Venky Mama (2019) - full transcript

A story of nephew and a son which revolves around their emotions and village drama and army based story.

[wedding percussions and chants]

What's with you, brother in law?

Being so wealthy...'re getting your
daughter married in a temple?

Stop it...

Do you think these people are getting
married here because they can't afford it?


This is the auspicious time
fixed by Mr Ram Narayana.

There is a belief here that the marriages
under his blessings would last forever.

Are you talking about the
astrologer Mr Ram Narayana?

Of course!

Marriage is not only a union
of two hearts and two lives

but two horoscopes should match as well.

The Muhurta of the marriage
should be appropriate too.

With the profound blessing
of Lord Bhimeshwara Swamy,

I wish that you are all
blessed with joy and progeny.

[wedding percussions and chants]

He is a great man who can read the lines
on the palm and predict future aptly.

He has never gone wrong, brother-in-law

But unfortunately,

-in case of his his daughter's marriage...
-Brother in law...

Let's go.


Say, 'maa... ma'(maternal uncle)


Not boo, dear...
Say, 'mama'... say 'Maama...'

Why're you forcing him to say it of
your affection for your younger brother?

He can't even say 'amma'(mom) properly.
How do you expect him to say mama?

Yeah... Yeah...

If my younger brother wouldn't have helped
us get married against my father wish,

you wouldn't have had this wife or a son.

By the way, when is your brother
getting posted in the army?

Next week...

His posting is in Rajasthan!

So madam's family was
against your marriage?

Is it a caste problem?


Then, it must be property issues, madam.

No, not even that.

Then, what else madam?

Our horoscopes did not match.

There was a prediction that even if
we get married by going against them,

we'd die within the time our baby turns
a year old. So my father was against it.

Understood, ma'am.

Your son has turned one and
nothing terrible had happened to you.

You are here to tell this to your father
and he would be happy to see his grandson.

Am I right?

100% true!

But he didn't turn one yet.

Oh, he didn't turn yet?

-Tomorrow is his first birthday.

-[honks] Oh! Is it tomorrow?
-Hey... watchout!

[honks] [tyres screech]

[thunder rumbles]
[crashes] [screeches]

[baby crying]

The baby won't stopping
crying. What shall we do?


Even the baby born out of such a marriage
wouldn't have a proper horoscope.

[baby crying]

I won't even allow his
shadow to fall on my home.

How can we leave a baby like an orphan?

It is not about leaving him.
It is better to get rid of him forever.

Hand him over to his
paternal grandparents.

Hey, make all arrangements
for the cremation ceremony.

Let's leave.

[baby crying]

[baby stops crying]

[baby babbles]


Do not touch him.

-His horoscope has...

You believe that God has
the power to write our fate.

But I believe that human love
has the power to rewrite that fate.

He is my nephew and he will stay with me.

But it is up to you if I
should stay with you or not.

[thunder rumbles]

Maama... (uncle)


(Mother + Father = Venky Uncle)

We have come here to take
our grandchild along with us to London.

He won't leave anywhere.

But if you want to stay with him, come to
my home. You can live with us together.

[church bell chimes]

May the Lord bless these rings
which you will give to each other.

[gunshot] [groans]

[gunfire] [people groaning]


In a targetted terrorist attack at

Major Vincent's wedding
ceremony, St Peter's Church,

the total number of casualties
reached 46. [indistinct siren wailing]

The Lashkar-e-Mohammad
group has issued a warning

that there could be
another attack of this kind.

Red alert has been issued
in all parts of Kashmir.

All routes to the city have been blocked.

Security teams have been ordered

to take any
suspicious person into custody.

[tyres screech]

Hey gentleman!

This is a military zone.
They will shoot you down.

[tyres screech]Hey, stop him

-Stop! Who are you?
-What's your name?

Don't move, else we will shoot you.

Show your ID.

-Tell us!
-What is in the bag?

-Come on!
-Put the bag down.

Put the bag down

I will interrogate him and report
to you by evening, sir. Okay, sir.

-Did he tell anything?
-He said he is from Telugu state, sir!


Is this what you got out of him
after two hours of interrogation?

We are getting enquired
about him in his hometown, sir.

We will get the report in
another half an hour, sir.

Why did you trespass
an army restricted area?

Why is this map with you?

Why did you mark all the army locations?

What's your next attack?


He is my nephew, sir.
I have come here for my nephew.

What is the connection
between this map and your nephew?

He is here in the military, sir.



Karthik Shivaram.

-Which unit?
-Don't know, sir!

-Which regiment?
-Don't know, sir.

Which rank?

Did he intimate and come here,
for me to know those details, sir?

He has come here without any intimation.

It has been three years
since I have seen him.

Got it.

So you've marked all the locations
of army areas and came here...

...searching each location?

Yes, sir.

Do you think I'm a fool
to believe your story?

Sir... Sir... Sir...
Please don't scare him like that.

Can you see fear in his eyes?

Who is his nephew?

Why did he come to the
army without informing anyone?

And, why did this guy come
searching for him after three years?

I need to know all those
details. Record the statement!

3 YEARS AGOMr.Karthik...

We are impressed
with your academics.

You are selected for this job.


Thank you so much. But I'm sorry.

For what?

I don't need this job.
I'm rejecting this offer.

Why did you attend the interview
when you aren't interested in the job?

My uncle worked very hard
for my education, sir.

I wanted to know if it
had gotten into my mind.

Very well indeed!
Thank you. I'll take leave.

The posting in London with handsome pay!

Do you even realise what kind of future
you are giving up for your uncle?

I don't want the future that comes
by letting go of my uncle, sir.


"Oh, Lord Bhimeswara
Swamy of Draksharamam,"

"protect thy children...
Protect thy children..."

"Oh, Goddess Manikyambika
with a benevolent heart"

"Shower your love all along"

"Your unblemished
maternal uncle is a true gem"

"And that uncle has
endless love for his nephew"

"Let the rich Godavari river
remove all the negatives vibes"

"Let no evil eye cast a spell on them,
and they shall remain together forever"

"Uncle... Uncle... Uncle..."

"is the first word I spoke"

"You are my boon"

"You are my strength"

"Your feet, is where my temple lies"

"Your words are where my school starts"

"From the moment I was
born and fell in your lap"

"your name is my heartbeat"

"You are my mother and father, Venky Mama"

"You are my courage and army, Venky Mama"

"This world I saw
sitting on your shoulder"

"is so beautiful for me"

"The time when I walked with you"

"taught me the lesson of victory"

"What might be the
virtuous deeds of my feet,"

"it is playing on your warm chest"

"With the right of my blood relationship"

"every attribute of
mine seems just like you"

"You are my mother and father, Venky Mama"

"You are my courage and army, Venky Mama"

"Listen up, all my sisters..."

"Look here, handsome guys have arrived"

"Like excitement and
alacrity coming together"

"Uncle and his nephew have
come and the fair is lit up"

"Watching both of them walk side by side,"

"the eyes shall forget to blink"

"It becomes colourful, wherever they are"

"When they sport Lungis and arrive
on a dance floor, they'd rock it "

"Seetha sister..."

"Geetha sister..."

"Wow! Both of them are very competitive"

"They are very delightful guys who
would entertain the entire village"

"They are maternal uncle
and nephew by relation"

"But if you put their age aside,
they are very naughty kids"

"Venky Mama"

"Venky Mama"

[people cheering]

How's the fish stew?

It is very delicious, Lakshmi!


You know Mr Raghavayya of
Vijayanagaram, don't you?

He is setting up a factory in Chennai.

He told me that a
manager post is vacant there.

There is Raju in our village. I think it
would better if we offer this job to him.

His mother is depressed that he is roaming
around idle despite having a degree.

First, think about the one beside
him, who is sitting idle without a job.


He has neither a job
nor a hope of getting it.

What should I do if my planets
do not cooperate, Lakshmi?

If it is in my fate that I won't get the
job, I won't get it no matter what I do.

But if it is otherwise,
then I need not do anything.


I can simply relax and be chilled.


Isn't it, grandpa?

First tell him not to
call me as 'grandpa'.

Because of my son's determination,

I gave shelter to an orphan.

And there is no other
relationship beyond that.

Tell him that I'm giving
him one month time.

He should find a job and leave this house.

Otherwise, I will throw
him out of the house.

Hey... Hey...

Why are you washing your hands in the
plate you are eating, for grandpa's words?

I am just drinking some
water, not washing hands.


Give grandpa a glass of
buttermilk, he will cool down

One glass won't suffice, uncle.

-Give him in a pot.
-Hey, hey...

Venky singing: "You've got the
glow of the wedding, baby!"


You know I've been to saree function of
my friend Prakash's daughter recently.

-I really loved something there!

Oh dear! What a good news you've told me!

Tell me who that girl is! I will go with
your father and talk to her parents.

Hello... Hello... Hello...

I am not talking about a girl.


Chalividi (Rice flour sweet)

Chalividi (Rice flour sweet)?

Yes, Chalividi.

I'm talking about the customary
sweet in traditional ceremonies

I want you to prepare
it so that I'll have it.

Sure, son.

I'll prepare it tomorrow.

-Go and sleep for today.
-That's it!

You sing songs about marriage
but you won't get married.

Why are you muttering
to yourself, Lakshmi?

Did Grandpa deny a kiss
citing inauspicious time?

Hey! You have no dearth of sarcasm!

All those guys of your
Uncle's age are married.

Even their kids attained the wedding age.

But this guy doesn't seem
to even think about it!

Come on! He never said no to marriage.

It is you who haven't
looked for the right girl.

Yeah, your Uncle keeps saying that to you.

Do you even know how many
matrimonial alliances we've got for him?

Hey... look here... Look at your uncle.

[baby babbles]

Stop playing with the kid

and tell us whether
you have liked my granddaughter or not.

Do you know how to wash the rear?



I'm talking of this kid's rear!


Why should my granddaughter wash his rear?

Then, I don't want her. We would do
it ourselves. Let's go, mother.

I like you a lot!

Our opinions match too.

I will let my father know that
I'm good to get married to you.


Everyone will see, it wouldn't be nice.

Just a moment,
I will take my pants off!

Ah! Pants?

Yes, pants!
See how he wetted his pants. Hey!

How can you wipe his mouth with
my saree worth one lakh rupees?

Is your saree more important than him?

Mother! Throw one lakh rupees on her face.

Let's go, my nephew.
We shall look for another girl.

I will be very lucky if I can be your wife


living together with your
nephew might bring uninvited trouble.

There is a good hostel in
the town with all facilities.

We can meet him every week. We can
bring him home during every festival.

Who gave you such a fabulous idea?

It was me, son-in-law!

Can I pluck one snake gourd?

Why not son-in-law,
everything along with the girl is yours!

Very good.


How dare you hit my father?

Remember one thing.

You might get any girl to be your wife,

but she can't be a
mother to your nephew.

He didn't want a wife who
couldn't be your mother.

So he even gave up his military job,
to look after you, as you are his world.

From this moment on,
your marriage is my responsibility, uncle.

[temple bell rings]

Uncle shouldn't know that we're going
to Rajahmundry to look for a bride

Okay, dude.

I should see my uncle in
wedding attire within three months.

Why do you want to wait
for 3 months, dude?

If you tell our tailor, he
will stitch them by the evening.

Hey, stop your poor satires!

Did you inform all the marriage brokers?

Yes, I have informed all the brokers
available in the Godavari district.

They are waiting for us at
the other side of the river.

Then, who are these idiots waiting for?

The MLA's daughter is visiting
our place for the first time.

Harika is coming?

How did you promptly say her
name? Do you know her already?

Why is she coming?

To film a documentary for
her father's election campaign.

Hey, why have we come to
your boyfriend's place?

Shut up... He is my ex, not my boyfriend.

He is living in the town
which we are visiting.

Hey, start the percussions!

Our Madam has arrived

Madam, give the luggage
to him. You come along...

[fireworks crackling]

Does that mean you know
each other in college, dude?

Do you really need to know now?

-Will you behave like this again?

Tell me?

Don't beg like this anymore.

I have to see you in a
school uniform from tomorrow.


Oh no! The teacher hits me at school.

I am a new teacher and
I don't hit children.

I will pay the fees. Just attend school.

-Okay, teacher!
-Good boy!

This girl's character seems
just right for my uncle!

Are you married?


Are you married?

Usually, people ask for their
name on their first meeting.

Why are you asking me if I am married?

Alright, what is your name?


-Ms. Vennela, are you married?-Hey!

Who are you? How can you ask
such questions to ladies?

Alright, then, I shall
ask you. Is she married?

Why are you bothered
about her personal details?

Well, who are you?

-I am her father.

Super! Do you have a son-in-law?


No, I am not married, so what?

-Oh my!

-Give me your luggage... Give it, please.
-Hey... Hey...

From now on, all your
responsibilities and burden are mine.

-We've got to go to other address?
-I'm here. Give me the address.

-I know, get into the vehicle.
-Stop... Who is he?

We got into his gaadi (vehicle) unnecessarily.

When did we get into it? He pushed us in.

By the way,
why is madam's language

like a half-done Hindi dubbing movie?

I am a Telugu guy,
but her mother is a Bengali.

-Is it a live-in?


I got married to her.

There is a change in the plan,
all of you get down.

Dude, Broker Bujjigadu has
sent the photo of a girl.

Her age is 34 and
her height is 5'4.

Hey, we don't need them anymore.

Put a message to him saying
'don't send anymore'.

Dude, just look at the image. He said
he would make it work if you select.

I have already selected one.

-I am going to set it.
-Who is it?

I got it. Keep going!

Singing: "She was reluctant
but came to Lord Rama's temple"

Hey, there should be a cable
connection set by tomorrow.

There shouldn't be
disturbance in the picture.

Nookalamma should come in
for housework without any fuss.

The newspaper should be here by 5 am.

Which should contain no news?

No, there should be no
nuisance with the newspaper guy!

Boys, you shouldn't be
here if we have to go inside.

Excuse me, teacher.

Apply talcum powder, drape a silk saree
sporting jasmine flowers in your hair,

and come to my friend's sugarcane grove.

Hey... Hey... What are you talking?

As your uncle will be at the grove.

If he sees the teacher,
the match can be settled.

Why is he asking me to come
there with flowers in my hair?

No! Not in the hair...
He meant 'holding them'!

Since you have just shifted,

there's a Goddess temple near the grove.

He meant it's good if you pay a visit.

That is all about it!

I shall take leave for now...

Why are delaying it, dude? The matter can
be settled if your uncle meets the teacher

Hey, there can be a personality
of Sunny Leone or Suryakantham

in a person who looks like Savitri!

First, we have to check if suits
suits my uncles' character and glamour.

-You are super, buddy!
-Come, let's go.

I have got 130 acres of fertile land
transferred to your name, brother-in-law.

It is all good, but what are
these bloodstains on the paper?

Anyone might think that I
have grabbed them forcefully.

On top of it, its election time.

By the way...

the permission for your beer
factory has been granted.



He is used to giving lessons standing.

Tell me..

Three hundred children, sir.

They are attending school
while living in a hostel there.

What will happen to the
education of the children

if you build a beer factory there?

Please reconsider it, sir.

Why do you beat around the bush by
citing about children's education?

You are worried about your job!

Hey, get a job of counting the bottles
in the beer factory, to this master.

Though he teaches Telugu
language, he is good at Mathematics.

[people laughing]

This is called 'Bumper offer' in English.

You settle things so well, sir.

[tyres screech]

Hey, what's this hurry?

The cups are going to
break in a few minutes, sir.

Why would cups break, you idiot?

Just wait, you will get to know.

Crazy fellow! Why will the cups break?

Why did Mr Military Naidu come here?

The master might have
asked for some help, sir.

I swear on the beer bottle,

I'll build the beer factory by all means,

no matter whoever tries to
stop it, brother-in-law.

Come again!

Hey, can't you hear? How
many times should it be told?

He will build the beer factory by all
means, no matter whoever tries to stop it.

My uncle asked to repeat it
not because he couldn't hear.

He asked so that you can buy some
time to rectify your mistake.

It this repeats again,
you will suffer the same consequence.

What are you looking at?



-You wait...

Mr Military Naidu,

when the master came here and told me
the problem, I said I would solve it.

Since he is a Telugu master, he got
confused when I told him in English.

This is called
miscommunication in English.

It's my promise that the
school would remain there.

If you try to fiddle with the kids future,
you will have no future to see.

And that is my promise.

Why did you just leave them
like that, brother-in-law?

Hello! We did not let them go!
It is them who spared us and left.

Going against him is like going
against all the 14 villages!

We'll look into it after the elections.

Do you have the questions ready
to test the teacher, dude?

All the questions are ready.
We will test her tomorrow.

It is so disgusting to
see you jogging in a Lungi.

It would more disgusting if
I don't wear at least this.



Where are they going
with water in the mugs?

The reason for all this is her father.

-Isn't it?
-Yeah... Of course... Of course...

It's 'watering plants' scheme similar to
the government's scheme 'food for work'.

All these are the deeds
of our MLA Mr Pasupathy.


-Actually, they are going to...
-Hey... Tell her...

-Ask her to go and check if she wants to.
-Go and check.

Harika, I will just go and check

Should we tell this too?

Hey, leader of mug holders,

What is the reason behind

all the villagers going together
carrying water in those mugs?

Who else can it be,
it is our MLA Mr Pasupathy.

He is right... He is right! Come on!


If schemes like these are highlighted,
then my father will be in the limelight.

-Let's go

Where are you going, my dear?

By the way, don't you want to
know the name of this scheme?

The name is 'Hold a mug in hand,
tuck up the lungi and manure the field.'

There is intensity and
emotion in these people.

-Their walking has enthusiasm...
-What's this headache in the morning?

Bro... I love this emotion.

-Bro... I love this emotion.
-Please try to understand, madam.

-Go away...
-Bro, wait... I'll come too... Bro...

Hello madam, watering the plants
is not the reason they are going.

Hey! Just shut your mouth.

They aren't going for watering the plants.

It means...

Hey, wait...

Start it.

Hey if you move away,
we will mind our business here.

No... No... I have to witness
it and show this to the world.

Hey, she tells she wants
to show this to the world!

You've told earlier it was your
MLA who was the reason behind this.

Tell the same with the same feeling.

I will take footage in low
angle for just two minutes.


It is difficult to do it while standing

Sit and do it.
Your comfort is my priority.

-Come, start it.
-Damn it!

Hey... Hey...

Oh no!

Oh my God!

I came here to take a documentary,
but you guys have shown me a horror film.

We are in this situation as our MLA
has gulped up the sanitation funds.

You went to capture the
emotion of the villagers

-and you've captured their 'motion'.
-Madam... Madam...

Can you please warp this
fun bucket programme?

I'm already very tensed.

Why are you so tensed?

-The thing is...

...this field belongs
to Mr Venkatarathnam,

so he is scared that he might arrive.

Who is Venkataratnam and why are
you scared that he will come?

-Because I don't want him to see you.

What can I say?

Venkatrathnam needs traditional wear to
go out and two women in his bed, at night.

Oh, you are telling lies on
him because of your grudge.

If he likes some girl,

be it an unmarried or married
woman, he would have her in his bed

In unison: Oh my God! Really?

[motorcycle approaching]

Hey, why am I hearing something?

I can even see it.

What is happening there?

She is MLA's daughter. She wanted to
shoot some videos, so we came to help her.

Is it wrong?

Oh, you are Pasupathy's daughter!

I saw you as a kid in small shorts!

Madam has grown up, but I guess the
her short's size remained the same.

Yes, I am Babji,
the broker who deals buffaloes.


Hey, it's Mr Venkatarathnam... Pullover.

Greetings, Mr Venkatarathnam.

Hey Babji, how is your business?

It's all good with your blessings.

I have sent you Lakshmi
recently. How is she?

Who's this Lakshmi?

He is a broker who deals
girls and this guy is his customer.

Lakshmi is all good.
She became Soodidha(pregnant) recently.

What is 'Soodidha'?

'Soodidha' means getting pregnant.
It the code language of the village.

Everything is fine but it is not
letting us touch the 'Podhugu'(udder).

-What is 'Podhugu?
-Yeah, from which the milk...

You mean...


I, Nookaraju and two other men tried
to touch it by tying it in the backyard.

But it was resisting and very relentless.

Four people tried
together at the same time?

Did you see that,
how publicly he is talking about it?

Gauri is another one that
has come from Gujarat.

She is very healthy and
won't be like Lakshmi.

-Do you want me to send it?
-Are you sure?

Alright, send her. She's lie there.

-What's with 'lying here'?
-Let us go. We got a good deal.

did you see Venkataratnam's dealings?

What are talking about 'dealings'?

Hello! What? The steering isn't working?

-Don't you know, idiot?
-See you.

Hey, did he go for jogging?

-He might have gone.
-He woke up early...

I thought it was just Karthik who is odd
but all the villagers here are like him.



What did you study?

I have just completed my
engineering this year. Why

You nephew studied the same.

-Which college?
-Vizag Woxsen College.

You nephew is also from the same college.

Why are you interested in our details?

Oh! Just like that...

He is targeting you, let's go!

You did a good thing by
breaking up with Karthik.

Otherwise, you would have
got stuck in this village.

What is a 'breakup'?

Ending the relationship of love.


Continue... Continue...

-Hey, stop.

-I didn't ask you to continue your song...

I was asking about
your girlfriend Harika.

How do you know about Harika, uncle?

You told me about it between
the second and the third peg.

I think you are confused in
intoxication. He did not say anything.

Come again!

Oh! I got confused
because of intoxication.

He revealed everthing.

Oh my! This drink seems
very dangerous, Uncle.

All my memories are flashing!
But I don't remember telling you!

I shall go uncle.

Hey... Everything is fine, but
that teacup or breakup is not nice.

Ah! Oh no!

Did I say that too, uncle?

Oh no! You told me everything, nephew.

I thought that my nephew's love
story would be as huge as Titanic.

But your story doesn't even match
even a 'small boat' in our village.

Uncle, how can you deem my blockbuster
love story to be like a small boat?

I wonder what I said in toxication
and what you've heard in inebriation.

I will narrate it from
the beginning. Listen.


"You're my Senorita,
your smile is my sunlight"

"You're my heartbeat,
my life is going around you"

"I've got blocked in your
thoughts like the time in wall-clock"

"My heart is singing sweetly
with the audio of yours"

"It's because of you I'm getting drenched
in the colourful shower of romance"

"even in the drizzle
without raindrops"

"You are I and I am you"

"and there is 'L' between
them which means I love you"

"You are I and I am you"

"My life says 'for you'... I am for you!"

"I... love... you"

"I... am... for you!"

"Your dreams concealed in my
eyes are like a garden of roses"

"Your dreams concealed in my heart
are like the desires that touch the sky"

"The moment I met you for the first
time was the most wonderful one"

"Time ceased to exist in
the journey of our union"

"Our lips would become one
to go for a sweet kiss"

"and show both of us as one"

"You are I and I am you"

"and there is 'L'
between them which means I love you"

"You are I and I am you"

"My life says 'for you'... I am for you!"

"You are I and I am you"

"and there is 'L'
between them which means I love you"

"You are I and I am you"

"My life says 'for you'... I am for you!"

"I... love... you!"

"I... am... for you!"

Every moment that I've spent with her in
those three years were marvellous, uncle.

Now when I'm hearing it again,
your love story seems magical!

So tell me about the breakup once again.

Uncle, look there is
something on my head that hurts.


Swear on me that you won't
bring up that topic again.

Hey, Karthik..

[phone rings]


Yes, sir.

Okay, sir.

Our people have contacted the
police station at Draksharamam.

His statement tallies with
the report that we got, sir.

It is true that his nephew has
been missing since three years, sir.

So, all that he has told us
till now must be true, right sir?

He has a nephew and he is missing.

Only that part was confirmed.

His nephew being in the army and he
came for him, are yet to be proved.

His future will be decided
tomorrow at the cantonment.


Oh! You are way too yearning.

By the way, what will you do if you
see your nephew, Venkatarathnam?

I have so much anger on him that
I want to hit him if I see him, sir.

Sir, isn't it wrong for him
to leave without informing me?


I can't hit him but I
will just scold him, sir.

I can't do even that, sir.

I want to hug him tight if I see him.

This is correct.


We have enquired in the entire army.

There is no person in
the army with this name.

Did he ask you to tell me that way, sir?


Did my nephew ask you to tell me that way?

What nonsense?

Major, is he out of his mind?

Sir, I was doubtful about
him since the beginning.

I just got him here for confirmation.

I will take care of him, sir.

Sorry, sir.

Sir, my nephew is here. Sir, listen
to me! Please, sir... Please...

-Sir, please... Sir, listen to me.
-Take him away.

Sir, my nephew is here.
Sir, please... listen to me just once.

Ramarao sir, tell them..
Please... Please...

Make him talk to me once.
Please, sir... Please, sir...

Sir, at least make him talk to
me over the phone. Please, sir.

Please, sir... Sir...


Oh no! I am sorry...

Sir... Ow!



Karthiks's uncle has come for him.

As per your instructions, I did not
divulge anything and sent him away.

Maintain that.

Yes, sir!

Captain Karthik Shivaram Veeramachineni.

Look Venkatarathnam, you are
unable to understand your situation.

Listen to me and tell me the truth.

I am telling you the truth, sir.

If you are telling us the truth
and if your nephew adores you,

then why is he hesitant to meet you?

Why is he hesitant to meet you?

If you want to know that,
then you should know our entire story.


Our MLA has given loans and encouraged us.

Today, I have sown this 'penta'(dump)

-and all the credit goes to our MLA.
-Hey... Cut... Cut...

-Why do you say 'penta'?
-It is 'Panta'. Panta! (crop)

Seems like our madam has not
come out of yesterdays emotions!

You are a great artist!

Damn! Shut up!

I'm the one who got selected for
the auditions of 'Mahanati' movie!

-And here you are insulting me?

-For the house maid's character?
-Get lost, man!

I won't do this crap character!
I am a heroine material.

Oh good! Your arrangements are good!

All these were done
by Mr Venkataratnam.

There he comes!


What is your business with these people?

If we have to patch them up, we need
to know the reason for their breakup.

Karthik skipped this making me
promise that I should never ask!

At least I should know
it through her... So...

You are right.

-Greetings, sir.
-So how did you like all the arrangements?

Today's lunch is also from our home.

-Why is he doing all these arrangements?
-Why do you have a special interest on us?

The thing is that...

if you don't mind, if you come with me
into those bushes for just ten minutes...


He is calling you into the bushes.

We have a shed there with A.C.

It gets cool down in 5 minutes
and we can wrap it in 10 minutes

-You won't even sweat.
-Not at all.

He seems to be a womanizer
sporting traditional dress.

Look... I won't come anywhere.

If you have anything to
say, please say it here.

No... No... This is not a matter
which is to be discussed publicly.

It needs a place and some privacy.

Just ten minutes,
we will just go and comeback.

This guy has nothing but full of lust.

Look kiddo, do you need
this? It is adult stuff.

-I have a lot of work, let us go.

Look... Look, you might have a hundred
works, but this is my only job.

Hello, the shed is ours.
We can finish the work in 5 minutes.

-Hello... Hello...


Hey... Hey... Stop...
Stop... Just 5 minutes...

The matter is very sensitive.
We can't discuss it publicly.

Why doesn't she understand?

I am your new Hindi teacher.

and your friend too.

Since this is our first class together,
we will know about each other.

Then, we will know
about you first, teacher.

Sure. Ask.

Do you have a boyfriend teacher?

[children laugh]

Is this a question to ask a teacher?

You have told us that
you are like our friend.

So I have asked you in a
friendly manner, teacher.

I haven't liked anyone till date.

That's why I don't have a boyfriend.

Sit down.

You look very hot, aren't you?

I only wrote it as 'beautiful',
dude. He just improvised it!

Just asking in a friendly manner.


Then, why aren't you married yet?

My ambition is to

educate children living in
small and remote villages.

When I meet someone who
respects my intention and profession

then, I will marry him.


-Okay. Any more questions?
-I have a question, teacher.

What is your opinion on a joint family?

That is a good question.

If we can't live together,
then how we even call it a family?

We can't call ourselves human
if we can't share some space

in the house for our blood relations.

Sit down.

-Where is my chocolate?
-Hey! Give him one.

Why should we give him?
Did he ask any question?

-Look, I will ask one now...
-Hey... Hey...

Who are these people crawling
like crabs in the classroom?

Hey, who is there?

Sorry, dude.

Come out.

-Good morning, teacher.
-Good night, teacher.

Hey what's good night?

-Goodbye, teacher.
-Goodbye, teacher. Goodbye.

Gulp the entire container too.

There is one and only one person in
this village to teach such guys a lesson.

Mr Military Naidu.

-Some lady has come for you.

A lady?

My name is Vennela


I am the new Hindi teacher in the school.

Hey, she is the teacher, bring her
a tender coconut. Switch on the fan.


Oh no!

Hey, why did you put the
fan near those gunny bags?

Mr Naidu, can you 'uff-uff' in my eyes?


She is asking you to puff in her eyes.

Go and uff-uff her.


Go closer to her and puff
in her eyes, Mr Naidu.

Yeah... Yeah...

[whistling sound]

Why is cooker whistle
sound coming from Mr Naidu?

I heard the whistle,
but not the blow of air!


Take a deep breath...


and puff at once.


[takes deep breath]

The dust is in my eyes,
and not in my mouth.

Mr Naidu, quick...

-Mr Naidu

By the way,
you did not tell me why you have come?

There is one boy who is irritating me.

Just make him wall-sit for two days.
He will automatically fall in line.

I meant the boy to be a big guy.

He is following me and giving
so much 'Pareshaan'(annoyance)

Mr Naidu does not
understand Hindi, isn't he?




He's caught.
I shall do the cover-up.

-Pareshaan... Pareshaan...

Mr Naidu,
can you look at this accounts?

She is saying 'Pareshaan? What is it?

She said 'Pareshaan'
which means annoyance.

She said some guy is
following her and annoying.


Venkataratnam does not tolerate such
things. Just tell me his name and address.

I don't know the details. You
have to somehow Dekhna(take care).

-You want me to somehow Dekhna(take care).


Yes. Dekhna...

-Can you look at this accounts?

What the hell is she saying?

It is not what you think.

She asks you to handle this on your
own as she doesn't know his address.

It is not a problem if she
doesn't know his address.

Just pack him in a sack and get here.

-Apologise to the teacher.
-Sorry, teacher.

That boy is not someone
like him with a pig face.

Thank God, this pig face saved me.
It is not me, Mr Venkatarathnam.

If not him, who else could it be?

Alright, do something.

if he troubles you again,
just call me and I will rip his skin off.

Thanks a lot.


What is this, dude?
Our plan got reversed!

If plan A does not work out,
there are 25 more alphabets in English.

-Plan B

No matter how many plans they make,
Karthik has to go to London this time.

It is Happy Hanumanta Rao here.

If we enter the court,

there would be no arguments,
but only judgements.

If we talk legally,

the custody of Karthik should be
given to his paternal grandparents.

However, they have been quiet since
Venkataratnam requested them.

But this cannot go on...

Karthik must go.

Happy... Happy... Happy?

She is not happy?
[phone rings]

One second.

Happy Hanumanta Rao here.

Sir, I have a small doubt.

If I kill someone in
the middle of the road,

then, what is the section and punishment?

Section 302 and 14 year of imprisonment.

What if I kill a lawyer, will the
section and the punishment change?




you think we will keep quiet when
you try to split a joint family?

Lawyer, the death penalty will
be sentenced if it is murder.

But if it an is acid attack, it will be
7 years of imprisonment. What do you say?

No need... No... No...

Anyway, his face looks the same
even if you pour acid or not.

Let's pour it on his second setup.

What do you say?

No need. You won't get that chance.

What happened?

Terrorist attack at the London airport.

All flights cancelled.

What is this all of a sudden?

Is this Diwali or Dussehra

to tell you exactly
looking at the calendar?

It is a terrorist attack.
It can happen anytime, anywhere.

I'll take leave now.

Oh man!

-I just escaped.
-Oh no!

I just went to get sugarcane so
that I can eat in the flight

So, I am a bit late.

-I'll come back right away.
-It is time for your flight.

Go pack your bags.

No need. You've packed
me up and that's enough!

-Oh! Lawyer sir... Lawyer sir...
-Please... Please... Leave me.

I want to go to London
Please take me with you, lawyer sir.

Please lawyer sir.
Please don't leave me.

Umm... Umm... Stop acting,
grandpa is watching you.

This attempt has failed too.
What do we do now, master?

No matter what, Karthik must
leave this house within that time.

They must be
separated, as early as possible.


Oh my God!
Venkatrathnam is coming... Run...

I am coming to you...

Wait. What you are doing is not right.

If a respectable man has asked you
for your time, you should consider, right?

Did he ask for ten days?

He just asked you for
ten minutes. That's it!

Why does he behave as if
we've done the mistake?

Look, I will have to complain this
to my father, if you go on like this.

It won't seem good if you tell him.

Once the matter gets setted
between us, I will go and tell him.

He is ready to convince your father too!

-What is his confidence?
-That's what!

Any father would wish for
his daughters' happiness.

No father would want his
daughter to be happy like this!

-Hold this!
-What is this?

Hold it, it's a letter.

I was awake all night to write this.

Usually, I deal everything
inl face-to-face manner.

I am not used to writing such letters.

If you read this,

you will understand my pain, yearning,

eagerness and you'd
approach me by yourself.

I will be waiting for your answer.
Okay? Okay, bye.

I beg you,
please accept this at least now.

What is it?

It is Hilsa fish

Found in the Godavari river and
caught at Dhavaleswaram.

Digests, if you eat it,
stays if you keep it.

You shut it!

We got it specially for you.

If I engage them and call Military
Naidu, they would be finished.

You worked so hard to get
it for me. Have lunch here.

In unison: Sure, we'd do that.

-Check if the load has arrived.
-Okay sir.

It is the teacher.

Ma'am, tell me

Dhono (both) fools are at my house.

You please come soon.


Dad, engage them in some
talks and find out their details.

The teacher called me saying
some words like 'Phool'

and asked me to come to her house.

I didn't understand.

Oh my! Phool means flowers in Hindi.

She asked you to go to her home with
flowers. That means she likes you.

Hey, shut up.

She is a teacher. She must have
asked some flowers for Pooja

Dirty mind!

I wonder which Pooja she
has called you for! Go do it.

If uncle likes the food she cooked,

she would pass the
test of being my aunt!

Do you think your uncle will come?

If my guess is right,
she must have called him already.

That nagging man is coming...
That nagging man is coming...

[giggling hysterically]

-Enough of giggling...
-What is your name?

I haven't yet thought about it yet.

What is that?

My astrologer asked me to get a name that
will start and end with certain syllables.

And we have been waiting for a
right combination since then.

-Oh God!
-Don't cry.

This old man will help you find a name.

Huh! Is it?

I will do that... And what's your name?

-I don't know.
-What do you mean you don't know?

My grandmother told me in
my ear when I was a baby.

Then tell that.

I was an infant, I didn't remember.

Then, you should have
asked her as you grew up.

She wasn't alive for him to ask.

-Hey, stop it!

What do you call each other then?

-I call him 'Hey'.
-And I call him 'Dude'.

-Did you call me?

-Hey... Hey... Hey
-Did you call me?

They seemed to have prepared well.

Let me not get into this names mess.

By the way, I bought a new phone.
Come, let us take a picture.

Oh! Yes, sure.
Come, let's get clicked.


1 2 3

In unison: Did you get it? Did
you get it? Show us... Show us.

Hey wait!

Why are you in a hurry to see the picture?

You have to give me some
time until I click it! Go back.


1 2 3

In unison: Did you get it? Did
you get it? Show us... Show us.


If you run back faster than a flash,
how can I take your photo?

Go back.

Where are you?

I am just beside your house.
I'm coming in a moment.

Don't enter from the main
door, enter from the back door.

Back door? What is this?

Seems like whatever
Nookaraju has told is happening.

Master, the teacher is very
intelligent, isn't she?


Keep looking at the rest of the pictures.

You will soon get to know
about her intelligence!

Come, let's go!

-Where to?

What? Bedroom?


I cannot do all this..

The principal has told me that your
are the right guy for such things!


Why the hell did he say that?

We are waiting for you.

-Go take him inside.
-Who is this?

He is my father.

Is it necessary for all
these introductions now?

See that you live up to her expectations.

-Take him inside.
-Hey... Hey...

-Go... Go...
-Oh no!

Oh my God!
What are you doing?

Oh man!

Oh! These guys are hiding under the bed?

Over there...


No... It is wrong.

Please go...

Not up there.. Down...

-What do you mean?

Where are these guys?

Did you call anyone else?

Father, those guys ran away...
Come fast.

-What did she say?
-Those guys ran away... Come fast.

Father, don't know where they have gone?

I forgot to close that door.

They ran away... Bloody hooligans!

Hooligans! Oh, is that it!

I got confused.

If they come again, please do call
me. I will teach them a lesson.


Did you cook Hilsa fish
curry? My mouth is watering.

Anyways it is lunchtime,
why don't you have it here?

-It is okay.
-You came here all the way for us.

If you have food with
us, we will be happy.

Say okay to her. Say it...

-Please have it.

How does it taste?

It is very yummy!
You cooked better than my mother.

Be careful with fish bones. Eat carefully.

It is Daksharamam Venkatarathnam
here... Fish bones... Ah!



[keeps groaning]

What happened?

Are you okay?


Fish bone... Fish bone...
Fish bone...

-Fish bone? Uncle...
-Wait, she will take care.

Fish bone? Give me a moment.

Swallow food without chewing

Then the fish bone will
slide in with the food.

Swallow it.

Slowly... Slowly...

If this fish bone would have
stuck some 20 years back, then...

"After a long time, after so many
years of solitary confinement"

"An empty heart has dreams
sprouting from the newly sown seeds"

"Like the Godavari river in a desert,
the right foot is rippling the waters"

"To which shore will these
naughty ripples reach"

"The teacher has blown
away Venky Mama's heart"

"Now, you take care of
this naughty Venky Mama"

"Here you go,
he is the brand new Venky Mama"

"What a change, Mama!"

"Mama... Mama..."

"Mama... Mama...
Ma... Ma... Mama..."

"Look at his moustache...
Look at the lady in a saree..."

"Both of them are shy
but have become friends"

"The light breeze is steaming up
their excitement and romance"

"The space between them is
slowly ceasing to exist"

"under the umbrella, while it's raining"

"During the hot summer, their happiness
is like the cool moonlight"

"Like the Godavari river in a desert,
the right foot is rippling the waters"

"To which shore will these
naughty ripples reach"

"The teacher has blown
away Venky Mama's heart"

"Now you take care of
this naughty Venky Mama"

"After a long time, after so many
years of solitary confinement"

"An empty heart has dreams
sprouting from the newly sown seeds"

We got the survey report, brother-in-law.

Unless a miracle happens,

there is no way that we are
going to win this election.

If we give the people five
thousand before the election,

they will give us five years.

This is what called as
democracy in English.

Just pay a thousand rupee more
per vote and our work will be done.

No, no, that won't workout now!

The people have great aversion against us.

If you can, make Military Naidu...

Hey, what about Military Naidu?


We will win if we can make him
give one statement supporting us.

If he has to become our strength then
we should know his weakness first.

Focus on his weakness.

Excuse me,
I need to meet Military Naidu.

-He is inside.

Everyone in the village told me

Mr. Military Naidu is an apt person
to teach Venkatarathnam a lesson.

Hello sir, my name is
Candy and she is Harika.

[machine whirring] We came for your
help. A strong man is troubling us.

You have to cut that
Venkataratnam into pieces, sir.


My God!
So you finally have some time for me.

Military Naidu?

It is me.

-Then who is Venkataratnam?
-Even that's me.

How can the people call this
rapist as a highly respectable man?

They should be...

Hey, Nookaraju!

Yes, sir!

Our girls have come.

Yes, sir.

Ask everyone to have tea and come.

Hey, everyone should leave.
I should not see anyone here.

-In unison: Okay, sir.
-We'll come to an understanding.

What is the issue between
you and my nephew Karthik?



I am not just his uncle but everything.

If he has done any mistake,
please tell me and I will set it right.

So, you were after me all these days...

To know about this.

And the letter?

For that!

You asked to come aside?

To know that matter.

Then what did you think?

-Actually, we were thinking...
-Stop it!

Is it necessary now?

So you want to know why I and
Karthik split up, isn't it?

Why did you reject your job, Karthik?

Why are you more shocked
than those interviewers?

Who else would be shocked to know this,

I've applied to London University because
I thought you'd clear the interview

and come to London.

I thought we will settle down there.

I dreamt of a beautiful life with you.

I am sorry Harika,
if I gave you such expectations.

That is not my kind of life.

But these London and New York
seem good only to look at.

To live happily, my village is the best.

Because I have my uncle there.

What should I tell my
father if he asks about you?

Tell him that he rejected a job offer
for his uncle who brought him up.

There is no better qualification
for a daughter to get married.

Is it only this job or will
you leave the girl you love?

This is my final question.

Do you want my love or your uncle?

I would choose my uncle even if you ask
me to choose between my life and my uncle.

My purpose of coming to
this village is Karthik.

I thought I could rekindle the love.

But he only remembers the
fight before we broke.

I don't see him missing me.

I don't even find him
happy that he met me again.

-Harika, I will talk to my nephew.

Please, I am flying abroad in two days.

You and your nephew can stay here happily.

Do you want my love or your uncle?

I would choose my uncle even if you ask
me to choose between my life and my uncle.

The posting in London with handsome pay!

Do you even realise what kind of future
you are giving up for of your uncle?

I don't need a future
without my uncle, sir."

Karthik's paternal grandparents
have come to take him to London.

This time around our Jataka Brahma has
made a big plan. What shall we do now?

Go and pack your bags.

Super, uncle. I'll also participate
if you tell me about the plan!

There is no plan. Move now.


We brought you up well and we
are done with our responsibility.

From now on, it's better for everyone
to stay where they are supposed to be.

Hey, pack his luggage and
put them in their vehicle.

I am not going anywhere, uncle.

I will stay right here.

Why are you forcing Karthik to
leave when he is not interested?

Mr Ganani, take your
grandson along with you.

Did you happen to meet Harika?

Yes, I met her.

After speaking to her,
I felt she was right.

It is wrong for all of us to stay
right here for the sake of each other.

Her emotion is a selfish motive, uncle.

Love itself is a selfish emotion.

I kept you with me for 23 years
instead of sending you to them,

that's a selfish motive too.

I was against the jobs Grandpa got
for you as you'd move away from me

That's a selfish motive too.

How far is London?

If you board a flight, you will land here
even before the date on calendar changes.

The date on the calendar
may change in 24 hours

but my heart won't change,
no matter how much you try to change me.

Nobody can take me away from you, uncle.

Not even you.

I am telling you finally.

It is an oath on me that
you go to London now.



Don't do it Mr Venkatarathnam.

Don't force him.

When you, who used to resist us from
taking our grandson called us to take him,

We came here happily.

To know to what extent
a person loves someone,

we should see what he
is giving up for them.

He is ready to leave the girl he loved
and property worth crores of rupees.

It means the love you have
showered on him is ultimate.

Please let my grandson stay here happily.

I will convince him anyway...

Before I go, I wanted to return
all of Karthik's memories.

Except for Karthik's
career and my future with him,

I have never thought of his
other emotions in his life.

Frankly, I could not imagine that
those emotions are so beautiful.

I came here to tell you that
I will never see you again.

But after coming here,
I don't want to leave you ever again.

I am sorry, Karthik.

I am really sorry.

Now... Now, it is really
happy... happy... happy.

Did you call me to convince
me about the marriage?

I've called you to tell you not to
approve for this marriage at any cost.

If you don't accept,

my son will somehow get his
nephew married to your daughter.

So, send her as far away as possible.

Didn't you guys say that we need a
miracle to win in these elections?

It has happened.

Military Naidu is coming to meet me.

This is called 'miracle' in English.

Under our MLA's leadership,
many good schemes for youth, women,

backward classes and
farmers have been devised.

We built bathrooms for every family. We
provided water facilities for every house

We gave pensions to people above 45 years.

MLA Sir asked you to meet him.

We helped old people and donated
wheelchairs for the disabled.

So if we elect our dear leader again
with a huge majority, our...

I wanted to come to your home and
discuss an important matter with you.

I know. Your nephew and my
daughter love each other, isn't it?

Look there...

On this occasion, there is a good news.

It's been decided that our MLA Mr
Pasupathy's only daughter Harika

will be married to Mr
Venkatarathnam's nephew Karthik.

Give them a huge round of applause.


Now, Mr Venkataratnam shall speak
of all the good deeds of our MLA

I have come here to talk about marriage.
I request you not to politicize it.

Sir, he has just asked
you for some moral support.

You are anyways going to be relatives.
It won't be good if you don't talk.

Do you think he won't
do this for his nephew?

"Vote for Pasupathy Naidu",
just say that one line.

Go Venkatarathnam,
the public is waiting for you.

Go ahead!

Sir, please go.

My greetings to everyone.

Our MLA, Mr Pasupathy Naidu has
accomplished many developmental programmes

and took our region forward.

It is our responsibility to vote
for him again for this tenure.

[people cheering]

It is fixed, sir! Not even God can stop
you from winning this election.

Will slap you with my shoe!


Just because you have
hands, will you applaud to...

...anything that Tom Dick and Harry says.

Can't you use your brains?

Or don't you want to
use even if you have it?

I was opposing him tilll yesterday

and today, I was praising
him for the relationship,

can't you understand that?

Only if he has delivered
his promises, vote for him.

But do not vote anyone because he
is a relative of someone you know!

Do you get it?


You have not done
anything good as a leader,

at least be a good
father to your daughter!

[people chatter]

Let us kill Military Naidu.

He has to live.

but his nephew who is
like his soul should not!

Mom... tell me.

[music mutes voice]

[fair percussions]

Your uncle has promised to give
Harika as your birthday gift.

Do you think his father
Pasupathy will agree to this?

If he agrees,
I will become her husband.

Otherwise, I will become her
father's husband! That's it!



Listen to me carefully.

Harika, why aren't you here yet?

Can you hear me?



Please go away from
that place immediately.

Where are you? Hello Harika

My father is planning to kill you.

I am here at the temple fair.
Where are you?

Harika, where are you?

Karthik... Hello...

Can you hear me?



Can you hear me?






[tyres screech]





So the death of Uncle and
his nephew is written here!


I believe in my strength, not fate.

Hold your knives,
tighten your waist thread,

write down your address and
keep them in your pockets!

It is my responsibility to send
your dead bodies to your homes.


I taught him how to
swim in Godavari river,

taught him to play in the ring

and now I will teach him
how to hunt, in this fair

Come along, my nephew.



You'll done and dusted.


The fair is going to get
coloured with your blood this time.

Come on, you idiots!

You asked him to send his daughter
away. But he has sent thugs to kill him.

I didn't understand that...

What sin has he committed
that you deceived him?

That's not a sin, Lakshmi.

It's his curse!

The moment I knew about his
birth, I saw his horoscope.

The baby who was born was
not my grandson but my son's...

...but my son's death,
is what I came to know.

Karthik's horoscope is like
that of Lord Krishna, Lakshmi.

It shows... Karthik is born
to kill his maternal uncle.

Today is his 24th birthday,

any moment can be a
peril to Venkatarathnam.

Any minute is dangerous.

Oh God!

Why did you curse me with the
ability to look into the future?

Hey, the gang that you've brought are
only left with breath in their bodies.

If you repeat this again,
they will be dead.

Go, tell you brother-in-law...

his daughter is going to
live in my house from now.

Let's go nephew.

Sign on this discharge sheet.

I do not know how you
feel Venkatarathnam...

But I am very tensed about
what my Sir might do to you.

I am also tensed, Sir.

I don't know whom to ask about my nephew.

Wait here man...

Who's that man, sir?

Brigadier Vijay Prakash.

He came to see the body of an
officer killed in the church attack.

Does that mean he is the boss of all?

He is the head of the entire cantonment.

Sir, the discharge sheet.

If I missed this, he would have killed me.

Huh! Where is this guy?

Brigadier sir!
Sir, Sir, please listen to me once

Vijay Prakash Garu sir! Listen to me once.

He is Karthik's uncle, Sir.

My name is Venkatarathnam.

My nephew is here in the military, Sir.

I've already told you that
your nephew is not here.

-Major, throw him out.

-I am sure that he is here.
-Hey... come!

Sir, I will manage. You go ahead

They are all lying, Sir.
You should do justice to me, Sir.

How many times should I tell you?

Karthik Shivaram Veeramachineni
is not in the army!

Come again, Sir.

Nobody with the name Karthik Shivaram
Veeramachineni is in the army!

Sir, I just mentioned the
name Karthik Shivaram.

If they don't know him, how can he
mention the surname Veeramachineni, Sir?



Take him to Karthik.

-Do what I say?

Yes, Sir.

Thank you Sir! Thank you.

Please do not tell my
nephew that we are coming.

Otherwise he might escape again

I won't tell him

Why did your nephew join the army?
Scared of the horoscope?

Grandma, is whatever you are saying true?

Yes, son.

It is the truth your grandpa has been
hiding in his heart for the past 25 years.

How well does Dad say all these!

How can you take such
dangerous matter so easily?

What else can I say mother?

Anyone might be crushed
under a bus or a train

but he is being crushed
under the weight of horoscope.

This time I will predict what will happen

Both of them will get
married on the coming 15th.

Even if her father's goons
or my father's horoscope comes in way,

I will get them married
under all circumstances.

Come on nephew!

Wonder when he will he
out of these stupid beliefs

They don't believe me however hard I try

They will not believe it, Lakshmi

If they believe it, they will be cautious.

So, fate will not let them believe it.

I am scared, Lakshmi.

I have to set my uncles'
love matter right in two days

Both our marriages should
happen at the same time!

GROUP: Don't beat us sir!

Hey... what is happening inside?

Hindi teacher has complained
that someone is teaser her.

So your uncle is ripping
the neighboring goons apart.

Dude, if your uncle is ripping them apart.

What's our destiny going to be?



Oh no!

I can't even imagine that...

Hey, I will decide it today, call Harika.


I am asking you again...

if you do not tell me
who is troubling the teacher

I will rip your skin off...

-Like how they dehusk rice!
-Uncle, uncle, stop it. Stop it

You don't know they're
troubling the school teacher.

-I know everything uncle.
-You do?

He is not among them.
You can go, you can go.

But how do you know that he
is not among these people?

Well, Uncle...


The truth is...

No such character exists, Uncle.


It is a story made up by the teacher.

Why will the teacher lie?

To get closer to you

Hey, hey, it is not right to
talk about the teacher like that.

Oh Uncle! Just think about it once...

That day when dust fell
in teacher's eyes...

Why didn't she ask Nookaraju who was
just beside her to blow in her eye?

Why did she ask you only?

Why did she?

Well, to get closer to you!

Hey stop your silly logic!

Ok! Leave that.

She called you home on the
pretext of that harasser.

She cooked your favourite fish curry.

Took care when you swallowed a thorn.
But did he come?

Why did she do that?

To get closer to me.


Whatever, I won't believe this.

Ok! Call the teacher now.

Tell her that you found the guy.

If she doesn't open up now,
I promise on this fellow!

All the naughty guys are gone now.
Whom should I show her?

I have an idea.
When the teacher comes, point at me.

Because there's really no such person,
she'll agree to anyone that you point at!

[to himself] Hmm? Okay

Where are those isiots?

Turn around, you!

-These are the guys! He is that idiot!

look at him one more time and tell me.

He is the guy!

And I am not his henchman?

Yes, both of them!

These guys?

Beat them well.

-Oh! No! Not in front of a lady!
-No sir!

To that side!

Yes, that side...

-You stay here, while I rip them off.
-Lets go, let's go...

-Please do not beat us sir!
-Why the teacher lying?

Ah! How many times do we tell you?
It is to get closer to you!

Please do not beat us, sir!
[girl crying]

Leave me Venkatarathnam sir!
[girl crying]

Who are you?

Why are you crying?

Because Karthik is my lover.

Please don't hit me, Uncle!

Why is he calling him uncle?

Because Karthik has planned
this to unite you together.


What are you saying?
So wont the teacher call me anymore?

-She won't come here anymore?
-What other reason does she have?

-As the characters she created are busted.
-The connection is cut!

The connection is cut?

That is how Karthik planned this.

His uncle started
loving you but you didn't.

Does that mean he loves me?

Hey, seems like you are
in love with him too!

If you miss the chance now,
the teacher can never be your wife.

Please save your love and my lover too.

Go and propose her uncle, just go

I request you to give her
an aunt, uncle. I beg you!

Go uncle, go!

-Why am I stuck like this?

You are going like a student.
Where is the style, uncle?

Where is the Victory style?



Why did you stop?

-Say it!
-Give me a minute. I'm practising...

-Just say 'I love you'...
-Yeah, that's what!

'I love you', not good.

'I love you'... Ah!

'I love you'

You tell him.

I love you a lot as well.

Wait, I'm practising.

Uncle! Do you understand
what the teacher is saying?

-Just listen to her.
-Hey, I do not understand Hindi.

-I will tell her in my style.

Just wait for two minutes, please.

'I love you'

-That is what I am trying to practise.
-Just wait for two minutes.

I just told you, "I love you".

Why are you saying 'I love you'
while I am trying to practise.

Oh my! Do you know what
the teacher is saying?

What else? She has been
saying I love you...

I love you, she said I love you nephew!

she said I love you.

I love you too, I love you too,
I love you too teacher.


[electricity buzzes]

"Military Naidu, Military Naidu..."

"You're as hot as the rifle shots."

"Victory nephew, victory nephew..."

"My silk sari slips when you come"

"You crushed my heart
with your surgical strike."

"You've put your picture
in my tender heart"

you've setup your camp in my heart"

"Coca Cola, Pepsi..."

"Coca Cola, Pepsi..."

"Coca Cola, Pepsi...
The Uncle and Nephew combo is sexy."

"Shall we catch a taxi to
our mother-in-law's house?"

"Coca Cola, Pepsi...
The Uncle and Nephew combo is sexy."

"Shall we catch a taxi to
our mother-in-law's house?"

"Hold my sari with a single hand"

"I'd come to you for coaching
like a student to school"

"Teach me how to bat amidst
the jingling of my bangles"

"Will teach you hundred
percent love in school"

"Your moustache and the
way you tie your dhoti, blow a whistle"

"Hold the reins of the horse
and fix a time for nuptials"

Spicy to the left and
juicy to the right...

"Some sweet lassi for your hot lips"

"Coca Cola, Pepsi..."

Coca Cola, Pepsi...

"Coca Cola, Pepsi...
The Uncle and Nephew combo is sexy."

"Shall we catch a taxi to
our mother-in-law's house?"

"Coca Cola, Pepsi...
The Uncle and Nephew combo is sexy."

"Shall we catch a taxi to
our mother-in-law's house?"

I calculate the movement of the
planets and predict the future

But you are a great soul who can see
the future with your 'yoga shakti'.

Did you find any answer to
the question I asked, sir?

We cannot stop death

But if we know the source of danger

we can only postpone
death by being cautious

Death already has come
very close to your son once

The answer to your question is in here.

I can hear the sound of death coming from
South in the form of a vehicle at dusk.

I can hear the sound of death.

[electricity creaks]

Hey, if I didn't apply breaks,
you'd have been dead.

How can I get that speed and control
that you have, be it a bed or road?

Bro, seems his uncle and aunt went
to the town for some shopping.

I don't think it is shopping

they must have gone for a practise match.

Hey you Idiot, wait.

Hey, stop!

Go ahead, dude.

I guess we fiddled with him unnecessarily.

He is following us with rage.

Let him come. We won't be caught.

Drive fast...

Sit down Sir.
I will mend it in five minutes.

[music mutes voices]

[music mutes voices]

[buffalo moos]

[cow moos]

[tyres screech]

[lady screams]


What happened to you, son?

Nothing mother, do not worry.

How can you say that when there
is a bandage on your hand?

This is all because of me.

My jeep lost control and
was about to hit uncle.

The tyre had a puncture. And if there
is a puncture, it will lose control.

Harika, put some hot water for him.
Hey, you go and have your bath.


Nambudri sir has cautioned us
about a danger because of a vehicle.

-And it happened!
-You started this all over again?

Seems there is a bigger
danger coming your way


He'll feel bad if he hears it. Already he
thinks he is the reason for this accident.

-It is not like that...
-Please stop it...

First ask the old man not to travel.

He is scaring us all
with these horoscopes!

My relatives will come to a total of 100.

There are about 200 people just
to serve in the marriage function, aunt.

Then you should at least
invite 2000 people.

Call the relatives of
your relatives and so on.

If you want we will have a special
train from Kakinada to Kolkata

[phone rings]


Not just you...

even your voice has a 'kick' in it!

Be careful with your words.
Who the hell are you?

We can take care of introductions later.

Listen carefully.

We drilled a small hole in your bathroom

and set up a small camera.

You are very educated...

you might have understood what I want.

I will hit you with my shoe.

Who the hell are you?

Come to your school hostel by night 9 PM.

I swear on the lather on your body...

if you can satisfy me,
then you will get your video by morning

If not?


This is what is called
'Blackmailing' in English.

There he comes!

What a perfect timing...

I am excited by just imaging
what is going to happen.

Play your card first...

Why did you come? Where is your aunt?

Where is the video?

If your aunt does not show
up in the next ten minutes,

the video will be up on the internet.

The entire village can
see it along with you.

You idiot...

Where is the video?

Tell me, where is the video?

-I won't tell you.
-Tell me!

It is time to burn this down,
like Lankadahnam! Set it on fire...

Feel sorry for the three hundred children,

You don't have to feel so.

You need this intensity to
separate the nephew from his uncle.

Once this hostel is burnt down,
I am sure to build a beer factory.

This is what is called "Two birds,
at a shot" in English.

Who is it?

It's Karthik...

[gas hisses]

[children shouting]

Hey, get some water...

[children shouting]

Look how Karthik set fire
without giving us the hassle!

It's time to call Venkataratnam...

[indistinctive children's shouts]

Venkataratnam sir, a lot of
children are stuck inside the room.

None of us are able to enter.

Mr. Venkataratnam... careful.

Tell me, you...

Careful sir.

Quick, take them to the hospital.

Oh my god! What is happening here Master?

Brother-in-law, Karthik tried to kill me
as I was returning from the second show.

I was scared and hid myself here.
Look how he burnt this down.

-I will kill you, if you lie idiot...
-Hey, wait

Then why don't you tell us the truth.

Why are you here at this wee hour
and why did you beat my people?

He wouldn't beat anyone
without any reason.

-Tell me why did you beat him?
-Uncle, this idiot's phone has...

Go on!

Let everyone know about the bare truth!

Neither is your nephew answering
nor are you believing my fellow.

Ok, leave all this aside.

Master, you are like a man of justice,
tell us what happened?

Who hit whom and who is the reason
for the hostel to be burnt down?


Do not fear anyone, just say it.

Karthik came chasing and
threw a cylinder on Dora babu.

Oh! So the cylinder burst and
burnt the entire hostel down

He thinks he can do anything
because of his uncle's support!

Uncle, just give me ten minutes.
I will make things clear.


Look, his rage is what brought
this hostel down to ashes!

This is how you brought up your nephew!

Don't you dare say another
word against my uncle!

-Karthik, leave it!
-Uncle you have no idea...

-Karthik leave him...
-Aren't you behind this?

You do not know what these idiots did...

Its three hundred children...
What if something happened to them?

How will you know the
pain of father and mother?

What will be his reaction when he gets
to know that there is no such video?

This is what is called 'shock' in English!

Though I hit him in anger...

I knew there was a reason
behind his silence, Sir.

All this was done by this filthy
idiot sir. Release Karthik.

Your nephew is here. Take him.

Hey Karthik...


It was my mistake.

He told me the truth
after he was beaten up.

He tried to put you in a fix
with some old vengeance.

Ok, let's go home.

At that moment,
he not only pushed my arm away...

but erased me from his life.

That was the last time I saw him.

Except for my life, he took all my joy
and happiness along with him.

You are his uncle who took care of him,
just because you raised your hand on him,

would he join the army
just because of that?

Except my heart,
everyone in the village thought so.

It took me three years
to know the exact reason.

If he intends to marry her, finalise
an auspicious time of wedding right now.

Otherwise ask your son to convince
her to get married to someone else.

Dad please,
if I knew this was your intention,

I would not come here with you.

I can wait as long as he wants me to.

You wait lady,
I know his pain as a father!

My daughter now works in Bangalore
due to aversion for love and marriage.

You have to convince her to
get married to someone else.

That's not needed. My nephew will come.

Both the marriages will happen at once.

Oh! Yeah, yeah, he will come...
Why will he come and when will he come?

Why will he come when you have
hit him and now trying to heal?

His way of life is very strange...

He chased away his nephew while
my daughter is to get married to him.

-Ask him what answer can he give us?
-You please wait...

I will talk to him...

We don't know his whereabouts
and when he will come back.

It's not good to postpone
your marriage waiting for him.

Dad, do you think he can stay
away from me for so long?

He will not come back, son.

No dad, he will definitely come back.

No he won't ever come back!

Because he did not leave you
as he was angry with you.

That means you know why he left?

Do you know? Father, do you know why?


You wait...

Dad, what did you tell him?

What did you tell him that he left me?

That day, after Karthik came
from the police station...

Hey Karthik...

Where are you going?

you were right about the horoscope!

I've overheard Grandma telling uncle
that there was a bigger danger in store

That day I went into the pooja room to
find out the truth in the horoscope.

A vehicle...

I was surprised to see the danger my
uncle might fall into because of me.

It was also written that the next
danger was in the form of fire

And it happened right in front
of my eyes just within 24 hours

I understood it then

Uncle is in grave danger because of me

Without realising the fact that
you were trying to protect us...

...I hurt you badly Grandpa.

Forgive me Grandpa...

I am sorry.

I'll take leave.

I need to move before uncle is back home.

But where will you go?

Uncle left his ambition of
joining the army because of me.

No matter how hard,
I will join the army now.

Though away from his eyes, I will at least
try to be close to his dreams, Grandpa.

But, what will you answer Harika?

He explain is needed grandma...

If you can stay away from
your uncle for his good...

Then, don't you think I can stay
away from you for some time?

Harika told me that Karthik
called her last from Kashmir.

So I am here, Sir.

In a way you are the reason
for my reunion with my nephew

I can never forget your help, Sir.

We are not taking you to your nephew.

Brigadier asked you to take me to Karthik,
didn't he?

The same Brigadier ordered us to
hold you in custody for two days.

There is some conspiracy
spun around your nephew.

Say it again, Sir.

Karthik is in some grave danger.

If my nephew is in danger,
his uncle Venkataratnam is at war, Sir!


[tyres screeching]

Hey... Venkatarathnam!

[indistinctive shouts]

[tyres screech]

Call the Brigadier!

[chopper blades whirring]

What the hell is happening here?

Do you know whom are
you pointing the gun at?

I know!

There was a time when I wished
to wear this uniform and hold this gun.

Now you made me point a
gun at the same uniform.

Why are you lying about my nephew?

You want to know what
happened to Karthik, do you?

[bullet fired]

Gulmarg church massacre...

this attack was planned and executed by

the chief of
Lashkar-e-Mohammed, Abu Usman.

He is the mastermind behind
the attacks in Kashmir.

They did not bother about women or
children and mercilessly killed 46 people.

That incident made us cross the border
leaving aside our 70 years of patience.

Looking at the track record and training,

ten excellent Para Commandos have been
selected who excel in sabotage operations.

According to our information, there are
heavily armed and trained terrorists

We have to neutralize them
and get Abu Usman alive

And this operation will be led
by Captain Karthik Shivaram.

Are you ready to give an answer
to 40 years of terrorism?

And for those who laid
their lives at the border?

All: Yes, Sir.

That border which they cross every day...

we will show them what happens
if we cross just once, Sir.

Then go! Hit them hard!

Prepare for take-off.

[chopper blades whirring]

Approaching LZ

Decent initiated.

Take all three of them at once.

Target locked.


Common boys, move, move!

[machine gun fire]

Keep attacking! Nobody should survive!
[machine gun firing]

Alfa to Charlie...

Mission accomplished


Send the chopper

Reaching pick up point

Chopper is into action.

[chopper blades whirring]

[bullets shot]


Boys take cover!

Take cover!

-My brother has arrived!
-Boys, take cover!

-He won't leave anyone alive!
-Boys, take cover!

Shut up!

Take him with you.

The chopper has come. Go, go, go!

Go... go... go...

Move! Come on move!

Bravo to Charlie...
Lieutenant Vishal injured Sir.

What the hell?

[Karthik groans]

I'll hold them. Move!

We will stay with you, Sir!

You guys move! That's an order.

-Okay Sir.

Karthik come on...

Go, go, go...

Sir, the enemy's fire is very intense Sir.

Sir, he is in critical condition.

-Karthik come on!
-Come on...

You guys move...

It's an order... move... move!

Karthik Sir stayed back Sir.

-And on his command we are taking-off.
-No, no, what the hell...

Karthik, Karthik come in...


Karthik, Karthik come back.
What's happening there?

Sir mission successful.

I have a small request.

My uncle will come searching for me.

Tell him that his nephew fought
the country until his last breath.

No, no Karthik... I can't lose you.

Hang on, hang on!
I'm sending in additional force, hang on.

Jai Hind.

Karthik! Karthik!


If Karthik is to return alive

Razzak put a condition that we have to
release his brother whom we captured.

-And that is not possible.
-Why not, Sir?

Because Usman is not alive...

He is dead.

He died on the way due
to internal bleeding.

They will kill Karthik, the very
moment this news goes out.

I ordered you to be taken into custody
because I don't want the news to spread.

The deadline to exchange Abu Usman
for Karthik is until tomorrow night.

Then what Karthik's fate now, Sir?

We don't even leave a dead
soldier among enemies.

Then how can you leave Karthik there?

Do you think we are doing nothing?

We are trying everything to save Karthik.

Army is also a family,
we just aren't related by blood.

My blood boils when I see videos
of Karthik being tortured.

[Karthik groans]

[Karthik screams]

When we can't even save
our fellow soldier...

...what's the use of such an army,
ammunition and training, Sir?

Are these guns only to shoot
in the air for those soldiers killed?



As a Brigadier,
every soldier's life is my responsibility.

We tried not once or
twice but a hundred times.

But we failed!

Even now we have a proposal...

But as a Brigadier, I cannot take any
emotional decision. I am helpless!

So, I rejected it.

Why did you reject it, Sir?

We can send a soldier disguised as
Abu Usman to get back Karthik.

If we attack at the right time,
we can get Karthik safe.

But there is a flaw in this plan.

It is a suicide mission for the
soldier pretending as Abu Usman.

He will not return.

The moment they realise that he is not
Usman, they'll shower him with bullets.

It is not morally or ethically correct
to sacrifice one soldier for another.

And that's my dilemma.

I will go, Sir.

-Yes, Sir.

I can understand your problem.

You send me dressed like Abu Usman.

Are you out of your mind?

If something happens to Karthik,
two lives will be at stake

What more do I need than
atleast saving my nephew, Sir?

This mission is difficult to handle
even for a trained commando.

You don't even know how to fire even a gun

You don't how to fire a single bullet.

I might not know how to shoot,
but I can protect Karthik from any bullet.


The Indian army has agreed to our
condition to release Usman Bhai.

[phone ringing]



I am going to meet Karthik today.

Karthik will come back.

You have to take care of him from now on.

You have to get him married.

Why are you talking like this?

He should not feel my absence.

Oh God!

Son, what happened to you?

What is happening there?

You take care, mother.
Ask the teacher to forgive me.

Son, just listen to me once.



Hey! Send my brother alone.

Nobody should accompany him

Until the time my nephew
reaches the cantonment

Don't let him know I went
in Usman's place, sir

[bullet fired]


[bullet fired]

Now take his dead body.



They deceived us!
The man is not our brother










[machine gun fire]







Colonel! Call the air ambulance.

Why did you come here, Uncle?

Captain Karthik Shivaram.

Nothing will happen to you

I'm here...

Uncle, no! Uncle!

Colonel, Colonel!

Call the air ambulance!

Uncle, uncle...
[chopper blades whirring]

[machine beeping]

Venkata Ratnam, don't give up.

You did the impossible,
you saved your nephew

All you have to do is
just bloody breathe!

[machine beeps]

Come on Doctor, don't give up...
keep trying!

[beep goes flat]

I am sorry sir.

Doctor, why did you stop the treatment?

Doctor, why did you stop...

Sir, at least tell me why the treatment
is stopped? Please ask them to continue

-Please, Sir!
-Karthik... it's over.

My uncle has a great heart, Sir.

A tiny bullet cannot do any harm to him.

Uncle would be fine.

Uncle, come on get up...

Uncle, get up...

Uncle... get up...

Didn't you say that love has the
power to re-write god-written fate?

Prove that uncle.

Get up and prove that to be true.

Please get up, uncle!

Karthik control yourself.

How it is possible, sir?

He taught me everything but
not how to survive without him.

Not when my parents died.

Now that you have left me this moment...

You made me an orphan now, Uncle.

You made me an orphan now.


[machine beeping]

Come again?


Don't say it over and over again, nephew.

Where would I go leaving you alone?


A man's unconditional love is
beyond planetary positions and palmistry.

Horoscope is a belief,
but love is for real.

And this story is the very proof
that love can win over anything

Uncle is the unlimited property
that comes from mother's side

Uncle shares the love next to father

This film of ours is dedicated to the
loving Uncles and the caring nephews



That is why one should
watch English movies.

What to do now?

[phone rings]

Sorry, give me a minute.

Hey nephew...

What's it now uncle?

What can I say?
I don't know how to start.

If you could sugest me...

Uncle! Is this some kind
of exam to copy from?



This is not swimming to teach you.

You should just go with the flow!

How do I go with the flow?

Please don't disturb me anymore.

Hey, nephew! Ah!

-Who is it?
-My nephew.

He is a junior and I'm the senior...

He is new to this.

-Not to you?
-Hey! Hey!


It's new... yeah you got me!

Why did you say that?

Shall we try now?

[Karthik screams]
-Hey nephew!

Nephew, what happened?

Nephew, what happened? Tell me.


What happened?

-It's nothing... Uncle
-Then, why are you shouting?

Oh That is...

Tell me...

Love bite.

Out side? who came from out side?
Tell me... tell me!

-Not out side Uncle...
-I'll tell you.

Oh no! She will tell you...
Please tell him.

What would you say?

Love bite means...

Tell me...

-Love bite means...

Oh! I got it, Nephew!