Victor Frankenstein (2015) - full transcript

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe star in a dynamic and thrilling twist on a legendary tale. Radical scientist Victor Frankenstein (McAvoy) and his equally brilliant protégé Igor Strausman (Radcliffe) share a noble vision of aiding humanity through their groundbreaking research into immortality. But Victor's experiments go too far, and his obsession has horrifying consequences. Only Igor can bring his friend back from the brink of madness and save him from his monstrous creation.

Subtitle edited by - DHARMANG1910 -


IGOR: You know this story.

The crack of lightning.

A mad genius.

An unholy creation.

The world, of course,
remembers the monster,

not the man.

But sometimes,
when you look closely...

there's more to a tale.

Sometimes the monster
is the man.

I've been with the circus
for as long as I can remember.

Circuses like to think
of themselves as families.

But, of course,
each one has its clown.





I didn't have a name
back then.

I was just "the hunchback".

Or "freak",
if you were being kind.

But the truth is,
I didn't hate them for it.

It's hard to judge cruelty

when you've
never known kindness.

Besides, I always
had someone to look up to.

When I wasn't performing,

I served
as the company's doctor.

I became fascinated by
the science of medicine.

Particularly of human anatomy.

I wanted to understand
everything about...

...this internal universe
that makes us who we are.

The brains, lungs,
bones, muscles.

The heart.

I don't know
why the science of life

captured my imagination.

I think
it just helped me escape.



My God!

You really think you're smart,
don't you, eh? Huh?

A real intellectual.

What an embarrassment
that must be!



You're on!


IGOR: Little did I know

that on a chilly
London evening...

...I was about to meet the man

who would change
my life forever.



BARNABY: Ladies and gentlemen!

Witness now
the death-defying feats

of our very own
bird in the sky...

The beautiful Lorelei!








Lorelei! Lorelei!

Oh, Lorelei!

She can't breathe!

Previous injuries?

Uh, she broke her arm
a year ago

and her collarbone
sometime before that.

Oh! Oh, my God.

VICTOR: Collarbone
is rebroken,

shoulder's dislocated,
causing pressure on the lungs.

She can't breathe.

(STAMMERING) What do we do?

Nothing, I'm afraid.

Don't have the tools
to reset the bone.

Do you have a pocket watch?
Give it to me.

I'm not giving you...
Do this now or she dies!

Come on!


That dislocation is
forcing the sternum

to rest at an
untenable angle, yes?

Yes. Ready?

Three, two, one...


There we are.

LORELEI: You saved me.


VICTOR: That was incredible.

Why are you wearing
that silly makeup?

Well, I'm a clown.
You're not a clown,

you're a physician...

...who just performed
a dry surgery

in less than a minute
with nothing to prepare.

Well, I'm a clown physician.

BARNABY: Don't panic,
ladies and gentlemen!

All part of the act!

You're being wasted here.

I'm with the circus, sir.

VICTOR: You're going to
leave the bloody circus.

What's going on?

You're a doctor, then?

VICTOR: On my better days.

Chiswick Cross Hospital
is just up the road.

I can lead your men there now.

Get her out of here sharpish!

Go out the back way.

Don't want her
upsetting the clientele.


Where are they taking
that poor creature?

Sir! Please,
may I know your name?

Ladies and gentlemen!

The Human Cannonball!


Please, no!

BARNABY: You sneaky rat!

You want to leave? I own you!

I've had enough
of these books!

You belong to the circus!
Burn them!

IGOR: Please, Master Barnaby,
it's my only thing.


No! No!

Get out of there!

Let that be a lesson to you!

Get in there!

You are going nowhere!


Do you know
what's happened to Lorelei?

Romanticizing, are we?

She's probably gonna die,
you know that.

These city doctors
and their dirty hospitals.



What are you doing?

High powered magnet.
Should work. Usually does.

Hold on, sir. You don't know
what he'll do to me.

Don't I?
I can't just leave.

Of course you can.
No, sir, they own me!

You are better than this.
You can be better.

I can get you out,
but you'll have to trust me, understand?


Choose now or remain here
for the rest of your days.

Get away from that cage!
You hear me?!

Open it!

Get him!
He's property of the circus!

Now, the thing is... (GRUNTS)


BARNABY: He's robbed us!

The hunchback! He's attacked
me and robbed the circus!

Get him!

Get after him!


Don't touch him!







RAFFERTY: Got you.

What do we do?
What do we do now?

MAN: Oh, shit.



How do we get out of here?

You know this place, damn it!
How do we...

BARNABY: Where are they?




I'm not in the circus.


Yes, very good.

Come along!

IGOR: I've never been
out of the circus before, sir.

VICTOR: Eyes open, door shut.
Coat off.

Coat off.

We're going to slip into something
a little more comfortable.




What's that for?

Next order of business.

No. What are you
gonna do to me?

Absolutely nothing.

Don't worry about it.


This is going to hurt
just a little bit.


What are you doing to me?
Listen to me!

You are not...

...a hunchback.


Not a real one, anyway. No.

You have an abscess...

causing a fluid pocket,
a rather...

...large fluid sac.

It hurts!

Yes, I imagine it does.

You'd be surprised
how often I hear that.



Oh, looking at the size
of this beauty,

I'd say it's gone
untreated for, oh...

...18 years, but...

...the good news is,
I'm convinced

that if we can drain it...

...two... And pulling out.



Garde a l'eau!

(PANTING) Right.

That's the easy part done.

Easy part?



You're all right!

And up... we... go.

Now, your muscles...

...your bones...

...your entire
skeletal system...

...will be struggling
to reset themselves... return you to
your former ground-sniffing...

...Luddite-bearing posture
of the last...

...18 years.

So, for the time being,
my friend,

you shall have to
wear this rather...

...wonderful back brace
I constructed for Gordon.

IGOR: Who?

I'm standing up!

That's rather obvious.

I haven't overestimated
your intelligence, have I?

It's just I'm not
in the circus

and now I'm standing up.

Yeah, you said that.


Library and study are over
there. Kitchen's over there.

IGOR: I'm standing up.

Your bedroom's on the right.

There's a water heater
and soap in there.

I suggest you use it
to do something about your...

I'll be in the basement for
the rest of the evening,

as I have school... the morning.
Make yourself at home,

don't touch anything.


By the way, I had,
have a flatmate.

Goes by the name
of Igor Straussman.

Man's a morphine addict.

Idiot. Complete liar.

Thankfully for us,
he's almost...

...never home.

So, should anyone question
your presence here,

you are to say
that you are he.

I'm Igor?

Very good.


"Hello, my name is Igor."


TURPIN: Let's see.

A dangerous hunchback is

detained for the safety
of the public...

...with a determined and
equally dangerous accomplice.

They proceed
to the circus owner's trailer,

where they rob the safe
of its contents.

They make their violent
escape, culminating... the murder
of an innocent man,

and vanishing...

(ECHOING) ...into thin air.

A fair summing up, Alistair?

Yes, Inspector.

Escape, robbery, murder.

Just as Mr. Barnaby said.


TURPIN: Now here's what
I think happened, Alistair.

A human being
with a spinal deformity

is locked up against his will.

Perhaps a common feature
of his treatment here.

A stranger releases him...

...using a magnet
and tickler... any fool can.

They make their escape
urgently, as they must...

...for the circus
is against them.

They flee.

A chase.

A man dies.

Manslaughter in self-defense
at most, I would say.

"Wanted for murder."
Have it copied.

I thought you said it wasn't...

I did.

Something tells me
our circus freak...

may be only the beginning.

Good morning!

At school till six.

Clothes in the wardrobe.

Money and key
in the tin by the door.

Be home for dinner. F.

IGOR: Chiswick Hospital.

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DOCTOR: This way, gentlemen.
We have amputation to perform.


What, me?

She needs camphor inhalations
twice a day,

uh, extract of allium...

...a quarter ounce of arsenic
and three of Filcher's Oil,

but more if you can get it.

I can't do that.
You can.

when she wakes, tell her...

...a friend will be back.



TURPIN: Six months ago,

a man tried to buy parts of
recently deceased animals... the London
Zoological Gardens.

He was turned away.

Two weeks later,
there was a forced entry.

Animal limbs amputated
and stolen.

A month later,
a similar pattern of events

at the Veterinary Academy.

ALISTAIR: Sounds gruesome,
but what...

I confiscated that from
the crime scene at the circus.

Open it.


...this is disgusting.

It belonged to a lioness
recently deceased.

But it was found near our
murder victim at the circus...

...and it didn't walk there
of its own accord.

You think
there's a connection?

I think our other man
at the circus

fits the same description
as this...

...animal thief.

But who would do that?


What motive?

Something reeks here.

It reeks of an evil,
sinful mischief.

And now that man walks
the streets of this city.

Back in the mud so soon?

(CHUCKLES) Yes, I see.

Absolutely savage depiction
of me, I'm afraid.

(CLICKS TONGUE) Got the hair
all wrong, and the nose, too.

I'm new to this criminal life,

but I never thought the authorities
would attack my vanity.

They think I'm a murderer!

I've been called
much worse things in my time.

Besides... they're not
looking for you...

...are they?

They're looking for a piteous,
nameless hunchback.

And Igor, I would like you
to look at yourself.

Igor, that creature
no longer exists.


This is excellent.

So... what brought you to
the circus in the first place?


Use it.

Oh. Sorry.

Wipe your hands.



I am a student at
the Royal College of Medicine.

The curriculum
is straightforward,

the exams easy,
the professors...

Oh! The professors are
men of limited ability

and even more limited horizon.

Why did you rescue me?

You, my friend,
were an unexpected gift.

It's not every day
I come across a man,

albeit one suffering from
such grotesque deformity...

...who is so clearly talented,
observant, and resourceful...

...and in possession of the most
gifted pair of hands I have ever seen.

My interest in you
does not stem from charity.

Follow me.

Before I met you,
I was to approach Mr. Barnaby

about acquiring some of
your deceased animals.

To what end? Study?


No, not as you would
think of it.

I am of the strong belief
that death

can be made
a temporary condition.

That's impossible.
Improbable, yes.

Impossible, no.

Life is temporary.

Why should death
be any different?

(LAUGHS) I have absolutely
no time for false modesty.

So it is without pride
or shame

that I declare my discovery
an act of...


Those eyes...

...they're over
three months old.

And the liquid is an
electrically conductive jelly

of my own device.

Serves a double function:
To preserve and to...

Well, just wait and see.

It's all a matter
of conversion, you see?

The conversion
of pure electrical energy

into the biological variety...

...that flows
through the human body.

Hence, the construction
of this device:

The Lazarus Fork.

I have found that by passing
that current through a...

...specially blended variety
of sulfates and metals...

You've mastered
the conversion?


Well, show me.


There. Do you see?

They live.


What do you think?

It is impressive.

But you have
made a mess of the nerves.


I beg your pardon?

The oculomotor nerves.

You haven't
connected them properly.

That's why
they don't move evenly.



There he is!

That's the man.

That's the man I'm after.

Thank you for asking.

You're welcome.

Now, I shall bring you
your assignments piecemeal.

You will complete them
in a timely fashion,

whereon I shall apply them
to a larger...

...whole of my own device.

Uh, this larger whole... not of your concern.

(STAMMERING) Well, but if I...

Igor, I...

All this is now yours.

Every book. Every piece
of reference material.

Apparatus. Desk.

Room. Your laboratory,
if you like.

As my assistant, you shall be
at the very heart...

...of a scientific enterprise
that will change the world.

Now, will you help me?

Yeah. Fix that.

Ah. Thank you.




VICTOR: Keep working on it.



IGOR: The hospital made
arrangements for Lorelei.

She now had a benefactor.

I was pleased
she had recovered

and had someone
to look after her, but... the weeks went by,
I missed her.

And I wondered if her life
had changed as much as mine.






This letter
for Master Straussman.

We are going out on the town.

VICTOR: Here we are.

I have a tenured membership
at the club,

thanks to my father's...

...status as a charter member.

Bought the velvet
for the seats.

IGOR: Your father...

VICTOR: Is what they call
a great man.

Esteemed doctor,

member of the Royal College
of Physicians, and... in the field
of cardio-physiology.

I should be honored
to meet him someday.

Uh, perhaps not.
Look, here's the club!

Master Victor, I'm not sure
I'm suited for this.


Just keep your back straight,
your words clean,

and do your damnedest
not to embarrass me.

Babies grown in vats!

Victor, do you think this is

really the appropriate place
to talk about this?

Help me!
I am just trying to inform

these two wonderful
young ladies that...

...fertilization needn't take
place inside the female body.

Sperm! Sperms!

Can sperm move?

They can.
Thank you.

Why can't
it move independently

towards the egg in, say, a...



Where does the mother fit in?

You're off educating yourself!

By the time we need you,

...sucking the fertilized egg
up into a funnel

and then we shuck it
up your...





LORELEI: Excuse me?

Sorry, I thought
I recognized you.

Well, you might do.

I don't remember your name.

Well, I never had one.


It's you.

It's me.

Well, yeah, a bit different.

You saved my life.

My life.



IGOR: Friend of yours?

That's Baron Bomine.

He recruited me
to be in his cabaret...

...and his consort in public.


He, uh... prefers
the company of men.


(STAMMERS) I have a name now.

I am Igor.



It's perfect.

VICTOR: This woman
seems to think

that the human brain is pink.

In fact, it is grey.

That's Victor Frankenstein.

Grey like this oyster.

He's the man who rescued me.
And he helped save you.

Is he always like that?

No. He's very clever,
and he is kind.

He just finds
ordinary people very...


Victor, how did you...

Who are you?

You're the fallen angel.

Plummeted from any other great
heights lately? (LAUGHING)

Maybe you should try this one.
It's only, oh...

...all of 30 feet.
You've had worse.

I'm afraid the only thing
plummeting here

is my opinion of you,
Mr. Frankenschteen.

All right, Victor.

Igor, um... (LAUGHS)

Igor speaks
very highly of you.

Would you like to join us?


Now, of course,
I can't tell you everything,

but suffice it to say...

...Igor and I stand upon
the cusp of...

...creating life out of death.


Mr. Frankenstein...
Victor. Please.

I find your promise
more than a little unsettling.


Superstitious, are we?

Are you not afraid to
challenge the natural order?

Igor, speak up.
What do you think?

Once, I would have agreed
with you, Lorelei,

but think about it.

Twenty years ago,
electric lights

would have been
thought of as magic.

Your injuries in the circus
would have been fatal.

Every day science
and technology

changes the way
we live our lives.

Look at me.

Well said, that man.

Life and death are different.

"Life and death!"

I dream of a world
where hope replaces fear.

A world where a murdered man

can stand in court
to face his murderer.

Where a crippled soldier,
shrapnel in his spine...

...can be killed, healed,

then brought back to life
to walk again.

Don't you see?
The possibilities are...

...endless! Life is beautiful!

But unfortunately
it is finite.

Now, tell me what that says.

Thank you very much.

I cannot argue with that.

There it is,
in black and white.

But with a little
applied science...

...what do I give you now?

(CHUCKLES) "Life."

VICTOR: That's
what I'm trying to do.

Perhaps I spoke too soon.

VICTOR: You shouldn't
see that girl again.

What? Why?

Well, she's very nice.

Uneducated, superstitious.
Distraction from our work.

She's kind to me.

Tonight was not about
meaningless frivolity.

It was a celebration
of our work together.

I think it is high time...
you met our monster.

Don't tarry! Come, come, come!

Come on!


What is that?

Gordon! (GRUNTING)

(STAMMERS) You made this?

VICTOR: No, no, no.

We... made this.
Subtitle edited by - DHARMANG1910 -

Lungs, heart, spine, brain...

...all your work.


...impossible without you,
in fact.


You promised me
this was all about life.

It's about more than that.

Hands off.

Three... two...

Come on, come on, come on.




It's alive.

Yes, it's... alive.

It's alive?

Victor... how?

Can't quite move yet.

Charge lasts barely an hour,

and the bottom half

is predominantly
a rude mockup.

You have created life
out of nothing!

Do you realize
how significant this is?

Oh, I have an inkling.

You are to accompany me
to the college tomorrow.

I've announced that
I'll be making a presentation

of my private work.

I'm coming to the college
with you?

As your assistant?

Igor, try not to be
quite so dim.

From this day forth... are to be my partner.


MAID: Letter for you,
Miss Lorelei.

Letter? From who?

IGOR: Dear Lorelei:
We've had a breakthrough.

Please come to
the Royal College of Medicine,

Hall H, this evening at 8 PM.


Big presentation in Hall H.

Presentation in Hall H.

Big presentation, Hall H!

Igor, around to the right.

Since the beginning
of modern medicine...

...there has been
an assumption...

...regarding the status
of mortality...

...that being that death... an unavoidable...

...event, the inevitability of
which we should...

...take for granted.

(STAMMERS) I will show...

that life is not some...

...grace bestowed
upon us by...

...some outdated notion of
an all-powerful...

Get on with it.

Yes, of course. I'm not
accustomed to public speaking.

Igor, would you prime
the dynamo for me, please?

Yes, master.

I would like to show you,
uh, show all seven of you...

...and, of course,
the young lady...

Come on, come on!

I have a coach waiting.

Uh... (SIGHS)


I give to you... life... my own... creation.

MAN: (SCOFFS) Cattle market.

I have built this homunculus
from various body parts...

...I got from...
the London Zoo.

They've had a terrible time
with the upkeep

of their exotic animals,

all to my benefit.

He's mainly chimpanzee...

...but with the aid of
my esteemed associate,

Igor Straussman,

we've managed to interlace...

...multiple individuals,

multiple species
as a matter of fact.

Igor, is it ready?
They're staring at me.

Thank you.

Do come to the front.
Get a closer look.

Don't be shy.

He won't bite.

Now, by the miracle
of electricity...

...I give you in three,
two, one...




MAN: I've seen enough.


Don't go!

Igor, shock him again. Harder.

Three, two, one... now!



Frankenstein, you've surpassed...

...all expectations, even by

your own expansive mythos of
strangeness and perversion.

This is spectacular.
It's delightful!

Just an exquisite show of...

...depraved lunacy.


Full charge.






FINNEGAN: Oh, look,
there she goes, Victor.

Bing, bang... boom.

What have you got next?

Perhaps a midget

hidden inside your rotting
meat sculpture's stomach...

...ready to pop out
with a bouquet of ro...



Do you see?



It's all right.

Gordon... Gordon...

Lorelei, stay back!


Lorelei, are you all right?

I'm fine.

VICTOR: Don't let him escape.





Gordon! Stop!




No, no! Don't go out there!




Calm down, Gordon.
Get him off me!





what have you done to him?

Victor! Help me, not him!

Victor, we have to kill it!


Do it, Victor!


IGOR: It was out of control!

We made progress today!

It was homicidal!

I had no way of knowing
that Gordon...

Am I to understand
that you built that?


I apologize.

I misjudged you.

Your flaws, though they're...

...glaring and massive,
are merely social...

...not intellectual.

I find your work

...and to be
perfectly frank...

...brilliant. Brilliant!

Quite beyond
my own ability to comprehend.

Could you create another one?

I could,
and a whole lot more beside.

But that would take
considerable resource.

As you are aware,

I do come from the third
richest family in England.

As a result, I can provide you

with whatever it is
you so require.

In that case, yes.

And when you say... "more"?

A man.

A thinking, intelligent being.

Can we discuss this?

I like this ambition.

You were right, Igor.
The beast was dangerous...

...but now we have
the opportunity

to show the value of our work.

You and I, Igor... we shall
create a man after our own...


Think of it.

An intelligent...


I'll want
another demonstration.

I want to know whether you can
take direction.

Follow orders, so to speak.

Is that a problem?

Victor, we cannot.


Expect to hear from me soon.

You did not create
this technology

and yet you presume to
tell me how to use it.

You should know your place!

Your ignorance
of the ways of the world

cannot hinder the furtherment
of my experimentation.

But surely you see
you have no control.

Surely you have forgotten

what I did for you
at the circus!

This is my destiny.
It is your destiny.

And that man represents
our only ally on this planet.

And if he wants us to make him
an entire zoo of homunculi,

that is exactly
what we will do...

...if it ensures the
furtherment of our research.

Am I making myself clear?

Am I making myself clear?!

Yes, Victor!



BARNABY: I own you!

You belong to the circus!




Good morning. Can I help you?

Detective Inspector Turpin,
Scotland Yard.

I want to speak with
a Mr. Frankenstein.

I'm afraid
that's not convenient

at the moment, sir.

May I know your business?

Do you miss the circus?

I'm not sure
what you mean, sir.

Get me Frankenstein.

I've informed the college
I would happily pay

for the damage.
Just a bit of broken glass.

An animal
was involved apparently.

There was indeed.

Mr. Straussman and I are currently
involved in the study of...


It's quite... quite
fascinating, actually.

We have discovered that
by using emotional cues...

...we can teach them
primitive belief systems.

Of course, it's only because
they are not yet capable

of higher logical thought.

Where is the creature now?


Poor thing.
Had to be put down, didn't it?

Why would the police be
interested in such a trifle?

There may be a connection

with a murder investigation
of ours.

Murder investigation?

Igor, this is
a murder investigation!

Am I to understand
we have to summon

the chimpanzee's lawyer?

Mr. Frankenstein, I warn you

that there are consequences
for obstructing police work.

I should like to see records
of your experiments

for the past twelve months.

If you cannot cooperate,
then, by God,

I'll conduct a thorough search
of these premises.

"By God," you say?

I must inform you...

...that you are currently
in the home of rational,

free-thinking men.

To violate it or my research

would require
a proper legal warrant.

And God has no authority here.

Tread lightly, sir.

You may insult me,

but you impugn the Lord
at your peril.

I should remind you that life
is a sacred creation.

Are you a police officer
or a theologian?

Let me tell you something
for nothing.

Life... I'll say this
very slowly... is merely...

...the application and outcome
of applied chemistry.

And did you or did you not
apply such chemistry

at the Royal College
of Medicine two days ago?

Igor, when was the last time
you went to confession?

The good friar has come to see
whether we have sinned.

"He that covereth his sin
shall not prosper."

I'll ask you again.

And I will ask you again, sir:

Why are you so interested,

nay, infatuated
with this case?

Surely there are
more interesting mysteries

to be solved in London.

Or... it precisely
because this experiment,

which you imagine
took place...

...may very well discredit

your own primitive
belief system?

Uncover what you will
about me, Inspector.

Men like you have always stood
in the way of progress

and invariably been
left in its wake.

My creation...!


Be careful, Mr. Frankenstein.

You toy with wrathful forces.

And there's no mercy
in nature.

Good day.

I'll be back with a warrant.

That thing
in the school, Igor...

...I looked into its eyes
and there was nothing there.

There is a difference
between using your machines... restore a life
wrongly lost and... create something that
was never supposed to exist.

Victor must understand that.


...I never thought
I'd leave the circus.

I thought I'd be in there
till I died. And Victor...

...has given me all this.

And all he asked
is that I believe in him.

I understand that, Igor.

What I'm saying is...

...don't let yourself be
bullied by anyone ever again.

Victor says he's your friend.

But if you believe
Victor is on a wrong path,

then you must make a stand.

I have to go.

Victor, if you truly respect
me as a scientist...

If you truly respect me
as your friend... must listen
to my concerns.



What's it been? Three years?

You look slimmer.

I'm sorry, sir, I don't...

Is Victor here?
Yes, sir.

Very well.

Where have you been?
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Not wise to be out on the town
when there's a manhunt on.

Get off his heart!


Get up.


VICTOR: Father, I'm so excited
that you've come.

Your timing is impeccable.

I've had such
breakthroughs with my...

I don't care.

I don't care about your poorly
researched theories

or your disastrous experiments.

Not poorly researched,
I've told you...

Victor, silence.

Yesterday I received
a telegram...

...informing me
that you are to go

before the board of directors
at the college.

They say you neglect
your schoolwork.


They intend to expel you.

No, they can't!

Can't they?

The work I am doing
is far more important...

...than anything
they are conducting

at that damn school.
You're a fool, Victor.

You always have been.

If only you could have been
more like Henry.

But you...

You just bring shame
to the name Frankenstein.

I will ensure
that the name of Frankenstein

is never forgotten!


You've done it again, Victor.

Only this time it's your own
life you've ruined.


So, what's this, then?

Finnegan's project.

My man.

He was going to be
the modern Prometheus.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

He's also not nearly
big enough.

Yes. What?

Gordon was fast
and strong, sure,

but he couldn't sustain
any of that.

And towards the end,

he was having some
real trouble breathing.


Embolisms. Embolisms
in his lungs. Yes, of course.

How stupid.

So much raw energy
coursing around his structure.

His body couldn't
take the charge.

Wretched creature would have
been dead in ten minutes.

If we want to build something
that can live and stay alive,

we'll need a lot more energy.

Tons more.

Just stop. What could possibly
generate that kind of...?

BOTH: Lightning!

Yes, I have...

...just the thing.

One of my early designs
for the Lazarus Fork...

...incorporated a structure

that actually
sucked its energy...

...from the atmosphere.

It's possible that we can
build a larger version

that would simulate
a static burst...

...similar to
that of lightning.

No, it's the same problem.

We can't just make the body
accept that charge.

We are incapable of simply
making larger organs.

What if we gave him
two sets of lungs?

You know you're brilliant,
don't you?

Why wouldn't we? He's our man.
We can do what we like.

Not just two sets of lungs...

Two hearts.

Pump all that blood
around the larger body.

Absolutely. He'd need it.


Earlier, when my father
was here...

I was reading.

I didn't hear a thing.

Did he say
anything interesting?

No, he didn't.


Yes. Yes, do that.

A larger chest cavity... incorporate four lungs.

Two sets on the left
and the right.

Bigger with the arms! Biceps.

Now what do we do?
Tilt him.

Backwards and forwards.

Let that liquid
run through the body.

Here's to him.

Flat head.


Because I like it, that's why.


To his two hearts.




Is that precious?

ALISTAIR: They've denied us
the warrant, Inspector.

As the Magistrate said,

with no sign of any foul play,
nor indeed of any crime...

No foul play?

Look at the debris
at the Royal College.

Acid burns, the same.

Bloody paw prints
on the floor.

Something's going on.

Something's happening
in that basement, I know it.

I know it.

And it's my job, my duty.
It's my moral duty to stop it.

But, sir, you have no warrant.

Yes, he's insulted you.

Yes, he's clever.
But we have no evidence.

I don't care.

I need to find out
what's in that basement.

Now we can enact
my true vision.

You and I will take
life's raw elements,

its base components, and we...

...shall assemble them
to our own specification,

to our own design.


For tonight we begin
our model...

...of Prometheus.


Tonight... actually, Victor,
I was...

I've been invited to a ball.

A what?

A ball. Lorelei's asked me.


No, no, don't speak.


I shall stay here and work.

I'm sorry, Victor.
No need to apologize.

You should go off and enjoy
yourself. You deserve it.

You've earned it.

You can go now.

Thank you.




I don't know what to do.

You're already doing it.

ALISTAIR: Frankenstein,
open this door!

We'll break it down!

Open this door now!
Scotland Yard!

Frankenstein! Open the door!

One, two, three.
One, two, three.


Frankenstein! Open the door!


Victor, we have to leave!

Where have you been?
With Lorelei.

Oh, I see.
Wasting your time...

...with pointless courtship...

...while it remains to me to
take care of the work in hand!

ALISTAIR: Frankenstein!
Open this door!

Frankenstein, we're coming in!
Get this door down.

I've sent for
one of Finnegan's men

to provide a carriage.

I'm trying to
overload the conductors.

Forget the conductors!
We have to get out of here!

And let them have my machines?
Not bloody likely!

Trap door to the sewers...
it's the only way out.

Try and open it.

Pickaxe on the ice closet.


What are you waiting for?
What is that?!

Oh. Uh...

Igor Straussman,
meet Igor Straussman.

What? What did you do to him?!

Found him like that
a couple months ago. Overdose.

A couple of months?
You took his eyes!

Victor, what is
wrong with you?

You want to die in prison...

...executed by that maniac?


Do you see the truth now?

This is the man
who took you from the circus.

Who would gouge the eyes
from a dead friend.

Move once more
and I'll kill you.

Do as you wish.
I have no fear of death!

TURPIN: Really?

I do.

I lost my wife... a malign growth.

And in my suffering
I know about death.

That it's an abyss from which

no man nor woman
can be returned.

Would you not rather
have her by your side?

Would you not have her
live again?

She is alive.

In God's house.

And when I, too,
fall into that abyss...

...I shall be by her side.

Don't you see?
You trust in a fiction!

And you shall be forgotten.

That's right.

History will bury you,

...and no man
will remember your name.

No, you're wrong. Igor, no!


You'll remember me now.






VICTOR: Come on, Igor!


Pull! Pull!

Frankenstein, we're coming in!



Finnegan! Where are you?

FINNEGAN: Frankenstein! Igor!
What an unexpected surprise.

The police have raided my home
in search of Igor Straussman.

We managed to avoid
incarceration, but...'s just possible
we might have

gravely wounded
a police officer.

Ah. I suppose now you'll have
no choice but to leave London.

Very good.

My family has an estate.

The Castle Erskine
in Scotland. It's quite...

...rural and secluded.

Ideally situated,
you might say, for...

...both your needs
as scientists and, um...

...well, fugitives.


I'll go and prepare the coach.

Very good, thank you!

How could you do that to me?
Do what?

Keep from me
that you had killed a man

and given me his name!

I told you,
I did not kill Straussman.

You're overreacting.

You harvested his eyes!


He was a waste of space.

This fanfare from you

is more than his own family
will give him.

All right, gentlemen,

time is of the essence.
Your coach is ready.

VICTOR: Come, Igor.

We'll talk about this
on the way.



What you're doing is wrong.

You've gone mad. Come.

It's gone too far.

We simply
do not have the time.

I'm not leaving then.

Listen to me.

You have the chance here
to be part of...

Of what?

Of being lied to by you?

Of being hunted by the police
and chased by monsters?

Well, if you're going
to concentrate

on the dark side.

I'm not leaving.

What will you do?
Go back to the circus?

Resurrect your
illustrious career as...

It's none of your concern.

You're a fool.

I created you.

You think that just because
I put you in a back brace

and you cut your hair... can
turn your back on me?

That you can walk out
into the world on your own?

See how far you get
with your acrobat

and your morals
and your new life.

Just come with me.


I'm done with you.


You know... I knew
Igor Straussman.

(SIGHS) He was a real bore.

Nouveau riche. Drug addict.

So, who are you then?


Doesn't matter really.

Victor's been very forthcoming
with his designs.

But I still need him for now.

You, on the other hand...

So, let's see. Your benefactor
has departed...

...your home has been
ransacked by police...

...your identity
revealed as a fraud...

...and you know far too much
for me to let you walk away.

What I'm getting at,
old boy... that
you won't be missed.

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Tie him up
and put him in the carriage.

You and Victor aren't
the only ones with vision.

I, too,
have a dream of the future.

A dream where my family

will control
this new technology.

Hmm? What's that?

You don't approve.

No, I imagined you and Victor
wouldn't like that much.

You know, for men
obsessed with death,

you think yourselves
so above violence.


Good-bye, Igor.


Straussman wasn't Straussman.

The body, the frozen creature,
that was Straussman.

The young man pretending
to be Straussman

was the hunchback...

by Frankenstein.

Inspector, this is not...

They escaped in the
Finnegan family coach.

Finnegan attends
the Royal College of Medicine.

It makes sense.

He's in on it, too,
maybe funding them.

Inspector Turpin, stop...

TURPIN: My guess is that
he's fled the country by now,

more than likely
alongside Finnegan...

...who, a little digging
shows, has an estate,

Castle Erskine in Scotland.

We'll find them there.

Stop it, Roderick, damn it!

No, listen to me!

We can catch them now.

We can...

...and we will.

What do you mean?

You're being removed
from the case... sir.

From the whole force, in fact.

Constable Alistair will be
taking your place.

You are on a medical
and mental reprieve.

You had no warrant, Roderick.

Do you have any idea
the lengths I have been to... order to protect you
from criminal charges?

It was a necessary action. Really?

In pursuit of what?

High society hunchbacks?

Undead monsters?

Conspiracies involving

one of the richest families
in England?

Yes, a conspiracy
to create life in...

...a direct, defiant action
against God.

You were the best detective
Scotland Yard had,

but now it's time
for you to rest.

You must heal.
And when you return,

you will see things
how they really are.


IGOR: Is that precious?

I took possession of this
when I was... ten.

It was a very cold winter
that year.

We lived in the country then.
It was a happy time.

We crept out of
my bedroom window

because we wanted to
play in the snow...

...and so we did.

Until we were...

...engulfed by a blizzard.

I almost died.

Anyway, when...

When the snow cleared...

...and dawn finally broke...

...I was alive.

I looked into my hand
and I was holding this.

It serves to remind me.

Remind you of what?

That God...

...if at all He does exist...

...sent us
into this world imperfect.

We're weak.

We're fragile.

And we're destined to die.

This reminds me that
that is not good enough.

Who were you with?


You said "we".
In the blizzard.

Did I?

Where in God's name
do you think you're going?

You haven't been
out of bed in weeks!

You can barely walk!

Igor. Igor, don't go.
Don't do this.

I have to go. He needs me.

You owe him nothing.

You're your own man.


I'm the man he made me.

You're wrong.

You've always been
this person.

This brave,
brilliant, beautiful person.

He gave me a life.

I'm sorry, Lorelei, but... must understand,
I have to go.

He's my friend.

Then you will not go alone.

VICTOR: Two hearts.

Pump all that blood
around the larger body.

A larger chest cavity
to incorporate four lungs.

Two sets on the left
and the right.

You and I, Igor...
we shall create a man...

...after our own image.

An intelligent...



IGOR: Stop!

Stop here!

IGOR: Finnegan's men.

Wait here.

Please take care.

What are you doing?


Sorry, we seem to be lost.

Thank you!



What's this?

Hold her here.
I'm going to the castle.

Sir, there is a storm coming.

That man is in allegiance with
Satan... and must be stopped!

All stations ready!

VICTOR: Engineers! Scientists!
Eyes to me!

The storm is nigh!

The storm is nigh!
Conditions are perfect!

ENGINEER: Electrical station
ready, sir!


Prometheus moving,
station one!


ENGINEER 2: Stoke the furnace!
We need it hotter!

Mind the blood pipe!

Prepare the blood!

ENGINEER 1: Fluid station now!

VICTOR: Now. Set?


In. Tapped.


Respiratory station!

the respiratory station!



I'm so glad you've come.

Victor, Finnegan tried to
have me killed.

I believe he intends to
kill you, too,

when you've given him
what he wants.

We can still get out of this,

but you must stop
this experiment.

Father sent you, didn't he?

Don't be ridiculous!

He'll stop at nothing,

and you don't know
what he's capable of!

I don't care.


Finnegan's motives
mean nothing to me.

I will turn the tide of human
existence here, tonight.

Then this world
which has spurned me...

...will forever
remember my name!

No, if you do what he asks,

no one will remember
Frankenstein the man.

Only the monster!


I forgive you, Igor.

I forgive you this remarkable
lack of foresight.

So stay here!

Your brother was with you!

Henry Frankenstein.

He was with you that night.

Was he older
or younger than you?

He was older.

You must have
looked up to him.

Where did you get that?

I wouldn't be surprised

if it was your idea, though.
Was it?

To go out into the snow.
And he protected you.

And he died while you lived.

Isn't that what
all this is about, Victor?

You want to stop
other people...

...from having to endure
that pain that you felt.




It's about so much
more than that.

Don't you see? To my mind...

I took my brother's life
that night.

I have to redress the balance.

I have to create life now.

Victor, none of this
does that.

This only brings
more and more and more pain.

And whatever path this is
that you've gone down,

this is not you.

You're a good man, Victor.

FINNEGAN: Frankenstein!

Frankenstein! Hurry, man!
The storm is almost upon us!




ENGINEER 1: Station one ready!


Prometheus moving!

Electrical station!

ENGINEER 2: Electrical station
ready, sir!

Who'd have thought it, eh?

You and I on the threshold
of immortality.

Prometheus moving!

Lazarus station!

Damn them all, eh?

The naysayers... and
the hypocrites.

For tonight, Victor,
we breathe life...

...into flesh!

ENGINEER 1: Balloons released!

Lazarus Fork.


I will give you life.

I will give you...!

Prometheus ascending!

Station ready, sir!

VICTOR: I want full power,
on my mark.


Converter B standing by.

Full power... now!

All positions, relays open!

This is your moment, Victor!


It's too much power!

IGOR: You know this story.

The crack of lightning.

A mad genius.

An unholy creation.

IGOR: Victor...



Well, Victor.

Sir, I must warn you...

...we are overloading!









You will burn
for what you do here.

This isn't science.

This is the work
of Satan himself.


There's no Satan.
No God. Only humanity.

Only me!


May God forgive you,

May God forgive you!

Out of the way, Victor!

Out of the way!

Come to me.

I am your brother.

Oh, my brother Henry,
forgive me.

I have wronged you.

For this is not life.

(SOBBING) This is not life!

You are not life!


Out of the way, Frankenstein!

Live! Live! Live!



May God drive out
this devil...

...and be driven back
to the pits of hell

from whence he came.




Igor, I'm sorry.
What are we going to do?

What are we going to do now?

We will do the only thing
we can do.










...get off.






Two hearts!



Oh, my brother, forgive me!



VICTOR: Dearest Igor:

I would have
waited for you, but...

...three's a crowd
and all that.

Besides, I think

you've probably had enough
of my work.

Truth be told, you've probably
had enough of me.

Our time together is done.

Our achievements
are in the past...

...and our discoveries
will probably never be known.

But I will always
think of you fondly,

and always as my friend.

As for myself...

...I have some ideas

about where we went wrong
this time...

...and one day I may
call on you once more.

Be ready.

For now,
your life is your own...

...and I wish you
luck with it.

You are and will remain
my greatest creation.

Your friend...
Subtitle edited by - DHARMANG1910 -