Venkatapuram (2017) - full transcript

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The field will be lush green as
long as there are crops in them.

But the same field looks like
a barren land after the harvest.

It is the same with
the village as well.

The harvest here is the cyclone.

And the village which turned
into a barren land is Bheemli.

What, dude?

We have to do something.
This ain't giving any kick.


Look over there.

The case is arriving.

Awsome figure, dude!

Come on!

Let's go, guys!

Hey, what the hell are you doing?

[overlap of voices]

Bash them!

Just come...

Punch him... Punch him...

Come on, punch him.

There won't be any humanity at the
places where there are no humans.

Bheemli, which is being
ruled by the demons

will never become a habitat for humans.

This has become a haven
for atrocities and crimes.

This activity continues until the
light spreads by implaing darkness.

Oh man! He is here!

Hey Anand!

What happened to him that
he is going away like that?

Who do you want?

Mastan Bhai has sent us.

Okay, come in.

[metallic clatter]


This one?

This one?

This one?
This one?


What about this?


What is the price?

2000 rupees.


Remember one thing very well.

It is up to you whether you'd
chop animals or humans with this.

But if you are caught
by the police with this,

don't tell my name.


[alarm rings]

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]


[phone rings]


-Sir, is this Venkatapuram police station?
-Yes, this is Venkatapuram police station.

Who is on the line?

Sir, my name is Murthy.

Another murder took
place at Bheemli beach.

Is it?

Yes, sir.

Alright, we are coming. Hang up.

Move aside... Move aside... Move aside...

[indistinct chatter]

George, what happened to him
that he is coming here running?

-What happened?

-Don't you still know the matter?
-Which matter?

About the murder that
took place at Bheemli.

A murder that took place at Bheemli?

-Come, let's go and check.
-Let's go.

-Who might have committed this murder?
-How would I know?

Whoever did this,
they've done a nasty thing.


If they are holding a grudge on someone,

they should be either dumped in the ocean
or buried in the soil after killing them.

But who the hell is he,
that he had killed and dumped in a sack?

The police will nab him within one
hour after identifying the dead body.

The police are arriving.

Hey... If the SI sees us here, he might
think that we have committed this murder.

Hey, let's go.

[phone ringing]

Good morning, sir.

Very good morning, Durga Prasad.

Where are you?

Sir, I got a call regarding another
murder taking place at Bheemli beach.

So I went there.

Well... Last night, I've sent you a photo
of a girl and asked to search for her.

Sir, we couldn't find her.

We have searched the entire city, sir.

Okay. Finish your work quickly and
be on the task that I gave you.

That's very important.

Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.

Out of the way... Out of the way...

Open it.

-Okay, sir.
-Out of the way...

Sir, this seems like a woman's dead body.

Sir, seems like the girl we are
searching and this girl are the same.

Hey, out of the way... Move aside.

Listen... Out of the way...

[phone ringing]


Sir, I am Venkatapuram's SI,
Durga Prasad speaking.

Yes, tell me.

The commissioner has filed
a complaint in your station

about your missing daughter last night.

Yes, sir.

Did you get any information
about your daughter?

Not yet, sir.

Since yesterday, we've been searching
her without having food or sleeping.

Listen to me carefully.

We found a woman's dead
body at Bheemli beach.

It is not in a state of identifying.

Looking at that dead body, I somehow
suspect that she is your daughter.

Is it? I'll come right away.

We are sending the
dead body to autopsy now.

-Which hospital?
-Rajive Gandhi general hospital.

Okay, sir.

-Sir... Sir... Sir...
-Hey, send everyone away.

We found this college bag a little
distance away from the murder spot, sir.

Look what's inside.

-Leave... All of you, leave.

-Just leave.

Sir, there is an ID card as well.

Oh my God!

The girl who commissioner
asked us to search last night

and the girl in the identity
card is the same.

Keep this.

Okay, sir.

No matter who sees this dead body,
the body is in an unrecognizable state.

Another thing, sir.

The murderers who killed this
girl has left another clue.

What is it?


This sickle.

While taking the dead body out
of the sack, we found this in it.

This might be of good
use to nab the murderer.

[sighs] Thank you, doctor.

We found a college bag at the murder spot.

In that bag, we found a student
identity card along with the books.

But the main point is that, the
who commissioner asked us to search

and the girl in the identity
card is the same.

Hey, give that.

This bag belongs to my daughter indeed.

The dead body is in the mortuary.

Take it without making any delay.


we found in our enquiry that the
deceased girl has two friends.

Where are they?

They are in the college, sir.

-Okay, sir.
-Sorry, sir.

Dear Chaitra... [weeps]

Oh, dear!

Sir, she is my classmate.

She became very close to
us in a very short time, sir.

Hmm... Well,

when, where and how you have
met the girl for the last time?

We met her when we came to
collect the hall ticket at the college.

She came on some guy's bike,
instead of her moped on that day.

When we asked who he was,
she said he was her boyfriend.

Did she tell where he lives?

Yes, sir.

She said he lives in the
penthouse in her very apartment.


[in unison] Hmm.


His name is Anand, sir.

He's been living alone in this
penthouse for three years.

I thought he is a good guy as he's
been paying the rent promptly.

But I never expected even in my
dream that he'd commit murder.

I am still unable to believe
that he has committed a murder.

Do you know where he works?

Yes, sir.


He works as a pizza delivery
boy at Bhavani Nagar Crossroads.

He's been working here along
with us as pizza delivery boy, sir.

I don't know the problem. And he's been
not coming to work from two days as well.

When I last saw him at Ambedkar colony,

I stopped my bike and tried
to ask about his problem, sir.

But after hearing my voice,
he has gone away as if he didn't see me.

I didn't understand why
he has gone like that.

Look, if he ever comes
across you anywhere or

calls you,
inform me immediately.


Head constable,

search the entire auto-rickshaw
stand, bus-stand and railway station.

Do complete enquiry.

If you suspect anyone,
detain them first. Okay?

[people weeping]

The SI has arrived.

I did complete enquiry, sir.

The one who killed your
daughter is none other than

Anand, the pizza delivery boy who lives
in the penthouse of this very apartment.

I'll leave now, sir.

Sir, where shall I place this sickle?

Do something.

-Put it in the storeroom.
-Okay, sir.

Three cases have come in the morning, sir.


In two cases, both the parties
have compromised and left.

And the remaining one
is the third case, sir.

The guy pertaining to
that third case is here.

What is his name?

His name is Venkat Naidu, a lorry driver.

What's the case?

Nothing, sir.

We caught him while he was trying to
cross the border with the fodder load.

-Didn't he have a permit?
-He did had a permit, sir.


We caught him at the border while loading
cannabis along with the fodder, sir.

[sighs] That's fine about him.
What about the guy beside him?

Oh, this guy, sir?

He's been in the same position
since the time he has arrived.

No reaction.

Hey, didn't yesterday's
intoxication wear off?

I am talking to you.

Speak up.

Why aren't you talking
anything while I am asking you?

[clatters and shatters]

Won't you speak up? Huh?

Speak up.


If I don't know about who your
details, I'll shoot you right here.

[phone ringing]

Hello, sir.

What's the progress of
the missing girl's case?

I have enquired about it, sir.

-Her boyfriend murdered her.-Is it?

Yes, sir.

Seems like a love affair case.

We searched for him but
we couldn't find him.

But I ensure you sir,
that he'd be crushed if I catch him.

Be on this case very seriously.

-Don't spare him at all.
-Okay, sir.


Is it better to talk to him?

Let me try.

No... No... He just had got bashed.

Hey, both of you eat
this Upma and be ready.

What should you mean by eating upma?

Would you serve us cheap
Upma even if we did a mistake?

I won't eat. Give it to him.

Shut up and eat what is given.

Else, I'll get you the other kind
of breakfast through our SI.

Don't do that, sir. Don't do that.

We have seen his aggressive
form a while ago. Give it to me.

Just eat.



Thank God! Task finished!

Bro, have Upma. Aren't you hungry?

Well, why was the SI so angry at you?

Did you commit a murder?

Or did your girlfriend cheat and dump you?

Say something, bro.

We'll know what's inside
you only if you speak.

Is he a mute by any chance?

Are you dumb?
Are you really a mute person?

Got a cigarette?

Oh! That one!


Who are you?

Where do you live?

Why are the police having
so much grudge on you?

Consider me as your friend.

I am Anand.

I lived in the penthouse of Sai Krupa

at Vivekananda colony, Vizag for rent.

[music mutes voice]

"Cock-a-doodle-do... A new
day has begin. Be on it"

"It's been pushing you and me as
if it is an unclear past debt"

"Cock-a-doodle-do... A new
day has begin. Be on it"

"It's been pushing you and me as
if it is an unclear past debt"

"There is not even second leisure
for you. You have to keep running"

"If there is no proper achievement,
we have to keep struggling like this"

"There is not even second leisure
for you. You have to keep running"

"Be on your work...
Just be on your work..."

"Come and have a smoke"

"Come and have to relieve yourself"

"Come and have a smoke"

"Come and have to relieve yourself"

I'm telling you at the beginning itself.

I'll stay here only if there is a
possibility to study on the terrace.

Else, I'll stay in the hostel
until I finish my exams.

Alright. Check the terrace
upon reaching our flat.

If you like it be
here, else find a hostel.

-What do you say?
-Then, it is okay.

How is the terrace, dear?

I didn't just like it,
but it very beautiful as well.

"Come and have a smoke"

"Come and have to relieve yourself"

"Come and have a smoke"

Dear Chaitra,

enough of your studying.
Come and have dinner.

-It is getting late.
-Okay, mom. I am coming.

[indistinct chatter]

Excuse me, madam.

Yes, come in.

She is a new joinee, madam.

Go and sit there.

Hi, I am Chaitra.

I am Rithika and she is
my best friend Rekha.

Oh, nice!

-Hi Rekha.

-Would you come with me to the restroom?

-Excuse me.

Can I also join you guys?


Come, let's go.

[indistinct lecture]

Where did they go?
[bell ringing]

Let's go.

[alarm buzzing]




Urgh! Yuck!



Let me not leave him simple.
I'll teach him a lesson.

[gasps] Oh no!
[alarm buzzing]


Why are you shouting?
I'm right here.

Tell me what is it?

-Give me coffee immediately.
-Why do you need so early?

I saw an idiot in the morning!

I'm getting a headache, mom!

I lost my mood to study.

-Give me the coffee.
-Okay, go and get the milk packet.


Give me an heritage milk packet.


What is it, dear?

-I want to go back to the hostel.
-Why is it so?

A bachelor is staying in the penthouse.

I've been going to the terrace
every morning to study,

but he's been sleeping there drunk.

-Is it?

I don't feel like studying
after seeing him like that.

Moreover, I've been
forgetting whatever I was studying.

-Is it?

Dad, I'm not concerned
about what you are going to do.

Talk to the landlord and make
him vacate the flat.

Else, I would go back to the hostel.

Okay, dear.
Leave it to me.

Dad, you will do what I asked you,
won't you?

Leave that to me, dear.
I'll take care of it.

You don't worry.
You're getting late. Go.


-Bye, dad.
-Bye, dear.

[indistinct people chattering]

By the way,
where did you two go yesterday?

We didn't go anywhere.


We went to the library as
we were bored in the class.

Is it? Tell me when you go to the
library next time. I'll also join you.

[In unison] Okay.



Urgh! She has been annoying
me ever since she came.

What is it?

Are you going to the restroom?

-I'll also join you.

Let's go.

-We should be careful with her.

Else both of us will be in trouble.



-Oh! I'm sorry...
-It's okay.

[music mutes voice]


She's scared...!

-Hey! Look at there.

-There's an awesome figure over there.

-Let's go and see.

Let's go, dude.

Hey baby!

Are you alone?




[indistinct voice]


Hello, stop!
Please, stop.

-Please, stop...
-He won't...!

Nobody will stop.

Please, help me...

-Get on the bike.
-Thank you.

-Hey! She's going.
-[indistinct voice]

She left!

thank you very much...

It's okay.

I am Chaitra.


[music playing]

What is this like a kid,

Do you know how worried we were?

Sorry, dad.

I waited for a long time
at the college for you.

When I thought you'd be late and
started walking towards home...

I lost my way and
ended up going somewhere.

I sat at the bus stop in
fear as it was dark.

-Are you alone?


-Get on the bike.

Who is that guy, dear?
Do you know him?

Yes, dad.

I'll introduce him to you now.


What is it, dear?

Why is the penthouse vacant?

Yes, dear.

A guy used to stay in it, right?

That guy vacated, dear.

Why, uncle?

As your studies are getting affected
as he's been staying here,

your dad came to me yesterday
in the evening...

Hey Landlord! You can
count your money later.

I've heard that a bachelor
is staying in the penthouse.

Yes, sir.
What happened?

Make him vacate the house
before anything happens.

What happened, sir?

My daughter has been going to
terrace every morning to study,

but he's been sleeping there drunk.

My daughter is having her final exams now.

I'm not concerned of
what you are going to do.

I'll pay the penthouse's
rent if necessary.

If he doesn't vacate by the
time my daughter goes upstairs,

to study tomorrow in the morning,

we will have to vacate the house.

-But sir...
-Mind it!

Don't say anything!

Since your dad asked so seriously I
couldn't deny it and on the same night...

I'm facing trouble with the tenants
staying downstairs because of you.

Here is the rent you gave me this month.

Take it back and kindly vacate the room.

Take it, dear.

He didn't oppose me
and vacated immediately.

This is all because of me.

Uncle, do you know where he is now?

I heard that he is working in a pizza
shop at Bhavani Nagar chowrasta.

Bhavani nagar...

Pizza shop...

Okay, thank you, uncle.

I slept at my friend's place when
I vacated the room that night.

I woke up in the morning and left to work.

She saw me there and brought me home.

She introduced me to her parents.

Her father appreciated me for
saving her daughter on that night.

They asked me to stay in that penthouse.

Later her dad...

Thank you for saving my daughter on time.

It's okay, uncle.

If you don't mind,
could you please do me a favour?

Tell me, uncle.

Since we are new to the city, we
aren't aware of the routes.

My heart has been pounding
thinking of last night.

In order to prevent such situations,

my daughter should become
aware of the routes.

Is that it, uncle?
Don't worry, uncle.

I'll show the entire
city to your daughter.

"Oh, it's magic... Oh, it's magic..."

"It's magic everywhere..."

"Oh man! Everything that is happening
is so bizarre. Did you notice?"

"Did you notice the sky
coming towards the wave?"

"Despite not having much acquaintance"

"Despite not being related to each other"

"Without actually talking anything"

"Without the doubt getting cleared"

"I'm getting close to you now"

"Oh my goodness! What is this magic?"

"No matter how much I
think, I don't understand"

"Oh my goodness! What is this magic?"

"No matter how much I
think, I don't understand"

"As the time is passing,
our bond is getting stronger"

"As the initiatives are growing,
mute smiles are becoming conversations"

"As we keep walking together,
tiredness is getting reduced by half"

"As our eye gestures are getting
converged, the eyes are getting bright"

"Our hands are holding each other's"

"despite it was not our habit"

"The thoughts have become pearls"

"and have been rolling on our lips"

"Oh man! Everything that is happening
is so bizarre. Did you notice?"

"Did you notice the sky
coming towards the wave?"

"Despite not having much acquaintance"

"Despite not being related to each other"

"Without actually talking anything...
Without the doubt getting cleared"

"I'm getting close to you now"

"Oh my goodness! What is this magic?"

"No matter how much I
think, I don't understand"

"Oh my goodness! What is this magic?"

"No matter how much I
think, I don't understand"

Why aren't you coming to work from the
past few days? What's the matter?

Who's that girl?

A girl?
Whom do you mean?

Don't bluff with me.

RK beach, Jagadamba
center, Tenneti park...

Do you think that I haven't seen you guys
roaming around the city on a bike?

-Oh, do you mean that girl?

Did you understand it now?

-Who is she?
-She is just a friend.

[bell ringing]

Shall we go to the restroom?

[indistinct people chattering]

Hello Rithika and Rekha.

-Chaitra, is it you?
-What are you doing here?

Oh, this one?
We just came upstairs to smoke.

-That's all.

Is this what you've been
doing upstairs every day,

on the pretext of going to the restroom?

Don't you feel that
you've been doing wrong?

It's wrong if we smoke
in a public place but...

who told you that it's a mistake
if we smoke in a private place?

-Isn't it?

Anyway, it's wrong to smoke
in the college being girls.

Guys smoking is acceptable but not girls?

Isn't it wrong?


Chaitra, what are you thinking?

Okay, we are going to the restroom.
Would you like to join us?

I won't come.

Okay, she doesn't want to come.

-Let's go.

[music mutes voice]

It's okay, try it.

I came here in the
morning to clean the tank.

It was scared to see these.

Clean this mess first.

Lock the door to prevent
students from getting in.

They locked our only spot.

Where shall we go to if we
want to smoke immediately?

Tsk! Yeah, Rithika.
Where shall we go?

I knew a place which is on the
way to our home from college.

According to me,
there'd be no one there.

We can go there and smoke.
What do you say?

Awesome! Wow!

What an awesome place it is!

Is it nice?

Won't there be anyone here?

-People used to be here in the past.

Don't shout.
Anyone would hear us.

[phone ringing]
Bro, give us two strong beers.

-Where are you?

Hey! We are at the wine shop.
What's the matter?

Three hot college going
girls came to our spot.

Hey! Keep an eye on them We
are starting immediately.

-Hey! Hold this.
-What is it?

What happened?

-Wow! This place is very nice.
-Is it?

Did you like it?

Shiva called me.

-Three girls came to our spot it seems.
-Is it? Then go fast.




Hey Shiva!

-Where are they?
-Where are the girls?

There they are.

They were here.

Where are the girls?

Dude, they were right here.

-But they aren't here.
-Even I don't understand where they went!

What the hell were you doing?

-That is...
-Shut up!

You ruined my mood!
Hey! Give me that beer.

Take it.

Mom, where are you going so early?

Uncle has called me to come
to the town immediately.


He has said that he found a
good wedding match for you.

Why do you want to get
me married so early?

The exams aren't comepleted yet.

Your exams will be completed
in another ten days.

Later we should anyway search for a good
alliance and get you married, right?

Good alliances don't come
when we search for it.

Which is why, we are in hurry.

When would you return?

We will return in two days.

All the rations that you
need are in the house.

Don't roam outside but sit
and study at home, okay?

Okay, mom.

I'm bored of studying.



Hi, Rekha.
Where are you?

What's the matter?

I'm all alone at home.

I'm really getting very bored.

Shall we go out?

Did you see the weather outside?

It's cool.

Do you know how it would be if we go
out on the bike with the boyfriend?

How would it be?

Go out and you'd know.


With a boyfriend?



[aeroplane whoosing]
Thank you.

Can I ask you something?

Yeah, sure.

You shouldn't reject it later, okay?


How are you related to me?


-What do you mean?
-I'm just a friend.

-Is it just that?

But would you be as my
boyfriend for today?

What do you mean?

I mean...

the one who takes his
girlfriend out on the bike to handout.

And the one who spends time with
his girlfriend when he feels bored.

And anything like that...


Anand, please...

I request you.

Don't tell me that it's not possible.

Because I'm bored of studying
the repeated subject.

I'm scared that I'd forget in the exam,
if I read too much.

Let's go out for some relaxation.

Please, Anand...
I request you.



Great, thank you so much.

"Who is that appearing in
front of me like a dream"

"and casting an unknown magic?"

"You have become a reality and
been residing in my heart"

"I have walked with you
and you are my world"

"I've never experienced
this happiness before"

"which is being with me every moment"

"Did it come across me unexpectedly?"

"Did she step inside my
heart, roamed around and"

"pulled me out?"

"It's flying... It's flying..."

"My heart rose like a wave
and has been flying high"

"It's sprinting... It's sprinting..."

"It has become her companion
and been sprinting together"

"It's flying... It's flying..."

"My heart rose like a wave
and has been flying high"

"It's sprinting... It's sprinting..."

"It has become her companion
and been sprinting together"

"Day has been melting like a second"

"I don't pay heed to time during
the moments I spend with you"

"In the friendship that
you've been showering on me"

"there's been no question of
burden in the comfort of this magic"

"My heart doesn't distinguish
whether it is a sprint or a walk,"

"day or night as it's been
drowning in this comfort"

"Have the drizzle and sunlight became one"

"and been showering
seven colours at me?"

"I am at every location in
the world that you are seeing"

"It's flying... It's flying..."

"My heart rose like a wave
and has been flying high"

"It's sprinting... It's sprinting..."

"It has become her companion
and been sprinting together"

We'll make it, madam.

Yeah, okay.



Recently you said that it's just a
veg pizza but not a non-veg pizza.

Then why are you wandering with the
same girl on your bike yesterday?

Then what do you call it as?

What is it?

I am asking the same.

Even I am asking the same to you.

It's called falling in love without
each other's knowledge.

Is it? Now, who has fallen
in love and who didn't?

I don't know whether you'd
fallen in love or not but...

...that girl has definitely
fallen in love with you.

Wait and watch,
you'll also fall in love with her.

Thank you.

Did you like the girl?

Is she beautiful?


If you are okay with this match,

let's fix the wedding dates once
your daughter finishes her exams.

What do you say?


If you say okay,
I'm also okay with this.

Then we shall leave now.


"It's flying..."

"It's flying..."


Anand, I'm Chaitra speaking.

How come you called me
suddenly that too over a phone?

I called you to discuss
some personal matter.

Okay, tell me, what is it?

-Not on the call...-Ah...

I'm waiting for you at RK beach.

I'm coming right away, bye.

Personal matter?

"It's flying..."


"It's flying..."

[people chattering]


Chaitra, what happened to you?

Why are you crying?

My parents are planning to get me married.


But I don't want to
get into this marriage.

Have you been in
love with someone?

There's nothing as such.


Then why do you say that you don't
want to get into this marriage?


I made a mistake.


What is it, Chaitra?



[phone ringing]

Hi, Rithika.

What are you doing at home?

I'm studying.

Studying? Won't you come to
college and get the hall ticket?

Oh, no!
I forgot.

Mom, I'm going to college
to get my hall ticket.



Okay, Anand.
Thank you so much. Bye.


Who is he?

He's my boyfriend.

You never mentioned him before?

Where does he stay?

He stays in the penthouse
in our apartment.

Your boyfriend is handsome.

-What's your name?
-I'm Rekha.

I'm Rithika.

I'm Chaitra.

I think this is the last time
we are smoking together.

Yeah, maybe.

Let's sit here.

So, I have a surprise for you both.

A surprise?

What is it?

Guess it.

I will guess it.

Your marriage alliance is fixed, right?


You got placed in Infosys.

Not even that.

What is that surprise if it's
not about the job or the wedding?

Wait, I'll show you.




you are going to the US to pursue your PG?


-Thank you so much.

But I'm sad about something.

In which matter?

My family doesn't know that I got a visa.

How will you manage?

They won't let me go
if they know about it.

-What if

your family fixes your marriage
unaware of this visa matter?

I'll show my visa and tell them
that I am not for marriage yet.

What would you if they
don't accept even after that?

What do you do if your wedding doesn't
get fixed with the guy who you love?

I'll call him and say, "Will you take
me away or shall I sneak out on my own?"

Me too.

I'll write a letter and board a flight
overnight, without informing them.


Rekha, look there


Girls... Catch them.

Nicely found them!

-Hey... Hey...

Get off...


Hey, stop.

Let go of me.



Where will you run?


Come, we are waiting for you.

Who are they, mom?

Get ready first.

[music mutes voice]

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]

Hello Rithika,
nothing bad happened to you, right?

Nothing happened, we are alright.

Thank God! I felt very tensed about
what might have happened to you.

Where are you?

We are at RK beach.

If you come here in 10 minutes, we'll
tell you an important matter and leave.

Okay. I'll be there.

Rithika, are you sure
that nothing happened to you?

Chaitra, don't talk anything now.

Take this phone number first.

Whose phone is this?

First take it.

Why are you giving it to me?


After you have run away from that place,
we too tried our best to escape.

Hey, stop!

-Hey, stop!

Because of that, they didn't spare us.

They have caught us.

Let go of me.

Despite pleading them after
giving everything we have...

Take it off... Come on.

But what they did to us...

Hey, change quickly and bugger off!

They have shot the video of their act.

If you don't go to them now,

they are threatening that they would
post that video on the internet.



It's just two of you, right?
What's with the third bag?

-That belongs to my friend.
-Friend's bag?

Tell that girl who ran away

to come to us and collect
her bag if she wants it.

Else, I'll dump her in the ocean.

Got it?

They wrote that number
and gave it to us telling that

you have to call them before you go.

Look Chaitra, this is
no time for you to weep.

If you want your bag,

call to that number and

get your bag from them without
letting anybody know about it.

But don't you go to the police
station at any cost for that bag.

If you go to the police station,

we'd get into a situation
where we have to commit suicide.

We called you to come here to inform this.

We'll leave now. Come, let's go.


Don't let go. Hold her, Shiva.

Shut up!

Keep driving... Keep driving...

I already know that she wouldn't
come despite giving the phone number.

Nicely found her!

Hey! I might have let go of her
friends, but I won't spare her.

See, what I am going to do with her.

Keep driving... Keep driving...




I couldn't think of ways
to get my bag from them.

I remembered you suddenly
and called you, Anand...

Thinking that you'd help me.

Come with me.


Where are you taking me?

[phone ringing]

Chaitra, their phone is
ringing. Talk to them.

What should I talk to them?

Tell them you are going to go
to them tomorrow to get your bag.

No... No... I am scared.

What can I talk?

I am with you. Just talk.

Hello... Hello...

-Just talk...-Hello.

Give it to me.



I called regarding my bag.


You have escaped from us, right?

Since you have called us,
it means that you are really scared.

-Yes, sir.

Hey... Put aside these
formal ways of talking.

Tell the time when you'd come here.

Will you come or not?

I'll be there tomorrow
exactly at this time.

The time is 5.30 pm now.

You have to be here tomorrow
ten minutes before this same timing.

If you don't up, the attack on you that
took place today will happen every day.

Got it?

Hel... Hello.

What happened?

He asks me to there tomorrow by 5.30.

He was threatening that he won't spare me

no matter where I would
be if I don't show up.

Your problem will be
solved by 6.30. Enough?

But how are you going to do all that?

Leave all that to me.

I know very well what to do with them
in order to not meddle with you again.


Let's go.

[alarm rings]


What happened after that?

I'll narrate the rest of the story.
Come with me. My SI is calling you.

Sir, please give me two minutes.
The story was interesting.

Hey, will you get up or
shall I hit you with a baton?

-Just get up... Hey...
-Sir... Sir...

Story, interest, my foot!

-Come, rascal... Come...

[screams in pain] Ow! Ouch!
Please don't hit me, sir.

[screams in pain]

-Sir, he is Venkat Naidu.
-I know.

Sir supplies marujuana in a fodder lorry.

Rascal, even after getting caught
supplying marijuana in a fodder lorry,

you dare to do name-calling when
the constable served you upma citing.

Would you be served with a 5-star hotel
food instead of Upma for your work?


Bend... Just bend...

-Just bend...
-Ow! Please don't hit me, sir.

-Upma... You call it cheap upma!
-Ow! Please don't hit me, sir. I'll die.

How dare you do name-calling!

-Cheap upma! Cheap upma!
-Please don't hit me, sir. Oh no!

Bloody criminal!


-Take this rascal to the court.
-Okay, sir.

-Get up.

Move... Just move.


What shall we do with the
youngster who got caught at Bheemli?

-Did he open up or not?
-He didn't utter a word till now, sir.

Bend him and bash until he opens up.

Sir, he is going to die at the
station if we keep bashing him.

Sir, somehow put him in the
prison and shut his case.

Do something.

Open a criminal file in the chargesheet

and put him in the prison
stating attempt to murder.

Okay, sir.

[typewriter clacking]

After analysing the precedents,

the court sentences the accused with
ordinary imprisonment for 9 months,

under the attempt to murder act
for trying to kill the cops.

That girl is not here now, sir.

We have discharged her back 5 months ago

after knowing that she was
not having any mental problem.

She is currently working as a
teacher in a government school.

The name of the school is...

Netaji government school.


Thank you very much, madam.

[music mutes voice]

"Who is she?"

"Who am I?"


"between us?"

"Why is it..."

"unlike the past days?"

"What happened..."

"to the present?"

"My heart has been
drowned with clouds of rain"

"Before I understood what's
happening, it deeply impacted me"

"All my past flew in
the air today, at once"

"Something chided me when I
have been dwelling upon it"

"Is my mere life..."

"able to bear this?"

"Doesn't she know..."


-"about this pain?"

Someone came to visit you.

Visit me?

He said he is Anand when I asked his name.

[indistinct chatter]



Look Chaitra,

we can't live thinking of an untoward
incident that happened in our lives.

Please get rid of that memory first.


That's not a petty incident
to get rid of it, Anand.

I know. But you can't dwell
upon it, as long you live, Chaitra.

It is better to die than
live like that, Chaitra.

Let's go. You've got no one in your
life and it is the same with me as well.

Let's die together.

That's the only solution to our problem.

Shall we die?

Say something, Chaitra. Please...

What shall I speak, Anand?

What do I talk about?

Shall I talk about 6
months of my hospital life?

Shall I talk about 9
months of my loner life?

Shall I talk about my
parents who died because of me?

Tell me, Anand.

Come on, tell me.

Answers always keep looking at
those who ask questions, Chaitra.

A solutionless problem
or answerless question

don't exist on this earth.

You are my destination.

I'll become the solution
to your every problem.

From now, your sorrow belongs to me,

your anger belongs to me.

Your vengeance too belongs to me.

[thunder rumbles]

Hey Muthaylu, it is time to go
to rounds. Take out the vehicle.


What's the matter?

Sir, I have to file a complaint.

Lost your bike?

No, I lost my sickle.

What? You lost your sickle?

When and where did you lose it?

Sir, I lost it 9 months ago.

You woke up now and came here for your
sickle that was lost 9 months ago...

"Sir, I need to file a
complaint. I lost my sickle."

Hey, does police station
seem funny to you?

No, sir. I really lost my sickle.

Okay. Here are pen and paper.

Write down when and where it was
lost and who you are suspecting?

Write down everything.

"I lost my sickle, sir."


Hey... You wrote so soon.

What? The sickle is in this station?

The complaint is to be filed
against the police station?

Hey, which sickle were you talking about?

I was talking about the sickle that was
found nine months ago at Bheemli beach,

in the sack that contained
the dead body of a woman.

Hey, who are you?

Have you still not recognised me?

Look at me properly.

You are...

You are...

[groans in pain]














[door creaks open]



The house is very beautiful.

Well, did you buy or occupy it?

I have occupied it.

-Is it?
-Do what you have come for.

-Where is the washroom?
-Over there.

What is he doing here?

What work have you got here?




[bottle shatters]

[glass shatters]


Hey... Just a minute...

Hold on! Hold on...

Tell me why you are killing me.

You ask why I am killing you.

Did you already forget
what you and your men

did at Venkatapuram
police station 9 months ago?










The attack that happened on Venkatapuram
police station created havoc in the city.

A constable who was on duty was killed
very brutally in the attack.

Apart from that...

Venkatapuram SI Durga Prasad was attacked
on the same night in his own flat.

SI Durga Prasad along with his driver and
head constable were killed in the attack.

The Commissioner of Police says
it's the same culprit behind both attacks.

A Red-alert has been announced
throughout the city.

A special team is in search of the culprit
to trace him out and discover his motive.


We don't know who he is.

No one is able to crack why he has
targeted and killed only the cops.

Deal with this case and the investigation
procedure is completely upto you.

But I want this case file to be closed
as soon as possible however you do it.

No doubt, sir.

You can leave this case to me now.

Whoever he is and wherever he is hiding...

tracing him out is my duty.

All the best.


Drive us to Venkatapuram
Police Station quickly.

[cop siren wailing]


Venkatapuram Police Station.

[shot fired]

He has walked right into a police station
and bashed and killed policemen.

He is an audacious person.

Looks like he hasn't tasted
the bashing of a cop.

What do you say, sir?

Same as you said, looks like he
hasn't tasted the bashing of a cop.

A constable has survived alive
in this case as per the record.

Check which hospital is he admitted to.

It's the King George hospital, sir.

Then drive us there.

OK, sir.

[indistinct chatter]

Good morning, sir.

[Ajay sighs heavily]

My name is Ajay Varma.

I'm investigating the Venkatapuram
Police Station case.

-What is your name?

-Deepak, sir.
-Are you married?

No sir.

Since when are you working as a constable
at Venkatapuram Police Station?

It has been four years, sir.

Okay, besides all these...

How did all of this happen?

Who is that man?

Why did he target you in specific?

That's what I still don't understand, sir.

Rack your brains and tell me.

Err... how much ever I try to remember,
I don't recognize him, sir.

If I did,
I would have revealed his identity first.

28th, the Thursday, the day of murder.

Right from SI Durga Prasad starting
from his house till he reached back home,

give me every detail
without missing anything.

I'll tell you, sir.

Like every other day,
we took the vehicle from the station,

and headed to SI sir's
house to pick him up.

There were almost no cases
from morning till 1pm in the noon.

Sir, your lunch is ready.

Even from noon till 6pm

there were no significant cases
that needed SI's attention, sir.

Hey there... start the vehicle,
we have to go on area rounds.

A few minutes after the SI started
from the Police Station,

the Head Constable called SI
sir from the Police station.

But he hung up without speaking a word.

The SI was enraged by that.

Hey! Why do you call me and fall silent?




-Turn back and head to the station.
-OK, sir.

I'll teach them a lesson.

So while we were on our way
to the Police Station...

suddenly the Commissioner called SI sir.

and we had to go to the Minister's
house instead of the Police Station

We've been waiting since
half an hour like dogs.

Wonder what they think about the cops.

[groaning in irritation]

Makes me feel we are watchdogs.

Hey... hey...

Yeah, sir...

Did you see him? Isn't he the same guy?

Who is he, sir?

Well, the same guy man!

Nine months ago, we arrested a guy
carrying a sickle to kill someone.

-Do you recall that?
-Yes sir! I do.

-Is it him?
-It's definitely him!

He gaze had a message for me.

Err... what kind of a gaze, sir?

Well, it was angry, like warning me...

His gaze felt like he meant doom to me.

[stammers] Why do you think he did that?

Well sir, we bashed him badly that day.

Looks like he didn't forget that yet.



[sighly deeply]

[siren wailing]

One should live the life of our SI, dude.

A different girl everyday.

We don't know what happened upstairs, sir.

But we were shocked to see the girl
who accompanied our SI upstairs...

...running towards us in fear.

[lady sobbing]

-What is it?
-Someone is killing your SI upstairs.

-Our SI?
-Save him.

-Let's go!

After the girl told us that,
we ran in the SI's flat, sir.

But by the time we went there,
the SI was already dead, sir.

We were shocked at that sight.

someone shot at us from behind, sir.

[shots fired]

We collapsed right there.

I woke up after two days and realized
I was still alive, sir.

-What is it sir?

Lost in some thought?

Usually, people fear a policeman
or run away seeing one.

But someone has dared enter a police
station and killed every cop there...

I don't understand what
atrocity he has faced.

If we have to find out the reason,
he should tell us himself.

How is it possible, sir?

We don't know his name.

Don't know his whereabouts.
Don't know how he looks either.

Atleast we don't even
have his fingerprints.

He'll come himself.

[laughs] How is it possible, sir?

In the attack on Venkatapuram
Police Station on the 18th night,

a constable was fatally wounded...

and has been treated in King George
Hospital and is out of danger now.

ACP Ajay Varma who has been
investigating this case...

said that with the help of the constable,
the culprits would be nabbed soon...

and would be taken into custody.


[Nurse groans in shock]



[sickle clatters]

[panting heavily]

I don't want to trouble you
with too many questions.

I'll ask you just one question
and you better answer that right.

Why did you kill the Venkatapuram cops?

My name is Anand, sir.

I used to work as a pizza delivery
boy in Bhavani Nagar.

[no voice]

[alarm ringing]

I went to Bheemili with a sickle in hand
to get back her bag even by killing them.

What happened after you went
to Bheemili with that sickle?

I'm asking you...

What happened after you went
to Bheemili with that sickle?

I went to Bheemili with the sickle
in hand to bring back her bag,

...her exam hall ticket and other
belongings even by killing those guys.

I waited for them in a raging
fury to kill them any moment.

Suddenly, I heard them coming closer.

Assuming they are close,
I closed my eyes and made a strike.


And then?

Assuming that I had beheaded atleast one
of them with my strike, I opened my eyes.

That's it.

Suddenly fear gripped me.

I was so scared that I wanted
to escape from there immediately.

But you went there to kill them.

Why were you scared then?

It wasn't those guys who came then.

Not them? Who was it then?


[SI groans in shock]

Nab him and drag him to the station!

Drag him now!

[Anand groaning in pain]



Hey you!

If we weren't attentive for a moment,
we would have been dead for no reason!

What were you doing there
with the sickle in hand?


What work do you have there?

Hey! I'm asking you!

What were you doing in Bheemili
with the sickle in hand?

Whom were you planing to kill? Tell me!

Tell me you!

Tell me. Come on. Tell me!

Tell me what were you doing there?

-Sir... sir... leave him.
-Tell me!

He is dead drunk.

He can't speak a word
how much ever you hit him.

-Hey you...
-Leave him for now, sir.

[SI groans in anger]

[Anand groaning]

Guys... hang him to the roof.


Head constable...

Hang him this way till
his energy drains out.

-Hey, start the vehicle.
-OK, sir.

The way this guy was at that place
with the sickle in hand...

I doubt he had plans to kill someone.

-I feel the same way too, sir.

Come along.


Who is she now?

She's retarded.
She ran away from the asylum.


Why did you get her here?

She was creating a mess for new clothing
at a cloth store at Jagadamba Centre...

I've got her on their complaint, sir.

Alright, call the rehab
and ask them to get her.

-OK, sir. As you say.
-Get going!

Enough of the entertainment, come.

[autorickshaw purring]

-Auto! Rush to Bheemili.
-OK, please get in.

Hey, where is the girl?

You said she'd be here by 4:30.
But it's almost 5!

Where is the girl?

How would I know man!
She called, so she'd come!

-[both] Sir!

-Search the entire beach.
-OK, sir.

Get anyone you find there.

Go now!

[Chaitra] Anand!

Hey! The girl is here!



[cop] Hey! Who is there?
What work do you have here?

It's the cops!

-Stop there!

Stop you idiot!

Catch here. Come on!

-Hey, come with us.
-[Chaitra groans]

Please... where are you taking me?


Sir, three guys got this girl here.

We tried to catch them but they ran
away leaving the girl behind.

What are you waiting for? Get her in.

Sir... you got it wrong.

I'm not that kind of girl, sir.

-Please sir, I'm not that kind of--
-I'll slap you now!

You are caught in the act with three
guys and are trying to act innocent?

'Don't approach the police for your
bag under any circumstances'

'If you do, both of us would
be forced to commit suicide.'

-Get her in now!

-Get her into the vehicle.
-Sir, please!

-[Chaitra groans]

[SI groans]

-Where are you going?

[Chaitra sobs]

Planning to escape, eh?

-Come now. Get going!
-[Chaitra sobbing]

Sir please!

Get her into the vehicle!

Get in!

[Chaitra groans]

[Chaitra sobbing]


[Chaitra screams]

Where are you running?

I'm not such kind of girl, sir. Please!

[Chaitra sobbing] Please, sir!

Get in!

[Chaitra groans]


[Chaitra sobbing]

Come here... Come!

What is it? What is it now?

Hold her!

[Chaitra screaming]


Please leave me!



[Anand sobbing]

[Chaitra sobbing]

[Anand sobbing]

[phone ringing]

Oh, it's the Commissioner.

Good evening, sir.

Yeah, good evening.

Durga Prasad, listen to me carefully.

This is my personal case.

Tell me, sir.

Venkat Naidu, my school mate shifted
to Vizag recently with his family.

His daughter started
from home in the morning...

but she hasn't returned.

Her family is bothered.

I'm sending her picture,
phone number and address by fax.

Go immediately and search
for the girl all over the city.

-OK, sir.

[fax machine beeps] When the Commissioner
sent the piture of the girl by fax...

he was shocked to see the picture...

and realized that the girl was not
a prostiture but was a student.

My mind is going blank!


What do we do now?

I don't have a clue.

If they come to know that we molested
a girl in the station being cops...

we wouldn't just lose our jobs
but will also face a death sentence.

Yes sir. He is right.

Please take care that she doesn't get
out from here under any circumstances.

That's OK, but what to do now?

Let's kill the girl, sir.

Kill her?

-But how?
-I have a plan, sir.

-A plan?
-Yes, sir.

Come on tell me the plan now!

Well sir, my idea is...

We don't know whom he wanted to kill
in Bheemli with that sickle.

We shall kill the girl
with the same sickle here...

pack her body in a sack and throw it in
Bheemili again without anyone noticing it.

[stammers] and what next?

What else sir? There are many love
cases that end this way nowadays.

This case too would fall in that account,
sir. That's all.

-Yes, sir. Take a decision please.

Make it fast, sir.

Okay, the plan looks good.

Let's do that.

Go and get the sack, now!

Sir, the sack and sickle are ready.

Give that to me.

GO check on her once.

Okay, sir.


Sir! Sir!

The girl is missing, sir!

She isn't in there?

There the hell did she disappear?



Did she escape from here?


Hunt her down
wherever she is and hack her!

Get going!

Sir... we got a call
that our patient is here.

-Where is she?
-She is in there, got get her!


Come on start the engine!

Make it fast. Go.

Start now!

[siren wailing]

Where the hell did she go?

There is she, sir.

[girl screams]

Get her in, throw it inside.

Get going now.

They didn't just book an attempt to murder
case on me who was innocent...

but also tried to kill
that girl with my sickle.

I met that girl after nine months.

I couldn't bear to see her pain of losing
her family and the burden of what happened

and decided to kill the Venkatapuram
cops who were responsible for this.

That's all. I went to Venkatapuram
Police Station that night.

I saw the SI outside the Police Station.

I waited till he left the station
as he might recognize me.

Once he left, I walked into the station
and killed all the constables inside.

After I killed all of them...

I picked up my sickle from the store
room and went to the SI's house.

I waited till he arrived.

Once he arrived, I killed him
and both the constables right there.

But I never imagined that one
of them would be alive, sir.

This is the reason I killed
the Venkatapuram cops, sir.

[Ajay] Investigation is done, sir.

Oh very good!

The killer is in my custody now.

-But I have a small request.
-Tell me.

Don't leave such criminals easily, sir.

If we file an FIR, open a chargesheet
and send them to court...

the court would sentence them to a maximum
six or seven years of imprisonment, sir.

And they would be back
to commit similar murders.

-Hence I've decided on something.
-What is it?

No court, no FIR, no chargesheet.

Only encounter is the best
medicine for this.

What about the case file if we do that?

There are thousands of similar
cases that fall pending like this.

This would be one among them. Simple.


OK. Go ahead.

[heart pounding]

"Even when time abandons me..."

"and the world doesn't care"

"My life looks at you..."

"and comes for you, come"

"Come along with me"

"My heart is your red carpet"

"Reach me"

"Reach me"

"Even if the sky hides you"

"Even if you farther
than the Moon and Sun"

"I would reach you soon"

"and put a smile on your face"

"You are my partner in all my lives"

"I'll make this truth
ring in all directions"


[Ajay sighs]

The constable you want to kill
is still lying in this hospital.

I think he would be discharged in an hour.

Room number 103.

If you have any unfishined business,
take care of it.


Why sir? I thought you'd kill him.
But you left him!

For the first time,
I felt like giving someone a chance.

So I left him.

Then why did you tell the Commissioner
that you would kill him in an encounter?

I was not referring to him.

Who else then, sir?

Drive towards Bheemili.

[Anand breathing sharply]

[indistinct chatter]


[shot fired]

[man groans]

[man groans]

[shot fired]

[breathing sharply]