Vicious (2019) - full transcript

A girls weekend in a remote cottage in the Ardennes. Relationships are put into focus - do the four girls know everything about each other? The filming of the 'best youth book' of 2012 written by Mel Wallis de Vries.

Where are they?
- They're on their way.

Hey, sweetheart.

Hi, my darling.

If you don't like it there, just call.


I can always come for you.

I'm not five anymore.

- Maybe I won't come back at all.

Hey, cut it out.

Bye, Mommy-dear.
- Bye, sweetheart.

Have fun.
- Thanks.

- Abby.

Sorry we're late.

Nice coat.

I slept at Casper's.
- Were you allowed to?

Yeah, duh, I was at Pippa's.

And, how was it?

Key to the house.
- Yes.

Hello. Everything okay?

We're taking the master bedroom.

Or shall I come after all?

No, it's a girls' weekend.

Plus one boy?

Oh-oh, that's going
to be three days of pining.

- Hello.

Girls, I'm here.
- Pippa.


Had fun staying over
at my place?

- Hi.

How cute, he's shy.

Okay, photo.

Do you have the bread?

Oh shit, completely forgot about that.

But this is grain too.

Sorry, Casper,
she's ours now.


Sweet. He'll only think of you
for the next three days.


Hey, is this going to work out?
- Yes.

Sure? Keys?
- Yes, will you call me?

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

- Yup.

Welcome at Pippa Tours.

Specialized in girlfriend trips
just before exam stress begins.

Don't talk about school, please.

With all the luxuries...
- And booze!

for your exam stress.

Our drive to the Ardennes
will take exactly...

♫ Tonight.

♫ We are young

♫ So let's set the world pn fire

♫ We can burn brighter

♫ Than the sun

♫ Tonight


Who's that new lover of yours?
- Hello, private.

Girls, put your phones away.
Let's play a game.

Yes, okay. I spy with my little eye
and it is...

the sex alphabet game.

Anus, boner, clitoris...

No, you have to mention all the boys

you've French-kissed or slept with.

Well, let's have that sex game of yours.
- Okay.

Well, the A of Alex.

And Mr. Arends, of course.

Is that the..

The hot gym teacher at my old school.

That's why I'm with you guys now.

Okay, I've got an Abel.

Oh, and Antoine.

I see. International.

- I don't have an A.

- Okay, B.


- Ben.

Oh, and a Bruce.

Feline, you slut.
- I had no idea.

This all happened on vacation.
- Oh, vacation.

I don't have a B either.
- Casper.

And Cees.
- Ouch, I have a Cees as well.

Pippa, do you also have a Cees?

No, but I do have a Cornelis.

And I think I'm forgetting one.

Oh no.

Not Christiaansen from German.

- Christoph.

Did you have sex with him?
- No.

I thought you didn't want to because...
- He had a really big one.

A porn prick. A super schlung.

But seriously, Kimmy, that's beautiful.
Waiting for Mr. Right.

So romantic.

Despite the calm weather,
we warn you for wintry conditions.

Especially the Ardennes will be hit

with heavy snow and wind.
Be careful if you have to drive.

We can fill her up there.
- Oh, yes...

Are you sure?
- Be careful!

Can't you watch out?


- Abby, will you give me a hand?

I'll be right there, okay?
- Yes.


Let's check inside.


Be right back.



Feline, this is not funny.

Cool, right?
- No.

You're terrible.
- This is fantastic.

I don't know if she agrees.
- Otherwise just pay with your credit card.

Very funny
- Huh?

The light.

I was out here. Come.

Hey, did you find it?
- Creep fest in there.

Did we pay?
- There's no one here.




- Bully, here.

Awful man.

What a creep.
- Yes.

He wanted you to stay
and give him a good time.

That old geezer must be experienced.

Yes, and you like older men, don't you?

You go, Kimster.

To the right,
to the right!

What the fuck.

Dude, what are you doing?


Hey, the highway hooligan.
Are you staying here as well?

Yes, a bit further up the road.

We're having a girls' weekend.

That's fun. All weekend?

Hey, do you guys have any bread?


We're having cheese fondue tonight,
but we forgot the bread.

We can bring some bread along.
- Okay.

If we can join you.
- Around eight? The house down there.

Yes, perfect.
- But without the rifle.

We don't like hunting.
- Okay.

Wasn't it a girls' weekend?
Why invite boys over right away?

Is that a problem
for a man-eater like you?

We don't even know these guys.

They weren't creeps, were they?
And now we have bread.

Yes, and not enough cheese fondue.
- Shall I cancel them? Do you want me to?

Yes, this is our last trip together
before our finals.

We'll enjoy one evening with them
and then it'll just be the four of us.

And Pippa won't take such decisions
by herself anymore.

No, I solemnly swear I'll never let
any creepy boys into our home again.


With the shutters open
it's really cozy.


Hello, are you coming?
- Yes.

Isn't the view phenomenal?


Casper said something...

Wow, this is creepy. Look here.
- It just needs to get heated up.

Het moet gewoon even ppwarmen.

Did Casper shoot that?
- No.

It's mainly his father who hunts.
You know that.

Have you guys been here before?
- Yes, with Casper.

- Casper used to live next door.

So I came along once.
- Without your parents?

My parents were in a sort of crisis,
so they sent me...

On a sleepover?
- Yes.

I've been there.

Yes, this room is super chill.

We're sleeping here. Come.

- Bye.

You want top or bottom?

You choose.
- Okay.

I was going to sleep with Kim.

Okay, sorry.

I just thought, since we'll be
travelling together...

It's not that I really promised her.

No, but I understand.
You've been friends a long time.

I've shared rooms with her so often...

Are you sure?

I'm so excited to stay here with you.

Now you have three days
to find out if I snore and stuff.

I'm really not sure if I can do it.

We always said the three of us were
going to study in Groningen together.

I just think it'll be great with you.

Who is 'Ghost'?

Your father.

Okay? I'll be right back.

What do you think
'no contact whatsoever' means?


Not all the way.
Leave it ajar.

Okay. Freaky.

Yes, but you already knew.

We discussed that.
Yes, we did.

No, not at all.

Yes, of course. Goddammit.

Pippa thinks I'm freaky
for leaving the door ajar.

I mean, she's really okay,
but sometimes...

Because she shares a room with Abby?
- She also does it with you, doesn't she?

In the car with those guys,
inviting them?

You didn't want that, did you?

But you all did, so...

I'm going to cook.



I didn't dare say no.
- We had an agreement.

Yes, I know, sorry, I...

Pippa just really wanted it. It's the
first time she's coming with us, so...

I don't want her to feel left out.

The next time we'll share
a room again, okay?

What was it like with Casper?


I expected more from it.

Like what?

You know, bells and whistles
and explosions and fireworks.

Sounds like a New Year's Eve party.

Yes, with Pop Tarts.

- You're a fruitcake.

Better a fruitcake than a tart.

Love you.

Sorry. For not being there for you
in the car.

It's okay.


Pippa is just Pippa, she always
shoots her mouth.

Don't take it personally.

Why didn't you want those boys
to come over?

I wanted to talk about something,
with you guys.

You still can, right?

Gee, great fun.

So cold.

- Hi.

Can I join in the laughter?

- Why not?

Because of you we're short
on cheese fondue.

Problem solved.



Should I text Casper about the boys?

No, of course not. Who cares?

What happens in the Ardennes
stays in the Ardennes.

Very good.
- Exactly.

That's it.
- Right.

I'll get it.

- Hi, hello.

- Hoi.

I said without the rifle.

Yes, sorry. That's against
Belgian serial killers.

Put that away.

Did it scare you?
- Kim is very sensitive.

Sorry, we thought it was funny.

Are you okay?
- Yes.

- Yes, please.

Nice that you're here, guys.
- Cheers.


So how do you all know each other?

Abby and I from primary school,

Feline and I from hockey camp
and then also primary school.

That's a long time.
- Yes, very long.

And next year we're going
to Groningen together.

Boring. No way I'm going to university
straight away.

First some traveling.
Hop on a plane with my backpack and just...


No hassle, no parents, no school.
- Exactly.

Right? Best way to get to know yourself.

- Yes, sounds cool to me too.

I also went straight to university.
Nothing wrong with that.

- Cheers

I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Can you manage?
- Yes.

I'm into football.
- Seriously?

What's your club?
- Ajax, of course.

Really? Sick.
- Mokum rules.

Born and raised.
- Amsterdam?


I thought you looked familiar.

Didn't you go to Berlage,
with Marjolein Heemstra?

Doesn't ring a bell.
- She's my sister.

Never heard that name.

You were expelled, weren't you?
- She can't tell.

Because of Mr. Arends, the gym teacher.

You want his number, Kimmie?

He was a fantastic lover.
Nice for your first time.

That's not what I meant.

That girl's name was Naomi.

It had to do with bullying, not...



This will be my first night
sleeping here. With Pippa.

When I was here with Casper...

I had to sleep in the bunk bed
and he on the couch.

Then Pippa's a lucky girl.

You're crazy.

I'm lucky with a boyfriend
with such a nice place.


Com on.
- I can't dance.

Everyone can dance.
- Really, I can't dance.

Kim and Daan.



I'll have a look.

Good job, tiger.



We've been together six months today.

But he hasn't texted me yet.

It's only 12.30, though.
- But Casper is super attentive.

Maybe he's asleep.
Or he went into town.

Why don't you send him a message?
- I already did.

Four times already.

I clearly need your advice.

Well, first of all...

no more texting.

And second?

Don't think so much.




I'm thirsty.




- Kim?

What's the matter?
- Kim?

I was locked in
and there's someone outside.

- There's someone outside. A man.

Maybe it was Daan,
he's outside.

I'll check.

I'm sure. It's a man.


Kim, Kim...

There's no one there, Kim, really.

We're here, okay?
Calm down.

I didn't see anyone. Daan went first,
he didn't see anyone either.

Are you ready to go?
- You're not leaving already, are you?

Is everything okay up there?
- Pippa?


Did you lock Kim into the bathroom?

You went to check up on her
and suddenly the door was locked.

What a sick joke.

Kim is claustrophobic and you
knew she wanted the door ajar.

Are you new BFFs now?

Or would you rather sleep
in between Abby and me tonight?

I don't do it with phony
hetero girls, capisce?

Please don't go.

She's in bed.
- Is she doing okay?

Is the party over?
- Absolutely not.

But maybe you can convince
those three here.

- Prosit.

Are you scared?

Feline, look.

Abby, do you know where Feline is?

Hello, we're still sleeping.

She's downstairs.

Will you let Bully out
while you're at it?

Be quick, Bully.





Bully, come.




I can't find Feline.
She's gone.

Bully, cut it out.

She's gone. The door was open.
There's someone outside.

A creepy man?

Of course not.

Isn't she just outside?
- I looked outside.

We'll just call her.

I know where she is.
- No signal.

Duh, with those guys.

She wasn't into them at all.

My dear, while you were
making out with Daan,

she was comforting Stijn.

So you saw her leave? With Stijn?

I don't remember them
leaving at all. You?

Let's go and get her, then.
- And then?

I don't think she'll find it chill
if we drag her out of Stijn's bed.

She'll come back
once it stops snowing.

And when we have a signal again
we'll just call her.

It's not as if she
went out by herself.

We have to do something.
- Pippa's right.

Feline won't find it chill if we
pop up there all of a sudden.

Are you mad because we won't go
or because she's with Stijn?

Is Pippa coming to help or what?

What do you have against her?

You act weird when she's there.
- You act weird.

Ever since we got here.

What was that about in the bathroom?

I really thought I saw someone.

Is it because of the house?

It's possible, with all
those dead animals.

Pippa locked me in.

She's really not as cool as you think.

You're not as nice when she's around.


Me too.

Help, I'm Feline's ghost.

Oh, not funny, right?

Look here, croissants.
They were still in the car.

Okay, just have a seat, girls.
Momma Pippa will take care of you.

Would you care for a beverage?

Cappuccino, please.
And hurry up.

I'll have hot cocoa with whipped cream.
- Coming up.

I still have no signal. You?
- No, neither do I.

Maybe we should better go.
- Without Feline?

No way.

What if we get snowed in?

That SUV is a four-wheel drive.

You miss Casper, don't you?

No, I just have a mega hangover.

Me too.

At least you puked all over Daan.
- No, I did not.

Maybe you should have.
Gee, what a creep.

Come on, grannies,
let's do something fun.

Come, Kimmie.

A private sauna is really chill.
No Peeping Toms.

Centre Parcs.
- That was so terrible.

There was this hairy gorilla

who kept sliding onto Kim's towel.

- Yes, and he kept going: 'Ohh...'

So Kimmie, you can stand
being in a sauna.

While the bathroom room
must stay ajar.

Yes, the sauna's bigger.
- Does it involve exact measures?

No. It's also because you guys are here.

But the door's still closed, isn't it?
- I find it scarier by myself.

What a hassle.

Hey, are you okay?


Hey, you and Casper six months today.

Yes, it really is.


That's not how I meant it.
- Maybe...

you should just stay quiet, Kim.

Abby, you can't hold her hand forever.

This is how it always goes.

You won't be there
for her next year either.

I feel like a selfish bitch
for abandoning her.

Kim is pretty manipulative
with that sensitivity of hers.

And I don't think you're a selfish bitch.
- But I am.

I kissed Jeroen.

I understand that.

Yes, there was a total zing
between you guys.

Still, I shouldn't have done it.

You're not a dried-up old plum.

And you really enjoyed it, didn't you?

It's not fair to Casper.

Except he's not calling back.

Maybe he can't reach us.

He was going to call yesterday,
when we still had service.

Don't let him tie you down.

Especially not if he doesn't
call back. That sucks.

Thank you.

I could never have told Kim,
she'd be in total shock.


What's the matter?
- I saw something there.

Are you starting as well?
- No, really, I saw something.


That's cheating.

I just went to take Bully out.
- Sorry.

For being so nasty to you before.

I'm just worried about Casper.

Where's Pippa?
- She went back into the sauna.

It's true.

Pippa's real first name is Naomi.

Did you go through her things?
- Yes, sorry, but just look.

She was expelled because of bullying.

You can't just go
through her things, Kim.

She's not who she says she is.

This is just what she said about you.

That you're jealous of our friendship.
- Abby.

Grow up.



- Get lost, Kim.


Get a life.


Fuck... Hello?

You bitch, what a sick joke.

Take it easy.
- Bitch.

I could have died in there.
Did you consider that?

- Pippa.

What? She locked me up
in the sauna.

That can't be, we were here.

Oh, then who was it?
And don't start about your ghost.

It wasn't me. There's someone
here, I told you.

Bullshit, psycho bitch.
- You are a psycho bitch.

Okay, enough.

You're driving me insane.
Let's go home.

Yes, let's.

But I'm leaving you behind, freak.

Where's my phone?



Feline didn't go with the boys.

Where's my fur coat?

Look. She wanted to tell us
she's lesbian.

Pippa's lying.
She's not with Stijn.

Why would she lie about that?
- To fuck with me.

Because I fancy Stijn.

Don't you see? She's been
doing that the whole time.

Pippa saw these pictures.
- So?

So she knew about Feline.

And she still came up
with that story.

Now Feline's gone
and we haven't even looked.

Did you lock Pippa up?

Wow, Pippa's really brainwashed you.

But that wonderful Pippa of yours,
or Naomi...


Open the door.

Let me in.

Pippa, come on.
- What are you doing?

Let me in, Pippa.


Look what you did.
My parents will kill me.

I have to get out of here now.
- Let's go to the boys.

Without a car? We'll go
to the village, bitch.

That's too far.


He was only six months old.

Who would do something like that?

There are no wolves here, are there?

Left or right?


We must be nearly there.

Where's their car?
- Fuck.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Where are they?
- Duh, gone.

What about Feline?
- We're fucked.

Run, it's that man!

It's him! He killed Bully.
And Feline.

We have to stay together.

Can you give me a hand?

If you hadn't lied about Feline
taking off with the boys,

we'd have looked for her sooner.

We could have called the police
and wouldn't be in this mess.

I didn't lie.
- Yes, you did. You knew Feline is gay.

You saw those photos, didn't you?
She would never have gone with Stijn.

It just made sense.
- No, it didn't.

Did you really see those photos?
- No.

We were just really wasted.
And you thought so too.

You don't lie about such things.
- It's not all she lied about.

Shut up.
- Yeah?

Maybe you should tell Abby yourself.

About everything you did.
And with whom.

Because she won't take it from me.
- Cut it out, okay.

Yes, I didn't know.

But I shouldn't have said it.

Have something to eat.
- I'm not hungry.

I have a signal


Casper, you have to come here now,
there's a...

- Bloody hell.

How do I know if he'll get this?

What are you doing?

I'm going to light the fireplace.
- What about that man?

Bring it on.
We may have some fun after all.

Bring it on.
- Pippa.

Just let her have her way.
- It's dangerous.

He's here.

There's nothing we can do now.


Stay here, okay? And push
that cupboard in front of the door.

Ok, ja.

Looking for these?

I knew little Kim would come out
to rescue her friend.

We thought you were...
- What?

Kidnapped by that scary man?

Nice try, but you killed Bully.

And you did something to Feline.
Look at your coat.

What? That's Bully's blood.

Of course.

Why would I want to hurt Feline?

Because you're a psycho.
- You're a psycho.

You were expelled
for bullying someone, Naomi.

True. She resembled you, by the way.
- You don't care about Abby at all.

You made out with Casper.

Abby won't believe you anyway. She thinks
you're just trying to make me the bad guy.

Oh yeah?

Go ahead.

let's see whom she believes.
You have no proof.



Abby, it's me.


What happened?

Do you need help?
- Yes.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

It was Pippa.
- What?

Or Naomi or whoever
the fuck she is.

She's upstairs, I tied her up.
- Why?

Because she's a psychopath,
that's why.

What about that man?
- There is no man.

Pippa has lost her mind.
She wants to destroy us all.

That can't be.

Pippa is nice.
- Yes, to you.

She wants you
and we're all in her way.

First Casper, then Feline...

First Casper, then Feline...

How could she...


There's a shotgun.
Under my bed, in a box.

Wat de fuck.
- Casper?

- What are you doing here?

What's going on here?


- It's okay.

Where is everyone?

Kim and Pippa are fighting.
- Fighting?

And I just heard a huge bang.

Calm down, calm down.

It's all Pippa's doing.

She shot Kim and Feline is gone.

And she has a picture of you.


That's not what you think.

So what am I thinking?

She took that picture furtively
while I was sleeping.

So you knew about it?
- But nothing happened.

She just wanted to blackmail me.
Hey, really.

Where is everyone? Where's Kim?
- I don't know.

Okay, come.



Kim, are you okay?

Where's Pippa?
- What happened?

Where's Pippa?

Okay, let's go.

Are you okay?




Please, let's just go.


Feline, are you alright?

Are you alright?

It's Casper.
What the fuck?

Easy, easy...

Go away.

What's the matter?

It's me, Kim.

I didn't do anything,
it was that man.

Come, come.
Let's go.

- Piss off.

Casper, let me out.



Hey, Kim.

Untie me, Kim.


Was I.... Have I...


I can't remember anything.

Abby, don't.
- Don't.


Let me out.


Kim will be staying with us
for a few days.

Will you keep an eye on her?

Are you scared?

- Get a life.


What's the matter with me?



Why didn't you talk with us about it?

About that girl?

I just found out myself.

Are you okay?

I just shot my friend.

Do you know what
happened here with Kim?

She's just totally psycho.



How's it going?

Did she enjoy it here with you?
Back then?

I don't... Yes, I think so.

Hey, about that picture.

It was at Feline's party...
and I was drunk.

And you weren't there.
- So it's actually my fault.

No, no, no. Nothing happened.
It's not what you think.

I just fell asleep.


- So this is exactly what you think.

And I wasn't drunk.


Hey, Abby.

Can I come in?
- She's stable now.


I was a bit confused.

I wasn't myself.

I don't know what happened here...

with Casper...

Unfortunately we
couldn't say goodbye.

I'd like to see you again.
Call me when you get home. Stijn.