Vice Squad (1982) - full transcript

A Los Angeles businesswoman, known only by her street name of Princess, turns to prostitution to support herself and her young daughter when she's forced by Detective Tom Walsh and his vice squad to help them arrest a brutal pimp named Ramrod for the murder of a prostitute named Ginger. But when Ramrod learns that he was set up, he escapes from police custody and begins a long night of tracking down Princess while Walsh and his vice squad are always one step behind him.

♪ Fade into black ♪

♪ The streets come alive ♪

♪ That big city monster ♪

♪ Just opened his eyes ♪

♪ The hustle, the muscle ♪

♪ The chrome and the steel ♪

♪ Got what I want, baby ♪

♪ Let's make that deal ♪

♪ Bang bang, shoot 'em up ♪

♪ Talkin' 'bout crime ♪

♪ Somebody just bought
it in the neon slime ♪

♪ Everybody's drownin' in the neon slime ♪

♪ You see I'm the survivor ♪

♪ And I know how it feels ♪

♪ To be part of the night time ♪

♪ Where everything is real ♪

♪ The music, the violence ♪

♪ The sex, the sweet smell ♪

♪ I'm a stone-cold believer ♪

♪ In the pleasures of hell ♪

♪ Bang bang, shoot 'em up ♪

♪ Feelin' just fine ♪

♪ Been baptized in the river ♪

♪ Of the neon slime ♪

♪ Yes, it's real ♪

♪ It's your special dream ♪

♪ Larger than life ♪

♪ It's gonna make you wanna scream ♪

♪ It's the latest rage ♪

♪ And the latest hit ♪

♪ Now here it comes ♪

♪ You asked for it ♪

♪ It'll bring you pleasure ♪

♪ And bring you some pain ♪

♪ But I promise you this ♪

♪ You'll never be the same ♪

♪ Come taste my honey and taste my wine ♪

♪ Come touch my soul ♪

♪ At the end of the line ♪

♪ Bang bang, shoot 'em up ♪

♪ Talkin' 'bout crime ♪

♪ Everybody's swimmin' in the neon slime ♪

♪ The streets are
flowin' with neon slime ♪

♪ Everybody, everybody, everybody ♪

♪ Everybody walkin' on neon slime ♪

♪ That neon slime ♪

♪ The neon ♪

♪ The neon slime ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

- What time is the next bus to San Diego?

Thank you.

Okay, sweetheart.

Time to get dressed, okay,
'cause Mommy's in a big hurry.

Good girl.

You're gonna take all your stuffed animals

to go down and see grandma?

- Yeah.

- Hmm?

- Uh-huh.

- Let me see.

I love you, punky duck, I love you.

- I love you too, Mommy.

- Okay, now, you finish packing, okay,

and Mommy's gonna go
get dressed, all right.

- Yeah.

- Good girl.

Jesus, B, I didn't think
you were gonna make it.

- Beatrice always makes it.

Just had to put on my traveling face.

Well, that was a mighty short notice.

- Well, the bus leaves in 30 minutes.

- So?

- Lisa?

B is here.

- Hi, B.

- You miss one bus she
sure can catch another.

- I don't have time to
waste waiting for a bus.

Not tonight, B.

- Aren't you gonna answer?

- Lisa?

- It's Ginger.

- Hold on, Ginger.

B, take her on out to the cab.

I'll be out in a couple of seconds.

Ging, what is it?

- I split on Ramrod.

- How's my little princess?

- Please, B, I asked you
never to call her that.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Ginger, what's wrong?

- I ran out on him.

I couldn't take it.

He beat the shit out of me.

I can't handle it anymore.

- Ginger, where are you?

- I'm at the Hollywood Sunset Motel.

- Oh, Jesus, he'll find
you there for sure.

- I held out on him.

500 bucks.

- Ginger, for Christ's
sakes, listen to me.

Bolt the door, right now.

Don't let anybody in, okay.

I got to go see Walsh at nine

and then I'll be over afterwards, okay?

- Promise?

- Yes, I promise, okay?

- We're now
loading at door number seven.

Receiving passengers for
Oakland and San Francisco.

Final call for express
car now leaving door 13

for San Diego.

Local services now receiving
passengers, door five

for Long Beach, San Clemente,
La Jolla and San Diego.

- Who's gonna
miss her Mommy tonight?

- I want you to come with me, Mommy.

- I do too, sweetheart.

I love you.

I love you.

Bye, Princess.

Take care of her for me, B.

- Bye, bye.


- I love you.

- Attention.

Will the owner of the yellow
Corvette parked in the bus area

please move your car?

- Now boarding
passengers at door number nine

for Seattle and Vancouver.

- Oh, excuse me.

- Some girls.

- Say, mama,

it's time to get down.

- Don't even talk to me, jive ass,

unless you've got some money.

- Final call at door
number 10 for Denver.

- Hey, sweetheart.

How about us getting together?

- Name's Princess, honey.

What have you got in mind?

- Some hot action, baby.

I just got paid.

I'm loaded.

- Loaded, huh?

Well, then,

you want a real hot time?

- That's why I'm here for.

- Why don't you just go find yourself

a nice little lady cop?

- Come on, sweetie.

Do I look like a cop to you?

- Does the teddy bear have cotton balls?

Get lost, huh?

But you're pretty cute for a cop.

- This is six Victor six.

I'm leaving the Hollywood bus station now.

- Hey, honey.

You're just out cruising?

- Sort of.

Um, what will $50 get me?

- Well, a whole lot of pleasure.

Well, half-and-half, straight, head.

- Have you ever golden showered?

I mean it doesn't hurt or anything.

- Sorry, lover, I just
went to the restroom.

- I have a six pack and $100.

- You also got yourself a date
with Princess Running Water.

- Tomorrow, nine?

- You got it, Ramrod.

- Oh, I love you.

♪ Well you can't look behind ♪

♪ You can't just keep on talkin' ♪

♪ When there's nothing left to say ♪

♪ And it's him ♪

- Motherfucker, I said 50.

- 50?

- 50!

- Who is it?

- It's God almighty, that's who it is.

Come on, baby.

Open up the door.

- I ain't letting you in, you prick.

- Ginger, don't talk to me that way.

- You're gonna hit me again?

- Well, you know, you're the
number one thing in my heart.

Come on, baby.

Open up the door.

I'm out here all alone.

- I ain't letting you
beat my ass to the floor.

- Honey, all I wanna do, is just love you.

- You hurt me bad, Ramrod.

- I know I did.

But that's 'cause I thought
you was holding out on me.

I should have known better.

I should have known you
wouldn't do a thing like that.

I'm sorry.

Baby, I'm sorry.

I ain't never gonna hit you.

All I wanna do is give you
the kind of love you want.

What you need.

Open the door, Ginger.

- You swear you ain't gonna hit me again?

- That's right.

Ginger, open the door.

Come on.

Open the door.

I cannot believe how stupid you are.

Ungrateful fucking bitch.

I took care of you, didn't I?

Didn't I?

Answer me.

Didn't I take care of you, huh?

I'm the one who found
you at the bus station

half starving to death.

I'm the one who taught
you to put your hair up,

put your makeup on just right,

so you could have any John you want.

How did you pay me back, huh?

How did you pay me back, Ginger?

Don't move!

Don't move.

How did you pay me back, huh?

You don't hold out on me.

- I love you, Ramrod.

- What?

You love me?

You love me.

See, I love you, too, Ginger.

I really do.

But you know what, Ginger,
the street talk has it that

you're thinking about
turning outlaw on me.

Now suppose you tell me
that's not true, all right.

- I swear I won't leave you, Ram.

- You swear.

You swear to God, hmm?

Oh, yeah.

You bet your sweet ass.

You ain't leaving me.

You don't leave until I say so.

I mean, you know what I got to do.

God, I got to help you get
your act back together.

What am I supposed to do?


You see, Miss Ginger,

what you've got to do, is you got to learn

that nobody ever walks out on me.

You understand me?


They never walk out on me.

And you and me,

you and me, baby, we're gonna
go on helping each other,

till I say we don't need
to help each other no more.

When you've learned that lesson, Ginger,

you're gonna feel so good.

I mean, you'll feel happy about yourself.

You know what I mean, hmm?

Now you look at me when
I'm talking to you.

Do you know what time it is?

It's school time.

You ain't gonna be able to
give my money maker away

for quite a while.

Lesson number one, Ginger.

- Six Abel seven,

at 546 E, 327 North Hayward.

You're all clear six Victor 10.

No messages.

- Ah.

Okay, sergeant.

Let me run through this again.

Now, agreed, it's up the ass, right?

Around the world, that's,

fuck and suck.

- No, no, no.

Edwards, that's half-and-half.

Right, man, right.

I got it.

A golden shower is a freak
who likes to get pissed on.


- Mmm-hmm.

- Sick.

Whoo, man.

That is sick.

- Yeah, well, we ain't out
here writing traffic citations.

And Edwards, few words of advice,
you better get used to it.

Did you pay to have that done?

- What?

- Your...

- My cornrows?
- Yeah.

- Of course, man.

- Yeah?

How much?

How much, huh?

- What's the matter, sergeant?

You don't like my cornrows?

- Yeah, I like your cornrows.

Hold on.

We got ourselves a customer here now.

Okay, my friend.

We're gonna pop your cherry.

You go out and bring that
little hooker over here.

- Sergeant, I've been working
with this Jamaican accent.

Can I use it now?

- Yeah.

Yeah, use your Jamaican accent.

- All right, sergeant, man.


- Hi, officer.

What can I do for you?

- Hey, man.

You think I'm a cop?

Just saying the word make me nervous.

- Hold on.

You want to party?

- Eh, I think maybe
you want to party, huh?

Especially with a pretty boy like me.

You like my hair?

- I like your smile.

So how much you wanna spend for it, baby?


- That'll get you some real good head.

How about that?

- That's fine.

Hi, Blue Chip.

- Well, well.

If it isn't Mr. Pussycuffs.

- That's me.

- Listen, man, you ain't
gonna hang no snatch

and grab on me.

I didn't give him an offer.

- Well, you got to forgive
the boy because he's new.

He didn't know that you were
talking about sucking eggs.

- Shit.

- Come on, move it.

- Man, I'm gonna tell you again, man.

I am a Pimp.

You understand what I'm saying, man?

Just ask my lady there, man.

She'll tell you.

I ain't no god damn, jive
ass dope dealer either.

I am a Pimp.

- I swear to God, officer.

I was not trying to grope that man.

I mean, it was an honest mistake.

I was merely trying to dust
the ashes off his pants.

- Gregory, Gregory, that's what
you said last week, sweetie.

- Oh, shit.

Well, can't blame a girl for trying.

- Hey, Lou, come over
here and get this bum

out of my face, huh?

- Hey, who belongs to these two whores?

- We ain't no whores, Mr. Hunky Policeman.

We're prostitutes.

- There's a difference?

- Whores give it away.


- Hey, wasn't somebody supposed to

take this kid to juvenile?

- What the fuck makes you
think I wanna go to juvenile.

- You think you're tough, don't you, kid?

We'll see how tough you are.

- No!

Somebody stole my goddamn paper clips.

Who in the fuck took my paper clips?

Every time you bring something... this fucking slime
pit, you can't find shit.

Now somebody stole my goddamn paper clips.

Those were my paper clips.

My paper clips.

- Maybe it's time for Mace
to be put out to pasture?

- Maybe it's time for all of
us to be put out to pasture.

Hey, may I have some paper
for my girlfriend here?

- Hey, Walsh?

Walsh, they want you down
at County Bay immediately.

They said it was important.

- Hey, Mendez, process
Edwards' girlfriend for him.

- Six Victor 10.

Regarding your meet at County med.

It's with a Ginger Grady.

We've been advised to make
that a code two and a half.

- Six Victor 10.

Roger central.

How do you know she was a hooker?

- Vaginal mutilation.

It's not uncommon with prostitutes.

- A Pimp stick?

- No question about it.

- How the hell did she get here?

- She arrived in a taxi.

- Walsh,

is that you?

- Yeah, Ginger.

That's me.

You tell me the truth now.

Ramrod did this to you.

It was Ramrod wasn't it?


- No.

He loves me.

- That stoned psycho doesn't love anybody.

What if you don't make it, huh?

- I'm gonna make it.

I don't wanna die.

- Easy, easy.

I'm gonna get that son of a bitch

if it's the last thing I ever do.

- Not on that death bed
statement you won't.

Mendez called, he said Princess

is waiting for you down at the station.

- You have her brought here.

Code blue, fourth floor, bed one.

Code blue, fourth floor, bed one.

Staff meeting.

All doctors report to room 11.

- What is this?

Some kind of a joke?


I'm not talking business
near zombies of yours.

- Do you wanna talk a deal, huh?

We talk right now, right here

because I don't have time to
fuck around with you, Princess.

- Well, this is a hell of a way for anyone

to get their cookies off.

- Listen, you're over
your head, sweetheart.

That drug bust of yours
is good for three to 10.

- Come on, Walsh.

Get off my back.

You know I don't use dope, Walsh.

So why don't you just lighten up.

- You don't have to sell me, baby.

I know you don't use dope.

I know it.

But you see, the judge, he doesn't know.

You want me to lighten up?

Okay, how is this?

You go to trial and you lose.

And you will lose.

That judge is gonna take
one look at your rap sheet

and he's gonna dump all over you.

And your daughter, your little daughter.

What's her name?

What, that beautiful little
girl, little blonde girl.

What's her name?


What is it?

Lisa, isn't it?


- Lisa.

- Lisa, right.

Let me tell you something.

She will be out turning tricks

before you see daylight again.

How badly do you wanna break?

- Okay, Walsh.

Let's get past the shit, all right?

Just tell me what you got on your mind.

- I want you to operate a pimp

by the name of Ramrod.

- Go put sand up your ass, Walsh.

Do you know what that psycho
son of a bitch gets off on?

He gets off on cutting up girls.

- And with your help
we could put him away.

- You got big balls, Walsh.

You know I got a kid.

What's she gonna do if that
snake trusses me up to some bed?

- You don't have any choice.

It's either this or the slammer.

And personally, lady,

I don't think you can handle the time.

- Well, I could stay alive, man.

24 hours after he's in, he's out.

That's no fucking jail
you're operating there.

It's a hotel with a revolving door.

- I don't need some fucking bimbo

telling me what's wrong with the system.

- You know what you can do

with your system, honey?

- What about Ginger Grady?

She's a friend of yours, isn't she?


- You know we're tight.

You got a dope bust on
me for carrying her shit.

- Well, would you do it
if she talked to you?


- What did you do, bust her too?

- No, not exactly, but I think
she wants to talk to you.

Look at her, Princess.

Listen to her.

Listen to her real good.

Ramrod did that to her.

He beat the shit out of her.

And he used a pimp stick on her.

- You face him, fucking coward.

- What's the matter with you?

Don't you care?

All you is sit around all day saying,

"He beat me, beat me."

How are we supposed to protect
if you don't let us help you?

Look, look at her.

Look at her, Princess.

She's your friend.

- Oh, God.

♪ I never said that I was strong ♪

♪ But your love is the
best thing for this soul ♪

♪ And you can be sad ♪

♪ Don't go for me ♪

♪ Improbable ♪

♪ Society ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

- Hey, hey, hey.

Look at what we got here.


Where's your date at?

Do you know that if beauty was a minute,

mama, you'd be an hour.

Hey, bitch, don't you hear
me talking to you, huh?

I'm talking to you.

I mean, you know who I am?

Maybe you don't know who I am.

Maybe I should run it down to you

so you know who I am.

Baby, I'm the best...

- Fuck off.

- Man, you're a cold mama.

What's your problem?

- Who's the bitch?

- What's the matter, sergeant?

- She's nervous.

- She's scared, man.

- If he makes her as a setup, she's dead.

- Hello there, beautiful lady.

What do you say I buy you a drink?

- I can buy my own, cowboy.

- Now, come on.

Don't be un-neighborly.

I'm just trying to be
friendly, do you understand?

Strike up a little conversation.

- Well, you're doing all
the talking, handsome man.

- Now, it appears to me
that you're flying solo.

And it also appears to me that
what you need is a good man,

just somebody to take
care of you, am I right?

Am I right, hmm?

- Do you think you can
give me what I need, huh?

- I don't give nothing.

But then, if you're choosing me

well, I just have to see your
qualifications, wouldn't I?


- I ain't never heard no
man of mine complain before.

- I could be a cop, couldn't I?

- And I could be a virgin.

- Ooh, I wish.

You've got style, baby.

But if I'm gonna take your application,

you and I, we should go some place else

where it's a real quiet.

We talk.

What do you think?

- What have you got in mind?

- Home.

See, I got this beautiful little apartment

where I take care of you.

Do you understand?


Do you like that shit?

You like that shit, bitch?

I like it.

Such a wild thing.

Come with me, all right?

Come on.

Come on, now.

♪ Down that street ♪

♪ So I can walk my feet ♪

♪ I was bringing it in rightly ♪

♪ We're giving it all ♪

♪ With friends of mine ♪

♪ Isn't all that hard to find ♪

- I'll show you the front,

all of them.

- Yeah, how you doing, beautiful?

- These people are no good.

Where are you going with this girl?

Don't go with him.

- Going to hell, all right?

Going to hell.
- You're rotten, rotten.


- You wanna burn, huh?

You wanna burn?

I'm the devil, baby.


- Don't go with him.

- This is six Victor 10,
all six Victor units.

Suspect and friendly, are
headed to your location.

Traffic is light so you
better be in position

because they're only seconds away.

- Six Victor three.

Abel in position.

- Six Victor three.

Boy in position.

- So they call you The Princess.

Yes, uh, that works for me.

- They're on their way up.

- Six Victor three Abel.

Suspect and friendly have
entered the elevator.

- So how long you've
been in the life, Princess?

- Five years, Christmas Eve.

Had to hit the streets to make a living.

- Well, why should you be different, huh?


Can I buy you a drink now, honey?

- Scotch if you've got it.

- Scotch if I got.

I got it.

What do you say?

I'll make a little drink and
then you show me what you got?

Off with the dress, huh?

- How come you don't have no main lady?

- How come I don't got no main lady?

It's because she held out on me

and I just had to fire the lazy bitch.

You know what I mean?

Such a wild thing.

Can I help you?

♪ Just let me keeping drinking tonight ♪

♪ Come along and stay by my side ♪

♪ At the tavern ♪

♪ Stay with me and see that I get home ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Be a friend and try not ♪

♪ To ask me questions ♪

♪ Just let me keep drinking tonight ♪

♪ Well, it won't make me feel ♪

♪ Any better ♪

- You're pretty.

So pretty.

Oh my.

Such a thoroughbred.

You and me are going to
enter into the Preakness.

Take the Triple Crown.

Give me your hand.

Show me, Princess.

No, no, no.

Play for me, baby.

Play for me.

Oh, yes.

You smell like a rose.


♪ Just let me keep drinking tonight ♪

♪ Well, it won't make me feel any better ♪

- Beautiful.

- Well.

- You just turn a few tricks for me

And give me the money

And I'll take care of
everything you need, honey.

- We got it.

Let's hit him.

Come on, come on.

We're going in.

We're going in.

- I think I'm in love.

Yes, I do.

- Hands on your head, mister.

- What the hell are you doing?

- Put your clothes on, lady.

- Let me see a warrant right now, boy.

- Warrants?

We don't need no stinking warrants

because we're holding
them in our right hands,

fucking little trash.

- Check the bedroom.

Put your hands on your head.

- Hey, cop, come on.

Shoot me.

- That can be arranged.

- Oh, I'll bet it can.

- Come on, take him.

- Nobody got the
fucking minority report.

Say, didn't I see you
picking lettuce in Salinas.

- Come on, come on.

- Are you okay, huh?

- I'll make it.

- Here.

- Now, I'm very ticklish.

- Come on.

- You're getting off down there, cop, huh?

You're getting off, motherfucker.

- You see this, asshole?

They've recorded everything we said.

Your ass is on this tape
now and it's about this big.

Well, you're gonna pay for
what you did to Ginger.

- What I did to Ginger
is knock her around.

So what, bitch?

Mess around...

- Fucking asshole.

She's dead, you dumb fuck!

- She's dead, huh?

- Yeah.

- They set me up, huh?

Nobody sets me up, you understand?


Come on, shoot!

Come on, cop.


- No!

- Come on, kill me, come on.

- Mendez, Kowalski,
where are you guys?

- She's dead, fuckhead.


You understand me?

Dead, dead!

Come on, shoot!

Come on, come on!

You understand me!


- You fucking pig!

I hope they fucking fry you!

- You're dead.

You're dead.

You hear me, you're dead.

You're dead, bitch!

You're dead!

- Come on, now, dirt bag.

Come on, dirt bag.

Come on, come on, come on!

Come on, scumbag.

Make your move.

Make my day.

$3.58 for two hot dogs.

There's yours.

- You guys see that Ginger
gets a decent burial?

I mean, I'll send some money
as soon as I get set up.

- You don't worry about that.

The County is gonna take care of that.

- Are you married?

- No.

Never been married.

Have been divorced a few times.

- Right, who hasn't, huh?

Who'd wanna marry a fucking cop anyway?

- Hey, come on.

We make very good dinner conversation.

Hi, dear, how was your day today?

Oh, you know, the same old bull shit.

I busted a pimp for tying
his girlfriend up to a bed

and then pouring lighter fluid all over

and setting her on fire.

- I went around the world twice.

- Hmm.

Then there was the
13-year-old hooker I nailed

for covering some guy's
joint on Sunset Boulevard.

Two dead junkies.

One is 16, the other one's 14.

- Well, I spanked a couple of freaks.

- Just another happy-go-lucky
day on the vice squad.

- We both live in the same toilet, Walsh.

Thanks for the hot dog.

- Hey

Let me give you a ride home.

- Well, I got my beauty
sleep this morning.

I'm a working girl in case you forgot.

- You're gonna go to work tonight?

- Well, I need the bread.

I can't get set up in
another town for free.

- Well, hey, hey.

Wait a minute.

I'm giving you a loan here.

- Walsh, you are full of surprises.

You don't make enough in a
month to loan me what I need.

- Yeah, well, maybe
you could lend me a 20.

- She's pretty.

- Yeah, she was.

- Ciao.

Keep it clean, Walsh.

- Look at the bright side, asshole.

You got 20 years to learn
how to play with yourself.

- I'm sorry.

- My friend is right, butt breath.

You don't need women anymore.

A few jerk-off pictures maybe.

- Hey, Mendez, with his talent,
he could pimp the bunboys.

- Ooh, la la.


- Get out of my way!

- Walsh is gonna kill us.

- I can understand why you're upset.

- You're a lucky man, Kowalski.

You're very lucky that Ramrod
kicked your face in and not me

because I would have done
a much better job of it.

- Tom?

Tom, take it easy, man.

Take it easy.

- You said he's out of control.

Okay, everybody knows that
these two officers lost Ramrod.

Now, what are we gonna do about that, huh?


We got two people out there on the street.

Bottom line is this.

That unless we pick one of them up,

we got a dead girl on our hands.

Is that clear?

I mean, it's very simple, isn't it?

We find them.

One or the other.

Now, let's hit the streets.

You apprehend the bastard if he moves.

If he so much as blinks or
scratches his ass, you waste him.

You got that?

I want him out of commission, not you.

- Oh, please, please.

- Easy, easy, easy.

- Please help me.
- It's okay.

I'll get somebody here
to help in a minute.

Rich, you get a unit to transport

this girl to a hospital right away.

- Okay, sergeant, right away.

- What kind of
shit you got yourself

into this time, huh?

- What, you got diarrhea
of the mouth, huh?

Come on, Roscoe, move it.

Move your black ass and get me
out of this thing, will you?

- Let me tell you something, motherfucker.

You don't talk that crappy
shit to me, you hear?

Not with your hands cuffed.

'Cause I'll set your ass on fire.

Do you hear me?

- I'm sorry.

Really, Roscoe.

I'm sorry.

- Sorry, my ass.

And not that one.

The blue Ford.

500 don't get you no El Dorado.

I done done enough on credit.

- Have you, boy?

Roscoe, I'll tell you what.

- What?

- You call Fast Eddie

and you tell him I'm on my way.

- Give me a dime.

- Put it on my credit card.

I appreciate it.

- Here's 50.

- Ooh, 50!

Well, you said 25, sweetheart.

What's the extra for?

Don't you want straight sex?

- No.

No, I want...

- Hmmm, what do you want?

- I want to suck your toes.

- Ooh, okay, I'll go wash up.

- Oh, no.

No, that won't be necessary.

- Hmm.

It seems to me that you
have been very naughty.

- Yes.

I've been a pretty bad boy.

- Mm-hmm.

Well, since you paid extra,

I think you deserve a good spanking.

- How're you doing, Eddie?

- Think this will do?

- Oh, that's beautiful.

That'll do just fine.

- Here's the rest of your stuff.

- Hey, Eddie?

- Yo.

- What kind of shit are
you trying to hand me?

I want an automatic, you understand?


And I want it right now,

before I redecorate that
pretty little head of yours.

Now move.

- Ramrod.

You bad.

All you got to do his ask.

But automatics are expensive.

- But don't you worry, all right?

No sweat.

My man will be here

with a bag of pure white
Asian before you can

jump out of your leathers
and spank yourself.

Listen, one other thing.

You know a bitch named Princess?

- Yeah, but I ain't seen her
since I opened this club.

- Well, who's her pimp?

- She ain't got no pimp.

She's outlaw.

No, no.

She had a pimp when she first came to LA.

- Who was he?

Who was he?

Come on, Eddie.

- That fucking sugar pimp, Dorsey.

- Dorsey?

Where's he living?

- Hey, who fucking knows.

- Somebody knows, Eddie.

Somebody knows.

- Hey, Charlie Chrisandra would know.

- Chrisandra?

- Yeah.

- Let's say you give
him a call, all right?

- Oh, no favor is too big for a friend.

- Call him.

- Get your hands off me.

Stop it.

Get your hands off of me.

Quit it.

- Fuck you.

- God, you're crazy.

- Jesus, man!

The bats are out tonight.

I mean, whores, faggots,
pimps and hustlers.

Junkies, drag queens and freaks, man.

This city sucks.

Sergeant, you've been
working this soil for,

what, for 13 years?

How do you hack it?

- Well, this little
rule I keep for myself.

Edwards, there's two
days out of every week

I don't worry about.

Yesterday and tomorrow.

Now where the fuck is she?

- Thanks for the treatment, Doc.

And don't go spending my money
all in the same place, huh?

- Don't worry.

- Hey, when you get settled in San Diego,

you let me know where you're at, because,

you're sure worth the trip.

- Okay.

Bye, Tim.

- Hey, Sugar baby.

I'll catch you later, okay?

- My main man, Silky.

I want to talk to you so pay attention.

Look at those photographs.

- Get out of my face, mama.

You ain't got no right
to be leaning on me.

What's wrong with you?

- No, it's what's going
to be wrong with you.

- What do you mean what's
going to be wrong with me?

- Hey, hey!

- Blink your eyes, motherfuckers,

and you die in the dark.

- You ain't black, woman.

You shit colored.

- You got it, Jack.

- Now, you think you
can act like a gentleman

and answer the lady's questions?

Or do I re-arrange your face?

- Okay, man.

Just cool it, man.

Just cool it.

- Okay, Silky, let's try it again.

Look at that photograph.

- Yeah, I know this psycho honky.

He was in here earlier.

I ain't seen him since.

- Where can we find him?

- What's in it for me?

- Peace of mind, brother.

- Well, try Roscoe's
garage over in Berendo.

- Thank you very much for
your cooperation, sir.

- I like to be home watching television.

There's just too much
heat on the street for me.

Where's my hat?

- Here it is.

- Give me that.

Those cops was out of line.

Lucky for them punks, I kept my temper.

- $3.50, ma'am.

- Keep it.

- Hey!

- Hey, Dixie.

How are you doing?

- You look great.

- Princess.

- Hi, Coco.

- Hi.

- Where have you been lately?

Haven't seen you in a while.

- I had the flu.

The doctor said I had to stay
out of bed for a few days.

- I got busted tonight.

- You're kidding!
- Oh, no.

- It took my pimp less
than an hour to post bond.

- Ooh, that's fast.

That is fast.

- Well, he knows my
pussy can make no money

sitting in the slammer.

- You having a good night?

- Nothing but Greeks and freaks.

I tell you nobody wants
straight sex anymore.

- I got lucky.

I have a date tonight with
guy who was hung like a horse.

I mean, so big, he had to
get it hard in sections.

- I had a clock watcher.

He thought I was charging
him by the minute.

- Girl, these kinda
freaks, they're all alike.

They wanna pop twice for the same price.

- Here's to freaks.

- Yeah, freaks.

- Hey, beautiful.

How'd you like a trip to paradise.

- Now, that depends.

You a friend or foe?

- Sweetheart, you're looking
at a horny conventioneer.

- Listen to him.

- See this face?

Seen more ass than a cowboy's saddle.

Think you can handle me?

- Mister, I can handle the
whole god damn convention.

- She can handle two conventions.

- See you later, Princess.

- See you later.

I'll keep it short and sweet.

- Whoo, I know you will.

- Bye, Princess.
- Bye, sweetheart.

Have fun.

♪ This is the night ♪

♪ For sure ♪

- I'm coming, I'm coming.

♪ I have everything ♪

- Now I understand

that you know a bitch named Princess.

Am I right, boy?

- Man, I haven't seen her.

Oh, please, man,

you're hurting me.

- I'm hurting you.

Where does she live, boy?

- She never told me.

- Where does she hang out?

Huh, huh?

Bars, motels.

Answer me.

- Hollywood, Hollywood.

- Hollywood?

Where in Hollywood?

- Sunset.

- Where, where?


- The Golden Motel, man.

- Shh.

Shh, shh.

You know what the problem is
that you sugar pimps have?

You don't know how to handle your bitches.


'Cause I don't think
you got any balls, boy.

- Hey, bitch.

What the fuck am I paying you for?

Come on.

Come on move it.

Move your ass, bitch.

- What the fuck are you doing?

- You're a lousy piece of ass.

I'm taking my money back.

- Give my purse, you fucking...

- Jesus.

What did you do?

Fucked the whole football team?

You know, you're lucky
I'm not charging you

for wasting my time.

- Go ahead, motherfucker.

I got a nigger pimp so mean,

when he gets through with
you, you'll pray you'll die.



You'll pray you'll die,
you lousy fucking asshole.

- He's not at all anxious to
be an accessory to murder.

Are you, Roscoe, baby?


Ramrod's driving a 1979 Ford
Brougham, just repainted blue.

Also get a team over to Fast Eddie's bar.

Ramrod went there to get a gun.

You're so cooperative, Roscoe.

Nice, Roscoe.

- Office.

- Mrs. Cruikshank, do me a favor

and get me some clean sheets, will ya?

- Her Royal Highness thinks
this is the fucking Plaza Hotel.

Who's move is it, Wong?

- I believe it is mine, Mrs. Cruikshank.

Come, beat me.

- Six Victor three,

we just covered the Hollywood Bowl area.

We drew a blank.

- Shit.

- Six Victor seven,
have you got anything?

- Six Victor seven, negative.

We're at Hollywood and Cahuenga.

- Well, Princess, ain't we
the popular one tonight.

- What are you talking about?

- Someone's waiting for
you in the parking lot.

Asked for you by name.

25 bucks.

- Pardon me.

Are you Miss Princess?

- Well, that depends.

- As I told Madam Cruikshank,

you were referred to me
by a certain Miss Coco.

My employer would like to
avail himself of your services.

- Now what does he have in mind?

- You'll have to discuss that with him.

- Hello, Walsh.

I thought I better let you in on this one.

- What have you got, Brooks?

- Some joker just cut the gonads

off a sugar pimp named Dorsey.

Could have been your boy.

Dorsey said he was looking

for a little hooker named Princess.

- Did he tell
Ramrod where to find her?

- Yeah, he said the Golden Motel.

- Oh, shit.

That's the other end of the strip.

All six Victor units,

suspect heading for Golden
Motel, Sunset and Cahuenga.

- Where's Princess?

- Cool it, you big palooka.

You're gonna get us killed.

- We're coming up against a psycho asshole

who can blow us away, man.

You're worried about a
fucking little fender bender.

- Who's worried about a
fucking fender bender?

Doesn't anything scare you?

- Yeah, man.

All the time.

Why do you think I have those

god damn nightmares every night?

- Those are just dreams.

Plain, every day, ordinary dreams.

Watch it!

This is a nightmare.

Take it, Kowalski.

What in the hell happened here?

- You pigs are always alike.

A day later, a dollar short.

And that's the truth.

- Did Mr. Cleaver tap-dance through here?

- Get the hell out of here.

- Listen, lady.

Is this the guy?

- Get the hell out of here.

- She's my friend.

You better leave Madam Cruikshank alone.

- Get this ornamental out of my face.

Hey, man, not the nose.

- Okay, Bruce Lee, enough of that shit.

- My name is Wong, not Lee.

- Okay, Wong.

- Okay!

You, son of a bitch.

- Not the nose.

- Freeze, mister.

Where's Ramrod?

- We missed him, Tom.

What a way to make a living.

- I'll say.

I think I'll shoot the bastard.

- Wouldn't look good on
the six o'clock news.

- Okay, Cruikshank,
what did you tell Ramrod?

- I didn't tell him nothing.

- Bullshit.

If you didn't tell him anything,

you wouldn't be alive right now.

- I didn't tell him nothing.

- Hey, Dixie.

Come on over here.

Come on, come on, baby.

All I wanna do is talk to you.

How you doing, Dixie?

- Listen, Ramrod, my pimp
sees me talking to you,

he'll beat the shit out of me.

- Shh, just relax, bitch.

Now what can you tell me about
a big, Cadillac limousine.

- Oh, that's Coco's gig.

- That's Coco's gig, huh?

Who the fuck is Coco, bitch?

- Just one of the girls.

- Which one?

- The one in the pink,
at the corner there.

Please, please.

Please, Ramrod.
- Shh.

- Okay.

- Hello.

- Well, hello, beautiful.

- Are you a cop?

- Am I a cop?

What do I look like some
kind of fucking pig?

- Maybe.

You looking for a date?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm looking for a date.

Why don't you come here a little closer.

I hear you're good.

Are you real good?

- Hmm, well,

well, I had no complaints.

- Where did that Cadillac
take the Princess?

I said, where did it take her?


- Coco!


- Hey, what the...

- Shh.

Remember, not a word.

You agreed.

- Sick old fuck head.

You scared the shit out of me.

- You ruined it, slut.

Roberts told you not to talk.

You ruined it.

- I could have died of
a fucking heart attack.

- Roberts.


She talked.

- I instructed her not to, sir.

- But she did.

Get that slut out of here.

- Yes, sir.

Please, come with me.

- Belong in a fucking loony
bin, you son of a bitch.

Jesus Christ, why didn't you warn me?

- I have my instructions.

You better go change.

- That old shit should
have died 50 years ago.

- There's a taxi waiting
for you, Miss Princess.

- I'm not paying for it.

- It's been taken care of.

Do you work every night?

- Forget it, I've already
had my scare for the week.

- No, you don't understand.

Tomorrow night's my night off.

Will you be working?

- I'll be in church asking
God to forgive that old fuck.

- Get on the horn, partner,

and tell him we found Coco.

- Female, oriental, located.

Advised as friendly.

Possibly at 7th and Rossmore.

- Roger, central.

This is six Victor 10
to all six Victor units.

We have a location on Princess.

Converge at 7th and Rossmore.

I repeat,

converge at 7th and Rossmore.

Put the hammer to it, Edwards.

- Hi, Ma.

Hi, it's me.

I'm sorry I'm calling so late, but,

oh, I just got to thinking about Lisa.

- I don't give a damn what he did.

Look what he did to Coco.

- I couldn't help it.

He had a knife to my face.

- I don't give a damn.

Look what he did to Coco.

Listen, I don't want to talk to you.

I don't care what the problem was.

You shouldn't have told him anything.

- There's Princess!

- Oh, I wish you wouldn't cry.

- I think we better tell her about Ramrod.

Oh, my God!

- What's the matter?

- There he is.


- Hey, lady!

What do you think you're doing?

- Hello, Princess.

I got you.

- Somebody call the cops.

- And she left just a few minutes ago.

- But you didn't hear her tell the driver

where she wanted to go?

- I thought she...

- Walsh, he's got her.

He's in a white pickup truck.

He was last seen on Van Ness,
heading south on Santa Monica.

- Put out an APB.

- I put out a kidnapping broadcast.

- Come on.

- Hey, where are we going?

- South on Van
Ness and Santa Monica.

- Okay, here we go.

Move out.

Cover the side streets.

Okay, let's go.

You black and whites cover Bronson.

Kowalski, you take Pico.

We'll take Van Ness.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Central, any word of pickup truck?

Nothing yet, six Victor 10.

We have everyone working on it.

Do you plan on running surveillance?

- Affirmative, we have to find him first.

- Pico from Van Ness to Vermont.

No sign.

- Continue east on Pico.

- Six Victor seven,
what is your location?

- We're heading north on
Western, south of Washington.

This is one Mary, M32
to six Victor 10.

We have spotted suspect vehicle

heading east on Beverly and Linden.

We are following.

- Roger, one Mary X-ray two.

Vehicle is not, repeat is not under

any circumstances to be apprehended.

We will establish a point

and maintain a moving surveillance.

- Suspect vehicle is
now heading south on Oxford.

- Six Victor seven, we are closest,

we'll pick 'em up.

- Okay, you got the point.

Listen, six Victor seven
and all other units.

Do not close in on Ramrod.

If he sees us, he'll kill Princess.

We'll close in when he lands.

- Ramrod heading east on
Olympic, driving erratically.

- We got the back door,
about a half a mile behind.

Now keep it cool, we
don't want to burn him.

- Roger.

- Six Victor three, where are you?

- We are parallel to the
vehicle, heading east on Pico.

- Bitch.

- Ramrod now heading
east on Almeida at 4th.

I think we might get burned.

So we're peeling off.

- Roger, six Victor seven.

Six Victor three,

take the point, but stay out of sight.

- We've got him,
he's on Almeida passing 1st.

- You like to bite?

- The asshole's crossing
the 6th Street Bridge.

- Drop back.

Don't crowd him.

- Ah!


- That's it.

Our pigeon has landed.

It's a warehouse, corner
of 7th and Mill Street.

- To all six Victor units, move in.

- Roger.

- You see, Princess, what I did
to Ginger, it ain't nothing,

compared to what I'm going to do to you.

No more kicking, bitch.

No more scratching, you understand me?

'Cause now it's my turn.

You fuck.


God damn it!

- Where are they?

- I think they're up
there in the fifth floor.

- I'm going to find you, bitch.

You hear me?

I'm going to find you.

It's over.


- We found this in the pickup.

- Looks like
they're on the fifth floor.

- How many accesses?

- Well, there is the stairs here

and the fire escape's in the back.

- The freight elevator's been shut off.

- Edwards and I will take the fire escape.

You and Kowalski take the stairs.

Louise and Chris back them up,

take a couple of uniforms with you.

Wait for my signal.

Let's go.

Fire escape.

- Pop

Oh, yes.

Oh yes, I love it.

- No!

- Oh, yeah, yeah.

- No!

- It's payday.

- Oh, God, no.

No, please.

Please, no.

Oh, no.

Don't, please.

- Ready?

- We're ready.

- Go.

- Freeze!

Hold it motherfucker.

- Son of a bitch.

- I'm right behind you.

- Watch it, by the window.

There on the roof.

- Check fire escape.

God damn it.

Get an ambulance.

- Right away, sarge.

Cover the fire escape.

- Just get him.

- You take care of her.

Come on, Chris.

- Hey, move.

I said move.

- Freeze.

- Jump, you asshole.

- Six Victor 10, where are you?


- 13 to Sergeant, one central.

- Just take it easy.

It's gonna be all right, okay?


- Keep the stretcher level.

- Be careful.

Phone ahead and alert them.

- Is he gonna make it?

- If he doesn't, I'll
kill the son of a bitch.

- I think this belongs to you.

- For Christ's sake, Walsh.

It has blood all over it.

- Well, I'll get you another one.

- I don't know why you do it.

You're never gonna change
the streets, Walsh.

♪ Fade into black ♪

♪ The streets come alive ♪

♪ That big city monster ♪

♪ Just opened his eyes ♪

♪ The hustle, the muscle ♪

♪ The chrome and the steel ♪

♪ You got what I want ♪

♪ Let's make a deal ♪

♪ Bang bang, shoot 'em up ♪

♪ Talkin' 'bout crime ♪

♪ Somebody just bought it ♪

♪ In the neon slime ♪

♪ Yeah, everybody's
drownin' in the neon slime ♪

♪ You see I'm the survivor ♪

♪ And I know how it feels ♪

♪ To be part of the night ♪

♪ Where everything is real ♪

♪ The music, the violence ♪

♪ The sex, the sweet smell ♪

♪ I'm a stone-cold believer ♪

♪ In the pleasures of hell ♪

♪ Bang bang, shoot 'em up ♪

♪ Feelin' just fine ♪

♪ Been baptized in the river ♪

♪ Of the neon slime ♪

♪ Yes, it's real ♪

♪ It's your special dream ♪

♪ Larger than life ♪

♪ It's gonna make you wanna scream ♪

♪ The latest rage ♪

♪ And the latest hit ♪

♪ Now here it comes ♪

♪ You asked for it ♪

♪ I bring you pleasure ♪

♪ And I bring you pain ♪

♪ But I promise you this ♪

♪ You'll never be the same ♪

♪ Come taste my honey ♪

♪ And taste my wine ♪

♪ Come touch my soul ♪

♪ At the end of the line ♪

♪ Bang bang, shoot 'em up ♪

♪ Talkin' 'bout crime ♪

♪ Swimmin' in the river
of the neon slime ♪

♪ The streets are
flowin' with neon slime ♪

♪ Walkin' on the water ♪

♪ Walkin' on the water ♪

♪ Of neon slime ♪