Versailles (2008) - full transcript

A young mother Nina and her son Enzo find themselves sleeping on the streets on the street of Paris. Their tentative lifestyle eventually leads them to Versailles. Out in the woods near the palace, they encounter a man named Damien who lives cut off from the rest of the world. Nina and Enzo decide to take refuge with him over night. The next morning, Nina appears to have dissappeared. As days and seasons pass, Damien and Enzo grow fond of each other, unaware that one day they will have to leave the safe haven of the hut.

We're not sleeping here, Enzo.
Get up. Gimme your hand.



'There's no lack of work,
just lack of goodwill."

Look, Mommy!


Where's Vouzay?


I don't know.

Maybe you mean "Vouvray."

Tie your shoelaces.

I'm sorry, miss,
no vacancies tonight.

- And tomorrow...?
- You'll have to drop by again.

Gimme your hand.



Would you like
something hot to drink?

Would you like a sleeping bag?

Have you eaten today?

Evenin'. Care for a hot drink?

We'll get you a bed
for the night.

Is he OK?

We're both OK.

Take a deep breath.

A very deep breath.

He's been registered, right?

City Hall issued a family
record booklet when he was born.

- Where is it?
- Dunno. Someone requested it.

- Who?
- I dunno.

I forget. Someone.

-L'm tired.
- You'll be able to rest.

- Your questions tire me.
- I know.

Nina, no one'll
take away your son.

He'll sleep with you tonight.
We found a place in Versailles.

- Not Versailles!
- We'll drive you there now.

- Accommodation facilities...

Right! I've been on
waiting lists for years.

First, we have to open a file.
I need your help, Nina.

A "file"?

So I'll end up in some shelter?

Have we ever met
or talked before, Nina?

- L've met with others.
- Fine.

Just one last thing, OK?

How do you spell your name?

"Vouzay," with a Y.


Things'll be fine.

Right! Fine for who?
For you or for me?

You must have shit for brains!

- Stop the vehicle!
- Calm down.

- Stop!
- Calm down!

- Let me off here!
- Shit!

- Stéphane, we gotta stop.
- Open the door!

-It's better to stay.
- You piss me off!

Sir. Sir!


Come and see me
for the registration.

OK? See you soon.

"With your head in the clouds
as usual, Pierrot?

"Come back to earth!"

"I've fallen off the moon,

"traveled the universe
without a rocket,

"the sky without a plane,

"and earth without a car."

"Pierrot falls out of bed
and yells out,

"'Mommy! Mommy!“'

"His mother takes him
in her arms and says,

"'Yes, Pierrot?“'
"'l had a dream.“'

'Tell me about it, Pierrot."
And so the story ends.

What did Pierrot dream about?

Beddy-bye time, Enzo.

Sleep, my sweetie.


Wanna hold my hand?


- Yes?
- Who's Vouzay?

No one.

I said that so you'd always
be by my side.

You're not working tonight?

What did Pierrot dream about?

Now go to bed.

Come on.

-L'm hungry.
- Me too. Let's get some grub.

- Depends. Where are you going?
- Paris.

"Paris"? Chantiers station.

Straight ahead, you'll be there
in five minutes.

Wait up, Enzo.



- Look!
- C'mon!

What's your hurry?

Here, son.

Chantiers station?

- Not that way.
- Which way, then?

That direction.

Sit down.

You gotta catch a train?

No more trains.

Did you visit the Palace?
Did you like it?

See the King's bed?
Know who would wake him?

The first valet.

He slept near the King,
in a rinky-dink bed.

The first valet always woke up
before everyone else.

But he couldn't touch the King!

No one was allowed
to touch the King.

So the first valet would

get close to the King's bed,
but wouldn't touch it.

And then he would whisper,

"Sire! It's time}.

Put your bag down, I haven't
spoken to anyone in five days.

Then I'll take you
wherever you want.

Were you part of their "Contract
for the Future" project too?

Get a grip, get up early,
we'll get you a job.

No training? No problem.

We'll give you some training.

Something we call
a "pre-training program."

You'll have to take
a refresher course.

Not up for it? No problem.

We have just the thing
to pep you up: a cure.

We've no time to waste.
Six months! A job! A cure!

Subutex! Forward, march!

You're forced to get off
your ass.

You stand and you see
two million unemployed.

Two million!
But guess what?

They gotta piss us off!

All my wounds will disappear.

I'll erase my bitter tears.

I'll be as proud as a warrior.

And when they ask me my name,
I'll say, "Damien."

You've never worked?

No, never.

A year in jail, a year on
unemployment, then that was it.

You're right.

If you can resist
the temptations.

I'm no longer interested.

What are you interested in?


His name's Enzo.

Why'd you tell me that?

- No reason.
- Yeah, but why?

No real reason.

Who gives a shit about his name?
Did I ask you?

- Only you can ask questions?
- Did I ask you?

You're a pain.

How do you survive?
You eat acorns all year?

And gather wood in the winter?

How about you?


How long can you go on
like this?

He'll have to go to school.

You could get help.
I know places in Versailles.

You got papers?

Then cash in.
You could easily be on welfare.

No, I'm too young.

How old are you?

I'm 23. You gotta be 25
to go on welfare.

I don't wanna be on welfare.
I won't be bribed.

You're stupid.
You know nothing.

Have you read the text?
No, of course not!

Article L.262-12

"Any person living in France
who has dependent children,

"whether born
or soon to be born,

"has a right to welfare."

No, I'm too young.

The kid needs you.
What the hell is the problem?

Child Welfare will stick him
in a foster home.

For company, a dog will do.

Just who do you think you are?

You and your two-bit morals!

Guys like you
finally wake up at 30,

then bemoan a lifetime wasted.

Guys like you can piss off.

You're talking about morals?

- Go screw yourself!
- What are you referring to?

Look at your life.
What is your life?

It's everything you see.

- And everything you don't.
- Shut the hell up!

You still believe, don't you?

Come back,
it's dangerous over there!

'The caress and the grapeshot

"And this wound
that gnaws at us..."

What are you doing?

Kissing you.

You shouldn't.

Can I touch your morals?


- What's your name, Enzo?
- Enzo.

- Enzo what?
- Enzo.

What's your mother's name?


Where were you yesterday?
The train station...

Were you at the Palace?

- We had chicken.
- And before that?

What's the name of the factory
where your mother works?

Does it have a name?
What does it produce?

- I dunno.
- Don't lie!

She told me
she takes you there often.

She's not from Versailles.
Where is she from?

Come in.

How long were you in Grenoble?

I dunno.

I'd hang around
the 400 Couverts squat.

Ever heard of it?


The squat was great,

but I didn't like Grenoble much.

The climate...

Couldn't your family help you?


they wanted nothing
to do with me.

My mother always told me I was
good for nothing in every way.

And my father
figured I was a turd.

It's true.

Cops would arrest me
and tell me the same thing.

- A piece of shit.
- You can't believe the cops.

I did lots of things in Paris.

I worked in restaurants
and bars,

but I kept getting groped,
so I worked cleaning jobs.

At night.

So now your name is Vouzay?

I wanna work with you.

I read the article
and I figured I had to come.

I know I'll have the patience.

But who am I kidding?


Nina, you have to start
from square one,

become a student again.

But you won't be alone, Nina.

Josée? Herchel here.

I'm referring someone to you.
No, this is different.

Today at five, OK?

- Yes.
- Fine.

It's in the city center.

Need to think about it?

- No.
- No?

Nina, the hard part
is wanting things to improve.

It'll take months,
perhaps years.

These things take lots of time.

I'll give it my best shot.

This give to the driver.
He'll take care of you.

You want it?



No, keep it.

Go to sleep.

Don't worry, she'll be back.



Your ha...


- Your hand.
- Sleep, I said!

Who are you?

- Is Damien celebrating St. Rémi?
- What are you doing here?

Did you wash your paws?

- What do you need?
- Mustard, to go with pork.

I didn't know you had a son.

Neither did I.

- Didja see the guys?
- No.

We gotta pay taxes 'cause
our shacks exceed 20 sq m.

They threatened to burn
everything down.

Tony got mad.
He started screaming.

He was gonna kill 'em.

I told him to calm down.
Luckily, he listened to me.

Or someone woulda been a goner.

They leave me alone.
Even cops fear Little Louis.

Gimme a hand?

He's expecting me.


Use your fork.

What's up, Joe?
Where've you been?

I was in Brittany.

- In search of what?
- Work, but I came up empty.

-"Work"? I wouldn't dream of it.
- So is today your birthday?

He's out of the hoosegow.

I remember the time I got out.
I was overwhelmed.

I just got out, yet
I don't even know where I am.

I don't recognize anything!

New stores everywhere.
That's it.

What's "hoosegow"?

It means jail.

You go to jail when you do bad
things that you know are wrong.

But you know...

Doing 'em isn't forbidden,
but getting caught is.

But you know...
Whaddaya want me to tell you?

That's life.

We screwed up.

But we paid the price.

We can never forget.

But we're proud of our screwups.

Though you get shortchanged.

When you gotta settle a score,

you settle it.

You make your own justice.

No one can tell me it ain't so.

And if it does happen,
only justice will.

That's why I went
to the hoosegow.

We'll make sure
you don't end up there.

Life's like that.
You gotta change it.

Don't let life change you.

Look at me.

Think about what you value most.

Want some wine?

Love does exist.

Right! Beaten up at age 10.

- You tend to clam up.
- Who did it?

You'd love to know, huh?

I've known hunger.

And thirst, hatred, contempt...

- That's all?
-...but never love.

When you've tasted hatred,
you can taste love.

I'd love to taste love
at least once.

- But you taste the wind.
- Yes.

- The solitude of the wind.
- Yes.

What are you doing here?
Get lost!

L like my privacy!

Get lost!

Tony! Need a back rub?

I was trying to enjoy
a relaxing bath!

- Ball-freezing cold!
- Room temperature.

- You just need a wife!
- Know the Navajo method?

No, tell me.

How about a sauna?

You're modest.

- Very.
- Let's go, Enzo.

My clothes!

Quit it!

At least gimme back my clothes!

My clothes!


Go ahead.

Keep going-

We did good work.

You want dessert?


- Cheater!
- Try again.

There you are!

It's Tony...

Tony, you'll stay in our hearts

and minds.

May the earth be light upon you.

'To go north, it flew south

"It thought the wheat was water

"It was mistaken

"It thought the sea was sky

"And the night, day

"It was mistaken

'That the stars were dew

"And that the heat was snowfall

"It was mistaken."

G'night, Tony.

-L'm hungry.
- Don't whine. Hold it straight!

-L'm hungry!
- Hold it straight! Listen, OK?

It's bleach. Come.

- The dickheads put bleach in it!
- Mommy! It hurts!

Rinse your hands.

You gotta rinse 'em!

Trust me, OK?

Keep rinsing 'em.

Dickheads! Sons of bitches!

Greedy bastards!
How much do you want?


Grab those two.

Look at me.
Let me see your eyes.

Without courage, we're nothing.

She didn't tell me anything.
I know nothing!

You'll have lots to tell her
later on.

Let's eat.



You're wonderful!

I just have to rinse.


What are you doing here? What?

Oh, yeah...
Your mother.

The she-wow

It's her.
I remember now.

She saw I was a nice guy,
not a crook.

She didn't listen to the judge,
just her instincts.

What was she supposed to do?
She was alone.

She had left her clan.
She had no courage left.

She believed in me!

She left you behind... she could croak elsewhere.

Poor little guy.

Poor little guy.

Go! Go...

GO get help!

Did you get lost, son?

- I'm off.
- Know where?

No, but I wanna thank you.



Come along.

Take it off.


Come on.


You ordered the pizza?

My shift is over.
Could you pay now?

11.50 euros.

I need a room for a week.

I'm exhausted.

Exhausted? My eye!

I was in the hospital.

Did doctors tell you
to get a job?

- That's why a need my room.
- Your room?

Your room, my room...
I don't care.

I need a bed.

I can't just stand here.
We haven't slept all night.

Take that street there,
go straight ahead

and you'll get right
to Formula One.

How about ten euros for a bed?

It's not a question of money.
You know that.

You don't understand.
I'm not alone.

Listen, Damien.

There are things I don't want
to go through again.

Especially not now.

Don't even try.

Glad to see you're still alive.

Who's that child?

- Is it yours?
- He's with me.

I asked if he's yours.

Doesn't he look like me?

OK. Just a couple of nights.

Watch my bag, please.

I'll give you the rest tonight.

No tricks, Damien.
Be sure to come back.

Leave the back door open.

My grandma used to say:
"I get up and I wash myself."

Gee! Those feet are black...
Does it tickle?

Sit down to rinse yourself.

How old are you?


You're kidding!
He's more than four.

You lived in Canada, too?

Did you like Canada?

See any bears?

- Stop that.
- What? I'm interested.

I like to know the people
I share a meal with.

Give him some time.

Time? To do what?

To chew his food.
Easier to digest.

He's just a child.

Loan to the rich!

So... Who doesn't want dessert?

Want some ice cream?


Can I give you a kiss?


Where's Damien?

He'll be here later.

What time is it?


May w

No, thanks.

You're brave to stay with him.

It's not about bravery.

It's about finding someone.

He told me things about you.

It wouldn't take much...

Speaking of love...
Not much love in our family.

Plenty of hate, though.
Deep-rooted French hate.

I don't get it.

You sound like you're talking
to someone else.

You arrived after.

Want something to drink?

I'm listening.

If you have a job,
you can pay for the room.

But after?

Think the boy's gonna live
a normal life?

He's sound asleep. Look...

Yep! He should be
in grade school.

Register him.

Register him? Register
him without any papers?

You have the family
record book?

Never mind. I'm exhausted.

I had a hard day.

A child from nowhere.

Do you know what happens
to children from nowhere?

They give them a home
and a real family.

You should have called
Child Welfare a long time ago.

Why do you care about him?

Don't you think
he's suffered enough?

You want Child Welfare
to take care of him?

I'll never give him up.


If you really want to
keep him, go all the way.

Recognize him legally.

Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!

What's the problem?
He's your son!


Recognize him legally.

I enquired. Only the mother
or the father can apply.

It's not giving him up.
It's recognizing him legally.

Can you picture me going to
City Hall?


I never pictured you coming
back here either. Come on!

Does he have a mother somewhere?

Yep! Me.


I'm listening.

In 2000, I met a girl
in a squat: Patricia.

She was a junkie.
We hung around together.

I used to do drugs.

I got blood poisoning and
stopped. I got treatment.

It took six years, but I did it.

I was on welfare. It wasn't
much, but... I had hope.

This winter, I met Patricia,
the mother, in a bar.

She had a young boy.

It's strange when someone calls
you "Daddy" for the first time.

- What's his first name?
- Enzo.

- Only one first name?
- Yes.

She got back on drugs and
she disappeared completely.

No sign of her.

I took him to my father's place.
We live there. He's doing well.

I'm off welfare.
I do construction work.

When I have enough dough,
I'll get a small apartment.

Excuse me. Enzo should go
to school, make new friends...

live a different kind of life.
You see?

I need a birth certificate.

He has nothing... no papers.

How can I send him to school
if he has no papers?

- Am I in the right department?
- Yes, yes.

You're not giving me a form?

Pull yourself together.

Which form is it?
Orange, green...

One moment. I'll enquire.
Don't go away.


What are you doing there?

Where did you get
those sneakers?

It's Nadine.

It's Nadine?
Go back to your room.

What's the matter?


What's the matter?

What's wrong?

Are we staying here tomorrow?

Maybe. I don't know.

When are we leaving?

Why do you want to leave?
You don't like it here?

- The shack.
- The shack?

You want to go to the shack?



Aren't you going to the shack?

Enzo, listen to me.
Forget about the shack.

It's impossible now.

I'll explain something to you.

You've grown up.
You have to go to school.

It's so much better
to go to school.

It's... new friends, the Republic.
You'll see.

I'm here.

Are you OK?

A gift from his father.

Fine. You want to
tell me something?

Are you happy to be here?


Enjoy your meal.

Mr. Deplanque.

Mr. Deplanque. Before I inform
you of our conclusions...

I'd like to point out
some legal aspects.

A natural child bears the name
of his father or mother

who was the first
to recognize him legally.

Parental authority over
a natural child is granted

to the father or mother who
first recognized him legally.

Under the law,
parental authority

is a set of rights and duties

established in the child's
best interests.

It's granted to the parents
until the child

reaches the age of majority
or becomes emancipated

in order to guarantee him
good health, safety,

moral conduct, education
and proper development

with all the respect due
to that child.

Rights and duties...
Mr. Deplanque,

do you understand?

The family record book will be
sent to you through City Hall.

Next case.

The municipal clerk's signature
is strange.

Three kir royals. Three.

We succeeded.

So, cheer up!

A new arrival...
You should celebrate.


I'm celebrating.

Incredible, isn't it?

Enzo Deplanque, you're sitting
on a very pretty lady's lap.

Such a lady is a gift
from God.

You rascal!

You'll always be here...

I'm really fed up!

Let's go!

- Hello!
- Hello, children.


I'd like you to meet
a new pupil.


Come on! Everyone's waiting.

Are you coming in?

- I thought you were brave.
- You told me...

Come on!

Trust me.


Won't you even say hi?


It's for your son
in a few years.

Going to work early tomorrow?

No more construction work.
But there's always...

I said I'd attack.

Are you gonna...?

Your laces...

Sit down with us
for a couple of minutes.


She's your mother, Enzo.

If she were my mother,
she'd have asked for me.

She would have called me.
Why did she call on you?

We were home.

Why didn't she wait for me?

Before talking to you, she
wants you to read this letter.

It's all nonsense,
what you're saying.

No. Enzo, wait.

- Enough!
- No, it's not enough.

You can't touch me!

Listen to me!

Damien's another story.
But you... I won't give up.

- At least, he'd be brave enough.
- Brave enough for what?

Leave you here seven years
without ever phoning?

Nothing at all?
You think that's brave?

Listen carefully.
You're gonna read that letter.

After you've read every word...
You hear me?

I said "every word."
Then we'll talk about it.


Where is she?

We don't know.

She just said she had
to go away... go to work.

I can't do that, Enzo.

Read it.

My dear son: If I was able to
keep going all these years,

I have you to thank for it.

I'm writing to say I didn't
leave to get rid of you.

I left you so
I could come back to you.

You were always on my mind.

I haven't forgotten that
you were scared of the wind.

You didn't want it to
carry you off into the sky.

The wind took me instead.

My dear Enzo, please come.

Come. I spent so many nights
crying and trying to remember

your hands, your eyes.

Come, because I have
no tears left.

I'm ready to face
your questions.

What can I say?

At last, I have both feet
on the ground.

Where are you?

Are you still my child?

Your mother who loves you

and has put all her hopes
in you.

Nina Obaldia
12 Léo-Delibe St, Bourges

Third floor

My darling!

Translation: TV5 Québec Canada