Vibration (2020) - full transcript

In an effort to communicate with her dead mother, 16-year old Alexis accidentally summons a demon who tries to steal her soul. Does she have what it takes to send him back to Hell?

- Was Ryan only dating me

just because he wanted
to have sex with me?

Did he cheat on me?

Great, this is great, love that.

What was the name of the
person he cheated on me with?

No, no, no, no, no, no, I need a name.

What is the name of the
person he cheated on me with?

No, first it's my boyfriend, then my dad,

and now you.

I'm surrounded by assholes.

If my mom could've said
anything to me before she died,

what would she have said?

Why am I wasting my time

talking to this fucking
piece of cardboard?







Attic, attic.

Alexis, your father
and I are beside ourselves

with anticipation to meet you,

our unborn child.

You are scheduled to arrive in two days

and you are all we can
think or talk about.

We want only the best for you.

We will do everything within
our power collectively

to provide it.

We love you with all of our hearts

and can't wait to meet you.

Love, mom and dad.


- Move along, Alexis.

You don't want to be late
for class now, do you?

For your sin, he will take something away

and you will suffer greatly day after day.

The height of your suffering

will be given back tenfold.

This is what is written,

the story has been told.

Hold still for him, my dear.

- Alexis!








Alexis, Alexis.

Alexis, no, no, no Alexis, no.

Now remember, there's
nothing to be afraid of.

All they're gonna do
is just run some tests

and see what's wrong

and I hope you feel better.

- The image we'll be able
to obtain from the MRI

will give us better insight

for what's going on inside

and hopefully some answers.

Now I'll be in the room
with you the entire time

and your dad'll be in the next room.

So if you feel any tension,
discomfort or claustrophobia,

wave your hand and I'll bring
you right back out, okay?

From what I've been able to see,

everything has healed nicely.

There are no physical
deformities or shortcomings

that are preventing the ability to speak.

Now it's not unheard of

after a traumatic event
or a series of events

that a triggering loss
of certain faculties,

speech being most common,

that leads us to the next probable place

that could be the cause of your condition.

I'm going to refer you
to an esteemed colleague

and friend of mine, Dr. Dawson,

a state top psychiatrist.

If what's preventing your ability to speak

is mental more than physical,

hopefully she can get to the bottom of it.

- Thanks doc, I really appreciate this.

- Hey, I know you're
not on board with this

but you've got to trust me.

A fresh start is exactly what we need.

Your mom would've been okay with that

plus after everything that
just happened recently.

- Hey!


Give that thing a rest, will ya?

We've got work to do.

Good to go.

Hey, the pizza's here.

Why don't you take a break?

When your mom and I first started dating,

she was such a spitfire.

You're so much like her.

You know what impressed me most about her

was the fact that she never
took shit from anyone.

She used to work at this ice cream parlor

and she hated her boss.

His name was Tom.

She was the youngest employee there.

And Tom would always try to humiliate her

in front of the other girls,

just a real jerk.

I know right?

One day, she decided she had enough.

So she calls Tom up and
she goes, "Hey Tom."

And he goes, "What?"

And she goes, "There's only one difference

"between you and a dead prostitute."

And he goes, "Oh yeah,
smart ass, what's that?"

She goes, "You still suck."

And she just takes her apron off

and just throws it on
the floor and walks out

and all her coworkers
started applauding her

and they were happy

'cause no one really
stood up to Tom like that.

Tom, he felt so bad

that he actually called her the next day

and he offered her the job back.

Yeah, and I was like wow,

it was just incredible.

She would've been so proud of you.


got a big day tomorrow.

Demolished the pizza.


you still brake like grandma.

You're getting better.

- What the fuck?

What you got a dick in your ear?

I said what the fuck.

- Sorry about that.

My friend here put a tampon
in backwards this morning

with the applicator still attached.

Where are you headed?

Oof, Miss Baker?

Shit, good luck.

Go this way,

this way down the hall,

take a left, you'll meet the witch.

- We are the brave,

we are the proud,

the ones who stand out in any crowd.

So let it be known

through all the schools,

Cranston High football rules.

- Thank you, Britney.

That doesn't exactly fall in

to any of the assigned categories

but we'll just chalk that
one up to free verse.

Who's next?

You're late.

I suggest not making that a habit

if you wish to pass this class.

Excused from speaking,
well, that's a first.

Very well, please take your seat.

Who's next?

- There is a world beyond comprehension,

too diabolical for me to mention.

It's not for the meek,

but fake glimpse you seek,

you need warning, pay attention.

Whoa, whoa, love that.

- Hey shit for brains,

you dropped something.

- Shit for brains, huh?

That's a choice name,

you get it at home a lot?

- You think you're funny?

- I just wondered if you
hear it at home a lot.

That's all it is.

- Real funny, shit for brains.

Let's see how funny you are

after school in the parking lot.

- Hey new girl, watch where
the fuck you're going.

- Hey shit for brains,
ready for some laughs?

- Where you think you're going?

- If someone say they
gotta go, they gotta go.

You understand?

Fake ass chains.

- Just relax and concentrate
on the pendulum and my voice.

When I count down to one,

you will be in a highly suggestive state.











What is your name?

Can you say it?

Why not?

Who won't let you?

- She needs help.

Stop her, do something!

- Okay, when I count to 10,

you will come out of your suggestive state

and back to normal, fully aware.



- Alexis.

- Four,





nine, 10.

- Alexis.

- Are you fully aware?

How many fingers am I holding up?

Can I have the notepad?

Does this name mean anything to you?

- No.

- So I was about,

I was about 11 years old all right.

So I'm waiting in line
to sit on Santa's lap.

Mind you, I don't want to be there,

my parents are making me go.

I fuck with these fingers,

just to throw that out there.

So we finally get to
the front of the line.

Then the elf picks me up,

puts me on sweet Santa's lap,

and then before Santa could say anything,

I look over and I see a huge sack of toys

and I'm just like, "Wow,
that's a huge sack."

And then he goes, "My, yes it is."

And then I go, "You want to know why

"that's a huge sack?"

And he goes, "Why?"

"Because you only comes once a year."

- Isn't that the new chick from school?

- Yeah, I heard she tried to off herself,

that's why her dad moved her out here.

- I heard her mom died
while giving birth to her.

- No way, you're full of shit.

- Why would I make that up?

- Because Delora, you're a bitch.

- No, you're a bitch.

- No, you're a bitch.



Where's this guy going?

- Look under your hand.

- Yo Seth, don't you know it's not nice

to chew and screw?

- Sorry, I'm broke, I'll
get you back next time.

- Say you better loser.

- He was too busy writing his number down

to pull out of his ball.

- Okay, fuck you guys.

- Get in the car, pretty boy.

Delora, you can't drive for shit.

- Yeah, you know those mailboxes

aren't worth points, right?

- For real, his grandmother
drives better than you.

- And she's dead.

- Can you guys just shut up?

You're giving me a headache.

- Aw, sorry, snookums.

- Yeah, sorry kissy face, love muffin.

honey bunny, sugar booger.

Hookey wookey, cuddle wuddle--

- Wait.

Those guys are idiots.

- What they lack in brain power,

they make up or in boyish charm.

- Debatable.

So you liked what you
saw in the diner today?

- Maybe.

- You know I could totally
make that happen for you.

- I can handle it on my own, thanks.

- Or I could give you something
you might like better.

- You have issues.

- 10 bucks she's not gonna call you.

- Whoa dude, that's harsh.

- Call it how I see it, man.

You're not her type.

- He's right.

She's gonna be dating a
football player by week's end.

- I don't know,

you didn't see the way she
looked at me at the diner.

I think I have a shot.

- If one of us has to
spell yell, yeah, maybe.

- Bullshit, none of us are
powerful enough for that yet.

- What are you doing?

- What do you think I'm doing?

Lighting a fire.

- Wait.

- How the fuck did you do that?

I mean I know how you did it but

how'd you get so powerful?

- I made another
sacrifice the other night.

- What was it?

- My neighbor's pomeranian.

- That's a next level move.

Why take the risk?

You could get into some
serious shit for that.

- Because the more we sacrifice,

the more powerful he becomes.

And the more powerful he becomes,

the more powerful we become.

Besides, I made sure no one
could trace it back to me.

- How did you get away with it?

- Fucking thing escaped constantly.

It was only a matter of time

before one of the neighbor's
other dogs attacked it.

I mean I think I did it a favor.

- Guys, this is big.

None of us have ever been
this powerful before.

Think of what we could do.

- What we could do with a real sacrifice.

I mean this, it's a parlor trick.

If we sacrificed--

- A goat, a goat.

- The ultimate sacrifice.

- No way, we're not ready for that yet.

- Tomorrow night is the solstice,

if we sacrifice her then--

- Sacrifice who?

- Look, we did some digging

and we're pretty sure this
new chick is a virgin.

- Alexis?

No way, there's something
different about her.

- So what?

Time's ticking, man.

- She's not like the
others, I'm telling you.

Maybe she's not a virgin.

- She is definitely a virgin.

- How do you know?

- I can tell.

- I don't know, I just
don't think she's the one.

- Come on, don't puss out on us

just because you want to bang her.

- I don't want to bang her.

- Bullshit, we all saw the
way you were looking at her

at the diner the other day.

You want to have her fun with her, fine,

just do it now

because tomorrow night she is ours.

- Delona's right,

she's the one, we all know it.

- No, we don't know.

- Ow, fuck.

- We made a pact

and he's not backing
out of it, is he guys?

- All right, then we'll
do it tomorrow night.


- In every town and every city,

there waits a wolf tempting pretty.

Chisels away at the corner stone

till flesh is gone and turns to bone.

- Hey.

Where you headed?

- Seth.


Will there be any adults there?

Any other kids?

Send me the address.

Alexis, I'm happy you're
making friends so quickly.

Remember what we talked
about, no drinking, okay?

Love you, kiddo.

- Hey, glad you could make it.

Oh, this, skateboarding accident.

Come on in.

Want a drink?

I got it, I got it.

Here you go.

And open it,

you never know who you can trust.

- Are you blocking me?

- Yup.

- Since when can you do that?

Since last week.

- I tried it out on Mr.
Crowley during class,

got all up in his head.

Worked out pretty well,

so I thought I'd give it a shot on you.

- Oh you thought you'd
give it a shot on me.

- Yeah.

- Your fucking mind tricks out of my head,

stay out of my head.

- We gotta test out our powers somehow.

- Yeah, don't test 'em out on me, asshole.

- Hey.

- Sorry to bother you,

just thought you'd want to know,

if you don't already,

your car that left here earlier tonight,

it has a headlight out.

- Oh, I wasn't aware.

Thank you for letting me know.

- Of course,

just looking out for my new neighbor.

Thank you.

- Yeah, name's Carl.

I live in the beige house

on the other side of those trees.

- David.

- Nice to meet you, David.

- Nice to meet you.

Actually, I was just having a night cap.

Would you care to join me?

- Sure, I've been known to make
a mistake or two in my life

but turning down a night
cap is not one of 'em.

- Good, good, please come in.

Thank you.

Everything all right in there?

Much obliged.

- To new beginnings.

- To new beginnings.

You know this town has seen better days.

- Really?

- Most people nowadays are
moving out rather than in.

If you don't mind me asking,

what brings you here?

- Well, in short, I

had too many memories where I was at.

So I just had a change of scenery.

Unfortunately, my wife passed away

giving birth to our daughter, Alexis.

- Oh my.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

- You know they say as time
goes on it gets easier.

But in my case, it's just got harder.

I had to look for a new place.

I found this.

It was too good to pass on.

One thing led to another and here we are.

- I'm sorry to say but

my wife passed on under an
unusual circumstance as well.

One day I came home,

the front door was wide open.

I found that quite peculiar.

I called out to Margaret.

She wasn't around.

I searched the yard,

called a few neighbors,

no one had seen her.

So I called the sheriff.

He sent out a search party.

Days, weeks, months went by.

She never showed up.

Sheriff didn't find any leads

but I know what took her.

- I'm so sorry.

You say you know what took her?

- See the thing you have to
understand about Pekansit

is that it's cursed.

There's a clearing out in the woods.

Legend has it that when
Satan fell from heaven,

he hit Earth right in the
middle of that clearing,

fell straight through to hell.

Since then, there's been a
balance of good and evil,

for the most part,

but every now and again,

the scale tips in one
direction or the other.

My wife,

she dabbled in the occult.

And I truly believe

that that contributed
to her disappearance.

Stay away from that,
you'll be good as gold.

Is that your wife, that picture?

- Yeah, that's my wife, Sariel.

- My wife had that same necklace.

Well anyway, I'm going
on like a damn fool.

I'm sorry, old habits die hard.

Look, there's just as
much good in this town

as their is bad.

- Thank you so much for coming by.

Hey, and I really appreciate
you letting me know

about the headlight.

I'll definitely let my daughter know

as soon as she gets home.

- Yes, yes, no worries

and now that you know all the
unpleasantries of this town,

I promise the next conversation'll
be much more agreeable.

- Okay, of course.

Thanks for the drink.

- Aren't you guys a little too old

to be at a high school party?

- We all graduated Cranston
High a couple years ago.

- Yeah, we're only in
town for the weekend,

casting roles for a movie
we're producing in LA.

- I love movies.

Can I be in it?

- Of course.

Perhaps we can go some place more private

to talk about it.

- Okay.

- Hey, what's up?

This is Delora.

- We've met.

- And that is Judah.

- How you doing today?

My name's Judah.

Say, you just arrived for my
favorite part of the night.

It's time to get wild everybody.

♪ I've got six good reasons
you should know my name ♪

♪ I've got six good reasons
you should play my game ♪

♪ I've got six good reasons
that you're still alive ♪

♪ 'Cause everybody's waiting
for the police to arrive ♪

♪ Nobody cares if you're making out ♪

♪ Nobody cares if you scream and shout ♪

♪ Everybody's hoping that
you're gonna survive ♪

♪ Nothing really matters
when you're gonna die ♪

♪ Bodies up to your knees ♪

♪ It's your turn to bleed ♪

♪ Bodies up to your knees ♪

♪ It's your time to bleed ♪

- Is it working?

- I think so.

- Maybe we should make sure.

- I think Seth's got it under control.

- I'm really glad you came tonight.

This may be a small town

but it still has its share of bad people.

You need someone like me

who can take me under their wing

and keep you away from the bad people

and get you in with the good.

A few of us are gonna go to a campfire

a little ways back in the woods.

Want to come?

I promise, I won't bite.

Come on, ladies and
gents, the night is young.

Hi, you have
reached Alexis Ayers.

Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

- Dude, cut that out, I can't see shit.

- Can you see shit now?

'Cause I can.

- Shh, shh, guys what was that?

- Probably nothing.

Let's keep moving, we're almost there.

- Nectar of the gods, bitches!

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Let's make a night to remember.

Anybody got any ideas?

- I've got an idea.

- Okay, shoot your shot.

- We could have a seance.

- Whoa, hold up guys,

a certain member of our party

doesn't want to partake in a seance.

- It's completely harmless.

All those stories you hear are bullshit.

It's just like a good
way to pass the time,

like telling ghost stories.

- Come on guys, we're not gonna do it

unless she's comfortable with it.

- Do it, do it, do it, do
it, do it, do it, do it,

do it, do it, do it.

- Yeah, yes.
- Let's go.

- Let's get started.

- Elders from beyond the grave,

move among us.

We bring you gifts in your time of need

and seek counsel in ours.

Be guided by our voice,

visit among us.

Show us a sign of your presence.

- Great job, dip shit.

- Chill guy, I know what we need.


- Wait, it won't work now.

- What are you talking about?

- We already started with her.

In order for it to work,

we would've had to
finish without stopping.

- That's bullshit.

- I'm serious.

To make it proper,

we have to start with someone else.

- Come on, it's harmless.

It'll shut these guys up

so we can get back to the party.

- Dwellers of the
netherworld, move among us.

Isbel, give us the strength to
transcend the spiritual realm

and meet you on the road to Gehena

as we offer the worthiest
of sacrifices at your feet,

a virgin.

Feed on the sacrifice,

let it augment your strength.

Oh ruler of all that is unholy.

- Get her.

Oh Alexis.

- Alexis.

- Come out, come out, wherever you are.

- Alexis, we're gonna find you.

- Tide draws near,

all truth shall be revealed

and the righteous will
stand in their fields.

But first, comes suffering.

And great though it may be,

the souls of the chosen
set all sinners free.

- You know, it's a shame
it had to end this way.

You see all of this could've been avoided

if he had stayed out of it.

Remember when you asked
your ouija board for answers

about your boyfriend and your dead mom?

You were actually talking to a demon,

the very demon we're gonna
sacrifice you to tonight.

How do I know that?

See, we're connected to him.

The more powerful he is,

the more powerful we become.

And in order to become more powerful,

he needs souls.

He tried to take yours that night

but the big man upstairs didn't let him.

He interfered

and he's not going to interfere this time.

- You're looking sweaty.

Allow me to powder your face.

- Dang bro, you got yourself a good one.

How many fingers am I holding up?

- Oh that was some good stuff.

Oh that kicked in quick.

You're fucked up.

- Look at you.

Look what you got yourself into.

Fool, what a fool.

- Death approaches.

Spirits call.

The warrior must take fall

before the true destiny comes to wait

and she begins a new and eternal fate.

- Mom.

- My child,

I've waited so long for this day.

You have completed the first step.

You've told me your sins.

Now, I will grant you the power

to carry out the next
light of your journey.

Forgive me for what I must do, my child,

but it is the only way to
complete your atonement

and fulfill the prophecy.

What has been taken has
been given back tenfold.

In your voice, you can find the power

to dispel darkness leaving only light.

Now go forth and save
mankind from darkness.

I will always be with you.

I love you, my child.

- What are you waiting for?

Get her.

Typical male, no balls.

- Stay away from my daughter.

- You have all made a grave mistake

in the path you have chosen.

You have ignored the signs
pointing you towards salvation.

I made a similar mistake.

However, he had made other plans for me

which is why I stand here before you.

As he has done with me,

he has chosen to use your strength

to help dispel darkness from mankind.

The process of transcending
human existence is not pleasant.

Forgive me for what I must do.

- In the mouth of madness lies
the key to heaven's gates.

A myriad of fulfillment
for those who lie in wait.

Those who grow impatient
must pay a deeper debt

and burn in desperation of
what hasn't happened yet.

- You have all been
chosen for your strength.

Alexis, yours was known to me upon birth.

The rest of you discovered yours over time

only believing the
result of your sacrifices

to the purveyor of lies.

In reality, they were inherent
in all of you upon birth.

Now that the darkness has been removed,

over time, light will
fill the empty spaces

making you the true warriors of light

you were destined to be.

You're the last hope for
the survival of mankind.

Their gifts provide you what is necessary

to fulfill the prophecy.

- Like me, you've not only been given

the opportunity to atone for your sins

but have been identified as warriors.

Like me, you have been given
the power to dispel darkness

leaving only light.

Together, we will fight to save mankind

from those who were like we once were.

It will not be easy for you.

I have reached the height of my suffering.

You have not.

Find strength in each other and in me

and together, we will fulfill our mission.


- Got you bitches.

Such an asshole.

- What the hell are you waiting for?

It's showtime, get in there.

How'd you get her to come here?

I made her an
offer she couldn't refuse.

- Guys.

Did I get that role or?

- Not just yet.

There's still one more
thing we need you to do.

- No, there's not.


Woohoo, look at here boys,

a couple more stars looking
to make it into show business.

Let's see if they have what it takes.

- Hi, I'm ready for my close up.

- Hey, wait a second now.
- Let's dance, cowboys.

- Stop!