Venice, the Moon and You (1958) - full transcript

Bepi is a gondolier and he wants to marry Nina. Bepi, however, likes exotic girls. So Nina, after a fight with Bepi, decides to marry Toni who is richer, who is liked by her family and who is the owner of a motor-boat. But when all the difficulties appear to be worked out and the marriage date is settled, a problem arises: Bepi is engaged at the same time to Nathalie, Janet and, of course, Nina. Will Bepi be able to wiggle out of his dangerous position, to marry the woman he really loves?


Here we see the Canal Grande
and there in the background the Labia Palace.

The one who arrives is Bepi,
the most handsome gondolier in Venice.

He is a scoundrel and
we will soon see him after the beauties of Venice.

Lucia, wait for me!

- Lucy! - I do not want to see you anymore.
- My grandfather is sick!

-I want to give you something. -The what?
-No, this is from Matilde. -Your ties.

- I'm getting married and won't wear them. - Are yours.
- And what do I do? - Hang with them!

Good thing you take it well.
Hey eeeeh!

Dorina! Take the slippers.
I like them but they are not my size.

So you liked them, huh?
Traitor, scoundrel!

Don't shake the carpet so much
or it will run out of hair.

I kiss your hands,
madam countess!

- How it shakes! - I wish you
were instead of the carpet!

- I would like to be in the place of the quilt.
- The old woman's.

The old woman! The old woman's quilt!

"La vieeeja... "campaaaaana"...
que hace ding-dooong... "

- ¡Paolina!
- ¡Bepi!

- Paolina!
- I got the gift I gave you back.

I'm sorry, but the priest
told me that I have to return them all.

If I want to get married, I must not
have any more trouble.

- You get married? - I'm marrying Nina
in a week. - Girl? And me?

I would marry you too, but I am a
Christian and can only marry one!

- Then it's over, leave me.
- By force! Paulina, pretty little nose.

Goodbye, Paulina!
I send you a kiss.

- And I'll give you the gift!
- Take it away!

- Come on, Bepi. A train
full of pretty girls has arrived . - I'm here!

- Gondola! - Look at those two.
They're not bad, right?

I have promised Nina not to bring any more
pretty girls on the gondola.

I will dedicate myself to the old women.
Let's go to the gondola!

I do not understand them. To the gondola!

Take the suitcases. Old woman, I don't
understand you ! What do you say?

- He says those aren't his suitcases.
- And whose are they? - Ours!

Paolino! The old women have touched you.
It's up to me to take care of these two.

- Do you know a good hotel?
- The best in Venice!

Bepi! What a couple of women!
As Nina sees you!

I'm going to get married with Nina and I'm going to show
them the beauties of Venice!

See you in town!

Bepi! Wait!

- You take me? - If you like,
with these beautiful girls!

- Shall we bring out the black man, half
white, half black? - Rowing too.

Oh, over there!

I'm sorry, Fulgencio, but
you seem out of shape.

Three years ago we won the race
thanks to me ...

and since I became a friar, those
of San Moisés always lose.

- Excuse me, miss. Am I wrong or do
you speak Italian? - I teach it in Cincinatti.

In Cincinnati? Whoops!
Italian is a beautiful language.

- Does your friend speak it too?
- Is learning.

You have done well to
come to Venice.

To learn a language, you have to
be in the place where you "chatter".

- I have not understood well.
- Is rare. Well, it takes time.

- Will they be in Venice much?
- One day. We are leaving tomorrow.

I'm going to Austria;
her, to Florence.

It's just a day, with all the things
that can be done here!

Bepi, remember you
're getting married in a week.

Yes, I know, but it's your boss's fault,
the Eternal Father.

I was going to take the old women and He
sent two angels to my gondola.

Remember, if you talk to Nina,
that the confession is secret.

Why are you wearing your cap?

I have promised Nina,
so she has me controlled from afar.

- ¡Bepi!
- ¡Nina, Bepi is coming!

¡Bepi, Bepi!

Nina, I'm coming right away! Have you seen how
he has known me, with the red cap?

I'm going to kiss him. Be nice
to the two foreigners!

- My love!
- Treasure! - Love you very much.

red dress that Bepi has given you looks good on you!

You are the most beautiful in the world,
there is no one like you!

- My girl!
- Who are those two in the gondola?

They are two American women who are
passing through, old women with beards ...

that if it weren't for Don Fulgencio,
he would have sent them down by now.

- Bye, girl. - Goodbye.
- "Cocoeta", bye! - Goodbye!

- Does the dress you gave me fit me well?
- I think so!

- Excuse me! - You weren't done with
Rosa? And you give her a dress!

I have given it to you as a souvenir.

How clever! You gave her
the same dress as Nina!

- Why do you say that? What are you
thinking, what do you think? - I don't think so, I see it.

I think
some explanation will have to be given up there!

Is there still a long way to
go to the hotel?

That depends on what
happens up there!

- As? - You said it
depends on the will of God.

I'll teach you how to
fool around with Bepi! Dumb!

- What a nice fight! - See if he takes off
his underwear. - Let's hope so!

The dress was also given to you.
What revenge!

- What else has Bepi given you?
- Underwear. - Taking!

-Nina, what is this?
-You tell me? Take off the cap!

What revenge!

Here's the cap. I think things
will go fast, if all goes well.

Go away!
I'm not marrying you anymore!

You always say that, but
we can't live apart.

I can very well do without you.

Who will give you a walk through the
canals? Who will kiss you under the moon?

Do you want to leave? Do you know us?

- Easy, Bepi, I'll marry
Toni. - No girl!

- Where did it come from! - Revenge!
- Another bearded man. Outside!

The show is over, you
can go now.

Crazy panda! Filipetto, can you
come out? I have to talk to Nina.

- Do not stay. Take Ferdinando.
- Ferdinando? What is this, a game?

What I do is no longer your concern

- Let me see.
- Keep it up. - Up.

Ferdinando! A pigeon with a
Christian name. And with a bell!

- What are you doing with the pigeon?
- Do not care.

What are you already, a man?

- Girl! - Let me!
Pick up your gifts and go.

- We have clients. - Is the boat free?
- Free, free, of course!

What news do you bring me?

Hopefully they are good!

- Excuse me but they claim me somewhere else
. - Free! - Occupied.

- I have to take Ferdinando.
- Take a bird, in our place!

Do you think we still have to
wait a long time?

- Hello, Don Fulgencio.
- Hi.

- What are you doing with such good company?
- You see! - Is the boat free?

- I accompany Ferdinando and I return.
- I don't think I'll be back anytime soon.

- Couldn't you take us?
- If the bishop sees me, he returns me to the seminary.

- As? - You need permission
from the bishop. - I get it!

- The shawl you gave me.
I don't want to see it anymore. - Voucher.

- What if tonight gets cool?
I'm coming for him tomorrow. - No!

Today is the last day we see each other.
Take the necklace too.

- They have fallen! - Laugh, macaque!
Help me pick them up. - Good.

a pearl should be left here .

- How many were there? - 57 small and
3 large. - We have half an hour!


- Open up, Nina! - It's Toni.
Tell him to go away. Long, Toni!

- I want to talk to Nina.
- Go away. - I want him to stay!

- Wait, Toni. We are almost done.
- We were ... almost done.

- If Bepi is there, they
have n't left it! - They will be saying goodbye.

And returning gifts.

It's done, Ferdinando.
We have unseated Bepi!

He too is happy.

A lock of your hair.
The stamp of Don Fulgencio, the Virgin.

- The medal.
- Wallet? - This is it, for you.

I'll keep my
gondolier's license and 2,000 lire that are mine.

I forgot about the candles.
Take them away.

Too bad, with how well they would look
next to the marriage bed.

- Girl!
- Throw him out or I'll break something ...

- What have you done?
- OMG!

What have I done? Our lamp.
We will not find another like it.

- Best! That way I won't hear
that little music again. - He sounds by himself.

- Angry? - Why would I be
if we're done? - Do not be angry!

Listen ... our song.

"Cocoeta", come with me,
through the channel ...

- We make peace? - No.
- A small, temporary peace!

- You can't hear anything. Bad sign, right?
- Gifts will be being distributed.

- She will do it thoroughly!
- How much does it cost?
Won't kisses be returned too?

- We had said one and short.
- Oh yeah? I did not remember.

- Behave! May this be a
"holy week" for you. - I promise.

Sooner or later I hang a stone
around his neck and drown him.

- If you give it to me again, I'll marry him.
- I drown it. - Enough of combing your hair!

- Have you sworn it?
- Have I sworn not to comb my hair? - Go away!

- God, Nina, a little kiss.
- Go away!

- At three is the procession and you have
promised that you will come. - I'll be there.

- Sorry, Toni.
- Nothing nothing.

- My girl!
- Goodbye!

"Cocoeta", come with me,
through the Canal Grande in a gondoleta ...

Your heart will beat, tick tock ...

Hey, Band-Aids, don't go up that today they are
taking away people's red dresses.

They will remain in minor cloths!

Do you want to get out?

- You're still here? - You called me
through Ferdinando. What did you want?

Sorry, but you always come when
Bepi and I have already made up.

You always stop fighting before
I get there! You fight little!

Won't you start hiccuping
like always, huh?

It won't happen to me again.
I control myself.

- When are you going to get married?
- Within a week.

Just when I finish preparing
the house for you!

When you fought, I bought it!

- In September ... when was that?
- On September 22.

When you finished with Bepi,
I bought a complete set of dishes.

- In Christmas. - No, on the eve!
- It doesn't matter, at Christmas!

You said, "Bepi, I hate you,"
and I bought the electric stove.

- What about television? - In San José,
when we told each other everything.

Nina, the house will be ready soon.
Only you are missing!

- I will think about it! - Until you get
married, the door will be open.

Take it and hopefully
you'll use it again soon

Ferdinando, if Nina sends you to tell
me, don't come on foot, fly!

Go for a ride now!

It's a chorus ...

old and beautiful ...

it's a spell,
I love you so much ...

I'd better get off,
we're almost there.

Wait! I take these two and
drop you directly at the cathedral.

To tell the truth, I'm a little tired
of this brigade!

You do wrong! Saint Philip says:
"Little brigade, blessed life"

Leave San Felipe alone!

- I remind you, punctual at three
for the procession. - I'll be punctual.

Damn suitcase!
Give me the ball! The ball!

This is the Bridge of Sighs.

In other times,
the prisoners who condemned
Il Duce (Mussolini) to die sighed for him .

Now the
girls who fall in love with the gondoliero sigh under him .

How romantic
Right, Janet?

Do not be silly!
Won't you believe those things?

Why do you want to spoil my
vacation by behaving like this?

You are 22 years old, I have a duty
to advise you well!


Come with me on the Grand Canal,
in a gondoleta

Your heart will beat, tick-tock

Cocoetá, come by the canal, come, it
will be magnificent ...

This is the river of the greatest
lovers of all time.

Over there, on moonless nights, he
can be seen wandering, with a candle in his hand ...

the ghost of a Venetian woman
who killed herself for love.

- What does it say? - Nothing, it's just a
love story. - Look, please!

That is the palace where
Tristan and Isolde loved each other.

Romeo and Juliet didn't do
anything around here.

They met on a
bridge that comes later.

In Venice, even the leaves love each other.
Ivy, if it attacks you, you die.

- Of memory.
- Thank you.

- Please give me your hand.
- How beautiful it is!

- What do we owe him? - I work for the
hotel, we'll do the math when you leave.

- Please, Janet, can we take
a picture? - With pleasure.


- Natalie, wake up!
- Good morning, welcome!

- Good Morning. - Good Morning.
- American? -Yes.

- Do you have a double room?
- I have one that overlooks the Grand Canal. Let's go.

They were lucky that
the most handsome gondolier in Venice was brought to them.

Don't make that stupid face!

Go to the station to get customers,
we have empty the hotel!

- Monas, these Americans.
- I haven't noticed!

- Let me take the gondola.
- What? You carry the hook.

- Always a hooker?
- When I get married you'll be a gondolier.

- Can you promise me?
- I promise.

It was not a good idea to do
this trip together.

You are afraid of falling in love. But I ... I ca
n't wait for it to happen.

I've long passed that phase.

What's so good about falling
in love in a city we're leaving?

I like the gondolier who brought us.

"How to defend yourself from the Italians"

Italians often
use flowers, bouquets ...

ivy, and other plants,
to be remembered.

For charity! We
spoiled our vacation with that book.

Everything they
do is dangerous for you!

When an Italian tells you:
"My life has no meaning ..."


"I haven't found any
woman who understands me ..."

They mean they
want to kiss you!

In those cases it is good to have
a cigarette or popcorn on hand

to keep your mouth busy.

Cocoeta ... come with me ...

your heart will beat, tick tock

Cocoeta, come, dear, come, it
will be magnificent ...

Fuck you and your father
and your grandfather! Bastard!

- What is he saying?
- It will be slang, or maybe a greeting.

Venice, the moon and you ...

Gino! Put another row of
carnations in front.

Nina hopes my gondola will
be the best in the procession!

- Bepi!
- Tell me, Mrs. Elvira.

Take two clients for a tour
of Venice.

- "Good morning, miss" - Good morning.
- Buenos días.

- Hello, Bepi.
- "Good morning" for you too.

I'm sorry but I promised Don
Fulgencio that I would go to the procession.

- I'm coming! - Shut up, you.
Make a hook or I'll take the hook off you.

- Bepi, don't discuss my orders!
- If it's an order, I'll obey!

- "Good morning" y que se diviertan.
- "Good morning". - Gracias.

Let's hope that Don Fulgencio forgives me.
Raise the decorations, come on!

Excuse me, miss, I'll change right away.

- What do we expect? - To Bepi.
- You trust him too much.

I trust that scoundrel
and God punishes me for it.

- I have broken the rubber of the tunic.
- Hold it with your hands!

Sing loud in the procession!

Always fooling around you two!

- What about Bepi who is not coming?
- He will, he promised. - But it's late!

-The veil looks good on you!
-That's why I'm thinking of becoming a nun!

- Toni, what brings you here, don't you work?
- If nobody wants me, I'm always free!

- Take what Bepi should have.
- Yes, he will be busy.

No fear! "Slow"!

Forward ... back.
Forward ... back.

- Bravo!
- Look how well I do, Janet.

I love
you so much, I love you so much ...

If an Italian teaches you how to
eat spaghetti ...

how to drive a motorcycle
or how to carry a gondola ...

You are on the edge of the abyss!

Do you want to row too?

- Your friend ... what a face!
You are so Beautiful! - Thank you.

Forward ... back.
Forward ... back.

This is the most interesting part
of the palace. Come on.

This is the window
in Casanova's bedroom .

Now I sleep in it.

There is a secret passage there.
If they want to go out for him ...

You reach the jetty, where
the married nobles escaped.

They were going that way, after
having been with Casanova ...

Look where they put their feet so they won't
break a bone.

- Come on. Be careful with the stairs.
- What fun! -Yes.

Do not be afraid! One by one,
because you can't both.

- I see nothing.
- If it's dark.

- Bepi, where is he? - I'm here.
Give me your hand, don't be afraid.

Lean on me. So.

- Who? Janet or Natalie?
- I? - If you.

But what do you do now?

Do not escape!
It was a joke! Whoops!

- Bepi! - Come on!
- Where is? - Here.

- Give me your hand.
- You can't see anything, it's dark.

I know. Walk around here slowly.

- Lean on me. - Thank you.
- Let me hold it.

- Do not be afraid. Which of the two is it?
- But that it does?

The next! Ah, it's only two.
Goodness! Where are they, miss?

- Which one came out first? - Why?
- I don't know who slapped me.

What are you laughing at? Mameluke!

These Italian Servers!

Shall we make it up, miss?

You love me very much,
I love you very much

But how much, how much?
So much...

Refuge of sinners ...

- OMG! I had forgotten
about the procession. - What? - Let's go.

- What does?
- We had to go right through here!

- Nina, look at Bepi with two tourists.
- It is not true! Is working.

- Look, it's their shore.
- I do not want to look!

"Oh holy Virgin, pray for me"
He's gone!

- Caramba!
- Where's Bepi? - Bepi!

- No this. Oh let's go!
- Thank you.

We all invoke your help ...

- Nina, it's Bepi.
- Toni, have you seen that Bepi has come?

It's not Bepi ... it's the devil!

Oh, Holy Virgin ...

pray for me...

Oh, Holy Virgin ...

...pray for me

"Querido Bepi, I love you"

"I always think of you, in your gondola,
those nights on the Grand Canal."

"See you soon. My darling"
"Your little savage, Indiana"

This is pretty, I like it.
She has long legs and is tall.

- A Scandinavian. - It's not for you.
- So it's not for me!

If you have any left over, hand them to me.

- Grandpa, don't think about these things or you
will fall ill. - I like!

What a beautiful full moon night!

Scandinavian, foreigner!

- Hello Dad. - I have found these
letters from Holland and Luxembourg.

- Thank you. - Do you break them all?
- I don't want to see these beauties again.

It is goodbye to the past.
I want to purify myself inside and out.

- And this one? I don't know her.
- I know that. - Really?

She was Swiss, a certain Gretel.
What a woman! I had some ...

Look at the moon! I must stay
home until the full moon!

With the full moon, he
should be making love.

Enough! You look like a ferocious beast!

It runs in the family, you know.

We are like wild wolves ...

... they bark at the full moon,
we make love.

- ¡Bepi!
- ¡Nina!

- Girl! Where are you?
- Close your eyes, I want to show you something.

Close my eyes
Good. What do you want to teach me, Nina?

Now open them!

Wow, how beautiful you are! Am
I really going to be so lucky?

I had to try it on and I
wanted you to see it.

- What does? Going to get married?
- Yes, grandpa. Go to bed! Let's go!

- You like? - More or less.
He will miss me at the altar.

Everyone will say, "Who is that beauty
that marries that animal?"

For tonight it's worth it.

- Goodnight. - Goodnight?
I will dream of you all night! Girl!

- What's the matter, Bepi? - Nina, my
"cocoeta", don't go.

- Did you see what moon?
- I have seen her.

- We still have a week to get married.
There are many 7 days!

They are many for both.
We are two who wait!

- Do you think it's better to wait?
- Don't be silly, Bepi!

kiss from you would suffice .

- Why don't you come here for a bit?
- Morning! I already know your kisses!

Okay, I'll go to bed without
"dessert." See you tomorrow.

- Good night, Bepi.
- Good night, my love, cocoeta.

Goodbye to the moon!

It's Nino and he wants to talk to you!

- Bepi, come! Animal!
- I'm going.

- Bepi! - What?
- You must take two clients for a walk.

Mrs. Elvira knows that I no longer
do the night shift. I'm sorry.

I'm going! Can I have the gondola?
Thank you!

- Wait! How are you going to carry the gondola!
- You said you weren't going!

I promised Nina that I
would n't do the night shift anymore.

- Two clients, you say? - Yes.
- Couldn't it be the two Americans?

American? Young and beautiful?

- So? - If I don't go, kick me out.
- No! I'm coming!

You are a hooker, and you will do that.
She kicks me, I know her!

- You go? - Clear! Work
is work. Go tell him I'm coming.

Father. I have to do the night shift.
Grandpa, don't tell Nina.

- Quiet. When it comes to
women, I am a grave. - Bravo!

- Goodbye dad.
- Goodbye!


Guido, open the door.

- Nadino, go open. - Gigio, go
open. - Gianni, you open it!

- It's always my turn!
- You are the smallest for a reason!

- Toni! - Hi, Gianni.
- Goodnight. - Enters! - Thank you.

It's just that my
jacket got caught on the door.

- It is done! Good evening, gentlemen.
May I? - Please.

- No, I won't!
- It is my duty.

- I'm sorry. - Let it be.
- I'm sorry, even if it's nothing.

- Hello, Guido.
- Hello Girl.

Can't you see he's your boyfriend?

My boyfriend is Bepi!
Stop making them funny!

- Do you want a coffee, a glass,
or something? - Very thankful.

Nina, I'm telling you in front of Toni, you can
do whatever you want, marry Bepi even ...

but Toni, for us,
will always be your boyfriend.

- It is understood?
- It has broken.

- A cigar? - Thank you.
- Smoke! - Thank you. - Here, Toni.

- Switch it on. - Thank you. - Pull, strong.
Man is known for cigars!

- Oh bravo! So! - I'm still a
kid, I'm not used to it.

- What do you write?
- Wedding invitations.

- It says you're marrying me.
- They're the ones from when we were going to get married.

I erase your name and put Bepi's.

- You have to save, that Bepi is poor.
- That's why you should marry Toni!

- You'll even have a fridge. - Fridge?
- 180 liters or 181.

- Why don't you want to marry him?
- I do not like! How many times have I said it!

- Drink, what will you do?
- Drink, see if you can. - It's over.

- Has it already passed?
- Yes thanks.

- Bepi! - Tell me. - Kiss Me.
- Bitte schoen. - Please.

- Bitte, frau. Okay!
- No! - Kiss Me!

Don't worry, kiss me!
I beg you!

- Her husband ... - Don't worry,
my husband is deaf. Kiss Me!

A little!

- Hi, Bepi.
- Hi miss. - Hi.

Alone on this lovely night!

-It's a shame you're not our gondolier.
-A real shame!

Go ahead, gondolier.

Nane, do me a favor ...

Oh look, Janet, it's Bepi!

- Bravo, Bepi!
- Happy? - Thanks, Nane.

¿Quiere bailar?
Do you want to dance?
Shall we dance?

- No thanks.
- However you want.

Hello, Bepi!

Grandfather! What are you doing here?
If Nina finds me, I'm pissed off.

- I must be here for work.
- Go home. - Scandinavian!


- Hi, Bepi.
- Hi, Brando.

- Have you seen the old ones I wear?

What noise is that? Does your lady set
the pace with castanets?

Castanets? It's the teeth!

- Hello, Bepi!
- Hello.

Leave him with that Bepi, damn it!

- How does he look at you? What do you give it?
- Venice by night.

- Did you take her to
Casanova's house ? - Clear!

I was with her and she gave me a
kiss, but do you see that blonde?

- That one slapped me.
- I like that one better. - And me.

- More woman! - You're right,
more done. - Forgives.

- Don't dance so tight!
- Why not? - I do not want!

- She is a woman too! Poor Nane.
- How poor Nane!

It's a boy, with that face!
He does not know how to get on with the tourists.

- Bepi! - Shall we go, miss?
- I do not want to dance.

Just a moment, miss.
It is the third that is babe. It will do you bad.

- We Dance? - It will be a pleasure.
Good service, Brando!

- Bepi, how happy I am!
- I'm glad.

- What time is it?
- Eleven o clock.

- Too bad, 3 more hours and it will be tomorrow.
- It's true, he hadn't fallen.

Look what a beautiful moon!

It is a family problem.
We are wolves.

Do you know that I studied the calendar
to be in Venice with a full moon?

Really? I don't believe it.

Take Jabet out to dance. I don't want him to
envy what we have between us.

- I don't feel like dancing with your friend.
- Do it for me! - Voucher.

- May I, miss?
- Yes thanks.

What happens? We don't dance the minuet.
In Italy you dance holding.

- Cheek to cheek, cheek to cheek.
- Italians!

I love all Italians!

- I love Italians!
- OKAY! Time to go home.

- Oh! I take this as a souvenir.
- Let's go!

Do you take the ice as a souvenir?
What a drunkenness!

How nice is her friend!

- Bepi!
- I like you, sweetie.

I'm sorry.

- Let's go dancing!
- What does he want?

Look! What is beautiful?

Italians are very friendly.
What a gift they have given me!

- No, it's the room key.
- Go to bed, you're drunk!

- He's had too much to drink. Go to bed!
- I'm going! Good night, Bepi.

- What do we do? Go?
- It's not too late.

Tomorrow we go. Wake
us up at eight and call the launch.

- I'll take them with my gondola!
- No thanks. Better the boat.

- You have arrived before on foot than I
with the elevator. - We always end up the same!

- Janet? - Also she.
- Then I have to go get her.

- Be careful, the elevator does not work.
- Let's get the room down!

- What do we do? - Can you help me get
her to bed? - Right away!

My specialty is singing lullabies
to beautiful girls.

Go to sleep girl, go to sleep now ...

Since there are already four there,
I must go. Bye, girl.

- Did I say hello to you? - Bye, Toni.
- Bye. - Goodbye.

- Where do I put this? Here!
- Be careful that it stains the dress!

- For charity! I set the
marriage on fire . - Toni? - Tell me.

- What is your address?
- Basi Stands, 51-24. Why?

- I'm sending you the invitation. It's only
fair, isn't it? - Yes thanks.

- Very considerate. Congratulations to you,
Bepi and Grandpa. - To grandfather?

There are so many that when you get married,
Bepi will take it with you!

- Grandpa in our house?
- As a housekeeper.

He's a bit crazy, but he washes,
irons, makes beds ... blasphemous.

- Who told you that?
- Everyone says it in the Campo de las Banderas.

- If you don't believe me, ask Bepi.
- And so much! - Ask him!

- Grandpa at home?
- Ask, ask!

- What happens? - I'm looking for Bepi.
- Sleep, but I'll call you.

Bepi! Wake up, Nina is calling you.

Scoundrel! It's still
brown peaks! Let's get it right!

Is asleep! What did you want?

- I wanted to ask you something, but
you can answer me. - Tell me!

After we are married, will you come
to live with us?

I would go at ease, but for 30 years
I have put up with this shameless servant.

He makes me do everything at home,
the food, the beds ...

And I'm tired of putting up with it,
so if you marry him, you're doing me a favor.

And if he doesn't feel his head,
give him a punching hand!

- Relax, I make him sit her down
- I hope so!

Son of the devil! He's about to get married,
and he's partying with the Americans!


- It's a doll!
- As? - A girl. -Yes.

- Do I have to undress her?
- I'll take care of that, don't worry!

I'm going to get the pajamas.

¿Bepi? ¡Bepi!

The good night kiss.

- It still hurts? - The what?
- The slap I gave you today.

- Was you?
- Yes, excuse me.

Janet told me to do it, if
some Italian tried to kiss me.

- You forgive me?


How beautiful! Nice hair.
They are silk.

- How hot!
- What perfume!

See you later.

- Thank you. You can go.
- I appreciate the kiss today.

- Are they really leaving tomorrow?
- Yes, it's decided. - Decided?

- It's your last hours here.
- Does the captain often suffer these crises?

Does the captain often meet
women like you? Respond!

The more I get to know him, the more
I realize that the clichés
about Italians are true.

- Did I disappoint you? - No! I was ready.
He had anticipated everything.

- Offended, gondolier?
- Call me Bepi, for steam.

How nice!

... the moon and you

Tonight this heart,
dreaming will wait ...

Venice, the moon and you ...

... at the lake,
love will draw near.

After a sweet whisper ...

On nights like this, the Doge would come
to the lake and throw a ring into the sea ...

which symbolized that he was
marrying Venice.

Now anyone who throws something into the
water marries this city.

- Nice story! - Shall we try?
Do you want to marry Venice?

- No, I don't like to throw anything into the sea.
- Why?

Do you like popcorn?

Love you very much...

Janet! Do you sleep?

I have to confess something ...

I am in love with the gondoliere. much...

I have a curiosity. Why does
he kiss me day and night not?

- Because ... I thought
no one would see us.

- He cares?
- No, I shouldn't care. - Why?

- Because, why?
- Because I am married!

- No ... it's impossible!
- And I have two children!

- Caramba!
- Are here. Mary and Jimmy.

I'm a bastard!
Although leaving tomorrow ...

Four lustrums and seven years ago
our parents created a nation.

founded on the affirmation that
all men are equal.

Men ...

Mary and Jimmy!

Janet, you don't know what you're missing ...

for being so indifferent to men.

- ¡Oh, Bepi!
- Tesoro.

Darling. Janet, my love!
I must go out.

Where did I pass?

- Bepi, bad!
- Who?

I'm going. I was passing through.

- My husband is jealous, he is German.
- I better go.

- You've left me
alone with him all day . - Watch out! - Bepi!

- What is he doing here? Get out!
- Don't be upset, I'm going.

- You are so jealous.
- Shameless!

Go pig!

And that's nothing! At Bepi's,
they even eat the cats.

His grandfather, in the war,
even ate the pigeons in San Marcos Square.

Did they even hunt the doves of the
patron saint? What a sacrilege!

How do you talk about sacrilege with
a man like Bepi ...

who has never been seen in
the Easter communion?

- Doesn't he take communion at Easter?
- That's too much!

- We are a respectable family and we
do not want to condemn ourselves. - Bravo!

Withdraw your promise,
and see him no more!

It has not been confirmed because his
grandfather is unfaithful and half Muslim.

- You will be baptized with a bottle and okay.
- Enough, that's not true!

- Bepi is baptized and confirmed.
- And did he take communion at Easter?

- If he does not commune on Easter, you will not marry
- I'm also going to ask him!

- You hear it!
- Ask, ask!

- Bepi!
- To the health of the infidels!

- Bepi!
- Nina wants to talk to you!

Sleep like a little angel.
Bepi! Awake!

Bepi, sleepyhead!
I can't get him to wake up.

You will talk tomorrow morning.

You have to wake him up!
I must tell you something very important.

Good. Bepi, wake up!

Wake up dear!

Wake him up! Break his head
with a cane! But I must speak to him!

Bepi, damn it!
I can't make it alive!

Tomorrow you fix it with him, because I
don't wake him up or cannon fire!

- It is understood?
- No, break his head, but wake him up!

- Bepi! Awake!
- Oh my God!

- I almost broke my hand!
Raise! - You broke my head.

- Nina wants to talk to you, at
the window. - You broke me!

- Bepi!
- This old man!

- Nina, what is it?
- I just want some information.

- Do you take Communion or not at Easter?
- Communion ...

Wow, Nina! Of course!
You know I'm very religious!

You know that if Don Fulgencio doesn't see me
in church, he won't start mass.

- Thanks, Bepi. Goodnight.
- Goodnight Sweetheart.

Demon grandfather, what a blow!

- So one goes to Florence and the other
to Austria. - Yes Yes.

- Can I keep it as a souvenir?
- No, it's the circulation stamp.

- It looked like the Chianti label.
- Collect souvenirs.

Foreigners always want to
take a souvenir from Venice ...

but what is left
here is much more than what is taken away.

They don't go away at all, something stays here.
Sometimes they get married and become Venetian.

The best thing is that almost all of them
marry gondoliers ...

perhaps because they have a reputation for being
handsome, faithful ...

... good husbands and
excellent parents .

Can a sensitive woman resist
living in a city like this?

They call it "the city of love".

- Come on! - Taking.
- Hurry! - Strip. - Taking.

Taking. Already.

Watch out! If you throw me on
the channel, I'll stay single.

- It would be lucky. Better single
than marrying Bepi. - Come now!

- Won't bother to lend a hand!
- Bepi! - He will be sleeping.

I don't know how you can sleep
with all this fuss!

- For four pieces of furniture, nothing!
- Forgive the trouble!

These things are for our house.
You should move them!

The dowry corresponds to the relatives
of the wife. They must contribute it.

- How come you get up now?
- Was sleepy. I'm going to work.

And you, rompers, be careful.
Do not load them. Bye, girl.

You must come to the new house! Enough
of combing your hair, we must carry things.

- I'm going so you don't get angry!
- Come lean your shoulder a bit!

- There, let's go! - Let's go.
- Strong guys, not to mention!

- Goodbye. - Bye, Janet.
Good luck in Austria.

- The same to you. Have fun.
- Thank you. - Goodbye. - Goodbye.

Tren direct
to Udine-Tarvisio-Viena

is leaving on track 5.

And on track 6 ...

direct train Bologna-Florence-Rome.


Thank you.

- Oh! Can't you carry my suitcase up?
- What does it say?


Hurry up, miss,
the vaporetto is leaving.

- Gondola, miss?
- To the Amore hotel. - Good!

My dear, I am so glad
to see you.

Venice is not easily forgotten.
It is a city that captivates!

- I dont understand her. - If you understand me, yes,
with that little nose!

- Can I stay in the same room?
- He's lucky he's still free.

- And how does your friend not come with you?
- He has gone to Austria.

How nice she was!

Call me if you need me! ...
This is back for Bepi.

Oh blessed be! He's back!

- How good! Alone?
- Yes, my friend has gone to Florence.

- Can I stay in the same room?
- No. She's busy.

I'll give you this one. It overlooks the canal,
the gondola stand.

- Always in the mirror!
- I do it to try to be worthy of you.

- You like me?
- Yes!

When we are old, we will remember
these days, after years of faithfulness.

- Now you must be flel to me.
- Only you are in my heart, no one else.

- No other?
- None!

- Bepi!
- Cocoeta. Who?

- Who are you calling?
- I think you do.

- Who? I don't know her.
- I haven't left, I'm staying. Are you happy?

- I'm very happy, but I don't know her.
- Do you know her? - I do know her!

Damn bastard!
I do not want to see you anymore.
Go to hell!

"It's my sister, Nina!"
-Go back to take everything home.
-Nina, let me explain!

- You've already explained enough!
- It's not a marriage, it's a madhouse!

- Bepi!
- Leave me!

- Help!
- Let me!

Hold her tight!

It is done.
Who is this crazy woman?

- Poor thing. - How heavy!
- It fell into the canal. - They were chasing her!

- What happened? - He wanted to kill himself.
- How can it be?

- You will know. - I do not know anything!
No kidding! Who knows it?

- Bepi, my love!
- So you don't know her, huh?

I know her from work.
OMG! He won't die, will he?

You shouldn't have thrown yourself.
Oh my gosh, how heavy are you, miss!

- Tell me! - Toni!
- It's Nina's voice.

- Girl! - Open me, quickly!
- I have to talk to you.

- Move on! - I'm going!
- It has fallen. It's nothing, just milk.

- Maria!
- Say!

Come quickly! Maria!

- Virgin Mary, what have I done!
- Pick up and clean. -Yes.

Hurry! Clean that up, Nina is coming.

- Here, Maria.
- Open up, Toni.

- Make yourself comfortable. What is this
unexpected visit about? - Show me the house.

- Do you want to see the house? Have you had a
fight with Bepi? - Show me the house!

Here it is, before you.
It's not big, but it's okay.

- What is this parrot?
- No, it's a parrot.

Do you want to hear how he speaks?
"Nina, I love you." "And I to you, Toni."

- And all those empty frames?
- That big one, is for the wedding photo.

- And the little ones?
- Menego, Fantin, Nane ... we'll see.

- What is this?
- Is nothing! A room...

A room ... double.
But I don't sleep in it.

Toni, you have done well to
be so patient ...

- 180 liters. - The time has come
for us to get married. - Nice, huh?

- We are going to see Don Fulgencio.

- As? - Do not look at me like that!
Grab the jacket and move!

Maria! Take off the mourning that
this time I'm getting married!

- What happened?
- It fell into the canal.

- It was thrown for you.
You will have to marry her. - Get married?

Bepi, my love!
If you let me, I'll kill myself.

- He has come to himself! You're good?

- Can you walk? - Yes.
- Are you walking now? Let's go.

Why have you come back? Couldn't you
leave as your friend?

- Where can I find
Don Fulgencio? - There is.

- Nina, I don't understand you. Do you want to marry
Toni or not? - Yes, I want.

¿The cluster?

He is a good, serious boy,
almost too much! He won't betray me!

- Read More? - He has a nice house ...
I won't miss anything

- But do you love him or not?
- He loves me.

Forgive a moment, Nina.

What are you doing there?
Hear what Nina says? Outside!

I mean ... If Nina tells you she does
n't love me, tell her that ...

I know myself! I'm like wine,
which wins over time, gets better.

- Tell him about the wine.
- As?

- Tell him about the wine.
- I know what to say to him!

So do you love him?

Toni is good, honest and takes
communion once a year.

- Do you love him or not?
- No! But I'm getting married anyway!

Excuse me a moment.

Toni? This marriage
starts badly. Can't you quit?

Did he tell you about the wine? Has he told you
that I get better with time?

Enough with that wine thing!
What a bitch with the wine!

- Nina ...
- Do me a favor ...

This marriage must not be done
in secret, immediately.

No one should know, least of all
, Bepi. Understands?

Well, understood ... understood.

- Toni? - I'm here. - Goodbye.
- Thank you and goodbye.

- Until the wedding day.
- We will not miss.

Nina and Toni, we must post the announcement
of your wedding date.

- Put it on. - Already? - Put it
on the door, well in sight.

Perhaps there are those who want to
oppose this marriage ...

Nina, Nina, come out!

- Try this shirt on.
- Let me!

- Girl!
- What do you want?

- I have two words to say to you.
- Okay, but it's the last time I get close.

This is what I want to tell you:
traitor, crazy head, liar.

That's three words, not two.

Impostor! Being my girlfriend,
you got engaged to Toni!

While we were moving the dowry,
you were having fun with other women!

What other women!
They are clients, for work!

Does the job include kissing
and hugging them?

How is it that the American,
instead of leaving, has stayed?

- And what do I have to do with that?
- You never have to see!

But it doesn't matter anymore, I prefer to
be with a faithful and calm man.

Well said: a jerk, a fool,
an airhead like Toni.

- You know what I mean? Marry him!
- And so much that I'll get married!

- As you say?
- Let me marry him!

I'm glad!

Yes, I'm getting married! I'm marrying him!

It is night and
we are still talking.

Take your gifts and
don't let him see you again.

And you, take away these miseries.
In 3 years you will have spent 5,000 lire.

Now are you going to do the math?
I don't lend myself to such pettiness.

You don't want me to do the math.
Just give me back my letters.

- Take these four sheets full
of nonsense! - What a fool I was!

I didn't sleep at night so
you would hear from me when you were a soldier.

And I liked it. I thought you
were adorable, loving ...

- You are worse than the plague!
- You're not worthy of me, really.

- OMG! Letters!
- They have fallen into the Canal!

Run, Bepi! Let's get them!

Run, Nina!

- Where are they? Here! - Take them.
One, two, after. - Call someone.

- Other! - Take that one,
I wrote it to you when I was sick.

The water erases the phrases that
it cost me so much to write you.

Nina, listen to the
beautiful things you wrote me.

"Dear Bepi, I can't wait for
you to come back, to give you so many be ..."

The water has washed away the rest.

- What would "be" mean ...?
- "Bestonazos". The ones you deserve.

- Have we made up? - What peace?
You must first give me an explanation.

- Of what? - About the American.
- I'll explain it to you right away. I'm with you!

My brothers better not see you today. I'm coming.

- Will you stay for dinner?
- We'll see! - Come quickly!

Come on, put another cutlery,
we have guests!


- Goodnight.
- Is Bepi there?

- Make yourself comfortable.
- Thank you.

- Bepi, did I move it to the living room?
- To the living room?


I'm cold.
It must be from emotion.

I've been looking for you all day.
Where have you been?

- What a surprise you
stayed in Venice! - I'm here, me!

- I'm not a ghost.
- Yes, you are not.

- I let Natalie go,
but I wanted to stay. - Well done.

What heat!

- Are you crazy! - Crazy for You!
- What do you do? Here? - Not here.

Back to the window!
Please sit.

Janet, I'm nervous. Do you realize
what we are doing?

- You are married with children!
- I have great news to give you.

- I'm not married!
- Whoops! Are you not?

-All right! And those two little things, your children?
-They were my little nephews.

Bepi, I lied to you, I told you nonsense,
but it was to defend myself against you.

I was so afraid of you!

-But when I saw that you were sincere, in love.
-Be good!

- Do you remember what you told me?
- What? - Last night!

- You told me you would marry me
if I was free. - Oh yeah?

- You do not remember? - Yes now.
I thought I just thought it!

We can get married right away, here.
I am a friend of the American consul.

- Can you hear it? - I'll go tomorrow morning.
- She's half crazy!

- Aren't you happy? - What are you thinking about?
- I think about what my mother will say.

- Does Mom object? - No, she's dead!
- Dead? - Dead.

Mi pobre mamá "is dead".

- Girl! - Girl? - My sister.
She is the opposite! And it is alive!

- Stay here.
- Esta bien.

Do not move.

"My God ... Oh my dear Jesus,
I don't want to offend You anymore ..."

- Who? - It's me!
Are you afraid of thieves?

- I am not worried.
Grandpa doesn't eat. - Really?

He hasn't eaten for 3 days.
If you don't eat, you die. Do something.

- Grandpa, eat!
- Bepi!

I told you not to move.

- You love Me? - Yes, but go away. That my
sister is against it. - Goodbye.

- Grandpa is fine, eat.
- I'm glad, he's cured!

Are you crazy?

- Do the Micheluzzi live here?
- Bepi! - I don't know any Micheluzzi!

- Kiss Me!
- First explain to me about the American.

- Which? - The one that jumped into the Canal.
- That's crazy!

Luckily he has left. It will have already
arrived in America. Let's eat!

- You are better?
- Yes. I'm up now.

Well, I'm glad, because
the time has come to go.

- Of leaving?
- No, you're leaving. - I?

I must tell you something that I have never
had the courage to tell you.

- Natalie ... I'm married!
- Married?

Married with two children.
Two "babys", Mary and Jimmy.

What do you do?

- Why haven't you told me before?
- I was afraid of losing you.

Fate is cruel. Be strong.
Drink something. Do you want syrup?

- No, I want to die!
- Because it's not good?

Good syrup!

Buba, buba, how good!

- Do you still love her?
- To who? - Your wife.

It was a marriage of convenience!
Relatives cheated on us!

- The grandfather made the beds, so she
believed they made her dowry. - Yes?

- Great! Everything will be easier this way.
- Well, easy ...

- You will come with me to America.
- To America? - I'll help you get a divorce.

- Bepi, I'm very happy.
- We need to talk.

If you still loved her ...

I would have drunk this bottle,
and I would be dead.

Girl, silly!

Would you be dead drinking from ...
this bottle?

- Oh my! - Do not Cry!
- I thought it was syrup!

- We must be happy!
- I've been poisoned!

- Excuse me, where is a gift shop?
- There's one there. - Thank you. - No problem.

Cocoeta, come with me,
down the Grand Canal ...

- Nina, a client.
- You want? - I want to make a gift.

What kind? A mirror,
a set of glass ...

- A gift for a man.
- So, a picture frame, an ashtray ...

I like this, it's perfect!

- It's a bedside lamp. Only price.
- How much? - It is not for sale.

It's pretty, right?
It has a chime, listen.

Are you wrong? - No, is
this music ... - Does it bring back memories?

He always sang it, it
was his favorite song.

- Be good, sell it to me!
I'll pay you what you tell me. - Good.

- Filippetto? - Thank you.
- Wrap the lamp. - Thank you.

- Excuse the question ... is it someone
from here? - I do not understand. - From Venice?

- Why do you want to know? - For nothing,
excuse me. - How much is it? - 20 thousand.

- Here, thanks! Good Morning!
- Good Morning.

It was the lamp that Bepi gave you!

I have a hunch, I hope I'm
wrong. We'll see.

God! Toni!
What do I tell you now?

I have received a very
urgent Ferdinando . Good news?

- I wanted to tell you ... I don't remember what!
I wanted to ask you a favor. -Yes.

- You know, that lamp that
Bepi gave me , with music? - "Cocoeta ..."

Maybe today they give you another one like it.
Go see if it is.

- Ire, but I don't understand anything!
- You don't understand but find the lamp!

- How much does it cost?
- 7500.

Find the lamp! What if I find
Bepi? I break it over his head!

If you come looking for me again for other
nonsense, I'll roast you.

I am poisoned! I am sweaty.
I'm wrong?

No, nowadays you can
drink liters of this.

- Before it was a poison!
- Really? - Up! - Thank you.

- It's okay.
- Doctor, now I jump like a cricket.

- Suitcase. - Good Morning. - Thank you.
- I don't understand poisons!

I thought it was syrup and it was for

- You will see how happy we will be in America.
- Yes, we will be happy in ...

Listen, I want to tell you ... in
America ... don't be mad.

What do I do with my work?
How could I leave the gondola?

My father has a large house with a
pool. We will take the gondola.

For the pool? The gondola?
I'll think about it. Bye, I have to go.

Bepi! Please send me this letter.
It's for Janet.

- Have you written? - I have written to him saying
that we are getting married and going to America.

- And we take the gondola
to the pool! - Goodbye.

I love
you so much, I love you so much ...

- Bepi! Have you come looking for me?
- No Yes.

Forgive me if I didn't hurry,
but I had a lot to do.

I've been walking around
Venice all morning.

By the way, I have spoken to the consul,
who is expecting us at 5.

It is twelve o'clock! I have a
phone appointment with my people in America.

I want to give you the news
of our wedding.

I'm sorry I can't stay with you.
I am invited to eat.

Then I have to go to the hairdresser,
write some letters ...

Speaking of letters, can you
throw me this one? It's for Natalie.

I also wanted to
give her the good news ...

that we got married and that I
will always stay in Venice.

I am so happy!

- I forgot to give you this gift.
- For me? - You'll love it.

Bepi! Remember to be
at the consulate at 5.

- Toni! I don't understand what you are looking for.
- One thing, but I don't know why.

If you're looking for Bepi, she's not there.
He's out and I don't know when he'll be back.

- What a burning smell! Something is
burning in the kitchen. - Go see.

- Girl! - Tell me!
- I can't find a lamp.

- Look well, it has to be. Forgives.
- Look. But where?

- Girl! - What brings you here?
- I have great news for you.

Do you know the American? He is leaving this afternoon, he
has taken a ticket to Florence.

- I'm glad. - I promised you.
- Stop combing your hair!

- Love you very much. I'll do anything for you ..
- Cut your hair. - You are crazy?

- You are vain, you love your hair more
than me. - I love you more.

- What do you do? - I love you very much,
I tell you that I love you very much.

Can't you see the red bow?

I have traveled all over Venice to find it.
It has cost me an arm and a leg.

Think about when we are married.
We will wake up to that music.

"Cocoeta ..."
Are you happy?

Very happy, especially since I
have sold it to an American!

Excuse me. Annoyed, Ninetta?

- What is Bepi doing on the table?
- You came to say goodbye.

Show him to the door.
It is understood?

- Throw him out of my house! Outside!
- Right away!

Bepi, did you hear Nina?
I must kick you out of here.

Do not touch me!

I beg you, do
me the favor of leaving.



sorry i searched for everything
but i haven't found the lamp.

I have found it.
Now go and leave me alone.

- You no longer marry anyone?
- Yes, I'm marrying you, but go.

- Strip. - So!
- What manners!

He tripped me up. Yes!

- Fulgencio!
- What's wrong? - Father...

-I have to talk to you.
-If you call me father, you have problems.

I believe so. It is a matter of
life and death. Help me!

I'll be right back! Let's go to the sacristy
to talk while I shower.

Nina has gone like a rage,
my God, she has driven me!

Watch out! Go somewhere else I
'm talking to the father.

"Get out," Nina said,
and I'm gone.

Okay, Nina, the facts prove you
right and I admit it.

But I say, he has known me
since children.

You know I'm a gondolier!
You know what my job is!

Ask me to quit my job,
not to be a gondolier anymore!

I don't know only you,
I don't know only the Venetians!

A gondolier must deal
mainly with outsiders.

I say to the stranger:
"Good morning, miss ..." ... Conform.

- Is Fulgencio fair? Do you hear me?
- Yes, I hear you, but I don't understand you.

It's the usual with Nina, but
this time I think it's over.

- I know, I've heard of an American.
- Have you heard?

- There are really two.
- Two? Even better!

One is crazy and every time I tell her I am
leaving her, she wants to kill herself.

- Once he jumped into the Canal.
- And the other? - Worse, he wants us to get married.

Bravo! My congratulations!
Why don't you get married?

Do not joke! You know that I love
Nina and that she is going to marry Toni.

- I know. - Now, help me,
that's why I've come to see you.

I'm not going to help you. How to help you
if they are still here?

- If I can get them to leave? - Yes, make them
leave immediately and whatever.

Easy to say!

But how many hoods does he wear?
You said: "Whatever."

Bepi, the American is waiting for you in
front of the consulate.

- The tunic is too long.
- Put on your belt! - It is true!

Now go away!

You are surprised to see me like this, right?

I have fought so hard with myself.

I do not understand!
What does this habit mean?

I've been in seminary until
last year, but they kicked me out ...

for health reasons.

I should have told you. I have tried
to reintegrate myself into worldly life.

You have been very helpful to me, I
thought I was resurrecting, but ...

- So? - I haven't, I
heard the voice. - The voice?

The voice...

Yes, it said "Bepi returns", and Bepi returns to the
convent, in the mountains, to meditate.

Excuse me...

If I am not able
to measure up to you

- Bye, Janet. - Goodbye!
- No! Go away, Janet.

Janet, go. I can't move
if you don't go

Go away and don't come back!
Leave without turning around!


Go away, Janet .. go away ... let's go!

- Come on, sisters!
- Sisters?

You'll see that you'll be fine with Toni.
It is good, and you will not miss anything.

- Don't move so much!
- Bepi!

- Bepi! - No this!
- Where is?

He has gone with his grandfather. He has
packed his bags and I don't know when he will return.

Okay thanks.

Better this way.

- There is. - Yes. What time is
Nina getting home ? - At twelve.

- What time does the train leave? - At
eleven. Arrives in Milan at ... - Milan?

- I have to be on time!
- I don't understand this trick!

When the train is going to leave ...

Grandpa, you come screaming:
"Bepi, run home."

- Run, the house is burning!
- Ssss! Scream later!

- Bepi!
- Natalie, here I am!

¿Are you americana?

- Yes, American.
- American ...

- Oh, Bepi, how happy I am!
- I'm looking for grandpa. - Nervous?

When we have left, he has left the
fire on and the door open.

It's the grandfather who whistles at me, I'm leaving!

- Don't go, the train is already leaving.
- I have to go. Sit down, I'm coming back now.


Leaving, on track two ...

the direct train

- Everything on point.
- Where is the suitcase?

In the 2nd compartment.
She will be comfortable, she goes alone.

Thank you.

Gentlemen, we are leaving.

Be careful with your hands.

OMG! Excuse me!


- What time is it? - 11:30.
- On the train there is a suitcase, I sent it.

If you don't send it to me, it does
n't matter, it's empty!

- Thank you. - I'm very happy.
- Hello, Guido.

Uncle Menego! I'm glad
you came.

- It's the third time I've come.
Are you getting married or is it a joke? - It is true.

See you at the altar.

- Toni! - Gigi! Congratulations!
- It's you who gets married! - Ah, now!

- No?
- It's a nervous tic. - Forgives!

5 minutes to go. Nina, wait!

- Toni, we are waiting for you.
- You look very pretty, like a girlfriend.

- Leave it alone!
- Girl! - Let's go.

- Don Fulgencio!
- What happens?

Bepi is on a train, she will get off in Mestre.
The wedding has to be delayed somewhat.

How to delay?

this wedding can't take place without Bepi!

- Can we wait 10 minutes?
- No!

If he doesn't come to the wedding, he will come
to the treat. You're invited.

- Don't spoil my veil!
- Excuse her, she's nervous today.

- If I'm not on time, I'll drive you.
What time is it? - 12 hours.

- Step aside, you.
- Yes ... no, but I am the husband. - Excuse me!

- Toni, mom.
- Ready?

- Wait, Filippetto is missing.
- Yes. -Filippetto, come here!

Uncle Menego, come take your picture.

Why doesn't it come?
I imagine!

- That's all thanks.
- Wait, I've moved. Make another one!

Done thank you.

Noon past.
It will be over now!

- Father?
- What?

Do we play Corelli's andande or
Handel's length before we start?

- How long does Corelli's errant last?
- 3 minutes.

- And the length of Handel?
- 10 minutes.

Play the length of Handel,
and let it be long, very long.

The boat is coming!

Bepi! You're late,
everything is finished.

Oh Bepi! You have arrived late!
Maybe its better this way.

It will help you next time,
if you ever get married again.

I will never marry again!

You are beautiful!
I didn't deserve you.

You have done well and I wish you to
be happy with Toni.

Bepi! When I have seen myself
before the altar ...

And I said. "Do you want to take
Toni Valmarin as a husband ...?"

She said no, and
even I said no!

- I could not marry someone who
loves another. - Thank you! Excuse me.

Come drink sugar water.

- Thanks, Toni.
- Girl! - Bepi!

- My cocoeta.
- Bepi! - Girl!

Bepi! But...

I've done it for you,
so I don't comb my hair anymore. You like?

How ugly you are, how ugly!

- I liked you with your hair from before.
- I don't let it grow any more.

I will be no more gondolier.
I sell the gondola and I retire.

I will always be by your side,
I will not leave you for a minute.

I have married the most handsome gondoliero,
and I want to see you in your gondola.

I will no longer be jealous. I'll let you be a
gondolier, day and night.

- Really? Day and night?
- Yes, it is enough that you love me.

Nina, I love you very much,
I love you very much!

I love you very much,
I love you very much ...

How much How much?
So much, so much, so much ...

- Girl!
- Bepi, busy, huh?

Calm down, girl! Is my sister.
Married with a son.

Here, a souvenir.

Bye, girl!