Ventanas al mar (2012) - full transcript

[soft music]

[Emma] A fluorescent glow
lights the sunless planet.

The first world.

[sounds of the ocean,
soft music]

I witness the very
instant of stillness.

I witness the very
instant of stillness.

Something breaks inside.

Something sheds.

I fade endlessly.

[soft music]

[in Italian] A fluorescent glow
lights the sunless planet.

[in Italian]
An endless consumption.

[airplane motor]

[soft music]

- Cabrera.
- Yes.

Please, allow me.

They gave me a good
description of you.

- Welcome to paradise.
- Thanks.

[driver] There's plenty
to do here.

Hiking, fishing.

I can take you.

I pick you up and bring
you to the tourist area.

Thank you, but
we'd rather be alone.

We're on our honeymoon.

[driver] I can rent you a couple
of motorbikes, then.

[soft music]

[Emma in Italian] The desert
moves forward...

in the morning...

Mor... shit.

[dramatic music]




Please, help!

Help him!

[dramatic music]

[Emma] Help him, please!


Thank you.

Good morning, we
have a reservation.

[manager] Good morning,
of course. Welcome.

Is he dead?


Call an ambulance!


How are you feeling, Joaquin?

- Fine.
- Are you ok?

Yeah, sure.

- [man] Any pain, sir?
- [Joaquin] None.

No pain. [grunts]

Please, sign here.

We've already
called an ambulance.

[Emma] You scared me, Joaquin.

Do you want to go to a hospital?

I swear, I'm OK.

I can walk by myself, thanks.

Thank you.

Thank you, my love.


[soft music]

[Anna] Sometimes I can't
find the words.

I don't know.

What do you want to tell me?

How I feel being here, with you.

With all the time for us.

It's as if I had
something huge inside.

I don't know if I
like it or not.

Being with me?

No, what I'm feeling.

It's too strong.

I felt like
something pulled me down.

I was swimming hard,
but no one could defeat it.

[Joaquín] The waters here
are too strong.

This had never happened to me.

What am I to you?

[Mauricio] You're
everything to me.

[Anna] Don't look at me,
I'm deformed.

Why do you say that?


You're perfect.

[both laugh]

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]

Look at the sea.
It frightens me.

[soft music]

[Mauricio] I need you so much.

[both laughing]

Wasn't he the dead guy?

[Mauricio] His ghost.

And his wife's.

[both laughing]

[Mexican music]

[manager] Choose the table you
want, we have very good things.

I'll be right with you.


I like this music.

I like it too. Very much.

[in Maya]
Looks like bad weather.

Very soon.

Don't scare me.

Hurry, there's lots to finish.

I'm so slow.
I don't know how I'd finish it.

And when our
grandkids arrive, you'll see.

Can you imagine?

Meeting our little

Do they arrive
today or tomorrow?

Today. They'll be here tonight.

I'm so excited!

Do they have all
the information?

Of course!

You must talk to Nico
and solve your issues.

We'll have plenty of
time to talk on the boat.

Nico. When he was little,
he loved to set sail.

He was so, so cute.

He loved it when I took
him with me, remember?


I don't know why
we stopped sailing.

I don't know.

Money, I guess.

[Mexican music]

And if I hadn't been there?


Yesterday, at the beach.

It was a very strong current.

What are you going to do
when I'm gone, Joaquin?

Do you want more coffee,
don Joaquin?

[in Maya]
How much money is the food?

This bad shift
is not our fault.

They should pay us equally.

It's not our fault there
aren't many tourists.

Let's talk to the boss
about this.

And risk getting fired for that?

Our children also have
to eat this season.

Well, the boss will lend us
money. He is a good man.

But with high interest,
we are under his control.

I already owe her three months

and now with the pay cut,
a decent wage is impossible.

- Who are they?
- They are the new ones.

I hope they leave tips.

Hurry, now.

Good morning.
How are you?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Is that OK?

Sure, go ahead.

[Mexican music]

What a scare, yesterday.

[laughs] Sure.

[manager] Excuse me.

They are very good looking.

I hope your stay with
us is unforgettable.


If you need anything,
please let me know.

- Coffee?
- Yes.

Is that the man who had
the accident yesterday?

[manager] Yeah.
It could have been a tragedy.

They're talking about us.

Do you think so?

I think they are embarrassed.

They don't have to be.

Do you remember when I
asked you to move in with me?


We were so cold.

You remember that, don't you?

That was the sea, too.

And, then, we had Nico.

I'm so excited to
see our grandkids.

They should be huge.

[Mexican music]

I'm sure they
loved you yesterday.

I too would have stared
at us for a long while.

I'm glad they didn't
have a heart attack.

Or that we didn't either.

Did you take your pills?

[Emma[ No, not yet.

[Joaquin] We have to leave.

Good bye.


Do you think we're
friends with them already?

More than friends!

He reminds me of my grandpa.

Does he?

What will you
have for breakfast?

Something delicious.

[phone ringing]

Excuse me.

I must take this call.

[Mauricio] Hello?

Hey, let me call
you back later...

So, what are you going to order?

I don't know.

I'm not really hungry.

[guide] Cuzamil Island,
land of swallows.

The conquest of
Mexico started here.

The destruction and the
birth of a new destiny.

The terrible yet powerful
history of this country.

This island used to be
a great Maya sanctuary,

home to the oracle
of Goddess Ixchel.

[guide] From all the
sacred paths, "sacbe",

came men and women to give
their offerings to the Goddess,

beg for their lives.

Did they believe
she could heal them?


Life was born through her,
and it also ended.

[Emma] Ixchel?

[guide] Ixchel.


[soft music]

[guide] Ixchel, Goddess of birth
and the mother's womb,

but also of the sea
that rises and subsides.

Goddess of
destruction and death.

[Joaquin] Where were
they heading?

To the most
beautiful reef in the world.

[guide] This is where
the Gods dwelled.

Where they were born, but
also from where they left.

The Gods left, leaving us alone.

Only their traces,
ruins and remains are left,

deep wounds that have furrowed
the land and marked our skin.

Christians brought new Gods,
but they also abandoned us

or were dead upon arrival.

[Anna] What a beautiful place.

Thanks for bringing me here.

I feel like it's a part of you
and you brought me to know it.

[Mauricio] And do you like it?

[Anna] I love it.

[Mauricio] I fear, one day, there
will be no places like this.

[Anna] Why?

[Mauricio] I read that,
in the middle of the sea,

there is an island full of
garbage and plastic that is

getting bigger and bigger.

Millions of tons of
objects that float there.

The time will come when
all those reefs will die.

Even in the stomachs of
dead whales and seals,

they have found
lighters, syringes,

even toothbrushes.

Animals think those are food.

Did I tell you that my grandpa brought
me here as a kid to see the sea

for the first time
and to sail many times?

One day, he found a snail shell
and I was terrified to touch it.

He told me to man up
and grab it.

I did it.

A crab came from inside,
pinched my hand until it bled.

I was so angry...

I asked him: Why?

He told me:

"So that you learn
not to trust anybody...

not even me".

[soft music]

I was there when he passed.

There was no one
else in the room.

I took his hand.

He was looking at me...

and, suddenly, he was
not there anymore.

He was gone.

His body seemed someone else's.

What is it?

[soft music]

[guide] This is where
the virgin waters were.

This was the entrance to
the jaws of the underworld.

Life was born from this place,

but it was also the house of
the lords of death.

That who died here,
was reborn a fish,

like the Hero Twins,
the Sun and the Moon,

who stole life from death.

Shamans, with obsidian knifes,
cut their bodies to enter

a trance state and get to the
temple of the Goddess Ixchel.

This is Xcaret, small cove.

This is where
sacrifices took place.

[Emma] How long do I have
to wait under the Sun?

How many centuries
of hunger and thirst?

Oh, mother of faith,
mother of the gods.

Paradise of darkness
that disappears it all.

Wash me with the
miraculous water of the flood.

The future is an
endless mountain on my back,

and the ocean is the
only possible redemption.

[soft music]

[Joaquín] We paid the rental fee for
the boat more than three months ago.

[manager] It's a precaution
from the Port Authority.

They're not sure the weather conditions
will be good enough tomorrow,

and I'd prefer to leave
it for another time.

But the weather
was great, today!

My grandkids will be
here in two hours.

It's our anniversary and we had
promised them to celebrate it at sea.

I told you, we have
already paid for it.

I can assure you the
weather will be fine.

It's very possible, but
it can change too quickly.

I'm really sorry.

In a couple of days, sailing
conditions will be optimal.

Such a precaution
is exaggerated.

If it were raining,
I could understand.

I have sailed many times,
I know the weather!

Did you hear what
those men were saying?

They had rented a
boat to go sailing.

It should be really pretty.

Sail in open waters.

Anna, we have to leave.


I'm sorry, but my wife
had an accident.

What? How? What happened?

I don't know.

Coming here was a stupid idea.

And how could you
know this would happen?

If you want, you can stay.

What for?

Her family has been
calling me all day,

but there was no
signal where we were.

My colleagues at work already
know what happened to her.

Even my father is with her at
the hospital... and I'm here.


Maybe they'll be here tomorrow.

This is not fair to you.

And you decide that?

[phone ringing]


Tell him you couldn't find me.

I don't care!

Tell him I'm in a meeting or that
my phone has no signal, anything.

My father-in-law.

That I'm checking
some lands... What?

What fucking contract
are you talking about?

No! Not now!

You haven't spoken with her...

When you and I met,
I told you everything.

I didn't lie to you.

I told you I couldn't leave her for reasons
that are very hard to understand.

And I told you not to harm you.

Why are you telling me this now?

My relationship is
between you and I.


I have always been
honest with you.

And right now I
need her in my life,

even if I'm with you.

I don't want to know
anything about this.

I can't tell her that I'm
leaving her for someone else!

I can't!

[phone ringing]

[crying] I'm so fucking
tired of all this!

I only want to be with you,
all the others can go to hell.

I want them to leave me
alone for a damn minute.


I'm so tired.

I just want to sleep.

Give me a minute, please.

I'll be fine, I swear.


Since I met you, I knew
I wanted to be with you.

I didn't care
about anything else.

I saw you and I chose you.

This hurts me, but I'd
rather live through it

than not being with you.

And that's my decision.

My choice.

You have nothing
to do with this.

Our last anniversary...

I hate that you say that!

And how could I know if, when I
see our grandkids and Nico again,

I would recognize them?

The doctor hasn't given
a definite diagnosis yet.

Stop torturing yourself, please!

You don't understand me.

[Joaquin] Of course I do.

This is not happening to you.

It's me who's
living through this.

I wanted to tell
Nico when he came.

Do you think he
would have cared?

I'm scared.

Stop it already. Please!

I don't want to
go back to Madrid.

Back to doctors,
treatments, medicines.

I don't want to go back.

Please don't let me
get lost, Joaquin.

I won't let that happen.

We're here today, my love.

Look at the sea, so beautiful.

We're here today, you and I.

That's what we have.

Forgive me for all that I've done
to you since I met you until today.

Please, forgive me.

Forgive me.

Let's stay.

Let's wait a while longer.

Everything will be fine.

[soft music]



I'm scared.

[Anna] Stop!

[Mauricio] No!

[Emma] Please let me
surrender to you, my Lady,

get lost in the path of
your body and out of me.

Save from the never-ending days.

Wash me with the
water of the flood.

Save from the never-ending days,
when the sun sets forever.

Do not let any part of me remain when
your night does not survive my spirit.

[soft music]

[indistinct dialogue]


Ma'am, are you ok?


Yes, I'm fine.

This is so embarrassing.

Do you want to sit?


What a beautiful
afternoon, isn't it?

Are you sure you're fine?

I'm fine.

I was resting for a while.

[soft music]

[Anna] What could be
happening to that lady?


I like each part of
your body so much.

You do know it?

I don't.

I will wait for you.

Because, when I'm with you, I feel
like a river running inside my body.

And when you enter me, the current is
more powerful and goes through my body.

[soft music]

[Mexican music]

- Good morning.
- Hello.

Your usual table?

[Joaquin] Thank you.

[Anna] Hi.

- [Emma] Thank you.
- You're our only guests, today.

I'll bring your
fruit right away.

- And one tequila.
- Make it two.

Some sugar, please.

Take this.

Well, thanks a lot.

Thank you.

[Mexican music]

Beautiful music, isn't it?

Yes, we love it too.


Thanks so much.

Do you want to join
us for breakfast?

Well, of course! Why not?

- Please.
- No.

You have already started.

[Mauricio] You're very kind.

Go ahead, please.

- Thank you.
- My husband...

Nice to meet you.
Mauricio Cabrera.

- My pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.

- Anna...
- Hi, Anna.

- Please.
- Thank you.


The day is wonderful.

Yes, a splendid day to sail,

but we were told that
the weather would be bad.

Right, Alvaro?

Well, we can't put
our tourists at risk.

We should have
left on a boat trip.

Conditions will be
better tomorrow,

and, if they don't let us,
I will lend you the boat.

Look, I'll forgive you if you bring us some
fresh breakfast wine together with the tequila.

Very good idea.

You should never listen to priests,
meteorologists or politicians.

When we met, we thought
you were American.

American? No, no.

We're Spanish.

Our son lives in New York.

He was going to come,
but he's too busy.

And what does he
do for a living?

He was studying law,
outstanding student.

He works in a restaurant.

His grandfather was Spanish.

Well, he actually lived
here most of his life.

Many Spanish people live here.

That's right.
Let me pour it, thanks.

You're Mexican, aren't you?

Yes, yes.

But, here, we're also tourists.

And you're a teacher.

I was for very long,
but now I translate.

I like it very much.

- What about you?
- Well, I'm...

She is an excellent dancer.

- No, that's not true.
- Really?

I don't have the
right body for it.

- That's not possible.
- Yes, I have scoliosis.

Look, one shoulder is
higher than the other.

You should have seen her dance.

No, what he liked
was going to see me.

- Oh!
- She was wonderful.

I'm too old now.

That's not possible.

That's how dance is.

And what do you do
for a living, sir?

I'm retired.

I'm a lawyer, dedicated
many years to politics...

but, please, don't call me sir.

Thank you.

How long have you been together?


Many centuries.

It's our anniversary, today.

- Congratulations!
- Bravo!

So that's why you're
going sailing tomorrow?

Yeah, that's what
we're hoping for.

We've been
dreaming of it for years.

It must be wonderful.

It's unique.

I've never done it.

Do you want to come
with us, tomorrow?

Are you serious?

We would love to!

No, but we wouldn't
want to interrupt...

- No!
- On the contrary!

We set sail tomorrow. If you decide
to come, we'll wait for you.

Ok, thank you very much.

To the pleasure of meeting you.


Cheers! To your anniversary.

[in Maya]
I found her crying.

The lady in this room?

Alone on the beach.

Do you think that the husband
did something?

She was sad.

Poor thing.

Have you heard anything
else about the accident?


I called from the front desk.

I don't have to go back.

She'll be fine.

That's good.


I'm more at ease.

[indistinct voices]

They're speaking Maya.

I don't know.

[Emma] How could I stop that
vision that overflows me?

[in Italian] How
would it be like

escaping your words

if they have always
been inside me?

So beautiful, isn't it?


I must finish this
no matter how.

Has Nico called?

No, I called and left a message
on the answering machine.

Do you think something
bad happened to them?

If there had been any problem,
they would have called already

to ask for money, for help.

They're fine.
They just couldn't come.

He surely has a lot of work.

Well, I have to finish anyhow.

I'll go train to be in
good shape for tomorrow.

They're good kids, very nice.

I wish they came with us so
that we're not that lonely.


You have food,
beverages, music...

[Joaquin] Thank you!
See you soon!

Mauricio, pull the buoys!



Captain, the house wine.

We're entering the open sea.

This will be the most
beautiful day of your lives.

It will be, indeed.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

They remind me of us
when we were young.

Me too.

Let's make decisions,
change things.

Look, we sell the apartment
and we move here,

to Mexico.

You're drunk already.

I'm not drunk!

I'm happy.

I love the idea.

I could stay here forever.

And I would stay with you.

Look, lay back,
let your body go.

It's like dancing, you see?

Swim with me.

I love you.

[in Maya] Why aren't
they coming back?

They are taking a long time.

I hope they come back soon.

Come on.

Yes, before it gets late.

You're right.

Come on.

[Mexican music]


do you think there's life in
the Universe apart from us?

I don't know...

Not based on science.

I don't think so.

I was reading that a physicist
has two possible answers to why

we've never been
side by side with aliens.

What could that be?

The first one is that humans are the
only ones living in the Universe.

And the other one?

The other one is that all the
intelligent species progress

towards their self-destruction.

That intelligence is the way to
a complete self-annihilation.

That's a bit pessimistic,
isn't it?

Did you know that fish
are being poisoned

and that, one day, the sea
will be completely dead?

You were in politics...

Yes, I was.

Why did previous generations
do nothing to stop all this?

And what is your
generation doing?


I only know that
nothing can be done.

You're so apocalyptic!

Back in the day, I worked,

fought for my beliefs.

I tried.

It's so easy to say that
old people are to blame.

Fuck, I did what I had to!

I think nothing else can be done

but to pretend that we're happy

and that things will
get better someday.

Maybe that's the reason
why things are getting worse.

I'll bring another bottle.

Yes, I received the report,

but I didn't think it was
coming so strong.

No, I let them sail.
That's my fault.

Ok, thanks.

I would have loved
to live by the sea.

[Mexican music]

Ever-mine sea,
sea of infinite faces,

anxious sea of transformations,

sea of my heart,

sea of my blood.

- And it continues, of course...
- That was beautiful!

Did you translate it?

Yes, a long time ago,
into Italian.

If you thought
about your future,

what would you like to be
doing in five or ten years?

I don't know.

Where would you like to be?

With whom?

I don't know. I love to dance,
but I don't know.

If you love it, why not?

It is what I want, actually.

And you?

I only want to be
able not to forget.

What do you want to remember?


My life.

I believe life is like the sun,

and its reflection
is what we remember.

Only a bit, tiny beams.

Almost nothing.

But what's important
is the sun, isn't it?


Perhaps I'm crazy.

You're not.

[Mexican music]

I love that song.

Do you want to dance?

- Sure. Why not?
- Come on.

Hello. This is Alvaro, from
Windows to the Sea Hotel.

Hello. This is Alvaro, from
Windows to the Sea Hotel.

Mr. Joaquin, please answer.

[on radio] Please answer, this is Alvaro,
from Windows to the Sea Hotel.

Answer, please.

[Mexican music]


I was thinking
about what you told me.

I don't know.

My life is quite different.

Perhaps that's
why I'm so...


For instance, I work
in a family company

where everything
is a fucking lie.

You're young, you
have a brilliant wife.

You'll surely do
important things.

She's not my wife.

But I need her... so much.

When I'm with Anna,

I feel that I want to erase everything
and live intensely.

Then erase them again to
go back to my other life.

She's a beautiful woman, indeed.

Mauricio, life is not lived
with two, three or four,

but with hundreds
who make you who you are,

who you live with and who you
even love, at the same time.

There's nothing to erase.

But we have to choose.

You make decisions on your own.

Believe me, you make
decisions on your own.

And after that,
there's nothing else to do.

We must leave
before night falls.

No, no, no! Joaquín!

Look, they're having fun!
Let's stay!

No, it's late.

No, no, no.

[Mauricio] Let's stay
a bit longer.

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

What are you doing, Mauricio?

It's crazy to stay here longer.

Come, come dance. Here!

- Well, ok.
- Come!

Dance, dance!

You're a good dancer, Joaquin!

[all laughing]

I'd like to toast to the day
you met us and how you met us!

'Cause you can't complain
of how we welcomed you.

I toast to this being happiness:

Forgetting about
everything and everyone.

This is our ceremony.

I want another glass!


I'm so tired.


[Mexican music]


Can I ask you
something personal?

Of course.

What were you doing that day when
we found you laying on the sand?

I was praying.

To whom, I don't know.

To Ixchel.


I was praying for my
grandkids, for my son,

for his wife.

I was praying for him.

I was praying for my future.

Ixchel was the goddess
who lived in this island

before the world
became the world.



I want us to be friends.

But we are friends!

[both laugh]


It's time to leave.
Let's go!

No, Joaquin, let's have fun!

Joaquin, enjoy!

Joaquin, you gotta enjoy!


I haven't seen her so
happy in a long time.

She has been my companion.

We have supported one another.

Fuck, time makes you pay.

We should have traveled
more often, stayed closer.

I should have listened to her.

Plan more trips.

Go with her all around
the world, Joaquin!

We must leave as
soon as possible.

Give me the fucking keys.

Son of a bitch!

Crazy fuck!

I'm not crazy.

What's going on, Mauricio?

Nothing! I just don't want
to leave! That's it!

He has thrown the keys!

Oh, please, there's a
fucking emergency boat!

We'll leave tomorrow.

Fuck you!

Alvaro! Alvaro, we need help!

Alvaro! Alvaro!

I said I don't want to leave!

You, bastard!

[Joaquin] You're a poor devil.

You don't deserve her.

You're a worthless idiot.

A coward!

You don't have the guts to live
and deal with your feelings.

You're sorry for yourself,

And now you want
to destroy everyone.

Destroy yourself!

He doesn't deserve you, girl.

[Joaquin] Get away from him.

That's what you think?


You're right. I'm an idiot.

But at least I
have time to change.

You don't have time.

You're already dead
and you don't know it!

What's the matter with you,
Mauricio! You're insane!

I feel sick.

I feel sick.

How are you?

He's crazy.

He's crazy.



[Alvaro] Sorry to interrupt,

I want to report a boat that
has not come back to port.

When was it expected?

[Alvaro] This afternoon.

It's my responsibility,
I let them sail.

Well, we shouldn't panic.

They could be partying
somewhere along the coast.

Maybe, but it would be unusual.

I'm worried about the storm.

We'll pay attention to
any information we get.

If necessary, we'll send a
rescue patrol to look for them.



Anna. Anna, wake up.

We have to go.

Right now?

It's a stupid idea to stay here.
This will sink.

Let's go, Anna.

It could be dangerous
taking the boat now.

It's better to
wait until tomorrow.

The ocean will be quieter.

I don't understand.

Let's go, please.

I'll send the police for you.
Come on.

Wait! I don't want to take
that little boat at midnight!

Let's go, now!

What's the matter with you!
Let go!

- Then I'll leave by myself.
- You're insane, asshole.

Yes! I'm crazy
and what the fuck!

Let's go!

I'm staying here.

Don't be stupid, it will sink!

You're in the
middle of the ocean!

You should've thought
about it before, asshole.



[Mauricio] Anna... Anna!

Anna, get on!

Anna, get on the boat!




Come. Let's go inside.

[boat engine, thunder]

[soft music]

Now that I'm still here,
with you...

now that I
still can remember...

I want to
tell you something.

The results were positive,

It's just a matter
of months, days.

We know it.

My memory has started to fade,
it escapes through my fingers.

This is why I need
to tell you now,

finally, what I've
never told you before.

Each day of my life
you were my home,

my haven.

You were always
where I wanted to get,

where... I always knew...
my beginning and my end were.

I swear I'll never forget you.

Your image and your voice
will belong to me forever,

although someday I
might not recognize you.

Taxi! Taxi!

Get in.

Get in, Anna.


Get in.



[Emma] Very soon, when you find
me with a blank stare,

among the shadows
of my last memories,

don't ever doubt that
I'll be waiting for you,

there, where no
memory is needed.

If destiny brought us together,
now we just have to let it come

and take us by the hand to
the next stop in this trip.


[Emma] I want you to know that
my life with you has been a long,

unexpected and
infinite celebration.

And, yes, I loved you,
and so deep

that I'm sure I will love you
in all my dreams

and in all my memories

even later, much later,

when you no longer
belong to me.