Vigo (1998) - full transcript

Based on the life of a classic french cineast Jean Vigo, the story follows his daily struggle with sanity, normal life and uncompromising filmmaking. Story also focuses on his relationship with his supporting wife whom he met in sanatorium.

Give me your name.


Come on!


Jean Sales!

Are you Jean Sales?




Our rules are designedsimply to prevent contagion.

Patients must not sharefood, lick envelopes, kiss.

The exchange of bodily fluids
is strictly prohibited.

The window must remain
open at all times.

No, no!

No, no!

Now, here's an exampleof incipient pulmonary TB,

seated in childhood.

What was the cause, sir?




The parents weren't
the sort to care.


Sorry to have kept you waiting.


Are you all right?

I hate milk.

It makes me ill.

You won't get
anything else to eat

until you finish that, Tomas.

Ah, Carbolic soup.


Good morning, sir.


And how are you
feeling this morning?

Sir, could I have a
word with you, please?

I'm experiencing
some difficulties

with one of the patients?

Why don't you have to
drink the malted milk,

like everyone else?

- I've been here two years,
- I'm on different diet.

Two years?

How can you stand it?

I like it, really.

People leave you alone.

Please adjourn to
your place, Sales.

You don't havepermission to walk today.


You're not even smiling.

I don't find Charlie
Chaplin remotely funny.

Do you know what a
sanatorium is, Sales?

It's an institution wherepeople pay to be humiliated

by people like you,
in order to take

their minds off their illness.

Your x-rays.

They confirm what we suspected.

The bacteria is destroyingyour lung tissue.

Your body is beingasphyxiated by the disease.

Because I'm ill
doesn't mean I forfeit

my dignity as a human being.


Don't put on airs
with me, Sales.

You're very ill, literallydrowning in your own blood.

I'm putting you on a
course of injections.

I don't need this.

I'm not going to be
here much longer,

I'm going to Paris
to make films.

That's a fantasy.

Now, for your own good
and everybody else's,

you will be denied any contactwith the other patients.

I don't believe I
introduced myself.

Elizabeth Lozinska.


Oh my god, what have
they done to you?


What do you see in this place?

What's really keeping you here?

No, no, come here.

Come here.

If you look in the right
way, you'll see more

than any x-ray will show you.

If it's your
I don't want to look.

People tell lies about
themselves all the time.

He's an overgrown bully.

Come on.

Where are you from?


But my parents are Polish.

What about you?

Paris, my parents are dead.

I'm sorry.

Sometimes you're
better off without them.

You're very hard
on your family.

I'm very hard on everyone.

You know what
I like about you?

You like something about me?

You don't find making
a fool of yourself.

Mademoiselle Lozinska, what are

you doing with that patient?

Perhaps we can take a
longer walk next time.

There you are,
- Sales, go back to your room.

When did you first know?

When did I first know what?

That you were ill.

After my father died.

He was imprisoned.

Bought him a pair ofshoelaces the night before.

He used them to
strangle himself.

You mustn't blame yourself.

- Suicide is no one's fault.
- It's something in the soul.

I don't believe in the soul.

I'm more interested in
the life of the body.

When did you first know?

When I gave up
playing the piano.

Music was everything to me.

So why did you stop?

At the conservatoire, I hadthe most wonderful teacher.

I knew I could never
be as good as him.

Were you in love with him?

He was married.

And one day you fell
ill so you wouldn't

have to see him anymore.

If you think TB ispsychological, you're mad.

I think we attract
the illness we need.

And why did I need an illness?

You're afraid to fall in love.

What about you?

Have you ever been in love?

We're not really supposedto kiss other patients.

Don't worry, I won't
kiss other patients.

We have to get away from here.

You know that, don't you?

You go.

I'm not going anywhere.

I belong here.

Then stay!

Stay with the doctors!

But don't think it hasanything to do with living!

You changed your mind.

We can be together, here.

I need to know who you are?

I don't know who I am.

I'm drowning here.

You need to sleep.

that noise?

My father
kept a parrot.

Tell it like it starts.



No, no!

Like a long drive.


Bonaventure, I'm here!

fascistbastards won't let me in!

Come down.

- Eugene Vigo Almereyda

My no-no.

What have these
bastards done to you?

We're getting you out of here.


Something's happened.

I've seen my soul.

Pull yourself together.

You come from a
family of anarchists,

you don't have a soul.

She's beautiful.

He's in love.

Well, she must come to.

Not leaving you here any longer.

She won't come.

She's afraid to leave with me.

Can't blame her.

You have to accept whathappened when your father died.


Do you mean killed himself?

Jean, he didn't kill himself.

They made it look likesuicide, but he was murdered.

Almereyda was
murdered by the state.

Well it's time he
knew the truth.

She should have been
the one to tell him.

She lied to me.

You all fucking lied to me!

What are you doing?

His name, my real name, theone she took away from me,

I'm taking it back!

You don't know what
you're getting into.

Your father brought
down a government

and his enemies
are still around,

and they haven't forgottenwhat he stood for!

Jean Vigo!

I'm Almereyda's son!

I've been waiting for you.

No more waiting.

I've been waiting all my life.

You can go now.

You have to get better first.

I am better!

Sales is sick, Sales can stay.

Vigo is going.

He has strength for both of us.

Come with me to leave,
leave Elizabeth behind.

You is leaving!

I love you, whoever you are.

Lydu, I never
gave you permission

to have that man in your room.

I never gave you
permission to Lydu.

In here.

Elizabeth Lozinska.

I now know that Jean Salesis an undesirable element.

Had we known about himbefore, he would never have

been admitted to L'Esperance.

Why is he undesirable?

His father was a traitor.

A German spy.

They tried to hide it, butthat young man is his son.

Sales is not his real name.

Then he's all the more
remarkable for that.

He's not
remarkable, Elizabeth.

He's a type.

A type who doesn't
have long to live.

It is very
unprofessional of you

to discuss another
patient in this way.

Don't fool
yourself, Elizabeth.

Your condition is
also very serious.

There would be no prospectof a normal life together.

Children are out
of the question.

I have TB in my spine.

Don't give me hope.

I have a weak heart.

How could I give you?

I'll give you my spine ifyou give me your heart.

You already have my heart.


You're here!

Oh, it's good to see you.

My god, she is beautiful.

I know.

How'd you
manage that, Jean?

Lydu, come and
meet my best friend.

This is George Marcel.

I will know about you.

Oh, I'm going to
be your neighbor.

You live in Nice?

Yes, I'm a doctor here.

A doctor.


Excuse me, photo, please?


I made you a table for
feasting and fucking on.

It's very good
of the musicians

to give you a wedding present.

not musicians, Mama.

This is Jean's
father's oldest friend.

And this is my little monarch.

I used to nurse him on my knee.

Oh, you worked for his family?

No, we are his family.

I would love to
dance with you.

Well, dance with themost beautiful woman here.

What a privilege.

When you come to Paris
to make your films,

you must stay with us.

We won't be coming yet.

Lydu and I need sea air.

Is there work in Nice?

There are studios.

So like his father.

Why was he called Almereyda?

It's an anagram.


It's all shit.

It was his nom de guerre.

Before I forget, Emily
wanted you to have this.



Jean's mother.

I thought she was dead.

Why isn't she here?

Yeah, well, uh.

Jean doesn't quite see eyeto eye with his mother.

You lied to me.

Your mother is still alive.


Here's to anger.

A great anarchist emotion.

How long do you
do this marriage?

She has your temper, Mama.

The doctor said
he was unsuitable.

The doctor knows about lungs.

This man knows about
our daughter's heart.

I know you think
your father was a hero,

but you also have a mother.

I can't believe you lied to me.

She may be live a lie.

She betrayed me,
she is dead to me.

Hasn't she suffered, too?

How would I know, shecouldn't wait to get rid of me.

She sent me this.

Salving her conscience.

You must forgive the past.

I don't know if I can.

My love, we must
talk about this.

Oh, no, Lydu.

And then we should
go and see her.

You know-- when you don'ttalk about something,

it freezes into a little pieceof ice, and pricks your heart.

Then all around it becomes cold.

And the cold spread

See this?

Tiger shark scar.

Spear wound, orca
hunter in the Amazon.


Bullet wound, Caracas.

Why were you sent
to Devil's Island?

For murder.

I was framed, of course.

They imprisoned mebecause I'm an anarchist.

What's an anarchist?


Imagine a world inwhich teachers could learn

from children, and
a shoemaker would

have as much power as a king.


And parents could not telltheir children what to do.

I wans to be an
anarchist, Mama.

Don't be so stupid!

Come on,
we're going home now.



I thought it was time Igave you a wedding present.

Give me?

Can't think how
that contraption is

going to earn you aliving, but Lydu insisted

it was what you wanted.

Thank you.


what are you doing?

We're making love!

What are you doing?

Now come on,everyone, come on, sweetheart,

we haven't got all day.

Everybody, come on,
into position now.

Don't worry about that now.

Slate 161, take 32.

And action.

Now, just

You're Venus, you're the mostbeautiful goddess in the world.

That's it, hold your armshigh, and then move them.

Now you've got beautiful eyes,darling, so use your eyes,

your beautiful eyes, come on.

And your hips.

Think what he could do withall the film that he's wasted.

How many director.

So you noticed
this one's blank?

He's a fucking idiot.

I heard that.

Get them off my set.

Come on.

Well, Jean, my wife
is going to kill me.

I've got no money,
nowhere to stay.

Come home with me.

Lydu and I would love to
have you live with us.

Are you sure she'dlike us to live with you?

She knows I need a camera man.

I have a camera, I'm
going to make a film.

What kind of film?

About Nice.

I want to break into the palacesand casinos, dissect the city,

get under its skin.

Rip the blinkers
from people's eyes.

And how are we going
to pay for this film?

Do they know we've had TB?

Yes, they know.

the sanatorium

I don't know if
I can live with all

these people in my life.

You know what they say
about the

What do they say?

They're over sex.

These gentlemen are withme, they're carrying my money.

Wait, wait, wait,wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Look at these people,
this obscene spectacle,

the last gasps of a societyin its death throes.

Come along, get
them out of here.


Come on, Lydu, let's
get out of here!

Well, we went right out.

I'd like to go dancing.

And they say the cinema wasin its infancy for so long.

Why haven't you come to bed?

What time is it?

Uh, 5:00?

Wake Boris, we need to get on.

You wake him.

I can't breathe in here.

Vigo, you're getting
too close to this film.

Sometimes it's very
lonely living with you.

Lydu, I understand.

I miss being with you, too.

I miss seeing you walkingaround naked in the mornings.

When this film's finished,we'll go to Paris.

All that will change.

We haven't got any
money, and we're

sitting here with a cameraworth 10,000 francs--

Could we please
not talk about money?

Who's hungry?

I'm starving.

Maybe you should
have married Marcel,

spared us all this suffering.

You're beginning to
sound like my mother.

Shut up!




Please, please!

must stop!

Shut up!

I've had enough of this!

Sit down!


Look at that screen.

You've blown holes in it.

You mustn't let them
silence you, Jean.

Jean, your mother.

She's here.

I don't have a mother, Lydu.

I gotfrightened tonight, Marcel.

That someone who can
attract such love,

and also provoke such hate.

But you have to makeevery film a love.

I disagree.

I think you should think ofevery film as your first.

He'll survive.

His life's always
been like this.

It was the same at school.

His mother was there tonight.

She has a lot to answer for.

We saw this filmrecently, one about water.

Nothing but water.
What was it called?

"Sea Changes."

Water, water everywhere.

Not a drop to drink.

The tedium of it.

Waiter, more wine please!


I made that film.

And he did the music.

Waiter, a bowl
of eggs, please.

Have you told him yet?

You must tell him soon.

Oscar, Boris,
please forgive me.

I have egg all over my face.

I, too, have egg on my face.

Jean, please!

Taxi, someone call a taxi!

Jean, there's
a specialist here.

He'll see you now.

Drive on.

What are doing?

Jean, please.


Jean, this is serious!

You think you can ignore
it, but you can't!

It could kill you.


Close your eyes.

I'm here.

Go on.

That one.

I can't see anything.

You will.

I'd forgotten she came in.


I remember the dogs
that came for him.

- Quick, in here.

I want to go home.

We need the sunshine.

I need to stay in Paris, Lydu.

You must sell the camera.- What is this?

At the first sign of hostilitywe run away from Paris

and sell the camera?

I make films, Ludy, what
would I do without one?

You could hire one.

Levy thinks he can
get buyer for it.

You've already talked toOscar about selling my camera?


Marcel talked to Oscar.

Marcel, why?

I asked him to.

Why, Lydu?

He's a doctor.

He knows what we need.

This hasnothing to do with Marcel.

It has.

I'm pregnant, Jean.

It's all right, Lydu.

I'll take you back to Nice.

New cineclub.

Bunuel, Eisenstein,



My waters are broken.

What do I do?

Get a taxi, stupid.

What do I pay the cab with?

Who's got enough money?

I'm coming with you.

No, you stay and
play the piano.

I don't play the piano.

And I've never
had a baby before.


Come on, quick, I've got one.

Come on.

Jean, there's a
letter from Emil.

Oscar, when you're
back in Paris,

I want you to look
up Jean's mother.

Tell her about Claire.


Look this will pay
our most pressing debts.

Jenny has moved to Paris.

Mama wants some photos ofClaire with her dress on--

I had another
reason for coming.

Jaubert has found a producer.

He wants to meet you, Jean.


Go to Paris.



It won't take so long.

Don't get too close to her.

You won't always be around.

Oscar, take Claire.

Hello, baby!

Why are you so hard on us?

Who's going to take
care of us when you die!

If that's all you wanted,someone to take care of you,

you should have stayed
at the sanatorium!

Why, Vigo?

Why do I love you?

I don't know.

You have enemies in Paris.

I don't want to lose you.

You have to be worthsomething to have enemies.

I have to work, Lydu.

I'm already lost.



You said the bottom.

I said the top.

Welcome to Paris.

So when will he see us?

Oh, he hasn't called
back yet, but he will.

I've been working on astory about Devil's Island.

Do you think he'll go for that?

You'll talk him
into it, come on.

If we can persuade MichelSimone, maybe we'll

Fine, call his agent.

And it's set where?

Devil's Island.

It's based on Bonaventure'sescape from a prison colony.

I escaped by
swimming, of course.

Here, we have a
tiger shark scar,

a spear wound, an orca hunter.

On the Amazon?

And I got this bullet wound inCaracas during the revolution!

[inaudible], I don't
make political films.

This is a recession.

I need a love story.

It's an
adventure story.

Pure escapism.


Who are you kid--
I know who you are,

you're a bunch of anarchists.

Miguel Almereyda was yourfather. Antoine.

Is he available?


I'm sorry I had to go away.

I heard you've been tryingto get in touch with me.

You look tired, Lydu.

I am.

Come in.

My housekeeper's coming
to look after Claire,

and I'm going to
take you to dinner.

And afterwards?


I want to go dancing.

Go get yourself ready.


I love you.

Come on, Marcel,
dance with me!

Come on!

Well, Elizabeth.

We have seen Dr. Gerard.

You will be treated here untilyou're well enough to return

with us to Poland.

I am not returning to Poland.

I'm staying in France
with my husband.

You have a husband?

Where is he?


Why has Jean left Nice?- Because he's--

He shouldn't have
left the sanatorium!

I said at the time
he couldn't take

care of her, let alone a Child.

Tell us, why?

He should get a proper job.

Give up this nonsense.


It's not as if he
were an artist.

Why are artists more importantthan anybody else, mother?


This is what happens whenshe marries an anarchist.

No respect for culture.

Nothing you can say
will make me leave him.

Leave him?

I'm afraid the horse
has bolted, Elizabeth.

He left you.

He has not left me, Mama.

Then why isn't he
here to look after you?

Who's looking after him?


You're a sight for sore eyes.

When did you lastspeak to your wife, Jean?

I don't have a telephone.

She does.

She's back in the sanatorium.

How is she?

She's recovering.

She probably looks betterthan you do at the moment.

I have her number.

I can't ring her.

Why not?

What can I tell her?

It's not that easy gettinga film off the ground.

Well, you're writing.

I'm remembering.

I don't know if
it's the same thing.

Look, Jean, I can lend you themoney you need for the time

being, but you must ring Lydu.

The Lozinskas are threateningto take her back to Poland.

Lydu won't go
back to her parents.

Well you'renot giving her much choice,

are you?

They've asked me
to look after her.

So that's it.

No, that is not it.

Please, be fair to both of us.


Whentrying to connect you to Paris,

there seems to be a
fault on the line.

Please, keep trying.

We'redoing everything possible.

Now please follow
my instructions.

Hold the receiver by
the wire, and swing it

in a circular motion.


Nowlie down on the floor,

and place the phone
between your legs.


I should have guessed.

Where are you?


I'm nowhere, too.

I'm sorry I've
done this to you.


You brought that to life,and then abandoned me.

I haven't abandoned you.

It's my fault.

Only you can
make me well, Jean.

I'm not getting anywhere.

I can't go on much longer.

You must, for all of us.

Is that Claire crying?

I have to go.

- Don't go, my love, please.



Mydarling Viga, Oscar and I went

to the world anti-war Congress.

150,000 people
marched in silence.

Suddenly a whistle
blew, police charged.

Saw one man's eye gouged out,dangling from the optic nerve

like a watch on a chain.

see it like that.

I haven't given up, Lydu.

I'm writing something new,drawing on my own memories.

Childhood, kids abandoned everyautumn at provincial boarding

schools all over the world.

Kids who live far from theirhomes, while we hope they

might have known a mother'slove, father's companionship,

if they still had a father.

Lydu, it's been so long.

Please get well.

Claire needs you.

I need you.



What's that smell?

Gas, you idiot.

Come on.

Up, up, up, up.

You better go with him.


Why me?

He's very articulate,
doesn't need me.

He's too articulate,
that's the problem.

Why don't you
take him, Maurice?

Stop him talking.

I'm not good at meetings.

We will all go with him.

Jean, you have a
meeting with someone

called Nounez 10 minutes ago.

No, no more fucking producers.

I'm going home.

Jean, please.

Look, where is he?

Ah, we're all here.


Jean Vigo, I'm Jacques Nounez.

Please, sit down.

Thank you.

Coffee, gentlemen?

Well, I liked it.

- I expect Maurice told you,
- I liked "A Propos de Nice."

Have you made
many films before?

I've never made
a film in my life.

I breed horses.

I want to make a
film about a man who

escapes from Devil's Island.

Don't think there are toomany horses on Devil's Island.

A film about Devil's Islandwould be too big, too expensive

for me.

Do you have anything else?



He's working on a
script about children

at a repressive school.

Now that
sounds interesting.

Can you tell me a bit more?

I don't want to piss awayall my ideas in a conversation.

Jean, please!

My father believed that
a child's spirit should

remain free of adult tyranny.

Your father was the anarchistAlmereyda, was he not?

Yes, sir.

Almereyda was my father.

We've been through
all this before.



I'd like to read it.

Thank you very much, indeed.

I want to make love with you.

And then, I'd like to wakeup in the morning with you,

and eat breakfast.

I'd like to do this for
the rest of my life.

Is that asking too much?

Lydu, I don't
always eat breakfast.



Lydu, he's got my wallet!

I have an urgent
message for Oscar Levy.

Well, that's me.

Jean Vigo says you
have egg on your face.

This officer of the law's insome doubt as to my intention

with regard to these children.

Will you please confirm to himwe are making film together?

Nounez said yes.

Allow me to introduce thecast "Zero de conduite."

Well done!

Well done.


Jean, come here!


That was good.

That was really good.


Jean, our time is up.
We've got--

I have to go again.

Yeah, but look at them.

We won't finish the
scene in that time.

We've got to try
and do without it.


But you have to
compromise somewhere.

Listen to me.

You have time to
compromise, I don't.

I have to do it now.

The one [inaudible], justget the shot ready as quickly

as you can.

OK, everyone, let's--

I'll show you what to do.

We will shoot it again--

What the hell's going on?

Out of my way, little hooligans!

Who's in charge of this set?

We only need a few minutes.

I'm sorry, either youleave now or we use force.

I understood we
had until midnight.

It is past midnight.

Not by the studio clock.

That clock is slow

That's the clock we work by.

We will be finished by
midnight, I promise.

Ready to shoot.

Please excuse me.

Quiet, please!

Run the fan!

And action!

Don't lose faith in yourself.

Your film is very good.

Don't patronize me,
I know what I've done.

Best thing is for youto start work immediately.

I have another script here.

It's a love story.

It's set on a canal barge.

There are many films
I have to make, a love

story is not one of them.

The board of censors likedmy film so much they didn't

want anyone else to see it!

Vive la France!

Perhaps he should keephis name off the next film.

He never agreed to that.

Don't be like that,
I'm on your side.


Why are you on our side?

I don't like to see
him treated this way.

It's Happened in Germany,now it's happening here.

It's not going to
stop with Jean Vigo.

I'll talk to him.

Why are you here, Jean?

Certainly a
philosophical question.

You're not funny sometimes.

I wasn't trying to be.

nearly every day.

Ask her, Jean.

No one else can explain
what happened to you.

I know what happened.

First they silenced
Almereyda, now

they're trying to silence me.

But everyone is silencedin some way or another.

Fight back.

You showed me how.

Get up and go on.


This time I'm going
to tell his story.

You're chasing a phantom.

Come with me now.

I can't.


You've gone cold, Jean.

You've made your choice.

I can't help you anymore.


It's my son.

What gives you theright to call me your son?

I want to clear his name.

You'll end up like him.


I want to see
the court records.

How could you let the
verdict of suicide stand

when you knew he was murdered?

I did it to get
them off our backs.

What kind of life do youthink we'd have had otherwise?

Remember what it was like?

We were followed
everywhere we went.

Schools refused to
take you when they

found out you were his son.

I had no choice.

My film has just beenbanned because of who I am.

You were the one whochose to take his name back.

I'm proud of it.


But don't come complainingto me when your career

suffers because of it.

Where are my father's files?

You threw them
away, haven't you?

Just like everything else.

No one could save Almereyda,but I thought I could save you.

The only chance was to send youaway and change your identity,

so I did.

Now tell me what a
bad mother I've been.

Tell me I was wrong to wantyou to have another chance.

You weren't any
kind of mother at all.

You were never there for
me when I needed you.

I never meant to hurt you.

Did you ever love him?

I never saw you
shed a tear for him.

He was the mostpassionate man I ever knew.

But he changed.

Be careful, Jean, you've
got the same passion.

Don't canonize Almereyda.

He wasn't innocent, heturned his back on everything

that we stood for.

And when they came for
him that last time,

he wasn't even living with us.

Don't you understand?

He left us.

Both of us!

I can't breathe in
this room anymore.


I love you!

He threw my love away!


Claire, I've
missed you so much!

How did you know we were here?

This is my mother, Emily.

And this is Claire.

Shall we go and
feed the penguins?

Do they like ice cream?

No, but I bet you do.

Would you walk
with me a little way?

That's all I ask.

There she is.



She needs cleaning,
painting a bit.

You brought me here
to show me a barge?

I brought you here
to show you I love you.

I just wanted to show you.

I can make this film.

It's about love.

How you can lose love Ifyou don't make time for it,

and you can throw love away.

How careless we are.

How fragile love is.



We've missed you.


I wanted to say I'm
sorry about that night,

but it wasn't that kind of kiss.

Don't be sorry.

I love you both
and I always have.

And, Lydu-- it was
that kind of kiss.

Jean, careful!


No, shit!


Get him out of there!

Out of my
way, let me through.

Jean, what the
hell are you doing?

All right, all
right, just lie still.

Lie still.

Breathe deeply, Jean, breathe.

All right, it's going
to be all right.

He's mad.

It's suicidal.

I hate national anthems.

I make a point of notlistening to any of them.

I'm not talking

This cannot go on
now, he is very ill.

He's on.

We start filming tomorrow.

All we need is the insurance.

I'm not going to givehim a medical certificate.


We'll find someone who will.

Are you really get to putthis illusion before your lives?

It's no illusion.

It is our life.

I can't sign this,
it's unethical.

It's inedible.

Please, Marcel.

We're running out of
time in every way.

We're running out of time.

All right, Lydu.

All right, I'll do it.

Come on, let's go.

Wait, wait.

Here, here.

Let's take two.

I'm here, Jean.

Don't give up, please.

Don't leave me behind.

without breakfast.

You bastard!

You bastard!

Marcel, look!

He's better!

Marcel, look.
Full cup.

How much to see

I met my ina dream last night, Lydu.

He's a short, fat littleman, wears a silk top hat,

smokes cigars,
plays the accordion.

I hope you told
him where to go.

He sad on my chest,tried to stop me breathing.

He'll kill me.


What's wrong?

You look like you've
come from a funeral.

Cheer up, Jean's well.

He's beaten it.

Come in!

Come in, sit down.

I want to talk to you
about our next project.

Now that you're
stronger, Jean,

I have to talk to you
about "L'Atalante"?


I really tried, but theywouldn't distribute it.

I had no choice.

I'm sorry, Jean, they
changed the title.

They didn't like
Jaubert's score,

and they've cut 20 minutes out.

There are times whenfailure is a mark of virtue.

This is one of them.

I say this for myself,
as much as for you.

Hello, Papa?


I miss you.

Yes, I miss you, too.

Am I
going to see you soon?

We're going on an adventure.

I'm drawingyou with Mama inside the river.


That's the water, and
that's the fishes.

Well you know what happenswhen you swim under water,

and you open your eyes?

If you look really hard, you cansee the person that you love.

I can see you, Papa.

I can see you, too--


Is Papagoing to be all right?

Don't worry, darling.

You'll see him soon.

Please, keep anymore
bad news to yourselves.

He's going to be fine,
he just needs some rest.

He's suffered a relapse.

That's not possible.

He's not producing
enough antibodies

to combat the septicemia.



Please, please--