Viaje a Bangkok, ataúd incluido (1985) - full transcript

Singapore, May 1st, 23'30 h.

The new order.

There is no mercy for them.

Their death is more worthy than my life.

- Is he dead?
- No, still living.

May 3rd, 9'45 h.
Attention, Jet Air flight...

Do you want a hotel?

Do you need a cheap hotel, sir?
- Shut up!

This is an announcement for
Colonel Daniel Blimp

please proceed to the Jet Air office.

Colonel Blimp please
proceed to the Jet Air office.

Sorry, sir

I've been called to the Jet Air office.

Can you tell me where it is?
- It's just there.

Oh, thank you very much.

Hello young lady,
I am Colonel Daniel Blimp.

What do you want?

Colonel, you forgot this on board.

Oh, thank you young lady.

That's the first nice thing to
happen since I left London.

Do you have any complaints, sir?

Oh, any complaints?

Bad service, atrocious food, delays...

This little paper is not enough!


What about the market hotel?

It's nice and has good food.
- No.

I'll give you the address.

Karame, at Chung Square.
Do you know it?

Yes, OK... alright.

If I were you, sir,
I'd go to see the women first.

And what women!
Here, very near.

Yes... we'll see.

Let me take you to the
market hotel at least.

It's cosy, cheap, has good food.

Here you are, sir.
Karame's shop.

How much is it?

325 bahts plus tip.

A tip? Hm!

Here. Keep the change.

You don't want to go to the market hotel?

Why do you recommend it that much?

Because it's mine!

I guess it's as dirty as this car.

No way!

Is there anybody here?

Is anybody here?

Is anybody here?

Answer. Anybody?

An exotic item, sir?

We have French bibelon,
Spanish bullfighters...

Tell me, do you have a wide
variety of gemstones?

Of course, Colonel.
Come and I'll show you.

Observe the quality of these tourmalines.

What do you think, Colonel?

Very interesting, but I don't
know anything about gemstones.

Me neither.

- Jonathan Keats.
- Surprised?

A little, I must say.

- Am I too young?
- No, too ignorant.

If this jewellery shop is the
front of our secret service

you should know about jewels
as much as Mr. Karame.

You would be right if this
were a permanent HQ

but I prefer to change.

Here today, a printing house tomorrow,
a sex shop the next day.

Yes, I'm sure you know
much more about that.

You have a radio?
- Yes, of course.

That's the main reason for relocating.

Follow me, Colonel.
This way.

You broadcast through Karachi?
- Right.

A real mess!
- Colonel.

Oh, thank you!
I forget it everywhere.

Less ears, more security.

Where is our man now?

Under guard at the American hospital,

but he will not last through the night.

Has he regained consciousness?

Not completely. He's delirious.
Disjointed words, always the same.

He's constantly saying...
- I would rather listen to him.

We can go now if you want.

No. At 4 o'clock.

I'll go alone.

Which is my hotel?

It's very near, the market hotel.

As I suspected.
- You know it?

Sure. I always spend my honeymoons there.

Colonel, I'll come with you.

No, don't come along.

It's better if we're not seen together.

I don't understand the people in London.

How can they send us
these stupid bureaucrats?

This old club caveman.

Sorry. My tobacco, I always forget it.

Stop. Identify yourself.

I'm Colonel Blimp, from the Service Corps.

Dr Carlson, please?
- Alright.

Dr Carlson to reception.

Dr Carlson to reception.

I'm Dr Carlson, how are you?

Bad, thank you.
- You don't like the heat, Colonel?

Huh, of course I do, I always
turn the heating on in London.

Come on in.

What's the condition of the patient?

He's strong, about forty,
an incredible energy,

he should already be dead.

There he is.

He's always saying the same thing.
It's strange.

Don't smoke here.


The... new... order...

There is... no... mercy... for... them.

Their... death... is... more... worthy...

than... my... life.

But this man is blind!

From birth, without a doubt.

Please, gentlemen.
Can you leave us alone?

I'm Colonel Blimp, from the Service Corps.

Thank you.

How on earth could he do it?

Are you sure this is the same man?

Of course I am.

Why didn't you inform London?

We just sent the information
they requested.

Yes. Like electronic minds.

Who knows about the blindness?
- Just the nurse and me.

Very good. In that case
I ask you to be discreet.

Don't worry, Colonel.
You have my word.

He was admitted wearing those glasses

and I left them on
so nobody could see his eyes.

Would you mind if I take them with me?


Do you mind if I study him a little more?

As you wish, Colonel.
I'll wait outside.

... order...

They... have... to... be...


Their... death...

is... more... worthy... than my life.

A drink, Colonel?
- No, no, thanks.

Is he mixed-race?

No, white race, without a doubt.

I notified London.

But that colour?

It's not caused by the sun.

Something changed his pigmentation.

OK, doctor. I want a sample of his skin.

I will perform a biopsy today.
Should I send it to your hotel?

Yes. The market hotel.

But Colonel, how can you stay
in that pigsty? Oh, God.

Goodbye Colonel, it's been a pleasure.

Bye doctor, thank you for everything.

Don't forget to send those samples.

Don't worry, I will.

Your cane, Colonel.
- Damn!

I'm always forgetting something.

Hey, sir, sir!

I'm your favourite driver!

You again?

Can I take you somewhere?

I'm really glad to see you, sir.
Where should I take you?

The market hotel.

You finally followed my advice, heh.

Yes, unfortunately.

Colonel, I'll come with you.

No, don't come along.

It's better if we're not seen together.

I don't understand the people in London.

How can they send us
these stupid bureaucrats?

This old club caveman.

How dare he talk like this?

We have an Englishman in the hotel!

No kidding!

A rock 'n' roll Englishman,
or old-fashioned?

He's an old crock!

Good morning, Mr. Flynn.

Blimp! Blimp!

Did you sleep well, Mr. Flynn?

Come later and I'll show you!


See you later!

Here Victor Mass? calling Richelieu.

Potatoes are overcooked.

I repeat, Potatoes are overcooked.

Lettuce in good state.

Parrot's beak, correct. Over.

Bangkok, May 4th, 8'30 h.

Parrot's beak, correct.

Not a night bird.
He's a mole.

I send feathers.
Awaiting orders.

That's clear, isn't it?

Yes, sir.
- Come with me.

Seat down, Sanders, seat down.
- Thanks.

Did you really understand?

He says that parrot's beak is correct,
he's a mole...

And he sends the feathers.

You didn't understand.

That's the old Colonel Blimp's code.

I don't know him but he's a celebrity.

He was mentioned many
times in the academy.

I thought he retired.

The day he retires, he dies.

Besides, he still has a clear head.

He lacks strong arms,
fighting skills, good eyesight...

It's not easy to have it all.

That's why I decided to
use a stronger formula.

You're going to take on the case too.

So I'll give you the same
information the Colonel has.

A mixed-race man with glasses barges in
to our ambassador's party in Singapore

and slits the throat of
Sir Thomas Wentworth.

The killer is shot.

In the hospital,

he's delirious, talks about a strange
power, and so on and so on.

As if he was a member of
a sect or something.

Nobody knows who he is.

And he dies.

Now old Blimp tells us
that the man was blind.

He spoke our language without accent.

And also, he was white,

despite his skin colour.

I got his fingerprints and
all kinds of anthropological data.

Look through the archives, Sanders.

We have to figure out who was this man,

blind from birth,

who can make his way
among all those people

and slit a man's throat in a single cut.

How could he commit all those crimes?

Crimes? But he only killed the ambassador.

No, Sanders.

A month ago, a man who
matches this description,

cut the throat of the
director of Fine Arts

when he was leaving the Chinese
Opera in the Philippines.

Manila police claim that he was wounded,
but could never find him.

A strange case, superintendent.

That's why I need the strange combination
that you and the old Colonel would make.


rather than strange, an explosive mix.

Poor devil!

Singapore, May 4th, 11'45 h.

Good morning, sir.
What will you drink?

Do you have whisky, young man?

We have Black & White, J&B, White Horse...

Bah, that's Scottish rubbish!
Have you got Highland King?

That's Irish, isn't it?
Aren't you English?

No, my boy.

I'm from Ireland,
like all talented Britons.

Bernard Shaw, Joyce, Beasley...

I'm sorry, I don't have it.

That's alright.
Give me any other.

With some soda.


You shut up, fool!

Listen, have you always
had this skin colour?

Yes sir, copper-coloured since I was born.

Do you know any case of people
that being originally white

their skin has darkened
to like your colour?

Well sure, drinking makes me go dark.

Well, you still look good.

I'm just putting on a brave face.

Do we know each other?

I know who you are, Colonel.
My name is Marion.

A pleasure.
- I'm a journalist.

Correspondent, Anco Agency.

Ah, Irish.

No, British.
Like all talented Irish people.


An orange juice, George.


How are things, Colonel?
- Not good!

The bed is too soft

and I have a damned bird under my
window squarking every three minutes.

That's the Aracuan, it's very
useful for making soft-boiled eggs.

Do you know each other?

I don't think so.

Marion, Jonathan.

Jonathan, Marion.
- A pleasure.

You must excuse us,
we have to talk business.

Don't mind me, Colonel.

Nice lady, eh?

I wish I was forty years younger...

I called you because I have
something urgent to tell you.

I got your message when
I came back to the hotel.

I tried to find you.

It's a crazy idea to
meet here in daylight.

This is too urgent to waste
time with cryptic messages.

Interpol identified the killer.
- Go on.

Alex Moroni.

38 years old.

American citizen,
son of Romanian emigrants.

White race.

Blind from birth.

He was popular years ago, when
he won a weight-lifting championship.

Did you tell anyone about this message?

Of course not.

I got it myself, and I was alone.

Nobody must know.

Oh, I've got a package for you.

It has to be sent to
London as a diplomatic bag,

to the Forensic Institute, to analyse it.

What do you make of all this?

He was white.
And blind.

I already knew.

Wait. I'll go and get the package.

Damned leg.

How could you come here, Johnny?
- I had to see him.

John, we have to talk.
- Go, he'll be back soon.

Later, then.
- Impossible, I have to go to Bangkok.

The Professor called me.
- That's too bad love,

when will you be back?
- In two days.

I'll wait for you at the Roxy Bar,

but the Colonel must not know
that we know each other. - Don't worry.

What's up?

Oh, excuse me, I forgot my tobacco.

I thought you didn't know each other.

I forgot, but...

I came to remind him.

She's the daughter of
Sir Thomas Wentworth,

the ambassador.

You lied to me, young lady.

You told me you were a journalist...

Can't I be a journalist
and the daughter Sir Thomas?

Young lady, you lied to me
and you know it!

Excuse my rudeness.

I hope you can forgive
this old club caveman.

Isn't that true, Mr. Keats?

Bangkok, May 5th, 7'20 h.

Get him!
Don't let him run away!

Your Highness!

He's dead!

When he was taken to the hospital he
still had time to say "the new order".

"There is no mercy for them. Their
death is more worthy than my life."

The same words as the other.

Exactly. This time
Interpol worked quickly.

The killer was Tom?s Reina Mart?nez.

Spanish, living in Karachi.

White race and blind from birth.

What do you think about all this, Sanders?

Without a doubt, one of the most
unusual cases in the history of crime.

A nice expression, yes, sir.

Nice but useless.

I did some research on the
first killer, that Moroni.

Interpol had his data,
fingerprints, etc.

Moroni vanished from his
home in New Delhi.

There were signs of violence,
so they thought it was an abduction.

No news about him, until now.

That's more useful, Sanders.

There's something else...
The CIA has a file called...

"Missing Blind People".

It looks like in the past few years
around twenty white blind men,

all prominent for their qualities,

have disappeared in the whole world.

The last disappearance was in February.

A Frenchman from Mariana Islands,
composer and musicologist.

In most cases there are
suspicions of abduction.

Get in touch with Langley again.

Find out if this Spaniard,
the new murderer,

is in that list of missing blind men.

I'd swear he is.

All the information we have
takes us to an area in Asia.

New Delhi, where the killer of
Sir Thomas was abducted.

Angkor, where the crime was committed.

Karachi. Colombo.

And Singapore.
The distances are quite big.

They sure are.

It looks like all those places
could converge to one.

In South Asia.

Macau or Bangkok.

The victims have always been
people of relevant public interest.

Politicians, law men...

Shut up!

John, we have to talk.
- Go, he'll be back soon.

Later, then. - Impossible,
I have to go to Bangkok.

The Professor called me.
- That's too bad, love.

When will you be back?
- In two days.

I'll wait for you at the Roxy Bar,

but the Colonel must not
know that we know each other.

Don't worry. What's up?

Oh, excuse me, I forgot my tobacco.

I'm coming!
What's the matter?

Call me taxi! Now!

I'll tell my father, you woke him up.

I'm glad.

Oh, so English gentlemen have
a roll in the hay sometimes too, heh?

What do you think!
Like everybody!

You wait for me?

Will that be long?
- I hope not.

Because if you go to do it at your age,
it will be daybreak when you're back.

Don't worry, I don't go for that!

Hello, sir.

I'm from the Service Corps,
I'm looking for a girl.

Margaret is the only one available.

I'm not interested, lady! I'm looking
for a girl that has run away.

I know she's here with a man.

Isn't that normal?

She came earlier.
He came maybe an hour ago.

Tall, blond hair, moustache.

I hope you don't make a scene,
this is a respectable business.

Oh God, I promise not to
spoil its reputation.

They are in room 15, first floor.

Thanks. It's not the first
time she comes, is it?

She comes from time to time.

She's a good girl.
Always comes with the same guy.

You are police, aren't you?
- No, lady!

And that card?

Service Corps.
- I beg your pardon?

Indian Service Corps Golf Club!

Aren't you satisfied with my credentials?

Who's there?

I have clean towels.

One moment.

Colonel, you have no right.

We'll talk about it later, young Adam!

Cover up your bits!

Oh God, in what times are we living!

The daughter of Sir Thomas Wentworth

in a brothel!

Aren't you ashamed?
- Let me explain, Colonel.

Marion and I...
Well, I love her.

We are not in the age
of the Bengal Lancers.

Nowadays people have sex
if they love each other.

There's a lot to discuss about it!

But really, I don't care.

I'm not your nanny.

I had to interrupt what you were doing
because I need to know a few things.

First: Why did you go to Bangkok?

How did you know?
- That's not important.


I have businesses in Bangkok.

Businesses of no importance.

In all of Thailand, in fact.

And friends.

I go there often.

I don't have to explain myself.

To you or anybody.

That depends!

I've got nothing to hide!

No? Then tell me, who is the Professor?

The Professor?
I don't know what you're talking about.

You went to Bangkok to see the Professor!

The Professor called you and you went!

Isn't that true?

How do you know...?

Who told you...?

I know other things but I want
you to tell me them yourself!

It will be much better for you!

I didn't want to.

But there was no other way.

Come on.

Who is this Professor?


- What?

Quickly, duck!





What's going on?
- That's the Roxy!



Of course there is a fire
if you keep going like this!

Shut up and drive!

Take me home.

One moment, young lady.

We have to clear up many things first.

Please, I'm very anxious.

John has been killed, I'm naked in a taxi

with a stranger.

He sure is strange!

You shut up and drive.


Take this.

You didn't love that man.

You didn't cry.
- What if I cry now?

Go to hell!

You have to tell me everything you know.

Absolutely everything.

About him,

his businesses, Bangkok, Thailand,

and that strange Professor.

I... don't know anything.

Nothing, eh?

We'll see about that soon, young lady.

So, should I keep driving to
the end of the country or what?

No, we're going to that jewellery shop.

Karame. Remember?
You took me there from the airport.

Yes, but I must tell you
that it will be closed by now.

Thank you for warning me.

We're going there!

Let's go then.

Stop here please, I'm getting out.

Come here!

You can't escape naked.

Come with me.
- I don't want to.

It's better for you if you do what I say.

Will you force me out?

No. To the nearest police station.

Ah, finally some sense!
- Let's go.

Wait here.

Hey, make up your mind!

I'll go with you.

I warn you, if you try to play
any tricks I'll break your face!

Well said!
You're hard boiled, Colonel!

Let's go.

Get out.

Come on, get out.

The door is open.

I'm scared.
- Come on in!



Karame, where are you?



Don't move!

Be good, young lady.

Don't try that again!


Come with me.

That's awful. My father,
Jonathan, and now this poor man.

We'll pray for him later.

You're cruel.

And you're cynical.

I'm exhausted.

Come on, tell me.
Why did Keats go to Bangkok?

You know that.
To see the Professor.

Very funny.

Who is this Professor Tao?

What has he to do with you?
Why do you depend on him?

You cannot understand.

You're too much... of a materialist.

Look who's talking.

Tao is the truth,
serenity, good, and wisdom.

For a while Johnny and I
took drugs, you see.

At first it was very little.
Then LSD and getting shots.

The Master was on a journey
of health and faith around the islands.

Health and faith?

That's how we call the Master's
trips to present his great truth.

His message of love and peace.

Go on.

We saw him several times.

He gave us wise advice,
he helped us a lot.

We gave up drugs thanks to him.

Have you seen him again?

From time to time.
He's never in the same place.

But when he's in the far east
he calls us, he receives us with love.

It's something extraordinary,
we don't have to talk.

He can read everything
hidden in our minds.

He's peace.
When my father...

died, he was in the area,

he knew how to bring peace to
my spirit, to forgive the killer.

He must be a notable man.

Did Jonathan see him too?


Professor Tao will not
be here long in this country.

John was his favourite disciple.

I see.

Well, I think I made
a mistake with you two.

But if everything is so wonderful,

why and who killed your father,
John, Karame...?

I don't know.
It's awful.


Come on, come on.

Come on, you have to rest,
I'll take you to my hotel.

You can't go home in your condition.

I have sleeping pills.

You have to sleep.
Me too.

Poor girl.

Should we go?
- One second, I forgot my tobacco.

You are my most original customer ever.


Victor Mass? here, I'm listening.

Richelieu here.
Listen, notify Colonel Daniel Blimp.

Listen, Richelieu.

This is Victor Mass?, I read you
perfectly, I am Colonel Blimp.

Give me your message in code.

I'm listening.

Forget this nonsense, Colonel.
This is Sanders.

Phil Sanders, remember?

The strong one, aren't you?

Rewarded in wrestling
and F in theory and deduction.

Yes, I have heard about you.

I'm glad you did, but
let's get down to it.

Welbeck and I have been doing some research
and we have found out something important.

One of those black killers in glasses,

presumably the one that killed
the director of Fine Arts in Manila,

are you following?
- Of course, I'm not stupid.

I must say I'm immensely annoyed
by the way you talk to me.

You have to know that
you're dealing with someone

that has been in the
secret service from 1932...

Yes, Colonel.
- and was considered

a great name in the service
when you weren't even born yet.

So if we talk about understanding,

you try it, because
I understand everything.

Yes, Colonel.

Sorry to interrupt, may I continue?

Go ahead, young man.

Colonel, something serious is going on.

The thing is that a few hours ago
Mr. Welbeck went to the morgue

to see the corpse.

Before he walked through the door
one of those lunatics cut his throat.

- Colonel, do you hear me?

My brave and beloved
colleague Peter Welbeck.

What the hell were you doing
on this damned continent!

Are you there, Colonel?

Yes, yes, I'm listening!

Listen up, I'll see you tomorrow
in Bangkok, Hotel Rose.

We have to stop this bastard.

I have much news,
they can all wait but one.

I had to go to Thailand anyway.


There is a strange
Professor Tao in Bangkok.

I'm eager to meet him.

OK, see you tomorrow.
Use your real name at the hotel.

Let's stop playing spies.


They are gone!


What's the matter, sir?

I hope this damned hotel

drowns with all its residents inside,
especially the owner!

Don't yell, please.

My father has been brought
here from the hospital.

From the...!?
From the hospital?

What happened?
Where is he?

Resting inside.

Son! Is that the old Englishman?

Yes father!
- Let him in!

But father!
- Let him, son!

I know him well, he's coming either way.

Aren't you ashamed!

To have your paying guests...

in filthy rooms, and you in this suite!

This is the furniture
from the honeymoon suite.

But nobody gets married any more, so...

Why did you leave?

Where is the girl?

Who did this to you?

Well, my friend.
With that girl stark naked...

and all that bouncing, tits up, tits down.

My balls were getting excited.

And when my balls get excited...

I can't reason.

So I said to the girl

if she wanted to take a walk outside

to watch the stars.

She agreed and sat by my side.

"Let's forget that old ball-buster!"

She said.

Oh my God, she showed it all!

I took her there.

We got out the car

and all of a sudden she
took a rock and BAM!

I really saw all the stars then.

And that bitch

took my car and left.

And it's your fault, Colonel!

Your girlfriends are too fierce.

Oh, in that case I'm sorry.

Next time, Colonel, I will take you

to some really nice girls.

Soft, bombastic girls.

Very loving.

Real sweet.

Bangkok, May 6th, 9'15 h.

Management wishes you a nice holiday.

Who's there?

Good morning Colonel, I'm here.

I'm glad you are.

And who the hell are you?

Sanders, Colonel. Wipe the sleep
from your eyes, I'm coming up.

But, how, what...

Hi, Colonel.
Sorry to barge right in.

I'm Philip Sanders, you can call me Phil.

I'm Colonel Daniel J. Blimp.

But you can call me just Colonel Blimp.

I was eager to meet you, Danny.

And I wasn't eager to meet you, Philly.
But don't be offended,

I have the same feeling
for the rest of humanity.

I wanted to sleep. Sleep.


And then take a plane and go to
my farm with Fernanda.

Your wife?
- No. My cow.

A dairy cow, in fact.

Aren't you married?

Not in this moment.

Me neither,
but I have a beautiful daughter.

Want to see a photo?

Not really. Can't stand children,
not even in photos.

Well. You're very funny, Colonel.

You're wrong, young man.

I'm always serious

but I guess I have a clown face,

because nobody believes me.

Luckily, I'd say!

If I'd taken your words seriously,
since I came through that door

you would have had a few teeth missing.

But I know old crocks like you,
don't worry.

Nice city, isn't it?

It makes me sick.

Like all world cities nowadays.

Damned influence of western tourism,
specially in warm countries,

has turned cities into
places without personality.

They are all the same.

Sometimes you see some remnants
of old and pure civilizations.

But soon those damned
skyscrapers stick out

devouring everything
in the name of progress.

Yes. That's what Englishmen
did to their prot?g?s.

You're not offending me at all.

I'm Irish and I share your view.
- I'm from Wales.

Finally we have something in common.

We can speak badly of the English!

You have a quarter hour
to shower and get ready.

I'll wait at the bar.
- Don't rush me, young man.

I take half an hour exactly.

That's alright, Danny.

Looking at you I have the feeling
you came for a rock 'n' roll contest

or a pole vaulting competition.

Have you got Irish whisky?
- Hello.

- Highlands King, sir.

Praised be the Lord.
Give me a double.

Fuelling up the old engine?

I haven't had my favourite
whisky since I left London.


And you be careful.

Even new engines get
rust with that rubbish.

You don't like salsa?

The only salsa I like is Cumberland sauce.

What are your plans?

You first.

Find those killers and break their necks.

Those are wishes, not plans.

We will turn this country upside down,

if the brains of this organisation
is here we will find them,

we have Longwood's help.

He's the consul, but works for us.

The Thai police will do
whatever Longwood tells them.

We have different methods.

I like to reason, to think
who and why crimes are committed.

There is an evil mind behind all this.
His intentions still elude me.

So, what's your plan?

A strange character is
in Bangkok these days.

Master Tao.

A holy man, messianic philosopher.

His name is somehow
mixed up in this matter.

Keats came to see him
before he was murdered.

And the daughter of Sir Thomas,
the ambassador,

is one of his disciples.

There she is!

What's the matter?
You're not feeling well?

There's Sir Thomas' girl!
She cannot see me.

Which one?

The blonde one, in a red bikini.

- You know her?

No, but I could.

Come on, get up.
She can't see you now.

You have to follow her, Phil.
I think she will give is the key.

But be careful, she's dangerous.

I can see that.
- Don't be stupid!

I can't go with you,
she can feel my presence.

How will we meet again?

I'll try to see that Master.

I'll be here at six
or I will leave a message.

Now go. Good luck!

Yes, darling.

Yes, darling.

Yes, darling.

Yes, yes, darling.

What's up?

Would you rather hang up
or eat the telephone?

Hang up, of course.
She's annoying.

Pindang? Pindang?

He left with a blonde!

Can I talk with Madame Rita?

Tell her it's sister Marion.

Rita, darling!

Yes, it's me. In Bangkok.

I'd like to see the Master.

Thank you. I'll come immediately.

You made me so happy!

I'm very grateful.

My heart would be broken
if I couldn't see him.

See you soon.

Sister Marion?

I don't know what you're talking about.
- I heard you on the telephone.

If you're sister Marion
I'd like to be catechised by you.

What else did you hear?

Nothing else.
Isn't that enough?

I'm a big sinner and you can
save me from hell-fire.

I have a feeling.

Room 311.
- Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

A chance for this poor sinner.

Call me at eight.

Maybe I'll try to help you out the fire.

Or bury you deeper in it.

Where to rent a car, please?
- There's the office.

The price of this trip...
- Excuse me!

Don't listen to him, he's not worth it.

And you are?

You're right.

You have five minutes to get me
a car and bring it to the hotel.

I need only two.

Well said!

No one ever broke your face?

No, why?
- No, it's nothing.

Lady! You have to find that Professor Tao!

I beg your pardon, "Ciao"?
"Bye" in Italian?



"T" as in... "tenacious".

"A" as in... "amorphous".

and "O" as in "obese".

A kiss?

No! Obsessed!

"O" as in... listen lady,
I will come to the office right now.

- Colonel Blimp?

Yes, who are you!

This is Byron Longwood,
consul of your country.

At your service, sir.

I'd like to talk with you Colonel,
and meet you in person.

We could have a drink at my house.

What do you think?

Perfect Mr. Longwood,
if I may have your address...

I will send my car immediately.

Thank you very much.
- See you soon, Colonel.

See you soon.


What was that, chauffeur?

I took the liberty to
hermetically seal the car, sir.

Thank you.

What are you doing?
Open the door!

What's this smoke?

I hope it's not lethal gas, sir.

Sweet dreams, sir.

Blessed you are, miraculous Tao.

Blessed you are, miraculous Tao.

Blessed you are, miraculous Tao.

Blessed you are, miraculous Tao.

How can I help you, sister?

I have an appointment with Honourable Tao.

One second.

The Honourable one is resting.

I'm sorry.

Sister Rita.

It's so great to see you again, sister!

The Honourable one will see you soon.

That's wonderful.


Blessed you are, miraculous Tao.

Blessed he is, miraculous Tao.
Blessed he is, blessed...

Do you need any information, brother?

Brother Suki?

I'm... I'm a poor infidel,
I need to see the Honourable Tao.

Let me see...


I'm afraid that you will not
be able to see the Master this time.

His schedule is full

but I can make an appointment
for his next pastoral journey.

When will that be?

In nine moons.

Nine moons?
Nine moons?!

Damn it.
Don't you see?

I'm a sinner.
I'm hopeless!

My life is barren,
a garden without flowers.

If I can't see the Master right now
I'll do something stupid.

Some idiotic thing.

I'm sorry brother.

But the tides of life

are decided on the book of fate.

You will not see the Honourable one.
At least not today.

That's alright brother.
You asked for it.

Tell your boss that
Jonathan Keats sends me!

That it's in his best interest to see me.

Alright brother, let me make a call.

You were right, brother.

The Honourable Master wants to see you.

If you had told me that
brother Jonathan sent you

everything would be as simple
as the Tunnels of Never.

Suite 300, third floor.

Thank you very much.
May love guide you!

May I?


Stop, my sons.

He's very strong.

He would destroy all of you.

Come here, Sanders.


You are Philip Sanders.

British Secret Service Agent.

You are a liar, Sanders.

You say the brother Jonathan
sends you, but that is impossible.

Our brother was murdered in Roxy Hotel.

In Singapore, on the 29th

at 11:55 at night.

Who told you?

Nobody tells me anything

and everything tells me all.

I can read in space
the story of every one of us,

matter and no-matter
tell me their message.

You have a bullet in your head

and another one left
its mark on your left lung.

How could you know?
- I can do everything.

My power is endless.

I read your mind,

you are fascinated and intrigued.

You hate me but start to admire me.

You came looking for a mortal enemy

but find a wise man instead.

Come closer so I can touch your hand
and I will tell you much more.

Don't feel revulsion.

Touch my hand.

Touch my hand, Sanders.

I have a lot of electricity in my hands

but contact is now established.

Give me your hand.

I know you are not afraid,
give me your hand.

It hurts, yes, it does,
but you will not admit it.

Proud English.

I know what you're thinking.

Your mind is clear and simple.

You want to find the key to your puzzle.

You search the murderers of three men.

You search for light about
some strange abductions.

About dark skinned blind men.

You will face terrible dangers

but you will overcome them.

You are near the eye of the hurricane,

where it's calm,

you will see clearly.

You will see your girlfriend Annie again.

And your daughter, she's very nice.

You always have her
picture next to your gun.

Your face is calm again.

Your eyes look at me without hate now,

they are just two interrogation marks.

I know you will still be an infidel

but Master Tao's mark

will stay on your heart.

You may go and try to explain
all this to your friend Blimp.

But he's not there.
You will not find him.


You may leave in peace.

No one will stop it.

Blimp, Daniel Blimp,
he's an English Colonel.

I'm sorry but the Colonel is not here.
- That's impossible!

Half an hour ago someone came to pay
for the room and collect his bags.

Here's the receipt they signed
when they came to pick up the bags.

Who signs it?

Let me see, sir...

It reads Charles Dickens.

I don't know him, do you?
- Sounds familiar.

OK, what is Marion
Wentworth's room number?

You are not lucky, sir.

Someone paid the bill
and collected her bags too.

The same Charles Dickens?

Yes, sir.

How could you allow that?
Without questions, without knowing!

Mr. Dickens was a real gentleman.

We thought that the Colonel and the lady

wanted some privacy in a quiet place,
you understand?

I see. Did they give any address?

In these cases nobody does.

That's all I needed

How did you end up here?

It was him.
- Him, who?

The Master.

Don't tell me, we are in school
and you blotted your copy book.

We are in the Castle Park Residence.

Really? In that case this room
leaves much to be desired.

And I thought that driver's hotel
was the worst in the region.

Aren't you afraid?

What good would that be?

You are right.

Why don't you explain everything to me?

Come on, from the beginning.

I came to Castle Park

to see Master Tao.

I got him to see me
thanks to his daughter.

Before me, he saw a violent guy,


I'd seen him before, at the Hotel Rose.

I think he followed me here.

I guess he threatened the Master
and hit some brothers.

When I went inside

the air felt different from other times.

Go on.

In the past,

the presence of Professor Tao
was always an oasis of peace,

like a deep breath in the countryside.

Like floating.

Today he was very nervous.

Gorgona, his assistant,

asked me if that man came with me.

Then he asked me

about poor Jonathan, his work.

I'm better now.

Tell me, what did they want
to know about Jonathan's work?

I don't know, a few things.

Gorgona wanted to get some
information from Jonathan.

She said that John's death was inevitable.

I didn't understand.

Something was separating us.

The Honourable one was motionless.

Moaning every now and then.

Suddenly Gorgona hit me.

She demanded me to tell her
something that I didn't know.

I broke into tears.

It was dreadful,
I knelt before the Master,

I begged him to take pity on me.

He could read my mind and realise
that I didn't know anything about it.

Come on, come on, it's not a big deal.

You sound like you loved him.
Is he handsome?

Handsome? Compared to him
you are Robert Redford.

Don't insult me, lady!

Sure, you see me now untidy...

Go on, please.

This is the best part.

Then the Master talked
without addressing me.

He said I was telling the truth

and to be removed from his presence.

To lock me up.

I wasn't useful any more.

Then I was taken here.

And they locked me up.
- Tell me something.

Can I speak to you frankly?

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Did they ask you those things
the other times you saw Tao?



He placed his hand on my forehead.

Asked me to think about my things.

About everything.

What I talked with my father about work.

And I just thought.

Some kind of connection was
made between the Master and me,

as if he took part in my thoughts.

That set me free.

I think I begin to understand.

I don't.

Don't worry, you will.

I'm glad to see you are
a good girl after all.

But why did you hit
the taxi driver and run out?

I was going crazy after John's death.

I only wanted to leave.

To come here to be
comforted by the Master.

You. Give me another beer.

You drank eleven already.

I know.

Good things come in twelves!

There is Mr. Charles Dickens.

OK, I'll go get a signature.

He asked if there are
any messages for your friends.

Good afternoon, sir.
- Afternoon.

To "Bat Boat".
- Yes, sir.

Good afternoon, sir.
- Hey man.

A good way to quit smoking.

Watch out! It's very fragile.

No, Colonel! Don't go!
Don't let them take you!

You try to persuade them, darling!

They didn't even ask my opinion!

Look, there's another tourist.

Fancy a lie between the sheets with twins?

Shut up.

He's a thug.

Looking for someone?
- Why do you care?

Come on, go away, you can't stay here.


Hello, Madame Rita.

Get lost, boy.

Should I call you sister,
after the show I've just seen?


Where's your friend Marion?

Tell me before I get angry!

Hey, you!

Didn't you hear the lady?
Get out!

I think you are mistaken, I was just
asking her about a mutual friend.

Come here.

Let's talk.

We don't like annoying guys.
- Don't move!

Let's go, Byron.
- What's the matter?

There's a dangerous guy.
- Let's go.

Madam, I don't know who
you are and I don't care,

but I demand you let me go right now.

I am a British citizen and holding
me prisoner will cost you dearly!

Silence, infidel!

You are in the presence of
the Highest and Honourable Tao!

Well, I don't see anyone
Honourable around.

But I can see you, cursed infidel.

Colonel Daniel J. Blimp.

You are amazed by my presence.

Your mind works fast,

now you know that the key to all those
enigmas lies in this deformed man.

You are wondering who I am.

Think about someone or something,

Mr. Blimp.

Ireland. Your mother, Emily McLoan.

Your father, not Irish but Scottish.

You are a 12 year old boy.

You're on a horse, you fall down.

A man picks you up.

His name is Burton and has a limp.

So it's true that you possess the wisdom.

It is so. I have been feeling
your presence for years, Colonel.

My mind seeking your mind.

You are an intelligent man.

You are old but still
have many years left.

Thanks for the news.

You should be dead already, Colonel.

You are my enemy and you're strong.
You fell into my hands

but I need minds like yours
for the new system.

People with your integrity.

I will tell you a strange tale.
- One moment.

Sorry to interrupt, but...

I understand.

It's a ridiculous addiction, Colonel.

But you need to smoke.

Untie his hands.

A poor boy, near the Indochina border

at 4 years old gets lost in the mountains.

He falls into a cave. Suddenly
he sees a shadow, a blinding light.

His pulse quickens,
he's terribly hot and passes out.

He wakes up all of a sudden.

He has received the wisdom.

He can see with his spirit
what his eyes can't.

Leaves the cave dragging his feet.

Some shepherds find him.

His skin is burnt, his eyes are gone.

What about those dark skinned men?

The blind men that carry out
your commands.

Now you will understand.

Help him!

That boy has a shiny stone in his pocket

and nobody knows who put it there.

Burning at the touch of others,
but not his.

Carry him.

His clairvoyance knows
what awaits humanity.

Atomic wars, disasters
created by selfishness,

that ridiculous ambition of man.

He knows that nature will die.

That trees will turn to stone

and the seas to quagmire.

This young visionary
had a huge fight upon him.

He wants to be heard but nobody listens.

And receives the order
of the supreme wisdom

"Kill," says the voice.
"Remove all those wretched,"

"make your voice heard when they are
trembling with fear at your feet."

Five of the names in my
blacklist are already done.

The next one will be done tomorrow.

One of the most important men on Earth.

Now you will witness the mutation
of this man into an amok.

Is he blind too?

See for yourself.


They must be blind from birth.

But why blind?

Lack of vision sharpens the senses.

There is more sensitivity in the night.

Since they are isolated

they receive the orders much more clearly
and my magnetism drives them.

For that they have to be subjected
to the effect of the stone.

This clears their mind
and darkens their skin.

The smallest mistake
and the burns would be hideous.

But... this is an ad!

Wait, wait a second.

Ivan. The best example of native art.

The secret material of
the ancient inhabitants of this land.

Don't move!
- Come on...

What does this all mean?

It's one of our secret codes.

United Nations President, private visit,

8 morning, may 7, aeroplane.

That's amazing!

The big day is here.
The big test.


Then we can be happy.

You have to inform your father.

I never address the Master as father.

For him,
we are all his sons in the new order.

We've got the message.

His name is Kurt Monselet,

president of the UN.

Time, 8am.

Place, the airport.

They must not reach their cars.
They must not.

The new order.

There is no mercy for them.

Their death is more worthy than my life.

Give the Colonel his cane.

Ah, my old Australian friend!

I see that horrible man, Sanders.
He is entering the hotel.

One of our amok brothers...

I have the feeling I owe you my life.

How did you do it?

My old Australian cane!

Let's go to the hotel.
- Impossible.

We have to save them, rescue Marion.

Erm, United Nations...


Bangkok, May 7th, 7'50 h.

Hey, Philly boy, wake up!

How are you feeling, Colonel?

What are you doing in my room?

You look like a girl harassed by maniac.

I've been taking care of you.

You fainted in my arms like a girl.

I am a little confused,

I should take a shower to clear my head.

What happened, Colonel?

According to the concierge,

you rushed away with a young woman,

that Marion.

And you didn't pay the bill.



The attack!
What time is it?

Almost eight.

We have to go to the airport.
My God!

I think it's too late.
Come on!

Faster, faster!

It's a rental, not Formula one!

British Airlines announces
the arrival of flight 402 from Amsterdam

and apologises for the twenty minutes
delay due to weather conditions.


What are you doing?

Where are you going?
- No time to lose!

What are you doing, don't run!
Are you crazy?

May I have your machine gun?

- Sorry then.

- Yeah?

Oh, there they are!

Yes sir, like the good old times.

Professor Tao is gone.

Is he? I will see myself.
- Me too!

Wait sir!

One moment!

How do you dare...?

That must be Marion.
Alive, judging by her howling.

How did you know...?

I've been a guest in this lovely hotel.

Take me there or I'll riddle you with
bullets. - Yes, yes.

This way, sir.

Congratulations, Colonel.
You are very clever.

Excuse me for not waiting.
I'm flying away with my disciples.

I will be gone for some time, but
don't worry, we'll see each other again.

Maybe earlier than you think.
Yours truly, Tao.


What are you looking at, Danny?

You cannot see it,

infidels, but I see a plane
disappearing through space

carrying inside

one of the most odd

motherfuckers I have ever known!