Verdict (2019) - full transcript

Abused and battered wife, Joy, stands up for justice against her alcoholic husband, Dante, in a turmoil process of the justice system.

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Mom, I want cake.

Okay dear.

How are you going to eat if you're playing?

Sit here.

You came home without texting.

Don't eat it

that's for Angel.


You bitch, why didn't you text me?

I'm talking to you!

We just got home.


I just plugged in the phone.

I need a drink.


get me some gin.

Are you deaf?

I said get me some gin!

You're already drunk!

Where are you going?

You're useless!

You're making me angry, come here!

Don't compare my drinking
with you whoring around all night!

Fucking slut!

Dante, stop that!

Shut up!

Mind your own business!

Go away!

- Go away!
- You're disturbing the neighbors!

Come here you bitch!

You're gonna stab me?

Right here in my throat!

Get out!



Damn you Dante!

Look at what you did!

Bitch, where are you going?

Joy, fighting each other again?


What happened?

My husband...

Where's our service car?

Out on an errand.

We need to get her to the hospital.

While waiting, let's do the blotter.

Sit here.

Joy, what happened to you?

It's Dante...


Where's your husband?

He's at home.

Arnel, where are you?
Do you read me?

Check out the situation.

Copy Manong.

Let's turn back.


We're responding to an alert.


- ...Sir?
- It's a VAWC case.

Copy, sir.

Who are we picking up?

Dante Santos.

Dante Santos?

You know his address?

Yes sir...

He's at 14 Hilaga Street.

Hey! No drinking on the street!

All of you! Go home!

Watch your step.

Is this the Santos residence?


George, go upstairs.

No one's here,
but there's drugs.

In the bathroom as well...

But that's not what we came here for.


No one's here.

He left already.

Where is he?

Maybe Kanluran Street?

That's his mother's
house, on the other street.

It's near.

- ...Thanks
- No problem.

Show's over, go home.

Over here.

Just a sec.


Follow us at Kanluran Street.

It's just here.

They're at number 14.

- Is this the house?
- That's it.

Good evening!

Just a sec.

Good evening, ma'am.

We were told Dante Santos was here.

Dante Santos?

- May we come in?
- Ma!

Good evening, Madam!

We were told Dante is here.

We're inviting him to the
district office to answer a complaint.

- What do you...
- I'm Alice from VAWC desk.

We're here for your son because
of an assault complaint filed by Joy Santos.

What's VAWC?

We are Office for Violence
Against Women and Children.

Men, search the house.

Hey! You can't just enter my house!

Ma'am, we have the
right to search your house.

Search upstairs!

No one's here.

There's another room!

Don't you hurt my son!



You are under arrest
for assaulting your child and wife.

Come with us.

Sir, why?

There's a complaint against you.

Come with us to the district office.

I'm just sleeping.

Get up!

For God's sake, get him dressed.

Wait a sec.

Can we take the handcuffs off?

No, ma'am.

This is too much!

Get in the vehicle.

Ma'am, you can't come along.


You can see him
at the district office.

Don't worry.

I'll call your uncle!


- Yes, sir?
- Doc, for medico-legal.

- What happened?
- Assault.

Where did this happen?

At Hilaga Street.

Take his clothes off
so I can examine him.

Wait for a while.

Antibiotics, three times a day.

This one is for the pain.

Thank you,
where can I buy these?

There's a drugstore outside.

Clean the wounds every day.

Thank you.

Move here.

Doc, he's wounded
but it wasn't from us.

Take your seat.

- How about my cuffs, doc?
- Just stay there.

Any other wounds?

Excuse me, ma'am?

Here's the patient's consumption bill.

Can I pay this later?

Yes, ma'am.

Joy Santos?


My dear.

You asshole!

I'll kill you!

Dad, stop it!

You animal!

I'm gonna kill him!


I need to pay the bill now
so I can bring Angel home.

I won't take long.

Here's the payment for
my daughter's treatment.

- Come again?
- 460 pesos.

For Dante Santos.

Here's the temporary
copy of the medical certificate.

Come back next week for the original.

I've already paid.
Can I bring my child home?

- Yes, you may.
- Thank you.

- Do you need this?
- Yes.

But we still prefer
the original for documentation.

Momma, don't leave me!

Joy, we can't go with you.

Your mother's not feeling well.

It's okay.

Come home to us
after you're done, okay?

Yes, ma.

Sit down, Joy.

Where's her medico-legal?


What's your decision, Joy?

Send him to jail.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am.

Do you have anything to say?

This is your last chance.


Why don't you talk it over first?

I don't want to.

I don't mean to pry,
but what about your child?

Look at what happened to Angel.

Jail him!

Don't make hasty decisions.

Things will go well
if you talk about it properly.


Just talk.

- Joy, let's talk.
- Stay away.


C'mon, please...

Fucking bitch!

Get away from me!

You selfish bitch!

Get him out!

So it's final?

Do you want to add anything
else to your blotter before you sign?

- Nothing.
- Can you sign now?


Manong, it's 5 a.m.,
I'm off duty.

- Who's going to escort her?
- Ryan can do it.

I'll just sign it and Ryan will proxy.

Ryan take over.

Bring her to VAWC.


Where's Alice?

- Thank you.
- No problem.

Follow me.

Your full name?


Jona Faye R. Santos

- Age?
- 32.

Name of your daughter?


How old is she?

6 years old.

Do you have a job?

None, ma'am.

Your husband's full name?

Dante Santos, ma'am.

- Are you two married?
- Yes, ma'am.

Are you pursuing the case?

Yes, ma'am.

The complainant has decided.

There's nothing more we can do.

She won't reconcile.

- Where's the medical record?
- Here, ma'am.

Madame, kindly fill out the
form and state necessary information.

Write your name,


And occupation.

Down here write your
husband's information too.

At the back, write what
your husband did to you.

Date, place and time.

- Where did it happen?
- At our home.

- Where do you live?
- 14 Hilaga Street.

- Here in Mandaluyong, correct?
- Yes, ma'am.

Okay, just fill that out.

- Ma'am, I'll process him.
- Go ahead.


Dante Santos.

- Louder!
- Dante Santos, ma'am.

- How old are you?
- 36, ma'am.

Let's start now.

What caused the fight?

It was last night.

Louder, I can't hear.

It was afternoon when my mother invited
us for dinner around 8 p.m.

I texted Dante,
he said he wanted to join.

- But he was still out.
- And then?

It was getting dark,
Angel was done playing

and we were still waiting for Dante to come home.

Since it was getting late,
we went ahead without him.

I still kept calling Dante to remind
him that this dinner is my father's birthday treat.

He never answered.

It was quarter to 10 p.m.
when we came back home.

Dante arrived shortly after.

Then, he started yelling⁠...

Accusing me of leaving him
behind without him knowing.

Why wouldn't I be angry?
You're cheating on me!


Then he started beating
me in front of our daughter.

What kind of father is that?

You were assaulted, and then?

It happened so fast.

I noticed Angel was crying
and her head was bleeding.

Why don't you tell them you stabbed me?

- She assaulted me!
- Quiet!

- Can I have my phone call?
- Take your seat!

That slut wanted to kill me.

You're just selling drama!

Calm down!

- Want me to raise your charges?
- No, ma'am.

Put his handcuffs back!

Please, I'd like to call my mother.

I'm in danger.

Keep quiet!

Stand up and point at him.

Look here.

Once more.

Let's take photos of your injuries.

Where else?

- May I sit?
- Yes.

Look this way.

Joy, sign this first.

You, come here. Sign this.


I've transferred your statement
here, for future references.

Name and signature.

Where's the arresting officer?

Signature over your name.

Escort her.

Send the suspect ahead,
let the arresting officers watch over him.

Angel, mommy's putting daddy in jail!


Sir, where do I sign?

Complete your
requirements, then come back.

Ma'am, for inquest proceedings.

Fall in line.

Where's Joy Santos?

Excuse me?

Joy Santos.

Wait a sec.

Go to Jerome at the side.

Okay, ma'am.

- Sir Jerome?
- Yes, ma'am?

We need your assistance.

Ma'am, this was already cleared.

Garcia, Gonzales, follow me.

Ma'am, join us.

Numbers one to five, be ready!

Give way, please!

Ma'am, stop.

You can't cut in line.

We're not here for the hearing.

We're going to the prosecutor's office.


Is everybody present?

Joy Santos as complainant?

- Here, prosecutor.
- Take your seat.

Excuse me Joy.

Officer please...

Kids are not allowed
in these kind of proceedings.

We will study the case,

if there is probable
cause then we'll go to court,

then we'll have the hearing.

Can he go to prison now?

- Yes, but...
- Why don't you imprison yourself?

Everybody listen!

I have many things
to do please cooperate!

If you want to resolve this quick...

You get the justice you want,
and start the process for you.

Listen Dante,
you shut up for a while, okay?

We're still on the
inquest proceedings stage.

We don't know yet if
there's probable cause.

So when it comes to right...

You have rights as a victim,
likewise he has rights as the accused.

If this is accepted in court,

we'll be representing
you as your lawyer.

Dante, you can look
for your own lawyer

or are you going to use
the Public Attorney's Office?

- We have an attorney.
- That's good.

As for you Joy, you should
be certain of what you want

because if you want to pursue this,

we'll swear in your
statement then we can proceed.

- Are we clear?
- Yes.

Can you stand?

Raise your right hand.

Do you swear that
everything in your account is true?


- Have you read everything?
- Yes, ma'am.

Is this your signature
above the name Joy Santos?

Yes, prosecutor.

You know if you are lying,
it can be used against you.

Do you understand?

- Yes.
- Okay you can sit.

Turn sideways.

Fix your shoulder.

- Madam please leave.
- Officer, I won't stay long!

Ma, please talk to Joy.

Officer please, I need to talk to him.

He's inside anyway.

- Okay madam, but do it quickly.
- Thank you.

Ma, don't leave me here.

You idiot!

You're so stupid!

You never do anything good.
You're like your father!

I'm sick of you!

I can leave you here until you rot.

You always give me problems!

Brother, you won't starve here anyway.

- Is it true?
- You beat up Joy?

I hit her lightly...


Her face is swollen!

She stabbed me!

But still...


Your uncle doesn't want to help you.

He just referred us a lawyer!

Is he good?

I don't want to stay here.

Why don't you just plead guilty?
Anyway that's the truth.

You're up against a strong case.

Ma, I'm sorry...

Fix yourself!

Shame on you!

Madam, your time's up.


- Okay. Thank you.
- Ma, wait a sec!

- Brother, take care.
- Denise, bring me clothes.

Madam, you can go home now.

I'm sick of you,
you always complain!

Don't make a scene,
give me back my son.


It's hard to find your medicine.

- What took you so long?
- It was traffic!

Mrs. Santos?

You may go in.

Okay, thank you.

- Where is the room?
- Wait, follow me.

- You want me to carry your bag?
- No, I'm fine.

- Attorney!
- Madam!

How are you?

- We're good.
- I'm Denise.

Please take your seats.

I'll just finish this one.

I'll settle the others later.

Madam, how are you doing?

Do you want water or biscuits?

Anything will do.

Get us some biscuits.

- How about these?
- Oh, I have high blood pressure.

- Wouldn't it get better with wine?
- It's risky.

What can I do for you, madam?

Attorney, I just want to know
the progress of my son's case.

I just need to talk to Dante.

But Dante is still in jail.

That won't be a problem.

If he's in jail because of VAWC,
the offense is bailable.


The court can allow Dante
out of jail if he posts bail.

If we pay the bail...

- He's immediately released?
- Correct.

The court will give
a list of requirements.

You comply,
post bail then get the receipt,

show it to the judge.
Then he issues a release order.

Only then, Dante is freed from jail.

He will remain free
as long as he follows court orders.

He just needs
to attend court hearings.

He just have to attend.

Because if he does not cooperate
he'll be sent back to jail.

How much is the bail?

Last time I remember
it was around 12,000.

But don't worry,
it will be returned to you after the case.

Is there a way to lower the amount?

It's possible madam,

we just have to file a motion to reduce bail.

But that would take time.

If we want Dante's immediate release,

we should just comply.

It will be given back to you anyway.

Okay, we'll do something about it.

Attorney, what about the acceptance fee?

Perhaps we can ask for a discount.

- Our engagement?
- Yes, Attorney.

Madam, I'll be frank.

Your brother, Captain Sisson is a friend.

I'm willing to give a discount.

In cases like this,

usually my acceptance fee is 40,000.

But I can give you
a more affordable price.

From 40,000...

I'll give it to you for 35,000.

And my appearance fee...


And the submissions of motions and pleadings,

2,500 to 5,000 depending
on the difficulty of the biddings.

Attorney, I don't
think that's affordable.

Attorney, I'll be honest with you.

To tell you the truth,
I don't have a job.

We have a small business,
a tiny gambling den

but the income is not enough.

You are our only hope.


Let's bring it down to 30,000.

Would you manage?

Also, this is confidential.

Or else, others might
also ask for discount.

- 30,000 okay?
- Yes, that would help a lot.

Thank you very much.

In that case...

Pauline! Where's the
memorandum of agreement?

Here, attorney.

Madam, I have a document for you.

This is the engagement proposal
of the law office,

which you have to sign,
agreeing to everything we talked about.

This is about the
prices, fees, and costs.

Also, included is
the extent of my services,

like if I need to withdraw,
you're giving me permission.

Will you sign it?


Sign here, madam.

We're here, attorney.

Okay, thank you.

Ma, it's almost your turn.

Hey, fall in line.

That's my mother.
We've been here for so long.


- Do I settle this here?
- Yes, ma'am.


- Where did all this come from?
- I worked hard for it.

You're pretty good at saving.

This will take time. Please wait.

Madam, you can proceed upstairs.

Thank you.


Sir, Dante Santos posted bail.

Here's the release order.

Keep an eye here for a while.

It's your lucky day.

Pack up your things!

- Brother, visit my wife.
- Bro, we will miss you.

Visit us here!

Don't you want to stay?

Goodbye brothers!

Make sure to come back, okay?

Madam, can you please sign?

This will certify that Dante
is already under your custody.

You should freshen up.

We'll meet with the attorney afterwards.

- Ma, he's gotten so thin.
- Let's eat!

Anybody home?

- Yes?
- Does Joy Santos live here?

- Yes, why?
- A letter for her.

Thank you.

Isabel, are the soaps ready?

You're early!


Joy's packing them.

- Joy!
- Up here!

Mario's here. Are you done?

- Joy?
- I'm here.

Hurry up!

Wait a sec.

- He came too early.
- I haven't finished the other box.

I'm sorry, I didn't meet the quota.

That's okay.
I'll just deduct 500 bucks.

Okay, thanks.

- I'll wait for your next order.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Joy, a letter from the court.

Ma, I have to see the prosecutor.

- Eat first.
- I'm good. I'll just get some news.

Indicated in the letter
is the monthly support

which you should
follow regularly is that clear?

- Everything's settled between you, okay?
- Thank you, ma'am!


Good afternoon.

Take a seat.

I'll just go get some water.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

I just want to know the progress of the case.


Didn't I tell you that
we need witnesses that we can present.

My parents are
willing to become witnesses.

Only them?

They'll do.


their testimonies will be weak
because it will be self-serving.

What does that mean?

Of course, they're
your mother and father.

Whatever they say
will be in your favor.

Hence, the probative value is weak.

What I suggest is someone
who might have heard

or at least seen you get beat up?

That'll be a very strong witness.

There's one.

- My neighbor.
- That would be better!

Talk to her.

Plead with her
to help you with the case.

Sit down...

Get the folder. People versus Dante Santos.

For the documents,
I need the original as evidence.

Facts don't lie. That will be our edge.

Get your marriage contract.

Also the medical certificate.

Will the marriage certificate do?

I don't think so.

It won't work in your favor.
It will work in Joy's favor.

Tell me, just between us.
I need the truth.

What happened?
Why did you beat her up?

I got fed up.

I work my ass off while
she always roams and texts outside.

She doesn't care about me.

How do you put up with that?

When it happened,

did anyone see you?

I think so.
But they don't care at all.

But we still need to talk to them.

Otherwise, Joy will
take them as her witnesses.

Talk to them,
and convince them to side with us.

I'll try.

You told me before
that Joy also assaulted you.

- Yup.
- How?

She tried to kill me with a knife.

Well, we can use that!

Perfect for self-defense!

We'll show to the
court that she hates you.

She wanted to kill you
so she stabbed you.

Of course,
you had to defend yourself.

So you kicked her, hit her,
beat her up.

About your arguments,
are there any texts from her?

- Inbox?
- Yes.

I'll check my phone.

That could help.

We also need people to corroborate.

Do you know anybody
who can testify for you?

I'll look around the neighborhood.

Look wisely.
We need three witnesses, including you.

What I'll do is...

I'll prepare and draft the story,
the questions, and answers.

All you need to do...

is to fully understand them.

Better yet,
memorize them so we won't fail.

- Understood?
- Okay, attorney.

Excuse me,

original copy of
medical certificate, please.


One second.

Thank you.


I was the one you
treated two months ago.

My husband beat me up, remember?


I was hoping...

if you could testify for
me in court against my husband.

I'm loaded with work
but let me see my schedule.

- Hey!
- What the fuck!

Come down! Fight me!

Fucking asshole!

That asshole nearly ran me over.

- Is boss inside?
- Yes.


- Where's boss?
- Over here.



- What's up?
- Just got freed.

My fucking wife went wild.

When are you going to work?

I'll fix my case with Joy first.

Boss, I'd like to take my part
from the last project.

- What project?
- The motorcycle.

Just a sec.

- Wow, that looks nice!
- Sure it does.

- Are those parts from the last project?
- Yes! But they're worn out.

That's fine.

Look at this beauty.

Fuck, your taste is awful.

This is not aluminum it's just plastic!

There's another project tonight.

I'll pass this time, boss.

I'll fix my case first.

Boss, how about this...

- Boss?
- What?

Perhaps you can testify at my hearing?

I need your help.

Just tell me when.

That's a promise?


I knew you'd say yes.

Thanks, boss.

- Joy, what's up?
- Rudy.

Is Stella in?

She's not in. Why?

I need help with my case.

She went out.
I'll call you when she comes back.

Or you can come back later.

- Okay, thanks.
- Sure.



- Dante!
- Let's go.

What's up?

- Let's drink.
- Alright.

You're already drunk.

Fuck that! Drink with me.

- What?
- Stella.

I need your help.

Can you testify at my hearing?

You were there
when the fight happened.

Joy, that's impossible.

I'll get in trouble with Rudy.

I want nothing of it.

Please, Stella.

No, Joy.

My husband will get mad at me.

I'm sorry.

Where is the text?

Stupid bitch!

- Fix the wires on the trees.
- Yes, Capt.


You, next.

Okay, do it now.

What's up?

I just got released.

How's the lawyer?

He's a great help,

but too expensive.

But he gets the job done.

Uncle, just one last favor.

Can you testify at my hearing?

What for?

I need credible witness...

Excuse me, captain
your patrol's ready.




Go ahead.

Wait for me downstairs.

You again?

Hell, you're practically living here.

Fix yourself!

Uncle, you know I'm innocent.

If you plead guilty,
you'll get a lighter sentence.

I didn't do anything.

What do you mean lighter sentence?

I mean, your jail time
will be shortened.

For example,
three years will be one year.

I won't last a week,
how much more a year?

I won't survive in jail.

The whole district
knows what you did.

I can't lie on your behalf.
I have a reputation to protect.



You've grown.

- Say hi to your mom.
- I will, captain.

- Uncle, I'll wait for you.
- I'm gonna be late.



I just met with Uncle,

but he's busy.

Maybe you can testify on my hearing.

- When?
- In a few days.

Don't touch my food!

Hands off my water.

What's the deal?

Testify for me in the hearing.

Everything you'll say
will be given to you, on paper.

How long will it be?

Just a short one!

Let's see.

Can you please leave?

I'm losing my appetite.


Thank you.

Madam, wait a sec.

Where are you going?

We live across.

Apologies, but the road is closed
because there's a crime scene here.

If you can,
please find another way home.

...effective channels of truth, justice and peace

In our proceedings today,

guide us in the path of righteousness

for the fulfillment of Your greater glory. Amen.

Call the cases.

For arraignment, criminal
case no. MC-16-2948-FC.

People of the Philippines versus
Dante Santos y Sisson,

for the violation of Rep. Act No. 9262.

For the government, ready Your Honor.

Your Honor, for the accused Atty. Gonzales.

Ready, Your Honor.

Is the accused around?

Yes, Your Honor.

Call the accused.

Can you understand English?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

What do you mean "Not guilty"?

Answer my question.
Do you understand English?

Your Honor, we move
to use Tagalog please.

Arraign the accused.

The above-named accused,

did then and there
wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously

which caused physical
harm upon Joy R. Santos, his wife,

that resulted in physical injuries
requiring medical attendance

for a period of less than 30 days.

The psychological harm or
suffering to the said complainant

which violated her personhood,
integrity and freedom of movement

and incapacitate from the damage
and prejudice of the complainant.

This is against the law.

Dante Santos, what is your plea?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

Let it be on the records
that the accused pleaded not guilty.

- Joy!
- Sign here.

On the minutes.


Dante sorry, but you cannot talk to her.

Let's settle this for Angel's sake.

You've got some nerve!

Prosecutor, we'll go ahead.

Told you, she's tough.

Your Honor, my
witness, the medical doctor

cannot attend today's hearing.

This is his letter.

Was she informed about this hearing?

Yes, Your Honor.

Who then is your witness?

Well, Your Honor the
witness I'm presenting here today

is the medical records custodian.

Swear in the witness.

Please stand.

Raise your right hand,
then left hand on the Bible.

Do you swear to tell the
truth, and nothing but the truth?


Please, have a seat.

Your name?

Joseph Evangelista.

- Age?
- 25.

- Occupation?
- Records custodian.


- My residence or at the hospital?
- Residence.

264B Calbayog Street,
Bgry. Highway Hills Mandaluyong.

The witness is ready.

Your Honor, the testimony
of the witness Joseph Evangelista

is being offered in evidence

to prove that the
Private Complainant went to the hospital

for physical examination
and medical treatment.

He will identify...

the medical records of Joy Santos
and other related matter.

Any objection?

No objection, Your Honor.

The bills and medical report of
Dr. Nathaniel will be marked.

Proceed with the trial.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Mr. Witness, when you were
asked of your personal circumstances

you said that
you're a medical custodian?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Of what hospital?

Mandaluyong Hospital, ma'am.

Do you have the medical certificates
and other records?

Here, ma'am.

Witness producing
records of Joy Santos, Your Honor.

The medical certificate Your Honor,

was previously marked as
Exhibit D for the prosecution

and I'm requesting that
other records Your Honor

be submarked as
Exhibit D-1, D-2, and D-3.

Any objection?

No objection, Your Honor.

Your Honor, cross-examination.

- Go ahead. Proceed.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

Mr. Witness...

You mentioned that you're
the custodian of medical records.

Is that correct?

Yes, sir.

Being a custodian, does it
require you to have a medical background?

No, sir.

- So you're not a doctor.
- No.

You never took medical
courses back in college?

No, sir.

In other words, whatever's
contained in that medical certificate

the technical medical description,
the abstract...

You wouldn't know anything about it.

No, sir.

Were you the person who
examined Mrs. Joy...

No, sir, I didn't see her.

So you don't have
personal knowledge as

to the narration included in
that medical certificate?

- None sir.
- I only write records.

You don't know anything about it?


- You've never met this person?
- No, sir.

That's all, Your Honor.
No more questions.

Have you seen Aiza?

She already punched out.

Attorney! Do I have
to attend the next hearing?

You need to show your eagerness
to prove that their accusations are wrong.

But it's boring inside.

It's necessary!

Trust me.

Attorney! Here's the payment
for the hearing earlier.

- Is this exact?
- Yes, the total amount.

- Okay. Just get the receipt at my office.
- Yes, attorney.

I'll go ahead. I still have a date.

Take care, attorney.

- You'll show up in court, okay?
- Yes, attorney.

So I need to attend every time?

What happened inside?

I looked like an idiot,
I couldn't understand a thing.

I just signed some papers.

From the guy over there.

Don't mind him.

All those who have a
number, please fall in line!

Joy! Where's your witness?

Here, prosecutor.

- Did you bring the document?
- Yes, ma'am.

- Ma'am, can I remove my vest?
- No, just wear it.

Have you memorized your testimonies?

Yes, ma'am.

Relax, okay?

I'm sorry, but shorts are
prohibited inside the court...

It's not a short?

- It can't be seen if I sit down!
- Sir, I'm just following orders.

You really aren't
allowed to enter in your shorts...

What will happen in my hearing?

- I'm sorry.
- Please, bro.

Where's your mother?

She should be here already.

Attorney, you didn't tell
me that shorts are not allowed.

That's common sense.

Where exactly is she?

See if this fits you.

Where did you get it?

From the thrift shop.

- I might get a rash.
- Don't complain!

Hurry up!

Mr. Witness, on the night
while you were on duty

at the district office on June 23, 2016,

do you remember
anyone asking for your help?

It was Joy.

Had she asked for help in the past?

Yes, she frequently
complains at the district office.

After receiving her complaint that night,
what did you do next?

We went to the place
of incident to arrest Dante.

- Arrest?
- Yes, ma'am.

Regarding that arrest.

Do you remember
doing an affidavit of arrest?

Yes, ma'am.

I have here a document.
What is your relation to this?

That is the affidavit of arrest.

How can you say that?

It has my signature below.

- Can you point at it?
- Here.

- Above your name Ryan?
- Yes, ma'am.

Your Honor, may I request
that this document

be marked as exhibit B for the prosecution

and the signature on top of the
typewritten name Ryan Pamintuan

be marked as Exhibit B-1.

Mark it.

Any cross?

Yes, Your Honor.

- Cross for the defense.
- Proceed.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Mr. Witness how long have
you been a district officer?

- 10 years, sir.
- 10 years?

Yes, it runs in the family.

If you're doing an arrest,
do you need a warrant or not?

It depends. There are times
that it is really needed.

But there are instances where
we make warrantless arrests.

When you arrested Dante,
was there a warrant or not?


When can you arrest without a warrant?

On what grounds?

I know of three circumstances.

What are those?

First applies to an escaped convict.

We don't need a warrant anymore.

That's the first.

The second?

If a crime has just been committed,

and I have personal
knowledge of the suspect,

we can make the warrantless arrest.

The third circumstance?

If the person is caught red-handed,

meaning if he has a deadly weapon
and has an intent to kill,

we make the arrest even without a warrant.

About the case of an escaped convict.

My question is: is Dante a prisoner?

- No.
- So you can't arrest him on the spot.

No, sir.

Without a warrant of arrest.


Do you have
personal knowledge of Dante,

allegedly assaulting his wife?

- None.
- None as well?

Thirdly, were you there when the
alleged assault was happening?

Did you see Dante making the assault?

- No, sir.
- No, as well?

In short...

what happened that night
does not qualify

as a warrantless arrest.
Is that correct?


Based on your 10 years
experience as a district guard,

what happens in an unwarranted arrest,

which does not fall in
any of the three circumstances?

The arrest can be...

declared null and void.

And a case can be
filed against you, right?

Both administrative and criminal.

Your Honor,
I'm presenting to the witness

a document which is the blotter report,

previously pre-marked as
defense Exhibit No. 3

to the witness.

Mr. Witness, look at the bottom.

Who arrested Dante?

What's the name?

- Arnel de la Cruz.
- Arnel de la Cruz?

- Yes.
- What's your name?

Ryan Pamintuan.

So it's not you
who made the arrest.

- No, but he was with me...
- Stop there, Mr. Witness.

- We even accompanied Joy.
- Mr. Witness, please.

Your Honor, may I
caution the counsel...

Not to badger the witness,
Your Honor.

- Counsel,
- Your Honor, no more questions.

Ma, where are you going?

I'll be gone for a while, baby.

Want me to help you?


Are you an expert at this?

I know all about that!

Is that necessary?

How do I look?

What's this?

We don't look alike anymore.

Yes, we do.

Counsel, you may proceed.

Yes, Your Honor.

Joy, why do you think Dante...

Your Honor, I object,
it calls for an opinion.

The witness is
incompetent to testify

based on the internal workings
of the mind of the accused, Your Honor.


Prosecutor, rephrase your question.

In your recollection, what was the
reason behind your fight

that lead to his physical abuse?

I can't remember any reason.

I think his brain's damaged
because of meth use...

Your Honor.

I'm sorry but we
also have to object

It's non-responsive to the question.

As a matter of fact, we shall
move to strike that meth portion

off the record for
being derogatory in nature.


How often does it take place?

Many times.

Every time he gets
drunk, he becomes a devil.

How can you tell if he's drunk?

Last time,

he beat me up with his hands.

He was very close that I
could smell his breath and see his red eyes.

From this experience,

how did the battering

affect your
personhood as a woman?


I didn't expect him to love me,

but at least there should be respect.

I think even my death won't change him.

From all the things that have happened,

what do you ask from this court?


No more questions, Your Honor.


Your Honor, cross.


Thank you, Your Honor.

Madam Witness,

your accusations against Dante,

your husband.

With all these alleged beatings,

a serious matter that
should've been reported to the police.

How many times did you report?

- Only now.
- Just once?

Madam Witness,
have you physically hurt Dante?

But that's because...

- Yes or no?
- Yes.

But that's because I get
carried away by the situation.

Especially when he hurts me.

So there are times you do things
you don't really mean to?


Did you come to a point
that because of extreme anger

that you can kill?

Your Honor, I have with me a photograph

or the copy of a
text message sent by Joy

to my client, the accused Dante

which happened before the
alleged date when they allegedly had a fight.

Madam Witness,
can you please read

the text message you sent to Dante?


Please read the
text message you sent to Dante.

- "Don't ever try to come...
- Louder, please.

"Don't ever try to come home,
or I'll kill you, bastard!"


Your Honor, no more questions.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you, Madam Witness.

Witness is excused.

Madam Prosecutor!


I prepared some questions
and things you have to remember.

Practice it with Angel. Guide her.

Isn't this a lot for a kid...

Just remember the
important details like the dates.

The major points.

So you won't get mixed up.

Okay, ma'am.

It's better that we're prepared.

Thank you.

Vangie, Ynah I'll go ahead.

- Okay Joy.
- Goodbye!

Ma, this is a lot.

Have we been called already?

Yes, prosecutor. Take a seat first.

Next case!

Judge, we can go back
to number 40, prosecutor's here.

Where is she?

Present, Your Honor.

Why are you late?

I'm sorry, Your Honor.

Our village was flooded.
Cars can't pass through, sorry.

Okay, proceed.

Who's your next witness?


She's sick, although she can do it.

Your Honor, I have a witness,

the daughter of the private complainant,
Angel Rosario Santos, Your Honor,

but considering that
Angel is a child witness,

may I request that the hearing
be conducted in the chamber.

Okay, let's proceed to the chamber.

We'll go inside the judge's office.

Do you believe in Jesus, Angel?


What happens to
a child when she's bad?

She goes to hell.

Do you want to go to hell?

So tell the truth
when we ask you, okay?

I'll ask you, together with the attorney

and the judge, okay?

So you have to tell the truth.


Isn't that...

Do you stay
with mommy and daddy?


When they allegedly fight,

will you be able to tell how it started?

What did daddy do? If there is.

For the record, Your Honor,
the witness is demonstrating

a clenched fist in a punching position.

Is daddy inside this room?


So he is here.

Can you get down first,
look around this room

and point where daddy is.

Can you find him?

That's all for the Witness, Your Honor.

Your Honor, subject to cross.


Thank you, Your Honor.


I'll also ask questions, okay?

Do you know why you're here?

When prosecutor asked earlier,

you said that mommy
and daddy were fighting, right?


So you're here
because they were fighting?


Do you like it when they fight?

No, I don't.

Your Honor,
may we place it on record

that the witness is shaking her
head in response to the question.

Why don't you like it
when mommy and daddy fight?

Do you know that your mother,

wants your father imprisoned?


Do you want that to happen?

You'll lose dad?

- No.
- Your Honor, may I ask the counsel

to be gentle with his questions?

Counsel, please...

...please be gentle with the child.

Understood, Your Honor.

Angel, again do you
want your father in jail?

No. I don't want to.

Your Honor, again we manifest

the witness is shaking her head
indicating that she doesn't want

her father imprisoned.

Angel, last question.

Have you seen your mother

aim a knife at your father?

I'll repeat.

Have you seen your mommy
aim a knife at your daddy?


That's all, Your Honor,
no more questions.

You can sign there. We're done.

Angel come, let's go home.

Letter for Elsa Santos!

Please sign.

Thank you.



Letter for you.


Don't place it there!

Look! It's wet!

I'll go ahead, ma!


What's the meaning of this?

Your balance from the attorney.


Where's your brother?

At work.

Come with me.

- I'm on my way to work.
- No, you'll come with me.

Ma, I can't.

Why me?

Where's the money?

Here it is.

But my boss only gave me half.

Why is that?

I don't know.

- You're really useless.
- Ma'am, excuse me...

Ma'am, can you bring that
outside? We still have clients.

Am I not a client?


This is half the amount,
I'll give the rest tomorrow.

We can't accept that, ma'am.

This is still payment!

Ma'am, we've talked
about this already.

It should be in full amount.

But this is better than nothing.

- Please take it!
- Ma'am, let's just follow the policy.

C'mon, we've been paying
you bit by bit.

Ma'am, I'm sorry but you
really need to pay the full amount.

We're out of cash because of you.

All our money goes
into this goddamn office!

You have no consideration!

Ma'am, If you insist I'll call security.

Then call security! C'mon!

You'll tell them we're not paying?

- Useless clerks!
- Ma, stop it!

Criminal Case MC 16-2948-FC.

People of the Philippines vs.
Dante Santos y Sisson

for violation of Republic Act 9262.

For the government
ready, Your Honor.

Where's the accused?

He's not around, Your Honor.

What do you
mean he's not around?

Your Honor!

Where's your lawyer?

He's gone, Your Honor.

What do you mean?

We can't pay him anymore.

Can anyone from the
Public Attorney's Office handle this case?

Atty. Cruz?

Yes, Your Honor.

I will give you enough time to assess
and confer with the accused

and determine whether he is

qualified to avail the services of the
Public Attorney's Office.

Yes, Your Honor.

Set the continuation
on December 4, 2017.

- Attorney we didn't know...
- Let's talk outside.

Our former lawyer has no mercy.

We paid him a lot.

Just because we
can't pay anymore, he ditched us.

How about you?
How does it work in your office?

P.A.O. services are free.

Just prove that you
can't afford to pay for a lawyer.

I have here some documents.

Read carefully.

Gather these requirements,

but the most important one
is the Certificate of Indigency.

Where do I get it?

From your district office...

- Attorney!
- What's up? Let's eat out later.


I'll wait for you here.

- I'll just finish this client meeting.
- Sure.

Wouldn't the indigency
certificate affect our case

in such a way that he will
lose dependability as a father?

I don't think so, because

this is not about Angel's custody.

The issue here is if...

Dante will be granted parole.

I need these documents
before the next hearing, okay?

I need to submit those to the judge.

From the district office, right?

Yes. Let's meet before the hearing.

Another thing, don't forget
to bring your witnesses.

I need to talk to them...

- Attorney, Good afternoon!
- Hello!

Everything's good!

Dante, get the attorney's number.

I'll get your number instead.

Write it here.

Why don't you
buy your own typewriter?

Why didn't you
wear your uniform today?

At least I have a vest.

How about your payslip?

No problem. It's easy to fake it.

Bring it here for the records.

Okay, I'll go ahead.

- Be a good civilian.
- I already am!

I'll take four.


What are you doing?

We'll just walk around.

No, you can't!


We'll not go far.

Baby, what do you want?

- How much?
- 130 bucks.

I'll get this.

Give me discount please.

Could someone help me?

He took my granddaughter.

- Please!
- Where?

Over there.

What else do you want?

Come on.

You like this one too?
What else?

That hat is nice.

Come to me.

- Angel keep the toys!
- Madam, you're wasting our time.

Officer, he took her by force...

- How much do I owe you?
- 100.

Angel! Bye bye!

Okay, Madam Prosecutor.

Joy, you're early!

- Yes, ma'am.
- The hearing is after lunch.

What's the matter? Any problems?

I'm just scared of Dante
and what he could do to me and Angel.


Something happened?


Then why do you feel that way?

Has he done something to you?

Mother's instinct.

You're afraid.

Walk with me.

We can file a Permanent or
Temporary Protection Order in court.

What's that?

It means he can't come near you

or come to your house.

But it's not certain
if the court will grant that

unless, he did
something to you or Angel

that will put you in danger.

What's your designation
at the District office?

Desk officer, sir.

From your statement,
Dante is a volunteer in your district.

What programs
did he participate in?

There's a lot,
such as a feeding program,

dental and medical missions.

He helped in our
campaign against illegal drugs,

and he coordinates
basketball tournaments.

In your dealings with Dante,

did you notice
anything different from his actions...

Objection, Your Honor.

The question is
irrelevant with the present action.


Hold on.

Who keeps on coughing there?

The man beside me, Your Honor.

- Is he sick?
- Yes, Your Honor.


But he's been
released from the hospital.

- What's his case number?
- 33.

We're still at case number 24.

Get him out.
He might spread disease.

Yes, Your Honor.

Give your number to the marshal.
He'll be called.

Atty. Cruz, please proceed.

What about Dante's
record in your District?

Did your district
have problems with Dante?

None, in fact, he's
really cheerful and active.

He knows how
to treat others well.

That's why he has many friends.

No more further questions,
Your Honor.

Prosecutor, your Witness.


You swear to tell the truth
and nothing but the truth, in this court.

- Do you remember?
- Yes, ma'am.

If so...

Do you remember any blotter
that has been recorded,

on June 23, 2016?

Yes, I do.

I have here a document,
please take a look.

Is this the blotter that you
remember on June 23, 2016?

Yes, ma'am.

It was signed by Manuel Garcia.

- Are you familiar with that name?
- That's me.

Based on this blotter,

- who is the one complaining?
- Joy Santos.

Joy Santos you say.

And who is the one
being complained?

- Dante Santos.
- Very well.

Can you tell this court
what the complaint was about?

Dante is beating up Joy

then Joy asks for
protection from the District office.

So she asked for help.


are you saying that the District,

had problems with Dante?

Yes, ma'am.

- That's clear.
- Yes.

You said earlier that Dante has
no record in your District office

contrary to what you have just
said and written on this blotter,

isn't this proof that Dante had
problems with the District office?

Yes, ma'am.

So is it clear that you
are telling a lie?

Objection, Your Honor!

The prosecutor is argumentative and
is berating the witness.

Rephrase your question.

I'm sorry, Your Honor.
I withdraw the question.

I have made my
point, that's all for the witness.


Help me, my attorney
forgot to read this for me.

I don't know where to find him.

It says guilty. You won.

- You finally won!
- Thank God!

It's time to celebrate! Take care!

She's lucky.

Please stand.

Raise your right hand while
left hand on the Bible.

Do you swear to tell the truth
and nothing but the truth?


You may sit.


Dante Santos.

- Age?
- 34.

- Occupation?
- Mechanic.

- Address?
- 14 Kanluran Street.


Mr. Witness.

- Attorney.
- Dante.

The day when Joy was
allegedly beaten,

where were you?

At home.

What were you and Joy doing?

What caused the argument?

It happened on the night
of June 22, 2016.

I wanted to treat
my wife and daughter,

but they chose to
be at my in-law's house

because it was her father's birthday.

She didn't bother
to take notice of my effort.

She said it was
just a waste of money.

How did you feel?

Of course I got insulted.

I saved money for that dinner.

So you got hurt?

Objection, Your Honor.

Rephrase your question.

Let me rephrase Your Honor.

What happened next? If there is.

And then,
I was supposed to go after them

but it rained, so I
went to my friend's house.

That's when I received
a message from Joy.

When the rain stopped,
what happened next? If there is.

I received the text.

"Don't ever try to
get home, or I'll kill you, bastard!

But I still went home.

What happened when you got home?

Joy and Angel were there.

Then Joy suddenly threw things at me.

Like what?

She threw plates until I
was bleeding from the cuts.

So she threw plates,
what happened after?

I was trying to stop her.

I went to her and embraced her,

but she suddenly got a knife and
slashed me in the arm.

Can you point at the scar?


Your Honor,

let it be put on record that
the accused is pointing

to his left arm, Your Honor.

There are lacerations,
around 5 inches, Your Honor.


What happened next,
after she cut you?

I noticed my
daughter's head was bleeding.

I think when she
was throwing plates at me,

she might also have
wounded my daughter's head.

Mr. Witness, how would
you describe your relationship

with Joy's family?

From the start,
her family never liked me.

This never became a
reason for you to leave Joy?

No, because I love Joy
and my daughter so much.

You really love Joy?

Even if she hurts you?

Even if she cut you?

You still love her?

We have a child.

No further questions, Your Honor.


Dante Santos?


That night, before
you and Joy got into a fight...

...did you drink?

A little.


Yes because, I was
waiting for the rain to stop.

My friend and I drank a little.

So you're saying you're
intoxicated when you got home?

No. I did drink but
I wasn't intoxicated.

You weren't intoxicated?


Your argument
escalated into a physical fight.



You hurt her.

I defended myself...

Just yes or no, Dante.

Just answer yes or no.


Very well.

And this was not the first
time you physically hurt Joy?



Dante, let me ask you,
do you love your wife?

That was already
answered, Your Honor.


You said earlier
during direct examination

that you love Joy so much.


I love my daughter.

What about Joy?

I love her too.

And because you love Joy,

do you have the right
to hurt her?


Yes or no?


Mr. Witness, just answer yes or no.

Do you have the right
to hurt Joy?

Just because you love her?

Is that a license
for you to hurt your wife?

Answer me. Yes or no?


That's all for the witness, Your Honor.

No redirect, Your Honor.

No more witnesses?

Your Honor, may we request
from this honorable court,

to issue a subpoena to Angel Santos.

I need to object, Your Honor.

That witness already testified.

The fucker's taking too long.

Let's go.

The boss wants it fast.

Where's the money?

How much is this?

The exact amount.


Your Honor, today is the last day
of the period given to the prosecution

to file its comment opposition to the

formal offer of
evidence filed by the defense.

In the higher interest of
justice, Your Honor,

may we request for...

extension of time to find
the said comment opposition?

Any objection, Counsel?

We interpose none, Your Honor.

Where's the accused?

To be candid
with the court, Your Honor,

the last time I talked to the
accused was during the last hearing.

I've been trying to
communicate with him

but I've not been
receiving any response,

I don't know where he is, Your Honor.

How many days, Counsel?

I can finish that in
five days, Your Honor.

Call the next case.

What if the accused
is absent from the hearing?

You mean Dante?

When he didn't appear in court earlier?

It will not affect our case.

I just requested an
extension to file our opposition.

Everything is done.

We're just waiting for the
court's decision.

Do you have any idea
what the decision will be?

Of course it's all up to the judge.

Everything's equal.

But if you ask me, of course

we will win.
Justice is on our side.

Do my nails later.

Yeah, sure.

Isabel, have you seen my brother?


But he said he's going here.

Are you sure?


Is there a problem?


Where's Dante?

I don't know.

Where did he go?

I'll go ahead.

What did she want?


Deal it.

Kenneth, have you seen Dante?


You sure?

No. Haven't seen him.

He said he'd be at
Joy's but he hasn't been there.

If he's there, why ask me?

I was just wondering
if he passed by here.

No. He hasn't.

Do you know
where he might have gone?

Try at his workplace.
He might be there.


If he shows up, tell him to text me.

Okay, I'll tell him.



Sir, excuse me.

I'm Dante's mother.

Did he report for work today?

No. I don't know.

He left several days ago,

but he hasn't come back since.

Maybe he passed by here.

I didn't see him at work yesterday.

How about today, is he in?

I just got here.

- Bro, have you seen Dante?
- No, sir.

I'm sorry but I really
have no idea where he is.

Do you know any friend
whom I can ask?


Sorry I don't know anyone.

Okay, thanks!


That's not allowed.

Sir, excuse me.

Did you pick up
someone named Dante Santos?

Hold on. I'll get to you later.

Sir, he's been missing
for several days.

Can you please help me?

What's his name?

Dante Santos.

No record, ma'am.

Can I at least have a look
in your prison?

He may have used a different name.


I don't have it with me.

I'll go with you, ma'am.

Do you see him?


What should I do?

Have it blottered.

I'll accompany you.

Can I do it now?

Yes, ma'am.

Thanks, officer.

Wait 'til I get back.


Her son is missing.




Okay children, today's topic
is the duties

of family members regardless of gender.

Let's start.

What are the duties of mothers?


Name one.



Doing laundry, yes.

How about you Angel?
What does your father do?

Just name one.

I don't know.


I don't know.


Why are they taking so long?

Hello dear!

Look there baby, look!

Yes, miss?

What's up?

I've been looking for you, baby!

I was also looking for you.

Judge, these too.

Kindly place it there.

Judge, we'll go ahead.

Okay, don't forget
to turn off the lights and AC.


Good evening.

Is Joy at home?


Someone's looking for you.

Who is it?


Angel, come here.

We'd like to invite
you to the district office.

Why? What's the matter?

We need your
confirmation on something.

We found a dead body
by the river.

The police want to ask you something.


I'll take care of Angel.


Thank you!


Here she is.

Ma'am, are you Joy?


A dead body was
found near your house.

We need your help to
identify the body.

Once you've seen it,
come back here for the record.

This way, ma'am.

- What are you doing here?
- Get out!

You're fucking shameless!

For the fulfillment of
your Greater Glory, Amen.

You may take your seat.

Let us hear from the defense.

Considering the untimely
death of the accused

prior to the promulgation of the judgment,

the case is hereby dismissed.

Pursuant to Article 89
of the Revised Penal Code

all civil and criminal
liabilities of the accused

are hereby extinguished.

So ordered.

Session adjourned.

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