Victim of Desire (1995) - full transcript

Investigator Pete Starky is hot on the trail of $70 million in embezzled cash. The trail leads to Leeland Duvall, a wealthy white collar killer. But when Duvall dies in a mysterious car accident, the victim's sexy wife Carla, becomes the prime suspect. Just as Starky becomes romantically involved with Carla, evidence points to him as her accomplice in the murder. Is he innocent, or just a victim of desire?







looking for something in particular no I

think I've already found it


I'm probably about five Starkey Peter

Starkey I'm here to see mr. Duvall do

you have business with my husband

I'm with the Securities and Exchange

Commission on me and investigating

thanks des Leyland in some sort of

trouble I just have a couple questions I

like to ask fun and you won't be needing

me no


you a friend of the Duval's


I'm not interested in hearing any more

your bullshit Leland what do you think I

am some two-bit shareholders up and I'm

your goddamn VP I need to know what I am

up against can you finish yeah I'll tell

you what you're up against you're gonna

be up against the goddamn wall with your

legs spread if you don't learn to

control your temper

you're threatening me now live for

Christ's sakes Richard you're panicking

you're gonna bring this whole thing down

on both of us you did it didn't you

Richard who's to say that you didn't

embezzle the 70 million dollars huh

you are crazy you know that certifiable

but I'm not taking the fall for you this

time Leland you owe me one already

remember from shredding those product

safety memos this is not my fault Leland

not a bit of it you're the one who

ordered the material changes remember do

you know what my job is my job is to

make money for the stockholders okay now

if making electric blankets with fire

retardant material is gonna net this

company 17 percent or if using recycled

fiber is gonna make them 22 percent then

you bet your ass I'm gonna use recycled

fiber over 100 people died in fires

caused by those products just like the

safety memos warned for Christ's sakes

Richard over a hundred people die every

night in LA

besides you shredded all the memos that

was a good job yeah except I could go to

jail for that one Richard you're

probably gonna go to jail for

embezzlement over your dead body Leland

go get Richard bastard wants me to go to

prison for him do you believe that did

he take the money the money you know

you're as bad as he is this all you can

think about the money why don't you just

run off together sweetheart you deserve

each other you can't leave me here

Richard you watch me

mr. duvall yes

I'm Peter Starkey with the Securities

and Exchange Commission am i under


no I just came to ask you a couple

questions well should I have my lawyer


oh no I think we can do this without him

I couldn't help but notice that you and

mr. Jordan seemed to be having some sort

of disagreement ah well your CEOs and

corporate VP's so you see eye to eye on

anything yeah well especially when the

company's just been hit with a big class

action and wrongful death suit at the

same time the seventy million dollars in

assets are unaccounted for excuse me sir

you come here to accuse me of

embezzlement is that it not yet did you

come here for a bribe mr. Starkey you're

offering me one no that'd be unethical

wouldn't it yeah yeah look I want to

wish you a lot of luck on your

investigation here but uh I don't think

you'll find it well like oh yeah

by the way this seventy million dollars

in missing assets it you know could have

been transferred to an offshore bank and

if that's the case could you do me a

favor don't leave town right right I

can't believe he just drove off and left

me here what an ass

I'm sorry Leland's the same way business

business why don't you stay here with me

I'll find you a change of clothes and

you can use the guest room okay thanks

you know what I wish

I wish we could have all the power and

the money without these men we can


hello Richard my name excellent I just

know he took that money see how

suspicious he acted it's probably

already transferred to a secret offshore

account in Bimini the 70 million is in a

foreign bank and only Duval knows which

one what do you want me to do I want you

to find out which bank what account

number and what the password is it gets

us access and just how am I supposed to

do that by any means necessary angel

hmm that kind of sounds like fun yeah

well don't have too much fun I'm

trusting it Linda

yes lover my Friday will be in Bimini

you got it


marv Riker what happened somebody robbed

you know kill somebody because if you

did with that suit you're not the only


damn your white collar topper yeah I'm a

Peter Stark in with the SEC I'm in town

for an investigation and I just thought

I'd drop by and pay courtesy calling

that bump us for some information what

yeah all right who's your part

his name's Duval Leland Duval I'm gonna

have to run a surveillance on

you've got to be kidding me this guy's

clean and virgins drawers not even a

speeding ticket I don't know why you

wasted your time just fine outstanding

when you got a load of badasses shooting

penny rolls and drag Vice I don't have

to explain to you the difference between

blue-collar and white-collar crime do I

mean the perp sure after pull a trigger

and kill one guy the perp I'm after cuts

corners and manufacturing kills 105

people with shoddy material suspected

yeah right now he's on his way out of

the country with 70 million dollars in

embezzled cash 70 million dollars is

paperwork probably to wait just let me

get clearance sure hi would you happen /

riper went oh yeah he's right in over

there Oh what can you tell them I left

is for him if he can find it stop

consider me a partner partner of course



so you finally made it she's a little

hard for me to be quiet

you know how vocal I am mother

Oh am i I want to know that guy was here


SEC cop no big deal

is he gonna create problems rest darlin

I got a plan I always have a plan

and what about the 70 million it's

tucked away in a bank in Bimini just

waiting to be picked up bingo and how do

you go about getting that money there is

the quick pass where maybe maybe not

I bet I can make you I'm on it no baby I



dr. me Richard yeah I love her what do

you have for me hmm you know what I have

for you but you're gonna have to wait

till after we get the money but he does

have it's in a National Bank of Bimini

I'm gonna find that account number

tomorrow after he leaves good girl okay

so I'm flying to memory tomorrow

afternoon tickets from the airport so

we're gonna meet in the hotel get the

money and disappear together seventy

million dollars and I'm getting excited

just thinking about it

how excited very excited well hold that

thought number there's still a lot of

work we have to do before we get that

money in our hands we need to get that

account number and then Duval secret

password I already know the password oh

yeah the password is desire







what happened huh a roll turn but

development the gas tank ruptured the

car explode you bar we're gonna have a

hell of a time keeping the shadow media

I guess thus ends your investigation oh

no no not like there's still 70 million

bucks in embezzled cash out there

somewhere I kind of like to find it what

you need to search for it at the ball

house he's probably got it stashed in

some offshore bank someplace he had it I

mean the man is in no condition to make

any kind of bank transactions now sir

why I think I got something


what do you got all right Rock sir

recent ones got McBain come up here take

some 3d photos of these right

hey Ryker I got some footprints over

here let's take a look so pretty hard

too tough to see that one's a small heel

could be a man in a woman yeah well a

guy in drag that McBain take some

snapshots of that toe all right what are

you thinking I'm thinking I'd like to

speak to the victim's wife

I got a judge will grant me wiretap and

residential books great give me a now

I'll get the warrants I'll meet you at

the station



hey Oh H get the warrant piece of cake

what's up well here she comes


mrs. Duvall

this is detective morrow breaker huh

the body was badly but it's not gonna be

that I think bad this way mrs. Duvall

your husband's fingerprints are on file

at the SEC and we've faxed them for them

but with the condition that his body's

in it's gonna take a little while before

we can make the match and I'm you sure

you're up to this

yeah I think so


unidentified male number 27 coming up

glasha shit right to the flesh yeah come


Riker give it a rest cover it up cover

it up let me see that stuff

this is Devon mrs. Devon do you

recognize any of this it's Lee woods we

have a match

carded Leland Devon why don't you let me

see that you get home okay all right

just wait in the office while I get

changed her so tell me about this guy

he's dead yeah like I didn't know that

for myself having any details sorry to

tell what a crispy critter

you saw him hello Hickory sauce or some

red beans there you go for your family

of five listen this could be a homicide

I'm looking for cause of death

do you have a clue no he burned up

pretty bad

there's no signs of pre-mortem

drama-like fractured bones was he alive

before the cop caught fire open up his

mouth looked on his Pro first big it was

dead before the fire but it was black

there was smoke inhalation oh you are

rip I got plenty of them I'll pass up do

you think you could have an autopsy

report for me by tomorrow noon no


great look at this door

thank you very much oh I appreciate ya

you know I know this is a bad bad time

but I do have a couple of questions that

I'd like to ask you they're just just

routine ah okay look but if you don't

mind I'd like to change into something

more comfortable

I'll be right back thanks sure make

yourself at home

yeah I'll uh I'll wait for you how long

have you and your husband been married

seven years we met at a party in Los

Angeles a bunch of manufacturing sectors

trying to impress each other he was the

most impressive man in the room though

he was fine act casual Leland just sort

of exuded this power why were you at the

party and CEO thought I'd add a little

glamour to the evening so he invited me

along I think it was trying to get him

in pants though we figured that the

accident took place around 3:00 a.m. why

was he out so late we got a phone call

who was it

no no I mean a man or a woman uh man I

think you think Whelan was having an

affair I don't know why what do you

think someone's possible combos now

always a faithful husband but then I

wasn't always a perfect wife either


what uh what did you do after he left


I was just admiring your antiques I


guess they're mine now yeah well you

know I I I know you said that he wasn't

always faithful to you did you have a

fair student well I can try I had a

couple nothing serious

I loved my husband mr. Starkey


do you like a drink sure bourbon alright

yeah nice either

what accepting a drink while on duty

isn't that against the rules isn't local

well I've been known to break the rules

before No

what did you do after your husband got

his call uh I went back to sleep miss

Hammond was in the guest room

there's not much of an alibi is it oh do

you think you need an alibi isn't that

what this is all about did I or didn't I

kill my husband for 70 million dollars

did you I'm sorry that's uncalled for

and currently your husband's death is

classified as an accident I know I hope

you don't think I'm ready but would you

be offended if I asked you to leave I

really need some time alone

no oh I'm sorry


all right there in tell me something

what do you got going with the widow me

talking about uh were you two a Griffin

edge down at the morgue but just

wondering not deep your investigation

went before I showed up I had to give

her a sympathetic shoulder to cry on so

I could get in the house and plant the

bugs pretty smooth huh

you got bugs in every room with the

kitchen thank God pilot transcribe and

recipes alright physical surveillance

you want day or night I'll take nights

so you can coop listen I sleep on my own

time all right all right



you are so tense he thinks like he'll

Leyland oh come on

that's impossible how are you I take a

couple of alien relax and give you a

massage let's work that tenseness right

out of your body there that's it now

you're starting to relax I hope you have

some money put aside just in case this

state gets tied up in probate uh-huh I

have a checking account I didn't learn

to have a will yeah do you know where it


probably with his insurance papers

safety deposit box at the bank did he

have any place else he kept his

important papers I mean I don't know

thank Carla I'm trying to help you well

he kept his business papers in a desk

are you sure he didn't have a secret

hidden wall safe

well if it's a secret I can't tell you

can't you can tell me Carla I'm your





what are you doing in here I'm just

looking for a phone but I want to take a

cab and go home try looking under the

phone Thanks have you tried calling

Richard at home it's not there that's


I don't know where he would have gone he

usually needs some time to cool off but

this is



I'm coming



gommi that that autopsy report

oh yeah just finish it this morning oh I

was up late last night on a rush order

found all these body parts up by the

peewee golf course wanted me to put them

back together and find out how many

victims there were they brought in bags

or arms and legs I couldn't believe it

you know I was up half the night trying

to figure out what to do with his spare

legs I put all these people back

together and I had a leg leftover I

mixed the mess humble this one in that I

still had a leg left over but you know

what I figured out one of the victims

was bill funny enjoy your chicken

she's been home all day Jordans

girlfriend left this afternoon who's

that it's my pitch ja I'm stuck here all


hope I don't have to take a dump yield

me both got a call from the tower yes

the cause of death the war cranial

damage wrong three bullets one right to

the pump what kind of gun we looking for

38 caliber what's the price the vows

death was no match somebody shouting

three times before crashing his car well

she said she was home all night the

night of the murder victim's wife 68% at

a time somebody gets killed

it's the girlfriend the mom or the wife




yo-oh well is she still in there yeah I

could still hear the shout going oh I

wish we had a camera in there that

budged up one hell of a body on come on

she's a suspect that's still slip with a

salami take it down for the ice rink and

have a right on my Zamboni whatever she

does behind closed doors is none of our

business unless is something criminal

excuse me what do you win expert on

bedroom window ethics I mean I say if a

girl's gonna think I'm from clothes with

the curtains open she wants you to see




don't follow her stay here cover for me

wait a minute we don't have a wallet for

that yeah we got a warrant to plant bugs

and implant this one yet if I go in the

house and find a place for it and while

I'm poking around happen to come across

the murder gun huh hugged if she comes I

can't be right back okay


Riker I'm in your soundcheck honk your

horn if anybody comes near this place I

don't want to get caught in here



okay Riker bedrooms done








hello oh look at it's not a very good

time no the police have been here okay

right I'll talk to you later

what's your dope steak for Tina I know

she almost caught me and I didn't find

the murder gun either it's there I feel

it that broad I still husband if we

follow us sooner or later she'll lead us

to the evidence she and I picked up his

appointment book maybe we could find out

where he was going the night of the


oh oh go back Linda century Hilton Linda

Lowe Santa Monica looks like you had

something going with Jordans girlfriend

doesn't in him maybe we ought to ask her

a couple questions come on

how well did you know mr. do wrong miss

Richards boss so you didn't know him

intimately what do you mean by that uh

sexually of course not

yeah so there'd be no reason for you to

go to a hotel with him like the century

Hilton or anything you want to know if

you were banging your boy who's boss I'm

gonna tell us our meetings were strictly


mr. Duvall was concerned that Richard

was gonna turn state's evidence he

wanted to know what his frame of mind

was see if maybe I could help influence

him a little all right why would you

help Duvall because he paid me

so you want to school in Duvall I told

you no the first time you asked that

question didn't I what was your

relationship with mrs. Duvall I guess

you could say we were friends while the

men discussed business we discussed the

men we'd like to question your boyfriend

well he's out of the country on a

business trip

Wendy expect them back early next week

when did he leave Tuesday night I think

the night of the murder as a matter of

fact it was

okay Riker what do you think I think she

and the victim was screwing like bunny

top but I still say a wife pulled the

trigger we should follow her guarantee

to lead us to the evidence she pulled a

trigger for sure













can I give you a hand







I didn't kill my husband did I ask him

they were going to I wanted somebody

safe and he was becoming dangerous but

you're the best of both worlds

yeah an honest man who's Justin well

good dangerous did you ever feel like

you were in danger I guess when a

threatening calls started coming in from

a citizens group that was suing Layla's

company threatening calls death threats

yeah let's not talk about that now you

know like I gotta go I gotta go

either you come back tomorrow night

please I need you


I can't believe this so neat how could

you live like this you're late

hey bite my ear stop looking at the

secondary suspects anything good today

no no she she she was out of it yeah but

what about the guy that made the phone

call while you were searching for the

gun in the house it could be our


well you know we don't know that she did

it I mean I never found the gun yeah but

you didn't get to look everyplace did

you for my boat I don't want place you

look in the panty drawer anything good

in there you know I'm gonna take this

home and transcribe this tonight why

don't you take this tape recorder and go

on get out of here now okay does that

mean that you tell me the story about

the pain yeah I'm tired I'm gonna get

some sleep going out of here all right

oh and by the way we got the lab report

back on those tire tracks we're looking

for those SR 70 radial 15s those big 15

inches well yeah see so it couldn't have

in her car now we're looking for a

four-door American sedan something like






I couldn't kill my husband oh did I ask

him we want to race already erased come

on yeah









my word was a word

I get this guy


Oh fritz right there

she Isis /alright sucker I got a picture

you anyway so anything happened last

night she had a visitor last night I

chased them ripped my pants well what'd

he get away yeah but there's the first

good break we got in this case so far

why is that come on Stocki husband gets

murdered wife gets laid you tell me that

doesn't make this guy a prime suspect

you have any idea who this guy is

yeah who what's the matter with you

you're acting weird

you're jealous but someone's getting a

piece of that yeah I took a picture of

him it was kind of talk I don't forgot

much but I also got some hot evidence

what I got his voice on tape

he said don't talk we can make a voice

print to match him up with the guy who

called her what he was searching the

house did you recognize the voice

no but the analyzer will you should have

heard him you've got to get me that tape

from yesterday so I could bring it down

to the lab yeah sure yeah let's uh let's

check out this Allred guy first okay



which one is it looks like this one here

reminds me my aunt's place in Jersey mob

writer I'm a sight its feet of stock yes

you see uh man if we ask you a few

questions there miss for bird wondering

how long it would take you guys to find

me it's about Leland Duval's little

accident somebody shot him three times

what do you want me to say I'm sorry

he's dead I'm not a bastard killed my

son his company did it maybe they

weren't beaten safety standards there

are internal memos from an engineer but

making a safe product but a cut profits

so they'll have 105 people die this is

all I have left a kitty now the Duval

got off easy

he should have been burned alive like my

son I'm a hundred and four other people

had killed where were you Wednesday

night between 12:00 and 2:00 a.m. in bed

you can ask my wife anyone else verify

that how do you mean by that

look I'm glad the pastor's dead but I

didn't kill it whoever did it ought to

be given a reward

hell I'd pay my share the son would kill

him that bastard was a community service

thanks thanks for your time hey you

should have been burned a lot thanks

very much I appreciate Thanks

when that guy's a loose cannon but that

he killed the buff and as he did he's

not hiding his motive very well and his

alibis sucks for a minute there I

thought he was gonna confess yeah he's

just type of guy who would have killed

the vow with a pie Ryan then dial

nine-one-one typical fine upstanding I

still favored a victim's wife she killed

the husband stalked the picture if you

said it gonna nail her accomplice I bet

she's even got the murder gone hidden

somewhere in the house just wait to use

it on this guy






what the hell's going on








yeah mr. Bob Hope and wait you what do

you want

look at me ma franca homicide that's why

you expect the company do I look like

I'm expecting company

fast follow things look what do you want

just uh looking around folks you don't

have a warrant on it defiantly totally

just have a nice little friendly chat

but uh if you'd like me to get a warrant

I think that would be appropriate

just a minute mr. Riker mr. Riker you

can't go up here break the door is this

way see anything you want

yeah I just got all mixed up


now you can assure your security here

though yes ma'am you do what you like by

the way you recognize this man

Molly look at the photo no I've never

seen him before in my life

hmm that's funny you were stuck with the

mole last night thank you for your time

miss just about your early yeah well I

thought you might like to listen to this

it's a tape of a phone conversation with

a mystery man I almost had a

face-to-face yeah is you're there right


I went over knocked on a door she got

disturbed their morning screw fig I'd

see him face-to-face get a good look at

him but he hid in the bedroom like a

milkman yeah well maybe maybe you can

figure out something from the tape yeah

all right I'll see you later

yeah good luck


here we go

how soon before you can get that

comparison made oh my get started right

now I have this afternoon

are you bout through with that gun oh

yeah sure but I thought maybe you'd we

take that test-fired from you know just

for fun oh no that's okay I think I've

had plenty of fun thanks charlie I

thought you'd do me a favor

I'd like you to compare the voice on

this telephone tape with the voice on a

special paper maybe we get lucky get a

match okay you'll be able to see the

voices on a spectroscope right there

okay if the two voices seem to be

hitting in the same range I'll switch

them over to the same scope see if we

have a perfect match that doesn't work

they've got plenty more tapes for you

hopefully we'll get lucky on the first

tape keep your eye on the scope it's not

a match see how the lines here and here

too high to correspond to anything on

this tape it's two different people well

play around with somebody's here because

they've been getting from voice match a

couple of walk holes inside the usual

suspects you know the doctor the lawyer

a few of our friends that's it I'll get

right on it

Thanks see you later


no no no wait wait I'm a police officer

don't put don't put me on hold

hey good news mr. Starkey looks like

your family made the perfect bitch what

a perfect match 47 points

you found a murder gun


the hell are you doing here aren't you

supposed to be out on a stakeout yeah I

was but uh I got an idea you said that

the mystery man was supposed to be in

the house with mrs. Duvall yeah so I

wrote down the license plates of all the

cars that were parked out there and ran

a make on them see if I could get a lead

on this guy

great what are you got I'll take care of


baby could save me some work looking at

spending a half a day you know soundly

listening to tapes I'll get back to ya

the perfect match who which I don't know

I can play the tape when I run out of

the speaker's know what do it voice one

Riker I'm in this is your sound check

honk your horn if anybody comes near

this place I don't want to get caught in

here voice 2 no word don't say a word

you been acting want me to log it into

evidence no I'll take Kevin


Peter hi uh something wrong we have to

talk no no I I don't think we should be

seeing each other anymore

like not fight on something wrong I

don't know

but she'd tell me if you did it wouldn't

if I said yes would that make any

difference Peter that change your

feelings for me it wouldn't change what

we've done I opened myself up to you

like I never had before I trusted you

and I cared for you did you ever feel

the same for me with it all an act and I

want to know I care for you but I've got

a job

fuck your job

do you own a 38 caliber Smith & Wesson


is there a 38 caliber Smith & Wesson

revolver on these premises

is this a gun

what you can't hear for meet her it's

not good

that's what you want so what you want

and want it you want it


I would you have it


Jordan gave me the gun the night of the

murder he said he'd talk to Leland

didn't wanted me to hide it they were

afraid the SEC would search Jordan's

apartment and find the gun

it was unregistered and turn had had a

few brushes with the law why didn't you

tell me you had the gun after your

husband been killed because you would

have thought I was involved Jordan

called me the next day he threatened to

name me as an accomplice if I told the

police anything you were there when I

got the call remember have you have you

talked to Jordan 'since no I think he

and Linda left the country I trust you

you've got to believe I'm not involved

in this

please but I wanted to end I don't want

to end it all

see I'll come back tomorrow I'll think

about it a card


alright alright take it easy I'll give

you whatever you want what do you want

you owe me for a pair of slacks loverboy

Riker oh right was it worth it stocky

what's the word killing the husband

we're talking about seventy million

dollars remember don't let me have to

shoot you what is with you Ryker

what are you out of your mind let's look

at the facts top the fat was alive

before you got here how do I know you

and the wife didn't hook up and plan the

murders together why would I do that

my 70 million bucks right that's why and

the babe ain't buried come on like your

spoon or now I got a picture you leave

in a house you got the murder gun with

your fingerprints all off come on if I

help Carla kill her husband why would I

ask you in on it to throw off the murder

investigation which is exactly what

you've been doing why would I find the

murder gun and have a test fired I don't

know but what I do know is you tampered

with evidence you we caught it over a

tape come on I had to she said my name

is that all how do I know you didn't

plan the whole murder cover-up all right

look I had an affair with a prime

suspect which is wrong and I admit it

okay but I didn't want to tell you about

it because I thought you'd jump to the

wrong conclusion so you were working

undercover I don't believe your sake I

mean you screwing a woman I might have

killed her husband in cold blood how you

know you're not the next victim because

I don't have any money come up will you

put your gun away many nervous I don't

know what the DA's gonna make this mess

you know she's liable to walk though she

was thinking with your dick yeah I'm

telling you she didn't kill her husband

oh no she just happened to have the

murder gun that you don't think we did

thick again stocky she told me Jordan

came by the night of the murder gave her

the gun asked her to hide it why because

he thought we'd toss his place and find

it you know gun isn't registered here to

read the rest of the ballistics report

did you

guns registered to Richard John well why

would he lie to her tell her it was hot

maybe just maybe he felt her to hide the

gun she hides it we find out the hubby

was shot

search the house bingo murder gone al

fingerprints all Jordan Fraser what do

we know about this guy Jordan that's



it's like he's home wait

great 70s outfit things match you kid

this car was parked at the crime scene

same tire tread wears in the photos

looks like you off to hope stocky unless

you're having a failure Jordan no very

nice we go and ask him what about his

girl Linda yeah I think she went with

them oh all right thanks all right I

think we tossed for place and we find

anything good we got a warrant

yeah what Jordan comes back don't worry

well tell him we got a search warrant

show him some papers I've done it before

what do we have here this guy was riding

on a horse with no name this guy Jordan

a look at this place kind of what if I

was making five times my salary chopped

a beer Raipur hey Ryker right there look

it's he's no chunky not that big hey

let's go check the bedrooms okay


looks like he's cleared out all his

clothes are gone wonder why he didn't

take the picture of his girlfriend maybe

he took her with him hey stop

check this shop more ammo for the murder

gun he's got the gun licenses the permit

to carry NATO yeah look what I got here

airline ticket receipts two first-class

tickets to Bimini made out to Richard

Jordan and Linda Hammond well well

take notice he left the day after the

murder she left two days yeah yeah the

day we questioned I got an informant

over at the airport maybe you recognize

these two oh you recognize these people

hanging around the airport there yeah I

have seen her I tried to help her with

the bags but she refused she left Friday

night about 9:00 or so blue hair Jamaica

I'm not sure about this gentleman oh

yeah I did see a man in the airport that

looked like this very early Wednesday

morning but he looks older in this

picture well where'd he go

he knows the coincidence he also flew

Air Jamaica hmm

wellis I owe you one all right don't be

mr. Riker don't worry

take care you gotta get an international

APB out on Easter not yet

why not not yet Stocki she's still a

suspect you got it I'm gonna find out

where she got that going anyway


I'll break them Thomas I got a few

questions for you miss just about what

kind of questions just one thing

Stocki tells me that your husband's

business associate Richard Jordan gave

you a 38 caliber revolver to hide from

is that true

what's this about answer the question

yes Jordan gave me the gun he was afraid

Starkey would get a warrant and search

his home when did he give you this gun

Tuesday the ethanol at night what time

9:00 10:00 o'clock 2:00 a.m. so it was

Wednesday yes detective Riker

technically that would be Wednesday yes

was Jordan in the habit of dropping by

your house at that hour the morning what

the hell kind of question is that

just answer the question mrs. Duvall was

Jordan in the habit of seeing you at

2:00 a.m. no you admitted to sake that

you weren't faithful t oz while he was

alive were you having an affair with

Jordan I don't have to answer that come

on Lady

you just gonna stand there answer the

question were you doing Jordan no he hit

on me a couple of times I turned him

down flat it was my husband's employee

for Christ's sake his girlfriend was in

the house that night

fine but you must have had some kind of

relationship with him oh he wouldn't

have come here at 2:00 a.m. and given

you the murder gun he said he talked to

Leland Leland agreed to hide the gun I

said I would take care of it I put it in

a cabinet somewhere until Leland got

home but he never came home if you think

Jordan and I killed Leland for 70

million dollars then why am i standing

here answering questions for you and him

and that bimbo are often Bimini

somewhere I don't have any more

questions for you mr. valve thank you

for your time sorry

you just stood there and let him talk to

me like that this is just routine

routine I really thought we had

something but you never care about

anything but your job you used me Peter

like I was some sort of whore you used

me to get that 70 million dollars but I

am NOT the whore Peter you are never see

you again

get out




good very good

I I see Oscars Academy Award performance

thank you mmm you should have seen his

face I thought he was gonna cry

well I think you got him to believe you

and why wouldn't he

I'm great I was afraid he would search

the house and end up finding you we're

gonna be sad

so Lissa said a gun in your balls

I'm happy oh really happy




we got a talk look Peter it's over

please no no we're talking knock knock

Jordan wrong darlin once you take the

gun from them


now my Friday I'm a shy I like to put

out an APB on a Richard Jordan 52 male

Caucasian brown and blue all right I'll

send you down a photo mm-hmm


oh here again in now yeah

mr. Jordan is supposed to be in Bimini

so he can't kill you what about a kite

no no no that's too suspicious besides

the cafe that come back here sooner late

okay I have a great idea I've got that

final autopsy of all case lab sent it

over a few days ago but you haven't been


yeah just put it on top of the pile

there I'll get to it when I get to it I

see really the flowers a chunky

each one

no children was the diabetic Rock Lumia

babe get beat stocky right away

tell him to get in touch with me



okay when to hit that body and when to

put in Jordan's condo then we're going

to shoot him and kill him with his own

gun then I'm gonna take his Medic Alert

bracelet and put it in his hand and when

Linda gets so sick and tired of being in

Bimini she's gonna come home right and

she's gonna find the body and she's

gonna assume that Jordan did it I'll try

to cover it out absolutely implicating

herself in the process very good darling


Jesus is another cop


alright you stay here you watch him if

he moves you kill him


he's get his jollies off I'll kill


Oh God alright okay okay I'll make a

move up blow your head off wet stop

upstairs let's go


dead dead well you may got a real big

mistake pal you made a mistake I don't

think so okay what do we do now I don't

know what we're gonna do all right

good I'll get the car all right thank




sweetheart where you go


I love you


hi oops empty any last words

just three go to hell



you want me to read you your rights is

that really necessary my husband killed

detective Ryker

you killed my husband that couldn't be


what about the money Peter there's 70

million dollars waiting for us somewhere

my husband ate it let's say you spend of

two weeks looking for it and give up and

then we meet and split it

you wouldn't have to split it we could

share it No Deal