Victims (2013) - full transcript

Lindsay and Spencer are a typical young couple, but their lives are changed forever after a violent home invasion. Now Lindsay finds herself a prisoner in her own home as her husband tortures the men responsible.

That struggle inside you.

Do you feel it slipping away?

No doubts, pure thoughts.

Pure urges.

Feel her skin.

Feel her soulless shell
beneath you.

They're all slaves
to a dying world.

But not you.

Desire is the one true emotion.

Just turn around
against the truck!




We can't do this forever.

We've made it this far.

Do you want them to live?

I want them to suffer.

We're all suffering, Spence.

What you got there?

You're out of your fucking mind.

That's why I don't trust you.

Something on your mind?

Doesn't matter anymore.

You say that to my wife?

I don't remember.

You should just kill us.

Can't do that.

Don't want this to end.

You stole my wife's purity
and turned her against me.

Hurting you is all I have.


I told you I don't remember.

Ah! Fuck.

Please, man, I don't remember.

I told you about my sister.

She told me she was raped
when we were little.


Why do you tell me
these stories?

I don't remember.

It was Gatling. I don't...

I don't remember anything.

I want you to suffer, Riley.

Even if it doesn't make sense
to you, it's what's right.

Stop it.

I'd rather hear your screams
than remember my son's voice.

Please, please.

Every time you beg, it reminds
me of what you denied her.


Stop pretending, Riley.

this was your choice, not mine.

I didn't know.


I didn't know.

I didn't know.

How can you keep doing this?

If you got the man that raped
your sister, wouldn't you?


If you have anything to say
now's your chance.

I'm more interested
in what you have to say.

What I'm doing is right.

You two need to be punished.

Do you enjoy causing us pain?

Are you a sadomasochist?

We both know the meaning
of this fire.

It marks my expiry date.

Spence, help me understand.

In two minutes,
you won't need to know.

I would be delighted
to take it to the grave with me.

My old man told me
the world isn't for the weak.

It was strange

how he'd practiced this train
of thought on my mother and me.

I swore I would never
let him hurt my mother again.

And I stood up to him.

And he beat me so bad,
he couldn't even look at me.

Stuck me out in the barn
for a week so I'd know my place.

Told me my own mother
wasn't for me to protect.

when I found my way out,

I came home, and...

I found her hanging
from the kitchen ceiling fan.

I wanted my family to be better
than the family I came from.

You have no idea
what you've done here.

One time I tried to help
people with their pain.

Then I found my calling.

I learned how to examine
and exploit their misfortunes.

I wish I'd found you, Spence.

You did.

I wish you could see
what you destroyed.

I'd wish you'd realized
what you've gained.

I'm going to see Jacob.

Promise me you'll never leave?

You two are my family.
Where would I go?

Please forgive me.

Our baby's down there.

There's a man locked
in our basement.

There has to be a reason.

I need to do this.

Can you even kill him?

What would you do
if I gave you the gun?

Could you kill him?


I'm punishing him, Lindsay.


Jacob's gone.

You're gone.


Sleeping out in the barn
always makes me sick.

You have to get out of here.

I don't want
you to go down there tonight.


This isn't bringing him back.

Why would you say that?

- I... I... didn't.
- Why did you say that?

I'm not going to ask you again.

I just want this to be over.

But you would use Jacob?

Spence, I would never...


I still love you.

do you still love me?

I'm trying to understand.

They took something away from us
that you can never get back.

You think I don't know this?

You think
you're the only one suffering?

I should put you out.

I should know better.

It's over.

I have something to tell you.

It's your baby.

You said you got rid of this.

I did.

You said you burned it.


What's happening?

What's happening?

You brought me to hell!

- This is really going to hurt.
- No!

Get dressed.

Is he...?

I figured you'd want to look
him in the eyes before he dies.

Put the hood back on.

You don't want to look at him?

Spence, this is in-human.

What this monster did
was in-human.

I'm not...
I'm not a monster.

Ask him about the attack.

How could you have done that?

I wouldn't do it.
I don't remember anything.

Gatling did something.

I swear.

I don't remember anything.

My sister was raped
when I was a child.


let's kill him.

You don't have to.

Tell me the truth.

Tell me you remember.

Tell me you killed him!

It's okay. I'll do it.

The hell you will!

What are you doing?

Getting the fuck away from you!

I thought you wanted him dead.

I want this to be over!

Gun's not loaded, Lindsay.

You couldn't shoot
the man who raped you,

but you'd shoot
your own husband?

I could put one in your leg

and send an ambulance
with the cops.


Don't leave me.

Lindsay, don't leave me.

You're not right, Spence.

You need help.

I was going to stop.

I'm sorry...

but I don't believe you.





Oh, the truck keys!

You said...

you said you sister was...


She was attacked.

When you came here
what do you remember?

I remember being naked
in the dark.

Cold, wet basement.

I remember pain.

I didn't know what I did until
Spence screamed it in my face.

What do you remember
from before?



And then he gave me something.

I don't remember anything else.

Why were you with him?

I've been alone a long time.

I didn't think it could get
any worse until...

I woke up chained to a wall.

You raped me, Riley.

That's what people
keep telling me.

I woke up a rapist.

I woke up a murderer.

I've been living in a nightmare
since that night.

I screamed at you.

I'm so sorry, Lindsay.

Why didn't you listen to me?

I'm so sorry.

Why haven't you killed yourself?

I've tried. Spence won't let me.

Do you think
you're ever getting out of here?

I don't want out.


maybe I think
you've suffered enough.

You want me to die?


you'd already be dead.

Well, what then?

I just want to get out
of this place.

I could help you.

Where did you grow up?

I want to know about you.

Lived on the streets.

Homeless people
used to use me to get food.

Seems like people are always
willing to give more generously

to a poor kid than a poor man.

Why didn't you kill me
when you had the chance?

I don't want to hurt anyone.

You've suffered enough.

It would have made Spence happy.

You two could have left
this place.

I don't know about that.

He's not the man that I married.

And if this ends, I don't know
what he's going to do.

What's worse,

the pain or the waiting for it?

Ah, flesh is flesh,
pain is pain.

The only true suffering
is in the mind.

Spence knows what he's doing.

My mind keeps going back
to that night.

And no matter how many times
I try to change the scenario,

my obsession demands obedience
in playing the slave.

Why do you talk like that?

It's been a long time
since anybody listened.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Things aren't turning out
the way that they should.

I've been trying
to end this thing.

But I realize
that there's still...

some things that I need to do.

After that,

things will get back
to the way that they were.

Before all this?

Don't push it.

You'll be better.

Do you understand?


Do you understand?

I know a way
to get out of here.

At least I know,
how to get my chain off.

Why don't you just escape?

I have to be in the barn.

Spence has a habit
of checking up on me.

You could just...

just take a chance
and run for it.

Do you not remember
coming out here?

I don't even know
what state we're in.

We're forty miles
to the nearest town.

There aren't any neighbors.

Spence knew what he was doing
when he moved us back here.

Back here?

This is the house
Spence grew up in.

What do you see in the basement?

There's nothing.

He cleaned it all up.

I need you to look around.

Is there anything you can do?

I don't...

I've never been out of here.

I would have thought
of something.

If I can slip out of the barn,
I can get to the basement.

I know where he keeps the keys.

They're under the stairs
that's where he keeps them.

Under the stairs.

Are the truck keys in there?

I don't know
but he keeps keys in there.

I have a plan.

I don't suppose it involves me.

Not right away.

If I escape,
I could send help back.

Believe me?

It's just I may not be around
long enough to appreciate it.

You think I should risk
helping you?


He's here.

So, what happens now?

I've made sure we can make it
through the winter

and much of the spring.

Why can't we be civil?

I don't want to hurt you,

Please, stop now.

Did they stop
when I begged them?

Do you stop when I beg you?

All this will be forgiven
if you just stop.

I have a request
to make, Spence.

You chain me down
in the basement with him.


Well I wouldn't want you to get
your wife confused with me.

And at least,
down in the basement,

I would have someone
to talk to.

To be with.

You selfish fucking whore.

You like that, Spence?

You need it.

You need all the control.

Do it, Spence.

Treat me like they treated me.

Like how your mother
was treated.

You're no different than them.

You're no different
than your dad.


What's going to happen
in the winter?

You just going to leave me
out here to freeze

because that sounds
really good right now.

You'll be taking Riley's place
in the basement.

You're such a pathetic,
sad excuse for a man.

We're all laughing, Spence.

Everybody's laughing.

Is that what you like to do
to your wife?

I can't do this anymore.

I can't.

She deserves better.

I don't know
how to make it right.





I told you to run.

He'd find me out there.

Imagine if he finds you here.

I'm pregnant

and if Spence knew,
he would kill it.

Why would he do that?

Because he'd know it's not his.


Help me.

You got to trust me
if you want to get out of here.

I can... I can stop him.

I can protect you.


You know him better than me.
What's he going to do?

I can save you.

Hey, fuck head!

Why don't you come down here
and we'll have a little chat?

Things aren't going to plan,
are they, Spence?

What the hell is going on?

Funny you should ask that.

"What's going on?"

You always know what's going on
in your house.

Anytime anyone is bad
they get punished.

You always know
what's right for everybody.

And yet here...

here you ask me
what's going on?

You would say
I'm a man without a soul,

but I got to ask you, Spence.

What do you think of a guy
who imprisons his own wife?

Why are you doing this?

Maybe I just don't care anymore.

You'll care.

I'll make sure you care.

But you're not very good

at torturing people, Spence,

at least torturing me.

A-list job on your wife
though I must say.

This isn't going to end well
for you now.

There was no good end
for me long before

I entered your pathetic
little world, Spence.

I can only imagine the power
you think you have.

What you must do
to make your wife a slave.

You caused this pain!

You're the one
who did this to her!

Gosh! She was broken long before
I came along, Spence.

It was only the child
that kept her here.

And you know it.

Once he was gone, there was
nothing left to keep her here.

You pathetic, little man.

Ah, two months,

three weeks, six days,

and one hell
of a good morning to you.

Aw, yeah! That was
definitely worth the wait.

I'd tell you to stay down,

but this is really starting
to turn me on.

Enough! Stop.


Riley, stop.

Flesh is flesh. Pain is pain.


Or was it pain for pain?

We'll figure it out.


Do you ever think
about what sex is, Lindsay?

Sex is a scapegoat

for insecurity,
for lust, for power.

And sometimes for sacrifice.

You see it's so simple,
but we make it so complicated,

which coincidently
is the flavor of what brought me

to your little homestead here.

I helped you.

You guys torture
people in your basement.

You want gratitude from me?

You're crazier than I am.

Come on, Lindsay,
we were doing so good.

Aw... memories.

Hey, Lindsay.

Hey, Lindsay.

Aw, Lindsay

I can't make it on my own

Aw, Lindsay

Don't break up our happy home

You're trying
to avoid me, Lindsay?

We try to repress our urges
and when we do,

we feel righteous,
we feel strong.

What are you pining for,

You pining for me?

You said your sister was raped.

That's where I got my start.

I got you now, Lindsay.

Don't feel bad.

Animal instincts
are hardwired in us.

They choose when to torture,
they choose when to trust.

Aw, Lindsay

I can't make it on my own

Don't break up our happy home


Look what you've done to me.

Look what you've done
to yourself.

We can only be
who we are, Lindsay.

The irony is I know
we're all soulless.

I presented you with an option.

You chose revenge.

You murdered my child!

Gave you a new one.


How can you live on suffering?

Ah, we all feed
off suffering, Lindsay.

Look at you.

All these years
of pain and hatred.

Ah, pain, pain unites us all.

Well then, I hope
this really hurts.

Ah, you little flirt.

You almost hit me there.



It's over.

I should have never
left you alone.

Oh, you didn't know.

If I was here,
I could have protected you.

It's not your fault.

I should never
have left you alone with him.

You can't do this anymore.

It's over.

It is for me.




Don't leave me like this.


You weren't supposed
to see this.

Spence, let me go.

This is what you wanted,
isn't it?


I wanted us to be free.

We're all going to die here.

You're not killing only me.

Who else am I killing?



His baby's inside you.

You're right.

I can't leave you here.

I don't want you
to suffer, Spence.

Just let go.

Mommy's sleeping.

It's okay, baby.