Vernost (2019) - full transcript

The plot centers on a couple: Lena is a talented obstetrician and gynecologist, and her husband Sergey is an actor in a provincial theater. Their relationship is tender and close, but ...

Are you going to sleep, Seryosh?

Yes, Lenka. It already makes me
broken before the premiere.

He eats me up.


Because he's a man-eater.

Do not exaggerate. You are many there.
He eats the others, you survive.


I am the first victim and
Katja Michaljowa the second.

He eats me for breakfast and
Katja for lunch.

He shot himself at us.

He deals with everyone normally,
but he harasses us.

Maybe that's a directorial tactic.

So that you suffer more impressively.

The suffering
comes at the very end.

Before there was only love
and love again.

Well I see already
you will not regret me.

I'm going to bed.


That night changed everything.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Which one is better?

What? I ask for your advice
but you just laugh.

The beige one.

- Yes?
- Yes.

I like the blue one better.

The blue.

- I'm gone.
- I said I was going to take you there.

Does not have to be.
It's wonderful weather, I'm walking.

Up to you.

Especially when you are
you only have to go in an hour.

- Bye!
- Go on, get out of here.

Take my plan.
If you find a gap

then you persuaded me.

Maybe Polina can
take over someone.

Or Stjopa.

Who is she anyway?
A relative or a friend?

- The boss of "King".
- The city?

The magazine "K├Ânig".
We place our ad there.

Very inexpensive.

Where is the problem?
Then give it to Yuri Nikolayevich.

He had a delivery yesterday
that sure fits.

She did research on the internet.

Mommy blogs read and
decided that you are the best.

- Even better than you?
- Of course, you are a woman!

And in principle a woman is better.

Who came too close to you?
What's her name?

You, for example.

You don't want to take the aunt.

Let's do it like this:

I take the aunt

and you give me
free for a start.

- Oh! At once.
- Yes.

Vanya, at least I had
no vacation for two years.

I say yes, suddenly.

Of course, take a break.

Did something happen?

Then you take it on today, good?
And tomorrow you take time off.

- Rhesus factor?
- Negative.

- And with the husband?
- Also negative.

I checked the internet
there is no conflict.

Yes, two negative is absolutely normal.

And... if anything is true
check the box.

So if the man is red-skinned,
will the child be like that too?

What is the probability?

You mean a red skin?
An Indian?

No no!

No, we are both Slavs.


He always has one
unhealthy red complexion.

And the nose is red and round,
like Father Frost.

Is that inherited?

Well, babies always come
with red skin on the world,

there you have to at first sight
Do not Scare.

I understand, I understand.

They have
marked allergic reactions.

- Which one exactly?
- Ah, yes, with my husband.



Hello, Lenka, I don't hear you.

- Hello Howdy.
- Oh, now I hear you.

How are you?
Births done? Everything went well?

I still have work to do.

I understand. I thought,
you're calling because you're done.

I'm just calling.

Without notice.

Aha, understand.

Sorry I'm done.
I am no longer receptive.

Don't worry. Go to sleep.

- Good night.
- Good night.

I mean, hold on.

So then. Peck. Bye.

She doesn't call for help, nothing
just swim away.

What should we do?

Maybe she's a sports cannon.
Or just drunk.

My diving partner and me
went to her by boat.

But it is completely out of the role:
"Who am I? Where am I?"

I into the water
Sanja on the boat.

When she shuffles on board
imagine she tilts the boat over.

- Capsized.
- Did you save her?

Yes! But that's not yet
the end of the story.

At two in the morning
we took them somewhere.

So we: "Goodbye,
Take care of yourself."

And we went home.

And what happens then?

She steals our boat and
goes back to the sea!

Maybe she loves the sea.

No, she had been with her
Friend argued. Despite him.

Well then,
to save the drowning man.

Have you ever drowned?

Yes, around ten years old.

A boy got me from the bank
seen and pulled out.

Maybe it was me.


Let's go somewhere.

To us on the station?

Better to go somewhere else.

For how long?

- Uh, three hours.
- Well. Standard or luxury?

- Luxury.
- Three thousand.

Do you have maybe 200 rubles?

What is?


...I'm tense.

I forgot it?


I can't make you come.

It's not nonsense.

No matter.



Let me go!

Let me go, please!

Do you love me?

Then what is it?

I forgave you everything.

I understand that you happen to be
made a mistake.

It was no accident, Oliver.

We cannot live as before.

- That night changed everything.
- Nothing changed her, silly!

You should rather
go back to Susan.

She is a good woman.

How do you know if I
need a good woman or not?


We have no future anyway.

We have the present.




Thank you.

- Do we want to go?
- It's not late yet.

What's in it
They'll all get drunk now.

You can also get drunk.

I do not want.

What is the problem?

You have premiere
here are all of your...

...colleagues, friends.

Put it on, enjoy it.
I do not mind.

that I interrupt you

I go back home.
Serjoscha, thank you for everything.

Thank you, Katja.

We also just wanted to go.
Shall we take you with us?

Not necessary,
my taxi is already waiting downstairs.

- Where do you have to go?
- After Wagonka.

It's on our way.

- I know but...
- Cancel it.

Yes, Katja, cancel it.

By the way, Kirjucha writes here:

"A shit."

Whatever it is, he's basically right.

"But Serjoscha was good."

Katja, are you driving a car?

I am so emotional.
I prefer not to take the wheel.

But do you have a driver's license?

- Yes of course.
- Lena, turn left here.

Thanks for taking it, guys.

Bye! Kisses for you.

- Well then, bye, Katja.
- Bye. Come and see us, Lena.

And you us.

You take the flowers with you
put them in your kitchen.

Bye, see you soon.

- Bye, see you soon.
- Bye.

That was it.

Come on Wednesday.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Should I take you with me?

Yes, sure.

Where do you want to go.

A bit sloppy, isn't it?

Your IDs please.
I am a lieutenant Litjajew.

Get up, get dressed.

Hey where are you going.

So you live in the center,
Do you like to have fun here?

At least you are with your husband
Sergei Sergeevich on the road?

Or who ran away so quickly?


Correct me if necessary.


"Panfilowa Jelena Jurjewna..."

...has on the urban beach
disrupted public order,

their disregard for
expressed to society

sexual acts carried out...


With whom actually?

I do not know.

"... with unknowns."

- So so.
- Is that it, can I go?

Can you.

Sign there,
where there are check marks.

In two weeks
get the subpoena.


You don't have to go there. You receive
then sent a fine.

A formality.

Where do you want to go?

You said I can go.

Yelena Yurievna...

Why run?

We take you with us.
It's already late.

Thanks, I'm going alone.

- All the best, Yelena Yurievna.
- Good night.

See, that's how you are.

How am I?


More beautiful than who?

As everyone.

You ask strange questions.

And you're kind of weird too.
Always this look...

Then make a decision.
Am I strange or beautiful now?

Although nothing bothers you.
You can do both at the same time.

- Did you ask about vacation?
- No.

- Crap, Lenka, we'll lose you.
- "We"?

Well, like a patient.
"We lose him!"

Stupid joke.

In short, I'll be free on Monday
as free as you can be.

Take at least two weeks off.

And when I take time off
What are we going to do then?

I do not know.

Maybe we'll drive... your parents' weekend home.

The pensioner variant? Understand.

Well, not necessarily.
I just thought

you want to rest
enjoy the nature.

Then that's out of the question.

Then the youth variant: Warsaw.
Have a party.

The theater company goes there.
Do we want to?

So, variant "my parents",
Variant "We and the Theater Youth".

You don't have a third variant?

It looks like you have one.
Then say it.

Is there a variant
where we're both alone?

Or do we absolutely need witnesses?

- Don't you understand anything?
- You know.

I really don't understand
what's been going on with you lately.

Lenka, don't be bullshit!

Let us...

...go to the sea on Sunday.
For a start, at least.

Let's see.

Only in a natural way.
I said I want to feel everything.

Do you think we enjoy
Cut women open?

Sweta, in your case, is a caesarean section
the most reliable and safest option.

- Believe me, I swear.
- So again.

Let's shoot it or have it
You change your mind?

- Rotate.
- Well.


Here are the buttocks.

Here is the brains.
Usually it would be the other way around.

I'm pushing here now, carefully,

and turn it.

- Does it hurt him?
- No. And you?




We'll see.

It's wonderful.

- As if it had always been like this!
- Thank God! Thank you very much!

You are welcome.

I was born that way too.

From the bank
with a twist on your feet.

Thanks to a nameless,
soviet midwife.

Yelena Yurievna!

- Good day. Ivan Borissich.
- Good day.

- We want to see you.
- Please wait in the office.

- Is everything going well for you?
- Yes.

- Are you content?
- Very.

I could do all my life
stay pregnant.

The stomach is suddenly full of meaning,
Do you understand?

Such emotions!
Just unbelievable.

May I introduce,
the future dad Vadim.

Ivan. Very pleasant.

I have not forgotten
I will come to you.

- Goodbye, Yelena Yurievna.
- Yes, drop by.

Funny guy, isn't it?
Nikiforowa's husband?

Pardon what?


What do you want?

- I'm alone here.
- And?

Damn it! So...

I am ashamed.

It was like a reflex.
I've lost my nerve.

I was speechless
as a result of fear.

- Lena...
- Do not come closer!



- Quiet, don't worry.
- Get out!


- Lena...
- Get out! Immediately!

I always think about it, I want it.

- You're welcome!
- It is enough!



What's happening?

A Lada Priora, black, 832,
comes in seven minutes.

Or a black BMW

636, right now.

Participant can be reached again.


The participant cannot be reached.
Please try again later.

Can we drive over Wagonka?

Stop here. Yes here.

- And what we do?
- Nothing. Sit here for a few minutes.

- Can I smoke one outside?
- Can you smoke in here?

Can I.

- Hello?
- Hello.

I just wanted to know,
when you are at home.

We are dragging a closet at Katja's.
Maybe ten more minutes.

- A cupboard? I do not understand.
- For garbage disposal.

- I'll call you back soon.
- Hello?

Two more minutes and then we'll go.

I'm not in a hurry.

Get going.

Come on!

Did you try to talk to him.

Whether there was something or not.

When I ask and he says yes
so what?

I could then
no longer stay with him.

Is he smart?

Your man.


Then he says that nothing was.

Then what does it do
to ask for meaning?

And even? No way?


Then now is the time.


Have you ever been duped?

You cheated openly.

We sit together
like me now with you.

Talking trivial stuff.


Then she asks: "What would you do

if I cheat?"

I say:
"Kill, probably."

She says:
"Well, kill me then."

At first I didn't believe her.

For 40 minutes
she talked to me.

I just shook my head.

Then I believed it.

I packed my things
and left.

Then what happened
I do not know anymore.

But after a few days, I did
forgave her and am back to her.

But then I was 20.

- First love, a special woman.
- After that, they were all normal women.

I cheated too
like any normal man.


Because not cheating
is such a youthful maximalism.

Everyone is unhappy with sex.

Because sex is what you shouldn't
and not what is possible.

But the main thing
nobody has to suffer.

That means I am a woman to him
like any other, no special.

According to your classification.

Maybe he's not special to you.



I'm going home now, Vanya.


- And Svetlogorsk?
- We have been so many times. We find...

...something else.

Sounds very mysterious.

Vadim Nikiforow
Wadim sent a photo.

Do what you want with me.

Is a birth due?

Today you have to
get along without me.

You are a serious girl.

Just because I'm at the wheel, Serjosch.


What about our sex life?

What should be with it?

What happened to it.


Is that because of this one time?



For example now.

Why don't we have sex
at this moment?


You don't want yourself.

I? How do you know?

I feel it.

Rather the opposite,
I sense from you somehow

no desire
no vibrations, no attraction.

You walk around foggy all the time.

And you're teeming with sex
you constantly send vibrations?

Lena, I just think that no sex
is better than dispassionate sex.

So according to the motto, what must be
must be, so do.

We have dispassionate sex?
Has it always been like this or only now?

I do not mean that.

I'm just saying

you have to me
do not stamp it as impotent.

- If there is a problem, get it out!
- Do you have a relationship?

- What relationship, damn it?
- A romance at work.

With who?

You know with whom.


No I do not know.
No, I have no relationship.

And what was that car?

Which car?

Two weeks ago I wanted to drive you
but you refused.


I report back.

I went out,
heard a horn

leaning down
and looked inside.

Wowka Schelesnjak honked:
"Hello, Serjoga."

We went to the theater together.
"How's it going? What is life doing?"

And Schelesnjak will send you too
20 SMS every day?

I understand what you're getting at.

Katja, right?


If you already
sniffing around in my cell phone, Lena,

you must have noticed
that nothing is going there.

These are ordinary SMS.

Jokes about the director.

"Hello, when is rehearsal?"

You can read.

I only saw
that there are many.

I am for reading
didn't come at all.

You know what?
If there was something to hide.

I probably would
set up a password and end.

No problem.

Or simply deleted this SMS.

There was talk of a night.

Don't be a little child.

That's from our piece.

That is what Katja says at the end.

You saw it.

I'm sorry.

- I am sorry.
- What do you have, Lena?

Why are you crying?


Will it be very late for you today?

No, about to seven,
by eight at the latest.

So if something is, chuck me.
Shopping, not shopping.

I don't want to be selfish.



You could pay the rent, please.

By the way, you have
what got from the court.

What's this?

From the traffic police?

Oh yeah.

The traffic police.
Probably because of the accident.

Or not the traffic police?

I have the number, I'll call later.

Then watch out
maybe you killed someone.

Out of jealousy.

- Well then, see you.
- Bye.

By Vadim Nikiforow
I will take you hard

Lena Lena Lena
I'm begging you.

Block Vadim Nikiforow.

What is? Morning exercise?

What's happening?

I love you.

Do you understand?


That's enough.

Well then.

- I'm leaving now.
- Go calm.

- Yes?
- Yes.

- Hello?
- Hello.

Lenka, it takes a little longer
until about half past eleven.

- All right.
- Are you already home?

No not yet.
I just got ready.

Can you make eggplants?
With meat and garlic.

Yes, well. I will.

- If it doesn't matter.
- I said I would do it.

I'm actually calling
to congratulate you on your birthday.

Crap, today I have a...

...evening full of adventure.

At first I...

- ...lost the keys.
- Then your cell phone?

No, I have
forgot at work.

Have you been working like this.


In my jacket.

No, Serjosch, what do you think?
I came home

and changed clothes.

This is...

Damn, I bought everything.
Eggplants too.

And meat. Oh, Seryosh,
bring it here, otherwise it will spoil...

...if you don't get it.

So I...


...arrive here
look for my key everywhere.

In the handbag, in the shopping bag.
Not a key.

Then I panicked

and went to the "Poplawok".

Is a train rushing past?
This is how it seems to me.

They are my ears.

In short, I came...

Why don't you have my key?
Picked up at the theater?

I told you,
I panicked at the door.

What was left for me?
What should I do?

- I decided to get drunk.
- That worked out perfectly.

Have you been worried?
I'm sorry, Seriosh.

Forgive me.

- Are you looking at yourself again?
- So what?

It's frustrating.

It's a pity!

I was just about to drink and there...

The lid...

I forgot,

unscrew the cover.
No I do not want to! Thank you.


Polina said
you weren't at work.

What is?

I found this tool.


When did you wear that?

I'm waiting for the right moment.
Bought it and put it away.

Put away...

Rather cleverly hidden.

Not clever enough.
You found it.

Please give me the towel.

Put it on.

Come out.

Sit down.

Oh Serjosch.

Slower. Slower!

So yes.

Just like that.

Come to me.

Good day.

Yelena Yurievna,
I couldn't reach you yesterday.

Mrs. Slesarenko is
to Dr. Nasarowa changed.


And Ms. Tschasowa also declined.



Well, she wants to change doctors.

Thank you.

Good Morning.



Are you married?


I am not married anymore.

Why not?

Because I want him after you, bitch,
no longer want.

Why do you look away?

I did not know,
that he's your husband.

I saw him the second time
when you were here together.

The first time was
when you did it with him, yes?

First let it go and
then ask what his name is, what?

No, I didn't ask.

And all that pork,
which he sent to your cell phone

is everything from this one fuck?

What did you do to him
I would like to know.

Tell me, I'm all ears.

What are you doing so special?

Tense any muscles
or suck in a special way?

- Out!
- No. You fly out of here!

You will work in your field,
as a curb swallow!

I have everything about you
written on the internet:

The whole truth,
who you really are.

No patient comes to you
Roger that?

Why do you say nothing?

For a married man
you can spread your legs,

but answer...

You don't even love him.

But you love your husband.

Oops! What's this?
What do you say?

This is a cell phone!

- Password protected.
- Seryosh!

A cell phone with secrets.

What is?

Here! Take, take, take, Lena!

Come to me.

Come here.

- Seriosh.
- What is it, Lena?

Bring your thigh!

- What is?
- You're drunk!

- What?
- Drunk!

- What?
- Drunk.

And was he... sober,
with which you did it?

- Who?
- Your patient's husband.

Or were there several?


- It happened so quickly...
- Damn it! I.

- Don't try to talk yourself out.
- I'll tell you how it was.

I left the garage angry.

Well. Well. You were upset.

- Okay.
- I was angry with you

that you are with Katja
that you see me as a woman...

...not desirable.
And then I decided

that you somehow give me
should mean less.

Did you like him as a man?

I felt like it
morally bad.

I don't care about your morale, Lena.

That's not the point!

Did you put it in your mouth?

Did you blow him or not?

- You don't talk about that.
- I totally disagree!

Details please!

You try to pull yourself out
to finish off the whole thing.

- I do not do.
- You are fine!

What do details
for a difference?


It's a difference
whether you are reluctant

or surrender fully!

And you... you like our conversation
not difficult at all?




It could harm us.

What! Harm us...

Lena, which is harm
already done!

And that's not because of sex
or blowjobs.

It is because we are
somehow become strange!

Did you assume I
think you're a bitch now

and then decide
whistle on it, yes?

No, I think that
somehow subconscious...

That is what you think,
because you start from yourself, Lena!

- No.
- But.

Would it hurt you
to learn such details about me?


But not me.

It excites me
that you're a bitch.

No, I enjoy it directly,
that you're a bitch!

That you, Lenka, just...

...are a whore!

Maybe I'm perverse
I don't know!

Take your hands off, damn it!

And where did the guy ejaculate?

Where did he ejaculate?

In a condom.

There you have it for him
not particularly worried, Lena.

It's an old hat
into the condom.

Why didn't you allow him
to come in your mouth?

You were excited
you liked it a lot, right?


Were you in "Poplawok"
at least excited?

Does that mean

that you're only for self-confirmation
Sucked cocks?


Too bad.

Wait, Serjoscha.

It is enough.

Get out of here.


Is that true?

If not, we'll take action against them,
go to court, whatever.

It's true.

Well then, congratulations.

Welcome to the club.

You do not understand this.

I even understand it very well.
I'm even...


A strong debut.

Wait, it started
or after the consultation?

After that.

So so.

And is it...


An unfortunate coincidence.

Unhappy. That's true.


That will be forgotten in a week.

Don't worry about
your reputation.

I'm not worried about that.

I do not want that you leave.

There are many things we don't want.

Come on, Vanya, sign it.


Lena, one minute.

We are already done.
Good day.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Let's go to Moscow.
Or St. Petersburg.

We don't have to move.

I can take your family name
and start in another clinic.

Another possibility.

Do you want to do it with him again?

Do you want to fuck him again?

- Serjosch, we made it out...
- I'm not saying anything.

This is in your nature
that is normal.

I don't want to blame you
or humiliate somehow.

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