Venom (1981) - full transcript

International terrorists attempt to kidnap a wealthy couples child. Their plan comes unstuck when, a deadly Black Mamba sent by mistake instead of a harmless snake, escapes, and the terrorists and several hostages are trapped in the boy's London home. A tense evening is had by all as the snake creeps around the house picking off the various characters one by one. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

This is the limit, you'll catch a cold.

Mom, Mom.

I want you to take special care
of yourself, Philip.

I want you to promise me that.

- Please, Mom.
- Okay?

You don't want me to spend
my whole time in Rome

- worrying about you, do you, sweetheart?
- No.

Suppose you had an attack
when I wasn't here.

I won't, Mom.

But just suppose.
I'd never forgive myself.

- Look.
- Oh!

We're home.

Oh, well, Master Philip.

Two whole days off from school?


Haven't the heating people finished yet?

Oh, nearly, madame, they'll be
all cleared up by Monday.

But it is working, right?

Oh, yeah.

- It's like a greenhouse in here.
- Where are you going, darling?

- To my zoo.
- I'm leaving in two hours.

I'd like to see a little
of you before I go.

But the animals haven't been fed all day.

Is my father downstairs, Louise?

He's been there all afternoon.

Clearing up his things.


He's making a terrible mess.

Bring us down some tea, please.


Dinner time, everybody.



Come in.

- Hiya, Ruthie.
- How is it?

Any better?

Oh, yeah, yeah, actually,
I'm coming along rather well.

I don't feel like climbing Everest yet,
but there's some life in the ol' dog, yup.

- Poor ol' Daddy.
- Take a look, yeah, poor ol' Daddy.

When does the doctor say it can come off?

Let's just say that I'll be out
of your hair in four weeks.

You know I don't mean that.

You can stay forever if you'd like.

- Come in.
- Your grandson would adore that.

- Yeah, I know.
- Your tea, madame.

Thank you, Louise.

Oh, would you take the jewelry

I left on my dressing table
and give it a good cleaning?

I'll be taking it with me.

- Oh, yes of course.
- Thanks.

- Now, let's see...
- Another one of your lists,

Hey, Ruthie?

I'm just trying to think ahead so you
won't have trouble while I'm away.

You think I worry too much, don't you?

Yes, I do. Once more, you always have.

It's Philip's asthma.
It terrifies me, Daddy.

Of course it terrifies you.

It terrifies me.

That doesn't mean you have to act
like a nanny.

Maybe I shouldn't go.

Michael wouldn't really mind.

What do you mean he wouldn't mind?

He's your husband, isn't he?

You haven't seen him in a month.

It's only going to be a week and believe me,
I'm a big boy, I know how to phone.

If anything goes wrong, I will call you.

Day or night, any time, okay?
It doesn't matter when.

What I've done is, I put a list down
here and this is the phone number...

- Ruthie!
- can get me before...

You're doing it again.

So, what is it?

- What?
- What's the matter?

- What are you worried about?
- Oh, I'm not worried, I was just...

I was just thinking, I mean,
this is quite a big step, isn't it?

Everything's going perfectly.

Look, this isn't just stealing cars.

I mean, if something goes wrong,
they are going to lock us up

and they are going to throw away
the key, you know that, don't you?

Nothing's gonna go wrong.


What if she changes her mind?
What if she decides not to go?

She is packed. She's leaving.

What about Jacmel?
Are you sure he'll come?

Of course I'm sure.

He said he'll come, he'll come.

I don't know.

I don't know.

You want something to worry about?

Worry, sweetheart.

Worry about...

what I'm going to do to you.



And the next day.

And the next.

And the next.

- Boo.
- Hi, Grandpa.

Can I still go?

- Would it be okay?
- Yeah.

- You bet.
- Alone?

Just like you said?

And I can bring him home
with me right then?

Yeah, yeah.


The house must be kept
at no less than 75 degrees.

I put Doctor Graham's home number down.

If there's any sign of an attack,
please call Doctor Graham immediately.

Yes, of course I will.



I want you to take good care of yourself.

- Mommy loves you very much.
- I love you too, Mom.


Ah, now you say hello to Michael, eh?

And don't you worry,
everything's gonna be all right.

He looks pale to me.

Good-bye, Ruthie.

Good-bye, Daddy.

...or I'll tell you about
the time the lion almost got me.

- Yeah!
- Yeah, about the fierce attack.

The abominable courage. Wild eyes.

- Fangs. Slashing claws.
- And swishing tail.

Oh yeah, that swishing tail.

You see... It was in the lost
and lonely crater on Mongabong.

I was leading a safari of photographers,
Germans they were.

Cameras clanging all around them,
big belly.

- And white hairy legs.
- And what?

- White hairy legs.
- Yeah, yeah, white hairy legs.


All at once...

A hush falls over the valley.

- A silent soul...
- Time to go to sleep.

Oh, but it's the best part.

Okay, sport.


It always is, my lovely.

Another time, sport. Another time.

Here you are.

You all right?

- Have a good trip, ma'am.
- Thank you, David.

Flight 20 from Madrid
did arrive on time, sir.

You're sure about that?

Well, if you'd like to find it out
yourself, be my guest.

- Would Mr. Jacmel's driver...
- I was checking.

Please report to the central inquiry desk.

- Mr. Jacmel's driver...
- You Dave? the inquiry desk, please.

- Are you Jacmel?
- We are late, let's go.

You have something for me.

Excuse me, sir.


Mrs. Hopkins said I could go out
for the evening.

So, would you please listen
for Philip, in case he calls?

Yes. Something special?

I hope so.

Have a good time.

Thank you. Good night, sir.

There's the car.

The house is booked for three months
in advance like you asked for.

Here are the keys.

- Darling?
- Yes.

- Is everything all right?
- Very good.

Excellent. Everything is fine.

You're looking thin.

Did you know that?

I'm gonna have to fatten you up
when this is over.

I don't like this.

Dave is chauffeuring.

His hands sweat.

You don't worry about him.
I'll handle him.

You handled him already, hmm?



- Grandpa!
- Hey, it's all right, Phil.

- It's all right, I'm on my way, boy.
- Grandpa!

Just take it easy, huh?

Breathe in.

One, two...



Breathe slow, hey?

Hey! Hey, breathe, yeah, yeah!

Breathe slowly, laddie. Breathe. Slow.

There you are.

Now, now, let's go back
and I'll... I'll continue the story.

Where are you going? What's happening?

Ah, well, he's going out.

- Let's go.
- All right, just a minute.

Philip is my responsibility,
you can't do that.

Oh, he'll be all right,
Louise, just relax.

- Philip, do you hear me?
- Will you just get out of the way, huh?

- You call a taxi?
- That's right. You got the money?

- Philip!
- Yeah!

Do you know what trouble
you'll get me into if you go?

- Now, come on, don't be silly.
- In you go.

- Philip!
- In, in, in, in!

- Philip, please!
- Don't.


- She always carry on like that?
- Philip.

She thinks it's too cold for me.

Ah, that explains it.
Where are we off to, ol' son?


- Is this Mr. Anderson?
- Speaking.

How do you do, sir?

This is Mr. Kapler speaking
from Volke Films.

I'm sorry to be late in telephoning you.

Well, that's quite all right,
I've been expecting your call.

And I must admit, I'm a little intrigued.

Might I ask what the film's all about?

It's an adventure story.

We're shooting on location
in central Africa.

We want you to head the safari.

To do all the arrangements.

Well, well, well.

It's been a little time.
How'd you happen to think of me?

Well, you are the best that there is.

You are practically a living legend.

I'm living, if that's what you mean.

I don't know about the legend part.

I think so, Mr. Anderson.

May I meet you in half an hour
at the Tower Hotel?

To tell you the truth,
that's a little difficult.

Tomorrow would be better.
How about tomorrow?

Oh, I'm sorry, tomorrow I'm gone.

Can't we have a quick drink?
It won't take long.

All right, I guess I can manage that.

Yeah, I'll grab a taxi,
and I'll be right over.

Very good.

I'll be waiting for you
in the cocktail lounge.

I'll see ya then, all right?

Yes, when my guest, Mr. Anderson, arrives,
please tell him I will be slightly delayed.

Thank you.

Can you wait here a moment?
I just have to pick something up.

Don't worry now, my son.
I won't budge until you come back.

Mr. Loewenthal?

Mr. Loewenthal, are you here?

Mr. Loewenthal!

Who is it?

Who's there?

- I... I've come to pick up my...
- What?

What do you want?

- You get away from here.
- I...

Go on. Go away and stay away.

I've come to pick up my order.

Philip Hopkins. Eaton Walk.

Oh, of course. Philip Hopkins.

I'm so sorry I didn't recognize you.

- How's your grandfather?
- Oh, he's fine, thank you.

Your box is here.

You see, Mr. Loewenthal
hasn't been very well.

He had to go the hospital this morning,
I'm sorry I was rude to you.

But boys are always sneakin'
in here, you see.

And it upsets the animals.

Well, I'm sorry about Mr. Loewenthal.

Thank you.

He's a nice boy, Jacob.

Sit down, Jacob.

- Where to now, squire?
- Let's go home, please.


Hello, Fidget.

Little early for lunch, aren't we?

No, you're late.


Tell me. How was the museum?

Oh, Tommy Carter had a book
of dirty pictures.

He tried to show all the girls. Boring.

You wouldn't know how "boring," would you,
my darling, unless you had a tiny peek?

- I'm famished.
- Me too.

- How about Chinese?
- Sweet and sour pork?


Please excuse me, Doctor Stowe.

Sorry to disturb you.

That's all right, Mr. Mukerjee. Come in.

What did you want?

You know the new snake is not a mamba.

I'm sure.

It is not attacking anything
or doing something.


Thanks, I'll... I'll be right down.

Not to mention.

"It is not attacking anything
or doing something."

Listen to me, young lady,

your grammar is not so totally pure,
in case you didn't know.

- Sorry, I was only joking.
- Mm.

I'll be back in a sec.

My name is Anderson
waiting for a Mr. Kepler.

Thank you, sir.

- Mr. Anderson.
- Huh?

Mr. Kepler sends his apologies.
He should be with you shortly.

- Thank you.
- Would you care for something to drink?

You're right.

This is an African house snake.

A totally harmless pet.

What an incredible mistake to make.

Mr. Loewenthal was not there today.

I was dealing only with his wife.

Still, it's a mistake.

Sorry about this traffic, ol' son.

Well, oh, it's all right.

- Oh, it's freezing.
- Isn't it, yeah?

Never mind. We're having chop suey.

You bet.

Let's go.

Oh, my God.

- What is it? What's wrong?
- Oh, here, take this.


- Sergeant?
- Hold on, Mary.

Sorry to interrupt
but there's woman on the phone.

Says she's a doctor.

- Something about a snake.
- "Snake?"

- Hello?
- Sergeant Nash here.

Oh, hello, this is Marion Stowe.
Doctor Marion Stowe.

Of the Institute of Toxicology.


That's... that's poisons, isn't it?

Everything's gone wrong. He's gone crazy.

You see today, we had a shipment in
that was supposed to be a black mamba,

which is probably the most poisonous
snake in the whole world.

Mrs. Loewenthal remembers a boy

coming in to collect a snake
after our man had been there.

The boy's order was
for an African house snake, so you see...

You may have got his order,
and he may have got yours.

Excuse me, sir.

Mr. Kepler called again to say
he really won't keep you

waiting much longer
and hopes you'll forgive the delay.


Why don't you just tell Mr. Kepler
that I could not wait any longer

and that, um...

that if he wants me, why,
he knows just where I am.

Now then, do you have any antidote
for snake bites of this kind?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Listen, I will wait here for ten minutes.

After that, you can find me
at home if you need me.

And I beg you, hurry.

You see, depending on where he was bitten,
the boy could be dead within minutes

and no amount of antivenom
on God's Earth could save him.

Oh, Philip.

I've been so worried about you.
Your grandfather's waiting.

Where is he? Upstairs?

No. He sent a car for you.

He had to go away on business,

but you're going to meet him
at a friend's house, okay?

No. I have to put this new animal
in its cage.

He can't stand the cold.

- Well, I'll do it for you...
- No!

Now, come on, don't be silly.
Philip, don't be silly.

Having problems, are we?

Huh? Philip.


Hello, Philip, what do you got there,
a Bengal tiger?

That's right.

- Who gave you that? Mrs. Gandy I suppose.
- That's right.

- You're a cheeky little bastard, aren't you?
- Not now, leave him alone.

- Well, he bloody is a cheeky little bastard.
- Oh, shut up!

- He is a cheeky little bastard!
- Shush!



Please, sweetheart,
don't make trouble for me.

- Come on, darling.
- No, I don't want to go.

Why not? Grandfather's waiting downstairs.

No! I have to put
this new animal in its vivarium.

- I'll get it.
- All right, all right.

Go on, get me some scissors.



What's this, anyway?

Another one of your little furry animals.


It's the police.

It's the damn police.


It can't be.



What's happening?

- She was bitten by a snake.
- A snake?

It's a house snake. It's harmless.

Where's the snake now?


- No, no!
- Shh.

What's going on here?

She was bitten by a snake.

She was bitten by a bloody great snake,
and it's your fault you bastard,

- for bringing something like that in here!
- You think I'd bring a poisonous snake...

I don't know what the fuck you do,
you bastard!

Shut up, you.

- Who are you?
- I'm a friend of Louise.

- Ah, she's in shock. She needs help.
- I...

I can't... I can't breathe.

It's only shock. You will be all right.

I can't breathe.

What are you doing?

I asked you what you're doing.

What the hell's the matter with you?
All I done...



Don't touch the boy.

Why not? The little bastard kicked me.

You don't touch anybody, unless I say so.

I will tell you what to do. When to do it.

What to say.
I will tell you when to breathe.

What gives you the right
to talk to me like that?

You understand?

You understand?

Lock him in the cellar.

You're coming with me.

What's going on?

Don't worry.

The boy's coming with me for a few days.

Then you will see him again
and everything will be all right.

- Now go.
- Grandpa.

It's all right. It's all right.

- Come on, Louise. Get on your feet.
- No. I'm dying.


I'm... I'm dying.

You're not dying. You'll be all right.

My legs, my legs.

We're leaving, darling.

Now, you make one sound and I'll put my
foot through your stomach, you hear that?

I want to sit down.

- Not yet, darling.
- I have to sit down.

In a little while. Not yet.

- I have to.
- Come on.

On your feet.

You will lie down soon. Not yet.

- What are you doing with that gun?
- You got one.

You can't walk into the street with that.
Put the gun away.

Help! Help!

You idiot.

- I thought that you...
- You thought?

You can't even think, you imbecile.
I don't want you to think.

- Those policemen...
- All right, so I shot a bloody policeman!

Shut up!
And see if there's somebody with him.

Alpha Six... Eaton.

Your signals are unreadable, Alpha Six.

Please repeat.

Oh, God.

Repeat, Alpha Six.

- He... Help me.
- Come in, Alpha Six.

...MP to standby.

No, there's only the one, he's...
he's lying out there by the car.

Let's go right now.

Catch the boy.

Don't worry, darling.
You can do it, you are in good care.

We're leaving right now.

You come here, you little bastard.


Come on, move.

We've had it.

We've all had it.

Let us in here, please. Clear this area.

Scoot. Just move, come on.

Get an ambulance, quick.

- Clear the street.
- Right.

I'm afraid he's dead, sir.

No, I want everybody out.
Keep the street clear.

Everybody. I don't want
anything in here, all right?

Keep it clear.

Okay, fellas, over here.

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

I can hear you.

I have a boy in here.

- Yeah?
- Yes, a boy.

Philip Hopkins. Ten years old.

Send him out then.

It is impossible.

There are certain things I wish.


I talk to you?

You can.

Have you authority?

Depends on what you want.

A car.



Oh, you must be joking.

It is no joke.

I have the boy.

And I have a dead policeman.

It is regrettable.

I wish to leave soon.
Please fetch your superior.

Someone who has authority.

Where's my coffee, Dan?

What's the score, sir?

- What's the score, sir?
- There's no bloody score, Dan.

What do you think this is,
a football game?

This is a police message.
Stay in your homes.

Draw your curtains.
Keep away from your windows.

This is an official police warning.

Stay in your houses.
Do not go to the windows.

Get the old man.

This is a police message.

Stay in your homes. Draw your curtains.

Do not go near the windows.

- Ugh, mamba.
- That's what?

She was bitten by a mamba,
you can see the mole of her bites.

I've seen the same thing in Africa.

Get on your feet. We go upstairs.

- The snake's up there.
- Move!

You can't send anybody into those rooms.

If the snake's there,
we wouldn't have a chance.


My grandfather knows
what he's talking about.

He's the best Safari leader
in the whole of Africa.

I know.

He's the very man we need.

Grandpa! Grandpa! No.



- No, three or four should be enough.
- I'll send them over now.

- Yeah, okay bye.
- Standing by.

Has the control vehicle arrived yet?

I don't want that thing
squawking off and on all day.

They're just coming in now, sir.

All right, ho.

All right, let's go.

Check this room.

Come on, come on.

- Grandpa?
- Shh.

You weren't afraid, were you?

- No, I sure was.
- No, you weren't.

Hey, there's nothing wrong
with being afraid, huh?

Everybody's afraid sometime.

The marksmen are just arriving, sir.


- All right, gents.
- Hello, sir.

- Fellas.
- Good evening, sir.

- You new on this?
- Yes, sir. Martin, sir.

Well, take it easy, boy.

Sergeant Rogers here will
take good care of you.

- Yes, sir. I know that, sir.
- Okay, right now, listen.

They're holed up in number 14.

There's no access out
the sides or the back,

so you're going to be
concentrating everything

straight into the front of the house.

We have clearance to position
your men in nine and 17 across the way.

- Yes, sir.
- Sergeant Glazer here

will take you into the houses
through the back. Any questions?

- No, sir.
- Okay then.

Move in and try not
to freeze your asses off.

Is that the dreaded Bulloch?

That's him.


I don't want anybody passed this point.

I want those bastards to think
that it's just me and them

alone and the damn moon.

And if any of our men coughs
above a whisper, I'll have his balls.

They've got some kind of a...

some kind of a plastic curtain.

I reckon half the police force
are out there now.

They can have the whole British army.

We have the boy.

- How many were there? Did you see?
- What's happening?

Please, go into one
of the back rooms, Mr. Craig.

- We want to stay together.
- Yes, we do.

Yes, fine. Fine.

Go into the back.

Hold it down, lads. Shh!

What's he doing?

That's it.

They're taking the car!

You leave that car,
or I'll blow your head off!

Do you understand?

You'll be killed.

Can you hear me?

I can hear you.

Are you ready to send the boy out yet?

Where's your superior?

- Superior?
- Yes.

Your superior.

What for?

Oh, come on, you playing games with me?

No, no, no, no. I never play games.

I just went for a pee and a cup of coffee.

Oh, you can talk to me, all right.

By the way, if we're gonna talk,
we'd better know who we are.

What's your name?

- My name doesn't matter.
- Oh, yeah?

What about the other guy?

You sound English, boy.

You're a bit out of your depth
on this one, aren't you?


never mind, we'll know in a wee while.

My name's William Bulloch, by the way.

- Is he...
- Shh!

Hey, policeman.

I hear ya.

Then listen carefully.

I want a car and money.

How much?

How much do you think
a cop's life is worth?

I want a million pounds
in mixed currencies.

- And?
- A car.

The yellow one you had carried away.


When I bring the boy out,

the road is clear.

You understand?

I understand.

Come with me.

It's okay.

Come on. Come on.

Can you see him?

Yeah, I see him.

Don't try any tricks.

What the hell are you
flashing the lights for?

Sorry, sir.
I wouldn't if it wasn't important.

- It better be. Give me a cigarette.
- Yes, sir.

We just had a call in from telephone
central from a woman called Marion Stowe,

says she called earlier
and spoke to Sergeant Nash.

- Yeah?
- Well, she said she told him about...

a dangerous snake
she thinks the Hopkins boy

might've taken home with him by mistake.

- You say a snake?
- Yes, sir.

Apparently that's what Nash
was working on when he was shot.

She doesn't sound like a crank,
she's a doctor.

I've sent a car for her anyways,
so she'll be, she'll be here soon.


The boy has asthma.
Let me go upstairs and get his medicine.

I can't let you go now.
A little bit later.



I know that policeman, he's a killer.


- out...
- We have the boy.

It's gonna be all right.



Okay, what have we got?

He wanted to know about
the adjoining foundation, sir.

They're double brick, original walls.

So, they couldn't get out through
the houses on either side then?

- Not without a bulldozer, sir.
- Right.

Here's what I want, lads.

I want underground plans and sewer
plans and pipe plans and any plans.

If there's a rabbit hole under that house,
I want a plan, okay?


There are servants in that house.

I want to know who they are
and everything about them.

Right, sir.

Yard info's coming through now, sir.

- Do you want it on the speaker?
- Yes.

House Eaton Walk, number 14.

Confirm owner, Michael Hopkins.

Nationality, USA.

Occupation, hotel chain owner operator.

Any further details requested?

This is Gamma One here with an AIR.

Give us everything you've got on
the servants in the Hopkins household.

Where's the boy's mother?

In Rome, sir,
waiting for her husband to arrive.

And where is he, the husband, again?

You remember, sir,
grounded in Zurich, fogged in some.

- Oh, right.
- Yes.

See if you can figure out a way
to find out about that foreigner.

I want that pig.


A Dr. Stowe.

Dr. Stowe.

- Thanks for getting here so quickly.
- That's all right.

If you'd like to come over here,
you can meet Commander Bulloch.

All right?

Just hold on a minute,
I'll tell him you're here.

Well, we want that as soon as possible.

Think this is likely to be a long one?

You never can tell.

Bulloch had us on that Sunderland
Street job for five days.

Number one here, sir.

- Let's get some coffee, Dan.
- Yeah, coming up, sir.


Doctor, tell me.

It's a very dangerous snake.

But could you tell me just how dangerous
"very dangerous" is?

The most dangerous snake
in the whole world.

That dangerous.

You see, mambas are also aggressive,

which tends to make them a little awkward.

Awkward? I like that.

- Now, go on, so it's black, it's...
- No.

It's not funny, love,
it's a grayish/brownish color.

Only the inside of the mouth is black.

They're extraordinary creatures,
terribly nervous,

terribly unpredictable, paranoid, really.

And in a confined space like that,
they'll attack just whatever they can.

They also happen to be
the fastest snake in the world.

They're capable
of launching themselves body...

10-15 feet through the air.

Their strikes are fast,
and nobody could possibly get away.

Look, doctor, could you tell me,
if someone gets bitten,

what are the chances they'll live.

Without the antivenom,
no chance, no chance at all.

In all the case studies we know of,
mamba bites are 100% fatal.

And if they get the antivenom?

Oh, then, there's a 50/50 chance,

provided the victim isn't allergic
to the antivenom.

This also can be fatal.

Gee-whiz, terrific.

- Okay, Dan.
- Yes, sir?

That's it, then.
We're gonna have to tell 'em.

- They won't believe you, sir.
- No, I wouldn't think so.

There's a 10-year-old boy in that house.

I'm aware.

I'm aware of that.

- What do you want me to do?
- I want you to tell them.

Tell them the truth.

And no harm will come to you.

I'll be there standing right next to you.

All right.

But you'd best get hold of David Ball.

He's the reptile man at the London Zoo.

He's better equipped to dealing
with this sort of situation than I am.

Yeah, see to it, Dan.

Yeah, David Ball?

He's not doing what you said.

He is not bringing back the car.

It's like a bloody morgue back there!

He's trying to get on your nerves.


Let's save some for later.

It's okay. Fine.


Yes, it's very quiet here.
We're just waiting.

He's coming back.

He's brought a woman with him.


Can you hear me?

Yes, I hear you.

There's something you should know.

I want you to listen to this lady.


My name is Marion Stowe, I'm a doctor.

I work at the Institute of Toxicology
off of Camstead.

My specialty is poisonous snakes.

I've come to warn you that there is
a poisonous snake in that house.

This afternoon, the little boy
was given a wrong snake by mistake.

Instead of his pet pal snake,

he was given a black mamba,
a highly venomous reptile.

I... I do beg you, if the crate
has not already been opened,

do not open it under any circumstances!

Tell 'em about the antivenom.

Oh, yes, I have with me here an antidote

in case anyone has been bitten.

Well, that...

That's all I have to say.

You come late with your warning.

The snake is loose.

What the hell
do you have to tell them that for?

It has just bitten someone.

- Oh, my...
- The boy?

No, the maid.

Her throat is numb. She can't breathe.

Yes, those are the symptoms.

She's of no concern to us,
but if you wish to save her,

you may use your medicine.

We'll put the syringe on the steps,
and you can do it.

- No.
- Why not?

That is too tricky.

If this lady is a doctor,

let her come into the house.

Not a chance.

Then you will let the maid die, policeman.

I'm not letting the doctor in that house.

I can bring her to the steps.

The doctor can inject her there.


You put her on the steps, and I'll do it.


All right.

Bring the maid to the steps,
and I'll come.

You never did this...

- Sergeant Rogers.
- Rogers here.

Doctor will be approaching
the front step of the house.

- Are you covering?
- I've got it.

I have all weapons trained on the area.

Now, we have marksmen, and they'll be
covering you every inch of the way.

While Dr. Stowe is treating the maid,

I want no movement at the windows
or the front door.

- Understand?
- This is understood.

You come with me. Get up.

What's happening?

Just watch the boy. Come on, quick.

- Come on!
- All right, all right.

All right.

You don't have to do this, you know.

Yes, I do know.

Go ahead.


I've come to help you.

I have an injection here
that's going to help you.

You have to turn over now.

I'm... I'm not going to hurt you.

Stay still, or you will die here.

What the hell did you
bring her in here for?

I told you to watch the boy.

I am sick to death at what you tell me
to do here, you hear that?

I'm sick to mighty death
at what you tell me to do!

Get back.

Get into that room!

My name's Howard Anderson.
I'm the boy's grandfather.

If you try any tricks, I shoot you,
you understand, doctor?

Yes, I understand.

Come on, both of you.

Where's the mamba?

- We don't know.
- And the maid?

- What's happened to the maid?
- She'd dead.

Oh, no. And the little boy?
Where's the little boy?

He's all right, more or less.

Oh, geez, Sampson, come on
Where are the bloody maps?

Being made to order, are they?

- They're over there, sir.
- Hey?

- Over there on the table, sir.
- Oh...


Good, let's see these.

- 1938, that's no good.
- 1919, that one, sir.

That's the same.


Wait a minute.

Look at that.

Look at the mews at the back,
it's not the same.

In 1795, it was part of the house.

Yes, stabling, probably.

I'll bet my bottom dollar there was
a servants' entrance to that stable.

- See if you can find it for me, Dan.
- Yes, sir.

He needs his inhaler.

- Well, go get it.
- We can't.

Did it ever occur to you,
if this boy dies, you'll have nothing?

Just do the best you can.

He... He must have medication right now.

Look, just let me go upstairs
and get the boy's medicine.

I ask you, I ask you very kindly,
may I get the boy's medicine?

Listen, who gives a damn
whether the boy dies or not,

they're not gonna know
about that outside, are they?

Let's go.

Calm down.

That's it.

There's a torch in there.

Come on.

Don't know why they bother.

Let's try it with this one.

Try on that other side.

Look, I'm...

I'm thirsty, I fancy a drink.

How 'bout you?

Why not?


Yes, it'll help us relax a bit.

What would you like?
We've got whiskey, brandy, gin.

I think we've got most things.

I think I'll have a whiskey.

Coming up.

- What is it?
- It's the mamba.

Get back!

Cover them.

How the hell did it get in?

Came in that ducting.

Excuse me, there is one thing we can do.

What's that?


snakes can't stand the cold, you see,

that's why it's in the duct,
it likes the heat.

So, if you were to put off
the central heating,

with any luck, he may go into a coma.

I'll think about it.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Yeah?

Report from the yard, sir, on the staff.

The chauffeur's name
is David Alfred Connelly,

two years national service,
no criminal record.

- And the maid?
- Louise Andrews.

She's been employed by the Hopkins
for eight months, excellent references.

No criminal record,
but this'll interest you, sir.

Interpol have kept a running file on her,

ever since she lived with a German
underworld figure,

known as Miiller,
with a whole string of aliases.

- Got 'em.
- The Yard thinks so, too, sir.

They've got Interpol
digging out his file now, sir.

All right, the minute you have it.

Yes, sir.

All right.

Breathe deeply.

- You do it, all right, he cannot do it.
- Easy, easy.

You tell me. It has to be done properly.

- With what?
- Here.

Now, this is the last bloody thing
I do for you.

In here.

Fine. Coming in now, sir.

Interpol record 18, stroke 44.

Jacques Miiller, alias Jacmel,

alias Hans Kepler.

Fugitive, indicted Milan 1968...

- Gamma One here.
- ...kidnapping.

- 1965...
- Yes, I've got that, thanks.

The Yard have contacted
Mrs. Hopkins, sir, in Rome.

- She's on her way back to London.
- Oh, terrific. That'll be a great help.

- All right.
- It's there, sir.


The old door to the house,
it's in the mews shop where you said.

What's that?

Wait here.

Can you hear me, policeman?

I hear you.

I withdrew something from the window,

a gift from Dr. Stowe.

Every half an hour another,
until the money comes and the car.

They've cut her bloody finger off.

Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith.

Give me a preliminary report on that
before you take it to Lambeth.

- Fast as you can.
- Will do.

- Commander?
- Yeah?

This is Mr. Ball, sir,
from the London Zoo.

I'll be with you in a minute, Mr. Ball.

I want a motorcycle patrolman here,
a tall one. Now.

- A tall one, sir?
- And, Dan, get my revolver for me.

- Yes, sir.
- Do you still have Mr. Hopkins standing by?

Yes, sir.

- Put him on the line for me.
- Right, sir.

They're bringing back the car.

They fell for it. You've done it.

You're a bloody genius, you know that?

The money's on its way.

I've instructed Mr. Hopkins,
London manager, to assemble it.

Did you hear that?

I heard.

So, there's no need for you
to hurt Dr. Stowe again.

You understand that?

I want small notes.

Swiss francs, dollars,

old ones, not bigger than a ten.

German marks.

We're working on it.

Eaton Walk, and hurry.

How 'bout a drink then, eh?

- Time to celebrate.
- Why not? They've given in.

They're bringing the money, aren't they?

Easy, huh? Just like that.

Well, like you said, we got the boy,
and now we got the woman, don't we?

And the man out there?

He won't do nothing,
just give us the money?

Well, he said he would, didn't he?

I don't know what he can do,
but if I was him, I would do something.

Don't forget, you've killed a policeman.


We killed a policeman.

There's such a law
as conspiracy in this country.

You are just as much
involved in this as I am.


So, what do we do?

We be very careful.
We check and we check, hmm?

Now, go downstairs,
check every door, every window,

also check the cellar.

See if they are locked. Then check again.

You want me to go on
checking all those things?

What about that snake?
What about that... that bloody Mamba?

Take him.

- And the leggings?
- And the leggings.

- And the helmet?
- And the helmet.

- Can I ask you why, sir?
- No, you may not ask me why.

You'll want the gloves, too.

- And the gloves, Williams.
- And the goggles.

I already have the goggles.

Gun down.

Oh, you'll want a shotgun.
That thing's no good.

We haven't got a shotgun, Mr. Ball.

I am not proficient with a shotgun.

I am what is known
as an authorized pistol shot,

which means that I am trained
to use a handgun.

If we want a shotgun,
I will have to send for someone

who is trained to use a shotgun, Mr. Ball.

In that case, I think you better let me
go with you, Mr. Bulloch.

By all means, Mr. Ball.

- Where is it?
- That wall, sir.

You got a knife?

Do you want to try this, sir?

Yes, thanks.

Be quiet. Shh.



Okay, boy, over to you.

Right. Try that, sir.

Okay, go ahead.

That's it. That's it.

Oil the hinges.

We can push this.

Okay? Lighter.

Check the window.

Don't shoot.

- Who are you?
- Howard Anderson, boy's grandfather.

Watch out!


- Philip!
- Ma'am, get...

Philip! Philip! Philip!


- How did she get in?
- Sorry, sir, I just couldn't hold her, sir.

- Where is she now?
- Hey, Commander.

In the car with a cup of coffee.
Borrowed a drop of your rum.

Thank you, Williams.

- Warm enough.
- Do you wanna see her, sir?

No, but I will.

Who are they?

Mr. Hopkins' partner and the bank manager.

They brought the money with them, too.


- I'll speak to the mother first and...
- Excuse me, sir.

Just a minute.

And then I'll talk to the Hopkins' partner
and the bank manager.

- Right, sir.
- Yeah? Who are you? What do you want?

Smith, sir, lab liaison.

- May I, may I have a word?
- Well, can't it wait?

It's about the exhibit, sir,

- the... the one in the cigarette box.
- Yeah?

- The blood vessels, sir.
- And what about them?

Just here, sir.

I don't believe this finger
was cut from a living body.

Look at the vein endings here, sir.

Are you sure?

I can't be sure, sir,
until we send it along to Lambeth.

Well, don't bullshit me, man,
are you sure?

Yes, sir.

Thank you, Smith.

So, there's one thing sure,

nobody's coming in the cellar
with that thing there.


And don't hurt her.

Are you threatening me?

Get in.

Over there.

- On the floor.
- Yeah.

Oh, help him, please. Do something.

Mrs. Hopkins, we are doing
everything we can.

It'll be all right.

- Sir.
- If you just... Whoa, just, wait a minute.

Look, we're doing the best we can.

Everything will be all right.

Get her out of here. Get her to a doctor.

Yes, sure, sir.

Lord Dunning is here, sir.

Oh, is he, yeah.

We've got your boy, don't worry.

- Good evening, sir.
- Evening, Commander.

I understand you've got
your hands full here.

Yes, sir.

- How's it seem to be going?
- Well, it's hard to say exactly.

There's only one
of the kidnappers left alive.

What about the Hopkins boy?
Is he all right?

At this moment, yes, sir.


I understand Dr. Stowe
is inside the house now.

Yes, sir.

- An unfortunate... mishap.
- Yes, unfortunate.

We wouldn't anything to happen
to her, would we, commander?

- No, sir.
- No.

Well, I won't take up
anymore of your time.

I'm sure you wanna get on
with what you're doing.

Wouldn't want anything
to go wrong, you know?

Don't move.

Can you hear me?

Yes, I hear you.

- The money's here.
- Then bring it.

It's down there at the end
of the street with those men.

Bring it!

There'll be no hand over until I'm sure
that all the hostages are all right.

A great policeman.

Hey, you. Get up.

- It's all right.
- Come on, move!

I don't understand.


Because I say so.

You're going out on the balcony.

You say you're all right. That's all.


- Yes.
- You go out very slow.

Stay where the policeman can see you.

When I tell you, come back,
very slow, understand?

- Yes.
- Move.

Very slow.

Hello, doctor.

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm all right.

What happened to your hand then?

Don't answer.

The boy?

Mr. Anderson?

They're all right.


They're all right.

Hey, policeman.


I'm coming out now.

The boy will be in front of me.

I want the car and the money, now!

If I'm not followed or interfered with,

I will release the boy later.

Okay, policeman?

All right.

Step back.

One step at a time.

Another step.



Move over.

Get out of the line of fire!


Hey, get it moving!

Can we have that ambulance
in here, please?

- Come on, quick as you can.
- Oh, man.

'Kay, now keep the entrance clear, boys.

There's gonna be people
coming out of here.

Sorry, madame, you can't go in there.

I'm his mother!

Okay, boys, just take it easy.
Don't worry, it's all over.

You'll get your pictures.

- You all right, doctor?
- Yes, I'm fine.

You all right, sir?

Clear the way, please.

That's it, that's it.

That's it. That's it.

Offer you a little lift?

All right?

Why not?

- You all right, son?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Come on.

Quickly as you can.

Well, Dan, let's get to work.

If we get out of here in under
three hours, I'll buy you a drink.

Might find a drop of whiskey
in there, sir.