Vincent Wants to Sea (2010) - full transcript

A young man suffering from Tourette's syndrome absconds from an institution with two other inhabitants to travel to Italy to fulfill his mother's last wish.


"Where I am am, death is not."

"And where death death is, I am not."

And with that, he was right.

We are gathered here today,

to pay tribute to a loving mother
and a good friend.

Katharina loved life.
(Vincent shouts)

She tried to be there for everyone.

For her son; for her friends.

And often to the point of
ignoring her own needs.

Ah! Cunt!

Cunt! Fuck! Cunt!

(Religious song)

vincent wants to sea

Everywhere, these bottles!
- Where is this? San Vincente?

She wanted you to bring her there?

She didn't dare to ask you.

Can I see for a second, please?

When did she say that?

She's laughing there.

When was that?

Before you were born.

Are you going to move back in? With her?
- We're selling the house.

Why is this packed?

Why is it packed, Vincent?
- I was going to take her there.

- Where?
- There. To the sea.

Of all people, you, Vincent? Yeah?
- Yes. Me. You weren't there.

You? Going to the sea? You can't even
make it to the baker anymore.

You and your mother!
You watched over her good.

You held her hand,
while she drank and got drunk.

Are you disappointed because I can't play
football anymore? Because Mom drank? Or what?

Without you, she would have never drank!

I'm not going to a home!

You'll see. You'll like it.
You'll make do in no time.

There are lots of people your age there.
- People like me, you mean?

It wasn't easy to get a place here. Having
the right connections is everything.

You'll learn that too eventually.

Are you going to give me one?
- It's empty.

I got the impression that...
- Regardless. Curable and treatable,

those are two completely
different concepts.

The professor assured me that...
- Tourettes isn't curable per se,

But, except for a few specific
forms of behavioral therapy,

it's definitely possible for those afflicted,
to lead a relatively normal life.

(She clears her throat.)
Yeah, that's what I meant.

We work here with habit-reversal training.
This is a technique, in which patients learn

to reroute the tics, by expressing them
through other movements.

He wants that! Right, Vincent?
Let's do it!

Would you do me a favor?
- Of course.

Please wait outside. I would like to speak
with Vincent alone. Thank you.

Thursday morning at 8:30?

Just a second.
- Gr├╝nwald. I'll mark you down.

I'm not going to lie to you:
You will need to learn to live with it.

But you don't have to do that by yourself.

I want the shit to stop.

What would you do, if you had
better control of your tics?

Up until now, that wasn't even a possibility.
- But now it is one.

I don't know. A lot.
- Something more concrete?

Finish high school.
Maybe go to university.

Then let's give it a shot.


Until Christmas.
- Yep. You already told me.

Ah, and don't forget to vote!

I already filled out everything.
You only need to sign it.



Because of your mother's death, it would
probably be better if you weren't alone.

So you'll have a double room.

Down here.

(Classical music)




Hello, Alexander.
- I didn't say "come in".


Pardon me, this here is Vincent.
- Hello.

Yeah, and?
- He'll be staying here for awhile.

- This is your bed, Vincent.

If anything is wrong, please come find me.
- Dr. Rose! This is my room!

You'll share the room with Vincent now.
- I can gladly sleep whereever.

Yes, good. He can sleep wherever. In House B...
- Alexander, I expect your cooperation!

Get settled in for now. I'll see how
you're doing by Monday at the latest.



The bathroom here is only for washing.If you
have to use the toilet... don't do it here.


They'll throw you out for that.
- Why is that?

Is it something to smoke?
- No.

- No!

- Huh?

I am Marie.
I'm to show you around the clinic.

No face mask today?
- Have you gained weight? You look so fat.

There's one ground rule in the clinic:
We shall do as we wish.

If you're caught with alcohol or drugs,
then you'll get thrown out.

What are you doing?
- I have to sneeze.

If they catch you, then they think you aren't
taking it seriously and so you must go.

So watch out. With the grass, or whatever
that was. This here is House B.

Cunt! Fuck you! Dirty slut! Sorry!
- Excuse me?

I didn't mean that. Tittyfuck!

Tourettes. Cunt.

There was one like that here before.
He shoved his hand into his belt like that.

And then there were two.
He looked like shit though.

Theater and table tennis.


You can take out books here.
They're all shit though.


Football, morning strechtes, gymnastics,
smokers' field... Whatever you want!

Kitchen. Cafeteria.
That's it. Any questions?

Um... Thanks for the tour.

It was a punishment. She said it
was a part of behavioral therapy.

Did you touch my figurines?
- No.

Shoes off!

Take your shoes off please!
Don't touch me!

What are you going to do in there?


Do you hear me?

Leave my towels alone!
If you are taking a shit, I will flip out!

(Vincent makes a farting noise.)
NO! NO!!

Doctor! Doctor Rose!

(Vincent groans)

Are you masturbating?

That needs to be arranged for.

Can you play your music again?

(Classical music by Bach)

I am not interested in others,

in case Dr. Rose said anything about me.

She didn't.



Have you already eaten everything?
Then you can go.


They can see you from the clinic.
- Hm.

Want any? Help me out?


- Thanks for what you did during lunch.


Hey, Ho! Fuck you!

Bah! Must kiss!

What a weirdo!
- Film him. Photos can't capture it!

Little shits! Get lost!
Get out of here!
- Freak! What's wrong with you?

Turn that fucking thing off! Turn it off!
- Come get it! Come on!

Vincent, ignore them!
- Asshole! Come get it!

Come on!
(The boys scream.)

Run! Run!

- Give me that fucking phone!

Are you crazy?
(Unintelligible screaming)

Shit, you're bleeding. Asshole!
- You'll be hearing from my dad, you ass!

What were you thinking Vincent?
Those were children! Children, Marie!

You know the problems
we have with the neighbors.
- I'm sorry.

Those were his personal rights!
They wouldn't stop filming him.

I didn't ask you.

I answered you anyway.
- That's no reason to beat somebody bloody!

He fell. Were you there?


Nothing happened.

Enough for now, Marie.

Vincent, would you please give
us a moment alone?

I have to talk with Marie
about her bloodwork.

Sit back down!
- Never! You wouldn't dare!

This isn't a game anymore, Marie!

I have a car.
We can drive anywhere!


Yes or no?
Where do you want to go?

To the sea. To Italy.



- You drive.

- I don't drive so well.

Stop! Stop!

Are you crazy? What were you doing there?

Give me back my Bach,
or else I'll report you! - What?

My CD! I saw you pocket it!

Amicably. I'll give it back in the morning.
- No!

Give it to him. He'll shout back otherwise!

That's not your car.
That belongs to Dr. Rose.
You're planning to steal it.

No. We're borrowing it.
- Oh, borrowing?

Yeah Dr. Rose gave it to us, in order to get something.
Tell him.

She loaned it to us. Exactly.

Then you'd have no problem
if I went and asked her now.


What now?
- We take him with us.

- Come on!


No! I said "stop"! Stop!
What now?

- What am I supposed to do here?

You want to get out. Here you go.
- Yeah, but not here. At home.

The clinic is hardly a home, Alex!
- I'm not getting out here. This is not nice!

No, this is not...
- Ah!

Quit it. Leave it for now, he's scared.
Let's go, okay?


We should avoid highways.
There are cameras everywhere.

There are only highways on here though.
- To get to Italy, you have to take the Brenner though!

Shut up in the back!
Over the mountains to Austria works too, right?

What do you want in Italy anyway?
- To take a vacation.

Vincent and I want to take a proper vacation.
- Yeah right. Likely story.

You don't have to come. Fuck!



There are crumbs on the back seat. I want
to drive from now on. - Fuck you.

I also have a license.
And I drive better than you.

Okay, you can drive next time then, Alex.


Okay, we're all set.
Whose holding up the show?

Come over here now.

Robert? Robert!

What now?
- You've got something here.


Cell phones off! You won't need
them right now. - Yeah. Galler.

What? Doctor who?
- Dr. Rose.

Oh yeah. Now? Yeah...

Does Vincent have his own cell phone?
- Not that I know of. Why?
Ask him yourself.

Yeah, that is unfortunately
not possible, because... Well,
I have to tell you, they stole my car.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- Mr. Galler?

For fuck's sake.

Magnificent cleaning there.
You really are a bit nuts, Alex.

And the gas for the Saab, please.

Pump two.

Not working.
- That can't be. Can you... cunt!



Fuck. My card isn't working.
You have to pay.

I don't have anything.

And him?
- No idea.

Alex? Do you have money?
- Huh?

Do you have money?
- Money?


And what do we do now?
- Look out, coming through.


Alex? Get in the car.
- Are you planning to leave without paying?

Just do it!
- Get in. Now!

Don't touch me!
- Good. Then you can stay here.

Do you have the key?
Where's the car keys?

Here! We agreed that I can drive now.

Uh uh. It's my turn.
- Give them to me. Fucking shit!

- Let him drive. It doesn't
make a fucking difference.

- Jeez!

We agreed.
- The guy is coming!

- How do I put it in gear?

Don't touch!
- Drive now!

Are you stupid?
- You have to get used to this kind of car.

Hey! Come back!

I'm a great driver!
- Stop right now! I'll hit you.

I'll drive into the ditch.
- You're not slowing down! Alex!

This is my space. Okay.
Yours is back there with the crumbs.

Cunt! You almost ran him over!
- Did you just call me a...?

That was his tourettes, you idiot!
- No, I meant that one!

Mr. Galler?

Have you notified the police?
- No. - Good.

Tell me, how could something like this happen?
This is neglect of your custodial duties.

Sorry, but Vincent is 27.
He can go when he wants.

He doesn't need to ask for permission...
- He's handicapped!

Oh okay, so we should keep him confined?
- I don't see it that way.

Dr. Rose, I have the report.

The other two, they're also...
- Handicapped?

Yeah, whatever.

Alexander is obssessive compulsive
and Marie is anorexic.

Right. Well, he won't be going far.
I would like to see his room.

Why won't he get far?
- I froze his bank account.

He thinks I'm going to finance this?
- You son is in a state of shock.

His only parental figure just died.

He's in shock.
That's great.

You're hardly a parent to him.
- He's never done anything criminal before.

Ask yourself, why he's done this.
- How did he get your car keys?

(Cell phone)


Yes. No. Why?

(speaker phone)

Have you driven anywhere today?
- No, why?

There was a gas station theft.

Wait. I'm coming with you.

They are my patients. I would like
to be there. Let me grab my bag.

How much money do we have?

11 Euros.

Marie could eat for a year with that.
- Shut up, Alex.

You sure you don't want any?
- No thanks, I'm not hungry.

Do you want a salad maybe?
- Thanks, but no.

Look here, a cucumber.
- Leave me alone. You're not my doctor.

You can't be serious. - What?
Clean that up!

Wipe your fingers off. Who knows
where you hands have been.

Get out if
you're going to yell.

What's really in the box?

My mother.

Oh shit.

I mean, I thought maybe something like that,
but I thought it was a dog or something.


I'm sorry...
Did you hear me?

Let's keep going.

I'll do it. I can manage alone.

Yes, please. Important thing
is that you drive a bit slower.

Don't worry.
I know how to speak with these people.

I've been doing this for years.
You can believe me.

I'm amazed at how close you
are to the common people!

And? What did you find out?

Let's try to stay calm.
- I see.

May I speak with him now?
- Sure, sure. Be my guest.

I need the number of the
marketing department for Pretrol AG.

Oh wow, this is a great
shop you got here!

Do you have Espresso?

Nowadays you can find
good espresso almost anywhere.

But 10 years ago?
Couldn't find good service!

Piss off. I don't know where they went.
I'm not withdrawing my complaint.

I'd do it myself if I could. Don't
get on my nerves now. 1.20 Euros.

The rest is for you. Buy
a little sense of humor with it.

- No go. You messed it up.

The complaint has been withdrawn.
Their leaseholders are under good control.

Can I drop you at the train station?
I'm already late to an important appointment.

I thought we were looking for your son?

This is serious. I came along
in order to find my patients.

Yeah, Monika? Hi, it's me.
I'm done here.

The GPS says,
I'll be in at about 5:00 PM...

Pay attention!
If you leave me here,

I'll report Vincent as a car-thief.

Your connections won't help you!
I'll go to every fucking tabloid newspaper...

I will drag you through the mud.

I am going to bring this
girl back safely to the clinic.

Think! Where can they be?
They need to eat.

The boys at least...

Where can they get someting
to eat around here?

Around here?
They could be anywhere.

No, they couldn't.
- Why not? - Because it's raining.

There, that's the highest setting.

It's going even slower.


(Unintelligible talking)

It's stopped.

- It's not raining anymore.

Where is Marie?
- Taking a leak, I suppose.

Okay, that's enough. We go back now.
- They must be somewhere around here!

10 Minutes. Please!

It stopped raining 30 minutes ago.
Waste of time now.

Fucking bullshit!

I quit 3 years ago.
Overnight. Cold turkey.

Five messages.

Mr. Galler.

Mr. Galler! They are here!

Don't rush in. We need to consider...
- Vincent!

Or not!



Fuck off.
- Who is that?

My father.
- What?

Where is Marie? - No idea.
- Marie!

They're going to get a piece of my mind.

You should have let them be.
I'm warning you!

I'll do things my way and
you do things your way! Okay?

Mr. Galler, I won't allow it...
You'll ruin everything!

Mr. Galler! Hey!

Stop! Hey!



Get in! Get in!

Get out. Let's go, come on!

Where are your things?

Okay, let's go.
- Don't touch me.

What came over you?
Rob a gas station. You're crazy!

You could have ruined everything
that I've built up. You're worthless!

Fooled me.


Not from you. Not you. Or did you
think that I'd allow this? Get in.

For all this to depend on you.
- Are you okay? Have you had enough to drink?

You're simply not going to do it.
- Here.

Excuse me.
- What now?

Are you planning on just leaving us here?
- You have a car.


- My bag!

Here you are. Your bag.

- Sorry.




- Alex, come on!

Hang on. I've got you.
- Don't touch me. Piss hands!

I don't have piss hands!

Cool car!

And so clean!

Man, I like your father!
- You can have him.

We're going straight to hell.
- Yeah!

And I don't give a fuck!

What's wrong?

Everything you say is a cause for therapy!

Mind your own business!
- That's what I'm doing.

The girl is missing, she belongs in therapy,
and I'm on duty early tomorrow morning.

You think I have nothing better to do
than to look for your piggy-keychain here?

It's a good luck charm!
A little luck couldn't hurt.

You let them snatch the keys. Were it
not for you, I wouldn't be standing here!

Projecting. - What?
Yeah, projecting your behavior.

Typical politician.
Always someone else's fault.

Fuck off.

Ah, second stage. Insults.
Now help me look some more.

Shit! - What is it?
My phone. - Yeah and?

My phone is in the car. - And?
It's in MY car!

This is a catastrophe!
All of my numbers are in there!

It's showing San Vincente 17 times.
6 times in Spain, 9 times in Italy.

What should I enter?

In Italy, on the sea!

On what sea?
I can't just put in "sea".

In Liguria there are 2, in Tuscany 5.
Ah! Something's vibrating!

What now?
- On my ass! Get rid of it!

(Cell phone)
What is that?


For you.
- No.

He doesn't want to talk to you.


What did he say?

Nothing. Thank you.

What would you have done in his place?
- What kind of question is that?

You father tells you that you're worthless.
What would you do?

You can't compare us.
I'm not incompetent.


My father always had respect for me.
- And if he hadn't?

I'd convince him otherwise.
They're going to Italy.

That imbecile!
- Mr. Galler, please! Who is that then?

His mother.

Where is the ignition here?
- On the middle console.

There must be two wires somewhere.
I can just hot-wire it.


Yeah, then we can get going.

And the steering lock?

No problem, Doctor.

No. Don't do that.
There's another way. Don't break...

I depend on this car!

He really took me for a ride.

Are you able to tell
when the tics are coming?


What does it feel like?

It sort of builds up.
Like when you have to sneeze.

Are you able to stop them?
- Can you stop a sneeze on purpose?



I'm not going to discuss that now.
I am well aware...


I said this earlier.
- You said what?

This wouldn't have happened if I drove.
This is Germany! Is there a sea here?

Every GPS system needs a destination.
Otherwise it won't work.

You have to think linearly.

Think linearly?
- Yeah, that's how chips work.

They need clear information.
Not San Vincente or whatever.

Then I'll go buy a map now.
- I'm driving!

Good! You drive! Please!
You're driving me crazy!


We can't get a map for 3.80 euros.
- Then we'll steal one.

I'll do it.
- You?

Yeah, me.


Good evening.
Disposable gloves are where?

Relax a little bit.


I have a clown in my head, that's just
standing between synapses fucking shit up.

Who always forces me to do,
that which is most useless to me.

Relax is just about the
last thing that I can do.


Why don't you eat?
- What?

My brain is broken, but you
just need to eat something.

It's not that simple.


Because maybe I don't want to eat anything!

You can't understand.
- Hey!

Start the motor!
Quickly! Quickly! Drive!

How did you manage all that?
- Yeah, come on! Drive! Drive! Shit!

(Classical music by Bach)



(Classical music by Bach)

Look out!

Might I suggest that
we stop at the next hotel?

Yeah. I think I need that.

Ah! I can't sleep.

You seemed to be
sleeping fine in the car.

Putting me on the defensive.

Good rhetoric. Very nice!

Nobody's perfect.

Uh, this girl...
- Marie?

Yeah, is that her name?

She eats little.
- Very little.

Is that all?

If she wants it so. 30% chance of death.
- Aha.

Besides that she has a heart defect
from the years of malnutrition.


Is your therapy helping?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Do you have children?

Yeah, I can understand.
You don't want to get involved with that.

One starves themselves to death
and the other... well.

You don't get a choice here.
- Nope. - Unfortunately.

I'm going to bed.

If I said something, that you...
- No. I'm just tired.

It just looks gross when people eat.

It's just so disgusting and horrid
when people cram stuff inside themselves.

It's much crazier to not eat anything.

I know that sounds totally insane,
but it's just how it is.

You had to stop in there.

The toilet situation
here is simply fantastic!

Well, that's great for you, Alex!
- Yes. I just wanted to tell you two.

Tell me, are you smoking some weed?
- Pot numbs the pain, Alex.

What pain?
- Pain originating from self-harm, says Dr. Rose.

She had herself an eating disorder and she knows
that I know that. That's why she hates me.


Can you dance?


This is a Waltz.
- Yeah and?

"Yeah and" means no.

You could show me.



Then give me a proper kiss!

Hey, there's a TV in here!


Promise me something?
- Hm?

Eat something today? Just a little bit?

I promise.

Can we drive there?

Yes, definitely.

Be careful.

- I don't think she can love you.

She can't.
- Thanks for the compliment.

- It's impossible to just talk with you.


Do you think the peak is far?
- No idea.

Let's go up!
- Maybe that's a bad idea.

It's magnificent.
- You two are loud.

He has tourettes, and now he wants
to go up this mountain. - Yes!

I'll report it again then.

The clinic will turn to the police
if Marie isn't found by 1 pm.

It seems like you have a guilty conscience.
If you ask me.

I threatened to let Marie be force-fed.

Stomach-tube. Restrained. etc.

That's probably why she ran off.

Would you watch the speed limit please.
- We're in Italy.

You just need to hang on the Italians
and nothing will go wrong.



Marie! Come here!

I'm coming!



I think I can see the sea!

Oh, wow.

That's not the sea.
- Doesn't even matter.

Yeah. You're right.



(Police siren)

You're planning to give him money?
- A little bit for his wife. We're in Italy!

This car has been reported stolen.
- No, that was a misunderstanding.

This is my car. My car.
- Her car.

Your license, please.

I don't have it with me.
It's in the clinic. Clinic!

She's a doctor.
- Dottoressa?

- Yes.

Please drive into the parking lot over there.
- Eh... No can do.

No can do?
- Yes.

Drive! Avanti!

(Motor starting)

Uh oh.
You almost lost your mother.


What are we going to do,
if we get to the sea?

No idea. I haven't thought about it yet.

I'll drive farther.
- What do you mean, farther?

South. I've never been to Africa.

Yeah, me neither.

Also, I have, in any case, money.
I didn't want to say anything.

What do you mean,
you have money?

My orphan's pension.

17,437 Euros!
- No way.

Are you crazy?
You had money this entire time?

Well excuse me!
I'm obviously the only one here,

who wasn't expecting us to succeed.

Yeah. How did you two imagine
this going? Without money.

Bah! Fuck!
- Yes! Thank you!



I have the right to call my lawyer.
Don't touch me!


You can't carry me the whole way.
- Why not?

Hey! Look at me!
- Leave me be!





- Alex ran off with the car.



Your turn.

(Cell phone)

Hello. Moni, it's me.
How did it go with the EC-Card?

You can't just unfreeze an
account. It's not that simple.

How did it go at the caucus?
Did you hear anything?

What do you mean
you can't just unfreeze an account?

They need a new security statement from you.
I mean, is it really worth the cost?

They got a brand new card.
- Moni, that's my son!

Got one for me?


There's someone who will take us with.




Shut up! Fuck you! Bah!

What are you staring at? You...
- Come on.



Wait a minute. Do you hear that?

The music?
- Bach!


I didn't say "come in".

Are you crazy? We looked everywhere for you.
- I didn't ask you to do that.

May I? Or what?
- No. You may not.

You left us standing there like idiots.
What are we to you?

You're nothing to me.
Nobody is anybody for anyone here!

I have the car keys?
Let's go?

Yeah, right, you crazy fucking bitch! Go!
- Oh, so it's because of her.

You think she's here
because she thinks you're so cool?

Because she can understand your little ticks?
She just wants to die. To starve to death.

She wants to starve to death,
because she can't do it herself...

Are you stupid!?
- ...she needs an idiot like you!

Shut up, Alex!
- Go, but watch what happens.

You know, nobody cares at all,
about what you have to say!

You little shit! You're a peeping tom!

I want to go. Can we go please?

Come? Please!

No? Ok.

Why did you say that?
- Because you couldn't figure it out.

You also think that you are doing
something really special for your mother.

Though you are just running away from your father.
- Fuck you!

Fuck you, yourself, you fucking retard!

Fuck! Asshole!
Is that all you can do?

And how appropriate to you mother!
I'm sure your mother had something else in mind

for her final journey
besides such a fucking cookie box.

Vincent! Vince!

Listen here! I'd rather be how I am
than be like you.

Because, you, Alex,
there's absolultely nothing to you.


It's your blood.
I'll get you something, okay?


Why haven't you ran off yet?
You have the car now.

Alex, we didn't come here for the car.

We're here for you.

I was the first in my
circle of friends with a kid.

Vincent could play football...
Actually, he was damn good.

You could take him anywhere.
A great kid.

When did Vincent start acting out?

In the 2nd or 3rd grade.

The teacher said he was a trouble-maker...
that he was, unruly.

You liked that though.
- Yes, naturally.

We also thought that he'd grow out of it.

But it got worse.


How did your wife handle that?

She would laugh.
I had the feeling, she was relieved.

When he was thrown off the
football team, she was truly happy.

Then she isolated herself with him.

What did your wife actually die of,
if I may ask?

Vincent hasn't told you?

We hadn't gotten that far yet.

Liver cirrhosis.
She had water in her lungs.

Oh. That's no way to go.
- Yeah. She choked to death.

Were you there when it happened?

When I came,
she had been dead for two days already.

Vincent sat near her, holding her hand.

After two days?
- Yes.

Didn't call anyone,
hadn't eaten anything.

Just sat there and held her hand.

It took two of us to separate him from her.

Oh, god.



"A destra", he said.
- Oh.

What are we doing now?
Hotel or... keep going?


What do you think?

Keep going.

Yeah, maybe that's better.

Better how?

We'll catch up to them faster!

But I drive.

Nothing. In the hotel: also nothing.

Any news?
- Not for you.

Over there is the rest of it.


That was here?

I took it.
I should know.

When was that?

- Beautiful picture. She looks happy.

Yes. She was.

And you can see something else.

What's that?

How happy the photographer was.

It was our honeymoon.
The hotel was called "San Vincente".

I understand.

Maybe not the best idea
to name one's son after a hotel.

Good thing that
you weren't at a Holiday Inn.


So, the GPS says the sea is over that way.

Well then, let's go!



Marie! Hey!





How is this going to go from here?

Because, if...

If I...

I don't know, if
I can go do it all.

You've made it this far.

You're already doing it.






I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

I've messed up everything.
I'm a catastrophic therapist.

I only hope, that she pulls through.
She doesn't understand the everything

but something like this was never
supposed to happen. - May I say something?

I think...

I think, you do a great job.

Thank you.
- Thank you!

I'm going for a smoke now.





Can you unbind me, please?

You were already dead, did you know that?
They had to bring you back.

Please. Only...

Only my hand. It hurts so much.


Alex was right, wasn't he?
You didn't want them to bring you back.

Only us two.

Without Alex.
South, we can keep going.

Marie, I...

No. I can't rescue you.

I'm going now.

Find me. Ok?

Vincent. No! Vincent, please!
Wait. Don't you love me?

Help me. Please! Help me.
Get me out of here. Vincent!

Vincent! Please! Help me!




How are you doing?
- Me? Excellent.

I've never been better.




What are you planning to do?

I'm going to finish it.


Give her to me?

I know where she wants to be.

Thank you.


Thanks for the suit! Vincent!


- What?

When are we going to visit her?

I don't know.

Come, let's go. Socialize a bit.





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