Venus Beauty (1999) - full transcript

Madam Nadine manages with pride the "Vénus beauté" Salon which offers relaxation, massage and make-up services. The owner and her three beauticians: Samantha, Marianne and Angèle are pros. Contrary to her friend Marianne, who still dreams of the big day, Angèle no longer believes in love. Marie, the youngest of the three employees, discovers love in the hands of a sixty year-old former pilot, who risks everything...

He tore off my underwear.
My ass began to blush.

It was red hot.

I must have been...

6 years old.

You're a good listener.

You let me talk, at least.

I never get to talk about myself.

I hardly ever want to.

You like baked tomatoes.
It's a sign.

Not many men do.
I don't know why.

My dad ate them every day.
He was Italian.

Italians don't call girls
"hot tomatoes".

He was mean to my mother.
I think she liked it

I don't. You should know.

It's nice out.

I think well get along.

Want to know why?

It's simple.

You have dark hair.

I love dark hair.

You don't talk a lot

And we have good sex.

We can get together...
twice a week.

Finish your coffee first.

You haven't asked my age.

Thanks, but I'll tell you anyway.
I'm 40.

More, but I look less.

- Everyone says so.
- You know what?

Stick to fucking.
Stop making plans.

Pans stress me out.

These three days were fun.

You have a nice body.

I bet you work out a lot.

I have a train to catch.

I hardly ever come to Paris.

I need my little birds every morning.

Birds chirping away...

It can't end like this.

Sure it can.
That's the beauty of it.

Like R & R in the army.
Short and sweet.

There's no beauty to it.

It's ugly. It's disgusting.

Don't insist. It's vulgar.

What if I started stalking you?

If I sat facing you on the train?
What would you do?


Because this is a democracy.
Men and women have the same rights.

You dump me, I stalk you.
We're even.

No response?

Are you sure?

You're lucky I have a job.

Or you wouldn't get off so easily.

I'll find you.
When you least expect it!

Ugly pig!

One less asshole.

A slight tingling of the skin may occur.

If it persists, remove the product

and apply "Serenity No-Blotch"
in thick coats.

Why this aqua-enzyme facial
from December to February?

Our skin has just entered winter.
It is numb.

Dead cells form a sort of...

fine mold on the surface
of the skin.

Pollution dulls the hair
and clogs the pores.

The face is asphyxiated,
the complexion sallow.

The client feels herself aging.

This aqua-mask

cleanses deep down.

It takes the skin
down memory lane.

It makes it feel young again!

Do you understand?

Tell them to stop smoking,

and to use, every night at bedtime,

"Electelle Complete Care
Rich Formula".

Priced at... 459 francs.

check this morning's delivery.

Marie, when is your drainage?

11 o'clock, Nadine.

Write the price on each box
with a blue pen.

Not a red one, like last time.


your aim was off this morning.

- No foundation today?
- My skin is tired.

All the more reason.
Use "Rosy Beige".

We owe it to our clients.

I'm off to "Sub-Herbia".

I"ll stop by later.

Angele, Mrs. Hannaud cancelled.

You're pale
I's the foundation.

I bet you found another loser.

Screw you.

Or screw your 11 rugby men.

15, and all I did was flirt.

What's that?

Anti-Age Concentrate.


What's that?

- Just relax.
- Does it sting?

A slight electrical charge helps

penetrate deep down.

Deep down?

It'll make you look great.

Here we go.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.


I don't like having my face touched.

I don't know why I'm here.

I needed to feel younger.

Take this thing off.
I can't breathe.

I can't stand it anymore.

Stop talking and relax.

It's like you have sandbags
in your lungs.

It's my asthma.

I'll massage your face.

A little lower.

- Is that okay?
- Too low.

A little higher.

- How's that?

I'll dim the light.

Take nice, deep breaths.

Nice, deep breaths...

Soon you'll see blue and white bubbles,
like at the planetarium.

Do you know the planetarium?

Yes... I don't see the connection.

Hello, Mrs. Langevin.

I'd like to see Angele

for on evening make-up job,
next Thursday at 7:30.

I'll go check.

Is 7:30 too late?

Please! I'll come in my dress.

Then I'll go
straight to my party.

I bought her two blouses.

Will she like them?

They're nice.
I don't know your mother.

Black hair, wrinkles and big hands.

- And yours?
- She's dead.

I'm so sorry.

It's not your fault.

I need coffee.

Your facial is in 5 minutes.

I prefer the other one.
She has bigger boobs.

- Uglier too.
- But she's funny.

Can I smoke?

- What were you looking at?
- People.

Can you close? I have a date.

So I do!

You have a date every night

Okay, but listen.

Six-foot five,
but not a basketball player.

Dark hair,
but doesn't work at "Persian Rugs ".

Above rags, but way below riches.

The cabinet maker.

- You knew?
- When he gawks at you

his shadow fills the store.

Manicure and foot care. Thursday at 4.
Goodbye, Madame Gast.



Goodbye, sir.

Who's he?

A pilot.
I mean, he used to be.

A parachute accident
left him scarred all over.

His wife gave him skin from her butt
to fix his face.

She died last year.

He wants to take care of her skin.

A facial a week Incredible!
Plus a 50-franc tip!

What time is it?

7:15 pm.

Is your mother okay?

Yeah. Same old arthritis and rheumatism.

She whines, but she's strong.
And your aunts?

I'll go for Christmas, as usual.

It's been...

3 years since I spent Christmas here.

You're not missing much.

I'm glad you could get free.

Will you be much longer?

I just have this to finish.

Aren't you skinnier
than the last time?

I can't tell...

Watch out. Try to enjoy life
or you'll dry up.

I like the way I look.

I mean...

no one mentioned anything.

You have a tiny, sad face
and a flat ass.

But you look good.

They need you in there.

He's mad as hell.

Are you...


...seeing anyone?

You still love me,
80 I'm waiting

With this scarred face you gave me
Catherine Deneuve would never propose.

I don't know.

I'm joking. I'm not angry.

I'll be right back.

Yeah, right..



Stay put. I'll be right back.

Stay put.

Don't wait. I'll be a while.

If I finish early. I'll call you.

So long, Miss.

I don't like eating alone.

Do you mind?

I'm Hungry.

I'll start with what's hot.

That's a nice tie.

Is it silk?

I don't know. Maybe.

It's Shiny.

The color suits you.

What are you having? Rabbit?

No mustard sauce for me.

It makes me sneeze.

You work nearby?

At Jet Tours, near the Opera.

I know a travel agent.

Do you work around here too?

No, but I like it here.

Lots of offices.

What line are you in?

That's why I smell good.

Have a dessert.
I hate eating alone.

I like watching you eat.

Do I tum you on a little?

You give me no choice.

I like women who eat.

You're a little skinny.

You must like big breasts.
Big thighs.

Skinny girls screw just as well.

Not too far left, not too for right.
Bull's eye.

We've already eaten together

Are you having coffee?

Shall we go?

Your place?

I can't at mine.

I can't at mine.

- I'm married.

Oh yeah?

Yeah. We didn't get to talk much.

I don't know where..

A hotel? There's one there.

I'm sick of hotels.
Got a car?

I'd rather.

They cut off your water?

Why wash here?

I used to when I was younger.

If I lose my job...

At your age? Acting like a girl?

You're an optimist!

Angele, at your age,
and with your qualifications,

you could run your own salon.

Your own salon, your own staff...
It's for you,


You'd rather be one of the girls?
It's your choice.

I'd reconsider.
You won't be a girl forever.

This coffee is lousy.

Your nose is bright redI

How about a coffee?

Let's just start.

On second thought...

One coffee and two to go.

- Peanuts?
- Thanks.

Any pistachios?

I'll check.

Can I talk to you?

To me? I'm in a rush.

It's urgent.

Really? What is it?

Let's go sit down.

Can I have two coffees?

Plus the peanuts.


I saw you at the station.
You moved me.

I can't stop thinking of you.

I figured I'd tell you
right away.

My name is Antoine and I love you.

That's nice, but I have to work.

Give me a break,

it's tough on me too.

I'm engaged to a great girl.
She adores me.

That's great.

Are you married?

That's my foot.

What I feel is very strong.

Very violent.

It's beyond couples

and one-night-stands.
It's different.

I don't know what hit me.

I found a needle in a haystack.

Get it?

You're unsettled. It's normal.

Talk! I'm butt-naked here!

What should I say?

You're right
Let's just forget it.


Give me your hand.

I'll give it right back!

I love you. I mean it.

Two coffees to go.

On the double.

He picked up the tab.

I didn't ask...

Why only white lace?

It creates a certain harmony.
If 1 hung up black underwear,

we'd have an unsavory clientele.

But black is chic.

It depends on whom.

Is he waiting for someone?

I'm seeing Samantha
for a seaweed wrap.

Mrs. Pommerand?

She'll be with you shortly.

Marie, show Madame in
and offer her some coffee.

That's nice, thanks.

What are you looking for?

- "Neck Treatment".
- None in stock?

These samples will do.

- What are you looking at?
- You see that guy?

He's staring at us.

He's cute. Nice eyes.

How can you see his eyes?

I have Sex-ray vision.

He's leaving. None too soon.

I didn't call,
but I'd love to do some tanning.

There's no one until 6.

Don't bother, I know the way.

Your high heels keep growing.

Hello, Mrs. Buisse

Mrs. Schmitt's coat.

Your skin is gorgeous.
How do you feel?

Fine, but it won't last long.

We did good work today.
You'll be pleased.

No bathrobes! Where did they go?

Marie, give Mrs. Buisse a robe.

Is the bathrobe in my cubicle?

Yes, as well as a clothing hanger.

I hung my clothes on the hook.

Marie will bring them to your cubicle.

Please, I have clients coming.


- Hi, Angele.
- Hello, Mrs. Buisse.

Come back and see me!

Shall we start?

Top and bottom! Sandwich me in.

It's the 9th time this week!

Do you use a lotion?

I have rhinoceros skin.

Take it on vacation.
15 minutes, that's all.

Only my hands give away my age.

My mother's were spotted
like a giraffe

Leave it on 2 hours, then rinse.

Then rub in the anti-spot cream.

But easy does it... or no more skin.

No more skin, no more spots.

Look at me, Angele.
I'm still attractive.

Aren't I lucky?

Yes. Your fingers..

My daughter is terribly dull.

No grace.

That's life.
Her children are very plain. Sweet,

but very plain.

We have nothing in common.

I love them.
That's all that matters.

Life is unfair.

My mother was pretty.
She died young.

How sad!

- You never knew her?
- I did.

I look like her.
Especially my eyes.

Back when more women died during childbirth,
their children survived just fine.

All done.

My daughter and her children
around the Christmas tree

is such on unmoving sight.

Christmas gets you thinking.

Good evening.

Your tip is in here.

...she hod such soft skin...

This one covers less.

It's more apricot

...she'd undo my bandages...

It's not for me.

I want one that covers better.
And pinker.

...a knife fight over a woman...

Try "Rosy Beige".

It's anti-age and on sale.

...such small hands...

...80 young, so soft...

I'll take it.

"Rosy Beige", 90 francs.

I'm sorry. I'm early.
I was so scared I'd be late!

Room 2. I'm coming.

Take your time.
I'm the one who's early.

Thank you, my sweet

Until the next time...

Thank you, sir.

Goodbye, Miss.

Miss, or ma'am?


Goodbye, Angele.

What a nice man!

He promised to show me
his music boxes.

I's cold out!


What do you think?

- Classy. Yves Saint-Laurent.
- Expensive?

A discount store. 200 francs.

Will he like it?

What's your dad like?

He's old.
He doesn't wash every day.

But he's nice.

And yours?

He's dead.

I put my foot in it again...
I'm so sorry.

Now you've used both feet.

An accident?

He shot my mom
for being unfaithful...

then shot himself because she wasn't.

No way I

Who'd make that up?

I'm so sorry.

Stop saying you're sorry!



Who would hove guessed?


Can you give me a massage?

A California massage?

You do the finishing touches?

We give California massages.

They're meant to relax.
They're very relaxing.

Or else shiatsu. It's Japanese,
done with the thumbs.

Only Samantha can do it.

But Samantha is with a client.

Does Samantha
do the finishing touches?

Not here.
Take your dick to a specialist.

Leave her alone. Get out.

Hands off, bitch!


You should hear yourself I

I speak to be heard.

You're on your own now.

It's been 3 days
If I'm still not over you, then...

Aren't I better this way?


Without the beard. Am I better?

Can't you leave me in peace?

You're anything but at peace.
That's what I like.

Let's go have dinner.

God bless you.

Why not? Dinner, not sex.

It'll do you good.
You're on the skinny side.

It's cold. I'm tired.

Why do you keep running away?

Do I smell? Do I scare you.

Is my hair too blond?

What is it?

Why do I disturb you?

I'm not available.

You have a boyfriend?

Is that it?

A freezer full

Then try consuming me.
You may like the taste.

- Are you busy on Sunday?
- Busy sleeping.

I never sleep.
I think about you.

I can't have sex with my fiancee.
She cries all the time.

It's pathetic.

Usually thinking of someone else
tums me on, but...

I hear this stuff all day long.
At night, I tune out.

Sunday's better!

See you Sunday.

So I got on the table.

He folded money
and slipped it down my bra.

I think he liked my white skin
against the sequin and veils.

It got me excited too.

I think he's ultra-right wing.

He never mentions it, but...

We're political opposites.
It can be difficult.

We never talk about it.

It makes loving easier.

Are you interested in politics?

I don't understand a thing.
Not enough to vote.

How did you end up a beautician?

By accident.

I like helping others.

It's a great thing.

My thing is changing the world.

Half the leg?

All of it.

I'm ashamed.

The cops found his car.
I went to pick it up.

He'd left a notebook in it.

One girl per page.

Each one was rated from 0 to 20.

Lots of 19's.

195 pages.

Over 7 years, that's one girl
every 13.5 days.

And one guy.

He got a 17.

I'm so sorry.

And not a word about me.

- Is it good or bad?
- Good.

Because I wasn't rated.

I trusted him so much.

It showed.

I loved him so much.

Too much

Much too much.

It's hard to hold back.

I don't know... maybe.

I think
you need to keep a distance.

A certain distance.
Mutual love doesn't exist.

One person always suffers more,
day in, day out.

And in the end...

we all screw up
and no one's happy.

You can't give in to love.

It's easy.
You have to draw the line

What? Are you in love?

Not at all.

I loved someone a lot
and in the end..

I caused him great pain.

You still love him?

I'm sorry I hurt him.

But he hurt you too.

On me, it doesn't show.

Come on, look in a mirror.

No one's sadder than you.

You can't understand.

I'm too stupid.

His life is ruined.

What do you care? It's great.

I'd love to wish Francis
into a wheelchair.

I need a vacation
Will you come along?

I don't like trips.

No love, no trips,

what's left?


They're never the same.

We're totally different.

Like day and night.

My dream is that a guy
pops up and says:

"I saw you in the street.

"I can't stop thinking of you.

I'm wild about you. I love you.

"Stay with me forever.
Never leave me.

"You're beautiful.
Stay with me forever."

That would be really great.

Never abandon
a potentially faithful client.

Have you met Pierre?

- Once before.
- That's right.

We're going to see "Swan Lake".

Our third time.

He's a hunter
and I like dance.

Take care, Angele.

Have a good time.

Can I come in?

What are you doing here?

I have to leave again,
so tonight's as good a night as any.

You should call first.
Who says I'm free?

You're not?

A facial?

I'm a friend of Angele's.

Zizou, it's me.
Hurry up. Nadine left.

I'll be waiting.

- Can you give me a hand?
- Sure.

I'll get it ready.

A house of mirrorsI

I'm going.

A facial?

Really? I can stay late.

When do you get off?

I don't know. We're doing
electrolysis on Sam's friend.

Sam? Who's he?

Excuse me, darling.
Hello, Angele.

Hi, Zizou I'm coming.

That's the friend?

- Loser.
- Not my type, but...

Stop being a pain.

Are you okay?

Did you disinfect?

Let's go.

I get it.

It doesn't grow back?

Stop, girls. I can't...

Does it hurt?

Cut off your balls.

You'll get on idea.

You're a pain in the ass!

I am not!
He may be happier than me.

You're unhappy?

When you smile, I find you handsome.

That's because you know my soul.

Call me.

Angele, hurry up!

If I knew you'd stare
at my husband like that...

Longing after him. What the hell?

That's not nature.
It's "Planet of the Apes".

Fuck nature...

You're less pretty today.

So what?

So nothing. I still love you.

I'm smitten.

I'd call it an obsession.

Turbot... la compote?

Lamb in garlic cream.

Is there lots of garlic?

It's flavorful.

I like my lamb very garlicky.

The first girl I kissed
had onion breath.

I got used to it quickly

Don't expect kisses.

Is it asking too much?

I don't like being forced.

It takes courage to say "I love you?.

I'm willing to wait until Easter.

For a stranger, you're a pain!

Love is just another form of slavery.
That's all.

Now calm down. I came here to eat.

End of discussion.

Why did you become...

Why a beautician?

Drop it.
I hate talking about myself.

I love talking about me.

Show some curiosity.

I don't know...

Tell me, about your fiancee.

She's pretty.

For her, I'm a god walking the earth.
It's nice.

She has brown hair. Light brown.

It stands up
when she takes off her sweater.

I've stopped having sex with her.

I have migraines.
I just take her in my arms.

She knows something's up.

Fortunately we don't live together.

She's 20.

She trusts me.

But I'm not who she thinks I am.

I'm sorry.

At least you show some compassion.

I'm not who you think I am either.

I don't think. I desire.

- Not me.
- Liar.

Can't you fucking understand?

It trust no one.
Love makes me sick and mean.

- I opted out.
- You can't.

You can tool

I wouldn't mind someone

who takes me to the movies
and then to bed.

But love,

jealousy, pain... never again!

It's the food.
Heavy and pretentious.

A drink beforehand?

No thanks. Before what?

Take off your jacket. It's hot.

No... I'm going.

You didn't follow me
just to watch me eat.

I'm going. I can't.

You can.

You'll see.

A little blow-job
is just what you need.

I'm an expert.

Not like this... I can't.

Want to bet?

Stop it! What do you think?

That I'll fuck you, dead-drunk?

You got it all wrong!

When we make love,
you won't be sick or mean.

I feel dizzy.

Can you tum on the radio?

Goodbye, Angele.

So long, asshole.

Try a movie next time.

Who says I'm still trying?

The other day I had a client.

She smelled so bad... So bad!

A mixture of rotten shrimp,
old Parmesan and sweat.

You could cut it with a knife.

She lay down.
Remember, I wanted to be a nurse.

I put on the cream.

I started massaging.
Her skin was flaccid, flabby.


So I started massaging

My fingers were covered with scum.

And her ass was covered with
pus-filled pimples!

Well, well, well...

You girls aren't very stalwart.

Compared to what I did...

Like what?

A lady wanted
her crotch and anus waxed.

I was the youngest, so I got her.

She got on all fours.
She said it hurt less.

She kept taking Kleenex

and wiping her anus and the rest.

She said "Excuse me, Nadine,
I'm leaking all over."

I'm what?

Look who's there.

I forgot And he's early.


Goodnight, honey.

Is that new?

Tasmanian mink. A present.

I get it..


Nice little tip.

What are you looking for?

My gloves.

They're in your pocket.

Are you in love?

No. Not at all.

It's not necessary.

What counts
is knowing how to keep him.

Is he in love?

Sorry about the other day.
I'm not always like that.

I can't drink white wine.
I'd forgotten.

But maybe what happened
wasn't an accident.

It was a form of rejection.

And if that's the case,
there's no use insisting.

Fucking answering machines!

It was the only way to see you.

Please lie down.

I see. "Please?.

It's too bright in here...

What do we do?

You do nothing.

- I like that.
- Here we go.

It tickles.

It's what you asked for.

I'm rubbing in the essential oils.


I'll massage your right leg.

Excuse me, I have an erection.

Can we stop for a minute?

You make me feel funny.

I'll apply a cleansing mask.
I's better

Your message wasn't clear.

What were you saying?

We leave our private lives at home.
Please behave.

Hello, Nadine.
You look tired. Busy?

Yes. You can go right in.

I'm pale, Nadine. Pale as a ghost.
Doesn't it show?

Let's get to work.
Color me brick red. I hate marble

Samantha, 20 minutes with sun-block.

Do they make me look old?

Sleep with them on.
Or else they tum dull.

Were they your wife's?

- Guess.
- They were hers.

Does she have more?

Of course.

Why are you doing this?

Do I look like her?
Was she small and dark?

She was blonde... age...

...pearls made her smile too.

Because she was happy.


I have a house with a garden.

Would you like to see it?

Maybe... I don't know.

I'd like that. Think it over.

For a first treatment, that'll do.

They know each other next door.

They see each other at night, right?

She can't go to his place.
She's only 20.

It's dangerous.


He wants to seduce her.
He doesn't love her.

Afterwards, it'll be too late.

Are you okay?

Get dressed. I'll be out there.

I'll be seeing you.

Goodbye, Mr. Lachenay.

Are you okay?

I feel great. Really great!

To recapitulate.


"Feminiscence", "Lifting Natural"...

Mr. Dumont? How do you feel?

- Very good.
- I'm not surprised.

She has magic hands.

I feel like coming back.

That's why we're here.

We don't get many men,
80 we pamper them.

- The spot light busted.
- "Burnt out"...

I can't reach it.

I can give you a hand.

- How nice.
- One of mine blew too.

- Hello.
- Hi, So, Nadine?

If you want, I can make rounds.

First mine.

Go back inside!

We'll fix it, Mrs. Buissel

All done.

Next time you get a discount.

See you soon.

I'll pay next time.

Hello, Venus Beauty.

Hold on.

Marie, it's Mr. Lachenay.

I'm doing someone's nails.
Take down the address.

She's busy. What's the address?

She'll try to come.

It's on the counter.

- Hot day.
- Want my glasses?

We're not done.

No? I thought we were.

No, no. You need some blush.

Some lip gloss. For him.

I'll tie your hair up.

Don't move.

Up high?

Not too.
A little blush wouldn't hurt.

Like this?

Forget it.

What did this cost him?

- We can't stay.
- Come on!

700 francs.

What a schmuck.
I need shoes, I need a coat.


He gives me pretty lingerie,
but I'm coldI

I'd love fur-lined boots.

I hove no money.
He takes advantage.

How much do you make?

Minimum plus tips.

That can't much.

Depends on the tips.

The thing is, I hate to work.

Last week
he wanted to dye my hair red.

I'd prefer a nice trip.

Anyway, thanks a lot.

I'm sorry.
I have nothing for a tip.

It doesn't matter.

You're nice.

She'd be better as a redhead.

I'm in love. Can we talk?

He's blond, but his eyes aren't blue.
He has nice love handles...

Are you listening?

You only care about yourself.

Do you dunk lots of things?

Do you care?

It's unusual.

And you're pretty.

I knew a woman
who dunked blue-cheese,

Swiss cheese and Camembert
in her coffee.

She did it twice a day.
For her complexion. But eggs?

That's a first.

I's cold

We were looking for you.

Hello, by the way.

Are you free tonight?

Does "you" mean her or us?

Just kidding.

Good idea.
Take all three of us out.

Marie already left.

It's near Vincennes.

What's that noise?

A boulder from a quarry.


Would you mind asking
what I do for a living?

Now? Yes.

I'm a sculptor.

I was commissioned to do an altar
for a cathedral in Poitiers.

There she is.



What's all that smoke?

What's he doing? Strangling her?

The logs are wet.

I'm not cold.

How can I thank you?

I ask nothing of you.

Your coming here is enough.

I'd like to do more.

Then come to me...

Merry Christmas!

- Hi, Nadine.
- Hello, Eliane.

I'd like an inexpensive moisturizer.
It's a gift.

I'll wrap it. Champagne?

I'd love some.

Go right in.

I need a pick-me-up.
I'm bushed.

For us shopkeepers,
Christmas is like a bout in bed.

Not always worth the sweat.

For your aunts?

My salesgirl is pooped.

But I keep plugging away.

We haven't had a great year.
And you?

I can't complain.

Angele, give me a cookie.

Where are you off to?

To my parents and my fiancee.

I better go or I'll miss my train.

Stop staring at me.
You have a train to catch too.

And you?

To my aunts in Poitiers.

You're from Poitiers?

I'm from Perigueux.

Merry Christmas, Nadine!

Put it on my tab.

We already discussed this.

No is no!
Besides, I hate oysters.

Fuck off!

The way lemon makes them squirm
disgusts me too.

Here they are!

Angele, meet my boys.

We're spending Christmas Eve

At the Lido.
Those feathers and legs just kill me!

Hurry! I'll ask Samantha.

What are you doing? Closing up?

Can you close up?

Sure, I can. And Merry Christmas.

You can be so unpleasant.

So can you.

Get your eyes off me.

Let's start eating.
Champagne with the first course!


Are you sick?

A little cold.

Nothing our dinner can't cure!

I'll say!

Sit down.

Just a second.

Sorry, I'm not hungry.

On Christmas Eve?
You must be kidding!

Eating will make me hungry.

I hope so.
Guess what Maryse made? Lamb stew.

- How nice.
- Give me your glass.


Taste this. I made it


Of course.

It's good.

You see!
And the rest is up to par.

Eat and talk

With your mouth full
We're family.

-Work is work.
- Sure...

Sagging flesh is sagging flesh.

But what else?
You're in Paris, after all.

You meet people!

People who know Chirac?
Or Toubon?

Or Jospin?

Or Charles Aznavour?

Enough! I knew someone
who met Georges Descrieres.

End of discussion.

Smoked ham?

- Lyda?
- Not yet.


do you have a boyfriend?

- No, not really.
- That's already something.

Butt out!
I never saw a man here.

Now you're being nasty.

We aren't blind to men.

On the contrary.

We enjoy men.

And vice-versa.

Jambet. Remember him?
He worked at City Hall.

He's mine
at the snap of a finger!

When did you see him?

The other day. In the street.
He was so moved...

he tripped.

Maybe he just slipped.

Did you talk?

What time is it?

12:10. No!

He stared as he fell.

I need a walk.

I'll have my stew later.

Sorry to ask, but.

Did he make the sheets sing?

I don't believe it! Angele Piana!

Oh, Joel. Hi there.

Merry Christmas.

You're a believer now...

Back in Poitiers?

They did work inside.

I's all under construction.

Their costumes are the same.
Come on...

No, some other time.

You still see Jacques?

No, he travels a lot.

He travels? Is he still...

That won't change.

Sorry if I...

I have to go.

Wait and see Martine.

Some other time.

Angele Piana.

It's Angele.

I'm in Poitiers.

I don't really like answering machines.

I knew you'd be out. It's Christmas.
You must be with your family.

I'll be back in two days.

I'm working on the 26th.

I wanted to say Merry Christmas.

That's not exactly it.
Well, yes it is.

Merry Christmas.

I have no flowers.
Just half an hour.

Are you okay?


They pumped my stomach so much,
I want to puke.

You can eat, can't you?

I love hospital food.
It's so bland, it's soothing.

I'll bring you a pastry.

What got into you?

Christmas always gets me down.

I asked Mrs. Buisse
for some tranquilizers.

It's like chocolate. I couldn't stop.

You took them all?


I freaked out and checked in.

When do you get out?

I'm in no hurry. No Nadine for a
while will be a vacation in itself.

She found a replacement.

I'm not worried about the salon.

She's opening another one.

"Sublime Aphrodite". She's fearless.

I'm Dr. Fremond.
I'm replacing Dr. Bomsel.

I'm off.

Do you need anything?

Shampoo, mascara, lipstick.

Things seem better.

I'm still weak.

You don't have to talk non-stop.

Clients come to relax,
sometimes even to rest.

Do you understand?

I like being talked to.

It relaxes me.


Did you do this?

It seemed so messy. I thought...

Don't think too much.

We don't organize by color,
but by function.

Leave it to Angele. She knows.

By color, it's eye-catching.
It'll boost sales.

But it's up to you...

Angele! Hurry up!

The client's waiting.

No calls?

No messages?

I said no.

It's for the 31st. At 7.30. With Angele.
I'll come in costume...

I have conjunctivitis.

I'll dim the lights.

Lie on your stomach.

All those creams...

Do they really work?

But you have baby skin.

It's for my mother.
What do you use?

I have no time for that.

Lie down.

You're so tense. All knotted up.

Your skin is electric.

What's wrong?

I'm in pain.

I'm freaking out.

I can't breathe.

I'll fix that.

Just relax...

You say that to everyone.
I can't relax.

I'm in pain.

He's ruining everything
for an old hag.

I want to die.

You think I'm crazy.

Not at all.

I love him so much.

Tum on your side.

Bend your arms and legs.

When you love someone,
you can do anything.

I know.

Is it for me?

No, it's Mrs. Rondeste.

I think he still loves me a little.

Of course...

We think it's over.

Over forever.
But it comes bock.

It's tough, but it comes back.

Life is long.

Try a department store.

I stopped carrying lace G-strings.

They itch
where they really shouldn't.

Several clients returned them.

I can lend it to you.

It makes me sneeze.
Hurry, he's here.

Marie, come and see me
early tomorrow.

Sure, Nadine.

He should wait outside.

What time is it?

6:45 already?

I have to go to "Aphrodite?
Get my coat, please.

"Aphrodite" is a funny name.

Is it?

Yeah. I like it

Decide who will close.

Don't worry.

You can go.

If no one comes,
close at 7:30.

I hove plenty of time.

You're sure I can go?

Don't worry.

Con you tell me "I love you" again?


What did you say?

I said...

I said I get it. Don't be scared.
I know who you are.

I got it right.


I left my fiancee. We cried a lot.

I'm coming out. I can't hear.

Yes, you can.

I'm thirsty.
What's there to drink?

There may be whiskey
above the sink,

on the left.

Let's go out for a drink.

What's wrong?

You don't have a gold dress!

Why would 1?

It's what looks best on you.

If I had fabric, I'd make it now.

You can sew?

Say "I love you" again
without thinking.

- Done?
- Just a minute!

Usually I see it all.

The good, the bad...
how I'll get dumped.

So I build walls.

To protect myself.

Isn't it normal?

With Antoine
I didn't see a thing.

It was a blur. I let myself go.

But tonight I saw.

I saw how he could betray me.

Like Jacques did.

He'll talk about his freedom.

And he smiles too much.

Can I have some wine?

I wanted Jacques dead.

It wasn't really my fault.

He grabbed the gun
It just went off.

You already told me.

I'm all confused.

This is doing me good.

Did I mention his fiancee?

He says he left her,
but she's still around.

He's the two-timing type, right?

I don't know.

I'm so unhappy, I could die.

Are we going? Because...

Because what?
Can't we talk a little?

For an hour,
you've been talking and eating.

I thought we could...


I'm exhausted.

Do you think you can bag me
at the snap of a finger?

I'll go then.

Good idea.

I'm still on dessert.

We're short on "Skin Repair Serum,"
an ideal holiday gift.

Who forgot to order it?

Probably me.

The chronic forgetter.

Spare me your moodiness.

You know what this mood says?

I hate it here.
You're bossy and full of shit.

A mere shopkeeper,
counting boxes and samples.

I'm a nurse.
I'm going back to the hospital.

No bullshit there.

December 31 is it.
On January 1st, I'm history.

We installed the altar last night.

The bishop blessed it.
It was incredible.

He put on an apron.
The kind a butcher wears.

Then he rubbed the altar
with holy oil.

He did it inch by inch.
It took forever.

No one spoke. Total silence.

Then he put on his robe
and began the benediction.

You could feel it in the air

that it was for eternity.

You asked me to come
and you don't even show up!

I slept with a guy. I liked it.

I'm spending New Year's Eve
with him.

Let me finish.

You'll never love me enough.

And I don't really love you.

I don't believe you. You're lying.

It's my right.

Leave me alone.

I won't come.

You look dumb in a tie.

Your old man again?

Is he really old?

A little.

I never pass judgment.
If you're happy, that's what counts.

I think it's sexual.

That's not my business.
Tum around.


I'm going. See you around.
- I hope so.

Forget your losers.
Come meet some doctors.

Call me. I'll see you soon.

Do I look like a Christmas tree?

- I said nothing.
- That's worse.

Goodbye. No hard feelings.

No smoking in hospitals.

But there are drugs.

Good luck

And good fuck.

Good riddance.

Happy New Year.

You said it too soon.
It brings bad luck.

A facial?

I've heard that one.

Is Angele here?

She's with a client.
We'll be closing soon.

My dinner cruise leaves at 8.30.

Can you close?

Yes. Goodbye, Nadine.

Someone's here for you.
I'm off.

Have a good time.

It's you.

You're early.

I got your message...

Wait a second.

Are you okay?

I'd like to spend tonight with you.

Even longer, if you want.

We could start
by finding an apartment.

You travel, I work all day.

All of a sudden?

Since you mentioned it,
I've thought it over.

You know me... I was kidding.

Did I hurt your feelings?
I'm sorry.

What's more, I met someone.

And I like her.

I have to buy her a present.

I'm sure
you'll find something here.

What does she look like?

Thirty, blonde...

sweet... pudgy...

In love.

There's "Moderactive Emulsion for Day?.

It will cleanse her epidermis,
keep her skin healthy.

She doesn't care about looks.

That's all we sell.

A scarf, but I'm all out.

They have some down the street.

What are you doing tonight?

Don't worry. I'm fine.

Why do you always say
the opposite of what you feel?

Will I find a taxi around here?

I doubt it.

- Are you seeing Angele tonight?
- What?

You'll just fuck her and forget her.

Don't laugh.
Leave her or I'll break your face.

It's already broken.

You think that'll stop me?

Let her decide.

She's screwed up.


I don't know. Go ahead.

She's screwed up...

Leave me alone! I hate you!

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