in my way

You are chasing a dream.
There's no one like that.

You've met all the girls.

I'm the only one left.

You can look me up too.

It's not a dream, it's reality.

Candle lit dinners celebrating power cuts

Tell me should I come back for more

The food is burning on the stove
Our drinks are fizzling out

Tell me which one we should save first

Hug my craziness
Adorn the tramlines with poetry

My blunt sword lies in the pocket
Or empty it out at the next sale

Every time I am in your neighbourhood

I gulp my discomfort down my throat

As I walk down the steps of your dreams

That short, stout man stands in my way

The gas balloons have floated away
The blue salons look away

Tell me where should I go

- Where's your driver, bro?
- I didn't call him.

Hey, wait, wait, wait...

You said you're calling your driver.
Why did you cancel?

- Please don't drive.
- Nothing is going to happen to me.

I can drive with one hand...

In fact, I drive better when I'm drunk.

- Bro, it's already happened once...
- Get out of my way.

Why are you looking for trouble, bro?

What did you just say?

Nothing... Why don't you give me the keys?

I'll drop you home.

Why are you doing this?

Have you forgotten my name and my surname?

Nothing ever happens to me.

What does that mean?

Nothing can happen to me.

Bro, I have the best intentions in mind.

Those girls are waiting for you.
Go ahead.

Drive carefully, bro.

- I'll drop you.
- Just shut up.


Bro, be careful...

What the...

Hello, sir!

- Sir?
- Yeah.

Do you need some help?

Yeah... Please come here.

Please, please...

Thank you...
Bloody irresponsible people...

- Wonder who does these...
- Very irresponsible...

The party is not over yet.

The party has just started...

It's the time to disco...

Were you sleeping?

How did it go?

It went according to the plan.

It was a good thing
you did the makeup on hands.

He was wearing a half sleeves shirt.

This prosthetic thing...

Even I don't know what happens to me.

I become a different person.

Your work is something else!

Everything else was fine.

Absolutely perfect.

It's a such huge job,
there will be some hiccups.

There could have been a big accident
while I was trying to drive into the divider.

I could have died.

I just drove over...

He is a big guy.

I hurt my back, lifting him up.

But that's okay.

I had to block the road with bricks.

It was a lot of hard work.

The weight made it difficult.
I have a bad back.

Otherwise, everything else was fine.

Wiping off the finger print
is a very tedious task.

I did that properly.

The handles, the seats,
the steering wheel, the entire car...

I wiped everything down carefully.

No one wears gloves while driving.

And the gloves will be visible on the CCTV too.

It would have been a disaster.

A complete disaster.

Here's your advance for the next job.

Buy the materials you need.

I'll brief you in some time about the next job.

Hope the net wasn't visible.

After all you've been through...

Hopefully, the blending didn't come off.

I used very good adhesive.

That I don't know.

We'll get to know when the police watch
the CCTV footage on the big screen.

I just concentrated on the acting.

Hope no one was harmed this time.

Only one person was harmed.

- Manas...
- Who's asking?

- Manas.
- Yeah.

You have to wake up now, Manas.

Who are you?

I'm Poddar.

DCDD Poddar.

Sorry... Sorry, Inspector.

Why am I here?

How did I get here?

You have run over five people
while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Then you passed out
after hitting a divider.

Then some responsible citizens
dropped you off here.

Actually, they didn't want to.

They wanted to lynch you to death.

My men rescued you.

What the hell are you saying?

I couldn't have driven the car.
I was unconscious.

A man... put a cloth on my mouth...

Believe me, I had to get off the car once.

How do you surround yourself
with criminals all the time?

Last time, apparently your driver
ran over those people.

This time some stranger had put you out...
You're really something!

You don't believe me.

I need a lawyer
and I need him right now.

Of course.

We will call the lawyer once you're conscious.

But I'm already in my senses.

You're conscious now
but won't be 15 minutes later.

Absolutely perfect.

The way you got away with it last time...

there's no guarantee that you won't get away again,
thanks to money and power.

But this time the evidence against you
is strong.

There was a camera at the traffic signal.



It might take time in court
to prove that the footage is not fake.

That's why we're taking care of you now.

You can't do this.

You cannot...


Sit down!

You are...

Have you read Aesop's Fables?

Or have you only watched porn?

Remember the boy who cried wolf?

The shepherd...
who bluffed over and over again.

Remember the end?

This is the scene of a gruesome accident.

Five people sleeping on the pavement
have been run over.

Police have cordorned off this area.

The bodies have been removed.

An in depth investigation
is going on.

The CCTV footage from the traffic camera
is also being looked at.

This is the CCTV footage
where Manas Saha can be clearly seen.

Common people have taken to the streets
in protest against this heinous incident.

He can't do whatever he wants
just because he's a politician's son.

We demand justice!

This man should rot in jail.

He got away with it last time.

He should be punished.

Down with Manas Saha!
We want justice!

MLA Mrinmoy Saha insists
his son is innocent.

Here's what he had to say.

- Your son has been accused before?
- He was proven innocent.

He'll be proved innocent again.

We have CCTV footage
that shows he is guilty.

It's fake.

Even though, MLA Saha disagrees,
his son can be seen on the CCTV footage.

Manas Saha got away last time
for the lack of evidence.

We have very strong evidence this time.

That's why it'll be difficult for him.

Easily IPC Section...





427 and read with 181, 185
of motor vehicles act of 1980...

We're charging him
under all these sections.


Manas Saha is involved in a hit and run case
that killed five people.

He even tried to destroy the traffic camera.

Common people are protesting
the deaths of the poor people.

The police have blocked the area.

The cyber forensic team is verifying
the authenticity of the CCTV footage.

This is the second time Manas Saha
is involved in a hit and run case.

Manas Saha has been arrested.

He's being held for questioning
for the last 24 hours.

DCDD Poddar was unavailable
for comments.

Sir, please buy some incense sticks.

Please, sir.

I don't want.

This is not a market.
This is an accident site.

It's very cheap.
Please buy one.

- How much is it for?
- Rs. 10.

Take it.

I bought your incense stick.
Why are you crying?

Someone drove a car over my father.

It was really hot.
So, he had come to sleep here.

Hey, wait.

Keep this.

Take this money.

- Please take it.
- I don't want it. I don't need it.

Where do you live?

Mom, this gentleman wanted to meet you.


Wanted to give him...

some money...

But he didn't want to take it.

I wanted to give it to you...


Because of the accident...

I wanted to help...

We don't need your money.

Please take some incense sticks
if you want.

You can't say no.

This is the last one.

We'll be done after that.

You have to work really hard
on this Saturday's makeup.

- No.
- Look at you being all pricey.

I know you're a great artiste.

What do you want?

More money.

I don't want any money.
I'm not an artiste. I want nothing!

How strange! The great Vinci Da is saying
he's not an artiste.

What's wrong with you?

I can't kill any more.

Why are you so stressed out?

You're not the one kiling them.

I'm killing them.

Do you have a problem when an animal
is sacrificed at the altar of God?

That's what this is.

This is sacrifice.

How will we pacify the God of Law
without sacrifice?

You are crazy.

You are sick.

You are mad!

Yes but there's a method
to the madness.

If you continue your drama...

I'll tell the cops that you're the mastermind
behind these crimes.

It's a high profile case.

My victims will be more than happy
to get a witness.

There are no videos of me wearing
or taking off the masks.

But you're in videos making Shyamsundar
and Manas' masks.

I have lots of videos.

What's my fault?
Please let me go.

Please let me go.

I haven't harmed you.
Why are you doing this to me?

This is the last case.

That's it.

Time for "The Last Supper".

Please don't betray me
at the last moment like Judas.


After the job is done
I'll give you the videos.

You can watch it on your day off.


Sunny Sen, page three celebrity, known rapist.

Have you ever seen the eyes
of a listless, trapped mouse?

It knows the moment the mouse trap
is opened like a reverse guillotine...

Hundreds of crows will swoop in and relish
it's entrails like cheap roadside snack.

That's how I felt.

There was nowhere to run.

Either the cops will get me
or the crazy Adi Bose will kill me.

Or I'll kill myself, guilty of having
innocent blood on my hands.

But still...

Even though I'm telling the story
in this deep, sombre voice...

the story was being written by someone else.

The one who writes all the stories.

The person sitting up above.

Who are you?

Go away... Go away!

Leave me alone...
I haven't done anything.

Get out of here.

I haven't killed anyone.
Why is there so much blood?

Go away...
Get out!!!

I haven't killed anyone.

How long has it been circulating?

Since yesterday.

Have you searched Sunny Sen's home?

Yes, sir.

We've found a lot of discriminating videos.

He has filmed himself too.

The man is mentally disturbed.
He's psychotic.

He's disgusting.

Bring it to me on a pen drive.

Go on.

Sir... I have it.

Someone forwarded it.
Would you like to take a look?

Who sent it to you?

One of my college friends...

Ask the bugger to come here.

Let me introduce him to the Cyber cell.

And please don't call disgusting people
like these your friends.

Otherwise, you'll be in trouble too.


- Yes, sir.
- Get out. Get out!

And delete that video!

I heard Sunny Sen got very badly beaten up
in the lock up.

Apparently, some of his nerves
were permanently damaged.

But he got out on bail.
Thanks to his contacts.

Although, by then his personal life
was already falling apart.

Sunny's father-in-law
was a very influential man.

Sunny's wife filed for divorce
and took full custody of his children.

This case was pending already.

Although, his lawyer tried to prove
that the videos were fake...

forensics found no proof
in support of the claim.

Adi Bose destroyed Sunny Sen's life.

Unknowingly, he had destroyed another life.


I'm so happy that you've finally come home.

You don't look like someone
who parties a lot.

An occasional drink for the artiste.
That's it.

I don't go out much.

Work keeps me busy.

But it's a special occasion.

- And your list...
- No formalities, please...

Right... Your list is done.

And I'm done too.

It's over...
All the work.

So, I was saying...

- So?
- That...

If I can get the videos and photos...

I mean...

You know I thought about it a lot.

It's safe with me.

I'll keep it like a memento.

Only the prosthetic list is over.

But the list of criminals is long.

There's so much more to do.

You're done but I'm not.

There's so much more to do.

The laws...

So many people are breaking the law
and getting away with it.

Let's say you suddenly get mad at me.

And you take a trip to the police station.

And one story might lead to another...

Then, my "Clean Society Mission"
will be in danger.

So, let it be with me.

What's this?

Like you said...


I bought it from a little boy
on the streets.

You burn incense while drinking?

Is that some strange artiste's ritual?

That girl who...

Did you know her?

No, random.
I picked up the first girl I saw.

Not someone I knew.

Collateral damage...
I told you.

- Collateral...
- Yeah, collateral damage.

What about Sunny Sen's lawyer?

What if he orders for medical tests?

The marks are still there.

He can prove that it wasn't Sunny Sen.

What happens then?

There'll be a lot of trouble.

I use gloves when I murder someone.

I used a condom when I raped the girl.


What's wrong with you?

Are you okay?


My drink is a little too stiff.
Can I get some water?

- Water?
- It's over.

I'll get it right away.

Why did you ask me to meet here?

What are you doing?

What's that?

Have you lost your mind?

What do you want me to see?

What do you have on your mobile...

This is an accident.

How is it your fault?

Accidents happen.

Jaya, this is not your fault.

This video is an accident, Jaya.

This is an accident!

Then why are people blaming me?

What am I going to do now?

Why are you giving them importance?

You don't have to pay attention
to what people say.

They're idiots
if they think it's your fault.

If anyone looks at you,
I'll blind them.

Please calm down.

Where are you going?

I'm asking you to stop.

Stop! What are you doing?

Have you gone mad?
What are you doing?

What was in your hand?


I don't want to live anymore.

I want to die...

Have you gone mad?
Why do you want to die?

People don't remember these things.
They forget.

It's just going to be you and me.
Just us.

We'll live with our heads held high, Jaya.

I will always respect you.

Your body has nothing to do with your honour.

We'll go somewhere far away.

Why should you cry?
Why should you be ashamed?

Why should you pay for the crime
you didn't commit?

The criminal will be punished.

Sir, this is an open and shut case.

That's what the video evidence is saying.

- He had a criminal record, right?
- Yes, sir.

He was psychologically damaged.
Murdered his father as a boy.

There are fingerprints on the glass.
His laptop is at the cyber forensic cell.

- Everything is okay but...
- But what, sir?

I've seen this man before.

He looks familiar.

- Where?
- At the police station.

At the police station?

Oh! I remember now!

I met him at your station.

- Bapi, you were there too.
- Yes, sir.

That... Pickpocket...
Beaten up by the mob...

Remember, Bapi?

Yes, sir.

Right, sir. He was there.

He went on about Law
like a mad man.

Mad man.

But Law comes before everyone, sir.

Life and death are secondary.

The confession confirms the mental illness.

Something isn't adding up.

Something is out of place.

What's wrong with you?

Is everything okay?


My drink is a little too stiff.
Can I get some water?

- Water?
- Yeah, it's over.

I'll get it right away.

Vinci Da, don't know what I would do
without you.

I wouldn't be able to become
a successful lawyer.

- Lawyer?
- Yes, lawyer.

What do lawyers do?

Lawyers bring criminals to justice.

That's what I do.

My friends used to play cops and crooks.

I went a step further.

Crooks... Cops...

Needless to say,
I would play the lawyer.

Everything must be taken to court.

We used to play a game too.

Crooks and cops?

A little more than that.

Crooks, cops and lawyer?

Ubermenschen think alike.

A little more.

What's that?

Crooks, cops, lawyer...

Judge and Executioner.

- Which character did you play?
- Double role.

Judge and Executioner.

I am Adi Bose.

In sound mind...

Without any provocation from anyone...

is committing suicide.

The only one responsible
for my death is me...

and my guilt.

I've always been unhappy.

That's why I wanted everyone else
to be unhappy too.

I've killed many people.

I've tortured many more.

I didn't even spare my father.

I'm mentally ill.

I'm a threat to the society.

That's why...

I'll get going now.

Coming to you live today
like I did yesterday.

Wasting time with nonsense.

But there's a difference.

I'm Adi Bose.

Adi Bose.

There's a difference between us.

The voice.

- It's the voice... The voice...
- What, sir?

- Bapi?
- Yes, sir?

- Have you scanned the victim's laptop?
- In process.

Turn the car around!

- Hurry up.
- Now!

Hello, have you traced the chip?

I need the IP address.

Yes, the mobile's IP address.
Keep me updated.

- Bapi, take a print of this.
- Yes, sir.

Make a poster
and put it up all across the city.

- Get it done now!
- Okay, sir.

Can I see your ticket?


Ma'am, show me your ticket.

Where are you going?


Stop fidgeting and look at me

What do you feel like doing?
What do you want?

Tell me about your experiences

What has life taught you?

The colours of the grass is bursting
The smell of the wet earth is calling

Close your eyes and breathe it all in

Calm down, calm down, calm down

Stand under the piercing sunlight

Only silence all around

Your identity melts away in thin air

But don't lose your self

People who have written your epitaph

They don't know the whole story

When you hear the call of the skies

Don't give it all away

Calm down, calm down, calm down

Stop fidgeting and look at me

What do you feel like doing?
What do you want?

The colours of the grass is bursting
The smell of the wet earth is calling

Close your eyes and breathe it all in

Calm down, calm down, calm down