Vicious Lips (1986) - full transcript

A band finally gets the opportunity for that breakthrough gig if they can make it to an "in" club on another planet in time.

# You play it close to the heart

# And everybody knows it

# But now you're running
out of room to hide

# So many battles to be fought

# One chance is all you ever got

# To keep the dream alive

# You gotta reach

# Reach for your dreams

# Don't let it slip away

# Nothing can hold you back this time

# Come on now reach

# Reach for your dreams

# Heaven is on it's way

# This is the chance
you've been waiting for

# So now you're laying on the line

# Nothing's gonna stop you

# You know that time is on your side

# And when you think you're losing ground

# Don't let them catch you looking down

# 'Cause only the strong survive

# You gotta reach

# Reach for your dreams

# Don't let it slip away

# Nothing can hold you back this time

# Come on now reach

# Reach for your dreams

# Heaven is on it's way

# This is the chance
you've been waiting for

# Waiting for

# Waiting for

You're pathetic

Oh please Maxine forgive me.

How dare you cancel on me Peadbody,

and with less than 10 light years notice.


It's not my fault,

the band was killed in a spaceship wreck,

they're dead for God's sake Maxine.

They're dead.

- All I know is I have
a hole in my program

for tomorrow night because of you.

does this mean I'm, I'm...


You're dead Peabody.

Out of the business.

Now crawl out of my office.

No Maxine no.

Give me another chance, please.


Who will I allow to fill
the slot tomorrow night?


Which band gets a chance
at super galactic stardom?

What about that band Asher handles?


No, that little prick Matty.

Matty Asher?

I hit you, you sleazy little toad.

I just got hired as the
lead of The Cruiseshacks.

Oh no, Ace you you can't quit now.

I've got a lot of big
deals I'm working on here.

No, Ace come on.

We put everything into you,

all the posters have your name on them.

- I'm so tired of listening
to your bullshit scams.

If they wanna listen to you,

they're as stupid as you look.

- No Ace, you gotta understand
we put everything into you.

All the money, all the
posters, everything.

We made you into the singer
The Cruiseshacks want!

Yeah, thanks a lot schmuck.

- I guess I'm gonna have to
get the band a new voice.

We've got an hour Matty.

How am I gonna get a voice in an hour?



- Our next contestant is a
senior here at Solo High School,

put your hands together for
Miss Jumping Judy Jetson.

- Hi, my name is Judy Jetson
and I'm going to sing a song.

# They tell me it's only a dream

# But it's too far away

# Nothing is what it seems

- Thank you, thank you
Trudy that was truly lovely.

A lovely little girl that Trudy.

Hey, hey, hey, hey thoughts, thoughts.

I thought you were
really terrific tonight.

Really, really absolutely marvelous, yes.

Why thank Mister...


Matty Asher, personal
manager of the stars.

Listen, I'm managing
up and coming rock band

the Vicious Lips, you've
heard of them I bet.

No I haven't.

That don't matter, don't matter at all.

But what is important
is that, the girls here,

they just got a gig at Maxine
Mortogo's club, The Dream.

But they lost their lead singer Ace Lucas.

What happened?

- That's not important,
it's not important at all.

What is important is that
I wanna make you a star.

I wanna make you the lead
singer of the Vicious Lips.

Would you like that?

Huh, huh, huh?

- Me?
- Yeah.

- The lead singer?
- Yeah.


Yeah, yeah absolutely, yeah, yeah yeah.

So come on, come one we've got-

Does it pay much?

- Don't think much
about that dear come on.

Just come with me and trust me.

Now we've gonna link up with
the band and get to The Dream.

The Dream?

The Dream.

The Dream.

Hey babes.

Hey Matty did you get us a voice yet?

I earn my 40% girls.

Baby come here.

Darling come in, come in here.


Judy Jetson.




Judy, we've gotta change that.

That's no good.


Ace Lucas.

Yeah, we'll call her Ace Lucas.

That's a great idea,
I love it, real swift.

Really sick Matty.

Yeah sick.

Yeah, yeah I know it's kind of morbid.

It's kind of morbid,

but we don't have to change
the posters or nothing.

We can save a lot of money too,

no one will ever be the wiser.

It's a great living memorial to her.

Listen girls why don't you
teach her the material,

we've got a few minutes to go here.

Because I'm gonna go make some phone calls

and do some business,
you know what I mean?

Who left my lip brush in the ash tray?

Let me use it.

Clean it.

I'm not gonna clean your brush.

- Shit, I'm really
pissed though after last night.

I mean he didn't even give
me his communicative digit

or anything when I asked him.

I mean he said that he changed it.

- The Cruiseshacks
scored that disco last week.

- Do we have to talk about
it all the time please.

Whose is hair is this?

You better get into your
costume honey, we're on in 10.

# There is a place for
us beyond the curtain

# Beyond the curtain of life

# There is a time to run for the future

# For the future of life

# Oh why

# Are we so blind

# Can we not find the eyes to see

# I hear you crying when
you walk in your sleep

# Is it any wonder

# I feel your breath upon on my face

# Running in the deep

# With everyone you meet

# For every tear a new beginning


It's Maxine.


Maxine, hi.

You look wonderful.

Those damn Bodo's canceled on me Asher.

Listen, I am going to give
you the shot of a lifetime.


Wait, you'll give us a gig tomorrow night?

# I see the writing on the wall

# A lonely heart in isolation

# Reaching out to break my fall

# My emotions are wide open

# Step into the world inside my dreams

# Hold me close in loves illusion

# Save me

# I need someone to save me

# Caught up in a chain
reaction of the world gone wild

# Save me

# Somebody save me

# Caught up in a chain
reaction of the world gone wild

# It's a town of cold confusion

# Just trying to stay alive

# Alibis and accusations

# It's a game of who survives

# You don't know the secret of my life

Can you make it Asher?

Oh yeah yeah, we'll make it.

- I don't care if
you are across the galaxy.

- We're halfway across
the galaxy from you,

but we'll make it baby, don't worry.

Don't worry sweetcakes.

# Caught up in a chain
reaction of the world gone wild

# Save me

# Oh somebody save me

# Caught up in a chain
reaction of the world gone wild

# Here I am standing alone

# Save me, save me


# Save me, save me

# Free me

The only shit band,

is the one you're in.

# You don't know the secrets of my life

# You can't see through my disguise

# Save me

# Oh somebody save me

# Caught up in a chain
reaction of the world gone wild

# Save me

- One way or two, this
band is gonna make it.

# Somebody save me

Tomorrow night promise Thomas.


# Save me

# Somebody save me

Be there Asher.

Yeah okay.

You screw me and you are dead meat.

# Hear I am standing alone

See you tomorrow, okay.

# Ah, ah, ah, ah

This is it, this is our big break.

The big time job, here we go.

# Ah, ah, ah, ah

Hey girls.

Enough music here.

Hey, hey thank you.

Danker schern kids, this
band here has gotta run now,

but hey maybe we can do it
again sometime.

Matty what are you talking about?

We're not done with the set.

- I just got off the
phone with Maxine Martogo

she got a cancellation and
she's giving us a shot.

Radioactive Dream?

Yeah, yeah.

It's our big break, it's a
big chomp we're cracking.

- Catch me I'm gonna
feint, I'm gonna feint.

So we gotta get out of here,

we've gotta split, we've gotta go now.

Now, now, now.

We've gotta be there tonight.

Be there when?


- I've
got nothing to wear.

I've been waiting for this for so long

and now I've got nothing to wear.

She's gonna hate me.

Oh my God, my clothes are
in tatters, they're rags.

These tights have got gum in them!

- Okay girls, let's
go, let's go, let's hustle now.

I'm gonna get some money for
our wonderful show this evening

but when I get back I
want you to be ready.

Y'all understand me now?

What about my sonic dreamers,

I left them on the stage.

- Don't worry
baby I'll get rid of it,

I'll take of it okay.

But you hustle, Wynzi you're always late,

you're always hassle.

I love ya but you act like a moron.

- Oh shut up.
- So this time

be ready when I'm back.

You too.

Mind your own beeswax.

Look good.

So you're Mandoa?


- Is this Radioactive
Dream gig really that big?

Yeah, if Matty's not dreaming.

He does that you know.

I don't know why we keep him on.

- Well then, this could
be the real big break.

Yeah, anything's possible.

That's wonderful.

For us.

We're gonna need a pro
voice for this though.

If this things for real,
we can't use an amateur.

- I take it that means you
don't care for my voice.

It's average.

I guess I won't be going with you then?

I guess not.

Hang out anyway though.

We may not be able to
scrounge up a voice in time.

Okay girls, are we ready to go here?

Huh, huh?

Wynzi, Wynzi, what are your doing?

I'm still changing.

my ankle.


Let go of me!
- We're going now,

we're going now.

It's fine, it's fine but we're going now.

It's this brew you're drinking,
it's rotting your brain.

Come on, are you ready to go or what?

Let's get moving, moving,
moving yeah, yeah.

You mean I get to go?

Yeah, yeah, come on.

- Really, I get to go
with the band to the gig?

Shoot Mr. Asher, you don't
know how much this means to me.

I just wish there was some
way I could thank you.


We'll think of something.

In the meantime just get
your butt moving, come on.

Yeah yeah, come on, come on.

I told you, I told you didn't I?

Didn't I?

Trust me.

Hey, hey babe come on.


Honey what planet are you from?

Your accent sound awfully familiar?

Hey mind parking it?

- No leave the keys in
the ignition, I'll get to it.

We're going now.

We're going and we're gonna make it.

It's great.

It's great all the way.

We're gonna have space cruisers,

we're gonna have, what
else are we gonna have?

We're gonna have fun condos.

Hey I told you, put your
faith in Matty Asher.

Oh yeah,

stay away from that rear cargo hold.

Drugs huh?

- Nah, we're
carrying an ultra violent

derange psycho killer.

- Because it's
catching, like a disease.

Excuse me.

A disease?

Murdered over 5,000 women.

- And you're
sure he can't get out?

- Nah, it's
in one of them titanium cells,

it'll hold him, unless
we crash or something

and then boom, who cares.

Okay red light here.

I'm gonna go get the space cruiser,

you all hang tight, just relax.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, I was wondering
if I might get my car.

- Come on, you sucking
maggot licking slut slug.

Who was Ace Lucas anyway?

She was our lead singer.

She's dead now.


I shouldn't be using her
name, not if she's dead.


She doesn't give a shit.

Come on, come on, yeah!

- You know I was thinking,
I want everything

to be exactly right when
we get to The Dream.

When I walk out there,
I want everyone to say

"who is that?"

Okay kids, here we go.

Lounge, gallery, storage,

rear corridor, shower, toilet, baggage.

Oh yeah,

stay away from that rear cargo hold.

# Some people think they've seen it all

# They have so far to go

# And they may never understand

# You reap just what you've sown

# Well they think they
know just what it's worth

# But can't afford to pay

# They reach out to grab a star

# But they're too far away

# We've come this far

# But we're light years
away so don't make it hard

# You just can't look in the mirror

# To see who you are

# When you're lost in the ocean of stars

# When you're lost in the ocean of stars

# You better remember the days gone past

# Civilizations we thought would last

# Tell me where they are now

# Lost in the ocean of stars

# They're all lost in the ocean of stars

# They're all lost in the ocean of stars

# We're all lost in the ocean of stars

Thanks babe.

- We shouldn't zip through
the forbidden zone Matty,

it's too damn dangerous.

Yeah, yeah I know.

But it's the only shortcut
through the alpha system babe.

We've gotta make this gig.

God damn we've gotta make this.

You ready?

I think so.

Wanna try it?

# Looking at the city lights below me

# And I'm heading for
another night on the road

# Now I find myself in orbit

# In a vacuum full of dreams

# Leaving worlds behind

# In hopes of finding destiny

# Feels like light years away

# Since I felt the warmth
of sunlight on my face

# Seems like light years away

# 'Cause I made the road my home

# I saw a picture
postcard in the gift store

# I bought it 'cause it reminds me of home

# Racing through corridors to nowhere

# Only to find the same old crowd

# It leaves you weak

# But it can keep you
from what's mean to be

# Feels like light years away

# Since I felt the warmth
of sunlight on my face

# Seems like light years away

# Since I've seen a ray
of sun on a cloudy day

# Light years away

# Light years away

Top job babes.

Really, yeah.

It was okay.

Don't worry about her, she's fried.

We'll have them don't worry,

especially with this
Radioactive Dream gig.

Piece of cake.

No problems here.

We'll be there in a few minutes.

Million bucks.

I heard that The Radioactive Dream gig

can make you or break you?


Flop there and it's over, scary.

Bree, Bree you alright?



Are we in heaven?

No, but your wigs off.

- I don't know where we are
man, but it ain't heaven.

Where's Matty I'm gonna kill him.

There's something in the sand.

Come here quick, there's
something moving in the sand.



It was moving in the sand.

That's not funny.

There it is again!

There it is again.

I'm sorry, I thought.

- Hey did any of you girls
catch the license digits

of that maniac who almost-

Shut up Matty.

Know what a joke is?

Can't understand a joke?

Are you ignorant or something?


There's something out


Man, golly.

One little comet can do all this?


Oh no Maxine.

The gig, the gig.

Oh no I gotta get Maxine on communicator,

she's gonna pissed off incredibly.

Oh pink.


Oh no, oh my god.

Oh no.





Heavy huh.

Not that.


What's that?

Communicators destructo babe.

Well what does that mean?

What does that mean?

It means we're stuck here in
the middle of Sand Central

with no way to call for help.

We don't got any fresh clothes or,

I've got four cigars left
that's what it means.

Do you understand?

Do you capeesh?

- If this true, maybe
I'll die or something.

- Probably.


Help on its way?

Ah, communicators dead as a ripe sock.


- Come on now here,
does anybody have any ideas?

Any brainstorms here?

'Cause we gotta make this
gig, we gotta make it.

Well far do you think it is

to the nearest pay communicator?

- Yeah, yeah yeah, it
can't be too far can it?

It can't be too far.

How would you pig head?

Probably a hundred miles or something.

Better forget about the gig.

Forget about the gig.

It's at Radioactive Dream,
forget about the gig?

Are we in trouble?

Nah, nah nah babe.

Nah, minor hassle.

- Yeah we crash on desolated
planets all the time.

Oh come on, shut up.

You're trying to scare the
bejesus out of the little girls?

You scare the bejesus out of me.

Oh no, no, no Wynzi.

It's no biggie really, it's
no biggie, trust me, trust me.

Then call a cab, no biggie.

Oh just shut up.

Let me scam for a minute here.

Just let me scam for a beat.

- Gonna be real
tough to scam this one.

Well somebodies gotta go for help.

Somebodies gotta go go for help.

Why don't you go?

I'll, I'll go.

- Aw come on.
- You can't be serious Matty.

What, what?

She's in the band now,
she's gotta pull her weight.

Yeah, good good.

You go Matty.


What, what?

You want me to go?

No, no, no, wait, wait.

Why not?

'Cause I'm the only male here

doesn't mean that I have to
play Mr. Hero with big balls.

No, no, no siree.

I'm not going, no.

Why don't you go Mandoa?

You're tougher than most guys I know.

- Remember all of
the deals we're gonna miss.

Oh shut up.

Shut up.

Shut up I've gotta call Maxine!

She's gonna kill me,
Maxine's gonna kill me.

My name is gonna be galactic manure.

I'm ruined.

Cool down, cool down, God.

Oh jeez.

Okay, I'm going.

I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna go.

But it's gonna cost you babes.

Bye Matty.

- There's plenty of food for
you and don't get a sunburn.

You're a brave man Matty.

Don't forget to write.

Here take these, good luck.

Yeah, yeah.

Bye, bye, bye.

Now don't go anywhere, don't leave.

Be right back!

Son of a bitch, what'd I tell ya.

- Gee, did you feel how hot
those suns are out there?

Shut the hatch Bree.

What you thinking about Wynzi?

My face.

It's beautiful.

Oh it was.

I'm getting crows feet, shit I hate them.


I've had a lot of bad luck.

I'm sure Wynzi.

I mean, I'm sure you've
had a lot of bad luck.

Otherwise you would've made it by now.

I mean, you've got so much talent

and you've got so many neat looks.

That's right honey.

Who are the Cruiseshacks?

I overheard you talking about 'em.

- They're this mediocre
band who had a lot of luck,

they got the big break.

They're looking for a lead singer,

anyway who wants to talk about them?

We're much more talented.

New band.

That's right, a new band for me.

We'll be thinking, we'll be doing.

I can think.

Forget the girls, they don't
got nothing that I don't got.

This is gonna be.

I've gotta get to a fucking phone!

Shit, the powers off.

- Yeah, the reactors putting
out a pinch of juice.

It's not enough for the cooker.

Enough for what?

A tom of java.

Hey Wynzi?

Uh huh.

Want some java?

No thanks.

I'd like to try some please.

What do you think of this new girl?

She'll be okay.

I don't know.

What do you mean?

- She bothers me, she
gave me a strange feeling.

You know we can't count on Matty.

I never do.

I'm gonna go check out the communicator,

maybe I can fix it.



I've got women, I'm
done with fucking women.

Banished by fucking women.

I wanna talk about our situation.

We're just waiting for Matty?

- She wants to take a
crack at the communicator.


- That means we've got to
save the power we have left.

And that means no electron showers.

No electron showers.


So stink for a day Wynzi.

- Okay, is there anything
I can do to help Bree?

Yeah, come on.

What a mess.

Can you give me a hand?


- I'm gonna need my
equipment bag in the back.

The baggage room?

Mmm hmmm.

Try this.

What is it?

Oh it's so good.

What is it?

It's marshana o.

It's a total zoomph, try it.

I don't know.

Go on.

feel the rush?

Thanks, that's great.

Excuse me Mandoa.

Oh shit.


Fucking bitch.

I don't know about this Judy.


Anybody back there?


What am I doing down here?

This is really stupid.

What was that?

Maybe it's-

Shut up.

It's breathing.

What do we do?

There's definitely something in there.

Let's go get your bag.

What the hell are you doing?


What's going on?

What's going on?

You two guys know there's
something in there?

No shit.

It's the thing in the sand.

The what?

The thing in the sand?

She's been smoking with Wyn's herb.

She serious about the thing in the sand?

Mmm hmmm.

Things in the sand huh?

Don't worry about them,

they're probably rodents or something.

What you scared me half to death.

Whatever it is, it's not big.

There's something in the baggage room.

What do you mean it's not big?

What is?

Don't worry you guys.

- There's a thing
in the baggage room!

- It's just a cockroach,
don't worry about it.

It's not, it's not a cockroach.

Don't humor me.

Come on Bree.

What's in there?

Calm down.

Whatever it is, don't worry about it.

Wynzi, Wynzi come on.

- The thing in the,
what thing in the sand?

- It's in the baggage room
and it's not gonna hurt us,

just stay out of the baggage room.

It could get out of there.

Come on, no it's not.

The doors locked.

- Oh my God.
- Wynzi.

Are we gonna like die or something?

- Hey-
- Calm down.

No, everything will be,
you're a wimp sometimes.

You bitch Ace.

We are not amused.

- You better not give
her anymore of that shit.

Did you see that slick?

You're funny, a regular comic.

- Hey, did somebody
remember to lock that door?

# And you just like exactly what I need

# I want somebody tonight

# Give me your body tonight

# I want somebody tonight

# Give me your body tonight

Hiya girls.

Matty Asher, professional
manager to the stars.

Come on Matty.

Matty come on.

# You look just like exactly what I need

# I want somebody tonight

# Give me your body tonight

Come on Matty, keep up.

# I want somebody tonight

# Give me your body tonight

Anyone for a game of solar trivia?


Boy Wynzi, you sure have a lot of makeup.

You change so much all the time,

it's hard to tell what
you really look like.

This is me.

Under all this shit is
shit, just like my life.

Ever think about quitting?


If I didn't have the
band, I'd have nothing.

I'd do anything to make it Wynzi.


Would you have sex with a funghi dwarf?

Christ, no way.

I did.

That was really a low point.

What happens if you don't make it?


What happens if you don't make it?

What do you mean by that?

I was just wondering.

Go away.


Would you like me to get you another?

Cruiseshacks need singer.


Excuse me Mandoa.


She's getting a cold now.

You know you've got a great act.

Very bright Mandoa.


- Looks like you already
gave yourself a break.

- It's just a contact,
what's the big deal?

It's none of your business anyway.

I thought you wanted to be in our band.

I haven't decided what I want yet.

Matty picked it right.


Your name, Ace.

Just like her.

A little girl on the
outside, a shark on inside.


- Maybe you're right,
maybe I am like her, smart.

I haven't decided if I want you singing,

if we make The Dream.

Can't do that, Matty said-

Matty's out honey.

So are you.

The other's won't let you do that.

You need a voice.

I make your shitty little band.

I don't think so.

You okay?

She's really messed up.

- Take us to the top
Matty, the big lights.

I will, I will.

Oh you're bad.

I am.

You're wonderful Matty.

So Mandoa's writing is really great,

we ought to do it at The Dream.

It's perfect for me.

Get your sleazy hands off of my music.

What makes you think

I'd let you sing one of my songs anyway?

Fine, I won't sing it.

No one will hear it anyway.

- Oh they'll hear it alright,
they'll hear it at The Dream,

but you won't be singing it.


Wynzi, you want me to sing right?


Wynzi you want to me sing right?

Let her sing.


You're still out.

Ah yeah.

Damn it, she's using the power again.

# The children see


Now that we're out of power,

we're stuck in here with that thing.

What are we supposed to do?

You're the smart one, you tell me.

- Dammit Wynzi, I told
you not to take a shower.

Shut up.

- Yeah now the powers gone
and the screamers dead.


We're talking to you.

You aren't supposed to be using our power.

- Get your meat hooks off
of me, you little bitch.


You painted little drunk.

You're all against me.

It's not my fault that
you haven't made it,

it's your own fault.

- We know it's our fault,
you don't have to tell us.

Well then stop taking it out on me.

Then stop ragging on us then.

I'm not ragging on you.

But it just bothers me to
sit around here all day

and listen to you bitch
about how life is so unfair.

You don't give a shit about your music,

you don't give a shit
about yourselves anymore,

you don't even care if you make it or not.

You might as well just be dead like Ace.

At least we don't screw each other.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe I was being selfish.

But if you weren't gonna
take advantage of The Dream,

I sure as hell was.

Hey wait a minute.

Maybe we're not perfect and
maybe you're gonna be a big star

and maybe we'll never make it,

but that doesn't give you
the right to judge us.

We're doing the very
best with what we've got

and at least we're loyal to each other

and if you don't like
that, well that's too bad.

I'm getting out of here.




Bree, Mandoa!

# Girl you got a way about you

# Any fool can see

# And the way the dance

# Well, it just says something to me

# I'll make it worth your while

# Come on you know what I mean

# I'll give you something to smile about

# I'll give you something
that you've never seen

# And don't say you won't

# Don't say you won't

# I'm hot for you

# You got me hot for you



Good choice in tact.

I'm tired of feeding people thin.

Chow down.

Ah, tasty.

Wait, wait, wait a minute.

Hey hey, hey hey hey.

Hey hey hey.

Before we eat her,

I wanna.


# You got me hot for you

So you want to be a star

Give me a little kiss.

Must be the boyfriend.

# You got me hot for you

I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.

Hey babe.

Who are you?

I'm Brock Christian.

And you must be Judy Jetson.

Let's go home, shall we.

But we can't.

My friends are in the spaceship

and we've gotta go save them.


No we don't.

Aren't you tired?

Don't you wanna go home?

Settle down and have babies.

Have my babies.

Oh god no.



- Come on, you look
like they'll carry you.

Come on, I can get you
out of this nightmare.

Come on, follow me, come on.

Please, I think I can.

Come on, this way.

Just a minute.

Why are we waiting?


Boy oh boy, that was close.

This thing just won't die.

I wonder what he's made out of.

I don't know,

he's some kind of a monster,

he's something undead.

Not like me huh?

It's all been so crazy.

It's a nightmare.

- Yeah, that's the way it is
down here on Passion Planet.

By the way,

my name is Ace.

Ace Lucas.

Oh my god.

You stole my name witch.

No I didn't, Matty gave it too me.

You trying to take my place.

No, no, you quit the band!

- You stole my name witch.
- No!

Now I want it back.

Give it to me.

You can take it, it's yours!

It's yours.

- You wanna be Ace.
- No.

Okay, I'll be Judy.

Give me my name back.

- Take it, it's yours!
- Give it back.

Give it back!

- You can have it!
- Give it back.

Give me my name back!
- Take it!

- Take it back, I
don't want it, take it back.


Mandoa, what are you doing here?

We're a band Judy.

Band's gotta stick together.

Mandoa, I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to double cross you,

I didn't mean to go off.

I don't wanna be a star anymore.

Come on, we've gotta get to the ship.

You're going home, come on.

I'm sorry.

Go to the ship Judy.

Don't go Judy.

Don't say that you're
going to have no fun now.


You screwed us babe.

No I didn't.

Joined up with the Cruiseshacks huh?

No I didn't.

I was gonna make you a star.

- You know it.
- No.

It's not right.
- You know it.

Where am I?

I'm sorry.

You wanna be a star?

No, give me a prayer?

You wanna be a star.

I don't wanna be a star.

I don't.


You wanna be a star.

The dream finished.

Are you alright, are you alright?

What happened?

You feinted?

Where am I?

- Why you're at The Dream
of course, you've made it.

Come we must get you ready.

You're on with your band in five minutes.


I don't understand.



This is The Dream.

But you're so ugly.

So are you my dear.

Judy come on.

We've been very worried about you.

Where are you taking me?

We got this really hot black dress.

- No, I don't wanna.
- And a nice little wig.


- I wrote this song called
Lunar Madness for you.

No, I don't wanna go.

I changed my mind.

I don't wanna do this Mr. Asher.

Hello and hi,

welcome to The Radioactive Dream.

Once a mess, now a nightmare, but it is.

Maxine Mortogo proudly
presents its newest discovery,

from the farthest reaches
of the galactic perversion

for the first time on intercellular TV,

ladies and gentleman, things and gings,

put a bite on for Vicious Lips.

# Like it does in vulcan tide

# I hear the moon is going tonight

# We'll lunar down and don't let go

# You try so hard but I already know

# Lunar madness

# Every now when the full moon arises

# I feel a change within me

# They used to call me moonstruck or crazy

# It ain't too hard to believe

# Running wild with no room for reason

# A periodic disease

# We'll take a hold on a caught illusion

# It's calling out for me

# Lunar madness

# Take a shot and I'll throw a line

# He'll make it up some other time

# I hear the call it's driving me wild

# I've got to be just alone for a while

# Lunar madness

# Anticipating experiences

# It's got the best of me

# There ain't no logic in my defenses

# I just wanna be free

# He calls me Jekyll but I can't hide

# 'Cause it knows no sympathy

# Just watching the full moon arising

# It takes effect on me

# Lunar madness

- Times change and it
find you lost and alone.

The power of the planet
strikes deep within you,

and shakes the life of
everything you've know.

Voiceless hearts wishing to
find something to hang onto,

in a world of confusion where
there's no place to hide.

Feel the madness stir within you,

a cry of the universe inside your mind.

# Lunar madness

# Lunar madness

# Lunar madness

# Lunar madness

Not bad Asher.

Not bad.

We're looking at a total,
absolute phenomemon here.

Well I wouldn't go that far.

You don't need to, you don't need to.

I'm just gonna take them
over to the Adromeda-


I love it when you talk Matty.

# Every night when full moon arises

# I feel a change within me

# They used to call me moonstruck or crazy

# It ain't hard to believe

# Running wild with no room for reason

# A periodic disease

# We'll take a hold on a caught illusion

# It's calling out for me

# Lunar Madness

# Lunar

# Madness

We'll talk later.

I'll talk, you'll listen.

Whatever you say, big boy.

Don't touch my fucking hair.

# Madness

# Lunar

# Madness

# Lunar

# Madness

# Moving on to another show

# One more tonight with no one to hold

# I've been on moons
where night never ends

# That empty feeling comes back again

# So I drift away to another start

# On the edge and reaching so far

# There's a light in
the darkness that shines

# The dreams I hope that
will one day be mine

# Never letting go we must hold on tight

# Run for the promise
and be willing to fight

# Lips on the moon

# Feel the power shaking you

# Lips on the moon

# Back on the road and
we're not gonna lose

# Lips on the moon

# We are the witness to tales of doom

# Lips on the moon

# We better stand

# Lips on the moon

# After a while it's a matter of pride

# They'll knock you down
but you hold your head high

# 'Cause somewhere off on a distant shore

# Are the dreams we've been searching for

# They come to life as we're closing in

# We fought the odds and we'll do it again

# Lips on the moon

# Feel the power shaking you

# Lips on the moon

# Back on the road and
we're not gonna lose

# Lips on the moon

# We are the witness to tales of doom

# Lips on the moon

# We made a stand

# Lips on the moon

# Feel the power shaking you

# Lips on the moon

# Back on the road and
we're not gonna lose

# Lips on the moon

# We are the witness to tales of doom

# Lips on the moon

# We made our stand

# Lips on the moon

# Lips on the moon