Vergel (2017) - full transcript

A sudden mourning brings a woman to the edge of madness. Funeral procedures, heat and a neighbor that comes to water the plants, come together in an emotional journey where it is impossible to distinguish the real from the unreal.

Fucking shit.

What a fucking shit...

What a shit...

I need to talk
to you... call me.

Are you there?

Are you there?
I've just spoken to your sister.

She told me that
you lost your cellphone,

- and gave me
this number.

Listen, my dear...

Look, there are those
instantaneous soups-

- that you don't need to cook.

You just have to add
boiling water, my dear...

Hello, mom?!
Mom, are you hearing me?

Hello?... Hello?

Good afternoon.

I want to talk to
Mrs. Dantas, please.


Officer Juan
Alberto Martinez.

Chief of the Naval Staff.


...I want to communicate
that the autopsy is ready.

- Hello?
- Yes...

Now you have to call a funeral
home to collect the body.

They will help you
with the formalities.

Funeral home?

Yes, the funeral service.

Are you feeling well, madam?

Yes, yes, yes.


Who is it?

Yes madam, it is Ruben,
the concierge.

I got a package for you.

- Ah... where is it?
- Here.

This is yours, right?

- Yes, yes, sure.
- No, let me do it.

- Here... here is okay...
- Is it okay here?

Yes, yes... sure.
Thank you.

You're welcome!
Anything you need...

You call me, okay?

You know I'm downstairs.
You call me.

You pick up the phone,
I answer.

Thank you very much, bye.

Goodbye, see you soon!

Funeral home, good morning.

Good morning... I need a
transport service for a body.

No problem.
Where to?

To Brazil...

Ah, you want to
take a body abroad!


And the deceased
resided here,

- or was in the
country as a tourist?

We were on holidays...
on vacation.

Ah! So, we are talking
about a repatriation!

Let's see...

I need you to bring
the death certificate,

- the deceased's ID,
the deceased's ID,

- proof of the applicant's
family ties with the deceased,

- cemetery's authorization where
the body is going to be buried,

- information of the person
and the funeral home that-

- will receive the body in Brazil...

Hi, it's me.

You sent me the list
with all documents,

- but you didn't
send me the address...

Send it quickly so
that I can get a courier-

- and send everything at once.


Listen baby,
how can you possibly-

- tell me that
the tequila was shit?

That tequila was...

Tequila, tequila, tequila!

You get it? That tequila
had everything, even worms!

You got a cigarette?

I'm sorry?

You have a cigarette?
A cigarette!


What I want to tell you,
is that the tequila...

...was a jewel.
Homemade, first rate, top-notch.

No, no, wrong number.











Ops, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I thought there was
nobody home...

...I'm the downstairs neighbor..

...I came to water the plants but...

Are you watering them?

Ah, yes... no, yes, of course...

Are you Brazilian?

I can't believe it...

I was just there!

I spent...

something like the worst
vacation of my life.

You know, when you
travel with your boyfriend-

- to figure out whether to
get married or break up?


...It's so hot...


Well, if you need help,
let me know.

I can come and help
you to water the plants...

...I came back earlier,
so I have plenty of time, okay?

And you already know:
I've got they keys!


Yes ma'am, your documents
arrived from Brazil.

What I'm not seeing...
is the death certificate.

I don't know!
I don't have it...

What do you mean,
"I don't know?".

Where is the body?

The body...

Junin Street 762.

But this is the judicial morgue!

In this case,
there is a little problem...

Whenever there is a police
intervention, one cannot-

- take a body out of the country
without the judge's permission.


Yes, ma'am, the body
cannot leave the country-

- until the judge
gives the permission.


You have to choose between
burying it in the Federal Capital-

- or putting it
temporarily in a niche.

Until the judge gives
the permission.

A niche...?
What is a niche?

Yes, it's the... the...

The shelf where coffins
go in the cemetery...

And how long could it take?

Well... these
procedures are slow...

...It can take a long time until
the judge gives the permission.

But I cannot stay!

Well, you can leave
us a power of attorney-

- and we send you the
body once the judge-

- has released it.

In that case you should
leave everything paid-

- before your departure,
of course.

Let me think.

I'm leaving...

...I'll give you the power
of attorney and leave.

Very well, you can pass
by tomorrow and sign it.

We have a model
ready. Charcas 3251.


I'm leaving.

I'm leaving...

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving!

Funeral home, good afternoon.

I'm staying.

Very good ma'am,

- it's 15,000 pesos
for the transport,

- plus 20,000 pesos
of thanatopraxy,

- everything plus
taxes, of course.

Once you bring me the money,

- we schedule a
time to get the body.

I'm not leaving
without my husband.

Origami is art
from small to big.

It helps the head,
the intelligence.

Don't miss our next program,

- in which we will teach
how to make own ikebana.

Thank you!

I don't like the idea of you being-

- there on your own.

I'd like to come over,
and be there with you.

No, no, don't worry!

There's a family that
we met on the trip...

I don't know,

Don't worry.

I would feel much better
being there with you.

Look, I think...

I need to get some rest,
let's talk later.

OK, as you like...












Did you like it, my love?

Did you, honey?

So, let's go?


Let's go!

No, ma'am...
I told you in some days.

It should still be at
the Public Prosecutor.

Anyway, I'm telling you
that only when it arrives-

- the classification begins.

What is the classification?

To determine if it was
a crime or an accident.

It was an accident.

Well, that is not
for you to decide.

Did you leave your contact?


So, remain calm that
you will be notified.

My love, look what I've found...

A lot of water is dripping down...

...and I have my clothesline
on the balcony,

- right under yours...
my clothes are getting all wet.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry,
I'm gonna be more careful.

It's fine.
It's not that serious anyway.

Well, see you soon.

Did you like it, my love?

Did you, honey?

So, let's go?


Let's go!

Are you going
to pay me or not?

Because if you
pay me it's one thing...

The sex on the beach
is for the brunette, idiot!

And if you don't
pay me it's another...

Do you understand?

I'll get you the mandarin
liquor, just wait a second.

That's it, let's see if we
can get this over with...

Think that everything
has a meaning.

The universe is wise, we're
the ones who don't see it.

But everything is perfect...


From now on, you're gonna
live with him in another way.

You're gonna feel
him inside you...

Well, what can you do?

Any news?

Did anyone call me?

Ah, yes, a guy called
two times already.

He said something
about a party,

- and keeps talking
about tequila...

What? I can't believe,
what a cheeky bastard!

What's the matter with him?
Did he go mad?

Tell that scumbag,
that the agreed price-

- was for a luxury bar!

That with that shitty
tequila he served,

- he almost got all
the guests sick!

What's the matter with him?

Tell him that I'm going to accuse
him of attempted murder.

And then he can make
cocktails for the prisoners! Get it?

Are you there?

You there?


Listen, are your
watering my plants?

Who is it?

Oops, it's me...

I'm sorry, I thought you
weren't here anymore.

No, no... I'm here.

Well... Bye.




Step 1.

Place recipient on work desk.

Step 2.
Put floral foam in recipient.

Step 3.

Put sky in recipient.

Put angle...

Make it slightly inclinate.

You know, I grew up
with my grandmother.

She loved plants, and I must
have inherited that love from her.

I love to come here...

To be alone, watching, watering.

Sometimes I even
dance for them...

Oh, I am sorry, I got
you wet! Sorry, sorry...

No, ma'am... calling is not
going to speed things up, okay?

As I told you, we will call you.



My love, I was lying awake here.

I started going through
some photo albums.

I was looking at one
from the summer-

- when you saw the ocean
for the first time. Remember?

You were running around
the beach like crazy-

- shouting: "Thank you
mom for bringing me here,

- today is the happiest
day of my life!”

And you were only
three or four years old...

I was like three or four, right?

I remember that we moved
to Rio that summer, right?

Wasn't that the summer I used-

- to wear that blue
bikini with the big top?

Yeah... that I insisted
for you to take it off,

but there was no way.

I wanted to feel like a
grown-up wearing a bikini.


The one that Santa Claus
brought for you that Christmas...

No, mom...

Wasn't that the year
he brought me a tricycle?

No... I don't think so...
Wasn't the tricycle the following year?

Oh, yes!

I remember I used to fill the
house's veranda with flowers,

- and walk hand in
hand with the tricycle-

- as if entering a church...

I married the tricycle everyday!
Do you remember?

I remember!

What was it's name?
It was...

It was Pipo, mom!
It was Pipo!

It was Pipo the
tricycle, remember?

Wasn't Pipo the frog you adopted-

- one summer in the countryside?

I remember neither your father-

- nor I could get you
to leave that frog alone,

- and come to eat with us!

You swore eternal
love to that frog!

- Guess what?
- No... what?

The woman was hospitalized,
hos-pi-ta-li-zed, you get it?

The dude kept saying
“hospital, hospital.”

OK, I got it, hospitalized.

But what was it?
Something serious?

It doesn't matter, it really
doesn't matter what she had,

- the point is that
she was hospitalized.

The guy had gone to fetch some
clothes to take to the hospital,

- and happened to
answered the phone,

- and told me everything.

But, what did she have?

It doesn't matter what she had.
Probably something serious,

- some kind of it is:
Hepatitis, Pancreatitis, Colitis...

...I don't know.

But now comes the best part...

She had an operation...
the operation went well-

- and the gals here recover!

They turn beautiful!
At the same exact moment

when they were operating her,
they turned beautiful!

When she got back,
they were ravishing.

Much better than when she left.

This one, for instance,
was tiny and rickety,

- it hit a growth spurt
you can't imagine!

So beautiful!
Look at it now!

That's how they are: Needy.

I think we've done enough
for the day, and with this heat...


Why do you make me
come here, to your house,

- to have to knock at your door,
and tell you what I need to say?

You didn't like the tequila?

Well... here I have a
tequila you will like,

- and you will taste it,

- and you will see that
it is the best tequila... the whole world.

I'm gonna give
you terrible tequila!

Hello, yes, I'm sorry.
I just got another phone call.

Well, I wanted to let you
know that your file arrived.


Yes, it arrived today from
the district attorney's office.

How wonderful! And when
do you think it will be ready?

No ma'am, as I said, one thing
has nothing to do with the other.

The file arrived, but when it is
going to be classified, I don't know.

The judge has lots of
files piled up on his desk-

- before yours, ma'am.

What do you mean, he has
plenty of files piled up?

Wasn't it that when the file arrived-

- the judge would analyze it?

Look ma'am, I don't know
how it works in your country.

Here it is summer, we just
got out of the judicial recess,

- and the files get piled up.

What? They told me that
when the file arrived,

- the paperwork would start...

How is it that now there is
a list of people ahead of me?

Ma'am, I understand you,
but please don't yell at me.

This case is not a priority.
There is nothing I can do.

Oh no, you don't understand me,
I am not yelling at you,

- I am screaming at the wall!

They told me when the file arrived,
they would start the paperwork!

Begin and start.

Arrive and start.
Arrive and start.

What do you people think?

That I have all
the time in the world?

I have a life, I have
to get back to my life!

I can't stay here.
And what now?

What are you going to tell me?

Why isn't it a priority?

Can you tell me
why it isn't a priority?

I want to know
why it isn't a priority!

Sorry ma'am,

the thing is that when it comes to a
deceased, they don't give priority.

My mom is very old,

- she's very lucid, but she
doesn't move anymore.

What do you mean,
she doesn't move?

Of course she moves!

Your mom may no
longer take the city bus,

- or do a triple somersault,
but of course she moves...

No, you didn't understand me,
she is bedridden.

Of course I understood you, the one
who didn't understand was you.

We all move,
everyone in our own way,

- at our own pace,
but we all move.

Like the clouds or like that
snail there, did you see it?

Like this tree...
it moves!

It moves.

That banana tree came from
the coast of the Parana river.

Can you imagine how
the poor thing must feel?

It was so happy on the
riverbank, in paradise,

- and suddenly ends up
here, in an eighth floor!


And we were both lying on
the grass with our eyes shut.

We didn't do or say anything.

Our bodies almost touched.

And I wondered
what you were thinking.

And I imagined that
I started touching you.

I went under your clothes,
under your skirt, your shirt...

While I advanced with
my hands you continued-

- not doing or saying anything.

You just let it happen...

So hot!

They say it's the hottest
summer in the last 40 years...

Thank you.


...I put the finger
on my head, it hurts...

...I put the finger
on my neck, it hurts...

...I put the finger
on my belly...

The neck...

Yes, yes... it hurts.

So, the doctor says to
Manuel: I'm sorry, Manuel-

- but you've got
a broken finger!

It's so stupid.

A Manuel, another Manuel...

Always Manuel!

Manuel, a rich old man,
is married to Maria,

- a beautiful young girl.

So Joaquin, his friend,
asks him... Listen! Listen!

Tell me Manuel, Maria has sex
with you for love or interest?

So Manuel starts to
think and then replies:

Look Joaquin, it must be for love,
because she doesn't show any interest!

- Do you want some?
- Yes.

Thank you.

- So hot!
- Yes.

No, no.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Tell me, what's happening?

Are you there?

Are you there?

I know something is wrong
with you. You think I don't notice?

You can trust me... up please,
and tell me what's wrong.

Yes, Mrs. Dantas...
this is the court assistant.

I need to talk to you, urgently.

Call me as soon as you get
this message, please. Thank you.

So, it indeed got
classified as an accident,

- I spoke to the judge about you,
and we got the release immediately.

How about that?


Yes, yes...
Thank you very much.

You're welcome... I'm happy to help.
I'll wait for you here then.

Thank you!

Funeral home, good morning.

Mrs. Dantas here.

My husband's body
has been released.

Ah! That's great!

I was just talking here to a
colleague about your case...

...I thought you would stay
here through the winter!


What should I do now?

How much does
your husband weigh?

Pardon me?

It's in order to reserve the hold.

If the weight exceeds 140 kg,
including the boxes,

- it is a different plane
and another price.


OK, perfect.
Then it's the price I gave you.

Let me see...

Here... here...

I see a flight... Ah, look!
You are lucky! You are lucky!

You should get the judicial order,
and bring it along with-

- the death certificate and the
amount I told you, in dollars.

Once I get the money,
I pay the airline,

- and give you
the flight information.

You can continue
your way to the airport,

- and buy your ticket
on the same flight.

We collect the coffin from the niche,
wrap it up with corrugated cardboard,

- and send it to be packed
in a rectangular wooden box... that it no longer has the shape
of a coffin... People don't like it.


Are you there?

Yes, yes, yes...
I'm here. I'm going there.


And get ready to meet your
maker, because you know-

- what I am gonna do?
I'm gonna grab a tank,

- I'll fill it with tequila and-

- I will throw you
inside so that you drink...


It's coming...
You are on time, right?

Yes, yes, I am fine.

That's good.

Can I open the trunk, boss?

It's OK ma'am,
let me, let me...

Thank you.

You're welcome!

Ready to go.

Well, it was a pleasure, ma'am.
Good luck.

Thank you...
Thank you.

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