Vi (2013) - full transcript

This is a story of IDA and KRISTER. It's about a relationship that goes to hell. They are both crazy in love but manage to strangle the supply of oxygen and adapt to each other in a way that will lead to catastrophic consequences.

What fun that was. Fantastic.

You have the floor.
I think we should plan...

If you peek at this...


Excuse me, I'd like to introduce
our new colleague - Ida Karlsson.

- Welcome.
- Thanks.

- Hi, hi.
- Hi.

- Would you like coffee?
- Yes, please.

Those of you who haven't submitted
your packets, do so before you go. Okay?

Can we reduce the noise level a bit?

I don't wish to stand here and shout.

No, all of you listen.
Johannes, sit down!


- It sounds like a nursery in here.
- Johannes.


Oh... yes I talked with Krister.

- I assume that you are his...?
- Yes. We... yes.

But he's coming?
Yes, there is no rush.

Could we wait for him?

- He's usually not late.
- It is spacious. 70 square.

This room can be split off,
as it is now.

Yes, perhaps.

I saw a whole bunch of baby strollers
when I parked down there.

It strikes me that we were younger.
My generation, I mean.

We were young when we became parents.

We've talked about it.
Krister loves children.

Who doesn't?

There is the bedroom.

It might have been better sooner.

When you only have each other
and not a bunch of shit to come between you.

I understand what you are saying,
but I'm not the right person to talk to about it.

I'm on my fourth.

Madame, then.

No, damn it. I want a cigarette.

It's fun to encounter couples like you,
in the middle of transition.

People think about how damn cool it is.

I met my other half at a party.

And it was enough.

She stood there and sold gl?gg
or whatever the hell it was.

And I thought: "There she is."

- What happened then?
- Yeah, you know...

No, I was with someone else.

Someone whose name I don't remember now.

On some bloody fucking trip.

A bus ride. What happened?

I really have no idea, unfortunately.

Shall we take a little peek at the kitchen also?

But that's not possibly all?

You said that it was the love of your life.
That can't be.

No, perhaps not.

I said that?
That it was the love of my life?

- Here?
- Yes.

Ow... glasses.

- Do you know what I think?
- No.

- I... do you want to hear it?
- Yes, I want to hear it.

- Promise that you won't start laughing.
- Mm.

- I...
- I...

- going...
- going...

- You are going...
- What are you going to do?

- You shouldn't laugh.
- What are you going to do?

- Little miss...

- I will love you to death.

- I'm warning you.

- I love you, too.

- Do you promise?

- Do you?
- Yes.

Go, go, go!

- I'll go.
- Go on, little miss.

I'm just going to get a little milk.

- Why?
- Because I'm thirsty.


But I should just get a glass.

- I'll come right back.
- Why do you say that?

- What?
- That you'll come back.

Go, then!

If you're so thirsty.


Do you know what I think?

- Now we have a home.
- A home?

- Yes.
- Yeah...

Pappa was thinking of coming over to help with the bath.

- Later, then.
- Good.

When do you think he will come?



- What's that?
- Nothing.

I'd just hoped...

- Say it.
- Nothing.

You had...

I'd hoped that I could be alone with you.

- You are. We are alone.
- Until he comes, yes.

I can ask him to come another time.

We must be by ourselves, of course.

He'll understand.

I don't know, but... he looks at me.

- I don't know, but he looks so...
- You know he's only fourteen.

- What are you trying to say?
- What I said. I'm not "trying".

I know that he's fourteen. Thanks.

I have no idea what he's thinking,
but it looks very unpleasant.

Sometimes he's friendly, almost excessively...

...he can sit and smile sometimes.

Surely it's not normal to behave
like this at his age, do you think?

What? To look at someone or to be looked at?

One can't hardly help it if someone's looking at him.

Can't he?

Good morning.

Would you like coffee?

- What time is it?
- We, you know, slept in late.

I had a bath.


We didn't really have coffee, but...

Surely it was nice?
It was a surprise.

It was easy to install.
I felt that I must have a bath.

He has left.

- Was it nice?
- What?

- You've been yearning for a bath.
- Oh.

- So was it?
- Nice? Yes. Yeah...


What's this?

Stuff Pappa brought with him.
My old school things.

- He just brought them with him?
- I asked him to bring them.

Please, it's too early.

I just wanted to have them here, at home.

They should just sit there?

Let them sit there.
I'll pick them up when I get home.

I have to go now.

I'll take them up instantly.
It's stupid to have a big pile here.


- What is it?
- I haven't looked at them for a long time.

I don't know what could be so embarrassing...

You really think I would root in your stuff?


It is so strange.
I remember almost nothing from when I was small.

I must look at photographs to remember anything.

Then I don't know if it's my own memories
or photos that I looked at.

What do you think it means?

I am crazy.

No, I don't know.

It's as if I don't feel anything.

How so?

Before you started west-

-you explained that you were in love with the Norwegian gym teacher.

I thought: You are in love.

You are one who can fall into love or anger or...

- You can be so damn mad.
- Yes...

I don't remember what I last became mad about...

- whatsoever.
- How are you, really?

You clench your shoulders so tightly
that your clavicles nearly knock.

Do I?

We've been working hard on the apartment.

Does it look strange?

How does it feel?

- Should I massage harder?
- Mm.

It's going to be so nice.

As soon as we get the trim up...

...everything is going to be so good.

You bet.

- What are you doing on Friday?
- Take it off.

- I haven't done anything.
- Let go of her shirt.

- She wants to.
- No.

- Ask her, she wants to.
- She said that she didn't want to.

You must respect when somebody says
that she doesn't want to.

You are stylish.

Okay. Bring your history files tomorrow.

See you then.


All of them are out there.
Can't you follow along and play soccer?

- But you... How so?
- I just have a little headache.

Okay. Is it that downy boy again?

He says things and...

I told him to stop, but he doesn't listen.

- I'm sorry.
- I'm getting paper.

It's not doing anything.

Not even your body obeys.

I'll get the hairdryer.
Take off your pants.

- I am really glad that you are here.
- Don't bother with him.

Fuck him.

- What did I do?
- Nothing. Here.


- What are you smiling for?
- Nothing.

- Give me one then.
- No.

- Stop it. Give me one?
- No. I am a bad influence on you.

You know...
They have a few vacancies at Ringholms school.

Should we apply together?

It's a hundred times better.
Much calmer and smaller.

And hardly any difference in the commute for you.

Why did I become a teacher, really?

What's wrong with you?
You are smart, you are pretty.

- What is going on?
- I don't want to talk about it again.

Perhaps it's in your genes.
Everyone in your family is teachers?

I enjoy it. It's really fine.

- Mamma's not a teacher
- No, she's the Dean.

We have had a lot, with the apartment and Krister...

Krister, Krister, Krister...

No, sorry.


You are really fucking beautiful when you smoke.

- I'll be dizzy on two puffs.
- I'll be right back.

There you are. Shall we go?
Do you have any pants?

No. I managed to fall down.

- Have you been crying?
- No, I just have a little headache.

Linda's getting a hair dryer,
so we can go home.

- Hi.
- How's it going?

- All well? It's been a while.
- Thanks, it's good.

- Good. Nice dress.
- Pretty hairstyle. It's cool.

- Fun.
- No, it's nice. Beautiful.

- How's it going in love?
- Good, and you?

- What?
- You ask me and I ask you.

I'll just...

She's not well.

What did you say? Are you talking about Ida?

- It seems like...
- Stay out of things that don't concern you.

- What do you want?
- Okay. Nice and quiet.

Did you see that they replaced the hand dryers?

Great. Here.

It's so nice when it works. .

It's surely a constant to be cleaning bacteria growth,
so it doesn't help to wash your hands.

It's as usual. Enforce the laws and regulations
and after one week, they're broken again.

Typical for this school.
It doesn't even take a week.

- Some days. Some times you have to wonder...
- It'd be good if we kept it nice.

If we showed more respect,
we'd be met with more respect.

What did you say? Sometimes I wonder...
Before Krister interrupted. What do you wonder?

- I don't know. I don't remember.
- No...

Yes... Should we start towards home?

You'll think about Ringholms School?

- Okay.
- Okay. Bye.

- Bye.
- Goodbye.

Do you need help?
Is it the tests?

The synonym part is so boring to correct.

- I wouldn't have accomplished it flawlessly myself.
- I can imagine.

Excuse me?

Stop, I can't concentrate.

- I was born without sensitivity.
- You are too hot.

I can't concentrate around such a sex god as you.

- What is it?
- Did you hear that?

You're not that interested in synonyms.

I went by Mamma's.
Great, bulk packs!

Now we have enough toilet paper for a year.

She's done so well on the little room next to the stairs.

It could become a nursery.

In that case, I'll have to build a railing for the staircase.

But that can be done another time.

The day will come.

But I just want to help.

"What's a synonym for conspiracy?"

Why do you buy this cheap stuff?

It's the same crap you rub into your hair.
Without the stupid additives.

Lidl (store name) must also promote itself?

Just some prioritizing.

What kind of prioritizing?
That would be interesting to know.

- I'll get the right shampoo.
- Get it?

- On the way home.
- Shall Pappa burn a little money?

Sponsor anorexic body ideal?

- Where is the cd case?
- It's music! Just listen.

Is it something Linda burned at home?

Why don't you run a playlist on Spotify?

- Ow! Ow. Rough...
- Go.

Ugh! That smells of Lidl! You are just grumpy
because you have such bad taste in music.

- It's true.
- You are the most honest man.

I'm not 25 and stealing my friend's musical tastes.

- If you had some friends, yes...
- You know I'm just joking.

- Just great fun...
- I just wanted to help.

Smartass. You know what that is
synonymous with? Krister Johansson.

That is synonymous with cheap,
bad taste, and Galne Gunnar-

- which in turn is synonymous with nasty
fake cola and rhymes with incest.

Are you home?

I mean... You...

I didn't mean it. Sorry.


There is no other shampoo I want.

Hi, it's me.
Mamma, it's no trouble.

Yes. We've packed up now.

I just wanted to hear
if things were going well with the toilet parts.

It's in the storeroom. Thanks.

Good. I'll fix the thermostat.

I'd gladly fix it.

I'll arrange the element
that is broken also.

Why did you pay 800 for that?
I could have gotten it for free!

She is fine. Call me instead.
Call me if there's anything.

Mamma, listen.
I'll take care of you. Okay?

Okay. Bye.

It's two o'clock.

I'm coming and lying down.
I just had to talk a little.

She wouldn't survive without you.

There's a glass.

- Are you sad?
- What?

- You heard what I said.
- Why would I be sad?

What did she mean about Ringholms School?

Nothing. She just...

Come, let's go and lie down.

- Can I invite you out for a drink tonight?
- Mm. I'll ask.


Are you upset?

You know that he doesn't like
to go out. You know how he is.

- He'd still stay with his mamma.
- small mamma...

- little mammas.
- Mm.

Her uterus has fallen out or something.
It's something like that.

Is it inside again?
I'm sorry, that's not funny.

They didn't take her in, and he is threatening
to sue them. He calls every break.

Did she perhaps call wolf one time too many?

Yeah... He doesn't want to talk about that.
They didn't have anyone else.

She and Krister.
It's lucky that they had each other.

- And how are you, then?
- Good. I can't complain.

How is the Norwegian romance going?

He is sweet. Different... I don't know.

He's an adult, though not like Krister.

Adult? Dull?

Yes, I have met a boring Norwegian
and I love him.

We made out in his ugly little
bathroom the day before yesterday.

And later he played baseball
with the annoying eight.

It was insane.
He plays with me sometimes.

It's so fun to see him.
He plays very seriously and makes home runs.

He tagged people out the whole time.

Cool that a PE teacher can outperform
the little punks.

I'm coming with you for a drink.

Should you talk to Krister first?

- One drink... He won't give a damn about it.
- Oh.


Can't we lay in bed instead?


I should just finish.

I hate when it's lying down.
It's so nice to be rid of it.


Did you hear...

How was it yesterday, then?

Cut it out! Knock it off!

- Are you upset now?
- No.

- If you are moody, I'll continue to wash up.
- Knock it off with the preening!

It'll be totally crazy if you can be there.

It's so funny that you're friends.
Do you think that she is funny?

- Yes.
- Seriously? Do you think that?

She has a strange, cynical sense of humor.
It's not much fun without irony.

Yeah, it really is.

She calls here at night.
Is she drunk or?

- Where were you then?
- At home with her.

- Did you smoke?
- No, I didn't.

You smell as if you smoked.

Do you mean that your jacket
doesn't stink of smoke?

She smoked!

She smoked straight on your jacket?

The smoke spreads in her little apartment.

So the jacket doesn't smell like...
Have you smelled it?

- Yes, I hung out a little.
- Yes! Why?

- Why do you think?
- Why do I think?

- Hm, let's see now. No, no idea.
- The jacket smells disgusting.

- It's not true. You smoked.
- No.

- Were you at the Local?
- Typically you say "Local".

- Yes. We were out for a short while.
- You were out for a while?

And it was smoky.

- The room was smoky, but you didn't smoke?
- At last!

Why didn't you say that the first time?

Where were you? Where were you?

I went to buy Yes! Couldn't you buy
a dozen pack of Yes instead?

If you'd like to spend time with her,
I want to know where you are going.

- I don't give a shit if Linda doesn't take responsibility.
- The neighbors can hear.

I don't give a shit if Linda doesn't take responsibility.

She can smoke, drink,
fuck as much as she wants.

And then require the kids' respect. I don't
want them to be talking about you also.

- What?
- You know how they gossip in the teachers' lounge.

- They censor themselves when I'm there.
- Who gossips?

"Linda's weekend, Linda's mischief, Linda's gym teacher."

If they have their own lives, they shouldn't gossip.

Did Linda say that?
That sounds like something Linda would say.

- I say what I want.
- Do it, then.

- Where were you?
- At a place.

- At Kjellsons.
- At Kjellsons?

- Have we been there sometime?
- I don't know. No.

- Was it Linda who wanted to go there?
- Yes. No. We both wanted to go.

- What is it?
- Had you been there before?

- Yes. No, I don't know.
- How the hell can you be unsure?

It's clear that you have been there before,
otherwise you would not have wanted to go there!

I'm sorry. I'm just tired.

You're not going anywhere until we
clear this up.

- What do you want to clear up?
- Ida...

Little miss...


What do you want to know?
If we talked with someone?

And a guy gave Linda two drinks.

- Two drinks? One for you, or?
- One for me and one for her.

- Did you drink it then?
- No, I poured it out.

How the fuck can you know what's in the drinks?

It's one thing if Linda were to raped,
another if it were you.

- Are you ready?
- Did she go home with him?

- I just wonder.
- You had nothing to do with it.

She behaves like a prostitute.

You must stop meeting her now.

It's not just about you.
They whisper about me also.

She is, of course, completely insane.
She's behaving aggressively, lying.

You're not invisible when you reel about the town.
I see students at ICA.

- I'm drawing a limit here.
- That's absurd.

- Call it what you want.
- I have the right to meet with anyone I want to.

If you had better judgment, we wouldn't
quarrel like five year olds do.

I am surprised at how immature you are.
I was dry-heaved at the toilet this morning.

- And you are such an adult.
- I have enough of this with the kids at school.

- Don't bring up the fucking kids.
- Move on from there.

"Fucking" kids.
Interesting. Strong verbiage.

- Stop smiling. You look like a mongoloid.
- Are you referring to someone with Down syndrome?

How do you think you are going to get respect from
your class with values such as these?

No wonder they treat you like they do.


Hey, I've thought of something...

I want to apologize. I've been so
unfair towards you.

I truly have...

...a fucking need for control.

I don't want it to be so. I hate it.

You must have your own secrets and your
own life. Do you understand?

It seems like I'm ruining things for us.

It feels so fucking...

I'm jealous or something.
I don't know...

It's like I'm not capable of...

I don't want to be like this.

It is clear that you should have contact
with your Pappa. Of course.

- Can't we start over from the beginning?
- I have not been perfect.

I'm lying on a massive pile of shit...

I don't know why. It just is so.

I love you, you know, Ida.
It is you and I.

I care so terribly much for you.
You don't understand.

I have never felt like this for anyone.

We must break away from this path.
We need to get out of this crap.

- I'll stop spying in your things.
- I want to be more honest.

You must do that.

We must begin to be honest with each other.

But you should know that I...

I have never seen myself with someone
like I see myself with you.

It feels like I pull you
down into a mess of shit.

I don't understand what I'm doing.

First I care so much for you
and then I want to change you.

Stop beating yourself up.

Look at me. Look!

It is you and I. Or how else is it?

And you are the finest of fine.

- Little miss...
- I stressed enough when...

Is that the mischievous boys?

- I don't want to talk to them.
- Why not?

- I just don't want to.
- You can't just stick your head in the sand.

It only gets worse.

He is only fourteen years old.

He bumped into me and then... Eww.

I'll talk with them.
They listen to me..

- In the worst case, I'll remove them.
- Thanks.

We'll take it up at the Friday meeting.

- Sometimes, I am good to have.
- Thanks, thanks, thanks.

You are the best.

You will start listening to me more
from now on, right?

I don't want to lecture you,
but do you remember what I said earlier?

If you let it go too far, they know no
boundaries. You cannot be limitless.

How do you expect them to listen to you?

I cannot devote my life to saving you
all the time.

- No.
- Listen to me, to solve it.

- Mm.
- Yes. Good.

I'm not going to kiss you again.

There is no pressure.
If you don't want to, then fuck it.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Don't go.
- I'm going now.

Come back so I can kiss you properly.

No, I have to go.

- Please? Come here.
- You come over here.

- You crawl over here.
- What?

Stop it! I can't crawl to you
like some fucking dog.

Come then.

Come then!

Little miss...
What am I going to do with you?

I don't know.

- I'm going to an interview in the morning.
- Oh? Good luck.

How cross can one be? You apply, too!
It would be so much fun if you came, too.

- Krister would never...
- We're not talking about him now.

About you. I didn't say anything
about him. Did you hear that?

If you love him, you should look after him.
I'm not jealous.

I don't think badly of him.
I don't care about him.

Ida, I see how you are
becoming more and more like one...

I don't know.
I don't want to be split between anyone.

- You know how I feel. How do you feel?
- He is like he is.

But he is different when
it is just the two of us.

We just have different roles
and that is quite nice.

We don't think about it all the time...

But it still goes well, perhaps.

- He's a little strange, perhaps.
- He is oversensitive.

He is definitely a little oversensitive.

Sometimes I feel like I have to be on my toes.
Then he's a little mean also.


Do you have the car keys?

Eh... Yes. I have them in the classroom.

Listen to this: "Over the years, a man's
body shrinks two percent per year."

- Did you hear that? You're shrinking.
- Really? Exciting.

"After thirty."
It's already happening.

- What the hell do you want?
- Nothing.

- Nothing?
- Don't take an article so personally.

- It's no catastrophe. Two percent.
- It can't be true.

It must be two per thousand.
What is this shit magazine?

Cosmopolitan. Read this. "Women's G-spot."
There's an A-spot also.

What adolescent shit. I shit
completely at some fucking A-point.

Perhaps that's why you never can
please a woman, you limp dick.

- You are such a fucking phony.
- Oh no, I am so hurt!

- Do you know what I think?
- You said that in drunkenness.

So that I won't risk
getting into a conversation.

- A real discussion.
- You didn't do that. You're hiding.

- I'm flattered that you see me.
- Behind the attitude and screwing.

- You are empty and don't take nothing seriously.
- Save the therapy for someone who cares.

It's deeply tragic that you are so
petty, small...

...insignificant that you must lash out at Ida.
If you have so little...

- Hold on.
- You don't interrupt me, you understand?

This is not your classroom.
Screw your superiority-complex.

You get an "A". Are you satisfied?

She's going to leave you.
Sooner or later. Let me go!

I'll call the police.
If you mess with me or Ida one more time...

I won't hesitate a second.

Strike, then.

Are you tough? Are you big?

Are you big and strong when you
stand in front of the chalkboard?

Do the little kids look up to you?
Do you have respect?

You must get over that eventually.
We all must do so.

Now I want us to have a discussion, Ida.

Aren't you being a little oversensitive?

Can we try to have an open, honest conversation?

No sex, just talking.

- I can't cope with that.
- Okay. We'll talk.

Do you think that I'm oversensitive?

And mean? Do you think that?


I was very straightforward.
That would be appropriate, after what I heard.

There is very little, next to nothing,
about you that I can respect.

I feel like an idiot who fantasizes
and has confidence in you.

Everything we build, you discredit.

I'm sorry.

But honestly, I wonder:
Why do you humiliate me?

I don't know. Sorry.

You might...

Are you scared? Are you afraid of me?


It feels like you're stabbing me in the back
as fast as you can. It's sick. Do you know that?

Don't you understand anything?

What the hell are you doing now?

What are you doing?

Why would you grab my cock when
I am trying to talk to you? Huh?

Don't behave like some little whore
when I'm trying to talk to you!

Take off your pants.

I'm trying to talk to you
like someone I can love.

Do you think I'm oversensitive?
Why did you tell her that?

- I love you. Take me.
- What else did you say?

- Come again...
- Calm down.

Calm down!

- Shall I suck?
- Don't touch me, damn it!

Damn! Hell!

It's doing nothing.

I'm sorry.

Sorry! Damn it!


Did you hurt yourself?

I'm sorry that I was a little rough.

You can't behave as you were and
expect that you will be respected.

It's my legs...
It feels like I've lost feeling in them.

I'm trying to deal with you as an
adult, but it's not working.

Do you understand me?

- I'm sorry.
- And yet you continue.

Do you not see your own pattern?

You run into the same wall again and
again like a fucking rat. Huh?

I'm sorry.

- Please, forgive me.
- I can't just forgive and forgive?

Why do you do this? Huh?

Don't look at me like a fucking dumb goldfish.

Well, I forgive you then.
What an idiot I am.

I feel like having pizza.

- You?
- Mm...

My sweet little miss.


I promise not to be angry now.
I know what we said.

But I have thought further.

I'm sleeping.

Can't we have a little child?

- Mm...
- Do you want that?

You don't need to worry.

I can take care of it.

I mean, I would really take care of it.

First paternity leave, and then
I can go part-time.

I'd be there the whole time.

- Can't we talk about it in the morning?
- Yeah.

Sorry that I woke you. Kiss.

I will take it in the morning.

Try to sleep again, my little miss.

- Hey?
- Mm?

I don't know...

- It doesn't concern me.
- Don't say that.

What the fuck am I doing with you, really?

- We should wait a year.
- Why?

It takes nine months in any case.
You can think about it in the meantime.

It doesn't concern me, I said!
Are you that fucking clueless?

Rise and shine! I've had enough.
Move. I don't want to see you.

Okay, we may as well do it then.

I don't want to.
You fuck around with everyone.

- I want to have a child with you.
- Do you want that?

If you're lying now, I'll kill you.
You know that I mean it.


You want to have a child?

With me?


- It's going to be great.
- Yes.

Everything's going to be good.

I'm sorry.

I almost had a blackout.

- I've been an idiot.
- No, I understand that you get angry.

- I understand that.
- You are fantastic.

I'm a real pig and still
you stand by me. I love you.

- We're having a child.
- If you knew how much I love you.

Do you think he'll be a good soccer player?

- I think he'll be a little bookworm.
- A little smartass.

- A genuine little smartass.
- It could be a girl.

Then she'll be a little smartass.

I'll love her to death.

I know that you will.

- You are so nice.
- I become a little crazy at times.

I'm so used to fighting.

Everything just spins around in my head.

It will just be a mistake.

You know I really trust you.
It's just...

- What then?
- Nothing.

Go on, say it.

It's just the thoughts that swirl when you
spend so much time with Linda.

I know that you are not like her,
but well...I can't help it.

- She's not like she seems.
- I can't help it.

Do you understand? She upsets everything for us.

We. We.

About us. On our deal.

You shouldn't have such a hard time choosing.

She's a bad influence on you, obviously.

You've changed since you met her.

- I have not.
- Yes, it is so.

It was easier to love you before.

I have not changed.

You've become tougher.
More difficult to get close to.

You might not notice it, but I can see it
clearly. You were so gentle and nice.

You were really fucking fantastic.

You're nice now too, but...

I don't want her to destroy what
we're trying to build.

Can't she build something of her own?
She's a little disturbed, actually.

I don't mean it negatively,
but her values are a little twisted.

You are completely biased.

It's you, actually.

- Trust me for once.
- I do trust you.

Good. Thanks.

I'll stop.
But we will see each other at school.

But it's clear,
I understand what you mean.

Listen, you little ass.

I'm trying to hold it together.

- Can we not do this?
- I promise not to talk to her.

- Why are you ignoring me?
- I'm not.

- What happened yesterday?
- I just have a lot to do.

I got the job.
They want to meet you, too.


They have the world's sweetest little school.

Staff rooms on the bottom floor with a terrace.
Genuine coffee breaks.

- They eat breakfast on Fridays.
- Lay off.

- What? Is it Krister, or...?
- What do you mean?

Why don't you respect me?
I live my life how I want to live.

- Who do you think you are?!
- Calm down.

No! I'll calm down when I want to calm down!

You have no right to tell me what to do!

And I am calm! Don't you see that?

Fuck, are you satisfied now?

- Now you got what you wanted.
- I don't understand what's happening.

It's nothing that has happened.
I don't want you to touch me.

I can comfort myself.

- I am your friend, Ida.
- I don't want us to see each other anymore.


What... what have I done?
I didn't know.

- I'm sorry. Okay? Forgive me.
- No. I won't forgive.

We don't want any more.
And you must respect that.

I don't want to.

- Imar, go out now.
- I haven't done anything.

- Go out. That's enough.
- Forgive me, miss. That's a pretty dress.

- I would like you to go out now.
- She seems to be on her period today.

- Out! Everyone out at once!
- Imar, you stay where you are.

- What did you say?
- What did I say?

- What the fuck did you say?
- Nothing.

No, it was...

That I'd pissed my self?
Why do you say things like that?

I didn't say anything about piss.

- That you would piss on me?
- You hear what you want to hear.

You don't know anything about me.
Not shit.

I didn't say that stuff.
You imagined it.

Knock it off.

Do you like to fantasize?

I know your type exactly.
You're fake. You like to lie.


- You're in love with me, right?
- What the hell did you say!

You heard.

But it's ok.


I would never sleep with you, just so
you know. Never.

Little honey... You don't need to tell.

He's gotten out of hand.
I don't know what I should do.

Who? Is it Imar?
What has he done this time?

He said that I should lie on the floor.

- He wanted to...
- What? What did he want?

- To piss on me
- He is totally sick!

- Why would he say that?
- The boy needs help.

I will talk to the rector.

- Ah, there you are.
- No, I sat here. She...

- Am I interrupting?
- No.


- I won't interfere anymore.
- No... !

- Sit with her.
- Can't we go home?

Sweet little one, go on.

- I don't know...
- What don't you know?

Go and sit with Linda.
Don't let me interrupt.

- Don't be childish.
- Is she surely childish?

- You're not mad?
- Why should I be mad?

We are adults. I'll go home and grade a few
papers, so we'll eat dinner later.

If it gets late,
give me a call so I'll know.

Take care of her now.


Did you see? Certainly he is nice.

- We're want to have a baby.
- You're going to have a baby?

Oh. I see.

He is so good with kids...

...mamma likes him so much, and pappa...

They work really well together.

- What will they say if you have a baby?
- They'll probably be really excited.

Not to mention his mamma.

She would do anything for a grandchild.

She will love the poor little baby to death!

And you can be the godmother!

- Oh no.
- What is it?

- God, it's my legs!
- Stand up.

No, they're asleep.
They have no feeling in them.

- Can you help me?
- Stretch them out.

I'm sorry. She came to me.
I didn't want to talk to her

What do you think you're doing?

Forgive me.

I'll never talk to her again.

But you said that I should talk to her.

Did I say that?
Is that how you perceived it?

You said so! You said that I should stay
there. I didn't want to, but you said so.

What did you think you were doing?

Please, don't sit there silently!

I might be pregnant.



Can you just move on?

You lie and lie.

I understand now that you can't
distinguish between fantasy and reality.

You lie to yourself.

This is nearly the worst.

Haven't I done everything for you?

Don't I devote all my time to loving you?

Yes, you do, Krister.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Why do you do this to me?

There's really something wrong with me.

What do you want me to do?

- Please, say it.
- I don't want to.

What do you think?

I can...

You can even piss on me or something.


- What the fuck did you say?
- But I've been so stupid.

Stand up, damn it.

Are you crazy?

Get up.

Do you want to have me pissed at you?

Are you stirring up some kind of shit?

You have three minutes to disappear
from here. Three.

Two minutes.

Lay down.

Lay down, if that's what you want.

You thought you'd just push, or...?


Were you just trying to push this along?

Is this what you want?


I love you.