Verboten! (1959) - full transcript

A young American serviceman, stationed in Germany after the fall of the Third Reich, jeopardises his position with the Marshall Plan relief effort by breaking the non-fraternisatiom rule and falling in love with a young German woman. He uses his position to obtain food and luxuries for her that are in short supply, and all seems to be going well for the couple. What he doesn't realise is that the Werewolves, the Nazi guerrilla movement, have plans in which he features heavily.


"Trinken Verboten."

Sure don't sound Belgian.

That mean forbidden.'

♪♪ Our love is verboten ♪♪

♪♪ They tell us
we are worlds apart ♪♪

♪♪ And we are
forbidden to care ♪♪

♪♪ Verboten verboten ♪♪

♪♪ The dream I treasure
in my heart ♪♪

♪♪ A dream
we're forbidden to share ♪♪

♪♪ It's just like forbidding ♪♪

♪♪ The morning sun
to rise at dawn ♪♪

♪♪ Forbidding ♪♪

♪♪ The stars to shine above ♪♪

♪♪ For we know ♪♪

♪♪ True love cannot
be verboten ♪♪

♪♪ And no matter what they say ♪♪

♪♪ I'll give you my love ♪♪♪♪

Why are we always picked
to house clean the snipers?

- Colonel loves us.
- Oh, yeah?

Let him love some other squad.

- Come on, let's bypass...
- Uh-uh.

One joker in there can hurt
bookoo guys behind us.

Yeah? How do you know
there's only one?

That's all I saw
when I crossed the tracks.

'I'm gonna head for that flag.'

- He'll open up if you run.
- That's when you'll nail him.

- Dead?
- Yeah.

Lay it on.

Nicht schieben.
No ammunition.

Pity, don't shoot.
No ammunition!

Throw your weapon out.

Come out with both
your hands on your head.

- Understand.
- I'm coming.

Pity, don't shoot.
No rifle, no bullets.

I'm coming.


I don't speak that good.


I've attended school.
Many of us speak English.

I guess, I'm lucky
to be in one piece.

You could have killed me.

I am not a Nazi.

Sure. You're no Nazi, I'm no
soldier and there's no war.

There is a difference
between a Nazi and a German.

Why don't you tell it
to your friend Hitler here?

It's verboten not to
have him in every home.

That used to be
our shoulder patch

till we switched
to the thunder bird.

The swastika.

That's an old American Indian
sign that Hitler copped from us.

Believe it or not,
the 45th division

used to wear
the swastika right here.

An American soldier
wearing a swastika?

But we had it long before
little Adolf got the idea.

Hey, let me see that.

- Who patched me up?
- Please?

My verwunden, who dressed it?

I did.

- Alone?
- Yeah.

Oh, no!

I've dressed
wounded soldiers before.

- Oh, you a nurse?
- Nein.

You should not feel embarrassed.

What's so funny?


Uh, you'll have to sit down,
standing up.

That's what I get for being
sandbagged in the rear.

What is that?

Hey, there are some cigarettes
in my cartridge belt.

Help yourself.

What's your name?

Helga Schiller.

I'm Sargent Brent.

Aren't you gonna
save that for later?

You people, all over Europe,
are always saving it for later.

That's because they want
a second cigarette.

The whole pack.

How do you eat?

My brother forages food.

- Where?
- The countryside.

- There's no food out there.
- Franz finds them.

He's a deserter, isn't he?

Franz? He's only 15-years old.

My brother has never
killed anyone.

- Hitler youth?
- Yeah.

Then he's old enough to kill.

Did they ever put you
in a concentration camp?

I thought they put

all you anti-Nazis
in camps or killed them.

My family lived a lie since 1933.

What's that got to do with this?

That was the year Germany
was murdered by unser Fuhrer.

But you all strung along
while he was winning.

- Didn't you?
- Yeah, we believed him.

Till it was too late to learn he
was only interested in Hitler.

Why didn't you Germans
open your mouths

when he started throwing
people in the gas chambers?

We are all guilty for not
opening our big mouths.

Should have let him
bleed to death!

Oh! Oh, I'm sorry.

He blames you for his arm.

It was an American bomb.

And to him, all Americans
are responsible.

That crazy little jerk
tried to kill me.

He has tried.

I am not fighting you, Hitler is.

I thought it was a bomb.

Relax. Relax, now.

That's just my outfit moving in.

They just probably
spotted a cross...

Germans are moving
through the village.

- How many?
- Oh, many.

Hold it. Hold it.

That's ours.

That's yours.

'Helga! Helga! Helga!'

I don't blame you
for being frightened.

- This is your sister?
- Ja.

Fraulein Helga Schiller.

Is that your name?

Yes, he's sick,
he cannot defend himself.

That is unfortunate for him.

But the SS makes use
of all people.

Even one-armed boys.

Don't worry about him, Fraulein.

Our infantry has driven them back

and our artillery
will finish the job.

I don't think that we'll have to
use your brother in this fight.

Oh, thank God!

Thank who?

I'm sorry.

You thank the SS for it.

God has nothing to do with this.

They're checking all roofs

as an observation post
for our guns.

The buildings are much
safer on the Hitler Platz.

No high enough observation.

Once we've secure this village

I advise you to stay away
from those buildings.

They'd be mined in case
the Americans counterattack.

He'll want to sleep here.
You must help hide him, Franz.

- And get a bullet in the head?
- Franz, please.

Turn me in. They'll treat me
as a prisoner of war.

The SS don't take prisoners.

- Why didn't you tell him?
- He'd kill her.

They must find you
away from here.

'Fraulein Schiller?'

'Fraulein Schiller?'

- Come on, get there.
- 'Fraulein Schiller?'

Who's the woman
in the double room?

- My mother.
- S-She is sick. Heart trouble.

You get the equipment.

About our, um,
sleeping arrangements..

...there are three others
in my crew.

The arrangements
can be made to please.

- Franz sleeps there?
- Yeah.


You're very courageous to remain
here because of your mother.

Oh, I'm sure you would
have done the same thing.

I turned my mother in
to the Gestapo..

...for treason.


- 'Helga!'
- Ja, mutter?

Have the Americans come yet?

The SS are here.

- He keep his mouth shut?
- Yeah.

- They're moving in?
- Yeah.

I must find a place for you.

I don't get it.

Why are you sticking
your neck out for me?

I will show you there is
a difference between a Nazi..

'...and a German.'

Give me a smoke first.

Target, enemy infantry and tanks.

'Coordinates, 4-8-5-3-7-4.'


- Can you make kaiserschmarren?
- Oh, I-I.. Not really.

But well, I will need
some sugar and raisins and..

Oh, do not bother, leutnant.

They keep falling all the time.

Oh, it is no bother, Fraulein.

In a few days you will have
raisins and sugar.

Our counterattack
is showing results.

Our only headache
is the American Air Force.

Nein. An over-stuffed
close office.

Besides, it's Heinrich Himmler
who is now second in command.

Oh, I was told that Himmler fled.

What did you say?

Well, I-I told them
it was uh, a stupid lie

to send a re-propaganda.

Told who?

Some soldiers.

- Wehrmacht.
- Ja.

All those Wehrmacht swines
are as jealous of the SS

as the stupid generals
are jealous of Himmler.

If the Gestapo were
to repeat such a lie

they would wipe out your family.

But I forget
I heard this, Fraulein.

And you will help me forget it.

A little schnapps.


Helga, the Americans
are advancing.

They're all over the place.

O'Conway, go, check
that wire going upstairs.

Might be loose..

'Come on, take them, buddy.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!'

You're alone here?


You're alone here, huh?

'Hey, meathead.'

'What took you so long
getting here?'

Dandy, old boy,
we wrote you off KIA.

What're you hiding there for?

I caught one.

They're okay.
The girl patched me up.

Battalion'll get you out
in the morning

unless those jokers
get here tonight.

Hey, check those buildings
in the square

they're booby trapped with mines.

I'll mark them
for the demo squad.

Hey, you got a beauty
there, sergeant.

But watch yourself.
Frauleins are verboten.

Here, buster,
chew yourself to death.

There is nothing up there,
but old... gear.

Come on, hit the road.
Let's go.


How's this?

"Please, take care
Fraulein Helga Schiller.

"She saved my life and hid me
from the SS troops.

"She's a friend to all Americans.

"She and her family
are not Nazis.

Sargent David Brent, C company
157th in, 345th division."

Danke sehr.

Danke you sehr.
For the surgery.

The AMG will take care of you.

- AMG? What is that?
- American Military Government.

I haven't any traffic with them

but I understand they will
bite your head off.

This letter of recommendation
oughta give an idea

that you're kosher.

What if they do not believe it?

What if they think
you and I were geliebte.



And that you
only wrote it because..

Well, I-I've been thinking
about that myself.

Sargent Brent.

How I feel..

...and what I can prove, well,
they're not the same thing.

As a child, I sang
the "Horst-Wessel" song..

...made brown shirts out of rags.

I was raised on hate.

But they would look
into record, never into me.

- And...
- Don't you worry, Helga.

I won't let anything
happen to you.

Even if I have to come back
here, and prove it myself.


But no American can help me.

You heard what that soldier said.

Frauleins are verboten.

Well, Brent I guess
you're itching to get home

like all the rest of us.

No, sir, I-I wanna stay on.

What do you mean?

I wanna stay on here in Germany.

But you're one of the highest
point men in my regiment.

Those with lower points are
being redeployed to the states

for action in Pacific,
fly to your home tomorrow.

Oh. Well, I know
it sounds crazy, sir.

- You see I got a girl here.
- Uh-huh.


Your parents wrote me about her.

They seem to be
up in arms over some fraulein.

Did you get her into trouble?

No. No, sir, no.
Nothing like that.

Well, sergeant, all frauleins
want to hook an American.

A G.I. means chow.


If you weren't an American,
she'd want no part of you.

I don't wanna see one
of my tough rifle men

get into a messy can't
shoot his way out of.

- I wanna marry her, sir.
- She's a Nazi.

Oh, look, colonel, you know
how many Nazis I killed.

Do you think I'd want to marry
one? Have a kid by one?

She saved my skin.
Does that sound like a Nazi?

And you know the kind
of education she's had.

She's no different
than any others.

Oh, but she is different, sir.

Sergeant, there's a little
story makin' its rounds.

This might help you
to clear up some of the smoke.

Seems they found Hitler
dead with a piece of paper

in his fist on which he'd written

"I was never a Nazi."

Come on.

Come on, hide.

Please, Sergeant. Brent,
you know the rules.

- You will get into trouble.
- What trouble?

Non-fraternization rule.

American soldiers fine $65
for talking to a German.

A 65-dollar question, huh?
Means nothing to me.

- I told you I'd come back.
- What do you mean come back?

Oh, I'm going
to stay around here.

- Oh, I'm very sorry.
- Sorry?

Well, that you did not have
enough points to go back home.

Oh, I had enough points.
Here, see if these fit.

- You did not desert?
- And if I did?

Well, then I will
have to hide you again.

This time from your own soldiers.

I'm a civilian.

I got my discharge.
From here on in, it's Mr. Brent.

No, no. HerrBrent to you.

My colonel came through for me.
He got me a job as a civilian.

Workin' for the Army. You know
where? Right here in Rothbach.

- Rothbach?
- I'm gonna work for the AMG.

And with food,
sanitation. The works!

Sort of a liaison between your
Burgermeisterand the Army.


I got my discharge pay and.. I can either spend it for
my fair home or our honeymoon.


Um, how do you say, uh..


That's all I could think about
when I was in the hospital

was you and me going down
Rhine river on our honeymoon.

I even studied up
on that Rockenfeller ruins.

The Mainz Tower, the Bishop
of Mainz and the Lorelei.

Look, Helga, if you say no,
then I'll go back to America.

'Cause I don't any part
of Germany without you.

But there's no law saying
a civilian can't marry a German.

But it is verboten, you know.

Oh, holy smoke.

Everything in your
country is verboten.

Drinkin' verboten, rawking

Don't look, don't listen,
don't speak, don't see, don't.. it's don't love.

Nobody can forbid us
to love each other.

if that's the way
we feel about it and..

That's the way I feel about it.

Nobody can put the kibosh
on us in your country or mine.

Well, it will not be easy for
you being married to a German.

Who cares? Who cares?

So-so, a few G.I.s
will make wise cracks

and few Germans will look..

Oh, I-I love you, Helga.

Will you marry me?

Hey, watch it. Watch it.

Those are a couple
of American soldiers watching.


- Helga.
- Come into the house.

Come, Bruno. Come.

Come into the house. Come.

I'm just a little hazy about
the geography of my own village.


It's better if you learn swiftly.

Your mother and father were
in it. It was a direct hit.

I'm sorry to have
to tell you this way.

Oh, there're many still
out at the woods, Bruno

all over Germany.

I put flowers
on their rubble last week.



How is Ilsa?

Let me make some coffee for you.
American coffee.

She's dead?

- Yeah.
- How?

She took her life. She thought
that the Russians were coming.

Oh, Bruno, it's been terrible..

It's a nightmare.

But we are still fortunate
to have a roof.

Others are living in a cellar
like rats with no food.

No warmth, no electricity.

And that terrible thing
that we face every day.

A defeat.

There's a difference
in being occupied and defeated.

We are occupied.
That is all.

What are you
talking about, Bruno?

How is your mother?
Is she still alive?

But she's under borderline.
She's been that way for months.

And Franz?

He's out picking up
cigarette butts.

At the end of the week, he sells
his treasure for pipe tobacco.

Yet I see you waste no time.

- American food.
- How else are we to eat?

For the first time..

...your sex..

...has the advantage over mine.

To all Americans,
forbidden food is tastier.

Oh, yeah. So stupid.

This non-fraternization.

Everywhere I go
all over Germany..

...It's the Americans
with frauleins.

And the law is that..

love making is verboten.

When an American soldier
calls on a girl..

...they think he's farting.

Bruno, whatever they call it.
We have what they want.


Must be an opposite view.

Has this American
has in your body.

Perhaps your lips
can keep him warm.

Long enough to obtain enough
supply of food and cigarettes.

He works for the
military government.

In the food office.

It's good you've
had the blitz medals.

Yeah. I would have had
trouble being denazified.

- Will I go through that?
- If you want to work.

And if I'm not cleared?

A Nazi is not bad enough
to be thrown into jail

and not good enough to be
given the choice positions too.

Put in the bucket brigade
to clean the bomb debris.

Cheap labor.

Oh, some of your friends bought
a certificate under black

market certifying
they were fellow prisoners

in the concentration camp.

This is temporary safety.

I must have full clearance
first choice job.

Well, then you'll have to appear

before the
denazification court of Germans.

And they will decide whether or
not you're member of the party.

And if the German doesn't like
me, he can vote against me, huh?

- Yeah.
- Isn't that good?

Unless you have
a character witness.

Character witness.


- Your lover can help.
- Yeah, perhaps.

This candy bar romance
can lead to more things

than just a passport to food.

- Helga.
- Hm?

Do not lose
your American gold mine.

I'm going to marry
my little gold mine.

But how?

Being a chocolate Romeo
and secret is one thing.

- But marrying is another...
- Law does not affect him.

- He's so important?
- He is a civilian.

He is HerrBrent, now.

I'm going to be FrauBrent
...wife of an American.

'This is the
American forces network.'

'American zone Germany.'

'Nazi plans for underground
resistance against'

'the United States Army of
occupation have been discovered'

'in Munich with the arrest
of three Hitler youth members'

'charged with
suppressive activity.'

'They belong to an organization
called the Werewolf.'

'At Nuremberg, Hermann Goring
and 21 major war criminals'

'will be charged with crimes
against peace, war crimes'

'and crimes against humanity.'

'Martin Bormann's still missing,
will be tried in absentia.'

'Now for good news. Fasching
will once more be celebrated.'

'Going back as far as 1447'

'Faschingwas suppressed
by Hitler in 1938.'

Fasching, you will
love it Herr Brent.

What's it mean, FrauBrent?

Well, it is, uh, carnival time.

You know with the masks
and costumes and dancing.

It is when a man romances
a woman not his wife

and a woman with
a man not her husband.

Oh, that's out.
That is out.

I'm gonna not catch you
faschingaround with some guy.

I'm from a long line
of jealous husbands.

You come from a long line
of wonderful husbands.


So kind, so thoughtful.

You're so right.

I was just thinking of Franz.

That artificial arm
has changed his whole life.

Just goes to show what couple of
cartons of cigarettes can buy.

He's so proud of it. He's shown
it to everyone in the village.

Look. Remagen Bridge.

'What is left of it?'

Yeah, I remember.

I crossed it.

'Before the International
Military Trib at Nuremberg'

'United States chief prosecutor
Robert H. Jackson told'

'the court that he not only
is appearing his council for'

'the elite powers but for
the entire civilized world.'

'He said, "The real
complaining party at your bar

"is civilization.

"The responsibility for
the aggressive war was clear.

"despite Hitler's supreme
command over the Nazi party

"the United States, Russia,
France, and Great Britain

"claimed he was surrounded by men

"who knowingly
carried out heinous crimes.

"The defendants in the dock
claimed they have never heard

"of wholesale murders,
beatings, tortures

"concentration camp gassings,
genocidal eradication of whole

"communities and the killings
of surrendered elite soldiers.

"They claim ignorance
of their campaign

"of arrogance, brutality,
and annihilation such as

the world has not witnessed
since the Pre-Christian ages."

Go ahead. I'll double check
as you read them out.



That's it.
You've got 'em all.


No, no, we don't want
jurisdiction over them.

Denazification is gotta
be a German problem.

Nobody knows a Nazi
better than a German..

- Brent, get me that politician.
- Yes, sir.

The man's running
for public office

while being held in internment
camp as a major Nazi offender.

The worse part of it
is people are scared.

They testify against the Nazis
and they're called collaborators

informers, army lovers.

AMG, Rothbach.
Captain Harvey.


No, no, we don't want
to convict the little fellas

and let the big fish get away.

Once that happens, every German
will be fed up with the business

of running down war criminals,
what's the charge, Bruno?

This man has stolen
the food permit, captain.

- Where did you get this?
- I found it.

- Lay off it.
- Forgive me, captain.

It's just that these
thieves make me so angry.

Especially this thief.

His food permit was issued
to Callowitz and signed by me.

- Are you Callowitz?
- He's Gunther Dietrich.

That's right, captain.

Gunther, Bruno and I served
in the same infantry section.

He was our demolition man.

A mine sapper.

Mine sapper?
Can you defuse a bomb?

- He's not to be trusted.
- We can't be choosy.

Not when two children and a
farmer were killed last week

stepping on mines, not with that
unexploded bomb in the Martin

Luther plots, your people are
so desperate for a place to live

they've ignored all warnings
about living near that bomb.

There are hundreds
of villages all overloaded

with bombs and mines,
and we're short of sappers.

Demolition men
are as hard to find as food.

- But he's a Nazi.
- Show me a sapper who isn't.

- Herr Burgermeister.
- Yes, captain.

Put Gunther to work
defusing the bombs.

You mean the one
on the Martin Luther plots?

That's right.
Give him all the help he needs.

Relax, Bruno. We'll keep
an eye on him. Don't worry.

We're working so hard, captain
to build a new Germany and.. like Gunther are
sworn enemies we've seen.

We'll build a democracy here
even if it's with Nazi bricks.

I do not understand,
you Americans.

Well, it's like being stuck
in the gambling house.

With loaded dice
and marked cards.

But if you trust any
Hitler lover, you will lose.

We know the wheel is fixed.
But it's the only wheel in town.

'Come on, come on,
before I clobber you.'

Let go of me.

Sir, I paid $65 for spratin
with this fraulein.

And look what this
dirty croc did to her?

Just for talkin' to me.

My brother was killed
fighting Americans

where he died for prostitutes
like this who fraternize..

- These are far more...
- Shut up!

You're gonna stay in jail
for as long as it takes

to grow back her hair,
get him out of here, Bruno.

As for you. I post
you company commander.

I'll see you get a blast
for laying a hand on a German

no matter what he's done.

Yes, sir.

- Franz.
- Yes, sir.

Follow through all
that supply system.

Work closer to the Burgermeister.

We don't want
a typhoid epidemic to hit us.

What's the latest
black market box score?

A pack of cigarettes
is still worth ten bucks

a nickel candy bar, five bucks,
a cake of soap, three bucks

a bottle of whisky, 75 bucks,
a watch, 200 bucks

and a camera, a 1000 bucks.

Lasted till over 30 G.I.'s.

...possession of arms
or cigarettes.

They're Germans, we try
them in their own court.

Yes, sir.

What's new on the run, Sergeant?

- See the polizeiget this.
- Yes, sir.

- Eric.
- Yes, Herr captain.

He's escaped.

Am I discharged?

What would you do
if you were in my place?

I would discharge me,
Herr captain.

He might try to contact you.

- What's that?
- That's possible.

Would you turn him in?

Would I protect a man who put my
mother in a concentration camp?

And laughed when
she died a raving maniac?

Herr captain?

Have I your permission
to follow through with this?



My beloved father.

The great S.S. colonel Heiden.

He murdered my sister's husband

because of some non-Aryan strain.

He placed my sister
on a Hitler farm

to bear children with strangers

for the glory of the Third Reich.

He murdered 71 American
prisoners at Malmedy.

He had such a magnificent record

that Himmler picked him
to organize the Werewolf.


I've heard that somewhere
before. What is that, Eric?

It's an army.

A secret army founded
by Himmler to carry on the war

after Germany's defeat.

An army of fearless delinquents.

Carry on a war with what?

Your people are having
enough trouble finding enough

to eat and a place to live.

Everywhere Werewolf
is fanatic, David.

They will find weapons.
Like the Nazi party did.

I don't think you should
lose any sleep over it, Eric.

We've got over a million
armed G.I.'s in Germany.

'It'll be tough to find
a German stupid enough'

'to join up with
Hitler's pipe dream.'

Three more recruits.

Good. Where is it?

- Where is what?
- The food!

Help yourself.

Take one.

He said take one.

With 20 cigarettes,
you can get a woman.

For 2000 cigarettes, a man will..

...smuggle wanted Nazis
out of the country.

That is gold you are smoking.
Do not forget it.

I'm Bruno Eckart.
What is your name?

Helmuth Strasser.

Helmuth Strasser.

Cigarettes, clothing,
jewelry, food.

Anything we can lay our hands on

goes to help escaped
war criminals.

War criminals.

All those Americans
have me calling them that.

That's oughta all
be hung in Nuremberg.

They left us in the lurch.

- What did you say?
- I'm interested in my skin.

This is good.

But our main objective is not
only to save their lives.

Now, you're talking.

The job of the Werewolf is
to kill Americans until everyone

is driven out of Germany.

It's too late for Siegfried
to kill the dragon, Bruno.

'I'm not interested in rescuing'

'them under American guns.

Are you a Nazi?


I'm a hungry,
disillusioned, angry Nazi

who knows when he's beaten.

Then you should be
angry enough to fight.

I'm angry enough
to have two wounds.

The Iron Cross, first class,
to infantry of Salt Metal

and the hand to hand
fighting class.

I know what war is and
I'm sick of it. We all are.

I didn't come here
to join an army

of beer mug pushers
and sausage soldiers.

I thought I was joining a band
of black marketers to steal

so I could get food in my belly.

That's what we'll do.

So why this talk about
fighting with the Americans?

With what? How?

Hitler's system was a good idea
badly carried out.

If he failed, what do you expect
to do with these sausage kids?

You once told me, Bruno Eckart
was a smart organizer.

Smart? You're stupid.
This whole idea is stupid.

Is it stupid for me
to be a Polizei

working with the American
Military Government?

Is it stupid..

...knowing how desperate
they for mine sappers?

For me to maneuver
the American captain

to clear Gunther?

That's fine. Take advantage of
your position, fill our bellies

and forget all this familiar
nonsense about fighting.

You know, your,
your pack of cops here

isn't big enough to frighten
one American patrol.

In 1919, Hitler was only one man.

In 1920, 64 men.

In 1942, he almost
ruled the world.

And he started as a pack..

...that became S.S.

And look at us now.
Grow up, Bruno.

The plan is to start small.

The way he did.

First with a squad.

Then a strong troupe.

'Then a brigade.'

'And then an army.'

How do you expect to do this

with the enemy in our
hair, 24 hours a day?

'The way Hitler did.'

'We'll attract a 100.'

'The jobless, the gutless,
the-the vermin, the angry ones.'

Uh, but Hitler didn't have a
million armed American soldiers

in his lap when he started.

But if enough
Americans are killed..

...their families
will make Washington

pull out the army of occupation.

'This is the
American Forces Network.'

'American zone, Germany.'

'Continued widespread
suppressive activities'

'of well organized bands
of guerillas have increased'

'the determination
of the military government'

'to crush the Werewolf.'

'Particularly the area
between Nuremberg and Munich.'

'These fanatics who rob the
countryside in search of loot'

'have even established
help posts to warn them'

'of the approach
of the American patrol.'

'While the army of occupation'

'supervised wide scale

'of this misplaced persons'

'the Werewolf created
the dissension in ranks.'

'Their destruction of military
supplies and installations'

'have caused panic
among Germans.'

'Quantities of supplies
have been stolen.'

'Petrol dumps blown up. American
soldiers have been murdered.'

'Several German police
have been attacked.'

'Black market value on
food, cigarettes'

'gasoline and blankets
has gone up.'

Total value of violence during
the past month has amounted

to one percent of the stocks.

What's goin' on here?

Yeah, give me your hand.

But last night's hijack was
food for the local Germans.

No, sir, they're all out.
The Burgermeister too.

- Sir, is that Captain Harvey?
- No. What happened?

Another demonstration.

Looks like another
food riot, sir.

Can you contact one
of the other patrols?

Right, sir.

This is an important year.

The year one
of occupation of Germany.

It must become the year one

of driving the armies,
out of Germany!

We let these Americans run
our lives whenever they felt.

They promise us democracy.
Democracy on empty stomachs?

Germans. Germans are fighting
over garbage dumps.

There's no hope for us unless
we run our own government.

The army don't
want us to live again.

They want us to die
a slow and permanent death.

Where is our food, Herr Brent?

You eat every day.
Your family eats every day.

But what about us?

Wait a minute. Wait.

There's food coming from Munich.

Promises. Always promises.

Don't blame the Americans
if you're hungry.

Your own people took
the food out of your mouths.

'Why don't you demonstrate
against the Werewolf?'

Why don't you
let us rule ourselves?

Go home, army.
We don't any liberators.


We're not here as liberators.

Now, you get that
straight. All of you.

We're here as conquerors
and don't you forget it.

We could've pulled
a Nazi job after we won.

And mistreated you like
you mistreated everyone else.

No food, no medicine,
no clothes. Nothing!

'We could've set up
a Nazi state. But we didn't.'

Instead, the United States is
spending a hundreds of millions

of dollars feeding Germans.

Ah, money!
Always talk of how much

money you're spending on us.

But you're not turning
any of it down, are you?

You call it dirty
capitalistic money

but you're taking
every penny of it.

Instead of treating
you like animals

we give you a blood transfusion.

If your stomachs are empty, it's
because dirty Nazi rebel rousers

are trying to work up
another Hitler on your hands!

Now, break it up!
Move out!

Go to hell, you dirty Americana!

Your people will
condemn all of us.

Because of the Werewolf
soon, all of us will be... Nazis

to the Americans.

We know the middle-aged
and elderly

are not giving us the
trouble here, Burgermeister.

The Hitlerjugend.

The Hitlerjugend is behind
every single act of violence.

In my country they're
called juvenile delinquents.

The same disease
all over the world.

Without families,
or from broken ones

they travel in wolf packs,
operate like gangs.

Individually, they're
all chicken inside.

Frightened little cowards
who attack at night.

But get one of them
alone... they run like a rat.

Captain, with your permission
we middle-aged and elderly ones

would like to form a group.

It will be like
your American policy.

We could police there..

We're all for it.

The more you can get in.

The better we like it.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much,
for your faith in us. Good day.

How's your head?

Well, I, I feel a lot
better than I look.

Helga, she blew her stack
today, when I came to work.

Captain, if you don't mind
I will knock off.

I'll finish
these graphs tomorrow.

Wait a minute, David.

I, I hate to lower the boom
at a time like this.

But, it's an order.

I'm chopped?

Well, I, knew when I
clobbered that soapbox meathead

that I just stepped
on the armies toes.

No, it's not only that.

As soon as you assume
military authority

you started a riot.
But I covered you on that.

Then, why am I fired?

You're suspended.

Till the whole case
is investigated.

How long do you think
I'll be outta work?

I don't know.
Maybe weeks, maybe months.

But, if you come out clean,
you'll get all your back pay.

It looks to me like the army's
favoring the crowds over me.

No, no, no.
The Army is bending way back

not to give the Werewolf
anything else to throw

at hungry Germans.

Hungry people are easier
to bamboozle.

You think giving me the axe
is gonna stop the riotin'?

It's not what I think.

The army is dropping
all civilians

in the zone and replacing
them with Germans.

That'll give the subversives

less ammunition to cause trouble.

I never thought
I'd be fired for a German.

You should consider
yourself lucky

you came out of it
the way you did.

If Bruno hadn't
blocked those blows

you'd have been kicked to death.

Yeah, I know, Captain.
But what happens to me now?

Well... if you haven't got
fare back home, I'll stake you.

You mean, pull out?

A hungry American
in the German bread lines

won't help the situation.

But I'll get a job. I'm...

Well, the Germans
can't even find one.

- No German will hire you.
- But I've got a wife here.

That's why it's better to send
the money from the states.

She is pregnant.

Look, captain. I am sticking
until I get an okay to take

my wife and baby back to America.

Holy smoke. This is no time
to be talkin' about leavin'.

No ex-G.I. in my command
is gonna sweat on a food permit.

Well, it's not verboten

for an American civilian
to live here, is it?

Now, you answer me.
Yes or no.

Am I under military
supervision right now?

- Everybody is.
- Nobody makes me leave my wife.


As long as I keep my nose clean

I don't want anybody
butting into my life.

I'm not askin' any
favors from the army.

Now, just lay off me.

'David. David!'

I'm sorry, David.

- See if I can help?
- I'll manage.

I hate to see such a good
fellow like you make a mistake.


She is not David.

You talk like you got
kicked in the head.

- You're a good fellow.
- Yeah, well, you said that.

It is stupid for you

to give up your country
for a, for a woman like Helga.

What did you say?

It is of the job, David.

She will want no part of you.

She told me.

She would have lived
with any American.

But as long as you
were stupid enough

to want it legal she married you.

She only married you
for food, David.

Can't you see she's like
all the other Nazi frauleins?

Ask her why she calls you
her American gold mine.


- David?
- 'Hey.'

Oh, I'm sorry.

You should not have gone to work
today. You need that rest.

Won't you sit down. Sit.

Put on some of this??
like your boric acid.

It'll make you feel much better.

Oh, David, I..

I'm just so frightened.

If this happened
in front of the MG office

just think what will happen next.

- Oh!
- I'm sorry.

I don't think they'll
bother me anymore.

- You found them?
- No. Haven't found them yet.

My mother saw this happen
after the last war.

One push will follow another.

Well, I'm gonna watch
this one from the sideline.

I do not understand.

Well, tomorrow, I'm gonna get
my food permit from the captain.

Food permit? Oh, why should
you need a food permit?

'Cause I was fired.
It's only temporary.

But a German is gonna hold down
my job. Ain't that a switch?

There's plenty of work.
I can repair bridges or roads.

I'll get a job even
on the bucket brigade.

An American in a bucket brigade?

What's the difference?
It's a job.

There must be something
captain Harvey can find for you.

Uh-Uh. No. Me and the army
are officially kaput.

- They want me to go home.
- Where will the food come from?

I said I'll get
a permit and stamps.

We cannot exist on such rations.

- I know, but...
- Germans won't give you work.

Not with so many of us jobless.
Not even on the bucket brigade.

Why are you getting so upset?

I'm not the first guy
to be fired.

You are the first American
to be fired in Germany.

There's no place here
for a foreigner without work.

Helga, you talk like
you want me to go home.

I don't care what I sound like.
I'm telling what is facing you.

Just sit down here a second.

Let's get one thing straight.

You mean with a baby coming

you don't care if I
go back to America?

At least there, you can find
work. You can take care of us

until it is permitted
to send for us.

David, you will starve here.

You mean we'll starve. Isn't
that what you're driving at?

- I'm no good. I've got no job.
- What are you saying?

I'm no use to you anymore.
That's what I'm saying.

Get rid of me. Get
a German with a job.

- That's what I'm saying.
- David!

Why did you marry me?

What is the matter with you?
Why are you talking like this?

What I say is for your
own health. Your own pride.

Did you ever call me
"American Goldmine?"

Did you?

Why did you marry me, Helga?

I love you.

You never told me that.

Since I asked you to marry me,
you never told me.

You want words? Want to hear it?
I love you. I love you.

Is that what you want?

Oh, David. My feelings for you
are much bigger than it was.

- I'm so filled with love...
- I was a meal ticket to you.


You'd have lived
with any American.

Especially one that
works in a food office.

You were all "What a chance."
No wonder you married me.

So no other Fraulein could hook
me. Deny that! Deny it!

You're right, David.
You're right.

'But how could I have loved you
then? I didn't know you.'

Of course, I married
you for food.

What else could I do?
We were afraid and hungry.

But that was before, David.
I swear it.

Now, now it is different.
Now, I love you.

Now, it's easy to say
because it's out in the open.

- No! You must believe me!
- I don't believe you!

I couldn't believe you no matter
what you tell me. You know why?

Because I'm up to my neck in
double crossers in this country.

I don't blame you
for getting rid of me.

- Just another mouth to feed?
- Oh, no, David.

What kinda animal do
you breed here, Helga?

How could you live with me,
hating me so much?

How could you want my baby when..

You're lower than
a street walker.

At least when they
take you know it.

Not a dirty Nazi scheme, to make
a sucker out of an American.

Now, that I'm no longer the feed
bag it's, go home David.

Send money from America,
David. Send for us, David.

Well, I don't want
any part of you.

Oh, I'll see you get chow.

I'll become the best
pack rat in this town.

I'll keep feeding you
while you're carrying my baby.

But, the minute it's born, I'm
gonna take it back to America.

My Kid is not growin'
up to become a Nazi.

Nobody's gonna stop
me from taking it.

You give birth to my kid. I
don't care what happens to you.

We should have dropped
that bomb right here

and wiped out all of you Nazis.

Tell them this is the
new list of relay points

marking the SS out of Germany.

Colonel Heiden going to Egypt?

The other two generals
are going to South America.

There will be a truck. Waiting
to take colonel Heiden

to the farm house.
A potato cart

has been arranged
to relay him to point four.

There's a change of clothes
for him in that box.

As he goes in, give this money.

Put this list away.

- Franz?
- Yeah?

The box car is getting
too small for meetings.

From now on, we will meet
behind the bahnhof.


What is wrong?

Did you get the shipment?


It's already on the black market
runnin' Berlin and Frankfurt.

You look sick.

I am sick.

Why didn't you tell her
it wasn't a surprise?

What's the difference?

Bruno, I've... killed..

...and stolen..

...and done everything to stir
up revolts against armies.

But medicine is different.

One can go without
food for hours but..

...medicine means life or death
in a matter of minutes.

I'm not interested in a lecture.

But, that medicine
was for our own people.

Hundreds of sick
Germans will die.

- Lots of people will die.
- But these are Germans!

To hell with them.

- What did you say?
- I said to hell with them!

That's the second time

I've had to live
through that statement.

First was Adolf Hitler.

And now, it's you.

Get me a piece of coal, Franz.

The Werewolf alone..

...have the right
to rule Germany.

This is a military court martial.

And I find you guilty of treason.

The enemy is to work for us.

And so far as we do not
need them, they must die.

Hit a bull's eye
with the knife, Gunther.

'Their sick. They need medicine.
Their sick. They need medicine.'

Sick. They need medicine.
Sick. They need medicine.

- Sick. They need medicine.
- Franz. Franz.

- What medicine?
- It was just a bad dream.

Now, what is this about medicine?

I told you it was a bad dream.

And why haven't you undressed?

I found them.

Who is the leader
of these hoodlums?

Who are you to call us hoodlums?

By looting, killing, stealing
food from our own people

and selling it on the black
market what would you say?

- They're for Hitler.
- Oh, Franz.

- Germans suffered under Hitler.
- That is a lie.

The first to be thrown
in concentration camps

were anti-Nazi Germans.

He only put the Jews,
the Jews and the pols

and all the enemies who
started the war against us.

He killed German Catholics,
German protestants...

You're a liar.

He killed German Lutherans,
German priests, German old men

German old women, German cripples

German sick, German insane.

He's right. You have
sold out to the enemy.

Who's right? Tell me, Franz.
Who told you I sold out?

If I prove what the Nazis did,
would you believe me?

You'll show me nothing but lies.

- You afraid?
- A Werewolf is never afraid.

If I am wrong, I'll help you
fight the Americans.

You will, you promise?

I swear it.

'International military
tribunal number one.'

'The United States of America,
the French Republic'

'The United Kingdom
of Great Britain'

'and Northern Ireland'

'and the Union of Soviet
Socialist Republic'

'against the defendants,
Hermon Willhelm Goring'

'Rudolf Hess,
Joachim Von Ribbentrop'

'Julius Streicher, Franz Van
Papin, Hjalmar Schacht'

'Karl Donitz, Erich Raeder,
Baldur von Schirach'

'Fritz Sauckel, Alfred Jodl'

'Martin Bormann,
Arthur Seyss-Inquart'

'Albert Speer,
Konstantin von Neurath'

'And Hans Fritzsche.'

'Individually, and as members
of any of the organizations'

'to which they respectively
belong, The Reich Cabinet'

'The Leadership Call
Of The Nazi Party'

'The SS, the SD, the Gestapo'

'the SA and the general staff'

'and high command
of the German armed forces.'

'Justice Robert H. Jackson,
the chief American prosecutor'

'makes the opening statement
for the prosecution.'

'The privilege of opening
the first trial in history'

'for crimes against
the peace of the world'

'imposes a grave responsibility.'

'In the prisoners' dock,
sit 20 odd broken men.'

'Reproached by the humiliation,
by those they have led'

'almost as bitterly
by the desolation'

'of those they have attacked.'

'What makes this inquest

'is that these prisoners
represents sinister influences'

'that will lurk
in the world long after'

'their bodies have
returned to dust.'

'They are the living
symbols of arrogance'

'cruelty, power, racial hatred,
terrorism and violence.'

'The USA presents count one
of the indictment'

'that all defendants

'as organizers or accomplices'

'in a common plan or conspiracy
to commit crimes'

'against peace, war crimes
and crimes against humanity.'

'We will show you
the defendants' own film.'

'You will see their own conduct'

'in the course
of the conspiracy.'

'Its history is the history
of the Nazi party'

'that grew from
the brawling streets'

'of Munich in the 20's.'

'Their aim was the highest
degree of control'

'over the German community.'

'Give me five years.'

'Today Germany.
Tomorrow, the world.'

'The Nazi party alone has
the right to rule Germany'

'and the right
to destroy the enemy.'

The Werewolf alone has
the right to rule Germany.

And a right to destroy the enemy.

'Martin Bommen, last seen alive
May 2nd, 1945, faith unknown'

'tried in absentia, said,
the enemy is to work for us.'

'And so far as we don't
need them, they must die.'

'The enemy is to work for us.'

'And so far as we don't
need them, they must die.'

'German anti-Nazis
were the first victims.'

'Medical experiments
were standard procedure'

'at many concentration
camps for Germans'

'who did not agree with Hitler.'

'Defendant Frick as
minister of the interior'

'directed the Nazi program
aimed at aged, insane'

'crippled or incurable Germans.
The so called useless eaters.'

'Thousands were committed
to special institutions.'

'Few of the German
anti-Nazis ever returned.'

'Evidence proved
they were murdered.'

'Because they were
useless to Hitler's plans.'

'A most intense drive
was directed by Hitler'

'and his Nazis against
German protestants'

'Lutherans, Catholics.'

'Pastor Niemoller, was sent
to a concentration camp.'

'Bishop Greba was beaten up.'

'Hitler inspired vandalism
against church property.'

'Nazi teaching was inconsistent
with the Christian faith.'

'It was the Nazi plan to
suppress the Christian church'

'completely after the war.'

The whole Christian era
lasted for 2000 years

and is a failure.

'But, with the war, the number
of victims swelled'

'to include citizens of all
the nations in Europe.'

'Included among the executed
and burned were citizens'

'from Holland, France,
Belgium, Poland, Hungary'

'Czechoslovakia, Greece,
and other countries.'

'But perhaps the greatest
crime against humanity'

'the Nazis committed,
was against the Jews.'

'Whom they used as the scapegoat
to camouflage their plan'

'to make Hitler, God, and
to make Mein Kampf, the bible.'

'Goebbles was Hitler's trumpet.
Goebbles cater to children.'

'Fill them with campaign cries'

'that went to the heart
of the Nazi movement.'

'Hate was the Nazi religion.
Hate was their battle cry.'

'Hate was their God.'

Hate, hate, and again, hate.

'Children of tender years
were invariably exterminated'

'since they were unable to work.'

'The Nazis endeavored
to fool them into thinking'

'they were going through
a delousing process.'

'A thousand years will pass,
and this guilt'

'of the Hitler gang
will still not be erased.'

'It took from 3 to 15 minutes
to kill the people'

'in the gas chamber, depending
on the climatic conditions.'

'The Nazis knew when
the people were dead'

'because the screaming stopped.'

'After the bodies were removed'

'special Hitler commandos
took off the rings'

'and extracted the gold
from the teeth of the corpses.'

'Much of this loot was then
transferred to secret vaults'

'of the Reich bank
at Frankfurt on Maine.'

'This was genocide.'

'The premeditated destruction
of entire peoples.'

'Genocide, the direct result
of the Nazis claim'

'that they have the right
to destroy Hitler's opposition.'

'Tomorrow, the world.
Dead or alive.'

Franz, I want you to look.

Franz, you've got to look.
We'll look together.

This is something we should see,
everyone should see.

The whole world
should see, Franz.

Franz, look.

I didn't know.
I-I didn't know.

I didn't know.

Hey, Brent.

Oh, I've been looking
all over for you.

Beat it, kid.

Bruno and Wills are meeting
behind the bahnhoftonight.

What kinda double talk
you giving me? Get lost!

Believe me. Bruno is the Fuhrer.
You must tell Capt. Harvey.

You know where he is.
You tell him.

- She wants you to tell him.
- She who?

- Helga.
- Why is she involved in this?

She took me to Nuremburg today.
I saw the trials.

- She took you to the trials?
- Yeah.

- You saw Gary?
- I saw Gary.

I saw film.

I didn't know it!
I didn't know.

What time they meeting
behind the bahnhof?

I-I-In thirty minutes.

You go straight home.
I'll meet you there.


That's funny. I came back
for the same thing.

How did you know
I'd need that list

for tonight's meeting?

G-Gunther sent me for it.

That's fine, Franz.
Give it to me.

I just left Gunther
by the bahnhof.

Where were you going
with that list?

I got my job back. Think I
should ask army for a raise?

You've never seen such action

There was action all over the
place. Not even in the army.

The opposition was just...

'Fire, fire!'