Vice Raid (1959) - full transcript

The bosses of the prostitution racket have one of their prostitutes go to New York City to entrap a police officer and get him thrown off the force. She does as she is told but then the gangsters make a mistake.

lucrative faces of crime are
divided into three parts.

Narcotics, gambling
and prostitution.

All three are under the
control of one organization,

a huge octopus called
the syndicate,

whose dirty tentacles reach
into every dark and corrupt
corner of the country.

But the most difficult for law
enforcement agencies to police

is the racket involving women,

because it operates under many
names and many camouflauges.

- Who's the girl, Muggsey?
- Well, hello, Sergeant.

[STAMMERING] She's just some
gal I met on the bus.

Good-bye, honey,
it was nice meeting you.
I'll see you around sometime.

Sergeant Brandon, Vice Squad.
My partner, Sergeant Dunton.

Where are you from, miss?

Dallas, why?

You know what happens
to transporters, Muggsey?

What are you talking about?
We just met on the bus.

What is this?

Transporting a female you're
not married to across a state
line is a federal offense.

Now listen, you.
I'm a respectable model.

Here. If you don't
believe it just take a look.

Better close it.
You're liable to catch cold.

Who are you bringing her
in for, Muggsey?

I tell you, Sergeant,
you got this all wrong.

Ain't he, doll?

All right, Muggsey, I'm gonna
give you a break.

Tell us whose payroll you're
on and we'll forget it's
a federal rap.

I don't know what you're
talking about.

I'll tell you what I'm
talking about. The five years
you're gonna get.

And your protection won't do
you any good with the
federal boys, you know that.

Well, what do you say?

- He'll kill me.
- Who will?

I can't! I can't!

I guess we might as
well take him down to the
Federal Bureau, let...


If I spill, will you keep it
quiet long enough for me to
put some distance behind me?

You got a deal.

But what do I do?

Put him in the car. I'll buy
her a ticket back home.

Where she belongs.

How do you know?
You ain't never seen my home.

[QUIETLY] Go on, get out of
here. Run. Go on! Run!


Slug made a break for it. I
hollered at him to stop but I
guess he was just too scared.

All right, folks, let's clear
out of here. Come on.

BRANDON: For a couple of
minutes I thought we had
the inside

on all these broads flooding
this town.

If only the poor jerk hadn't
decided to make a run for it.

Ah, we should've known
he'd be too scared to spill.

Aren't they all?

Do you ever try and figure how
many blanks we've drawn?

Every time we think we've come
up with something, we wind up
right back where we started.

Staring at a blank wall.

Vince Malone's a smart operator.

If it is Malone.

It's gotta be Malone.

He's behind every other big
operation in this town.

Gambling, numbers, dope.
You name it and he's got his
dirty finger in it.


He's come up with a new racket
that will knock your head off.

What's that?

Public relations girls.


These are broads Malone farms
out to businessmen or
entertain out-of-town buyers.

Some of the big corporations
put these broads under
yearly contract.

Pay them $25,000 or more.

Always some new angle.

With an operation as big as
Malone's, we can't even get
a line on him.

I think maybe this new racket
might give me something.

I'm going to try shaking down
one of his phony
model agencies.


Stay with it.

Can I see him? It's important.

Eddie would like to see you,
Mr. Malone.

- He says it's important.
- Send him in.

- Muggsey was just killed.
- What?

- Muggsey?
- Yeah, he was one of our

He was caught by two V-men
bringing in a trick
from Dallas.

They threw a scare in him and
he was gonna talk.

One of the V-men shot him.

Well, that doesn't make sense.

The V-man that shot him was
a cop, Ben Dunton.

He's on our payroll.

Now it makes sense.

What happened to the broad?

She was shipped back home.
By that cop that's been giving
us all the trouble.


- You tried to reach him?
- Sure, I had one of our boys
make a contact.


Brandon worked him over.

Told him if he ever came
around again he'd finish
the job.

Every week I pay out a fortune
for protection.

To make sure there will be
no trouble with any of
my operations.

So what happens.

One lousy cheap cop that I
can put in my pocket with
small change

starts giving me headaches.

Always there's some fly
in the ointment.

This Brandon is one fly
that I'd like to step on.

Don't be so fast to step on
people. Especially cops.

- Phil?
- Yeah.

I want you to get in touch
with Marty in Detroit.

- Tell him to send me a girl
here for a job.
- Any, uh, particular girl?

One of his best.

She has to look sharp and
have something up here.

- Otherwise she's no good
to me.
- Okay.

NARRATOR: Five days later,
the girl selected by the
Detroit branch

of the crime syndicate arrived.

I'm Carol Hudson. I just
got in from Detroit.

Oh yes, we've been expecting you.

NARRATOR: Waiting for
her at a new agency which had
been set up to serve

as a trap for Sergeant Brandon
was Vince Malone.

Miss Hudson, from Detroit.

You Mr. Malone?

One of my boys, Phil Evans.

Marty told me you had a job
for me here.

- Get up.
- Huh?

Get up.

Now walk.

Now walk away.

What do you think?

I think it's too good for a cop.

All right. Sit down.

Did I pass?

My thermometer just broke.

What do you want me for?

- Leaving yourself wide open...
- Shut up, Phil!

We want you to take care of a cop.

- Take care of a...
- You'll frame him.


Look, Mr. Malone.
I've been in the business
a couple years now

and I've always managed
to stay out of trouble.

I'd like to keep it that way.

Now, you just listen to me
and there will be no trouble.

Do you know anything about me?

- Oh, I've heard a lot about
you in Detroit, Mr. Malone.
- Good.

Then you should know that all
my girls are well-protected.

It costs me, but it's worth it.

To me and to them.

Nobody pushes them around.

What's in it for me?

This frame is very important
to me.

You pull it off and I'll take
good care of you.

Better than you ever did
with Marty.

Okay, Mr. Malone.

I take care of the cop,
you take care of me.


Go with her over to the place
you got for her.

You'll hear from me when
I'm ready.

Okay, baby, let's go.

Great decorating job.

Probably early skid row.

You're supposed to be a
hard-working model who just
got into town

and is punching for a buck.

I stashed this in here when I
rented the joint.

I thought maybe a bottle
might come in handy.

You've got big ideas, haven't you?

- Haven't you?
- Not for you, sonny.


I got nowhere to go.

I said out!

I didn't hear Malone say this
was part of the deal.

Time to make it a part.

Sort of like a bonus.

Sonny, you couldn't afford
my kind of bonus.

Okay, let's cut out this
Amateur Night in Dixie stuff.

Yeah, well, we'll cut it
and auditions.

I gave one for Malone.
I passed.
I'm not giving anymore.

So get out of here before
I call Malone.

Just what are you holding out for?

I was hired to get a cop
out of Malone's hair.

Not to get you out of mine.

Now blow, sonny.

NARRATOR: Malone knew
that Sergeant Brandon was

an undercover investigation

in an effort to identify the
model agencies
run by the syndicate.

He also knew that it was just
a matter of time

before Brandon would come to
the Star Model Agency.

Go here at 5:00.

When Brandon did arrive,
Malone's men were ready and
the trap was set.

Yes, sir?

I'm a photographer.
I need a model for some
art studies I'm doing.

Well, you're lucky,
we have a new girl.

She's not too experienced
but she's willing to learn.

Because of that the rate will
only be $25 an hour.

This is her photo. As you see
she's 36-22-36.

Well, she looks like just what
I need. Could she come up
tonight about 8:00?

I'm sure she can.

Name and address, please.

Uh, James Harper.

That's room 402.

Hastings Hotel.

That's just off 9th.

- All right. Carol will be
there at 8:00.
- Good.

Oh, and we take the money
in advance, please.

Oh, yes.

$25 you said?

SECRETARY: Thank you.

- And call anytime.
- Sure.

NARRATOR: Brandon had taken
the bait.

Evans immediately phoned
Vince Malone to tell him that
the frame was in progress.

Hoping to secure evidence
against the prostitution
racket run by the syndicate,

Sergeant Brandon,
posing as a photographer,

kept his rendezvous with
Carol Hudson in room 402 at
the Hastings Hotel.

He has no way of knowing
that the girl was there
to frame him.

- I'm ready for you.
- I can see that.

Say, you really know what
you're doing, don't you?

My profession.

You know, there were a couple
of times that some of the
fellas I posed for

didn't even have
film in their cameras.

I guess you meet all types
in your business, huh?

How do you want me?

What have you got in there?

Swimsuit and pajamas,
you can take your pick.

Swimsuit will do fine.

Here, you can change in here.

I'll only be a minute.

Where are you from?

DeButte. That's in Iowa.

Yeah, I know.

[CHUCKLES] Most people don't.

They always say,
"What's state's that in?"

How did you get here?

Well, I saw an ad.

And I wrote away and they
wrote back and well,
it's a long story.

Say, why is it everybody
always wants to know how come
I got into this business?

Curiosity, I guess.

How long you been in town?

Just a few days.

Will, uh, this do?

It'll do. Yeah.


Well, now, for the first one,

suppose you stand with
one knee on the chair.

Like this, all right?

That's good.
Now straighten your leg. Good.

Now try it with your hand,
left hand up.

No, I don't like that.
Put it down.

And then tip your head up
a little.

There, that's good.

What's the rush?

I've only got you for an hour.

You got a date afterwards?

- Well, no, but...
- Neither have I.

So let's both relax a little.
You got a drink?

- Just Scotch.
- Well, that'll help.


Mmm. You know, I like you.

Well, thanks but...

- The hour will be up pretty
soon and...
- How about a dance first?

Maybe that'll help you to relax.

All right.

You know, I wouldn't mind
spending a couple hours here
if I could afford it.

Isn't the agency paying?

Yes, but I only get half of
that $25 you gave them.

You have no idea how much
money a girl needs in a
strange town.

- I can imagine.
- I'm up to here with all sorts
of bills.

So, if you could spare a
little extra,

I could keep it for myself.

And the agency wouldn't know
a thing about it.

And I'd pose for you as long
as you wanted.

Well, how about $20?

Would that be enough?

If that's all you can spare.

That's all.

You're nice.

You wanna dance some more?


Right down to police headquarters.

Put your things in,
you're sleeping out tonight.

- Vice Squad.
- So what?

Ask a judge.

Go in there and put your
things on. Go ahead or I'll
put them on for you.

NARRATOR: A few days later,
Sergeant Brandon was summoned
to Captain Brennan's office.

Sit down.

You, uh, know Mr. Marshall
from the
City Prosecutor's Office.

- Certainly. How are you, sir?
- Sergeant.

That girl you arrested.
What's her name?

Carol Hudson.

What about her?

She claims you made
advances to her, Sergeant.

- Did she?
- After which you threatened to
book her on a morals charge

if she didn't give you $100.

Sergeant, that is both
extortion and entrapment.

Why, that pig.

She asked me for money.

Can you prove it?

Well, no, of course not, but...

This is just like all the
other cases, you know.

All it usually takes is the
testimony of the
arresting officer.

Usually, but not this time.

I smelled a rat when she
wouldn't plead guilty and
pay her fine,

like most of them do.

- I'm dropping this case.
- We can't.

Charges of this sort are
very serious, Sergeant.

I don't know what she's
trying to pull,
but I am clean.

I want to believe that.

But the department will
have to investigate.

It'll be turned over to the
Division of Internal Affairs,

after which you'll be
brought up before the Board.


This will be a big waste
of everybody's time.

I hope so, Sergeant.

For your sake and for ours,
I hope so.

NARRATOR: The syndicate had
done its work well.

They had planted legitimate
background for
Carol Hudson.

It withstood the severest

And the girl was proving that
the syndicate had not
been wrong in selecting her.

Then I came out in my swimsuit
like he asked me to.

All ready to pose for him.

Instead he asked me to have
a drink with him.

Then he asked me to dance.

- Did you?
- Oh no, sir.

I said I was a model,
not his girlfriend.

That I was up there on business.

What did Sergeant Brandon do then?

He got very mad.

He slapped me.

That's when he told me he
was with the Vice Squad.

And that I better come across
with $100 or he'd run me in.

Then what did you do?

I didn't know what to do.

I was almost tempted to pay it.

But then I decided I couldn't
let him intimidate me.
I just couldn't.

Or I'd be no better than
what he said I'd be
accused of.

That's when he arrested me.

Thank you, that will be all.

Will Sergeant Ben Dunton come
to the chair?

And Whitey told me to wait in
the car for him

in case he made an arrest.

What happened when he
brought Miss Hudson down
to the car?

Did she say anything to you?

Yes, sir.

I heard her say that she
wasn't going to be intimidated
by him.

Did you hear anything else?

Yes, sir.

Whitey... That is,
Sergeant Brandon,

told her to keep her mouth
shut if she knew what was
good for her.

Did you ask Sergeant Brandon
anything about this?

Yes, sir.

- Later when we were alone.
- Well, what did he say?

He said not to pay attention
to her.

That she was a dope.

And that he'd given her a
chance to clear herself
but she wouldn't take it.

I see.

Did anything of this nature
ever occur before?

Yes, sir.

Lots of times.

Why didn't you say anything
to your superiors about this,

I couldn't.
Whitey was my friend.

Ben, you lying...

Sit down.

You mean you're gonna
let it go just like that?

You're letting them make
suckers out of you and me.
And the whole force!

The committee didn't see it
that way, Whitey.

The evidence said you were guilty.

But you know my record.
What do you think?

Look, I'm a cop.

I work for a salary just like
any other cop.

I'm not being paid to judge you.

I asked you a question.

What difference does it make
what I think.

You mean you might get your
hands dirty by admitting
the truth?

- You know better.
- And you know that I
was railroaded!

Okay, Brennan. You keep
your hands clean.

I won't bother you anymore.

- Whitey.
- Hello, friend.

All right, now you know about me.

Yeah. Now I know.

Now I know a lot of things.

Such as how
we got fouled up so
many times.

How long were you
on their payroll?

Since we made Vice.

Six years!

Okay. Look, Ben,
so you took their juice.

But I was your partner for
six years.

Your friend!

Ben, how could you help them
bust me? How?

I had no choice. It was either
you or me.

You mean you were
so money hungry that
you jumped the fence?

You think it's easy to send
three boys to college on a
cop's salary?

And the only other thing
that you could do is
stick out your hand?


Now I can't sleep nights.

When the phone rings I don't
know whether it's headquarters
or the organization.

They got me caught but good.

Like I had a ring through my nose.

You know, you could go to
the Captain. And clear me.

I thought about it.

But they'd kill the wife and kids.


If you're thinking of telling
the Captain about this...

I'd just deny I said it.

I'd tell him you were trying
to get even with me

for testifying against you.

That figures.

- Can I go now?
- Yeah.

You can go.

I hope you can sleep nights.


It's open.

-You did a good job.
A real good job.

I got a proposition for you.

I've had propositions before.

Not like this one.

You, uh, like money, don't you?

If I'd wanted glory I'd have
joined the WACs.

How do you feel about me?

Well, you're a big wheel.
I respect you.

Save that respect for your
congressman. That isn't
what I mean.

Suppose you tell me
just what you mean.

How would you like to go
on my personal payroll?

How personal?


That's pretty personal.

You won't have to float anymore.

And the personal payroll?

More than you ever saw in Detroit.

And you get to keep what you get.

You don't have to split
with anybody.

I guess I ought to feel flattered.

Everybody knows that I give
for what I get.

But you go on my payroll,
you don't horse around
with anybody else.

I buy everything.

Including loyalty.

That makes us even.
I give what I get, too.

Yeah, they told me you were sharp.

You've got it where it counts.

I could use somebody to
keep an eye on things where
the girls are concerned.

How does our deal read?
Pleasure and business?

I'll pay out for you.

Anything else you want to know?

- Yes.
- What?

When do I move out
of this crummy joint?





- Hi, Sis!
- Louise!


When you couldn't come back
home for my graduation,
I decided to come here.

Oh, I'm sorry about that,
honey. I wanted to but...

Oh, I know, you had to stay
for that crazy hearing.

- How did you know
about that?
- It was in the papers.

Man, that policeman must have
been real gone to accuse you
of something like that.

How did you know where to find me?

Oh, your address was in
the papers.

The desk clerk there told me
where to find you.

Oh wow, this place is
really something!

- Do you like it?
- Like it? Well, it's just the
living end.

- How, uh... How long are you
planning on staying?
- Oh, just a few weeks.

A few weeks?

Well, it's all right, isn't it?

Of course, hon. Of course.

It's just that I'll be gone a
good part of the day

Oh, you don't have to worry
about me. I can take care
of myself.

I'll bet you can. Come on.

I'll show you where you
can put your things.

Wow, this pad really swings!

- Different from home, huh?
- Wow, you're not kidding.

You take this side.

- Oh wow, are these
all yours?
- Uh-huh.

Gee, they must've cost plenty.

Boy, I could really make the
kids back home flip with this.

You've changed a lot in the
two years since I last
saw you.

Carol, would you teach me
how to be a model
like you?

Forget it.
You're going back home.


I'll get it.


- What do you want?
- Some answers.

Boy, you must be the
highest paid model
in the business.

I do all right.

- Now, would you get...
- Well, what have we got here?

Some new little trick
you're breaking in?

Shut your mouth.

She's my sister,
she just got here today.

I'll bet you your little
sister is real proud of you.

Aren't ya, kid?

Who is this man, Carol?

He's a detective.

Whitey Brandon.

I beg your pardon,
former detective.

Now just a plain ordinary,
busted cop.

Ya pig!

Thanks for busting me.

- I'll call the police.
- No, no don't.

No is right. Tramps don't
want anything to do with cops,
do they?

Your sister only wanted
one cop. Me.

- You take your hands off
of me!
- Stop it!

- Who was behind that
- You crazy cop, no one.

It was Malone, wasn't it?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You pig.

- You dirty lying little...
- Leave her alone!

Sure, kid.

It's all right I just wanted
to find out if she was more
scared of me or Malone.

Now I know.

Get out. Go on, get out!


But you tell Malone I'm
not finished.

With either of you.


Don't mind him. He's just
blowing his top because I
busted him

when they testified against him.

Well, who is this Malone?

I never heard of him.

I have to leave on business,

I'll get dressed, and why
don't you go in and get a
little rest, okay?

I'll be right back.



Just a minute!


Is this Carol Hudson's apartment?

Yes, it is, but she's not in
right now.

I'll wait. I work for the
same agency she does.

Oh, come in, come in.
She ought to be right back.

How come I haven't seen
you before?

Oh, I just got in.

Aren't you a little young
for um...

- Who brought you?
- Brought me?

Don't you think I'm old
enough to travel by myself?

Yeah, honey.
You're old enough.

-What made you come to Carol?
-Well, why shouldn't I?
She's my sister.

Your sister?

Well, who did you think I was?

Well, I... I thought you were
one of the, one of the models.

Oh. Oh, I wish I were.

It must be the dress.
It's Carol's.

I was just trying it on.


- What do you do?
- I just graduated from school.

Been anyone like you
around when I was in school,

I wouldn't have played hooky
so much.

Is it hard to be a model?
Mr. uh...

Evans. Phil Evans.
No. All you need is a
good figure.

Do you...

Do you think that I have a
good enough figure?


You got it.

Carol must make a lot
of money. If I thought I could
be as good as she is...

- How does Carol feel about it?
- Well, I'm not a child
any longer.

- I'm old enough to do
what I want.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.

If I ever hear of a spot where
they're looking for someone
like you, I'll let you know.

Gee thanks! I gotta get out
of this before Carol
gets back.

I'll wait around a little
while longer.

She ought to be back any moment.

CAROL: Then he started pushing
me around. Slapped me.

A real knucklehead.

I'll take care of it.
It won't happen again.

It doesn't both me but
with a kid sister around...

You don't want her to know
the truth, send her home.

But how can I, Vince?
What excuse can I give?

Ah, stop worrying.
Kid will know nothing.

Hey, get in. I don't want
to have to use this.

- Hello, Brandon.
- Malone.

- You know me?
- 1935.

Finger man for Culatti in Chicago.

1940, syndicate contact man.
1945, fixer...

All right, all right.
You know me.

I don't have to waste time.
Sit down.

Where did you think it'd
get you slapping the
Hudson girl around?

It got me here, didn't it?


Malone, you cost me a job.
I figure you owed me one.

Goes to show you.
You live long enough,
you see everything.

He wouldn't take a fix.
Now he wants to work
for me.

Oh, no. I don't want to
work for you, with you.

Spell it out.

I don't want a hand-out.
I want a piece.


- You're crazy.
- You gave me a reputation,
I may as well cash in on it.

I know this Vice racket
inside out.

And I've got contacts, too.

Contacts that you'd never get.


A lousy, busted cop out of a job.

And he talks contacts and a piece.

Go on, get out of here.
I'm busy.

I thought you were
smarter than you are, Malone.

It's not gonna be as hard
breaking you as I thought.

Look, cop. Get out.

I'll get to you.

I'll get to you and
your girlfriend.

I'm not a cop anymore.

I can do things my way now.

NARRATOR: That night as
Brandon left his apartment,

Malone's men were waiting for him.

Violence was their answer to
the threats he had made.

How long do I have
to keep this on, Doc?

Well, you come back in a week
and we'll take another X-ray.

I'll be able to tell you
better then.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Hello, Whitey.

- What are you doing here?
- Who did it?

What's the difference?
You're still keeping your
hands clean.

Are you going to listen?
There's something that doesn't
add up to me.

- What's that?
- Your sister.

What about my sister?

I'm sorry, Whitey. But I dug
into your personal life.

I... I had to satisfy myself.

You were what?

16? 17?
When she killed herself.

Ah, what's the difference.

How'd she get into the racket?

She fell for some pretty boy.

A louse. He sold her a
bill of goods.

And when she wanted to
get out it was too late.

She couldn't get out.


She was only 22 then, wasn't she?

Is that why you asked
for the Vice Squad?

I've hated everybody
in this racket ever since.

Yes, that's what I mean.

That's what I couldn't get
through my craw.
It just didn't add up.

Why should anyone like you
take juice?

I told you it was a frame-up!

Are you saying that Ben
was in on it, too?

Malone was back of it.
I proved it.

I made him come to me
to protect his girl.

His girl?

The same one who framed me.

I roughed her up,
figuring that
she'd yell for help.

You say Malone came to you?

I tried to con my way into
his set-up in a real big way.

He wouldn't go for it.

They roughed you up instead, huh?

Well, where
do you go from here, Whitey?

Looks as though I've struck
a dead end.

If I have to play it alone...

Whitey, I want Malone.

I want him and his whole
dirty bunch. I'd give anything
to nail him.

Do you have something in mind?

It'll take cooperation.
You'd have to go to
the Commissioner.

The Commissioner?

- You're asking a lot.
- I'll need a lot.

explained his plan in detail
to Captain Brennan.

He wanted to make it appear
that he had gone into direct
competition with Malone.

Operating his own
phony model agencies

with greater influence and
protection than Malone had.

His object was not only
to clear his name,

but to weaken Malone's
standing in his own

and make the syndicate bosses
come to him.

Brennan knew the plan was
dangerous, but it did have
a chance.

He agreed to go along with it.

First, Brandon rented offices
for his model agencies

in several large business

These were to be the agencies
set up in direct competition
to Malone.

Brandon was ready now to
begin his drive against the
crime syndicate.



I'll get it honey.



- What do you want?
- Come up to my apartment in
a half an hour.

Listen, you be here or I'll
come up and drag you out.
Sister or no sister.

I'm sorry, honey,
but I won't be able to
have dinner with you tonight.

I've got to meet someone
on business.

Why don't you grab a bite
alone and I'll try to be back
as soon as I can.

- Okay?
- Okay.

I didn't come up here
to drink your liquor,

What do you want?

Come on, have a drink.
Sit down. Relax.

Carol, I'm gonna
do something for you.

-Break my arm?
-Oh, things change.
And so do people.

I've gone into business.

- What kind of business?
- Malone's kind of business.

Models, public relations.

You name them, I supply them.

For an ex-cop who used
to harass the girls...

So I played an honest Joe.
Where'd it get me?

I learned the hard way.

But I learned.

Why are you telling me all this?

Because I need somebody like you.

Somebody to manage these
chicks I've brought in.

Somebody to tip me off
about Malone's contacts.

I thought you said you
were going to do something
for me.

You stick with Malone,
you're gonna get hurt.

With me, you'll be protected.

And you'll make more money
with me then you'll ever
make with Malone.

So, like I say, I need you.

And you need me.

You don't need me.
You need a headshrinker.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

All right. Now I'm gonna give
you a little warning.

If you want to stay alive,
don't buck Malone.

Last time they only
cracked your ribs.

Next time they'll crack
you're head.

If you change your mind,
you know where I live.

Who does he think he is?

He thinks you go into this
business like you open a
shoe store?

You need contacts, protection,

He says he's got them.

Maybe he figures he's gonna
scare you into cutting
him in.

If he even tries to open up,
he'll be closed the next day.

That's all I give him.
Just one day.


Oh yes, Whitey.

- When?
- In about a half an hour.

She's there now. Yeah,
one of my men saw her go in.

And remember, you have to make
it tough for Malone's lawyer
to spring her.

Keep her there until I
want her out.

NARRATOR: In an effort to
create the impression that
he had greater

behind-the-scenes political
influence than Malone,

Sergeant Brandon had the police

start a campaign of raids
against the few known
racket agencies,

closing them down while his
remained open.

I'm just trying to say that
maybe he's not kidding about
his protection.

I told you once. I don't
need you to tell me anything.


-[ON INTERCOM] There's a Mr.
Whitey Brandon calling you.


Hello, Malone.

I just thought you'd
like to know your
Star Model Agency

is being closed as of right now.

And that's only a starter.

Before I'm
through with you, you won't
have a joint left open.

That's enough, Mushy.


Well, where's Carol?

They're holding her without
bail as a material witness.

What kind of double-talk are
you giving me?

They're giving it to me in there.

I don't care what
they're giving you.

You're my lawyer.
I tell you to get her out,
you get her out.

It'll take time.

Somebody's putting on pressure.

Yeah, I know who it is.


I pay you to take care of
things for me. It's up to you
to figure how.

But do it.

- Otherwise...
- Hey, there's Carol!

Who got you out?

That ex-cop Whitey Brandon.

He got me in and he got me out.

Drucker couldn't and he could?

He's trying to show me
he's got more influence
than I have.

He must know somebody we don't.

He isn't gonna know him for long.

Drop me off at the office, Phil.

Then you take Carol home.

How about me coming up
for a drink?

Try the nearest bar.

I thought you were a smart broad.

What do you mean by that?

How long do you think Malone's
gonna hold out? This whole
thing's got him shaky.

- I'm sure he'll be able to
handle it.
- Well, he'd better.

The top man will put him out
and put somebody else in and
it could be me.

Is that why I should ask you
up for a drink?

What am I?
Poison or something?

You know how I felt about
you from the first day you
got here.

And you know how I felt
about you. So we're even.

You learn the hard way, don't you.

You've got a lot
of learning to do yourself.

I don't take a pushing around
like that from any pig.

Then stay away from me
and you won't be pushed.

Hello, Ben.

- I've got to kill you.
- Malone?

He wants you out of the way.

I see.

I'm supposed to take
you down for questioning.

You resisted so I had to kill you.

Sweet, isn't it?

Yeah. That's perfect.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Why don't you do it?

I can't do it. Not to you.

No. We're pals.

Whitey, they keep piling it
on me. How much more am
I supposed to take?

Whitey, I can get out of
this mess if you'll stop
bucking Malone.

I'll tell him I scared you
into closing up shop.

I'm not gonna stop, Ben.

You can't beat him.

I'm doing it.

And I guess I'm doing it
real good.

Or he wouldn't have sent you.

I hate to think...

I got you in this lousy racket

because I turned you in.

It didn't help.

It gave me a sour taste...
For friends.

Whitey, please.

Run away. Go anywhere.

I'll tell Malone you
That I couldn't find you.

I'm not running, Ben.

So I guess you gotta kill me.

I can't.

You got one other out.

You can go to Brennan and
clear me. Tell him how you
been hooked up with Malone.

It's either that or killing me.

Take your choice. You think
it's gonna end with me?

Because it's not.

One of these days your
wife is gonna get wise
to you.

And Malone won't care.


This is Sergeant Dunton.

I'm sorry to bother you at home.

But I have something very
important to tell you.

Yes, Captain, I'll be right over.

I know I'm in no position
to give advice, but Whitey,

get out of this racket.

Sooner or later they'll get
you. Either the department
or Malone.


Hello? Oh yes, this is Louise.

Why, of course I
remember you, Mr. Evans.

Big agency man's coming up
to my place. He's looking for
someone new and young.

Yeah, a teenager.
It's for a line of dresses.
A magazine layout.

So I thought of you.

Well, gee, that's terrific,
Mr. Evans.

Uh-huh, sure. I can
come right over.

Okay, it's apartment 36,
Fairmount. I'll be waiting.

Okay, baby.


Come in, honey. Come in.

- Hi, am I late?
- No, early.

Advertising man isn't even
here yet.

Oh good, it'll give the
butterflies in my stomach a
chance to settle down.

Gee, I hope he likes me.

Any guy who wouldn't like
that kind of stuff hasn't been
taking his vitamins.

- Carol's dress, huh?
- Uh-huh, she isn't home.

Yeah. She's with Malone.

- Malone?
- Yeah. You know, Vince.

Vince Malone? Well I've read
about him. He's a racketeer.

No, naughty, naughty.

Carol said she didn't know him.

What would she be doing with him?


let's put it this way.

- They aren't exactly playing
- You're lying.

You think so? Ask her.

Well, I'm going home.
I'm not gonna listen to this.

Uh-uh-uh. Stay here.

It's bad enough to get the
brush from your sister,

I'm not gonna take it
from some wacky kid.

- You're hurting me!
- Sure.

Maybe it evens the score
with Carol.

There's nothing to be
afraid of, kid, I won't...

You gotta grow up sometime.

Go away! Let me go!

Don't try that again!

What's to get so upset about?
It's all in the family.

Carol and Malone. You and me.

Stay away from me! Keep away!






This is Carol Hudson.

State Hospital?

I'll be right down.

Are you her sister?

- What happened?
- Assault and rape.


Don't stay with her too long.
I gave her a sedative.

Who did it, honey? Who did it?

Phil Evans.

- Who?
- Phil Evans.


- But how did you two...
- He said he wanted to hurt me

I was your sister.

He, he told me about
you and Malone.

I'm sorry, honey.
I didn't want you to know.

It couldn't have done
any good for you to know.

- Where's Miss Hudson?
- She's inside.

Miss Hudson?

I'm Captain Brennan.

I thought you might know
where we can find
Phil Evans.

- You didn't get him?
- No, but we've got an
all-points out for him.

I want you to get him.

I want you to kill him.

I heard, Carol. And I'm sorry.

They find him yet?

- Well, if I can help...
- You?

What can you do?

Phil is one of Malone's boys,
isn't he? I can knock them
all off if I have your help.


Get me a list of Malone's

You afraid?

All I want is Phil.
Not Malone.

All I care about is finding him.

How's the kid?

- How did you know?
- Phil told me.

Phil told you?

Yeah. Came to me for help
to duck the cops.

Where is he?

What's the difference?

What's the difference?

She's my sister. You know what
he did to her? A kid.

They're all kids at some
time or another.

Where is he, Vince?
I've got to know.

Look, Carol. You know I
don't yell copper.

- Not in my business.
- I've got to find him.

Where is he, Vince?
Where is he?

Cut it.

You know nobody in
the organization runs to the
cops for anything.

All I gotta do is yell copper

and Marty and Frank and the
others cut my head right off.

I don't care about you
or the organization.

Or Marty or Frank or anyone else.

The kid'll get over it.

She'll go back home.
Nobody'll know.

She'll know.
Isn't that enough?

Now you listen to me. Phil
knows my operation inside out.

I turn on him, he can turn on me.

You understand? So you just
forget about Phil.

You're a smart girl.
Stay that way.

What happened could
happen to anyone.

Couple of days,
everybody'll forget.


I'll see you tomorrow.



What made you change your mind?

As far as I'm concerned,
Malone's no better
than Phil.

You still want that list
of agencies?

Okay. I'm ready to get it
for you.

But I have to get it
back in a hurry.

Listen, just give us time
to photostat it

and you'll have it back
where you got it from
inside of an hour.

Kid, thanks.

This is gonna kick
Malone right in the teeth.

NARRATOR: A few days later,

three men representing the
crime syndicate's
executive council

flew out for a conference
with Malone.

They came from Detroit,
St. Louis and Chicago.

What I want to know is,
how did this joker know which
were our agencies?

That's something I can't figure.

I keep the list in a book.

It's in the safe, hidden
behind this picture.

Nobody busted into the
safe, and the book is
still there.

What happened to your protection?

I spread juice around
like it was water.

I thought I had everybody
sewed up.

I just can't figure it.

Seems to me you haven't
been able to figure a lot
of things lately.

Brandon's got a better in
than you have.

And he's got better protection.

He's been doing a pretty good
job of squeezing us out.

Maybe this is the guy we need.

I don't know what you got in mind,

but this is my territory here.

And I don't split with it.

Could be maybe he
doesn't want to split it
with you.

Maybe we better have a talk
with this Brandon.
Feel him out.


Get word to him to be
here in the morning, 10:00.

We'll make it interesting for him.

Very interesting.

NARRATOR: Later that day,
Eddie told Brandon that the
top boys from the syndicate

were in town and wanted to
talk to him.

Brandon agreed to the
meeting and alerted
Captain Brennan.

Oh, Miss Hudson.

I've got some good news for you.

We just picked up Evans,
he was hiding over in a motel
on the north side.

You're gonna throw
the book at him.

Yes, and we'd like to have you
at the trial.
You'll be available?

You can count on me.

I've wanted to clear out but
I've just hung around hoping
to get a line on Phil.

- Now that you've got him...
- Don't pull out. Not yet.

- Why not?
- Come in here with me
for a minute.

There's someone I'd like
you to talk to first.

Don't tell me you've
got him on your payroll, too.

He's got me on his.

I think it's safe to let you
in on it now after what they
did to your sister.

I'm working with the Captain.

Then your whole set-up's
been a routine.

Now I know how you were
able to top Malone all the
way down the line.

Right. I wanted you to know.

Because I got a chance to
put the syndicate out of
business for good.

But to do it, I'll need your help.

That's why I told you
not to walk out
on Malone now.

Well, how do you feel about it?

I'd like nothing better than
to see the cops catch up with
all those creeps.

Good, now here's the deal.

I've been invited to come to
a meeting of the syndicate's
top brass tomorrow.

- I know.
- Can you be there?

I can arrange it. Why?

There's 10,000 feet of
wire on this.

Enough to record two
hours of what goes on
at that meeting.

I know they'll search the
place to see if it's bugged.

But I've got a way for you
to get it in there so they
won't find it.

NARRATOR: Carol Hudson
planted the tape recorder
in a spot where she knew

every word spoken in the
office would be recorded by
the tiny microphone.

Any of you boys like a drink?

- The usual.
- I pass.

- Scotch and soda.
- The same.

Glad you could come, Whitey.

I want you to meet
some friends of mine.

This is Marty Heffner
from Detroit.

Frank Burke from St. Louis.

And Leo Dempsey from Chicago.

And I think you know Carol.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, we met.

Eh, don't worry, it ain't bugged.

We went over it from
top to bottom this morning.

- You want a drink, too?
- Okay, Carol, wait outside.

Brandon, you're trouble.

I told Malone I had a big in,
he wouldn't listen.

So you got a big in
with the girls.
Bigger than we have now.

Is that all you want?

- Keep talking.
- You're a lone wolf, Brandon.

You're strong here, but it's
peanuts compared to what we
can do for you.

What can you fellas do for me
I can't do for myself?

Look, girls are only one part.

We control gambling, juke
boxes, dope, and that's where
the real money is.

What do you need me for?

You're a smart operator.
We can always find room in the
organization for a smart boy.

What are you so nervous about?

Nothing. I was just wondering
how long that meeting was
going to last.

Why do you care? Just sit
down and take it easy.

So you say we have
everything covered.

We'll give you 10% of the
gross as your cut-in.


All right.
What happens to him?

Why worry about him?

I gave him a chance to cut me
and he turned me down. Now I'm
turning him down.

- I don't want partners.
- We're the only partners
you'll have to worry about.

We'll put him in a spot out West.

Make it 15% and you can
count me in.

Okay. 15%. Let's have a drink
on it.

Clean out.

Carol usually carries some.

Hey, wait. Here, have mine.

Not my brand.

This your brand, Leo?

Hey, what is this?
You guys bug me?

Somebody bugged us.
Tell her to come in.

Carol? You too, Eddie.

I think this belongs to you.

All right.
Who'd you do it for?

Who put you up to it?


It was you and him
all the time, huh?

I'll get it.

Give us a couple of minutes
to clear out and then take
care of her.

Once a knucklehead,
always a knucklehead.

Bring the car around.

Hold it!

COP: Take him out.


- Malone's got the recorder.
- We'll get it.

You better take care of that arm.

What about the others?

We grabbed them when they
came out but I don't know how
long we can hold them.

You just play the music on
that recorder.

You'll find you got enough
on it to hold them for a long,
long time.

Are you all right, Miss Hudson?


- Thanks.
- It's okay. I owed it to you.

NARRATOR: Law enforcement
agencies now had the evidence
the needed to crack down

down on the crime syndicate
from coast to coast.

Because of her cooperation
with the police,

Carol Hudson was
exonerated of any complicity.

She was going back to
her hometown,

where she could start her
life over again.

She and her sister were
forgotten now.

But one man remembered
to say good-bye.