Verotika (2019) - full transcript

Glenn Danzig's directorial debut, is a horror anthology that compiles stories from Danzig's line of comic books of the same name. Stories which focus on horror content that's often sexual ...

Please, no, no!

No! Please! Please, God,
help me.

Bubble, bubble...

toil and trouble.

- No... No. Please, let me go.
- No.

What utter nonsense.

No. No, no, no.


Please, I'll do anything!
I'll do anything! Please, help.

No, no, no,
please help.

No! No!

My eyes!

My eyes!

My eyes.

My eyes.

Welcome, my darklings.

My name's Morella...

and this is... Verotika.


That's it.

Don't stop.

Ah, that's it.

Yeah, come up here.



- Wait.
- Oui.

Wait, no.

Leave my shirt on.

- Ah.
- Please.


- Wait.
- Ah.


Wait! No!



- No!
- Oui!

- Wait!
- What in the fuck?

Your tits,
they're looking at me!

Don't look.


Come back!

Not again.


Francois, is that you?


Please, my petite, no cry.

He's not worth it.

Mariel, it happened again.

And it was all going so well.

Then he's an insensitive prick.

Good riddance!

I know, you are right,

but he was so cute.

They're all cute.

You will make your eyes puffy

for your photo shoot tomorrow.

The shoot?

I forgot!

If you need anything,

I'm right down the hall, honey.


I will be just fine.


Only I...

truly love you.

Only I...

know your pain.

Sleep, my Dajette.

For when you sleep,

when you dream,

it is then,

only then that I am free...

to roam.

Sleep, Dajette.

Let me be real,

to do...

as your subconscious wills.

To do...

as you wish.

Set me free, Dajette.

Let me be real.

Milk or... beer.


Dajette, is that you?

Hold on, Dajette.

I'm coming.


she is but a dream.

Stop. No!

My sweet thing.

I am your only reality.

Stop, you... disgusting...

Oh, I have only just begun,
ma cherie.

"Freak" is such an ugly word.

A true tramp... would use...


No? Do you not fear me?




No! No!

Please, let it not be real.

Not my Mariel.



Please answer.


Oh, no, Mariel!

Oh... no.




Your friend...

She was a lot of fun.

Killer. Killer.

Oh, I am hurt.


are a murderer.


I am.

I am...


Me? No.

I would never do such a thing.

Yes and no.

That is why I must do it...

for you will not.

No, no!

It's not true.

Leave me alone!

I will leave you alone.

Just sleep, Dajette.

Then I will go.

I will go do the things
that you envision in your mind.

I will free

what the erratic Dajette

has found inside her soul.




Are you looking for some company
tonight, monsieur?


You startled me,

there, in the shadows.

You like what you see?

You want a date, yes?


I do like, mon amour,

but a date is not quite
what I had in mind.


Well, then perhaps monsieur
would let me know his preference?

I am sure
I can accommodate his tastes.

Oh, I am sure you can, my cher.

First, I wish to bend
you over right here...

and fuck you in the ass.

Monsieur has good eyes.

Ass-fuck is my specialty.

Then, I wish
to hear your neck...


Monsieur was only joking...


Wait, how many are you?

Only joking?

Why, yes.

- Wait!
- I want to hear your neck...




Dajette, are you okay?

I was asleep,

- wasn't I?
- Yes.


It was just a bad dream.

Ah. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Over.

Sexy. Sexy. Yes.

Ah, great. Mmm-hmm.

Thank you. Mmm-hmm.


That is... It's very nice. Yes.

This is good.

Huh... Move closer.

And the two... Fierce.
Really fierce.


Yes, yes, yes. Very good.

Now, sexy, sexy.

Yes, yes.


Ladies, ladies, can we...

get on back to
the photo shoot, huh?

And... And you, Dajette,

can I get you in the...
In the scene this time?

Hey, stupid, can't you see
she's not feeling well?

I think she's still in shock.

Yes, in that dream you found
your best friend dead.

This is just another

in a series of grisly murders.


on the television.

Their necks broken.

With no leads to go on,

police are still hoping.

The police are calling
this murderer

le neckbreaker.

That happened because of me.

I am to blame.

No. How could you
be to blame, silly?

You were with us all day.

In fact, you were sleeping.

That's how it happened.
I was sleeping.

Girl, you are crazy.

I think you have
finally lost it.

Lay off.

She had a bad dream.

It is not a dream, you see.

It is not. He lets loose
when I sleep.

Okay, okay, okay.

The shoot is now over.

Someone here make sure that
she gets herself home safely.


No one takes me home.

I will be fine.

No one can come with me.

No one can.

Okay, wow.

What a psycho bitch.

she's upset, poor thing.

You know, you are so sensitive
and understanding.

So, maybe you can
loan me some money?

Fuck off.

Got to stay awake.

Got to.

What is this film?

It is only people making sex.

So only make sex.

How... wonderful.

It's... happening.


I don't want...

to sleep.


that is it.

Fall asleep.

Set me free.

This is where
she does them both.

Oh, yeah.

Are you sure she's asleep?


She feels so good.


I'm next, okay?

Let me out!

No, not yet.

Don't wake up.

It is too soon.


Not yet!

No, stop! No!




Hey, you, come back.

Shut up.

How could I let this happen?

Is the killer not me?



I need hot coffee.

Then I can think.



We are closing.

Would you like another refill?




I was lost in thoughts.

Non. I am leaving.

Then I may suggest that one girl

stay at home...

for somewhere out there
is the neckbreaker.

I will.


Le neckbreaker.

If they only knew.

But then, how could they?

And I know what must be done.

I need something to drink.

Something to wash it all down.



I would like to report a murder.

That is the correct address,

Please hurry.

You... You are here.

Yes. You brought me back.

And I was having so much fun.

You know,
you may as well give yourself over to me.

You will have to fall asleep
again, soon.


You are...


Too late.

Too late?

Too late?




What have you done?

You idiot!

No, no, no,
this cannot be happening!

Not now!


Hello, hello?

Open up, now.

Draw your weapons.

And get ready.

We are going in.

Let's go.

Don't move, monsieur.

Take your hands off her neck
and move away, slowly.

Hold it. That's enough.

Whatever it is,

it is not going anywhere.

You bitch,

wake up!

I am dying!

Wake up!

The neckbreaker,

he's as pale as a ghost.

Looks like we found
our sex murderer.

Sergeant, it is too late.

She is dead.

So young.

So sad.


But the freak did not kill her.

It looks like an overdose.

Hmm. So strange.


her breasts are eyes.


Well, there you go,

the eyes have it.

That's all fine and well...

but what am I
supposed to do with these?

Our next story.


Who's there?

What do you want?

Your face...

It's very nice.

Give it to me.

My face?

What do you want with my face?

Well, no, you can't have my...


if you aren't going to
give it to me,

then I guess I'll just have to
take it from you.



Now, look what you made me do.

You should have just given it
to me when I asked.


How are you doing tonight,

I'm all right.

You want a dance?

Ladies and gentlemen,

coming to the stage,

get ready for the Mystery Girl.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the incomparable Mystery Girl.

What have you got?

What we've got
is grizzly, Sarge.

Oh, yeah? How grizzly?

Pretty grizzly.

Face cut off,

ear removed,

no sign of any other
body trauma.

The cause of death...

Apparent shock
and loss of blood.

Nice, another sicko killer.

Anything else for me?

Afraid not, sir,
I mean, we've got nothing.

Zero evidence, which means
no leads or motive.

Where's her face?

that's what I was going to get to.

Is, whoever did this,
just didn't...

Just left with it.

And left no...

No trace. Nowhere to be found.

No blood trail.


There's your motive.

They wanted her face.

Listen, man...

Hello, again, my pretties.

Did you miss me?

How would you like
some more company?

I thought so.

Time to be with
the other sisters.

Who is it?

I'm in here.

I didn't call maintenance today.

What do you want?

Hello, pretty.



What do you mean "collections"?

Who are you?
How did you get in here?

Haven't you heard?

I'm the face-collector.


I've come...

to get your face.

My face? No.

No! No!

Pretty, pretty girl.

With such a pretty face.

You don't mind if I borrow it
for a while, do you?

Borrow it?

No. No!

Aw, too late, pretty-pretty.

But don't worry,

you'll get it back
when I'm done with it.

M-my face.

My face.

She's sexy, she's strange,
she's seductive.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is,

Mystery Girl.

We got another one
just like the others.

It's pretty gruesome.

Brief me.

Young woman, her face cut off.

No apparent motive,
no witnesses, no leads.

- No evidence.
- Okay, okay.

I get the point.

So, how many have we got now?

This makes 13.

All the same.

I think it's pretty
safe to assume

that these were all
done by the same killer.

Ya think?

We need answers, like, now.

Wait until the press
gets a hold of this.

Oh, that's the last
thing we need now.

Make sure no important
information is leaked, okay?

- You got it?
- Yes, sir.

I'm right on it.

That skin mask

that I wear...

It fits so right.

It makes me feel like I'm alive.

Like I'm not the disfigured
freak that I am.

Ah, my little pretties.

You all look so lonely
hanging there.

Waiting for me
to come home, I see.

Did you miss Mommy?

Well, there's gonna be an
addition to our little family,

whether you all like it or not.

Now, you be nice to her.

There's more than enough room
for another.

You'll get used to it,
my little darlings.

This is gonna be a big...


Well, looky here.

- Hey, Sarge.
- What you got?

Looks like a business card
from a titty club or a stripper.

Check it out.


LAPD, I'm gonna ask you
a few questions.

Um, okay. We haven't
done nothing, though.

What about one of your dancers?

Pretty sure
she's a feature here.

Goes by the name
of Mystery Girl.

We got a lot
of girls here, mister.

I don't know all of them.

The name
is Sergeant Anders, fuckface.

Now, you're gonna tell me
whether she's here or not. You got it?

Mystery Girl.

Hey, over here.

There's a cop out front
looking for you.

He'll be down here any second.

Stall him, cherie,
I'll make it very worth your while.

You got it, girl.
I'll run interference.

Now get. Hurry!


Where do you think you're going?
No people allowed.

There's naked girls back there.

Very funny.

There are naked girls
out here, too.

It's a strip club.

Now, get out of the way
or I'm taking you downtown, too.

Smart girl.

Ready or not, Mystery Girl...

Here I come.

Hey, you jerk. You can't be
back here. Get out!

Yeah, you asshole,
get the fuck out

or we're gonna call a cop.

I am a cop.

Mystery Girl just
came through here.

Where is she?

What's it to you?

Yeah, we're not
telling you dick.

All you cops are the same.

All bark,
when all you really want is some free sex.

Wrong, I just want Mystery Girl.

And you girls
better start talking

if you know what's good for you.

Why, what are you
gonna do, shoot us?

Oh, believe me, right about
now, I'd really like to.

But, no, I'm not
gonna shoot you.

But if you don't
start cooperating,

I can make your life
very complicated,

if you understand me.

Thanks, doll-face.

At least one of you girls
has got some brains.

I know you're in here,
Mystery Girl.

Come on out,

make this easier on both of us.


Guess we're going to have to
do this the hard way.

We know you're the face-ripper.

We know you killed
all those women.

We know you took their faces.

Do you really think I'm dumb
enough to fall for that crap?

And now I'll have your face
too, you stupid jerk.

I will never give up.

You cut my fucking face,
you sick goddamn cunt!

Go ahead, run, Mystery Girl.

How far do you think
you're going to get

with a couple of rounds in you?

I'm gonna get you.

No matter where you go,

no matter where you hide,

I'm gonna get you,
you sick fuck!

You hear?

I'm gonna get you!

All right now,
coming to the main stage,

it's our new feature attraction.

Put your hands together
for strange,

alluring, Mysteria!

That Mystery Girl
is a sly little bitch.

Look at the mess she made.


Good as new.

Well, almost.

And now, my darklings,
our next story.


You can get up.

Is this your daughter?

Yes, Contessa, yes.

Come here, child.

She is good girl. Untouched.

I assure you.

So she's a virgin?

Yes, Contessa,
she's pure. Yes.

And so she better be.

Thank you, thank you, Contessa.

Thank you, thank you.


It is fine. Go with them.

They take you
to Contessa Castle.

It will be your new home.


Another girl
for you to groom, Sheska.

I leave her
in your capable hands.

Of course. As you wish,
my Contessa.

Have you ever been
in a castle before?

Another peasant girl.

Very well.

My name is Sheska.

You will obey me at all times.

You understand?


Take her and get her cleaned up

and put her among
the other girls.

Bow to your Contessa
when she enters the room.

This one, Sheska.

This one?


Are you sure, Contessa?

She's perfect.


Come to me, Sheska.

Has all been prepared?

Yes, my Contessa,

all is as you wish.

Very well, then.

It is time.

Kneel to your Contessa.

Come closer, my dear.

Get rid of her.


Yes, Sheska.

Bring me my cloak.

In my skin

there is tingle, Sheska.

Yes, Your Highness.

Do I not look beautiful
and more youthful?

Yes, of course.

You look much younger and
even more beautiful than before.

It's just the blood,
the blood of the virgins.

Dispose of the body
in usual manner.

And be discreet.

As the villagers are
beginning to whisper things.

And we best not give them
any more to whisper about.

As you wish, my Contessa.

Help me.

Help me. Please.


Please, help.

Help me. Please.

So young.

And you're so beautiful.

Please. Please.

And your skin, it is like silk.


Please, help.

- Please, please, please.
- Please.

Please, no, please.

Please, please, please. Please!

Please, no.

Please, please.

You smell it too,

don't you, my dear?

Virgins taste sweet,
do they not?

We are alike, you and I.

We like what we like,

and whether or not they understand,
it does not matter.


my black beast,

bring me a girl.

Bring her to me.

Rip out her throat...

and let me suckle...

her sweet...


Your youth

is a precious gift,

my little doll.

It will keep me young.


come take her away.

Yes, my Contessa.


Stupid bitch.

She's going this way.



Please, don't!

No, please, don't take me back.


Please, don't take me back.

Please, mercy.

With this axe,

I hereby seal your fate
and send you to the other realm.

No, please, no.

Well, this world no longer
holds a place for you.

Please, mercy.

I will drink your blood

and feed your headless body
to the flames.


And so, my pretty...

Nothing to say?

This is coming with me.

And that, that you can send
to the pile with the others.

Well, my darklings,

after that one,
I need to take five.

And what could be more relaxing

than a nice,



So, until next we meet,

stay dark.