Vic the Viking and the Magic Sword (2019) - full transcript

Vic is a young Viking like no other: not very strong but very clever. When his father, Halvar, the village chief, steals from his sworn enemy a magic sword that turns everything into gold, the lure of gain wreaks havoc among the Vikings

written from scratch by rabbit_01


When I say heave, I mean pull!

That should do it, Halvar.

This time our wives will be happy!

We've got enough fish for
the annual tournament banquet.

Aargh! I'm a Viking! I want to
fight, loot and conquer!

Anything but this.


We've got visitors.

Halvar! Playing the fisherman
now, are we?

Ha! I'm not surprised.

You never were a true Viking!

Sven The Terrible.
At last, some action!

Sven! Have you come for a good hiding?

Control your Viking fury, Halvar.

Remember what your wife, Ylva, said.

The main thing is the fish, for
the grand tournament banquet.

Ommm... We'll ram their fat bellies!
Full speed ahead!

I'll show you what a true Viking is!

Hey! My magic sword!

Give it back, you blubberhead!

Pirates! Attack!!


Oh boy!

Chief. You've got to control
your repulsive nature.

We're clearly outnumbered.

Yeah, yeah. Strategic retreat!

- This load of fish is slowing us down.
- Eh?

My magic sword!
Give it back!

A magic sword? This? Hmm.

Sven's losing his marbles!

Let's go home.

- Vic?
- Huh?

Vic? I made what you
asked me to, Vic.

Put it in the basket!

Thanks, Ylvi.

Ha hah!

This year I'm bound to win
the archery tournament.

Dad will have to keep his promise.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. We got no
fish for the archery tournament, Chief.

We escaped from Sven, but we
won't escape your wife.

Ylva will do as I tell her.

Can't wait to see that.

- Silence!
- Land ho!

- Dad!
- The men are back!



Wait for me, Ylvi!


Ha ha ha. Dad! Ha ha ha.

My boy! Ha ha. Are those big
Viking muscles that I see there?

Did you bring me a surprise?

Not now, Vic.

Uh oh. My Ylva!


Let me guess Halvar. Yet again no fish for
the banquet this year. Right?

You met Sven, and you lost
your temper again.

Chief, the sword.
Show her the sword!

Good idea.

A rusty old blade, I see.

Ah! This much more than
a rusty blade.

It's a... a magic sword.

We took it from Sven,
a battle of champions.

Yes. You're a champion, Halvar.

At avoiding responsibility.

But Angelfish...

It'll be cabbage soup for everybody
at the banquet. Just like last year.

- Again. - Yecch.
- I love cabbage soup.

It's not my fault.

We were obviously
outnumbered against Sven.

We had to make a
strategic retreat.

But cheer up! Tomorrow is
the grand archery tournament.

The winner will join the crew.

And this year, I'm ready
for the tournament.

You'll be proud of me!

This is not the time, Vic.

Angel face!

My mother was right.

You bet I was right!

You should've married the great
Chief Dreadlocks from the North.

He'd have brought home the fish.


Hey little guy. Huh.
Where'd you come from?

You like the sword?

Hey. This looks like a true
Viking Chief's sword.

Hey! Who's your friend, Vic?

Is he going to shoot for you
tomorrow at the tournament?

Don't worry Ylvi.
I got it all planned.

Curious little fellow, huh.

A squirrel with a hammer.
What are you, the god Thor?

Uhh. May I? I need it.


What's all this racket?

It's for the archery tournament mum.
I found a way to win. Look!

You know Vic, it doesn't matter
if you don't win tomorrow.

But mum! Dad promised.

The winner of the archery tournament
earns the right to sail with the Vikings.

And thanks to this, I'm gonna win!

You don't need to be a champion.
Your dad and I love you as you are.

And you mustn't be sad if
you don't win tomorrow.

You don't have to be a Viking
warrior like your father.

Don't worry Vic.
We both know that I am the best,

but you're still going to win.

You'll get your place on the longship.


There's a ladybug, with six dots,
close to your arrow.


Almost a bullseye!
And the ladybug's still there!

Only one more archer to shoot!

Go on my boy! Good Luck!

That is no Viking bow.
This isn't fair.

Chief? Do the rules allow this?

Of course! It's wood with a string.
You think so too, right Halvar?

Of course. Of course.

A humble servant who requests the honour of
joining the great Halvar on his expeditions.

Say what?

My name's Leif Erikson,
son of Eric The Red.

Eric The Red!

The famous Viking?

And a good looking one, too!

All great warriors are welcome in Flake.

I declare young Leif the grand
winner of the tournament.

Dad! I haven't even shot yet.

Keep practicing, my boy.

You'll get your chance next time.

People of Flake. Today we celebrate
the arrival of a new member of the crew.

You know, Vic, the archery just now...

Yeah yeah yeah. Just now? Angel Fish.

Young Leif won the grand tournament!

- Long live Halvar!
- Long live Leif!

Look at your face!

He stole the victory.

Oh, who cares.

He's so handsome.

It's time to celebrate!


So. What incredible exploits
have you accomplished recently?

Ah. Well...

On our last expedition,
after a ferocious battle,

we took possession of, ah,
a legendary sword.

Yeah, routine for us Vikings. Yeah.

A legendary sword?

May I see it?

Well, of course. Vic!
Make yourself useful son!

Bring me the sword.

Heh heh. That's my son.

He's not so tough, but, eh,

Well, he's always fiddling
around with stuff.

I know, kid.

By all the gods!

This must be the Sword of Odin!

It's said to have the power
to turn everything to gold!

Ouch! Control your squirrel, kid.

Ahh oh yes, it has magic power...

Ahh of course, of course.

Err, well, we haven't really had time.

We're fresh off the boat, so to speak.

Dad! There's someting written on it!
Not now, Vic.

Adults are talking here.

- You want to try?
- No! No no no. It's yours!

The honour's yours.

Dad! I think I know the moves
you have to make.

Okay son. What do you suggest?

I discovered this.

If I'm not mistaken,

you have to draw an '8',

then stick the sword in the ground,

and then snap your fingers.

- You have a wild imagination, son.
- Why don't we try it?




Dad! The sword is magic!

- Yeah!
- Ha ha ha! I knew it!

It's magic!

Oh no. The poor little chicken.

Nice work, kid.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
That chicken's worth a fortune!

Well... count your own chicken then.

It's solid gold!

Ha ha! I'm rich. Rich!

With this sword, I'll buy a new house.

And a new house for my mother-in-law
on the other side of the world!

Even better! I'll buy a
new mother-in-law!

Dream on, lover boy!

There's my son. Give me my sword.

Pass it to me Vic. I'll buy you
a mountain of chocolate!


You guys are all losing your minds!

It's my turn! Ha ha ha ha ha!



Mum! Mum!

Say something, Mum!

By Odin's beard. What have I
done to my darling Ylva?

- She had a heart of gold.
- Well. Now she's all gold.

Ylva! My Ylva.

You don't know much about
the Sword of Odin, do you?

Your wife might be
golden right now,

but there's still a chance
to save her.

Asgard. Kingdom of that moody
king of the gods, Odin.

Odin had a magic sword made.

This sword was entrusted
to his son, Loki,

on whom it conferred godly powers.

Outside Asgard, this sword has the
power to turn anything into gold.

Of course! I remember now.

Loki and Thor.

The two sons of Odin were constantly
squabbling and fighting.

Loki did not get along with
his half brother, Thor.

Odin, tired of these disputes,

exiled his son amongst the humans

for as long as it would take
for them to make peace.

Actually, it was Thor who started the fight.

He was the really bad one.

Oh really? My memory plays tricks on me.

And it was Loki who got the blame.

Odin took away his powers,

he repressed him from
using the magical sword,

and banished him from Asgard.

Nothing's been seen or heard
of him ever since.

But then... Mum will be gold forever?

Not necessarily.

There may be a way to save her.

On a secret island lies
the gate to Asgard.

This is the only crossing point between
Earth and the world of the gods.

Ahh! It's coming back to me.


The fabled bridge.

Yes. It really exists.

But you need the sword and
its power to open the way.

Once open, all the sword's
powers cease,

and your wife Ylva will
be returned to you.

So, the magic can be undone?

Mum can be saved?

This means there's hope.
Thank you Odin!

But there's one snag.

The gate to Asgard can only be opened

with Odin's magic sword

at the exact moment when
the sun is at its highest

during the summer solstice.

But... that's in four days.

We better take plenty to eat then.

How about a jolly little tune on
my harp to cheer us up?

No Halvar! Save the Viking fury!
Breathe. Breathe.

We never travel far during this season.

If I remember right,
the sea is often rough.

And then, how are we going
to find this island?

I can take you there.

My father discovered the island.

Leif! You are my hero.

Tomorrow at dawn,
we weigh anchor!

I'll get my stuff ready right now, Dad!

Oh no. Oh no. I don't think so.

But... But I have to come along.

We have to save Mum!

I'm sorry Vic. You're too little.

You can't come with us.

You have no heart!

Are you sure you can find the island
with the Gate of Asgard, my lad?

Yes Halvar, and it's an honour to
assist you in saving your wife,

but the journey will be long and difficult,
and time is running out.

Ha ha har! It'll be a piece of cake.

We have the best crew in the world... uhh?

Man your oars!!

Who put this blast... this very
lovely statue, right in my way?

Ohh, women on board is bad luck.

Oh boy oh by oh boy!

Your men are brave, Halvar.
I only hope that'll be enough.

That's some Viking!

Amazing! Woop-de-doo!

Are you sure this is a good idea?


Of course.

When we're far away,
Dad won't have any choice.

He'll have to take us with him.

It's for my Mum.

You could've stayed home.

Oh! And who would've stopped
you doing something stupid? Hah?

Woop-de-doo! Pirates ahoy!

That must be Sven!

That's pure gold.
It looks like Halvar's wife.

That nitwit figured out how
my magic sword works.

And he turned his wife into gold!

Even numbskulls sometimes
have smarts.

He's gonna tell us how he did it.
Right now!

Halvar! You lucky bilge bug!

You've had your fun.
Now gimme back my sword!

And who said that it's yours?
Did you keep the receipt?

It's always belonged to the pirates.

The proof is, I stole it from my cousin,
who stole it from my father, who...

Halvar. Think of your wife.
We'll take care of the pirates later.

Listen to me son.

I didn't really do it deliberately,
but I took the sword from Sven.

I know we're in a hurry, but nevermind.
We've got to fight.

Do you want the sword?

Chief! Calm down!
Remember, breathe!

Come on and get it,
you tub o' lard!

Grrr! Archers!

Look at Leif! A true Viking!

What style!

Oh boy oh boy! He's a killer!

Stop picking on Leif!

If you think you can crush us, Sven,
you can stick your finger in your eye!

We will fight to the end!
To your oars!

What are we, lads?

We are Vikings!
Vikings are we!

We are Vikings!
Vikings are we!

Boarding party!


Give me back my sword!

Don't hold your breath.
I need to save Ylva.

Okay, okay. You win Halvar.

You fought a good fight.

But you're not winning any medals!

Look! I fished up two shrimps.

Vic. What on earth are you doing here?

I just wanted to help you.

I told you to stay home.

Ooh! You disobeyed Daddy!

Naughty boy!

Don't you touch a hair on his head.

The game's over, Halvar.

Sven and his men must be at
the pirate's island already.

What're they going to do to Mum?

All this is my fault.

I'll never be a true Viking.

Don't worry Vic.

Your father and his men will find
a way to get us out of here.

To think I was about to beat Sven.

And now he's got my Ylva, the longship,

and he even forced me to tell him
how the magic sword works.

All because of my Vic.

My inspiration has failed.

My art is suffering terribly
from all this stress.

More like... art-thritis.

An idea. An idea, an idea.

Oh boy, oh boy! I have an idea.

- Oh, this'll be good.
- We could swim home!

Well, you go right ahead.
We'll watch,

as you cross all that water
between us and Flake.

I know! I'll drink all the
water in the sea!

Yeah! That way, we could walk home.

Just shutup, the lot of you!

Actually, I think you're the only one
who can get us out of here, Vic.

Look at that squirrel, Ylvi.
There's a smart little guy.

I have to talk to Dad.

I'm telling you Vic,
I'm not listening to you.

And from now on,
I forbid you to get any ideas.

But, Daddy...

'Daddy' won't work anymore.
Never again.

Sorry, Dad. I only wanted
to help you save Mum.

Help me?

You disobeyed me, and worse still,
you made me surrender to Sven!

- But...
- I've not finished!

You're no bigger than a stool,
and as thin as a fishbone.

How do you expect to help me,

if you were to becoming a true Viking,
a true Chief's son,

that would help me. And a true
Viking doesn't hide in a barrel!

How do you expect me
to become a true Viking?

You never take me with you!

But... It's you... and then there's odd...
if you hadn't made it work...

turning that chicken into gold.

My... my Il... my Ylva...
who I turned into gold.

It's my fault.

All this is my fault.

I can almost [gulp].
Oh, it's good to be back.

Right on the bully-ball, Pox.

Pirates! Unload the statue and follow me.

Bless my soul! It's gold!

It's gold...

- We be rich!
- Untold riches!

- Rich!
- It's gold!

It's gold!

- It's golden!
- We be rich!


My Ylva!

What have I done?

By this time you must be on
Pirate Island, with Sven and his men.

And we're stuck here.
And with no boat.

Time's running out, Halvar.

Give the kid a chance.
Maybe he does have

an idea to get to the pirate's
island after all.

Listen to your son, Halvar.

The boy's no fool.

And anyway, us and ideas...


You think you can get us out of here, Vic?


Woop-de-doo! Warp speed!

Tell the head honcho that Sven the
Terrible is here, and he's thirsty!

Sven the Terrible, you say?

Let's see now... 'T' as in Terrible...

Ah! Here we are.
Sven the Terribly In Debt,

according to the ledger.

Ah, yeah, that's right.
We had a right ball, last time.

You're so deep in debt,
there's a price on your head.

There seems to be a
few unpaid items:

Two longships, five tables,
medical bills for twenty guards,

a luxury travel case in purple silk

for spiky bully-ball, ooh.

And of course, membership
to the Pirate's Guild,

which you haven't paid for two years.

Oh. An oversight.

With this, I should be able
to cover all expenses.

Ah! Here!

Pure gold!

Welcome to Pirate Paradise.

My faithful bully-ball.

My crew deserves the best!


This gold is all yours!

Long Live Sven! The killer
with a heart of gold!

Gimme back my helmet,
you numbskull.

I think we're in the right place.

I'll deal with Sven.

Whatever happens, save Ylva.

Don't forget the sword, Halvar.

Dad! We can't just rush in like this.
We need a plan.

Halvar. The summer solstice won't wait.
Make a decision - quick!

- You're the Chief.
- Exactly. I'm the Chief.

I choose the plan.



Hey - hey Vic!

What d'you think?

Would Leif like it?


Once, I came up with a plan.

That's why I'm second-in-Chief.

- And I'm second-second-in-Chief...
- Silence!

We've come up with a new plan.

- Cheers!
- Cheese!

Ha ha!

About time. Finally,
some real entertainment.

Rarely have I seen such
tender beauty!

Aha! I scoured the seven
seas to find this troupe.

If you wish to see the rest of the show,

I'm going to have to ask you
for a... small donation.

Or rather, a large donation.
At least an arm!

Help yourself!

Everybody behind me for
the Cha-Cha line!

There's something fishy here.

You're right! Stop! Nobody move!

Come on!
You call that a Cha-Cha line?


Get on the floor, my beauty!


Ah! That's not quite what I meant!

So, who's the king of the Cha-Cha?

Sven the Terrible! The killer
with a heart of gold!

Halvar's kid!


Sven the Terrible!
The killer with a heart of gold!


Sven the Terrible!
The killer with a heart of gold!

What's in there? Oooh!

Mum! Don't worry.
We'll get you out of here.

The sword, Halvar.
We must get the sword.


Drop anchor!

We been duped, by that girl there!

You're surrounded!
Nobody scavs Sven the Terrible!

Sven the Terrible!
The killer with a heart of gold!

Are you sure, Sven?

- What? - Sven the Terrible!
The killer with a heart of gold!

Fats! Tear this rats nest apart!

He took my lovely bully-ball!


My paradise!

So long, you patsy!

Oh, that was close!

My job as Dad is to watch
over my little...

A Viking never gives up!

Yes. My son's a brave lad.

Well done, my lad.

Ohh! He's so strong!

What a punch!
What would I do without you?

Man the oars!

Nice work, Vikings!


Not a bad plan, Vic.

A different style. I'd have
gone more Viking myself.

Hoist the sail. We'll catch them!

Aye aye, captain.

Dad! We've got something for you.
You're gonna love it.

Here, Chief.

My sword! My bully-ball.

Give me back my bully-ball!

You only had to ask.

Next time, try it with a girly-ball!

You can't escape me
and my bully-ball!

Oh dear.


Oh boy. Oh boy. I'm freezing.

Cut it out, you lout.

That warms me up. Ouch!

Come on. My turn.


Oww! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Oww!

That's odd.

I don't see what's odd about getting
freshened up in the morning.

Usually, you are more curious.

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm going to fix everything, Angel Fish.

I promise.

I'm proud of our little boy.
He's brave.

And smart, too.

But he's still so small!

I won't be able to protect him forever.

If only he could be as big
and strong as Leif.

I miss you, Angel.

There's ice everywhere!

Ermm. But we can't get through.

We must push on, quickly.
The Three Sisters will be along any minute.

Three Sisters? Why didn't you
mention this before?

Boy oh boy oh boy!
Are they pretty?

- Do they like music?
- Does one of them have a moustache?

And that's not our only problem.

Look over there!

Come on! Let's see some backbone!
No backsliding!

You goon! Couldn't you
wash my bully-ball?

That mask will be deducted from
your next paycheck.

Certainly, Captain.

It's coming back to me.
The Three Sisters!

Awesome Agnetha, Screaming Mimi,
and Big Bertha.

They are the biggest rogue
waves in the world.

Nothing can withstand them.

We're all going to die.

And you knew about the Three Sisters,
and you didn't say anything?

Let's see. To port, certain death.

To starboard, we get humiliated
again by Sven.

Giving up is not the Viking way.

Don't even think about it.

You're the one with
the good ideas, kid.

It's time for us to show
what you can do.

Aha! Whoo! Yeah!


We allow the Three Sisters
to carry us.

We ride their power to cross the ice.

A genius. Like father, like son.

Guaranteed certain death.

It might work.

I trust Vic.
I'm all for it!

Are you sure, Vic?

Mmm hmm.

Did you hear my son? What're we
waiting for? To your oars!

Children and animals,
hold on tight.

Leif, show me the way.
I'm counting on you.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Can't we change
our minds and beg Sven for mercy?

There's no going back.

We're not scared of a teensy
ripple in the sea, are we?

Who are we?

We are Vikings. Vikings are we!

In any case, it's like I said.
Certain death.

Halvar, you nutty loggerhead.
Suicide won't save you!

I think we oughta get out
of here, Captain.

Wherever they go, we go.

Ohh! He's so handsome.

He's strong. He's handsome.
Nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah.

He still seems fishy to me.

Oh, don't you think you look fishy
with that stupid squirrel on your head?

Get off of me. I can't see a thing.

Odin! Help me!

I can't believe my eye.

Is this Big Bertha?

No. That's just her little sister.
Awesome Agnetha.

Oh! It's a mountain!

I'm a Viking, not a rock climber.

Hard to port!


Easy peasy! Oww!

Here we go!

Vikings! On my command!

Hard a-starboard!

Quick to port!


Vic! That's future Captain material.

A chip off the Captain's block!

Take Leif's place.
Help me guide the ship.

Aye Aye Captain!

Massive tidal wave, full ahead!

That's a calculated sneaky wave.

That's outright cheesy.
Coming out of nowhere like that.

That's what a rogue wave is about.

Takes you by surprise when
you least expect it.

That one's Screaming Mimi.
She's one of the family, too.

No cause for panic. Piece of cake!

Hard a-starboard!

Twelve tanks of dead to starboard!

I remember now!

Thor and Loki fought.

They were both banished to earth.
Was Loki loco? I don't know.

But, Thor was punished too.

Hold on. Who was Loco?

Oh boy oh boy.
Which one is that, precisely?

Oh, I've lost it long ago.
It still means certain death in the end.

Oh, I know. This is Big Bertha!



Odin be praised. You're safe!

Where is Dad?


It's a weird nightmare.

I dreamt that I'd changed
my Ylva into gold,

and that I was in Valhalla
with that idiot Sven.

- Dad!
- Uncle Halvar! You're alive!

Hey! You Vikings!

The Gate to Asgard!
The Solstice is near!

We have to take the
sword up there.

And Ylva, right?

And Ylva too, of course.

The Solstice. You go first, Vic.

Take the sword up there
before it's too late.

We'll take care of Ylva.

Okay Dad. We're going to
save Mum, I promise.

Yes, we promise you, Uncle.

We'll never climb up
there in time.

You're forgetting about me
and my bow, blondie.

Ylvi! You're the champ!

Sorry, but I need this.
Do you mind?

Leif. Take the sword.

I don't want to steal your glory, kid.
You can carry it.

Would you stop calling me 'kid'.
It's starting to bug me!

Vic! Are you okay?

Y-Yeah. Don't worry.

Stay with me, kid. I still need you.

Oh, now that you're my own!

Good luck! Be careful!



Woah! Uh.


Is this the right way?

It certainly is.


Here we are.

We made it just in time.

The Gate to Asgard!



It's up to you, Gorm!

Woop-de-doo! And where might
you be going, young lady?

Boy oh boy oh boy! It's kinda scary,
but it's great hangin' out with you guys.

Quick. There can be four up there!

Come on kid - I mean Vic.
Go closer.


Hold the sword towards the light.

What's going to happen when I do that?

Do you ever do as your told?

If you want to save your mother, do it!

You have to do it.

This will make you a glorius
Viking forever more.

Go on ahead!

What's happening?

Is Mum safe now?

Not quite yet, Vic.

Be patient.
This is only the beginning.


What's all this gold?


The bridge to Asgard.


My own self again.

Loki, son of Odin is back!


You're very sweet, Vic.

Really. But I have no sympathy for
your pathetic human world.

I'll be happy when it's
all gold and gone.

You can't do this.
Nobody is that cruel.

Ohh... but I am.

And now that I've dealt with
your world, I'll regain mine.

This time, nobody will stop me.

Not even that oaf, Thor!

So that's it. You're the bad guy.

My father, Odin, thought that by
banishing me to earth,

he could stop me.

He put a spell on my sword.

I could no longer touch it.

What will the mighty Odin say now?


We got delayed a bit with Ylva,
but she's coming.

Who's this?

- It's Leif.
- Leif? No, no. Leif is much smaller.

Leif. Leif! Is that really you?

Ha ha ha! Gimme a hug, Leif!

No Dad! It's too dangerous!

Oops. I really put my foot in it.

Daddy! Your arm!

- Dad!
- It's okay son. It's stopped.

You fooled us all.

You're quite smart for a human.
We could do great things together.

I may only be a human,
but you are the god of tricksters!

You were playing us all
right from the start.

If that's what being a god is,
I'd rather just be a mere human,

with my friends and my family.

Of course. I played you for a fool. Kid.

I even got you to carry the
sword all the way here.

How is it that Leif can fly now?

Did I miss something?

Nobody tells me anything.


Actually, I take that back.

You're just as stupid as all the others.

Hello, brother.

I knew it! Ahaha!
You lose, Loki.

This is hard to follow.
Where'd the squirrel go?


I knew if I followed the sword,
I would find you.

I should've guessed that
to punish you,

father would turn you
into something stupid.

As predictable as ever, little brother.

Why are you so stubborn?

Okay, you want to protect father
and Asgard. I get that.

But... humans. You despise
them as much as I do.

Wrong. They're my friends,
dear brother.

I've learned to love them,
and I won't let you harm them.

Bear the consequences then!

Come on son. Toss that rusty lump of
iron away, and let's be done with it.

I'm bored with all this monkey business.

Risk! Must duck!


It's all your fault!

Loki! Thor!

This fighting must stop.

Thor started this father. I'm only
defending myself, I swear!

That's not true, father. Loki was meddling
with humans. I was trying to stop him.

Enough of this! My sons
must learn to get along,

I've been watching your tricks, Loki.
And this time I see that Thor is not to blame.

I will decide your fate!

Now, back to Asgard you two.

Loki, your punishment will remind
you of this adventure

for a very, very long time indeed.

And now, look. The volcano's awakening.

Death is on the way again...

Oh, boy. That wasn't so bad.

Of course. It's facts who ends up on top.

Oh, boy.


Go, Dad!

Vikings style!


Halvar! We meet again!

And the hairy ape's back.

And not a hair out of place!

Sorry Halvar. They took us by surprise.


Angel Fish.

One eye, one arm, and one leg.
Barely half a Viking left.

My Ylva.

My Angel Fish.

Dad! Pull yourself together.

Yeah Halvar. Pull yourself together.

Where's my sword?

You leave my Mum and Dad alone!

Did he grow horns during the trip?

You don't scare us, you ugly lump!

Captain! Show 'em why you're
called Sven the Terrible!

Let's bail out while we can, Pox.

Pirates! Take this golden floozy along,

and don't forget Halvar's arm and leg.

Come Pox, this island is ready to blow.

Oh boy! We're all gonna die!

Angel Fish.

Dad! A Viking never gives up.


We need some Viking fury!

Pirates! Move your behinds.
We're upping anchor and away!

- Ah, Captain? - What?
You're golden bully-ball, Captain.

Dad! Look at Sven.
He's taking Mum!

- Your Ylva!
- My Ylva.

Sven is taking your Angel Fish!

My Angel Fish?

What. What? What's happening?

What? What?

My gold!

Yes Dad!

Woop-de-doo! It's raining pirates!

The seasons are topsy-turvey.

- Yay! - Hooray for Halvar!

That's my Super-Dad!

That's true Viking fury for you.

Halvar! At last!

Take that, Pirate!
Do you think I'd forgotten?

Any more takers?

- Angel Fish!
- Mum! Mummy!

- Vic!
- Angel Fish!

Halvar! My boys!

Mum. Dad. You guys are
the greatest of all Vikings!

Auntie Ylva!

- Halvar?
- Dad! We better go.

Vikings! To the longship!

Mum. We're already far from the island.

My Dad is absolutely awesome.

Why don't we always travel like this?
It's less exhausting.

Don't be sad about Leif.
You'll get over it.

What? Get over what?
He wasn't my type at all.

Woah! You could slow down now Dad.

- We're far enough.
- Well Halvar. Looks like you have an heir.

Ha ha ha! You're right, Urobe.

The world had better watch out!

I give you Vic, my son.
The most Viking of all the Vikings!

Who is the true Viking?

The true Viking is Vic!
Long live Vic!

Over to you, young Chief.

You are a true Viking warrior.

From now on, you're coming with
me on every expedition.

Wow! That's so cool!

- Really?
- Oh, yes.

- You're a true Viking now.
- Yeah!

I sail with the Vikings!

My dearest Vikings.
I love you so much.

And now, let's get home.
On the double!

Hold on. Not so fast.

Now that I've made it
out of Flake for once,

I want to make the most of it.

Let's take a little vacation.

written from scratch by rabbit_01