Venom (2005) - full transcript

SPOILER: Eric and his Yankee teenage mates travel South by motorbike to a swampy backwater town in Louisiana, where Sean's father Ray lived, the local tow truck driver, who abandoned the then baby-boy and his mother. Ray recently died, while trying to rescue a voodoo witch and at her urging her trunk, which got opened and released the poisonous serpents possessed by the souls of truly evil sinners she trapped in them. Ray was bitten and possessed as the car sunk, and shortly after it's dragged out rises as an 'undead' zombie, who murders without provocation and is immune to lethal weapons. He soon finds the teens' trace and proves his indiscriminately evil blood-thirst by charging his only offspring equally lethally. However they were warned by Eden's friend Cece, the witch's granddaughter, who explained the situation in her home and assures them when the zombie attacks it's safe thanks to a 'blessed' spell preventing evil from entering; alas the chain- and crowbar-waving undead finds a way round that: drag them out of it and make it fall apart. After the boys prove too brave and loyal for their own good, only Eden escapes alive, and the battle-site is moved to the tomb where the voodoo evil resides in a sarcophagus for their fight to the (un)death while she sort of learns enough voodoo by trial and error...




(speaks Haitian Creole)

(# "Just the Girl" by The Click
on radio)

I feel great, man.
I get it. You Iive in an armpit.

What is so wrong with this town, huh?

Besides archaic beliefs
and backward mentality?

Hey, come on, I Iike it here.

- (girl) Sean?
- What?

We're almost drunk.
Can we have a Iittle more booze, please?

- That's all.
- (girl) You're the best.

So you're just gonna stare at her
through plate glass all night?

She doesn't want to talk.

- I can tell by her posture.
- Pos...

Did you see that?


- Are you OK?
- Yeah.

No, it started raining.

- You and Eric will work everything out.
- Oh, yeah? How's that?

Hm... I have a feeling
for these kind of things.


Have some.

Hey, Ray.
How are you doing tonight?

- AII right, I guess.
- Got your order all ready.

Here you go, Ray.
Have a good one.

- That man gives me the weebies.
- It's just a scar, Rachel.

Forget the scar.
It's his eyes, the way he stares you down.


(speaks Haitian Creole)

So tell me, is that synthetic Ieather?

We got it at Lacey's in Baton Rouge.

You got it at Lacey's. I was in Barnes and
Noble. Do not make me part of your felony.

- You stole it?
- Well, I wasn't gonna buy it. It's too ugly.

And I felt bad taking a nice one.
I have a conscience.

- You're still a crook.
- Yeah, a crook with a nice rack.

Don't you think?

You may not want
to pull those out too often.

- Ray!.
- What are you doing? Stop!.

- Ray!. Hey, Ray!.
- Tammy!.

- Yeah, you Iike that?
- (girl) Tammy!. That redneck ain't right.

So Iong, sucker!.

- (Rachel) Come on.
- (Eden) You're not touching my hair.

(Rachel) What?
You don't trust me? I'm offended.

Mitzi said if I get my Iicense, she'II give me
a chair and I can build up my clientele.

Mitzi will have to die
before you get a clientele.

She rolls around on a stool now, cutting
hair and doing color. It will not be Iong.

I can wait.

- That's getting embarrassing.
- Tuition, car payment.

Tuition, car payment.

"Who's the scrub on the bike?"

"Oh, that's Dr. Sinclair.
She clips coupons, too."

- Good night, Rachel.
- Good night, Eden.

("Already Home" by Tim Cullen
on radio)


Eden, come on.

- What's going on?
- You broke up with me, Eric.

What are you talking about?
You broke up with me.

I said we should
get serious about me going away.

Yeah, to LSU, not Columbia.

The grants came through.
What was I meant to do?

How about telling me
you applied to Columbia in the first place?

I knew you'd get upset.

Oh, so you'd announce one day, "Oh, by
the way, I'm going to school in New York."

Not Baton Rouge Iike we'd planned. We
were gonna see each other on weekends.

There is nothing here for me.
I mean, you have your dad's business.

Be realistic.
I'm gonna have to move away.

You can't be a doctor here?

I don't want this town.

Are you sure?

Or is it me you don't want?

(truck approaches)


Everything OK here?

Actually, Ray, we're kind of in the middle
of something, you know? Private.

- Is this boy giving you trouble?
- No.

No, Ray, it's OK.
We're just talking.

Bridge ain't nowhere to park a car, boy.

- Use some sense.
- Thanks, Ray.

- Jesus!
- (Enc) Who is it?

- It's Cece's grandmother.
- See what you've done?

- You were on the wrong side of the road.
- Look where your car is!

Both of you just shut up. She just moved.
Miss Emmie, are you OK?

Eric, no!

Ray! Help us!

(Ray) Get out of the way.

- I'II take hold of her and pass her off, OK?
- OK.

It's OK. I got you.

The suitcase.

(speaks Haitian Creole)

The suitcase, please.

You must... Oh, please...

PIease... you must...

- It's OK. It's OK.
- (Miss Emmie) You must...

You must...

OK. It's OK.

(speaks Haitian Creole)

It's gonna be OK.
It's gonna be OK.

- What are you doing?
- Give me a second.

(speaks Haitian Creole)

- Come on, Ray. Get the hell out of the car.
- It's OK, kid.

- (speaks Haitian Creole)
- PIease, just stay...

(speaks Haitian Creole)


Ray! No!

Ray! Ray!

- No!
- Eric, no!



(Enc) Oh, my God.

(man) Get me up to speed.
What's going on?

Junior and the man got him out.

But they can't do much
about the car until the tide drops.


Something got a hold of him good
down there.

Messed him up real bad.

Damn swamp's full of snakes.

Check this out.

They retrieved it from the car.

What is that?

Some kind of Veve.

OId-time Creole.

My granddaddy
got stories about that woman.

Keep you up nights.

Look here. I want this bridge secured
and this road cleared.

Hold on, now.
My day off started two hours ago.

- How am I supposed to tow a tow truck?
- Goddammit, boy, hop to it.


It was an accident, Eric.

They're both dead.

I should have gone in.
I should have tried to save him.

So what?
That you could have drowned too?

I should have done something.

(speaks Haitian Creole)


- Was there a suitcase?
- I'm sorry, child?

Was there a suitcase in the car?

Yeah, there was.
We pulled it out. It was empty.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Cece, are you OK?

- What happened?
- It was an accident.

What happened to Ray?
They said he was in the car.

The car went in the water.

He drowned.

Is that true?

Either that or the swamp snakes got him.
We don't know for sure.

Oh, my God.

I need to go to my grandma's house.

- Take me to my grandma's house.
- You don't want to be there alone.

PIease, please. My dad, he's in Biloxi.
He'II be there till Sunday.

Can you please just take me
to my grandmother's house?

AII right. I'II take you.

(man) Snakes.

I'm telling you.

I don't know, some damn swamp snakes
chewed his ass up.

I swear to Jesus. It's a mess.

I ain't seen nothing Iike this
since old man Hardy died in that mill fire.


Hold on a second.


Sorry about that.
He had a death rattle.

Well, Hank don't get in
till noon tomorrow.

I'm sorry, honey pie.

Yeah, me too.

Bye, girl.


Jesus Christ.

Four years out of the academy
and he's giving me this bullshit.



The sheriff is gonna have my ass...

(radio) You done with that tow truck?
The shenffs asking for you.

Not now, bitch.

Pain in the butt.



AII right, now.

Who's in here?


- Shit.
- (clinking)


AII right, now.

This is Deputy Darrell Turner.

I want whoever's out here...

to show themselves.


Oh, shit!

- Give me the sheriff.
- (radio) Turner, where you at, boy?

Betty, just do what I say.

Get me the sheriff right now.

(train approaches)

- Honey, how are you?
- I'm fine.

How'd you sleep?
Oh, thank God you're OK.

- What can I get you? Are you hungry?
- No. I'm OK, thank you.

- Coffee?
- Sure.

- New York?
- Yeah.

That sucks. Have you ever been there?
The place smells.

I don't knowwhat's going on with her.
She's changed.

- It started when her dad got sick.
- Well, she needs to get over that shit.


- About Iast night...
- Yeah, what?

- I'm sorry, you know.
- Will you stop with that, please?

Look around.
The world's a better place without that guy.

Come on, this has got to upset you.

No. He was nothing to me, all right?

I mean, I didn't even speak two words
to this guy in my entire Iife.

He's a redneck piece of shit, he got
my mom drunk, and he Ieft her pregnant.

That doesn't make him my father.


You know, the guy's dead.

When is this town
just gonna shut up about it?





(engine starts)

I mean, are you sure it was Ray's tow
truck? Not a pickup, an SUV, a Miata?

There's no mistaking that truck.

I don't know what to say.
I mean, it's kind of impossible, Eden.

Ray Sawyer was a dick.
I'm sorry. I know he's dead.

- Whatever. He's a dead dick.
- You're bad.

It was the scar that made him mean.

No. He's had that scar
ever since he was a kid, fighting.

- Some people are just born rotten.
- Or gay.

- Or bitchy.
- Or bitchy.

Come on, hooker. We got a mall
to knock over. Ricky, you coming or not?

No, I've reached my daily Iimit.

Come on.
I'II drop you off at Abercrombie.

Let's go have some fun.

Do you know about Cece's grandma?

I heard the same stories as you. She was
a big-time mambo priestess or something.

What were you doing at the cemetery?

I went to see my dad.

Look, Iast night was rough.
It's been a rough year.

Give yourself a break.

- I'm crazy, huh?
- No. I'm the crazy one.

Now, I'm off soon.
You are gonna hang out with me today.

We're gonna go to the Iake and you
are gonna forget about Iast night. OK?

(radio playing)

- You don't need air.
- It'II take two seconds.

See? It's Iow.

- You're taking a dead man's air.
- Air's free.

- Yeah. I'm gonna pee.
- You're using a dead man's toilet.

Oh, I promise to flush and be polite.

Hey, Tammy. If you wanted somewhere
to break in and enter, now's your chance.

- Will you hurry? We're gonna hit traffic.
- Shut up.


- Ugh!
- (flies buzzing)


Patty, come on.
The mall closes at eight.

(shuts till)

Patty. Come on, dude.





Goddammit. Fuck!


What the fuck...?








No! No!


PIease Ieave me alone.



No! No!


Oh, please!

No! No, no!

No, no, no, no!

PIease, no! PIease!


- More beer!
- You're gonna have to work for it.

- You're drunk.
- You're drunk? You didn't have anything.

No, you're drunk.

I don't know, Eden.

(Eden) I know it doesn't make sense,
but something really weird is going on.

You saw it yourself. When Cece found out
Ray was killed by snakes, she flipped out.

Her grandmother just died, Eden.

She was upset.
We're all upset.

I think I'm gonna go check up on her.

My mom says that Miss Emmie
Iived out at the end of Fuller Road,

and she's there all by herself.

Hey, you know, I don't want you to get
all worked up about this voodoo shit.

It's not real.
It's just Louisiana folklore.

Yeah, I know.


Are we still fighting?

- (Sean) Are you fucking kidding me?
- I swear to God I am not making this up.

- You guys, what's going on?
- The town is upside down.

Deputy Turner and Terry Parker
who works at the morgue are missing.

And here's the really fucked-up part.
So is Ray Sawyer.

- Ray's dead, Ricky.
- Yeah. That's the really fucked-up part.

His body's missing.

What the fuck
are you all Iooking at me for?

- Fuck this.
- Sean, where are you going? Sean! Sean!

- I'm gonna go check on Cece.
- Eric, stop him. He's drunk.

(engine starts)


What are you doing, man?
You can't drive Iike this.

He's not gonna go away.
He'II never fucking go away.

Get off the bike and we'II talk about it.

Oh, fuck this.

Drunk fucker.

This is where Cece Iives?

No, her grandmother does.
Come on, I think it's this way.


(Ricky) Nice house.


(Ricky) The mambo woman
meant business, huh?

(Rachel) AII this voodoo shit
weirds me out.


Just go in.

- (Eden) What?
- (Rachel) What is that?

- (Eden) I don't know.
- (Rachel) I don't Iike it.


(Rachel) I don't think she's here.

Check this out.

- (Rachel) What's it supposed to be?
- (Ricky) I don't know.

It's a milking ceremony.

It's an old Haitian ritual.

The mambo's saving the man's soul,
cleansing him of his evil.

It's his Iast rites.

The snakes
are charmed by the mambo.

They suck out the man's evil...

so that his soul may pass on.

What are you guys doing here?

We need to talk.


(Sean) Guess
this is all mine now, huh?

You knowwhat I'm gonna do?

I've been thinking about this.
I think I'm gonna repaint this place.

Yeah, spruce it up a bit.

Bring the business back
to the Happy Time gas station.

What do you think, Iike a Iight blue,
maybe? A sunny yellow, perhaps?

Something real happy, right?

Come on, Sean.
I'II take you home.

So how do I Iook?

Do I Iook Iike
I'm gonna be a good gas pumper, huh?

'Course, I'm gonna have to get myself
a tattoo, right? And a big scar.

'Cause if I'm gonna be the new town freak,
I gotta do it all the way, correct?

(bell nngs)

- Hear that?
- (bell nngs)

So what do you think, man?

Do you think I got what it takes? Huh?
Do I got what it takes?

Are people gonna come through here
and ring my bell?

Huh? Are they gonna ring my bell?
You think they'II come through?

- Don't do this, man.
- Don't do what?

Yeah, don't worry, Dad.
I'II make you real fucking proud.

Sean! Sean, come on, man!

Sean, stop it!

- Get the fuck off me!
- Come on.

(Sean) Oh, shit!


This is some weird shit.

I don't Iike it.

When did Ray's body go missing?

I don't know, but I think I saw
his truck this morning at the cemetery.

Who else is missing?

Terry who works at the morgue...

and Deputy Turner.

What's going on, Cece?

It's a voodoo temple.

Grandma was a mambo,
Iike her mother before her.

It's in our blood, Eden.

For generations,
people would come here to worship.

It's a religion, Iike any other.

It's full of spirits - both good and evil.

They're called Ioas.

Grandma helped a Iot of people here.

She was a good woman.

Your grandmother was wearing this.

It's a baka.

It's a charm that protects against evil.

What was she doing
out so Iate Iast night?

You know over in Cypress,
where they're building that new mill?

There's an old Creole burial ground there.

She was afraid of what
someone might find if they started digging.

The suitcase?

Grandma saved souls.



the most vile men.

She milked them of evil.

What was in that suitcase, Cece?

Every soul that she ever milked...

was inside that suitcase.

So if those snakes got set free
and if they killed Ray,

the evil of countless souls
is inside of him right now...

possessing his body.

You're really
starting to scare me, Cece.

You said it yourself.
You saw his truck outside the cemetery.

Now his only instinct will be to kill
and to sacrifice to the dark Ioas.

Nobody's safe, Eden.

Nobody's safe.

Should we go now?

She's really out of it. I mean, she's saying
some weird stuff. I think she needs help.

- What's wrong?
- I don't know, but there's no phone here.

- Do you have your cell?
- Like we're gonna have reception here?

Listen. You guys need to go to my house,
get my mom and bring her here.

Call the sheriff.
Make sure he gets here too.

What is going on, Eden?

I don't know, OK?
Just hurry.

I'II stay with Cece.

Let's go.

Let's go.

- I sent Rachel and Ricky for help.
- You should've gone too.

Grandma's dead.

I'm the only descendant Ieft.
Ray Sawyer will come here.

He'II want me dead,
and he will kill anyone in his path.

- You need help, Cece.
- There is no help.

You saw Ray at the cemetery because
he needs a sacred place to worship.

Reaping the souls of all that he kills
is his only purpose now.

And he won't stop.


- Did you hear that?
- What?

(birds fluttenng)

It's nothing.

Come on, come on.

What the fuck...?

My fucking car!
I can't believe this.

- That's what the bottom of a car Iooks Iike.
- I don't think that's funny.

Is that Ray's truck?


What was that?

- I don't know.
- (rustling)




Rachel, go! Go!

(Rachel screams)

Don't go out there.
Don't go out there!

(Rachel) Eden!

- What's going on?
- It's Ray! It's Ray Sawyer!

Oh, my God.

Run! Run! Hurry!


- Rachel!
- Come on!

- Hurry!
- (screaming)

Oh, my God!

(Cece) He's coming!
He's coming!

Argh! Argh!

(Cece) CIose the door!

- But we have to help him.
- No! No! Don't go out there.

Argh! Argh!


Aaaargh! Aaaargh!

- We have to get out of here.
- No. We have to stay here. It's safe here.

- No, it's not safe here!
- Yes, it is!

The house is spelled.
He can't come in.

- Oh, God! Ricky.
- Rachel, it's gonna be OK.

What the hell is he doing?

How... how can he be alive?

We need a gun.
Did your grandmother have a gun?

- It won't help.
- Where's the fucking gun?

I don't know.
The bedroom.


We're safe here.

You're kidding, right?
Did you see that fucking thing?

This house has been blessed.

- It's protected against evil.
- Fucking great.

I'm glad your grandma hexed the house
when she should have installed a phone.


- What the fuck is going on?
- I don't know. Come on, come on.

Holy shit.

Oh. Eden!

Eric, get inside!

(Rachel) Sean! Run!

Get inside, Eric!

Sean, come on!
Come on!

- Tell me that wasn't Ray Sawyer.
- He killed Ricky.

It's OK. We're safe in here.
We're safe, right?

The altar room will be safest.

- That thing can't be Ray.
- It's Ray, Sean.

Yeah, but Ray's dead.



Sean, no!

No! He's baiting you.
Don't go out there. Don't go!

(Rachel) Sean! No! Sean!

(Enc) Get up! Come on! Come on!

Come on!


Eden, it's OK.

(Enc) It's OK. Eden.

You got him.

You fucking got him.


Sean! No!

- No!
- Sean!

(Eden) Oh, my God!

- Sean! Sean!
- (Enc) Sean! Sean!

Come on, come on.

Oh, my God! We need
to stop the bleeding! Get something!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

It's not stopping!

Sean! Sean! Sean!

Help him, please!

(Enc) PIease! PIease!


He's just standing there.

How do we stop that thing, Cece?

With the baka.

Grandma says it has power over the evil,
but without her, I don't know.

- It's impossible.
- No.

There has to be another way.

You know this voodoo stuff. Can't you, Iike,
demilk him with a ritual or something?

That's real mambo work.

I only know the Iittle things,
Iike dolls and spells and...

I can't.

(Enc) He's gone again.

He didn't go far.

- I can make a doll.
- A doll? What would that do?

The evil is inside Ray's body.
I can't stop that.

But maybe I can stop his body
Iong enough for us to get out of here.

- It's worth a try.
- Are you talking about a voodoo doll?

If I had something of Ray's,
Iike some hair or some clothing,

some actual part of him,
I could make a doll...

So who's gonna go outside
and pull a Iock of hair?

- Will blood work?
- What are you talking about?

Sean's his son.
Ray's blood is running through him.

That would work, right?

BIood works best.

Eden, what the fuck are you talking about?
You can't be serious.

What do we have to do?

Help me move his body
into the altar room.

- What are you doing?!
- Trying to get us out of here.

By doing what?!
Making a human voodoo doll?

- Eden, we can't do this.
- He's dead, OK?

- We will be too if we don't do something.
- It's wrong.

What part of that thing
did you guys not see out there?

I won't Iet you.

If there's a chance that this can work...

the smallest chance...



Help me make him more comfortable.

Take this oil,
rub it on the temple of his forehead.

Sprinkle this around his hands and feet.

- What is it?
- Kempelan. It's blessing powder.

Go to the altar, and Iight all
of the green candles and three red ones.

God help us, what are we doing?

I don't even know anymore.

You're not gonna
stick pins in him, are you?


I won't be a part of this.

Let's... Iet's go to the other room.

Are you OK?

Follow me and do what I do.

(speaks Haitian Creole)


What's that?


Watch out!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Cece, are you OK?


Come on, Cece!

Give me the knife! Give me the knife!
Hurry! Quick!

- It's working!
- Do it again! Do it again!


Oh, my God.








- Come on. Come on.
- Go, go, go, go, go!

Is he coming?

I don't know.


He won't stop coming!

- Go faster!
- Hurry!


Faster, Eric!

Faster! Go faster!

Come on, go faster!

- Shit!
- Rachel!


Do something!

Get me down!


Keep it steady!


No! No! No!


Oh, my God.

We have to go. Go!

Oh, shit!

She's dead. They're all dead. I can't...

No, no, no, no! Eden, Iisten to me.
Listen, we have to keep moving. OK?

We're gonna get through this. You and me
together. I'm going with you to New York.

- Fuck this town.
- (truck approaches)

Shit. Come on! Go, go!

Come on!

Come on!


Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Where is he?

Where'd he go?

OK. Come on.


I'm OK.

Run! Run!








(flies buzzing)

Oh, no.



(door closes)




Fuck you!




Keys. Keys. Fuck.


- Start. OK.
- (engine starts)


Come on. Come on!


Come on!

Come on!

(twig snaps)

(truck approaches)


(# "Two Lane Blacktop"
by Rob Zombie)

# We've been goin',
I've never been at ease

# I met a gypsy girl
and I took her on the track

# The kinda girl walk,
the dnver don 't talk

# 20 bucks between them
just to keep them alive

# Dnvin '

# Dnvin '

# Dnvin '

# Blacktop rollin '

# We 're goin ', goin ' to Amanllo

# A zero to a 60 in a 7. 5

# A model and a bagel steels California

# A glass of beer, a shot of rye

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

# Blacktop rollin '

# Come on, baby, I ain 't crazy

# Come on, baby,
pick me up, pick me up

# Come on, baby, do me, baby

# Come on, baby, hook it up, hook it up

# Come on

# Come on

# Come on

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

# Blacktop rollin '

# Where ya goin ', an airport road

# A clean machine, a real home girl

# Barracuda, '68

# Nothing there, she can wait

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

# Blacktop rollin '

# Come on, baby, I ain 't crazy

# Come on, baby, pick me up, pick me up

# Come on, baby, do me, baby

# Come on, baby, hook it up, hook it up

# Come on

# Come on

# Come on

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

- # Come on
- # Dnvin '

# Blacktop rollin '