Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2019) - full transcript

When the happiness of his family is held to ransom by a violent crime lord, Ram sets out on a quest to destroy his nemesis and his criminal empire.


You've received a great compliment!


Today's income is 152,000 rupees.

That's... the highest so far, Uncle.


Our entire staff gets ten percent bonus.

It's a burden to employ them.

And then you announce a bonus.

-Why stick to ten percent?

Give them the whole share. Go ahead.

Do you know Abraham Lincoln?

Of course.
He's the protagonist in Avatar.

He has a tail as well.

You know everything, Uncle.

What did Abraham Lincoln say?

What did he say?

Did he ask you to announce
a bonus for everyone?

No, Uncle.

"Success is not about individual growth.

It's about the collective growth
of people around us."

He's a Hollywood hero after all.
He must be right.

It's okay. Let's give a bonus.
Take a bonus, guys. Enjoy!

-Thanks, Uncle!
-Thanks, Uncle!

Having the unhygienic food
at your restaurant...

many customers have been falling sick.
We've received a complaint.

So, I'm here to seize your restaurant.

It's true that the restaurant stinks.

But, I think it's your perfume.

You must've bought it in Koti secretively.

Stop being dramatic and sit, Anu.

Jhansi, is it?

Idiot! You caught me once again.

You shouldn't just change your voice.

You should change your stinking
perfume as well.

You've written an article on me
in your magazine, didn't you?

How did you know?

You made me sit the other day
and asked silly questions.

I knew it back then.

God, you're out of this world!

Do you know the content as well?

I do. But, you must've put in
a lot of effort into it.

Read it for me. I'll listen for you.

Let me read.

Put that magazine aside.
I'll read it in detail later.

Are you promoting me because
I'm your best friend?

Or because I'm the best cook out there?

I'm promoting you because my
best friend is the best cook.


-Take the keys.

So, shall we go?


-Oh, yes.
-You enjoy these, don't you?

I forgot. Okay, then.
I'll leave.

One more peg.

No more pegs, sweetheart.

If I drink every day,
my liver will give up.

Come on! Don't talk
when you don't know the facts.

What's the brand you drink?
Golden Touch.

-So, what?
-18 years old Single Malt.

It'll not affect your liver.

-It will not? Fine.

-Just have your drink.
-Sure, I will.

I did it.

If your dad is awake, send him here.

-He'll have a peg and go.
-Go to heaven, you mean.

-I'll tell him, Aunty. Good night.
-Good night, dear.

Dear, what do you think about Anu?

I think she shouldn't be drinking.

-I didn't mean that.

Wouldn't it be great if Anu became
our daughter-in-law?

Why would any parent get their
daughter married to a blind man?

Stop it! My son is precious.

He's a gem.

Let's talk to her father once.

Hibili will be here by tomorrow anyways.

Who's that?

Your research!

I don't think it would be nice to talk
to him while we're drunk.

If we ask him casually, he'll act coy.

He'll open up after few pegs.

Invite him over.

You're the first lady who
executes plans using alcohol.

You're being too sweet, Siva.

Twenty one.

Twenty two.

Twenty three.

Thank God! I finished it.


Not dry fruits, push-ups.


-Stop showing off and start exercising.
-You found out?

You can fool me but not my son.

Take it.


Ask him.

-You ask him.

Mom is sighing at you.
Look what it is.

I don't want to sigh anymore.
I'll directly come to the point.

-I'm ready to get married, Mom.
-Thank God!

He finally agreed.

I heard Alia Bhatt recently
broke up with Ranbir.

You and dad go to Mumbai
right away and talk to her.

I'll marry her blindly.


We were thinking of Anu and
he is talking about Alia Bhatt.

He wants Alia Bhatt today.

He would want Pooja Bhatt tomorrow.

Mahesh Bhatt will come to us soon
and smack the both of us.

How are the vitals?

Okay. Talk to the anesthesiologist
about the PSC clearance.

Are you writing another article
about Kalyan?

No. I'm writing his biography.

Do you have a problem?

You're not kids anymore
to behave like this.

You better stay in your limits.

I'll marry only him.

-Are you forgetting that he is blind?
-He might not be able to see.

But, I'm confident that
he'll take good care of me.


will you talk to his parents
about our marriage...

or shall I proceed?

Why don't you say something?

Proud? For what?

We've known Kalyan since he was a kid.

He might be blind but he stood up
for himself,

running a successful restaurant.

Most importantly, Anu loves Kalyan.

What else can we ask for?

Hidimbi is amazing, man.

It's not Hidimbi. It's Hibili.


No more for me.
I've got a surgery tomorrow. Please.

Surgeries are an everyday thing.
Have one more peg.

We have something important
to talk to you about.

Is it? Tell me, dear.

Tell him!

We were thinking of Kalyan's marriage.

Yeah. My son has appeared in all
the papers and magazines recently.

We've been receiving way too many
alliances for him. Tell him, dear.

Come on! I get him drunk so that
he tells the truth.

But, he's been lying.

Listen, we aren't looking for any
alliances for my son.

You two have been friends for long.

Anu and Kalyan also have been
childhood buddies.

-We think we should get them married.
-It's our opinion.

Only if you don't have any objection.

I was hesitating to...

ask you about this.

You have only approached me.

Anu had already told me that
she'll marry Kalyan only.

Thank God!

I have no objection
for this marriage, dear.

On this special occasion,
you have to drink Hibili.

Go ahead.

Have one more peg of Hibili. Come on.

-Cheers! Hibili!
-Cheers! Hibili!

Actually, the food isn't for me.

An old man on the footpath
was really hungry.

I promised to get food for him.

All the restaurants are closed.

I came here hoping to find some food.

Just a minute.

Please have a seat.

Sorry for troubling you.
I didn't know you were blind.

I'm also sorry.

-What for?
-I mean...

I didn't know you were a girl.

Why are you sorry for me being a girl?

Why are you sorry for me being blind?

Sorry for being sorry.

The old man will be happy
if you give him the food.

I'll close the restaurant and come.


Give it.

Here you go, Grandpa.

He made it freshly for you.

God bless you, son!

Bye, Grandpa.

Bye, son.

That's my cue to leave.

Thank you.

I should thank you.

I didn't know the joy of
giving until now.

I realized it the first time I gave
something to someone.

I'm working as a salesgirl
at the nearby mall.

I know.

Did you... put your hand forward?



Do you want me to
drop you somewhere?

No, thanks. I know this
area down to an inch.

Yes, Sir.

Sir, you're Chef Kalyan,
am I right?

Yes, I am.

I've seen your photo in
a magazine recently.

If you don't mind, can we click
a selfie with you? Please.

Hey, guys. Come.

Come fast, man!

Thanks, bro.

Just a minute.

Can you give us your bag?

You posed when we asked for a selfie.

Why are you shocked when
we asked for your bag?

We've blocked this road for you.

You better give us the bag and get lost.

It's the money 20 men
have toiled in a day for.

Why should I give it to you, brother?

There's ten of us.

If we beat you,
you'll be dead in ten minutes.

What's so funny?

No. There's only seven of you.

Hey! Take his bag.

Hey! Take his bag! Take it!

Brother, he's not blind.

He's got eyes all over his body, brother.

Brother, he can see everything.
Let's run.

You should've just given them
the bag, Kalyan.

Did you have to fight them?
You know you're...

Hey! Why didn't you file a
police complaint on them?

As it's useless to call the cops,
he called for an ambulance directly.

Yeah, right. As if your son is a hero.

Yes. My son is a hero indeed.

Why should he give them the bag?

If he does that, he'd have to keep
giving things every day.

You're at fault as well.

Why did you hit them and call
for an ambulance?

You should've killed them
and sent them to a mortuary.

She's like Arjun Reddy's sister.

You are defending him now
because he's safe.

How did you know it was me?


What for?

I forgot to pay you yesterday.

I'm here to clear the bill.

You're really selfish.

-Why do you say that?
-You know.

You want to grab all the luck
for the good deed.

Why don't you give me some as well?

Nothing like that.

Will we find people who would take
these food packets?

Here, we need to go looking for luck.
Not for hunger.

Grandpa, take it.

Partners in good deeds, I mean.

Did you think it was a
partnership in my restaurant?

I spoke to uncle.

They've agreed to your wedding.

A marriage can happen due
to any reason.

But, not out of sympathy.

Anu only has sympathy for me.


Aren't you done with your
social service yet?

Come on, Dad!

My dad. His name is Tilak.

-He's a proof reader in a printing press.
-Greetings, Sir.

Hello, son.


Did she rub her madness on you?

If everyone had the same madness,
no one in the world would starve.

That's expected. Okay.

I'm going to the press. Bye.

Dear, take care.

Please watch your step.

What the hell!
Your house is always locked.

Your dad doesn't answer my calls.

Don't you know about madam?

-If you don't pay up in two days--
-What will you do?


-Is that a threat?
-Calm down, Kalyan.

We'll pay you back.
Please leave.

-Who are they, Vennela?
-I'll get back to you.

Who is this ma'am?

They came for my dad. Let's go.

I'm out of gas. Leave!


I have to...

I have something to tell you.

Tell me.

Shall we meet at the
restaurant tomorrow?

I don't know how to tell you this.

I don't even know if I
should be telling you this.

But when you're by my side...

I forget that I'm flawed.

In fact...

every second you're with me,
my life is so colorful.

I feel life's great with
you in it, Vennela.

Only if you feel the same.


Have I said something wrong?

If you don't like me,
we can just be friends.

Kalyan, actually...

I'm here to bid farewell to you.

We're leaving the city today.

Why, Vennela?

What happened?

I'll tell you.

We borrowed two million for
my dad's heart surgery.

We've been working hard for two years now

to clear the debt.

But we couldn't even afford
to pay the interest.

It's a call-money gang.

They've threatened us
quite a few times.

If we don't pay by tomorrow...

they said they'll take me away.

We have only two options right now.

One... commit suicide.

Two... flee from the city.

I had to let you know.

That is why I came.

You don't have to go anywhere, Vennela.

I'll give you the money.

Do you know when am I the happiest?

The time I spend with you.

I don't want you to get involved in this.

Not only in good deeds.
We can share our problems as well.

Vennela, consider it a loan.

Pay me back when you
have the money.

Allow me to do this for you.

Ask dad not to be worried.
Let's pay the money tomorrow.

There have been multiple fractures.
We performed surgery.

During the initial testing, we saw
Kalyan's retina respond to light.

Eye surgeon says there are 50-50 chances

of bringing his sight back.

If we are okay with it,
I think we should take a chance, man.

What more can we ask for if he were
to get his sight back?

What say, dear?

You'll be fine, Vennela.


-You'll be fine, Vennela.

He's trying to say something.

Please wait outside for
two minutes, Ma'am.


Come, Ma'am.


How are you, dear?

What happened to me, Mom?

You've been in an accident.
They performed surgery on you later.


How long has it been, Mom?

Three weeks, son.

-Three weeks?

Mom, call uncle and ask him to come.

-I'm right here.
-He is here.


has anyone named Vennela
come for me?


-No one with that name came for you.
-Who's Vennela?

I promised to help her, Dad.


Uncle... has an old man
come asking for me?

No one came asking for you, dear.

Mom, where's my phone?


-Give me my phone.
-Stop panicking.

They'll be taking your
bandage off today.

They're prepping the operation theater.

It'll hurt a bit.


It's okay.

-It's too bright, doctor.
-That's normal.




-It's hurting a lot, Dad.
-You'll be fine, son.

This is Anu.



I'm your uncle.


You need to be really careful
a few weeks from now.

Use dark glasses under bright light
or when outdoors.



This is our home.

Thanks, Uncle.

Come on, son.


Take rest.


how are you?

I'm good, son.

-A girl would come with me, remember?

-Did she come here again?
-I haven't seen her, son.

Is anyone named Vennela working here?

Vennela? There's nobody here
with that name.

No one here goes by that name, Sir.

-You remember this photo?
-You ate half the cake for this birthday.

And you ate the rest.

Why do you look so lost, son?
Eat your food.

Mom, please leave me alone.

Anu! When did you come?

Been quite some time.

I didn't notice.

Shall we go?
Mom must be waiting for you.

Sir, is there a salesgirl
named Vennela here?


Yes, Sir.

I'm Vennela.
You are?

I wonder where you are

Where were you all night?

-Do you remember that--
-I fell asleep at the restaurant, Dad.

I was a bit tired.

You didn't answer any of our calls.

Do you know how worried we were?

She hasn't eaten anything all night.
She was crying for you.



Why are you crying, Mom?

Do you understand what you're doing?

You are ignoring your parents...

and searching for a girl like a madman.

How long will this go on?

How long do we have to weep like this?


Don't cry.
Please, Mom.

What do you want me to do?

You have to marry Anu.


She wanted to marry you
when you were blind.

Did you ever think about her?

If you really want to see us happy...

you will have to marry Anu.

Say yes.

Okay, Mom.

Stop crying.

I'll marry her.

I knew you would.
You're my sweetheart.

I knew you would listen to me.
I'll tell your dad and come.


Because your parents compelled you
or that I would feel bad...

don't say yes to this marriage.

I want to be your choice.

But not an obligation.


Good night, Uncle.

Lunch will be arranged there.


Can you see now?

-Who are you?
-I'm Vennela's father.

Where were you?
Where's Vennela?

How is she?

We waited for you that day.

As you didn't turn up...

we were scared the call-money
gang would hurt us.

So we fled from the city.

We've escaped them for a month.

They caught us in Tirupati
few days ago.

They hurt me badly...

and took Vennela away.

If I don't pay 2.5 million by tomorrow...

they will kill my daughter.

They will kill my daughter.

You have to save my daughter somehow.

Don't worry.
Vennela will be fine.

Trust me, Uncle.

How will you do it?

I'll give the money.

Let's give them the money
and get Vennela back.

Come to Andhra Bank in
Filmnagar tomorrow.

Be there, Uncle.

Oh, God!

Where are you going?

Mom, something important has come up.
I'll be right back.

-Engagement is at 12. You remember, right?
-I know, Mom. I'll be there.

-Where is he going now?

He'll be back soon.

Uncle, did you call them?

-Yes, son.
-Come with me.

Tell them we're coming.

We're getting the money.
Where do we have to come?

Uncle, don't worry.

Vennela will be fine.

Drive faster, please.

We're here. We were
caught up at the bank.

Come, Uncle.


Don't hurt my daughter.

Old man! Stop right there.

-Did you bring the money?
-We did.

-Who is he?
-He only helped us with the money.

Hey! I'll shoot you if you move. Sit!

Here... I brought the money you asked for.

Don't hurt her.

Hey! Check the money.

Okay, brother.

You wouldn't bring the money unless
the gun is at point blank, right?

Hey, look!

Brother, the police are here.

-Bastard! You brought the police along?
-We didn't call them.

-Who else would call them?
-We didn't inform them. Believe us.

Don't try to fool us.


Hey, come!

Hey! If you tell the cops,
I'll shoot her.

I'll chop her up into pieces and
send you the parcel. Go!

Police are on the other side.
We'll go this way.




Where did you go?
Are you out of your mind?

No, Dad. Vennela's dad came to the
restaurant yesterday...

You've fooled your mom.

It's not his fault, Aunty.

It's entirely my fault.

Soon after opening your eyes
at the hospital...

when you asked about Vennela,
I should have understood.

It's completely my fault.

I'm just an obligation to you,

not a choice.
You have proved it.


If you tell the cops, I'll shoot her.

They say there's too
much salt in it, boss.

Are you teaching me how to cook?

Who complained?

Ask them to get lost.

I don't need them.
I don't need you as well.

What are you talking about?

How can you shut the restaurant down?

I get it, Uncle.

I can't do it anymore.

I don't want to ruin all your lives.

You'll have your salaries
deposited in a week.

Listen to me.

Everything will be sorted
in a few days.

Try to understand, Uncle.

Please get going.

Wait here for two minutes.

Hey, where are you going?

Dad, I'm going to Vizag
for some urgent work.

What's so urgent?
Won't you tell mom?

-I'll tell her later.
-Hey, Kalyan... Tulasi!

Hey, Kalyan!


Why are you shouting, dear?

He's going to Vizag it seems.

Why is he going to Vizag?

-Let the bag be.
-Okay, Sir.

Sir, where's the emergency ward?

Go straight and turn right.

Tell me.

-Where's the emergency ward?
-No idea, Sir.

Sir, where is the emergency ward?

Go straight and take a right.

The old man who's been in an
accident on the Bheemili Road...

Do you know him?

-Yes, Sir.
-Come on.

He passed away around two last night.

Get a letter from the police station
and take his body.

They said they will kill my daughter.

Sir, can I meet the Inspector?

Sir is busy. Come tomorrow.

It is about a girl’s life.
Can I meet the Inspector?

I already told you that sir is busy.
You may leave.

Mr. Prasad! You are not
allowing the media as well.

Sir, are you from the media?

-You didn’t say that earlier.
-I am telling you, Mr. Prasad.

Come, brother.

Listen, brother.

Media can go anywhere.

The Inspector’s room is to the left.

Go and finish your work.

Thanks, brother.

Yeah. Tell me.

-The land beside the beach?

How much for a cent?


Tell them I am a cop and
settle it for ten. Okay?

-The land is opposite to R.K. beach.

No sensible guy would lose it.

Who are you, by the way?

Sir! My name is Kalyan.

So what?

Recently, near Bheemili beach road…

How many acres do you have?

That’s not the thing. An elderly
man died in the hit-and-run case.

-How many acres does he have there?
-That’s not the matter, Sir.

Listen to me.

Yeah. Tell me.

That’s not an accident, Sir.
It's a murder.

Call-money gang is responsible
for this incident.

The dead man's daughter
is with them now.

You have to somehow
investigate this case...

and capture that gang.

Shall I tell you something?

I invest but I don’t investigate.


Many people come to the police station
with such useless cases.

Sir, listen to me.

-You will know if you start investigating.
-Do you have any witness?


Why are you wasting time?

Come to me with a land dispute case.

Both of us can get settled.

-That’s not the matter, Sir.

Let's go.

Sir, tea or coffee?


Release my horse, Sir.

Release my horse, Sir.

Haven’t you seen the no-parking sign?

This is not a vehicle, Sir.

How did Kings ride back in the day?

They ride on horses.
But, that was back then.

Is it? What about hero Prabhas
in Baahubali movie?

-He rode a horse, Sir.
-So, isn't it a vehicle?

Pay a fine of 2000 rupees.

Sir, I don't have so much money.

You charged the inspector’s son 200 rupees
for a ride on your horse.

Sir, it was a mistake.
I will never charge you.

In case you charge me again,

I will put a drunk and drive case
on you and put you behind bars.

-Take it away.
-Okay, Sir.

Bloody fool!

Hey, Chokka Rao! Inspector asked
about you earlier.

Convey my greetings. Go.

Damn life!

My mother won’t come out of
coma unless the Inspector dies.

-Give me tea.
-Okay, sir.

What’s the connection between Inspector
and your mother’s healing?

There’s a huge connection.

My mom wants me to become an Inspector.

I got a job as a constable.

I didn’t want her to get hurt.

So I lied about being an Inspector.

My mother found out the truth one day.

She got angry.

That’s when she slipped into coma.

She won’t get well unless I become SI.

That’s what the doctor told me.

Just one case.

One good case will get me promoted.

But, Inspector will never allow me
to handle any case. What to do?

See! It's that fool again.

Ma'am has asked for you.
Go to my house immediately.

Sir! I am not that kind. Please.

Idiot! Ma'am isn’t that kind as well.
Go home urgently.

-Why should I go without any purpose, Sir?
-Do what I say.

This tea is on the Inspector.

-My name is Kalyan.
-So what?

I came from Hyderabad.

Did you visit from Hyderabad
to tell your name?

People of Hyderabad are strange.

Okay. You came this far.
Have a cup of tea and go. It's on me.

That’s not the thing.

I have to discuss an important case.


Ma'am is waiting for me.

See you.

Good morning, Ma'am.
You asked me to come immediately.

Did you have a shower?

I had breakfast as well.

-Did you bring your gun?
-They don’t give me a gun, Ma'am.

I have a stick. It's quite big.

That doesn’t work. I need a gun.

Sir has a gun.
I can operate that.

Why will I ask you if I have it?

Yeah, right.

Okay. Go up.

-Is there any emergency up there?

I will freshen up and join you.

I didn’t expect this, Ma'am.

You'll lose your job if you don't
keep an eye on those fryer.

I didn’t expect this, Ma'am.

There are no crows here.

Go away!

You better be scared of a cop.

Hey! You're so dead!

I wish the government passes a rule
that the crows can be eaten.


Take it, Sir.

What’s your job and what
are you doing, Sir?

-You are a cop, Sir.

Good name.


If you successfully solve a case...

will you get a promotion?

My mom will come out of
coma with my promotion.

I am waiting for such a case.

-Do you have something?
-I do, Sir.

An old man died in an
accident on Bheemili Road.

That useless guy? No one
came to claim his dead body.

Why should we worry about him?
What was the case?

That wasn’t an accident, Sir.

-It’s a murder.

-A gang is responsible for that.
-Al Qaeda?

No, Sir.


-Listen to me.

I got it.

-They’re all Pakistani terrorists.
-Oh, no!

This guy is an ISRO scientist in disguise.

To get the information of nuclear missile

Donald Trump and the North Korean
President, Kim, planned to kill him.

Sir, forget about his identity.

The case will be solved
if you try your best.

You will get a promotion.

Let it be anyone. I will bash them up
and get my promotion.

My mom will get well for sure.

-Who are you, by the way?

I am from the media, Sir.

-Hey, Chokka Rao!

Are you giving an interview already?

Yes. I will give.
Why do you want that? Go.

He is jealous.

-Are you from the media?
-Yes, Sir.

Will you publish my picture
if the case gets solved?

It will be sensational news automatically
if you solve the case.

I should get clicked then.

-Do you know something?

I can meet Ivanka as well.

Sir... shall we leave?

You don't have that
sense of humor.

Let's go.

Anu! What is this?

What happened to you?

How can you enjoy when your
engagement is called off?

My life isn’t over just because
my engagement was called off.

So what? I don’t care
if Kalyan is gone.

Okay. Do you want me
to get married or not?

Find someone for me.

There are details of the dead person
but not of the accused.

Where will you start?

The one who got murdered
isn’t from this place.

How do you know?

Someone would’ve collected the
dead body if it was this city.

No one came.

He doesn’t belong to this place.

So, he must have stayed
in a hotel or a lodge.

He must have had food as well.

We might get a clue if we
inquire at those places.

What happened, Sir?

I had the same thought. Same idea.

Same pinch!

Start the vehicle.

Don’t you know Telugu?

I cannot drive, Sir.

Didn’t you ever drive?

I did drive once.

-The man at the back...
-The man at the back?

He’s gone forever, Sir.

Give me the keys.

You sit in the back now.

I’ll show you how it's done.

Did this person stay in your lodge?

Ignore the bandage.

No, Sir.

Take a proper look.

No, he didn’t stay.

Let's go, Sir.

Did you see him?

No, Sir.

I cannot forget faces for 17 years.

17 years? Will you die in the 18th?

Give me the key to room number 220.

220 room keys?
Why should I give you?

This person is staying here
from yesterday.

You cannot identify him.

Will you identify someone after 17 years?
You and your stupid logic!

Did you ever see this
person in this hotel?

-No, Sir. I didn’t see.
-Are you sure, Ma'am?

Did this person stay in this lodge?

Look at him clearly.

He didn’t stay in this lodge.


he is lying.

Did this person stay in this lodge?
Look at him clearly.

He didn’t stay in this lodge.


Will you tell the truth here
or in the station?

I will tell you, Sir.

That man stayed here.

Was there anyone along with him?

Two guys came along with him, Sir.

Three of them went out that day.

They didn’t come back all night.

Two guys came the next day...

and vacated the room in a hurry.

I watched the news that
the elderly man died.

My owner asked to lie to avoid
any police case.

-Do you have their details?
-Yes, Sir.

Exactly! Show us their details.

Here, Sir.

Take a picture.

Sorry. Say the number.

Hello, doctor, I have a question for you.

My mother won’t come
out of coma anyways.

What is the procedure to
send me to coma, doctor?

Looks like he went into coma.

Too many incoming calls
and very few outgoing calls.


What did you just say?

Too many incoming calls
and very few outgoing calls.

We should check the call log.


Mr. Chokka! We took this 999-number
from the lodge.


Janaganamana Jagadheesh!

He quit studies in his third grade...

and worked at mobile stores
and offices as a peon.

He focused on technology
and became the king of hacking.

Don’t worry.

Where is your wife?
How is she? What’s her position?

Does she exist or not? Is she
down or up there? Dead or alive?

I will trace this number
and tell you everything.

Don’t worry. Go.


Just a while, Mr. Chokka Rao.

-Tell me, sister.
-We are VIP.

My husband goes camping every week.

I suspect him.

Please check his location.

Men will obviously go camping
when they have a wife like you.

Give me the number.


Your husband is with some other
woman in Srikanya lodge.

-He is at Gajuwaka.
-Yes, correct! Go and kill him.

He’s dead.

-Hail India! Go and kill him.
-Hail India, brother.

Go to the police station with
his seared head.

-Jagadheesh, what about us?
-Just a while, Mr. Chokka Rao.

Give a break to your affairs.
Go away!

Who’s this?
He looks like Bhagat Singh.

He’s someone like him.
Crime reporter Kalyan.

-I need your help.

-No. To the country.
-What happened to my country?

Pakistani terrorists targeted ship yard
and steel plant because of Donald Trump.

I don’t even like to hear that name.

I will save the country by
finding out their plan.

-There’s no time, my friend.
-You are the gem of all.

Mr. Chokka, cool down and
give me that number.

-Okay, my friend.

I want the data of
this phone number.

I will tell all the affairs
related to this number.

What’s this?

He got many calls from one number.

This number has repeated calls
from a number.

-He is definitely a Pakistani terrorist.
-Yeah, true.

-Can you give us that number?

-My country is outstanding.
-The king of rowdies!

Hey, Chokka!

Chokka! We're running out of time.

Say the number, Sir.

My dear, mom!


CI’s wife is calling.
I’ll go, Sir.

I am taking the clothes off.

Come fast.

Ma'am, you shouldn’t call
me when clothes are off.

Call CI. I don’t want to risk my job.

It’s not that. I have to
give clothes to laundry.

You're worried about everything.
Come fast.

CI’s wife is torturing me.


You saved me, Sir.

Mr. Chokka! We should
get those car details.

Not just find the car. I will
arrest him under hit-and-run case.

-Not the details of this car.

-The car the old man was hit with.

This is the location of the accident.

Bheemili check post six
kilometers away from there.

Gajuwaka check post is
eight kilometers away.

It is a hit-and-run case.

So, they can’t cross the location
where CCTV is equipped.

That keeps him in the city for sure.

If he wants to escape...

he can't go to the service station
to change the broken windshield.

So, according to the marked radius...

they must have gone to
a garage to change it.

Same pinch!

Did anyone get their windshield
changed since the seventh of this month?

We just got one number out of five cars.

No need.

Cut the call.

We should get the addresses
of the car owners.

It must be one of them.

Why are you feeling shy, Sir?

Finding their address
is an easy task for me.

Mr. Chokka, he is here.

He looks like Wasim Akram’s brother.

He is definitely a Pakistani terrorist.

-Tell me.
-You should be the one talking.

-About what?
-Where are your gang members?

Snipers! Are they on the terrace?

Are you in touch with Trump?

What’s the commitment to Kim?

What are you talking about?

You hit the scientist with your car
and killed him.

Do you think I can’t find out
if you change the glass?

Chokka. Chokka Rao here.

-Did I kill the scientist?
-You say it’s a scientist.

Hey, Chokka!

-Sir... Chokka sir.


How did your car window break?

Got him.

A coconut fell on the
window and broke down.

There’s the tree.


It's better...

-See you, Sir.

Someone threw a bottle, Sir.
It broke.

I filed a case at Poorna market station.

You did?

-We filed the FIR, Sir. That’s it.
-Frame it.

This is the last address, Sir.

Mr. Chokka...

Same number?

Yes, who’s this?

Can't you get that from my uniform?

Are you in a coma
just like my mom?

He is blind, Mr. Chokka Rao.

What is it?

Who are you?

My name is Chokka Rao.
Constable at Three town police station.

I came here for investigation.
Can I come in?

Come in.

Be careful! There’s a chair.

You work on clay?

That is clay art, Sir.

Whatever it is.
It is all about working with clay.

You changed your car windshield
recently, right?


-How did it happen?
-How did it break?

My driver drinks alcohol.

I asked him to give up but
he doesn’t listen.

He had alcohol and hit a pole last week.

-So, the windshield broke.
-Can you please call your driver?

Call your driver.

I fired him after that accident.

Why are you asking
all that now, Sir?

-To get Ivanka to India.

We are investigating a hit-and-run case.
This is about that.

No more secrets, right?

-That’s it, Sir.
-I knew it. Let's go.

Can you give me your driver’s contact?

I deleted his contact after I fired him.

Format your phone as well.

It is done, Sir.

Everything is over.

The case is over.

I will go and take my CI’s son
for a horse-ride.

I will go and do work at their house.

I will remain to live like that.

My life... Where is he?

Don’t you care about my emotions?

Driver Simhachalam's address
and phone number.

Who is Simhachalam?

Vamsi’s driver.

I am driver Simhachalam, Sir.

-Let's go to the police station.
-Why, Sir?

You hit a person and killed him
on the Bheemili road last week.

Did you think we cannot find
you if the car is fixed?

Vamsi sir told us everything. Come.

What are you talking about?

I left the job two months ago.

I don't have the habit of drinking.

Who hit that person then?

-Sir, that is…
-Hey! Tell me!

Quite a few times, I saw Vamsi sir ride
beside a lady who drives the car.

Who’s that lady?
Do you know her?

-No, Sir.
-That's Ivanka for sure.

-Do you have Vamsi’s number?

Give me.

He’s from that Pakistani gang.

He has repeated incoming and
outgoing calls to the same number.

Tell me the number.

Mr. Chokka!

Vamsi and that old man got
repeated calls from the same number.

So what?

The old man, Vamsi
and this number...

has some common link.

I heard you're in Vizag.
Your mom told me.

Yes, Aunty. I joined TV5.

Tell me.

Kalyan went to Vizag a week ago.

He doesn’t even answer my calls.

Aunty, I have gotten over Kalyan.

-Who’s this?
-Sir, it is me. Driver Simhachalam.

Yeah, Simhachalam. Tell me.

Sir! Was there any
accident with our car?

No. Why?

Cops came to my house and said
I hit someone with our car.

They were threatening me
to confess the crime.

What did you say?

I told them that I saw you with ma'am.

Hey! Are you crazy?
Why did you say that?

Because you didn’t tell the truth.

-Who is it?
-We are...

We are the cops who came yesterday.

Why did you come again, Sir?

Why did you lie about the driver?

Are you trying to escape from the crime?

What are you saying, Sir?
How can I drive?

Your girlfriend can drive.

"Girlfriend? Me?"

Don't try to act smart.
I will bash you up. Tell me.


-Vamsi, I'm talking to you.


How can he shut the door?
I will smash him.

Wait. Vamsi! I am talking to you.
Open the door.

-What? Are you trying to escape?

-Where are you going?
-I will screw you.

Let’s go to the police station.

Why go to the police station?

I am the constable. You can tell me.

I don’t have to tell you.

I will tell everything to CI Prabhakar.

We’re dead! It's over.

CI will kill me if he finds it out.
He will suspend me.

I will stop him.
Start the car.

Brother! I cannot drive.

You want a piggyback ride? Just come!

Hey... catch it.

I’m dead.

Hey, stop!

Mr. Prabhakar.

-Mr. Prabhakar.
-Tell me.

Is CI Prabhakar available?
I have to talk to him.

I am Prabhakar. Tell me.

No. I should talk with
Circle inspector Prabhakar.

-Please call him.
-I am CI Prabhakar. Tell me.

This is not the voice of CI Prabhakar.

I know him really well.

Please call him.
I need to talk to him.

Are you crazy?

You came to my room and now you're saying
I am not the one you're looking for.

-Hey, Chokka!

-Take him away.
-What is he talking?

-Take him away.
-Come on.

He is saying that I am not the CI.

Is it true?

-Hey! He is none other than Prabhakar.
-I'm not lying. He's not CI Prabhakar.

-Come here.
-Listen, Sir.

Hey! He is CI Prabhakar.
Stop irritating me now.

Something is happening here.

What happened?

He is not CI Prabhakar.


I understand that you’re in a problem.

Your car is involved in the accident
but someone else drove it.

There’s nothing wrong in trying
to help them but someone has died.

Don’t be scared, Vamsi.

We are not dealing this case officially.

We can’t help you unless you
tell us what happened.

Her name is Jyothsna.
She lives in Chicago.

We met in my art
exhibition two months ago.

She's a big fan of my clay art.

She approached me to start clay art
exhibition in the US.

We became friends and
then we fell in love.

In fact, we planned to marry
after going to the US.

The day before her flight to the US...

we went for a long drive.


-Jyothsna! What is this? What happened?


Who is it at this hour?

CI Prabhakar, Three town police station.

Please. Try to understand, Sir.

Jyothsna went back to America.

I imagined a beautiful life with her.

One night.

It has made my life dark.

Did you talk to Jyothsna after that?

I tried calling her many times.

Her number was not in service.

Poor girl, couldn't recover
from the incident.

Vamsi got calls repeatedly from
the same number.

That old man, Vamsi and...

this number have some common link.

Is it Jyothsna’s contact number?


Do you have her pictures or videos?

I have them.

Great! Problem solved!

-I knew it. Show us.
-Her phone has those pictures.

-Problem not solved then.

Did you guys go out together?
I mean a restaurant or a theater?

She really likes long drives.

So you two hung out
at deserted places then.


Try to recall.

She took me to a restaurant
on my birthday.

Which restaurant?

Which date?

Can you play the clip around lunch time?

Play cam two.

Zoom it.

I can't see her face.

Shit! Check the other cam.

Just missed it, Sir.

Why are they hitting a waiter?

It happened on the same
day at the same time.

What’s that issue?

-It's quite common in a restaurant, Sir.
-Why did it happen?

-It is not related to you, Sir.
-Tell me. What was that issue?

I'll bash you behind the bars.
Tell me!

There was a waiter named Satish.

He captured pictures and videos of girls
who visited the restaurant.

A customer saw him taking
pictures that day.

There was a big fight.
We fired him immediately.

Do you have Satish’s
address and phone number?

-Where is door number seven?
-Go straight.

Brother... is it Satish’s house?

-Yes, that’s the one.
-Why is it locked?

He always roams around
with his friends.

Give me your phone.
It's him, right?

Yes, it's him.

Where could he be at this time?

I don’t know. He is a wanderer.

Let us have tea.


Give me two cups of tea.

Why are you playing on the road?

Collect it from the police station.

-Hey, Satish.

The cops came looking for you.

It's them.


-Are you blind?

You'll die.

Why are you running away from us?





Oh, no! The rickshaw had
to come in between.

Wait, Satish!

Brother Srinu!

Brother Suri!


What? What do you want?

Let’s not fight.
I just want his phone.


give me your phone.

Take it.
Hey! Give him your phone.

Phone? Take it, brother.

No. They are dangerous people.

Why are you hitting him?

Take it.

Give me your phone.

Give me your phone.

-Don’t mess with Chokka Rao.
-Give me your phone.

This is Chokka Rao.

Powerful Chokka Rao!

Go away!

Tell me which area you're going to.
I will not come there.

-Hey! What's the password?

What kind of password is that?

"Papa", is the password.

Check photos taken on April 14th, Sir.

Sir, that's Vamsi.
Picture is very blurred.

-How could he impress her?


Hello... I'm talking to you.


-What are you doing here?

Is this why you came to Vizag?

You found your girlfriend.

What are you saying?

Who’s Vennela? Her name is Jyothsna.

She is Vamsi’s girlfriend.

Since when did you start lying?

She is Vennela.

Her name is Jyothsna. I know it, Anu.

No! She is Vennela.

It must be Vennela Kishore.

How do you know?

What's happening?

What is actually happening?


Trump, Ivanka and Kim.

You fooled me emotionally
in the name of promotion.

I really thought that he's a reporter
and supported him to save my mom.

Goodbye forever.

-Give me a chance.
-Yes. You got it. Tell me.

-Tell me.
-I'm TV5's Creative Head.

I am the head of Discovery Wildlife.

You are from the media and
he is from the media.

You have ID cards?

I should've asked for his
ID in the beginning.

Help us with this case.

Our lives got distraught
because of this girl.

You'll be on TV headlines
if you help us.

Can I trust you?

I don't have any other option.

I'm going to trust you again.

Tell me what to do.

She conned Kalyan saying that
she’s Vennela...

and then conned you saying that
she is Jyothsna.

It's the same girl.


don't cry.

Not just us.

She must have conned many others.

She is unbelievable.

She must be busy conning
someone else right now.

Vamsi... the common thing between us
is that we are blind.

We were in a position to give her
the money she wanted.

Are there any other common factors?

What happened?

The idol broke.



You got this award last year, right?


They started giving this award to
talented disabled people in 2014.

This is the list of people from different
categories who took the award.

Check if their contacts are available.

Yeah. Contacts are mentioned.

Separate all the blind people.

This is the list.

There are 11 more people
other than me and Vamsi.

If she is following this list...

someone from this list definitely
would be her next target.

Let's call those 11 people and talk.
We can catch her and close the case.

No! What if she is beside
them when we call?

We won't ever be able to find her.

She shouldn’t know that
we are looking for her.

Those 11 people will be in
11 different cities.

It will take so long to find them all.

Let's take this list
and report the same

to the higher authorities
at the police station.

What will you complain about?
There is no proof that she conned us.

We don’t know her name or her location.

What to do now?

I have an option. Our student
reporters are in different cities.

Let us send them these details.

They’ll secretly inquire and
give us the information.

Are you sure?

Have it.



What happened Anu?

Check this out.

His name is Somasekhar.

He is a classical singer from Vijayawada.

Vennela joined his team as Kathyayani.

We got her phone number which
she is using in Vijayawada.

I am ready.

I am ready to do anything
to seize her.

This is just Vijayawada.

No one should suffer like us.

I won’t let that happen.

I'll put an end to her game.

Let's go, Sir.
Let's find her.

Let us not be hasty.

We need evidence to prove
that she is a fraud.

We cannot get the evidence
if we do not make a move.


-Stay on the line.

It is already late.
If we do not react immediately...

we will regret later.

It is my responsibility to tell you
as a doctor.

I told Kathyayani many times.

I asked her to tell you
if she cannot do it.

But, she didn’t listen to me.
The condition is very critical now.

If we don't do the kidney
transplant immediately...

it's hard for her brother to survive.

What is this, Kathyayani?

We planned to live happily together.



Your problems are my problems.

You think your brother
is nothing to me?

-He’s nothing to her.
-That’s not the thing, Sekhar.

I wanted to be the
symphony of your music.

I didn't want to create any issues.

Symphony of his music?
She is such a ridiculous actor.

How can I ask you for the money, Sekhar?

Nothing is more important than that.

Doctor, I will give 2.5 million.

Don’t think about anything else.

Make arrangements for
the operation tomorrow.

Brother, the dialogues are the same!
But, the victims are different.


I don’t want to take money from you.

Oh, my dear!

That’s an insult.

I belong to you.

You aren’t my dear one.

You are my savior.

How many saviors do you have?

Shall we go?


They’re coming out.

She's amazing, brother.
I'm easily impressed.

It is justified that you fell for her.

-Sir, she is leaving.
-Start the car.


Hey, Rutherford!

Move your vehicle.

Can't you wait?

Move ahead.

Okay. I will leave then.

Don’t worry about anything.
Call me if you need anything.

Call Jagadheesh.

Look in the front.

-Hello, Jagadheesh!
-Mr. Chokka. Tell me.

Did you find those terrorists?

No. It is about those two numbers.



Why so many calls?

Can’t you wait?
What if he suspects?

Kalyan is here and he is looking for us.

Which Kalyan?

That chef from Hyderabad.

He has been following you
from the hotel.

I diverted him.

He definitely has a plan.

Let us go from here.

Hey! Pack up.

This is all because of you.

He came here because of you.

Is it really from Tirupati?

Yes, Honey.

Why did you become so devotional?

I had planned to go there.

You are busy here with Vamsi.

I asked him to keep you safe, Honey.

Is it?

Didn’t you pray for yourself?

There's nothing to pray for myself.

My handbag is in the back seat.
Take it.

There’s a pencil in it.
Take it out.


God's gifting gold chains recently?

My girlfriend gifted me.


Tell me!

I will tell you.

I'll tell you, Honey.

Bloody life!

It is just 10000 rupees.

She refused to give 10000 rupees.

Bloody life!

She takes 90 percent of what we get...

and gives us just ten percent.

What can we do?
It is her plan. She takes the risk.

Aren't we?

Aren't we at risk?

-We’ll be screwed if we get caught.
-What are you trying to say?

I say that we should start earning.

How can we earn?

That Hyderabadi chef got his sight back.

Yeah. He’s looking for her.

Let's go and get those 25 lakhs.

-What if she knows?
-No chance.

-I will make a perfect plan.

-You have to save my daughter at any cost.

Trust me.


I am not giving you money because
you will spend it on alcohol.

But you cheated me.

It is my mistake, Honey.

That old man enraged me.

That old man should not live.

Even his dead body shouldn't be found.

This is the spot.
This tree is the landmark.

I will hit that.

I will act as if I hit a real person.

Take that doll away and
act like a dead person.

He will get scared.

You all clear the spot and leave.

I will take care of the rest.

That’s a good plan.


Jyothsna… what happened?

Jyothsna, where are you going?
What happened?


-What happened?

I hit someone.

-He is dead.

I don’t know what to do, Vamsi.

Jyothsna... don’t panic.

Nothing will happen to you.
I will take care. Let’s go.

Let's go.

Take the chain and wallet.

Let's go.

-What about him?
-We will be doomed if we get caught.

Let's go.

Jyothsna, please don’t cry.

I will take care of it.

My life is ruined.

Jyothsna! Nothing will happen to you.

Jyothsna… Jyothsna!

The cops will find out, Vamsi.

They will definitely arrest me.

I will take care of it.

-Who’s that?
-CI Prabhakar, Three town police station.

What are you doing here
at this hour?

Do you think that we cannot
find out if you hit and run?

Call that woman out.

Sir… she didn’t do it intentionally.

Her life will be ruined.

Please try to understand, Sir.

I will give whatever you want.

I want three million.

Three million?

I'll need 2.5 million to
manage the victim's family.

What say?

Here you go, Sir.

Your art exhibition and our wedding
shall be at Chicago in next month.

I will call you after
talking to my parents.

I will wait for your call.

He would’ve brought cops
if he had evidence.

He wouldn't follow me.

There is no need to run away from him.

But he shouldn’t meet Sekhar until
we collect the cash from him.

-Do you get it?

Check your phone.

Where are you, man?

Sir! Don’t talk without knowing
what happened.

-What happened?
-My phone fell in the toilet.

I took it out and let it dry.
It dried just now and I called you.


Where are they?

I made all the arrangements
for the operation. Don't worry.

We’re watching them.

Good things will happen to good people.

Guys are really innocent, brother.

Blind or not! They get cheated.

All girls are not the same.

Anyway! What’s next?

We should wait until dawn.

Let's go.


She is here.

-Mr. Chokka!
-I didn’t sleep, Sir.

-Start the car.
-Yes, Sir.

Driver... go.

Looks like she swept everything.

Brother, she figured.
What do we do?

She knows everything.



Sir, I beg you.
Please take him to the hospital.

Ma'am, you drive.

Okay. Tell me the way to the hospital.

Go straight, ma'am.

-Mr. Chokka!

Call Jagadheesh and ask him
to track their number.

-Drive fast. He is losing blood.
-Anu, go fast.

-Tell me, Mr. Chokka.
-Which way are they going?

Sir, they’re ahead of you.

They are ahead of us.

-Ma'am, drive faster.
-Don't worry. He'll be fine.

-Anu, take a left turn.


Go straight.


They took left.
Why are you heading straight?

Who are you guys?

Sekhar, do you have network
on your mobile?

Check it.

Playing with me, woman?

After he withdraws the amount
from the bank...

divert the car...

towards Krishna barrage.

I will make a scene that
you took a wrong route.

Threaten me with a knife.

I will act as if I got scared and
gave you the money.

This drama will end tomorrow.

Driver, where are you going?

-What happened, Kathyayani?
-I don't know.

The driver took a wrong route.

-Hey, driver. Where are you taking us?
-Hey! Shut up and sit.

-Hey! Why are you talking like that?
-Shut up and sit.

Where are we going?

Don't answer.

Pick up the phone!

Anu, turn the car.


Mr. Chokka.
Call Jagadheesh.

Call Jagadheesh.

Mr. Chokka!

Anu, stop the car!

Sir, I'll take your phone.

Anu, take him to the hospital.

What about you?

Do what I say. We’ll miss her
forever if we lose her now.

Sir... why didn't you pick up my calls?

Jagadheesh, this is Kalyan speaking.

Track those two numbers.
Those two numbers are turned off.

I cannot trace them.

Track my number.

Why track your number?

You are awesome!

Your number is traced.
You are really a fighter.

Where are they? Check!

Sir, they are near Krishna barrage.

Hey, who are you?

Where did you bring us?

Hey! Who are you?
What do you want?

Hey, driver! Stop!

Hey… who are you?

-Give me the bag.
-Leave the bag.

-Who are you?
-Give me the bag.

-Kathyayani, escape!

Hey, get me a rock.


You came.


Sruthi, Jyothsna, and now...


How many people will you con?

How many people will you love?

How many people will you trick?


Surrender yourself.


You want me to surrender myself,
apologise to everyone, go to jail...

and pen my biography?

Can you get out of this place alive?

No, Kalyan!

I conned all of them for money.

I didn’t cheat you...

because I loved you.

Guys will never change.

You get emotional when you
hear about love.

That’s your weakness and my strength.

Come on!

True lovers will know the value of love.

You will not understand that!

You bitch!

Whatever you suffered in your childhood
should never happen to anyone.

You will be released soon
if your conduct is good.

Don’t worry.

Look here.

I couldn't understand.


Right or wrong.
Justice or injustice.

Good or evil.

Trump or Kim. State or real-estate.
In a war between these...


my mom has won it all.