Vijetha (2018) - full transcript

Srinivasa Rao (Murli Sharma) does his best to give his children everything they seek and fulfil even the smallest of their desires. His son Ram (Kalyaan Dhev) grows up oblivious to all the ...

Srinivas Rao and Ram.

They both are father and son.

There are millions of
fathers and sons in the world.

What about them?

Mom no mom... it's not good.

How else would one comb, idiot?

Don't move.
- No mom, please.

What happened, son?
- Please no, mom.

Look dad, mom isn't combing well.

It's not at all good.
- Is it?

What's not good
when I'm combing well?

Let him comb as he wants.
You comb, dear.

Hey you...

Kabaddi, kabaddi... Out...

Oh God, I'm unable to say
him day to day. He's taking my life.

What's wrong,
why are you murmuring and going?

Holidays are here
and he's not staying at home.

He's playing on the roads.

I'll beat him and bring.
- Wait, wait...

I'll go and bring him. Hold this.

Kabaddi, kabaddi...
- Hey, catch.

Kabaddi, kabaddi...

Daddy, daddy...

Daddy, daddy...

Kabaddi, kabaddi...

Kabaddi, kabaddi...

Hey, careful...

Kabaddi, kabaddi...

Kabaddi, kabaddi...
- Careful. Come on! Come on!


Daddy, I won.

Hey, take off the hands.

Hey Ravi...Cycle is good.

New cycle?

Yes, I bought it yesterday.

Give it to me, I too will ride it once.

No, my dad said not to give any one.


No, my dad will kill me if he knows.

Please, just once.

Hey Ravi, hey...


Wow, new cycle...

Hey Ram...Get up.

It's 4 and you should study.

Hey...What dear?

Take it out... come on, have milk.

Ok daddy.

All the best...

Ok dad, I'm getting late, bye.
- Ok.

Bit paper was very tough right?

Yes, I doubt whether I get even 5 marks.

What son, how did you write?

They are saying bit paper is very tough.

Not at all tough dad,
I wrote it very easily.

Is it?
Come on, get on the bike.

I thought you may fail in the exam.
Not bad, you passed out well.

He passed all with border marks mom.

Whatever, have I passed or not?

Dad, I'll take MPC in Inter.

What, say (a+b)2 formula.

You shut up.

Dad, all my friends are joining MPC.
I too will take MPC.

Hey, not that your friends are joining.

But do you have interest
in those subjects or not matters.

I will study great.


Hey, dance was great right?
- Yes dude, it was a blast.

What are you doing here?
Don't you have the college?

It's their dad...
We were in college till now.

Class got cancelled as Chemistry Sir
didn't come and we are going home.

Ok, get on the bike.

Come on...

Thank God.

You carry on.


When 40000 fees is paid,
our guy got the rank of 1,44,000.

It's tough for Sir to get
engineering seat for his rank.

Look for some college
and join in degree.

What if I didn't get rank in EAMCET...

...there're so many seats
outside in Management quota.

Management seat, where dear?

Wisdom college.

Wisdom college...?

I think it's a very
big college right son?

Added you say Management seat,
you know how much it costs?

Where's the money?
Shut up and study degree.

Damn degree, I won't join.

What dear...?

Dad, all my friends
are joining engineering.

I too will join in Wisdom college,
please dad.

You got to pay interest without
fail by 5th of every month.

Definitely Sir... Thank you Sir.

You think is it required to take loan
and join him in such a big college?

It's our responsibility as parents
to give good education to kids right?

Come on.

Thank you sir...


What are all those?

New shoes and new dress.

He'll go to College from tomorrow right?
We thus have bought.

He needs them right?

I doubt about him studying.

Hey, ok till now whether you were
into wasting time till now.

Your college life
will decide your future.

Both your life and future will depend on
how you'll be for these four years.

Don't think why dad is
giving me a lecture like this.

I'm just saying to be careful.

Ok dad.

Lord Hanuman...

Yes, everything is correct...

Hail Lord Hanuman...
Hail Lord Hanuman...

Looks like you are very tensed.

I mean, a small tension whether
I'd get a job in so much competition.

Will anyone shoot and kill
if you go out without getting a job.

No, nothing as such.

Shall I tell you one thing?

Girls look beautiful when they feel shy.

What about boys?

They look handsome
when they're confident.


Yes, be confident.

Ok... Be confident.

Be confident.

Who's Mr. Ram?

Yes, it's me.

You can get out.
- What?

For the first round filtration...

...they asked to send those
with less than 60% marks out.

It's just you among all coming here.

So, you may leave now.

What a buildup have you given idiot?

All the best.




It's a super joke right...!
- He looks very funny right?

What guys, do I look like a Joker?

Oh no... No boss.

Have you never seen anyone
getting less percentage?

Hey, guys like you getting
more marks are less...

...but those getting
less marks like me are huge.

Come out guys,
I'll show so many guys like me.

Hey, is it any easy
task to study engineering?

Maybe we can understand
bible and Bhagavad Gita...

...but these engineering
subjects can never be understood.

Yes, so many issue from
the date of joining in the college.

We got to think how to escape
from ragging when we are juniors.

We shall think how to rag
after becoming senior.

We shall make a girl flat.

Are they so easily getting flat?
No way, we shall work very hard.

After taking so much risk,
will the girl lets us be happy? No way.

We shall take care that the girl flat for
us shouldn't go flat for someone else.

Added are 8 semesters,
14 practicals and 41 papers.

How much would brain
of a kid of hardly...

...25 years age get strained
to take care of so much?

Marks would come down because of that.
Can't adjust even that?

Is that company into any Forbes?

It seems half there
are free having no projects.

And again a great buildup by them
on the name of interview.

Hey leave it guys,
let's go to the colony.

Hey that chips.
- I'll give, wait idiot.

Hello, how much do you
charge going to Erragadda?


It's just adjacent, take Rs. 50.

It's adjacent right, go walking.

What Sir, what's wrong?

What to say,
travelling is become very tough in city.

When I thought of getting into the bus,
no vacancy even on the foot board.

Auto guy is asking for property and
the cab guy is torturing wit tariffs.

When I wanted to take at least Metro,
my time didn't match with that time...

How to manage Sir?

Using brain.

Brain, how?

Like this...


Hello 108.

A guy here is badly ill falling down here.
- Yes, it's me.

Note the address.

Where's he dude?
- Hey, they are here, come on get down.

Hey...nothing will happen...
Ambulance has come.

Hey...Please stop the Ambulance.

Hey...come on lift him...

Close, close, close...

Where are you taking?
- Apollo.

No, I've a known hospital. I'll guide you.
- Okay.

What's wrong?

No idea, but hands and legs are twisting
down and the body is blackening.

- Oh God, he was so fair madam.

Hey, can you do such
injection at such times?

Hey, say guys.

What's that injection,
where did you study?

Have you ever been to college?

Who's answerable
if something goes wrong?

Who'd give him a girl to marry?
Will you marry him?

I'm ready.

Ambulance driver, call the in-charge.

Yes, right here... Stop...

We've come, get down guys.

It's come it seems, get up.

AC is very low dude...

It's a serious matter.
- Get down now.

Enough of your blabbering.

See properly... It will be there.

There isn't any hospital here.

No hospital uncle, it's our colony.

Thanks for the lift uncle.
- Thanks dude.

You waste idiots, do you have any sense?

Hey, what are you talking too much?

We did so to check your service.

What are you looking?
Go now.

It's to report to
the government about... fast you come and
take to hospital when we call.

What, go...

Hey, you will not get bettered idiots.

Well, go and do the work.

Hey Goli, 2 by 4 tea.

Hey, cups should be full.

Ok bro.

Come home once office
is over and don't go anywhere.

Ok dad.

Hey, Ravi there.

Are you eating this carriage for lunch?
- I'm eating the same dad.

Money is wasted if you go around
restaurants and group lunch with friends.

It's waste again for hospital
bill if that doesn't digest again.

And finally salary at office is gone
for the days in hospital, understood?

Understood dad.

He's become like a Robo.

Total control is in his dad's
hands though he's doing a job.

It seems he's taking permission
from his dad even for peeing.

All these idiots are right here.

None has a proper education.

Hey, you never roam
around with those guys.

You too will go waste
like them if you go.

- understood, dad.

See the over action of his dad.

He's announcing around the colony like
only his son's got a job here.

None can stop him now.

See now guys.

Hey Ravi.

Don't look at those idiots.

There's a party in the evening, come...

Hey, where dude?

Huh, party... You need a party idiot?

Hey, dude...

...we talk all the nonsense
around after drinking...

...but have we ever thought about
this coming into our plates for us?

Yes dude, let's recognize
it's sacrifice at least today.

Yes dude, we shall let
the whole world know about it.

Dude, add a bit of spice.

Oh my cute chicken, rest in peace.

Work should finish by morning...

Ok Sir.

Sorry, I didn't notice.

You idiot, did it knowingly right?

No, I didn't notice.
It happened unexpectedly.

No way, you're finished today.
You did it wontedly. You...

Hey, what is that nonsense?

See mom, brother spoilt my drawing.

Waste drawing, draw it again.

What to draw, I've been doing
from 45 minutes and you ruined it all.

I should draw it all again.

What, did it take so much time to draw?
Move aside.

Not bad, you drew it fast.

Yes, you too learn to draw like this.

Hey, give it here.

This is not for giving
you but drew it to say I know.

Hey, give it.
- No.

You just hit me 20 times with hand
and 24 more times with pillow.

Total is 44 times. Do sit ups...

I'll give it then.

Did you count when I hit?
- Yes.

Hey wait, I'll do.

Is it...!

Hey, wait...I will do.

Do fast...
- Okay.

One, two.

Do properly.
- Hey, stop it.

Give her paper back.

Wait mom, she didn't finish yet.

Hey, write down the count.

Come and have breakfast.

His torture is growing day to day mom.

Not mine but yours is going high.

Look for some idiot mom,
we shall get her married and send.

House would get peaceful.

Lakshmi, look into
the milk and paper bill.


- Yes.

I should pay this semester fee.

You recently paid right, again?

It's been six months dad.

Ok, say we will pay after one week.
- Ok dad.

Serve chutney...

Hey... you said there
was some interview yesterday.

I got selected dad.

But that is a small startup company and
they pay very little salary it seems.

Added they said posting in Pune.

And I left as I thought
how can I go so far.

I thought, we can get a
better job right here by trying.

Is it...

Hey, you eat.

Today is Bhaskar Rao's daughter's
marriage and let's all go.

Get ready fast else it
would be like we went for dinner.

Ok dad.

We shall fix a better
board even for your marriage.

Keerthi Weds Appi.

Damn, why will I get such a guy?

Then, will someone come
flying from top for you?

Hey, come on.
- Move.

Sir, one minute...

Look here.

Hello bride, look here...

Give it now Sir.

Sir, one minute... Smile Sir.

Wait a minute madam...

Keep the hand this way...

Move aside madam,
your husband is not visible.

Yes, sprinkle when I say...

Smile a bit...

Yeah, it's good

- Yes.

Say why do they take photos...?

What's there sir,
to see again when we remember.

Not for seeing when we remember.

Seeing that everything should
come back to memory and thus.

Sir, can't you remember seeing this?


Because there's no life
in these photos you are taking.

When you take a photo,
that should talk to us.

For that to speak with us... should capture everything
happening here naturally.

You should perfectly
capture their emotions.

There'll be a meaning for
everything happening in a marriage...

...and there'll be an emotion.

They ask to look at each other
while putting 'zeera' and jiggery... have a feeling
on each other from now...

...and to be close
to each other from now.

While seeing each other so... on each other
will be visible and take a snap of that.

To tie the sacred thread is to promise
to accompany for lifetime before all.

There'll be a beautiful smile in the
bride with bent head agreeing to that...

...and take a snap of that.

While blessing whole heartedly for
the future of the kids to be good...

...a great happiness is seen
in the eyes of those parents.

You take a snap of that.

Take their snaps without
them being disturbed... the disturbances by the
relatives and friends around them.

But what'll be there when you ask
to look at you for everything?

Whatever may be the occasion...

...if you take snaps by making people turn
towards camera without being natural...

...only their faces would be in those
but not their emotions.

Remember this.

My son got a job in Mumbai and
it's like our problems are cleared now.

My son is already doing job in Canada
and he got few offers right there.

He's thinking where to join.

Join him immediately into something.

These youngsters are like carry bags...

...they'll be responsible
when some burden is put on them.

If left they'll fly away with air.

Hey guys... watchman Rambabu.


You idiots, do you have any sense?
Are you crazy?

What's the time?

I got a bit late mom.

What works will you have till
late night? Do you come late every day?

Ok mom, come on open the door.
- I'll not open.

It's become a habit for you.

You sleep outside today
and you'll understand.

Stop joking and open the door mom.

No jokes...

...sleep outside for a day...

...and you'll make it a habit from tomorrow
to come home early.

I'll not come in when you say so,
I'm going out mom.


I've nothing to do if dad asks
where did I go for the whole night.

Okay... Go.

I'm going.
I'll not come even if you request.

Look you're Anushka, Samantha
and Tamanna for me, I promise.

Oh no, he's always engaged.

Oh no...

Roaming on roads without
any work till late in the night...

...and sleeping till afternoon.

Breakfast expenses are
saved because of it, right dad?

What saving my foot,
you'll cover that up in lunch right?

Cigarette box?

I mean, brought it to throw in dustbin
as a part of Swatch Bharat.

Who is it at this time?
- Friend dad...

You went around like an idiot till now
and isn't that enough?

Give that here.

You fool,
how much time to lift the phone?

Hey, wait a minute.

Won't you even gap
to speak after lifting?

Sorry uncle, I didn't expect you.

Hey, why do you include father
in your scolding?

I mean, it came in a flow uncle.

Stupid, hang the phone.

There's none at him...

...and so many people are here...
What is his special.

What Dosa?
- Masala Dosa.


Dosa batter is out.
- Even other items are over.

Then close...


Here aunty, all the food items are over.
Go home for the day and rest happily.

We are very happy dear...

Ok, we'll leave.

There aren't even flies to drive bro...

Hey, have you seen our power?


Uncle, give some chutney please.

Hey, how many times will I give?

Idli is remained as it is in the plate
but you emptied a can of chutney.

Enough of your eating now, get up.

She seems to have come
just to lick the chutney.

Will you give such a build up
when asked to serve chutney again?

All your items are left over now.
Be here till morning and sell them.

Enough to see a beautiful girl...

...and you wide open
the mouth and go behind them.

Change at least a bit guys.

Is the girl beautiful?
I didn't notice boss.

Oh no, what've you seen till now?
- Qualities in the girl.

- Yes.

She's given such a great
counter to him not letting go...

...that small chutney issue means...

...she has so much
courage and dare in her.

There's so much simplicity and
down to earth nature preparing Dosa...

...standing there being
a software employee.

When money was given and
salutes she said no and hugged...

...she has so much of humanity boss.

She respects dignity of labor.

First you change.

When we boys see girls it's not looking
at something else...

...but we see their qualities.

You said she's beautiful.

When a girl with so many good qualities is
also beautiful, shall we follow or not?

We should boss.

Why are you late then, go on.


Why are you here?

I said not to come home
even if you plead right?

Me too saying the same.

You gave a build up and left.
Why did you come home again?


Opposite house...

Mom, this house was vacant right?
Has anyone joined newly?

Yes, they came two days back.
- Is it been two days? Why didn't I know?

You'd know if at home right idiot?

Love you mom, you said such good news.

Leave me.

Excuse me...

Yeah, come...

One small help.

Pipes are leaking in
the house at some places...

...if you can me number
of any plumber you know...

I'll ask my son, one minute.

Ram... Hey Ram...

What mom?

I need the number of plumber Srinu.

I don't know, you search for it mom.

Hey, it's urgent son.

You always give me some work.
What've you broken now?

Not for us but there's some
repair in the opposite house it seems.

Opposite house...

Hey, she's right here.

What aunty, what happened?

Pipes are leaking at
few places in the house.

Plumber work right?
I'll bring him and get the work done.

You don't worry aunty.

That's why they say we
should have a boy in the house.

Correct aunty.

Hey Srinu,
check all the leaks everywhere.

Not even a drop should leak now.
- Ok sir.

Aunty, you go and look
into your work happily.

I'll be here and get the job done.

Thanks son.

Hey, that's not so. Tighten it further.

It'll break if further tightened,
shall I...

- Yes mom.

Jaitra... Nice name.

Ram... Jaitra...

It's good right?

Very bad.

Valve sir, I need to change it.

Why are you here? Go and do the work.

It's done.

What, finished so fast?

I'm done and we'll leave if you're done.

Aunty, work is done.
Please come and check.

Here's your money.

What's my money?

He's assistant and you're
the supervisor right?

Oh no... It's tough going so.

Hey, I said you look like labor wearing it,
the day when you bought that T-shirt.

Shut up idiot.
- Well said.

It'll go so if bought coming in offer.

You shut up.

I know that he's the
guy from opposite house.

I said so to keep him in control.

Come on dear,
poor guy had come to help us...

He came into the house
on the name of help.

He looks a bit different.

She looks like a crazy girl.

She's ruined his business
in the night just for some chutney.

I should deal a bit technically.

No, that won't be a problem. Yes...

Regarding the technical difficulties
experiencing, I've informed him.


Absolutely, absolutely.

Our team...

I'm sorry, I was saying
our team can put in extra hours.

Not an issue...


Yes sure, sure... From next week.

I'll call you back.

Hey, what're you clicking?


Why are you clicking
photos from so long?

When did I click your photos?

Aunty... aunty...

Yes... Mummy... Mummy...


Aunty... So, what?

What dear, what happened?

What dear, what happened?

Look aunty, he's been clicking
my photos from so long.

Hey, what's this?

I wasn't clicking photos.
I was taking selfies.

He's clicked aunty,
check if you want to.

Here, see.
- Show.

There aren't your photos dear, see.

Mom, when I was taking
selfies she feels that...

...I was taking her photos,
what am I to do for that?

Sorry son, don't misunderstand.

She's always like that.
She feels all boys are idiots.

It was the same even in the old house.

She had a mess with a guy and put
him up in Police station just like that.

Why all that now mom?
- You stay quiet.

Will all be the same?
Do you say whatever you feel?

Say sorry to him first.
- No problem aunty, it's ok.

What's his over action?

You stay calm dear, say sorry first.

I'm saying to say sorry right?


It's ok.

Sorry, please don't misunderstand.
- No problem.

Move on.
- Move on son.

Hey, show is over here.
Go home and watch TV.

Hey dudes,
cab guy will come and you take care.

Stop it idiot, stop.
- Hold on...

Won't you stop watching red color cloth?

Who's your mathematics teacher?
Get down.

What's it dear? Haven't you started yet?
Why are you still here?

Have a look.

Oh no.

I'm getting late for office mom,
I've a meeting at 10.

That manager fellow scolds
if I don't go in time.

This cab guy said two minutes
and hasn't turned up yet.

Call to him once.

Hey check properly, see all over.
- Sir, customer is calling.

Give it here.
- See the back.

Yes madam...
- Where are you now?

I just crossed Charminar.


Yes, I'll be there in
two hours and you wait happily.


What's it dear?

He says Charminar and
will come in two hours mom.

Mom, I'm going to Madhapur,
should I get anything.

Mom, I'm going to Madhapur,
should I get anything.

What's he asking strangely?



Are you going to Madhapur?

Yes aunty, I have an important meeting.

Will you drop Jaitra
at office on your way.

- You wait.

I mean, actually...
- It's in Madhapur.

Oh, is it?

Ok aunty, no problem. Ask her to come.

Yes, go dear.
- No, I won't.

Why to get scolded
in office just like that, go.

My dear, please go.

Hey, you look into
the air and I'll drop her.

Hey, hello...

She has no license, she can't drive
well. She doesn't have a helmet too.

Here's the list, buy and get all these.

What's this dude?
- This is the RC.

Have you never seen it?

Hey, our guy's girl is coming...

- Please donate Sir... - It's very cold!

You say everything only to me.

Who'll keep it then?
- Ok, give.

Huh, all these won't fit there.

Arrange to a side and all will fit in.

Oh no, when you do some work you
always give me a double work back again.

What shall I do when they fall?

Why are these old photos and papers?
Why not throw them out?

All these belong to your
dad and he'll hit if thrown out.

Anyhow, I like it.

You are very energetic
even in this age Sir.

I'm living doing the work I like.

That gives me a great
energy all the time.

I chose this career with
my passion on photography.

It's already been 25 years
and I just don't believe it.

I didn't know the time at all.

You've received so many national and
international awards till now...

...and your feeling on those?


And thus I put up this exhibition with
the best photographs I've taken.

Which is the photo you've taken
with great hard work from these Sir?

I like clicking photos a lot.

Sir, how do you describe a photo?

I would say photo is a powerful tool.


It can make a human smile...

...can make cry and can make one think.

It can make us experience
the forgotten memories again.

One photo has stopped the Vietnam War
taking lives of Millions.

One photo let the world know about
the hunger of kids from Somalia.

As front and back cameras came up in the
cell phones of all...

...and thus it's become very simple.

Every guy focuses and clicks.

Of course, there would be
good photographers even in them.

Whoever but can never
be greater than you Sir.

No, nothing as such.

There can be so many
great photographers.

Maybe a better photographer than me
couldn't come into this field...

...and is been doing some other work.

According to a survey
ninety percent of the people... in another life killing
their passion...

...maybe because of
their family position...

...or because of the
surrounding situations.

Only 10% of people will
struggle for their passion...

...and live the life what they liked.

I've decided to be in that 10%.

That's why I'm so before you now.

All may not get what they wished for.

I too thought to be a
cricketer but wasn't possible.

Didn't I let go and not into a job now?

I too used to sing great like Balu.

All used to say I'll be a great singer.

He's singing in films
and I'm into chit fund.

Still a job, kids and family...
We're happy with no complaints.

It's to be happy with what God gave us.
What more can we do than that?

Hey, photo I clicked came
in the paper even this week.

Sir selfie please.

Sir, autograph.

Why if not to waste our time,
how do you come for an interview?

Subject level is very low
and marks are average...

All those doing wonders in the world
are average students madam.

Oh no.
- Yes.

Do one thing...

...create some great wonder
and then be seen.

Ok, you can go now.

No education but
nothing less in satires.

Hey, you said to leave and I'm going.
If you talk rubbish...

Hey, what are you shouting?

According to act number 14, 2013
this is work place harassment you know?

Huh, learn first to wear that tie
properly. You and your dirty poses...

Oh no...

You've been attending interviews
and returning. How long is this son?

I've been on it dad but
not getting any job still.

It's not possible for all to live doing
the work they like from the heart, son.

We got to compromise a little in life,
it's a must.

Still, I didn't want you
to be so and kept on giving you...

...whatever you liked from
your childhood in my reach.

Still, if you're unable
to get a job means...

...aren't you interested
or you like something else?

We will know if you say something.

Nothing as such dad.
- Then?

If we know what our interest is in life,
there are so many ways to be successful.

Don't waste time.

This time will never
come back again dear.

Ok dad.

See, he's helping so much being a boy
and you're here like decoration toys.

Huh, I know why he is doing.


Enough just to see a Bullet
and total concentration goes onto that.

Go on, see.

Why, do you like that so much?

There's a flash back for that aunty.

It seems her dad had
a bullet in her childhood...

...and he used to
take her allover on that.

It seems her dad had
a bullet in her childhood...

...and he used to
take her allover on that.

Her dad died without that getting
fulfilled and her wish has remained so.

And now like this she stares on as
and when she sees a bullet.

Hey stop... you and your satires...

Have you never gone on
a bullet after growing up aunty?

I tried twice dear.

I couldn't control that weight,
fell down and broke my knee caps twice.

I got frightened and
never tried again from then.

Aunty, come you can drive.

Oh no, me?

I can't drive now.

How do I control this weight?

No problem aunty, I'm here.

Get on it.
- Really?

Come on.


Careful aunty.

Catch the clutch like this.


It's heavy...
- Take off the stand.

Now, hold the clutch
like this and put gear.

Slowly raise it and leave the clutch.

Oh no, I'm frightened.
- No problem, start again.

Start again.

Hold that clutch and...

Raise it slowly...

Don't fear, go on.

Oh no aunty, careful.

Why are they still not coming?

Maybe they dashed someone...

Finally, I drove a bullet.

I was very frightened in the
start and then got it all easily.

You drove it great aunty, you're great.

I've been thinking from
so long and could drive it now.

I somehow feel he made
aunty drive just to impress you.

Hey brother...


Look at this...

Video game.

Human feels very happy
giving just a small surprise.

If a small wish gets fulfilled...

...or the thing they
like is put before them...

...they become small kids
in happiness for a moment.

There's so much strength
in just giving a surprise...

...and I felt why not
choose that as a career?

- Yes.

What do you mean?

Surprise planners!

Birthdays, marriage days,
office events, get together...

We plan different surprises
based on such occasions.

We have nothing even to invest for this.

We'll say different surprising
ideas based on their range.

We plan event in their budget.

Ours is the idea
and expenses are theirs.

Great idea dude, minds should
go blank when we give an idea.

They should go shocked
and open their mouths wide open.

Yes dude.

Brain is very fresh, we haven't
used till now and let's use from now.


My brother and his waste
batch has started some business.

Surprise planners... Idea is good.

What if good, someone should
offer seeing their face right?

Stop your laughing
and say what's the matter?

I liked your idea very much...

...and thus called and
came to meet immediately.

Thanks Sir.

Actually we got many
calls asking to do events.

But we wish to do our first
event for you as we like you.

Thank you Sir, thank you.

We are thus giving you great offer,
you'll get 10% discount on the bill.

That means, you give bill for high rate
and then show up the discount on it?

No, I need only the original rate.


Gandhiji may have said customer is
God seeing people like you Sir.

Let's bill him 5000 extra.

Ok, say what's your event?

- Oh no, is it yours?

Will I self surprise for my
own birthday? Where did you come from?

From your place.

It's of my girlfriend Divya.

What, you have a girlfriend?

This is a surprise for us.

Ok Sir.

We should surprise for
your girlfriend's birthday right?

Yes but there's a small problem here.

What, a cancer?

Bigger problem than that,
a love problem.

She's very angry from one week...

...not talking and disconnect
the call when I call

Tomorrow is her birthday.

I shall somehow surprise
her by wishing and get her back in line.

We shall do for sure.

Can I know what exactly was
the problem between you both?

Nothing bro, I and she have
been in deep love from one year.

But one month back,
she introduced her best friend Priya.

That's the matter.

Priya looks more beautiful
than Divya right?

So beautiful.

So, you moved closer with
Priya than with Divya right?

Yes, naturally.

What more, she got frustrated
and kicked you at the back. Right?

That's so horrible.

How are you able to say
all these so correctly bro?

We are like that.

We say about all facebook
posts just by seeing the face.

You're not understanding
about our past, idiot.

Sit properly.

I understood... started saying Sir when I came
and now the respect is put away.

Cool dude,
tomorrow's surprise will go great.

Give me that word
and it's enough for me.

Who's it?

Idiot, you?

Divya, one minute.

Spend one valuable minute
from your life for me, please.

It's working out dude.

I'll abide lifelong
for what I'll be saying now.

There's just one thing greater in my
life than me, my career and my passions.


Flat for this now.



Her name is Divya right?

Her name is Priya dude...

Priya is my life.

Priya is everything for me.

I'm nothing without Priya.

Not just in this life but any life...

...I'll live only for
Priya and will die without her.


He's gone dude...

Go to hell!




You stand here and keep
picking cards one by one...

Don't speak anything.

What did you write in these bro?
- Surprise.

Watch, your life gets set.

What's this idiot?

Sorry bro, name has changed.

Not the name but
my life's changed idiot.

When I asked to put a small patch
between us, you broke it completely.

Dude, you think he'll
pay our balance amount?

Tough now.

Bro, does Priya has any boyfriend?


I mean, the concept is very good...

...and even the concept
is very good and we can try there.

Hey idiot...
- Hey jump.

Failures are the stepping
stones of success...

...we just got one stone. That's all.

Elders keep saying operation success...

...and the patient is
dead and maybe this is that.


Hey, our concept was great but
there was a small mistake. That's all.

Mistakes make man perfect.

Let the next offer
come and we shall rock.

Who's the idiot to give us
next offer after so much has happened?

I'll give dude.

Your concept is good guys,
will you do an event for me?

What dude, any Hanuman temple opening?
- Stop it dude.

Yes dude, maybe your dad would blow
whistles... a cooker moving around with us.

Yes, maybe he gets health issues
with high BP and low sugar.

And again the hospital bill is a loss.

What's the event dude?

Tomorrow is my manager's birthday.

If we give him some surprise
for birthday wishes tomorrow...

...he should get flat
and give me promotion as TL.

Sure dude,
we shall do that and what does he like?

He likes only himself and
doesn't care about anything else.

Is it? Who is that Kinder Joy dude?

Your manager may not have such wishes in
his life and your promotion is confirmed.

Super dude.

Dude, you should give
us a grand party tomorrow.


Hey, party means not here and there...

...but you should take us
all to Goa and give party there.


Attrition percent this year is 18%,
TCSE is hiring.

Hey, hold this.

- Hey, he's coming.

Hey, he's coming it seems... Fast.

Come on fast.

Hey, he came nearby fast...
- Come on fast.

- Hold it properly.

Hold it properly.

Stop guys.

Hey, tie it properly... Tie it tight.

Hey, leave now.

That's it...

Jai Shanmukh.

Congrats dude.
- Thanks dude.

Hey, catch it guys.


Hey catch.
- Hey...

His promotion is flying in the air,
come on guys let's catch.

Venkatrao, one minute...
Why's my photo on the balloon?

Stop it...
- Stop it.

Stop it...

Stop it...

Nothing is visible, how to stop?
- Pull the hand break, idiot.


Hey... Stop...

Hey stop it...

Who are you man, I came to see.

Inspector Sir, this idiot along with
all these planned to kill me.

Don't leave anyone,
arrest all including these.

I said so much not to move
along with these waste fellows.

Did you listen to me?

See what happened now.

I expected when all these
idiots were moving along...

...that they would get
into some mess like this.

Has at least anyone from these have
the qualities to come up in life?

They eat when given by parents at home
and do all such nonsense on roads.

Sign and take your guys.







Let's go to the hospital dad...

Hey help... Help...


Nothing will happen to you dad.

Stop, stop... Stop, stop...

Sir, my dad got heart stroke and should
urgently take him to hospital Sir.

Please Sir.

What idiot, another new drama again?

Getting into the vehicle
saying someone isn't well...

...dropping at a place where you like...

Are we still idiots
to believe you again?

Sir, this is true Sir.
I should take my dad to hospital Sir.


What man, leave him but at
least you should have some brains.

Did you too start along with him?

You gave birth to a great son...

Sir please, my dad's really
in serious condition Sir.

Sir please...

Get out idiot,
he's a father and you're a son...

Go and die somewhere.

Don't say so. Sir, please. Sir take us.
Please Sir.

Sir, please Sir...

Please stop Sir... Please Sir...

Stop the vehicle Sir, please Sir.

Please take Sir, please Sir.






It's mild heart stroke Sir.

I wrote medicines and see to that
he doesn't get too much strained.

Shall we go?

You come on the bike,
I and dad will take an auto.

By the way don't say all this to mom,
she will be tensed.

Nothing will happen, don't get tensed.

First time stroke
is like a warning bell...

...anything may happen again.

If something goes wrong, my family...

I gave a word to take good care of her
lifelong while marrying.

Lifelong is not till I'm
alive but till she's there.

Before something goes wrong,
I should get my daughter married...

...should make him somehow settled.

I should also arrange some financial
security even for Lakshmi.

I and your dad are
friends from childhood.

All my batch used to feel
your dad has great strength at heart.

Now that heart is gone weak...

...why do you think so?

Children are in heart for every parent.

When they are not good,
how can that heart have strength?

Your dad has his life on you...

...I still remember him holding you in
full of blood when you were 2 year old...

...and him crying worried
about your life at the hospital.


Hey Srinu.
- What dude?

We both got jobs at Steel Company
and here are the appointment orders.

We shall join next week.

Oh, congratulations to you.

Thank God, all our troubles are gone.

We get monthly salary, company quarters,
regular bonus and increments...

Very happy

Hey, I don't want to join.
I'm going to Delhi.


Just a minute.


National Geography.

I sent a few photos clicked
by me and they liked them a lot.

They sent a letter
to come and work with them.

I'm starting to Delhi in four days.

How much salary will they pay?


They won't pay huge salary so fast.

They make me permanent after working
as freelancer with them for one year.

Then will be a great time.

Are you any crazy?

Leaving out a good job here, you go there
and work as bonded labor there for free?

Hey Venkat...

...satisfaction in doing...

...what we like for free is greater
compared to doing any work for salary.


But, our condition is very weak.

If you leave now without any proper income
at this time, your kid and wife...

No problem brother, you know
how passionate he is into photography.

Let him go.

Anyways we have 2 acres of land.

We get some money from that...

...and we will adjust with that.

Trouble is just for a short time.

We too are happy if gets
a name and grows in life.

So, when are you leaving to Delhi?

This Friday.

Go happily and I'll take
care of their needs here.

Thanks dude, thank you.

Not that Laxmi...
- Hey...


Nothing happened to me but son...

Our son...

There's an internal bleeding
in the head of your kid...

...we shall operate
and arrange for the money.

Sir, it's a fertile
land with good yields.

Please hike the rate a bit Sir.

It's not so much as
per the present market Sir.

Here, take the money.

Here's the Rs. 50000 I have.

I got Rs. 2 Lakhs selling
the land and this is Rs.50000.

We need more than Rs.3
Lakhs now for the operation.

I won't give even a rupee without
a mortgage for another, Srinivas Rao.

I'm giving this just because
it's you without any mortgage.

Don't trouble me at the
interest and principal repayment.

Ok Sir.

Take good care of the kid for one year
and everything will be normal after that.

Ok Doctor...

Thank you.
- It's ok.

We have 2 acres of land...

We get the money from that...
and we will adjust with that money.

Sir, it's a fertile
land with good yields.

Take the money. Check it.

Don't trouble me at the
interest and principal repayment.

It isn't possible for all
to withstand the blows of life.

But your dad did it to the extent of
killing down his passion.

Instead of going towards
the life he wished...

...he's living treating
you as his world.

You, mom and your sister...

Looking after you and your studies...

He took care of no deficits
in every need of you all.

Such a man on the roads without
any help with a heart stroke...

I'm unable to bear this.

He's again thinking about what happens
to you without him, even in such a pain.

He's the real dad.

We'll lose him if
something happens again.

No problem even if you don't make him happy
but see to that he never feels bad.

Please try to understand.

Why are you taking the tablet?

What's wrong?

That is, I'm feeling a slight headache.

You say no to tablet even in fever...

...and are you taking
tablet just for headache?

What tablets are these, say?

I said nothing right? Keep it there.

I forgot to share a matter, come here.

A guy is coming tomorrow
for seeing our daughter.

Guy... why so suddenly?

Sudden means nothing of a sudden.

I've been seeing for a while
but didn't share with you, that's it.

I thought to say when
there's a good match.

I felt this is a good match and
asked them to come tomorrow for look.

Still, we shall complete
our own responsibilities right?

Ok, look into the arrangements. See you.

Did you like the girl, son?

Yes dad.

Girl is good, hubby.

Our family likes the girl a lot.

We are happy...

Did you like?

The other matters and here...
This mediator will talk about those.

I'll have a word, you can leave.
- Okay.

See you.

- See you.


Now, they are asking
a dowry of 10 lakhs.

And asking to give a flat
at the main center in the city.

It's for those two to live at,
for our girl...

We anyways will give gold and
five more lakhs for their daughter.

That is all.

If you are ok, I'll talk even
if there's any slight adjustment.

One more thing is that they already have
a few matches as option.

I'll stop them if
you finalize in two days.

Ok, you think and call me. See you.

- Bye.

Shall we go for this same match?

I enquired Laxmi,
the boy and his family is very good.

Our daughter will be happy
and what more do we need than that?

Correct but the money
will not be enough right?


I don't want this match.

They look to be very much money minded.

They asked as per their financial
condition and what's wrong in that?

No dad, I didn't like that boy somehow.

Still you don't take tension
about money. Say them no.

What are you seeing?

My son bought a car in Mumbai.

He sent a photo and I'm seeing.

Oh, he bought a car...
Let me see.

Wow, its very spacious like a ship.

My son just bought a car but
his son has bought a house in Canada.

Oh, why don't you say then?

A house in Canada and its great.

Still, all parents won't have the luck
to say about their son's greatness.

Son, why are you sitting here?
Come and have the food.

I'm not hungry mom, I'll eat later.

Not hungry, you know the time? Come.

I came to know you've some events
next week in your company.

We have a Company Sir.

That's not like any
regular event management...

...but started with a new
concept of surprise planning.

Yes, I know and I heard.

He's freely publicizing about
your talent and don't you know?

Let me show you something.

Hello to all smart phone audience.

This isn't any dub
smash or a film review.

This is the vain of a common lover.

They say pain goes down
when shared with others.

But as all are now busy in social media,
I'm uploading it here.

Local boys surprise event planners...
This is a worst event company.

They said to plan my lover birthday in
a surprise and ruined it all.

Each one from that gang
is of a different type.

One is like selling
the local drugs adding up...

Who is it dude?

That's you...

The second guy is like a
worn off tar road, totally dark.

Who's it?
- It's you, confirmed.

The third one is a fool.

It sounds strange...
- Then its you... congrats.

The fourth one is like a guy waiting
at the wine shop always for it to open.

It's about you.

There's gang leader for these four...

...and he's enough alone
to evaporate your happiness.

They say to plan with a surprise
for any occasion or any event.

Don't believe and
you're out if believed.

If it's a birthday,
they take to death and leave you.

And if its marriage day, you'll
apply for divorce just on the next day.

And if it's a company event,
it's sure that company will bankruptcy.

In a word, these are like
plastic and we shall ban them.

They are like tobacco
and we should keep them away.

Hey idiots, I know that... five are watching this video
and thus I planned a surprise for you.


You'll get ruined totally fools...

Looks like he's feeling too bad.

Not that we give surprises to public
but he gave us a great surprise.

Hey, look at these views.
Almost half the city has watched it

That idiot has put such a video
and who would give us offers?

Who'll give now?
- Why should they give?

Surprise means an emotion.

When you're playing with the opposite's
emotions with your carelessness...

...why should anyone give you offers?

It's our success even if we can bring
a small smile... the opposite's
face with our surprise.

That exists in what you chose...

...but you are not doing
it with proper concentration.

Thus are these problems,
plan carefully and it'll work out.

Someone should give an offer
for us to plan and who'd give us?

I'll get you the offer.

I've already spoken
with our MD Sir about you.

Tomorrow is birthday of
MD's dad and that is our chairman.

If you carefully plan this event...

...every event happening in our
Company will be given to you from now.

Will they really give?

- Oh super.

We'll definitely do it well,
take us to your MD Sir.

Enough now.

If you can stop this nonsense and give
my share from the property in writing...

...I'll carry on with my life.

Not that dear, we'll be happy
only when we all live together.

What, with this crowd?

Are you kidding me?

I just want to be by myself...

Not that brother, what dad says is...

Hey, stop your drama and
emotional blackmails with this.

Not that hubby, listen to me.

- Oh no.

I'm speaking right? I'm speaking.

Tomorrow by this time,
property documents should be in my hand.




We just want him to be happy.

Call for our lawyer
and get the documents ready.

What dear?

That is Sir, you asked to come
and about Chairman Sir's birthday...

My family is splitting tomorrow...

...and now his birthday...

Just by thinking how
he would be from now...

Sorry dear...

What's this man...

...when we thought a big offer came
in our way why did it happen like this?

On the birthday of the old man,
their family is splitting.

Let's make that not happen so.

That's the surprise
we give him on his birthday.

How is that dude?

That guy isn't listening at
all even after requesting so much.

Hey, don't talk family,
relations and all this nonsense.

I'll bash up your face.

What's the greatness of family?

It's great dude.

They are doing films on families
and winning national awards.

Hey idiot.

Even Buddha became a great man after
leaving home and thus I too will go.

Buddha got a peepal tree those days...

...but now all trees
are cut down in road widening.

Where'll you sit?

Listen to me and be with the family.

You say whatever but it's confirmed
for me to get out from the house.

Sir... look like a good family man.
At least you tell my fellow.

Don't you like someone growing in life?

Brother, don't care his words at all.
Get out happily from the house and live.

Super boss, are you too same pinch?

Yes bro,
I don't like these dramas at all.

You know, family is like a golden cage.

Sir, I too am saying the same that
family is like a KG of gold...

...but he isn't listening to me.

Hey, what do you know?

Their love is all a show.

When we ask for 10 rupees,
they put 20 questions asking why.

Correct boss!

My dad says we shall be together
when asked to share properties... brother says
we shall listen to dad...

...and my sister in
law is a great actress.

Oh no, what can I say about my family.

I recently fell down from bike
and no one cared.

No one came when you fell and
you know no one will come even if I die.

Come on, they wouldn't be so bad Sir.
- I'm saying it right?

Yes sir, my guy doesn't
believe anything without proof.

Yes sir, without proof not to believe
anything is said... - Who said it, idiot?

A veterinary doctor I know said it.

What now, shall I prove this now?
- I have an idea for that boss.



Sir, your son driving the vehicle in
drunken state did an accident at ring road.

Too much of blood is going,
come fast Sir


What's this boss,
so many moved for just one phone call?

I said over action right?

Still, there would be so
much of formality for an accident.

You have a very wide brain.

I mean, broad band.

Broad mind, you idiot.
- Yes, like this.

What's your brother
driving so fast boss?

I think has great love on you.

Love or my foot,
even my property goes to him...

...if I die and that's his excitement.

Were you not given
Polio drops as a kid Sir?

Looks like no accident
took place here son.

Have they said you this is the spot?

- One good news for you.

Your son didn't meet with
accident but got kidnapped.


Hello, who are you and what do you need?

How much money can your
family arrange on spot?

Up to 10 crores.
- Hello speak up.

Bring 20 crores fast to Sri Aerospace,
matter would be different if you delay.

What did they say Son?

What boss, you think your family
would come? - My foot.

That's your feeling right Sir?

They're not giving me my
property even when I pleaded...

...and you think they'll
give threatening by kidnapping me?

They will never give
at all and no chance.

There dude, cars are coming.




Where is my brother, idiot?

You wait dear...

Please say where's my son.

I will say but take out the money first.

Please say where's he.

As your guy was over acting,
I gave one shot on his head.

He's down in this same building.

If you can't search and get
him in five minutes, he'll be gone.




Why are they running like that?

Wait boss, let's see whether
the money is correct or not.

Oh no, bag is full with money.

Hey dude, they have brought even gold.

Are my new bangles fine uncle?


What are these,
what are these documents?

My dad gave 20 acres of
land as gift for our anniversary.

They look to have brought down
the total property....

...when we had asked for just 20 crores.

Your family looks very crazy boss.

What've you said that
they are running so, brother?

I played a small joke boss.

I said you'll be dead if they can't
search and catch you in five minutes.

See and enjoy for some time.








- Kiran...

- Kiran...





- Kiran...

Daddy, you're fine right?

I'm fine son,
go and search for him first


All are acting great to
be having love on you, right boss?

I've done so for you
to understand about them.

If you still don't
believe them... See now.


We'll give more if what
we gave is not enough for you.

Please say where my son is.

Say what've you done
to my brother, idiot?






Son... You're fine right?

Sorry dad.

It's ok son, it's ok.

Nothing happened to
you and that's enough.

No, no...

Oh my boy.

It's ok.

He did so for you all to be together.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday daddy.

Dad, cut the cake

Whatever properties we have...

...real happiness of my dad is for us
to be together.

You've give that.

You gave an unforgettable
surprise in my life.

It's memorable...

Thank you.

Whatever event takes place
in the company from now, it's yours.

All the best.
- Yes.

Mom, here...

What, looks like our guy is on track.

Life is a bigger tutor
than the parents and teachers.

It teaches everyone
a lesson at some time.

What do you say.


My phone, stop idiot


See, you made fun of him as average student
and his photo is now in the papers.

We're moving around with
our own photos in the neck.

These youngsters are so...

...they look to be free but reach
the skies when a fire comes up in them.

This is a bit strong...


Hey Balu.


Sister, bless me.
- My brother Balu.

Tipper Balu...

Why are you here suddenly?
What is that tipper and that foul smell?

Tipper was coming to Balanagar...

...for unloading chicken
waste and I got in, came here.

Why to waste bus charges again?

Hey, we're unable to bear the smell,
remove that tipper from there first.

Hey, get down the fruits.

Fruits, where are they?
- In the tipper sister.

Oh no, what's wrong dear?

She's unable to bear this smell

...and how'll she bear
when husband comes home drinking?

Girls of city are very sensitive sister,
tough to deal with these.

Hey, looks like all in the colony may
vomit, take out the tipper from there.

Hey, take it out.
Park the tipper in the next lane.


Balu, when asked to send small
size stone why did you send big size?

Do you have a mixer at home? Use it.

Put that into it and
size will be down and use it.

- How are everyone in the village?


Brother, started with sand
load and reached the check post.

What to say if SI asks?
- Tell CI's name.

What if CI comes?

Say for DSP.

If DSP comes?
- Say for your grandma, idiot.

I can't say it all,
use your brains idiots.

Sister, you were saying something?

How are all at village...

One minute...
Hold this once... Where's it?




Brother, we spoke of two
tippers for the marriage batch.

One went for loading
and we brought the other.

They're making nonsense
saying place isn't enough here.

Hey, where do we sit here?

Say what to do brother.

Do one thing...

...make the kids sit in mother's lap
and make both sit in husband's lap.

Three fourths of the
place gets covered...

...and in the remaining place,
take passengers on the way.

Hang it, don't call me for everything.
I'm at my sister's house.


Sister, is it a new phone?

Yes dear.


Let's finalize our marriage matter soon.

Oh no... who're these
dirty faces beside Jaithra?

Oh him? He is our next door boy.

And he kept some office by name
surprise planners with friends.

It worked out great.

Surprise and a planning
for that and again office for it.

Where is the house?

I explained that event plan to the
company people, they are ok with that.

Great dude.

You call that florist
and confirm the order. - Ok, I'll confirm.

You take care of those invitation cards...
- Okay.

I also said about the reserved boards
for front seats. - Ok good.

Photos work on dias...

Good, all your eyes are gone blind
but ears are working fine.

Surprises, ideas for those
and again office for them...

What have you done till date?

What surprise did you give this fellow?

Did you frighten him by screaming?

Hey, is he alive or dead for the
surprise you've given?

Who are you sir, what do you need?

Are you that selfie photographer?

I'm in love with a girl.

And she should go flat getting impressed
by the surprise you give.

What's your budget Sir?

I'll buy Taj Mahal, will you deal?

Say the idea, idiot.

That is sir, take the girl
you love to a special place...

I did that in 7th standard.

Ok, what if you gift
what she likes the most.

Not all these gifts,
Teddy bears, Being Animal pairs, Dog...

...Chocolates, vegetables,
fruits, breakfasts and Raithu Bazars...

Something... My photo should be
printed in her heart with what I do.

It should be something new.

What to do if that should be so?

What if we kidnap?

What if we kidnap and propose love?
Wow, what an idea?

It'll be problem if you do so Sir.

You blow the balloons
and I'll do it and show...

You gave such a great idea,
what's your name Sir?


Tipper Balu, to be husband of Jaitra.


Have you said about Jaitra for so long?


By the way, don't say about
this surprise to Jaitra like kids.

She'll miss the thrill.

Oh no...

Why'll we say her,
we'll inform those to be informed.

Hello Police station...

Why's she still not coming?



What are you doing here?


Oh no, what surprise?

Will anyone say and surprise?

You grew like a Jumbo dog,
you and your lollipop face...


Yes, the girl is coming. Hey,
sit inside and you shouldn't be seen.

Will that work?

It works great.

Did Sir not wake up still?


Hey Balu, you took advance
saying to get 4 trips of sand.

It's already been a week
and didn't get even a trip.

Shall I build the house or not?

I'd been to Rajasthan on your work bro.

Rajasthan, for what?

I'm getting sand from Rajasthan desert
as it should be strong.

It will come in a week,
please bear with me.

Is it necessary for this
idiot to construct house so fast?

Hey bro, order for a tea.

He's a pain!

Oh no...

Why the Police are to be here...


Say now, why's different ring tone
for each of your phone?

There's fans problem at my village Sir.

So, I planned this scheme for not
hurting any fans and be my customers.

Then, I too set a scheme for you.
- What's that Sir?

If your phone rings...

My men will go on hitting
you till the ring stops.

4 phones Sir.

That's why I said this.

Oh no...

Oh god.

Oh no... Sister, I did a mistake...

Oh no...sister...

Hey dude... take a peg.

Come on... take a peg.

I'm not a kidnapper Sir. Oh no...

Sister, please I beg you...
Sister, no...


Thank God, it stopped.

Pawan Kalyan fans won't give
up so easily, see they will call again.

Oh no...

Oh no... Sister, I did a mistake...

Balu. - No!
- Do Paytm.

Balu. Do Paytm.

Balu. Do Paytm.

Personal touch Sir... Jio.

Where did he go?


Where are you brother?

Sister, I can't live among
such sensitive people.

My sand, my marvel
and my foot are enough.

I'm leaving to village now.
- What's it brother, what happened?

Come there if you've got anything,
we shall talk there.

My uncle is so, he comes,
does some mess and leaves back.

He's back again if he remembers.

You've trapped our man greatly.

When he likes you so much,
why not marry him?

I've some other man whom I like.

Oh, why not say me who it is?

Yes, I'll say.

Hey supervisor.

Good night

Sir, good matches doesn't always come.
It came then and you said no.

It's tough to catch
such match again now.

Added you say can't give much of dowry.

Ok sir.

I'll inform myself when there's
some good match in your range.


I'll try to adjust even if the dowry
is a bit more, look for a good match.

We had great fun guys...

Hey, see and drive man. What if it hits?

Hey... You're still there as we saw.

Why does he again say to see and drive?

You're drunk in the morning
and driving so, do you have any sense?

You know how bad would
your parents feel if they know?

Oh no, uncle is very hot dude.

Wait, I'll cool him.

Don't you have respect on elders, idiot?
- What respect, you idiot?

Hey, someone is hitting our guy.

Stop it.






He got massive myocardial infarction.

Three vessels are blocked
and he needs coronary bypass grafting.

We can't say unless the surgery is done.


What happened son?

Nothing mom, a small problem.

It'll get normal.

I'd been with dad for so
long but was never close to dad.

Now, I'm frightened thinking
dad may go away uncle.

I wished to keep him always happy.

But now so...

Love from you all will make him normal.

Monitor his blood pressure, pulse...

...and look for any rhythm
abnormalities in the ECG.

- Ok Doctor.

He'll be alright.

Daddy, wait.

Sir, her name is Sravya
and finished MBBS in London.

She's the only daughter of AGC food
Chairman and has 1000 crores property.

I feel she's a perfect
match for our boy.

Who's this girl?

This isn't match suitable for us Sir
and came into the folder unexpectedly.

One minute.
- Okay.


What's this boy here?

He's her brother Sir.


The moment we came to
know she's Ram's sister...

...we decide to make her our

...without thinking of anything else.

He knows about family
and relation values...

...definitely her family atmosphere and
the way he's brought up would be good.

So, we are asking for your
daughter with that confidence.

Not that Sir, we can in
no way match you in any aspect.

What's your status and where are we Sir?

Status means not the money
but the personality Sir.

Your daughter is our daughter in law,
you don't say anything now.

You must have heard
about destination wedding.

Without any mess and nonsense...

...let's go out somewhere
and get them married in between...

...just our relatives
and close families.

What do you say?

What can I say Sir?
Whatever you say is ok.

I thought how would that
Tom, Dick and Harry be but he's great.


What sir, you look to be very happy.

My daughter's marriage got fixed.

Whose match Sir?

Boy from the family of
Arvind Group of Industries.

Is it?

How could you get such a great match?

It's all because of my son.

Such a great person came to my house...

...and asked for my daughter
just because of my son.


Kids being successful is not
to buy houses and cars somewhere...

...and not just them being happy.

Their success should help the family
and the whole family should be happy.

Today, my family won because of my son
and that is the success.

When a human has fears
and responsibilities...

...he can't see anything
else than those.

Nature is seen so
beautiful after so long.

Then, it would be great
clicking photos of that right dad?

We are all going for a trip dad.

What's wrong son?

No idea dad.

What's wrong with this?

I think some problem with the vehicle.

There is a mechanic shop nearby.

I'll go and come.

Is it, come on I too will come.

Why should you walk again dad.

It's nearby and I'll just be back.

Why I am... Ok go.

The pride takes a
bow to quench its thirst.

This photo shows the softer side
of a tiger unlike the other photographs.

The effort of the subject to drag
the chain can be clearly seen.

This is the representation
of a man's day to day life...

...where he thrives to
match hands with the means.

The rugged look has enhanced
the feel of the photograph.

This photo significantly shows the
main problem of today's men.

Bald head... Just kidding...

What an amazing composition it is.

In this photograph,
eyes of the kid speaks a lot.

And the foreground tells us the...
- Where are you dad?

I'm in the auditorium son.
- Where?

I mean, there is an auditorium exactly
opposite to the place our bike stopped.

Photography festival
is on there and I came to see.

You too come, I'm in.

Ok dad

Hunger and longing of the dogs
for their food has been...

...portrayed beautifully
in this photograph.

One of the best captured moments
in street photography.

Sir, one minute Sir...

Sir you have the pass...

No sir...I came unexpectedly...

Sir please get up...the seat was for him.
- Sorry.

Sir please have your seat.

The color, light and the lines gives us
the sense of the place too.

This depicts different dimensions in
a single frame effectively.

This stands as a representation
of festivity and joy in one frame.

Photographer has captured the
essence of the subject perfectly.


Hey, see son.

This photo is the depiction of a fighter
in us and also shows survival.

It's great.
- Yes dad.

Photographer has blended the colors
of the subject. - Perfect timing...

I heartily invite our chief Guest
KV Raghunath Sir on to the dais.

Please welcome.

Thank you.

Well, when we place a camera and click,
a photo comes.

But, do you know when does
that convert into a good photo?

It's when that can say us a good thing...
Emotion if it's the photo of a human...

...specialty if it's tradition...

...greatness if culture
and beauty if nature.

That photo should say us some
or the other thing like this...

...and should be able to communicate.

We've selected one great photo which
is able to communicate the total life...

...essence for this year's award.

Let's see the best
photo of the year 2018.

Hey, it's the photo I clicked Son...

...who sent it to them?


It's not just four people in this photo.

There's a life in it.

It says our responsibility
as a father and as a son.

I'll show the person who
clicked such a great photo.

The best photographer of the year 2018,
Mr. K Srinivas Rao.

I must say a word about him.

We both used to compete
in clicking photographs.

It was like whether he or I would
get the first prize in any contest.

I don't know for what reasons...

...but he suddenly gave up photography.

I have to admit...

...maybe I came to this
position as he quit that day.

He's left behind as an ordinary
Srinivas Rao staying in our streets.

But today, it's your day Sir.

He proved heart is important
and not the age for winning.

You are the winner...

...come on dais is waiting for you.

Please go dad.

Sorry Sir, I didn't expect it was you.

Please come Sir.


Oh, you deserve this.

Few words...

Oh no, what can I say please Sir.
- You have to, come on.


I'm speaking on stage
for the first time...

...please forgive me
if I speak something wrong.

My mom died when I was a kid.

If I wanted to see her,
I never had even one photo of her.

Then the interest on photography was
created in me for the first time.

I wished to take up that as my career
and thought photography is my life.

But my family more than life for me.

And thus I let go my career.

But today, I won because of my son.

Thank you Ram.

These cheeks witnessing only
tears of sorrow all these days...

For the first time they
are seeing the tears of joy today.

I don't know whether I gave what all my
kids wished for from their childhood.

But my son today has
given me back my life I lost.

As I carried him over
my shoulders as a kid...

...he today has lifted me to the skies.

Every parent will be the
winners having such children.

Your claps are the remembrances
which would remain lifelong for me...

...more than this award.

Thank you.

Every parent will let go
so many wishes for their kids.

It's our responsibility as kids to know
about those and keep them happy.