Vellaripattanam (2023) - full transcript

Revolves around two Siblings KP Suresh and KP Sunanda, who belong to opposing factions vying for the same political party's leadership. While Sunanda is a seasoned leader, Suresh has yet to experience his first triumph. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪ What a country ♪

♪ What a country ♪

♪ This is God's country ♪

♪ What a mess ♪

♪ What a mess ♪

♪ God is laughing at this mess ♪

♪ Different flags rule this country ♪

♪ All the flags flutter high in the sky ♪

♪ Down below its utter chaos ♪

♪ Like somebody said in the past ♪

♪ Even if the sky caves in;
Our politicians are least bothered ♪

♪ When sharks are caught
Using khaddar nets ♪

♪ Who cares if the fishes die? ♪

♪ Who cares when the fuel prices
Go up like Kohli's centuries ♪

♪ What is there if lies are told? ♪

♪ What is there
If the lies are irrational? ♪

♪ Nothing happens upon
Shouting slogans on the road. ♪

♪ What is there
If the paddy fields are raised? ♪

♪ What is there
If the lakes are encroached? ♪

♪ What is there
If people are tied in red tapes? ♪

♪ What is there
If you spend somebody else's money? ♪

♪ Is it not for the country,
Is it not for the citizens ♪

♪ Is it not to fill up the treasury ♪

♪ Is it not to serve the countrymen,
That we call for strikes? ♪

♪ If this mockery is over sir ♪

♪ Please leave
Without making this a hellhole ♪

♪ My dear sir, why can't you do
something useful to the people... ♪


♪ We shall go around wearing coats ♪

♪ We shall buy seats with money ♪

♪ In a single night
We will forget our obligations ♪

♪ And sit proudly in the TV ♪

♪ Let the flyovers fall down one by one ♪

♪ Let the money value go down day by day ♪

♪ What if there is no job or pay? ♪

♪ What if there is no water or air? ♪

♪ These are how things run
In our cucumber town ♪

♪ Those who wear white have no problem ♪

♪ My dear!!! ♪

(Banana Republic)

The helicopter that went by just now
has no role in this story or panchayat.

After all who bothers
what happens in the sky?

Unless the sky caves in we are all safe.

And with this same belief
the villagers live here.

[Lottery vendor selling tickets]


I'm not late, am I?

Our panchayat lacks an airport too.

Good morning... Good morning...

Ah... Even Varkey sir
has come from the Gulf.

Where is that girl?

Varkey sir,

during your absence of five years

I saw that none in your ward
should have any problem.

As the mandalam president Alexji
took care of Varkey sir's absence,

Neena Koshy didn't have to know anything.

Uh... umm...

Whoever comes, stands, or sits...

there should be a verdict
over the bridge construction scam.


your opposition group
wants to walk out, right?

Let Sunanda come.

That can't be.
This should be settled right now.

Please calm down.

Why should we wait for Sunanda?

She may be bathing her cow
or selling vegetables.

You proceed, president.

Don't you know what will happen
if we take a decision in her absence?

That's Alexji's group.

K.P. was enough.

Why did we bring Sunanda in?

Hello president...

I'll be there right away.

Eh, me?

I'm in the ward.

In a Kudumbasree meeting.

You begin

I've arrived.

Even if the rocket is at Thumba,

Sunanda will say that it's in the orbit.

It's no use waiting anymore.
Let's begin.

That's what I had told you.

Member's snake gourds.

22.200 per Kg

Brother, round it up and write it as Rs 20.

The price has gone a little low.


That is conventional.

This is organic!

In this even the worms are natural.

This can be trusted.

It can fetch you even Rs 80 for a kilo.

Aw... how is it possible...?

Brother, you write it for Rs 45.

- Are you sure, member?
- Yes, I am.

If you don't have the money now
I'll collect it when I come in the evening.

And listen, if Suresh comes
asking for money don't give him any.

And this spinach... you can take it for free.

Thank you.

Eh? Who's this? Sunanda?

Mmmm... What happened to our member?

She has cut down the weight and the price.

Don't you know the election is near?

Didn't you hear?

Don't give any money to K.P.

They may be brother and sister.
But what's the use?

Both are different groups.

Stop exploitation by Kerala Government.

Inquilab zindabad...

Stop exploitation by Kerala Government.
Inquilab zindabad...

[Commotion of the mob]



Police abide by the laws.
Green pepper: Used as painkiller

Come on...
blast my chest with the water cannon...

What? The water is over?

Make it quick, please sir.

Give me a nice jet, please.

- Please...
- You...

Run away...

Come on... give me...



Ooh... the police have smashed my head...

Newspaper guys... please take my photo
and put it in the front page...

Hey! There's some problem.
The fingers look like skeleton.

Isn't it so?

There's nothing wrong in this.

Still... please plaster my hand, sister.

Let people know about the police repression
unleashed upon us.


Repression or compression...
whatever be it... please put a plaster.

No, that's not required.

So you won't cooperate?

We are lacking beds.

Even those with broken limbs
are not able to get beds here.

Now leave without wasting our time.

Can you at least give
something to wipe this?

Just wash your face. It'll go away.

Can you give me at least a band-aid?

You'll get it outside in the medical store.
Buy it and apply it wherever you want.

Uh! the entire health ministry is pathetic!


leader, this is Radhan.

Ah, how was my performance on TV?
Did you see it?

Yes... but while your show
was moving to climax

came to know that Naxal Mathaikutty Mappila
passed away.

In the fourth ward.

Last day when I saw him he had
agreed to give me a loan of thousand rupees

Now you won't get it. He has kicked
the bucket. Bad luck.

Not at all. This is a chance.

I want to become
more popular than Sunanda.

Last time when Dakshayani died
in the seventh ward she scored better.

This time I want to fare well.

Leader, you tell me.
I'll do just as you say.

Listen. Place a wreath at Mappila's feet.


Wait. Place the wreath on his chest itself.

Only then people will know about K.P.

Eh, but... won't the wreath
to be placed on the chest cost more?

From where can we arrange the money?

Don't mock
the five trillion Indian economy.

We'll find a way.

Whatever be it, we must discuss
about the bridge construction.

Come on, your accusation
is totally invalid.

'Bridgeman', mason E. Bhaskaran has agreed

to come and check
the strength of the bridge.

- Let that be over.
- Yes, yes

We don't need any 'Bridgeman'.

The bridge sways
even when a bicycle goes across.

As per documents 600 bags of cement
have been used.

Perhaps only 6 were used.

Panchavadi Bridge... Palarivattom Bridge...
and now... Pattarukadavu Bridge.

Earlier we were using river sand.

Now it is M sand.

So that slight difference
strength will be there.

There's no scam here.

- Is it not, Sreeja?
- Ummm...

Ha... ha... ha... That's it.

All the new street lights that we put up
are working well.

Ah, that's the next scam.

The complaints so far were that
the street lights were not glowing.

Huh! The entire line blew up
when they were turned on.

This is scam... scam... scam...

To protest against the scams of UDP
we are walking out.


All right. As you wish.

Let CBI investigate
the bridge construction scam.

Inquilab zindabad.

They are only three people after all.
What a pity!

[People talking]

Brother, K.P... wreath...

Oh yes... I was told to keep it ready.

- Eh?
- The wreath, right?

- Yes.
- Here, take it.

Thank you.

Member, what about my matter?

Brother, give me the wreath I ordered.

Make it quick.

But your wreath was already collected.

Eh? By whom? K.P. Suresh?

No, no... Not leader K.P,

So they have become cleverer!

Take a bigger wreath than
the one that went just now.

The chrysanthemum one over there...

Okay, please wait.

Take that marigold wreath.

The funeral of our dear Mathaikutty
Mappila, who fought against

religions, clergy, feudalism,
superstitions and blind beliefs,

will be conducted ceremonially
by Mar Metronews Cleatus Ivanios.

Suresh, give me that thread.

What a pity...

How many wreaths went, brother?

Who'll lay a wreath for Naxal Mappila?

Even the communists
haven't given a damn concern.

You have bought two.

Then one more fellow. That's all.

For such matters... Kerala Congress... Whew!

What lot of fans!

What lot of followers!

Wreaths sell like hot cakes.

And my boy, type 'K.P. Sunanda'
in a big font.

My dear brother, are you playing games
at a timeless time?

Type it in a single line.

- Here you are.
- Thanks.

Why are you not speeding?

No wonder why the death rate
is high in our panchayat.

Make this fellow fly and give it
the status an ambulance deserves.

Is the screaming a bit feeble?

With fearlessness, loyalty and power,
24 X 6.

I am Nimisha.

We are at the house of
the Naxal leader Mathaikutty

who lived to paint the world red

by valiantly walking
through the fires of protest.

His son who was with him
during his last moments is here now.

Mr. Moscow Sunny.

What did he tell you before
he breathed his last?

Come on, say it. No need to think.

Police firing at Wayanad.

The Maoists who came in search
of rice were shot by the Thunderbolt.

You bourgeois, you will never progress...

Papa... papa... what happened papa?


Father was a naxalite.

Till the last moment he believed that
a revolution will come.

And in the end...

Inquilab Zindabad...

Victory to the revolution.

Were his last words.

How has the demise
of your father affected you?

It has affected deeply.

Was your father sleeping well?

He always wanted to sleep.

Was he eating well?

Yes, he used to... Shawarma and the like.

Eh, from where?


Did she sleep here yesterday?

- Don't cry, mother.
- Anyhow I'll place it here.

Only our wreath should be visible.

If you have any requirement,
don't hesitate to ask.

Well, don't topple the pandal.

I'm leaving...

To put it short, now we can
add one more defeat to our diary

Don't allow anybody more to place a wreath.

That's right. Let the dead Naxalite
get some breathing space.

Yeah... yeah...

Don't sit here feeling sad.
Go, keep these in the refrigerator.

It'll come in handy soon.

Will there be a delay to take the body?

The panchayat meeting is proceeding.
I have some urgent work over there.

It will take time.
We are waiting for the judge.

And the MLA also has informed
that he will be arriving.

In that case let me...

- You're going?
- I'll be back.

In brief, we can write about
one more failure in our diary.

[People talking]

Sunanda member,
please get my matter done at least today.

Of course, an egg laying hen
in every house, right?

How can I forget?

No... My daughter's treatment fund.

The doctor says the operation should be
performed as early as possible.

Oh... Dhanyamol's treatment.

It's on the president's table...
Will get it done today.

Please do. I have nowhere else to go.

Please don't say so and make me sad.

Please tell your ward member Pushkaran
about this.

It's just because he doesn't like
other ward members interfering.

Uh... sorry.

- Hello brother Pillai.
- You're late today too...

Let CBI investigate
the Pattarukadavu bridge scam.

Scam king Pushkaran...

Resign and go out...

Sunanda, because you weren't here
the opposition walked out.

- And we grew roots.
- Oh really?

As soon as the Kudumbasree meeting got over

came to know that the old Naxalite
Mathaikutty Mappila passed away.

Is not humanity bigger?
So I paid a visit to his house.

But it is not Sunanda's ward
to show this much humanity.

Ha... ha... Can we show humanity
based on wards?

How is it possible to die so secretly?

Even I didn't know
in spite of it being my ward.

There wasn't even a call.
Not even a message.

Let's have the meeting in the afternoon.

Let's go till there.

Isn't the election approaching?

That's good.

Hey, where are you people going?
Everybody sit here.

Just because some Naxal died
how can we give a holiday to the panchayat?

Don't we have hundreds of matters
to be passed here?

Yes, that's right.

Varkey sir needs to raise an acre of
paddy field and a corner of the lake

Kunjappan's sister-in-law needs a house,

rainwater harvesting in president's ward,

Neena has rat eradication
in the tapioca farm,

I have Yasoda's daughter's treatment fund,

then dividing of flood relief fund,

auctioning of the leftovers
from the relief camps,

drinking water, toilets...

Who will take care of all these?

I was about to mention all these.


at least this time please pass
the treatment fund for Yasoda's daughter.

It's a long time since
that request came to your table

Ummm... No way.
We don't have the money for that.

Ask them to conduct
a roadside stage programme.

Don't put this too
on the head of the panchayat.

Let's discuss other matters.

This is the case of a little girl, sir

Sunanda, don't interfere in the matters
of my ward. Understand?

When I try to avoid matters like these
they keep coming again.

[People talking]

Sister... it didn't pass even today.

Don't worry.

Collect the money required to take your
daughter to hospital from the milk society.

I'll call them

Today's duper prime time is about a village

where the panchayat stuns us
by building a dam where there is no river,

constructing a bridge
without cement or sand,

and making a waiting shed in a road where
even an auto can't go, let alone a bus.

Daughter, here, it's from the channel.

Ow... that fellow's duper prime time!

Won't even allow us to work.

- Talk... talk...
- Hello...

When the opposition accuses
of a huge scam as several schemes

are decided to be taken ahead

just days before declaring the election,
is there a truth in it?


Don't think this is flattery.

We are not a party who blocks the way.
We build the way.

I'm interfering, I'm interfering...

Let the matter of the scam remain there.

We hear that there is a group face-off
between you and K.P. Is it true?

The panchayat wants to know.


Yes, that's exactly what I'm asking,
about 'I' and 'A'.

We don't have any group face-off
between us.

After all, it was I who gave
the travel expenses for him

to go and participate
in the Secretariat march today.


Look... look... how she is pushing me down.
Says I took money from her...

[TV playing in the background
with Sunanda criticizing K.P.]

Leader, you didn't take any money?

But I take money
for my expenses from her daily

Why should she say that,
that money is for this?

Hmmm... if Gandhiji is wearing specs
you can take it.

Oh, I remembered just now.
Tomorrow is Gandhi Jayanthi.

Isn't that on August 15th?

At least tomorrow we should be able
to outshine Sunanda

I need some votes.
I need to win a seat in this election.

Did you arrange for that thing?

A wheel to pull thread...

You oaf! Not just any wheel.

Where is it, my God!

Ah, there, that thing over there.

Oh! The spinning machine.

Say so clearly.

It's there in our cooperative society.

We'll take it... and turn it whirr... whirr...

It is spinning the charkha now, or milking
the cow at home for the rest of my life!

- Good night.
- Bye.

Uh... ah...

Ah, so you have come.

This is for a gentle wash and ironing.

Well... change into colour dress like
the new leaders as early as possible.

My shoulders have worn off washing
this khaddar and rinsing it in rice water.

If your shoulders have worn off
it's well and good.

Didn't you ruin my reputation
in front of the villagers

by spilling out our account matters?

Who ruined whose reputation?

Weren't you the one who stole my wreath?

What? Is it my fault that the shopkeeper
gave me the withering wreath

that you had ordered
in place of the grand wreath

that I had ordered
by paying the full amount?

I want the cost of my wreath back.

Oh, so you were trying
to settle this score over the TV today.

Huh! You can't defeat K.P. my girl;
K.P. is leader... leader...

Shall I take a hot black coffee
for the leader?

No, we the youths had a wonderful biryani.

After a march it is a must for us youths.

Huh... huh... ooh... ouch...

So you have come...

Father, did you see how many likes
we got for the video of today's protest?

Sister must be itching
all over because of it.

The likes given by the police
still look fresh.

Well jealousy is in the blood of UDP,
be it father... or daughter

In small small freedom struggles
won't there be marks like this?

It's bruised badly.

Come, I'll apply Murivenna.

Come on...

Mmm... I think I must go.


Sister, don't take it too hot.
My skin will burn.

I'll see to that.

Use egg with special leaf mix!

And listen... I can't do like this daily.

You get married soon.

I can't come to sit like this daily either.

First give me my seat.
How can I get married without it?

What's the relationship between
a seat and marriage?

There is a relation. I'll get married
only after becoming the president

You were given the seat meant for me
on a temporary compromise.

Now there won't be any compromise
over that matter.

That was long ago.

Now my seat is my own.
And I'm not willing to part with it.

You can wrap that idea and
keep it in the refrigerator.

Why do you insist
that you want the panchayat only?

You try to become an MLA or MP.

First you give me what I deserve.

That's what I told you... get married.

Uh... everybody here is...

Take a bath and go to sleep.

Huh... can't that thing sleep?

Your jewels are safe, aren't they?

Uh... just.

Oh, she's here...

Umm... So the protest leader has come.

It's all dusty here.

This fellow's up to something...

Sister, do you have a 500 rupee note
that will fit into this?

What? Come again.

Well, in that case Rs 1000
is sufficient.

But you asked only for Rs 500.

It's enough that you give what you heard.

What? How?

K.P. is asking only because
he doesn't have stealing in his blood.

- Oho...
- Yes.

So it means that it is in my blood.
And I'm a thief.

Uh... when you get angry I doubt whether
your nose is slightly bending to the left.

That's because your eyesight is bent.

Uh... What else shall I ask?

Mullappally sir had enquired
a lot about you.

About what? About the bending of my nose?

Don't change the topic!
What do you want? Money, right?

Just wait there. Don't come here.

Oh, so it was there.
I didn't check that place.

There is plenty...

This place is only for today.

I don't trust you much.

Give me with your right hand sister.
I'm not taking a loan, am I?

So you are writing everything.

Don't check, it's over.

Father, it's time to paint the house.

It's full of cobwebs and fungus.

Hey, why do you want to squeeze her
every time like this?

It's because I don't have the time to make
and sell KIIFBs and Masala Bondas.

That's why I do like this.

You don't want to know
about household matters.

When fathers live only for politics
and earn the title 'corrupt politician'

what else can the children become?

It's quite natural.
That's exactly what's happening here.

Don't bother with donkeys, father.
Let it go.

I'm going. You take rest father.

Rs 500 today!

[Crowd talking]


- Can't you take them to some paddy field?
- Take them away.

You are ruining my good day.

Great! All of you are here,
let the shooting be on

You're on live TV, watch your tongue!

I'm not you.


Come, get into this.

Your hand.

Ready one, two, three...

The Mahatma is an emotion for me.

What nice songs has he sung.

'Raghupati Raghava Rajaram...'

and then 'Pateeta Pavana Sitaram...'

With devotion I remember him.

You too should remember.

Once we come to power
we will bring this note back.

Gandhiji is not just a picture
on the currency note.

The Harithakarmasena of our panchayat
functions by adhering to his policies.


the usage of plastic
is increasing day by day.

This should change.

The first step taken to eradicate plastic
is the cloth bag given to all of you.

Music is on, too.

[Crowd murmuring]

Excuse me please.
Brothers, please move aside.

I have come to do PR for KP Suresh

As are the leaders, so are the disciples.

[Commotion of the crowd]

Move aside, I said.

K.P... K.P...

What's this leader?

What's this?
It looks like a spider vomited over me.

I'll remove it.

Don't break it. It is rented.

Jumping into the sea was far better.
Or feeding a peacock.

It could fetch a way better coverage.

And... next is honouring a very
hardworking resident of our panchayat.

Shasi doesn't need to be introduced to you.

He, who lives
for the sake of coconut trees,

will be presented
with the Kerasreshta Award now.

I also recommend his name to the position

of the brand ambassador
for Kerala Government's coconut products.

Brother Shasi, come...

The silk shawl.

Please come.

When my father died
after falling down from a coconut tree,

my family began to starve.

So I started climbing coconut trees
from then.

For calling a person like me
to be honoured...

Aye... it's okay...

The ball of thread has been paid.
Spinning wheel is on credit.

Oh, this is still there?


Sister played an idea
we couldn't even imagine.

Leader, yes,
small investment and big profit.

By getting the cloth bags stitched
by those Hanuman Jewellery guys

your sister must've pocketed
at least Rs 2000/-

Aw, come on.

What I don't understand is why was
that coconut climber Shasi honoured.

My sister who doesn't give me
a blanket even in freezing cold

gave him a gold-laced silk shawl.

There is some big plan in this.
I'm sure of it.

We must deal with this blow somehow.

Why not we put up
a Facebook post to mock her

through the anganvadi teacher Deepa Nirash,

stating that Sunanda placed her picture
along with Gandhiji's on her bags?

What's your opinion?

- That's enough.
- Ah... right?

Yes, enough... enough...

Will get it done.

God... Not a single number is matching!

Eh, who?


We have come to invite
for the temple pongala.

So pongalas have started
in the temples too?

Just light the hearth and inaugurate.
That's all.

That's good.
When is the date?

- It's on the coming 22nd.
- 22... Um...

Too many commitments recently...

Oh no! On 22nd it's not possible.

I have another programme on that day.

Youth wing's buffalo distribution.


It's okay. You send a vehicle. I'll come.

As per high command's new instruction
the matters of devotees cannot be ignored.

But it's not you whom we want.
We came for Sunanda member.

Didn't I tell you I'm not free on 22nd?
Now what will she think?

Four of them have come in the morning
itself from the temple to eat my head.

For cancer, Sunanda...
for organic farming, Sunanda...

cow distribution, Sunanda...
chicken feed, Sunanda...

what more... even to make a women's
organization, Sunanda... what's going on?

Eh? What's the matter?
What's going on outside?

People from the Palliyara temple have come.

They want Sunanda to pull up the
temple elephant's first underwear.

Here, have it.
My bowels are moving due to grief.

We never thought he would think like that.

- Greetings...
- [Brother cursing from inside]

Please come to inaugurate
the pongala at our temple.

I'm sorry, please do come in.

It's okay, we are in a hurry.
It's enough that you agree to come.

Of course, why not? I'll come.

Who doesn't know about
the Devi's benevolence?

She is always there for her devotees...

Father, instead of getting her married off

we kept her here
like a queen of the panchayat.

And now? I'm left to wear the khaddar
and get beaten. And I'm still a zero.

- We'll send a vehicle on 22nd morning.
- Oh, no need. I'll come on my vehicle.

But please don't forget my matter
when the election comes.

Please do tell about that
to the Karayogam members too.

We'll do that anyhow.

- Thank you...
- Bye...

Has she ever become the prefect
of any class in Devi Vilasom School?

Have you become?

When we are talking about Sunanda,
talk about Sunanda.

Don't change the topic.

Huh! In politics
these are not what you need.

- Then?
- You need wisdom.

You should know how to keep your feet.

If he was wise, would he quarrel
with a community with a huge vote bank?

Hello... one minute.

Here's the money
I borrowed from you yesterday.

Leader K.P never keeps his reputation
at stake.

Whom did you cheat?

May be poor Aleena.

Or did you beg this from Neena?

I myself will have to repay this loan too,

Huh? Don't talk nonsense.

Let me tell you something.
Neena is not like Aleena.

Any financial dealing with her
will put you in peril. Just watch.

From whoever I took this,
It is as a pay for my hard work.

Pooh... For you hard work means
giving false promises

to deal with quarrel cases, transfers, and
the like... and collect money from people.

Father, her number of scams
cannot be counted even by Pythagoras.

Distribution of chicken, plants...
building road, bridge... employment...

flood relief... storm... tsunami...

even the skirt she is wearing now
is from the last flood relief.

Show me a proof... rather than blabbering...

- I will... I will, when time comes.
- Then let me see that.

Yes, I will show that then.

Then I will have to see you
run away from the panchayat.

Father, you know what this is?

The typical jealousy of men when
women attain something out of hard work.

Oowww... jealousy...

Is this a thing that somebody will feel
jealous about? Go away you piglet

Go away you buffoon.

What? Me buffoon?
Who's the buffoon?

You are a monkey.


Bandicoot, huh?!

You bring me your khaddar shirt next time.

You blockhead.

You called me blockhead?!

Lazy fellow. First return the
Rs 4000 you borrowed from me.

- Then come to play with me.
- Don't stamp me.

For what she did to me now,
she owes me four thousand rupees.

I'll show you.
I'll come early for lunch today.

- You go and start preparing right now.
- Very well... I'll keep your food ready.

You give some to that temple elephant too.

Move aside chicken...

Or I'll stamp you!

Ali, do you know whom all
an average politician should fear?

WhatsApp, Facebook,
newspaper, milkman, people,

father-in-law, political satires over TV...
so many...

Who is scared?

Till now father used to laugh at your story
of going to Trivandrum to get beaten.

Now it's about Gandhi Jayanthi.

You are making new reasons
to get father scorn you.

All these are social media tricks, dear.

Your father who believes that politics
is nothing but goondaism

doesn't know
the tricks of the new generation.

But I didn't tell you
to learn from my father.

You learn the tricks from Sunanda.

- Oh! Sunanda... Sunanda... Sunanda...
- K.P!

Don't quarrel.

I came to say something.

Father is going ahead with the alliance
proposal of that panchayat secretary.

Fathers can do anything.

And that fellow is after me asking
whether I have WhatsApp or Messenger.

Don't worry, I'll deal with him.

If this leader K.P.
becomes a panchayat member,

we'll get married on that spot.

These are not the words of a politician.
These are the words of a lover.

Hmm... You broke your word right now.

All these days you were saying that

you will marry me after becoming
the panchayat president.

Why only a member now?

My dear Aleena, you and your father
should learn

to adapt to the Indian politics
like Rahulji.

Only then can we grow.

- But you need not grow.
- K.P.

Oh no! Papa!

Mmm... Papa.

Oh! Papa!

What are you doing here? Go home.

[Alexji's propaganda vehicle mentioning
about his protest against fuel price hike]

Brother, can you give me a lift?
I'm in a hurry. Need to go to the bank.

In this? I got in one week ago.

Go ahead! Don't stop anywhere.

[Slogans in favour of Alexji]

Come on, this way...

There is sharbat in that house.

I am looking after the matters here.

Come on.

Is there a roadblock ahead?

The pickle is good.

Your Sunanda is in real trouble!

She along with C.I. Sivan confiscated
three loads of mine.

Lost a hefty amount too.

Sunanda must be kept at bay.

Let that be there.

Ani, leave Sunanda alone.

She won't be there
for more than two months.

This time the seat is for me.

Of course.

Once I become the member
you can mine sand, sea...

And smuggle...

Then no Sunanda will come to ask.



Yeah... I'll come. I'll come.

You go ahead with your programme.

Three four loads are coming for me
from Tamil Nadu. I need to escort it. Bye.


Sunanda has created such a situation
that I can't look at others.

She even blocked

Neena Koshy who was my ATM.

Let's finish...


My sister...

I was telling about finishing this.

Oh dear!

It's okay.

Sunanda may not like me.
But I can't be like that.

Is she not my sibling?

Still everybody knows that
you are like snake and mongoose

when it comes to politics.

Ah... a shot of dry...

I'm not a mushroom like her who
sprouted one fine morning into politics.

You very well know my political history,
don't you?

So you are going to replay
that flashback again.

Let go...

A little is cliché...

But we need to recall...

All right.

Long ago...

in the college...

Long ago means
before Kinder Joy and Kit Kat!

[Commotion of the violent mob]

Is the path over?

I don't know what the matter is,

but those who were beaten yesterday
shouldn't be beaten today.

Make way, make way, make way...

Pit... pit... pit...

Careful while jumping.
You'll break your leg.

Hey, whose is this?

Whose is this?

Hello... Brother...

Brother, take this too.

Aye... take this.

What is this?

Make way, make way, make way.

Eh! This is our flag.

Where is it?

Let it flutter.

Move aside.

Eh! KSA zindabad...
KSA zindabad...

What's your name? What's your name?

- K.P. Suresh.
- K.P. Suresh ki jai. K.P. Suresh ki jai.

Let this blue flag flutter.

K.P. Suresh ki jai.

Let our flag flutter... flutter.

What are you looking at? Thrash them.

- Wait, wait. What's the matter?
- Stop it. Stop it.

Move aside.

I am the unit secretary here.

Don't try to show off here.

Just because they tied a blue rag here
nothing is going to happen here.

Our red fort shall remain
as strong as it is.

But Baburaj, they are trying to...

Our party believes in
freedom of action and speech.

Let them tie their flag.
Let's see what will happen.

For now, you disperse.

Where is he?

Father, here.

Oh dear! Sister!

Dear, what happened?
Who did this?

- Oh, this is nothing.
- I'm okay sister. Nothing to worry about.

It's good to get beaten
and go to jail in politics.

You'll grow.

You have entered politics
with your right foot.

No, no.

We lost all we had because of politics.

You too need not get into this.

Life and peace of mind is greater.

Stop it today itself.

Don't be afraid, come in.

- Is it a strike?
- Yes. All Kerala.

It was for tying a flag, right?
I called father...

How are you now?

It's very beautiful to see.

She's a fan of K.P.

It's an autograph, sister.

♪ The moment I saw you
Drops of honey filled my dreams ♪

♪ When I roamed in search of lyrics
Happiness filled my heart ♪

♪ The fragrance of breeze
Fills up afresh ♪

♪ My burning heart
Is turning to snow ♪

♪ The flame of love
Makes all fall in at the right time ♪

♪ The more it burns
The more it changes us ♪

♪ Even the days and nights are
Music to the ears ♪

♪ It's a music that breaks
The rhythm of heart ♪

Here, eat...

You idiot! What're you doing?

Do you give hay to goats?

Give it some jackfruit tree leaves.


Oh... so this fellow is
from League! Our team!

♪ You threw a sweet smile
And caressed my eyelashes ♪

♪ When I faltered
You entered deep and showered kisses ♪

♪ In the dreams that
I saw without watching ♪

♪ You were my colours ♪

♪ Of the desires that
I didn't have till today ♪

♪ You became my first imagination ♪

♪ Our story came true... ♪

♪ Will you be the fluttering jasmine? ♪

♪ Will you tell me
Honey dripping stories? ♪

So pass that matter.

For the time being let Suresh
sit playing at home.

Let's see.

I have a nature call.

- Hey, don't create any trouble.
- (Commotion)

Calm down.

Stop it.

- What are you doing?
- Stop it.

Alexji, move away.

Nepotism shouldn't be allowed.

- Throw them away.
- Move aside! Don't dare to touch.

Alexji, please go.

Peethambaran kicked me out
with his groupist games.

Now his son is after my daughter.

We'll handle this.
Alexji, please go

I will not allow him
to become anybody in the party.

Alexji, please go.

As part of the group fight,

Alex's goons threw
country bombs at my house.

In that my mother was killed.

And father being a Gandhian...

Forgave the culprits.

Father became the president
breaking LDP's stronghold.

Alex again began to work against my father,

who was becoming
a stalwart in Kerala politics.

- He along with Gunapal, Pushkaran...
- Pushkaran.

Yeah, they trapped my father
with the help of vigilance.

They couldn't accept me
in place of my father.

You know why.

So... they placed Sunanda,
who doesn't know even the ABCD

of politics, in that place.

Now she, sitting in that seat
is working against me.

Everybody together...

Yesterday also the same story.
So was day before yesterday too.

For many years,
this is the same story you tell.

Your story.
My fate. Phew!


'Scam queen Sunanda: Resign'

They don't even know how to write.

Radhan's handwriting.

- Contractor.
- Yes madam

- Where are you?
- I am at...

- Come to Illikkuzhy now.
- Right away.

Who raised this hoarding
to defame Sunanda member?

This is too bad.

This is by somebody
who is jealous of the member.

How can you blame the ones who did this?

The road is full of potholes.

So these guys are serious.
There is one more here.

Brake, brake.

What can be the matter now?
My God, protect me.

Why did you call me, madam?

For how long am I telling
you to repair this road?

- Road?
- If you don't close each and every pothole

I'll cancel your license and blacklist you.

I won't pass even
a single bill from the panchayat.

Madam, I don't understand anything.

Oh! Acting!
Yes, yes.

Madam has told me a thousand times.

Madam, please don't forsake me.
My loan,

my JCB, my tipper, my blacklist, my...

- Don't overact and ruin this.
- Isn't my acting correct?

- Madam.
- Okay, get to repair this road..

In the evening when I come
there shouldn't be a single pothole.

- Understand?
- Yes, madam. I'll do it.

It'll be repaired right away.

Didn't I tell you Sunanda member was super?

Careful member.
Don't go missing into a pothole.

Groupism has reached its peak.

There are hints that it was

Suresh and his men
who raised posters against Sunanda.

So groupism cannot be tolerated anymore.

The scientist who invented
groupism is talking against it now.

Everything is clear from CCTV footages.

And there are also people
who saw Suresh there the previous night.

- We're done for.
- CCTV cameras in a village

that doesn't even have street lights?

Who said so?
My home is equipped with CCTV.

My husband can see everything from Congo.

Whatever be it,
at this time when the election is near,

Sunanda's timely action

has saved the party from a big shame.
Isn't it so?

I am not ashamed to say that
Sunanda is the

Indira Gandhi of our panchayat.

Shameless fellow!

Ask about this time's.

The party activists want to know
this time's list of candidates.

It will be announced officially
at the right time.

Okay, enough.

Everybody note it, this time it's my turn.

There is no such obligation here.

On a particular situation Sunanda came.

As Sunanda has proven her ability
we don't need anybody else.

Sunanda, what do you say?

Well... I am obliged to listen
what the party says.

- Still those who are capable...
- Yes, capability.

Even Sunanda is not interested
in giving a seat to Suresh.

- No... I...
- Come on, let's go.

Why not go after the tea and snacks arrive.

Snacks, at a time like this?

Let them go.
Will they create some trouble?

Taking into consideration
the emotions of Sunanda,

Suresh is hereby suspended
for three days, under pending

investigations, for raising posters
against Sunanda.

The proposal that came for you
from Nooranad also got dropped.

I was expecting that to get settled.

Oh, I'm happy.

Many flowers are not turning into seeds.

It's due to climatic changes.
Timeless rains.

The bees are growing less in number.

Even the golden shower tree
blossoms out of schedule.

Changes have been noted
in the matters of humans too.

It was not at all proper of you
to take a stand against Suresh today.

Oh, so it has come to you too.

Father, don't take this to heart
after listening to him.

That Alex said something.
I gave him a reply.

Before I could finish Alex intervened.

He just explained that
my stand is against Suresh.

You should know
even without me telling you.

Be careful of Alex.
He is venomous.

Well, working against
one another, groupism and

the like are the main forms of
entertainment in our party.

Ha... ha...
let these fellows learn from the LDP guys.

Their discipline, planning, tactics...

Ah, they have the benefit of it.

I know an egg breaking is pending.

Please don't act keeping that in mind.
It's because I don't have any money.

Comrade, Bijoy sir has come.

Eh? The moment I mentioned
about money the money man has come?

The beedis now smell like incense sticks.
What can we do?

Go, go...

Comrade Kunjambu, Shasi, Oleena. Aha,

everybody except Baburaj is here.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

I welcome our dear comrade
Moonlight Bijoy

with a 100 red salutes.

Sit down.

I will tell you later
how Bijoy came into this movement.

If we remain hugging Karl Marx's ideals

it will be difficult for our party
to go ahead in this modern era.

These kind of decisions will
weaken the party, comrade Chenthamarakshan.

Is not the party supposed to
stand with the poor?

That's right. We are now
not attending weddings and funerals.

The party is not
a scavenger crow to go everywhere.

After the fall of the USSR
and the Bengal plenum

we have changed our style.
Are you not aware of that?

You want a reprimanding or a demotion?

Eh? So there is a fear. Right?

the style is designed by the leadership.

For those who cannot follow that,
the doors are open. They can go.

Ah, Pillai.

Though the party is against
puffs philosophically,

we'll have two as it is non-veg.

We can deal with
communalism only like this, right?

The promoters of communalism
are feeding each other

and growing very fast.

Unless the people develop

scientific temperament
this cannot be solved.

We'll see.

(people talking)

Pillai, aren't you aware that

We are implementing Paradesi mode
in our panchayat.

Really? When?

All the Bengalis will be deported to Assam.


We have taken that decision
in today's Chintan Baithak.

What? If this fellow's not here
I'll have to shut down my shop.

That's not our matter.
The country is important.

Yato dharma stato jaya.

Ma faleshu katha jana.

Greetings. Now you can listen to
the news from Mahesh Kumar.

First of all
there is an important message.

Key dignitary to address
the nation today!

The headlines.

Chalo mitron.
Something big is about to come.

So we will leave the Bengalis
alone this time.

(news running in the radio)

I have taken care of the cow
very well just as you said.

I have spent Rs 5000 for hay,
oil cakes and

leftovers so far. I want that money.

But Thankamma, isn't that a bit too much.

Reduce the cost of at least the leftovers.

I'm even giving this the rice gruel water

meant for my children and their father.

All right, you need not discount anything.

I'll give you Rs 2500.

Please don't talk so heartlessly, member.

I looked after this like my own child.

Once my chit-funds are passed,
I will give you Rs 2500.

- Let this be here.
- Please don't say so. From now on

you need not add Boost or Horlicks
in the rice gruel water.

Here, take. This is 4500 rupees.

- What shall I say?
- Take it.

Brother Gopal, here. Now
remove the old rope and

tie it auspiciously
with this new one and give it to me.

- Do it my beauty.
- You have defeated me.

- One more MP lost.
- What a score.

Don't touch that.
That is high command.

Can you give me 100 rupees?
I'm in a hurry.

Can't you go for some work?

100 rupees! That too with me!
I haven't seen one in months.

- Eh! Sunanda!
- Sunanda has gone home with another cow.

She is playing the same
Chinese game of

subduing other nations
after becoming economically stable.

That's right. This is the
same thing that happens

in the
Kundara cashew office too.

- Kundara?
- The same thing.

Uh, there also...

If Choudharyji is happy!
Our prospects will change.

He will.
Ah, there he is.

- Come, come.
- How are you, bhai?

You are so late.
How long have we been waiting.

Take this.

Apply glue like this, like this... like this...

- And stick it like this.
- Yes, I got it.

Then turn to the other side and paste it.

You understand?
That was the third one.

The fourth one is not here.

This place is to draw.

Over there. Come.

Brother, this is my work.
I'll do it, please.

That's right. We would've pasted
the whole thing ourselves!

- Hold it. - Take this and stick
these wherever you see.

- Yes, I'll do it. - What a fellow!
He who doesn't do any work made us work!

When 'may' comes 'hum', 'hai', 'ho'.

Get down.

- I'm going.
- Okay.

Huh, you sit like this here.

When the Indian politics is swaying

how can you sit here doing nothing?

All others are worn out sticking posters.

Let me see Choudhary.
I need to tell him something.

- What'll you say?
- You can see that when I say. (mocking)

You sit here reading stories.

Father, I'm hungry.
Where's the glue? I mean dosa.

Choudhary is coming.
(commotion of the crowd)

- Choudharyji. Make way.
- He has come because I called.

Kunjoonj, make way.

Make way, make way, make way.
(commotion of the crowd)

Make way, make way.

- Make way, make way.
- Come, come.

What sort of cheating is this!
Instead of my photo their photo!

(crowd cheering)

- Namaste, Namaste...
- Choudharyji,

Choudharyji, Choudharyji,
we are here in the back.

Here, here, in the back, K.P.
and Radhan, K.P. and Radhan.

Choudharyji, Choudharyji.

let me put a shawl on him. Choudharyji.


- Welcome. This is Neena Koshy.
- Neenaji, hi.

Come, come.
This is my daughter, Aleena.

- Aleenaji, why don't you join the youth wing?
- Come, come.

And ji, is this Kerala or America?

- No, no. This is Chakkarakkudam.
- I know that.

- But why have these people come
in this dress? - Come, come.

Today is Kerala's birthday, right?

I have come wearing
a dhoti though being from Delhi.

Oh dear! All these are Malayalis.
Not Bengalis.

- I'm also a Malayali.
- Of course, I know.

- Choudhary ki...
- Jai, jai...

(crowd cheering Choudhary)

- Who is this?
- Member...

I am Sunanda.
A member of this panchayat.

Our party is beautiful.

- Thank you.
- (crowd cheering Choudhary)

Kidhar gaya?

Where did (he/it) go?

Went somewhere.

Went somewhere.

- We offer you a warm welcome here.
- Oh, thank you so much.

We need a dhoti.
(crowd cheering Choudhary)

So many balloons.
You've spent a lot.

- Please take your seat.
- And your seat?

- Just wave this dhoti and they'll
allow you on the stage. - Really?

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

Greetings, greetings.

Go up, go up.

Where are you going?

Only the leaders and
party officials are allowed on the stage.

- Party workers down there.
- I am youth wing's...

What youth? Go and sit there.

I'll be translating.

Neena, what are you looking at?
Bring the garland.

- Yes, bring the garland. - So you have
brought all the flowers from Tamil Nadu.

- Move aside.
- I invite the national leader

Shri Harirai Choudhary
to speak a few words.

We would like to invite
Shri Harirai Choudharyji.

Come, come.

I love Chakkarakkudam.
Ha... ha... ha...

Respected Alexji,

Pushkaranji, Kanappanji,

and Sunandaji.

All those balloons contain our breath.

Ahem, Neenaji, Binduji, Sindhuji,

Antonyji, Kottayamji and
to every ji of Kerala,

I offer my heartfelt wishes.

Greetings to everybody gathered here

including Sunanda, Sindhu and Bindu.

- My name? - The great crowd
that has assembled here for us...

- It was better to go home and
watch Chhota Bheem. - Thousands of people

have come here.

So in all your hearts

there is so much love for us.

We can understand your love also.

I would like to thank you all for the same.

This love's...

Want to thank you.

Ah, yes. My greetings.

- I'm not able to hear.
- You... You... Sunandaji...

- please come closer.
- Sunanda, please come closer.

You come here.
This mic captures very well.

This fellow is not a leader.
He is a Casanova.

What good translation are you doing?
It's even better than the original.

- Come closer. Comfortable?
- Yes.

In North India

we are facing lots of trouble.

In North India
our situation is a bit pathetic.

India has
slipped off from our hands, like wet soap.

We lost India from our hands,
like wet Chandrika soap.

But we shall bring India back.

But we shall capture India back.

- Yes, that's it.
- In our country

there are only two problems.

One of bread,

and the other of dhoti.

The second one, the dhoti, I'm also
having problems keeping it around my waist.

In our land there are two problems.

One is rice and the other is dhoti.

Bah! During our college days we should've
taken Hindi as the second language.

- How shall we get rice?
- The sponsors are on the other side.

- With the ruling party - I had purchased
T-shirts so that my photo gets printed.

But all the other blockheads have
printed their photos. It's your fault.

Not a ruling party, but fooling party.

Our men can't be trusted
even for their slogans.

But today itself I'll print
a new receipt book.

Our party shall give a square meal

including pickle, papad and payasam.

MLA and MP are only dreams now.

I'm clinging here only with the hope

that I can become something
at least in this panchayat.

Now it seems even that won't be possible.

And Choudhary just whooshed by.

Once somebody gets a place
he doesn't leave it till he dies.

And if we try to live
by doing some other work...

What other work do you know?

He wears a khaddar
and carries a leather purse.

But the purse doesn't have even a coin.


Nobody is calling
even for a channel discussion!

They want only advocates
and political peeping toms.

Political peeping toms?

Political analysts.


And I have a lot of loans.

This time don't try to dupe anybody
like we did last time to purchase T shirts.

You people motivate me somehow.

- Make leader K.P. active.
- We will.

- Brother, 10 parathas and 2 BDF.
- As parcel?

- No, to have it now.
- I didn't mean to be made active this way.

Don't ask him to make you active again.
He'll order again.

No way!

Gopalan will have to squeeze this
after he finishes milking.

Daughter, it's that woman
in front of the panchayat office.

It's some money matter.


- Move aside, chicken.
- What happened to him?

You scared that poor thing
in the morning itself, father.

When you said money matter
he must've thought

that it is somebody who has come
to ask their money back.

- It's not to identify the person.
- I see.


It's because I have nowhere else to go.

I know sister.

The matter has not yet passed
in the panchayat.

I'm mentioning this in every meeting.

Sister, don't cry.

I will find a way.

Don't worry.

Daughter, I know her,
she was in the PSC rank list.

Somebody took up her place
through unfair means.

Her life has been in turmoil since then.

Poor thing.

In our party, acquiring a seat
is like catching a bull.

What leader? Catching a bull?

Haven't you seen that movie, Jallikkattu?

Just like you go after a bull
in that movie,

you need to go after everybody saying,
' Give me a seat, Ji.'

You carry on.

The election date for the local
self-governing bodies has been announced.

Well, now there won't be time
even to breathe.

Leader, my cloth!

However I wipe this is not going away.
There are people in the shop.


Oh this? When did this
come over my shoulder?

Didn't you remove this?
Here, the bat cloth. Go.

Hey, give me a lift. I'll get a seat.

Uh! I must've run a mile.

We are terribly late.

Remove all the dry leaves.

Me too?

Enough, enough.


Can I get at least a small seat this time?

It's no use holding my legs.

The party has no plan to give seats
to two people from the same house.

What if Sunanda gives a letter
stating that she is ready to withdraw?

If that was the matter Sunanda
could've done it earlier.

She is not interested in your growth.

I will show you some compassion.

I will include you in the second list.

Ah, that's enough.

But, I have a condition.

Didn't you and this fellow break off
an alliance that came for my daughter?

- We weren't those guys.
- Remember?

With that panchayat secretary.

Go there, fall at their feet, and tell them
that what you said was all lies.

Don't dream of marrying my daughter

when you cannot even afford
to dip your khaddar in rice water.

You just forget her.

Now go.

- Come.
- K.P.

- Will Aleena forget K.P?
- Go away.

- Go away.
- I'm going.

- What happened? You got a seat?
- I got a bench.

Close that gate.


I came to know that you fell at Alex's feet
to get a seat.

Aren't you ashamed?

How many times I fell at your feet
asking you to move aside.

You didn't. That's why I had to fall
at that monkey's feet.

Your name is in Choudhary's list.

But Alex may not give you a seat.

You very well know the reason for it.

What reason? I know both of you
are playing a game together.

You and I, both are the children
of his enemy, our father.

Then why is he avoiding only me?

I know this is a group game
played by both of you.

What do you know?

You must've forgotten what Alex has done.

But I can't.

I have more memories
of our mother than you.

I won't let him go free.

So, I'm going to read the list
of UDP candidates.

Ward 4 - M.K. Gunapal.

Ward 5 - K.P. Sunanda.

7 - P.K. Kunjappan.

9 - Sukumaran Nair.

11 - Rasheeda.

14 - P.P. Tonykuttan.

Why have been the candidates declared
only for six seats?

Is it because of group disagreement that
the rest of the seats are not declared?

There is no disagreement.

The trend
is to declare it step by step.

You can write it that way.

K.P. is not in this list.
Is groupism the reason behind it?

Sorry. No comments.

Everything will be decided
by the high command.

Another person is contesting
in C.M. Pushkaran's regular ward.

Will Pushkaran be there in the next list?

Did Alex cut off
his own group member, Pushkaran?

What tactic is this?

That is not Alex's tactic.

It's my tactic.

That's the hand
which threw a bomb at my mother.

We don't want that
in the panchayat anymore.

Do you know how many blows
I received for the sake of this party?

Do you know how many posters I stuck here?

See, the smell.

The smell of maida.

Smell, brother.
It is still there, see.

- Did you expect this?
- What?

- Sir, is this because of group quarrels?
- Not at all.

We want K.P. to lead Chakkarakkudam.

If K.P. does not get a seat,
we 50 supporters, will commit suicide.

Come on, get over K.P.'s terrace.

- What's this?
- Yeah! We'll suicide. Kerala will burn.

Don't think
anybody can make K.P. cry like this.

- Don't think K.P. can be enfeebled either.
- Won't be enfeebled.

Yeah, come.
My brain is exploding.

Well, is Varkey capable
of saving you, K.P.?

After all in his absence weren't we
the ones who looked after his ward?

- Um... drop that idea.
- Just give it a thought.

No need.
Or yeah, I'll give it a thought.

- Hey, you.
- Eh? Oh!

Come here.

The rural employment people should be
called to weed out the grass here.

- Come here, I'm calling you.
- Let me go there.

All right.

Honestly sister, I didn't ask for
any money. You can ask her.

Did I ask for any money?
Did I?

- See.
- Did you see Shasi?

Shasi? No.

Who is that?

- Hey! From inside this?
- Here, up here.

Up? Ah!
There you are sister, Shasi.

Brother Shasi, please come down.

Shasi is coming down.

My God! He was on top of this!

You plucked only three coconuts.
And you're taking one out of it.

You will earn a lot this way.

I plucked your coconuts only last week.

- Let me see.
- Count it.

I don't want to hear about renaissance,
fascism and political theories.

I want a seat to contest this time.

The party has not forgotten
the contributions of comrade Shasi.

But, fancying a seat in the Parliament...

That does not suit a true party activist.

You do understand in every sense
what I mean, right Shasi?

The privileged have seats.
The poor party worker doesn't.

At your requirement in how many cases
have I become the accused?

Comrade, comrade Shasi has a point.
It needs to be considered.

The place for those
who disobey the party is outside.

One sows and another reaps.

And then, comrade Kunjappan's beard
is growing like fascism.

Doesn't that require
a considerable trimming down?

O Goddess, be compassionate
and offer me a seat.

Savadhan, savadhan...

What is that?

So those who are not regular
have started to come to the temple.

If your name does not come in the new list
even after you plead here,

you join us.

When you are such a believer
your ideal place is in our party.

Don't be hesitant.

All patriots from every party
are flowing into BRP.

Even if you get forsaken in the panchayat
it's not a problem.

We will take K.P. to the cabinet
through Rajya Sabha.

And even if that too fails
the north-east is lying idle.

I'll call you.

Don't call, don't call.
Just leave a missed call.

- Salutations, O mother.
- All right.

Are they out to fish?

Drat! Bah! Cow dung!

[Propaganda] A grand red salute to
all the new comrades who are joining us

after disowning their party upon
realizing their mistakes.

Why the hell has he decided to join BRP?

He won't hesitate to wear shorts
of any colour to defeat me.

You are only about to witness
the battles of K.P. Suresh, father.

Bah! Aren't these guys ashamed?

Will anybody born to a single father
change their party?

Even this Gulmohar here blossoms in red.

What should we learn from that?

Even nature is showing love and
compassion to our movement.

Let me tell you something more.

Do you know how well China is developing?

Do you know the reason
for China's development?

It is the red colour comrades,
the red colour.

Our movement was born out of
India's cultural heritage.

I have held some
talks with China.

I believe the wise people
of this land will believe that.

What I would like to say is,
by realising their follies,

there are thousands who wish
to join us from other parties.

That is why I tell you...

So based on that
I have a long list with me.

I am handing it over to
our illustrious leader, comrade Baburaj.

The 35 paisa obtained as GST
goes to the central government.

These guys cannot tolerate that.

Read it, read it.

Those who go to that global party

which remains only
in the corner called Kerala...

Dear comrades,

Dear comrades, first I invite Priyanka
who is coming from UDP to LDP.

- I welcome Priyanka.
- Comrade Priyanka.

I welcome comrade Priyanka.

The next person to join us

is the son of a revolutionary leader,
Shri. Moscow Sunny.

Salutations to you, Mother India!

Lal salam.

Yes, go.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

Next we invite to LDP, the former member
of UDP, P.P. Kunjumon.

Now comrade P.P. Kunjumon.

- Come Kunjumon.
- Friend, before you leave

think once.

Listen, at the most a cashew factory.
There is nothing more to expect there.

That's true.

Everybody, clap and cheer Kunjumon.

- Come K.P. Kunjumon.
- Patriots,

-beginning from the position of MPs,
-Kunjumon come...

do you know
how many opportunities are here?

Come Kunjumon. Come.

Don't get confused.
Come Kunjumon.

Kunjumon, come. Come here.

Salutations to you, Mother India!

Kunjumon has thus proved
that he is a patriot.

The MP position is confirmed, right?

Call the next person.

And next I invite former UDP members,

and my dear friends,

K.P. Suresh and Radhan.

For a khaddar free India
we too invite K.P. Suresh and Radhan.

We welcome K.P. Suresh and Radhan to LDP.

Dear patriots who come to our party,
more of the picture is remaining.

Hey bro, where are we going?

Getting fed-up with the heat. It's been
a long time since we have been driving.

Please tell! Dont
keep the suspense.

Please be patient, Suresh.

We are going for a study
tour in a Party Village.

Can't we go to Veega Land for that?

That's where we were
before our Party Meet in Ernakulam.

It's a great place to be.

Baburaj, these two will
be an asset to the Party.

Hmm, yes.

Stop! Stop! Stop

My dear! I'd been thrown
out of the car just now.

Should've taken a helmet.

- It's so dusty.
- Get down, everyone.

Let's get up, KP

Hmmm... my slippers.

- My niece's toys.
- So is this Party Village?


It's questions that have given
rise to each and every revolution.

Doubts? It's all so good.

It's the sign of a good Party worker.

But when you clear a doubt
by posing a question,

you need to take
cognisance of the time and situation,

the person to whom questions are posed,
and so on.

And yes, there is a little
more to go for the Party Village.

This car can take us there.

But if we go in this car,
and get off from this,

our followers will start thinking!
Are we toeing the bourgeois line?

We should never let them think.
The moment they start thinking,

our game is over.

That's true!

We've seen what happened after followers
started thinking in Bengal and Tripura!

You still have that right-wing
poison inside you, heh?

Don't worry.

We are going to a wizard who will
make you spit the poison all by yourself.

See, our vehicle has arrived. Come.

- Let's go.
- Come, newcomers.

- Please turn.
- KP, grab a seat!

- One minute.
- I want the side seat.

Park the car in the shade.
It's my money that's at stake.

I'll call you and tell you
when to bring the car.


So you've understood the
things that have been said, right?

Such a big house!

Let me call Mash (Sir).

-It might be a hideout

Kunjikannan Mash.

Can't he give some rest to his tongue,
started yapping so long ago. So much noise!

Look at this.
It's all open! It's an open university!

- Have you reached?
- Come on in, Suresh!

Come in, Come, Come.

- Put your right foot forward to enter.
- Eh!

There is no need to remove shoes.
Just step in.

Hey, I think he got confused,
we are now in the Left.

We need to put our left foot forward.

- Left, the foot on the other side of right.
- Don't confuse me!

- You have only two legs, right?
- Is it correct now?


Lal Salam! Lal Salam! Lal Salam! Lal Salam!

Please sit.

-Sir, Lal Salam
-Lal Salam


do you know them?

How can he?!

The first is Comrade P Krishna Pillai,

second Padyam Gopalan,

third is Chadayan Govindan.

- Is there no "Ji" in our Party?
- Yes, there is!

There is only one 'Ji'.


Is it 1'0 clock?

In our old Party, everybody is a Ji.

Chandiji, Rameshji, Njanji, Monji...

What if it's shivers and fever?

Comrade, this is Kunjikannan Mash.
Our Party's Trainer.

During the coming two weeks
you will have incentive, no...


I mean, rigorous coaching will happen.

Ok, then. Now that Rahur timing is past,

I am handing these two to
your untiring devilish arms.

Rahur muhurt, devilish arms, eh?

Looks like the Local Committee
Secretary needs a study class.

Okay, then!
Start with them, Sir.

Start your lessons. Let's
make a move, then, right?

- Lal Salam!
- Lal Salam!

- Go on, get to your studies.
- No, I am not in.

- Go on, be good with your studies, ok?
- What? Where're you going? Wait.

- Us!
- Come, sit, both of you.

- I just!
- Sit.

Gopalan, there's no sugar in the tea.

What he's committed now is really grievous.

How will I face these great souls now?

Why are you being diffident, father?

He wants a seat and wants to defeat me.

His move is for that.

I don't even feel like having tea!

I feel a heavy load, a lump on my chest.

Don't pull that much load onto your chest.

Haven't we witnessed much more?

Car trade!

Visa trade!

Scrap trade!

This is his next trick. Communism.

We are starting on the
syllabus from the very first step.

Looks come first.

Once your looks are set, you are half done.

Don't we look ok?

- Come, Suresh!
- Go, go.

- Is my look not fine?
- Hmm..

- Unclad your dhoti.
- Eh!

Unclad, go on.

Shame! What's this?
This is not allowed here!

Go and sit.

Let me show a demo.

Watch carefully.

- Siiir!
- Green!

- Shame!
- When all UDP guys wear dhotis

the border will be to the right side.

In our Party, it is different.

The border should exactly be in the middle.

- Ok, will it be fine?
- You will get used to it.

Come over here, please.

Me? Do I need to remove my dhoti?

Are you wearing underwear? Hey!

You have to manage your hair like

you manage the followers in the Party

ensuring complete allegiance
and discipline.

Can't you see revolution arriving?

Then you become a real comrade Lightning!!!

We, KP and I, have only one heart!!

- Will that pose a problem?
- That's right.

- Will that be an issue?
- Radhan, go and sit there.

When you work with firmness

and with conviction,

without wavering,

the second heart will

sprout all by itself!

If you are wearing a full-sleeve shirt,

it has to be folded above the elbow.

You can keep country-cigarettes, matchbox,

or any chewable here, if you want.

That's correct.

Why is Comrade Sir
not adhering to all these?

Ideologues can do anything they want!

- Silly boys.
- Comrade Sir is a notch above!


Our panchayat has prepared
this oil palm plantation project

in response to the
Centre Governments hike in oil prices!

It is UDP's biggest achievement
during its tenure!

That's it.

Today has another significance.

Panchayats Employment Guarantee Scheme

completes 2,25,301 work-days today.

With everybody's permission,

I am inaugurating the celebration
to mark the remarkable date.

- Where?
- Give me that spade, please.

Please do it everybody.

Wait, wait.

Where are the sunglasses
that I've provided you all

as part of the 'Azhaku Mizhi Yojana'?

Please wear those.
Please everybody wear your sunglasses.


Go ahead and finish this, folks!

I have to inaugurate a culvert.

Hey, it is ok if you all
work with sunglasses,

don't leave at 3
pm assuming that it is the end of the day!

Otherwise too, the complaint
that goes on in the panchayat

is that it is actually
a Laziness-Guarantee Scheme!

Want to see the sincerity
of your laughter in work too, ok?


Is this a road-blockade strike?

I will show you for sucking up
with Harirai Chaudhary

and making me lose my seat.

Is it my fault that the Party realised
that you're not fit for the seat?

There is a lore that
I am behind the end of your mother,

I know that it is your revenge for that.

I harbour revenge too.

It's tit for tat. Beware!

- Is it? Come on, then.
- Don't you show off.

Crushers can be used to
crush bones as well, and not only rocks.

Hey, don't you dare display
the arrogance of the money

amassed by smuggling soil
from river-beds!

- Hey, I will!!
- What?

Ani, get in.

- I've plans for you.

Pinch your ears,
your destruction is underway!

Let's see!

We've completed Renaissance,

the Creation of a new Kerala

and Survival.

Any doubts?

No. Where have we reached?

Public speeches are
the lifeline of a politician.

Let's practice public speaking.

KP is super when it comes to bragging.

- Yes.
- Is it? Start then.

Lets speak a few
words about the increased petrol prices.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

the story I am going to say here is...
Oh! Sorry. What's it about?

Petrol, petrol

I am going to speak about

- the increase in the price of petrol.
- Hmm.

If the prices of petrol increase like this.

Everyday the price of petrol is increasing.
What's this?

If this goes on like this, won't the
price of petrol increase in our life?

If this is becoming like this,
won't the price increase

when we go and wait
at the petrol station to fill petrol?

What's this? Is this how this goes on?

If petrol price hike continues
like this, what will happen to our lives?

Stop! Stop!

- What is this?
- This is petrol.

- What is this?
- Listen,

Our Party has its own style
of approaching a speech.

What's that?

I'll tell you. Listen carefully.
Sit! Sit!

Sorry, Comrade. Thank you.

Comrades. Internationally
the price of crude oil is $63 per barrel.

Look at our nation.

Here the cost of a litre of petrol
is 91 rupees and 50 paise.

Centre government is hands in glove
with the monopolistic oil companies.

And for that, the
Centre is squeezing the working class.

The GDP is a mere 2%.

They are trying to help
the bourgeoisie and corporates.

Here people are
getting thirsty for freedom.

- Give me a moment.
- Water, there is water here.

Comrade, where can we get
the price of crude oil?

Where can you get it?

Just blurt the details
that come to your mouth!

Ration, centre-aid,

GDP, ADGP, everything is like this!

What if it doesn't come to your mouth?

Don't get gitters!

Party will provide the
capsule needed for this.

- Justify everything!
- Done, I promise.

Let's go to the next point.

Timely corrections have
come to our vocabulary as well.

Dialectical materialism,

pitha, kapha etc, cannot be uttered.

We'll be trolled.

In turn use facism, Constituition,
intolerance, Periods,

freedom of expression,
hastag, that is all you need

How are you?

(Indistinct chatter)

Please come!

Brother, have cool drinks.

- Happy Married Life!
- Namaskaram

- Come, sister.
- When did you arrive?

- I'll just be back.
- (Indistinct chatter)

Wow. It's so beautiful.

- Kalyan!
- Did you like it?

- Didn't I tell, that's what sister!
- Sshh..

That's great

- Does Suresh call you?
- No, sister

I haven't been able to reach him

I tried calling him a number of
times, but he doesn't answer.

Let the complaints come...

Member, what brings you here today?
Have you started a rubber plantation?

Hey, where have you taken Suresh?

Sorry, I cannot tell
you. It's a Party's secret.

We can talk if it is about rubber.

It has been so many days, I am fed up.

I am fed up with all
this studying and writing.

It will not work.

Our Party where we never had to do
anything was heaven. It was heaven.

KP, this is our last hope.

Hope, blah!

Bloody class, exam, imposition and all!

I am asking Usman
for a visa, get it and go to the Gulf.

Even tilling the desert will
be more peaceful than this.

You can go to the Gulf to collect
funds even when you are a member.

- Oh-no!
- Wow!

Out of my sight and you both
started drinking heavily, right?

KP is with me.

Shameful, really!!
Don't worry.

Party is not against alcohol.

- Drinking provides food to many.
- True!

- It energizes the government too.
- That's right

Please fill a 50 ml for me then.

No, the Party has always been against

monopoly water-bottle companies!!

From today onwards
I will boycott water too!

- Touchings!
- Lal Salam!

- ♪ Comrades... ♪
- He drinks a lot!

LDP's District Secretary
Menacherry Manoharan has arrived!

- What's on the agenda?
- Let me get out of here first!

Comrade, it has been
days since UDP has declared its candidates,

will you be declaring yours today?

UDP does not declare candidates,

they share seats.

Will you give a seat to KP
Suresh who has recently joined the party?

- We have our conventions in the Party.
- We haven't received our answers!

Get out!

Lal Salam!

On 14, we have decided on going ahead with

Comrade Bijoy.

I disagree, Comrade.

Party should not support
bourgeois like him who owns a bar.

Comrade, you shouldn't speak like
those vile creatures who disturb the clan.

When we go with an empty bucket
to collect funds for programmes

like Party Congress and Womens Wall, its
people like Bijoy

who fill our buckets with lakhs of rupees,

not people like Shashi who climbs coconut
trees for life! You need to remember that!

Comrade, there is something like
internal democracy in the Party.

- Don't teach me about democracy, Comrade!
- I don't need teaching either!

Party believes in...


Bijoy will contest from 14.

There is space on the wall. You can cough!


Which channel?


- Comrade, please switch on that channel.
- What? Kalari?

Not ours, theirs! Switch it on.

Breaking News, Breaking News!

District Secretary asks reporter
to 'get on' him,

uses words laced with sexual tones.

Womanhood through testing times.

What was that?

What I told her was to get out!

It's the media
syndicate who turned it upside down.

Everythings on me now!

Party knows that you don't know
anything of this sort, Comrade!

Menasheri Manoharan
who insulted womanhood Apologize!

LDP District Secretary resign!

- UDP Zindabad!
- UDP Zindabad! (chorus)

District Secretary
Menasheri Manoharan resign!

LDP Moordabad!

Menasheri Manoharan
should be arrested and jailed!

Menasheri Manoharan should be arrested!

LDP go back!

Menasheri Manoharan should be arrested!

These kinds of effigies
are not enough to scare the Party!

We've not feared full-barrel guns.
What can this effigy do!

- Hey!
- No!

We shouldn't create a ruckus!

UDP Zindabad!

Menasheri Manoharan should be arrested!

-UDP Zindabad
-Comrade KP Zindabad!

- Demand arrest now!
- LDP Zindabad!

Comrade KP Zindabad!

- UDP Zindabad!
- Menasheri Manoharan should be arrested!

'Elect PDDP candidate
Suliman's wife Fathima'


Raise More!

Little more!

Turn it, Kabir.
To the left, yes.

My KP, it was a great entry!

Like the entry of Lalettan
in Narasimham movie.

I had goosebumps all over my body!

Don't tease me.

Your glamour is reduced a bit, but!

Face is all tanned!

There is no make-up allowed
in the new Party, they prefer the raw look!

But still... you should have called me
when you left the party.

I would have come had you asked.

I had no option then, other than leaving.

KP, whichever party you are in,

my gates will always be open for you.

Will keep my German Shepherd in chains!

Will you come, KP?

Eh! (incoherent) Germany!

Hitler! Madhavankutty!

Facism! Oh!
It is not allowed in this Party!

My heart doesn't beat for India,

it beats for KP!

- Father...
- What's it?

Oh... you've disturbed
the flow of my thoughts.

When will your party workers
improve themselves?

Just because some channels said something,

some shameless people brought an effigy!


The Cuban secret sojourn has moulded an
excellent justification-agent out of him!

What a great finish!

You need shame!

There is salt here,
put as much as you want!

Let people develop gratitude!

Stop it!

Suresh! Will you get a seat?

It's socialism that is still our ideology!

We are not affected by the virus called
"parliamentary position!"

Party is supreme for the LDP! Not people!

Oh! This time also you've been ditched.


Who told you?

I am contesting.

In our Ward No: 5.

UDP candidate KP Sunanda

heard this and started running
through the coconut grove.

My God!
What all I need to witness! My God!

Oh. God is not allowed!

Heard that Neena Koshy
is joining LDP with you. Is this correct?

Take all your tools away!

I don't want to see any of it!

Not that... this!

And that thing.

Father... Red Flag!

Let it be, Father.
Poor Guy!

I'll go only after finishing food!

Pass on a pappad, please.

Hope Party allows pappad!

It's allowed. Suppressing people
like earlier is not allowed, though.

Don't get into the shape of Pappad
in the end!


Hah! Another head that carried this
is gone, in Wayanad!

Hey, Shashi!

- Sit, have some puffs!
- I don't want puffs.

Ok. Have all the flex boards been placed?
How's the work going?

Party is already behind in the campaign.

Let's park the issue of flex boards
for now.

Who is contesting from Ward No: 14?

What's there to ask? Comrade Bijoy.

I have asked for that Ward.


Is the seat something
like a welfare pension

that can be given
to all Party workers who ask for it?

Comrade, as disciplined Party workers,

isn't our duty to work for the victory of
anyone whom the party fields in any place?

Our Party will learn a lesson
only if people like Bijoy are defeated.

Shashi, you are speaking like somebody
who is against the Party!

Comrade, otherwise also our
modus operandi is to label those

who speak the truth
as those against the Party!

Time will demand an answer
for what you are doing.

I am leaving.

Lal Salam!

Comrade Shashi. Comrade!

Let him leave if he wants to.

We will get Bengalies
to put the flex boards up!

They will not demand a seat.

There is an issue though!

They will demand payment for work.

Hmm... There is a way!

We need to have the correct numbers.

There are around 1000 votes in my ward.

That's the old detail.

Right now there are 1338 votes.

LDP's Shiji won from that ward
by a margin of 350 votes.

It's a difficult ward to win if we consider
the undercurrents of caste.

Oh! I don't want to contest, then.

You will need to contest.

We will pull some games to win.

Be brave and contest. We're all with you.

We will win. Look at her,
she and all of us will support.

There's nothing to worry about.
Everything is set for the campaign.

Will make it fun!

See you then, Member.


What you said was correct.
They didn't give me a seat.

I've left the Party. Will it be an issue?

What will happen?
You will contest as a rebel.

Have you decided on a ward?

14th Ward where Bijoy is contesting.

It is a bit foolish.

He's rich
and can pull all the tricks to win.

Help me to decide, Member.

The safest bet is the 4th ward
where your home is.

LDP doesn't have enough supporters there.

Our candidate is Gunapal
and I'll manage that.

Are you sure?

Of course. People here won't be
able to manage without you

Tell them that you won't pluck coconuts

if they don't cast their votes
in your favour.

There is a condition.
Don't forget me after you win.

The position of President!

Coconut trees never fail you.

It is the same for people
who climb the trees too!

I promise! I will do anything
that Member says!

I love the punch dialogue!
Has to reflect on your actions too.


Alright, then.

♪ Who's on the top of the coconut tree?
It's the Moon from the West! ♪

♪ It is actually I who is at the top
Me, PP Shashi, Me... ♪

When will you give the rest?
Shashi' poster as well...

- Evening!
- Ok, I will come in the evening.

Isn't the colour fine?

- Don't look at her!
- Ok! Don't look at her!

Don't look at her even if she calls you.

Hey, Castro!
Come over here!

Yes, you!

What is it?

Do you have enough funds for printing
and putting up posters and flex boards?

Don't hesitate to ask if you need money.

We are good with funds,
thanks to Karl Max God!

The party that belongs to the poor
is really rich!

Oh! the Red Bucket challenge!

That's also part of the party Policy.

I have made his favourite Mango Pullisseri.

If you can bring a container, I will give.

- What did she say?
- Mango Pulisseri...


She asked if need money
for flex boards and posters.

She was pulling our leg.

I don't think so.

Looking at this, I feel a bit sheepish.

KP, it is sheepish
if one person is doing it,

if all the fools, candidates are doing it,
it becomes fashion.

- This is fashion.
- Say that!

It is very good.

Do all these guys look like me?

Looks like pappins candy to me!

Suresh, come over here, please.

What do you think about
our flex board, looks great, right?

Hey, there is an issue.

State committee decision has come.

LC has decided not to fend candidates
who have come from other parties

They said it will create depression
in followers and believers in the party.

So what?

In the given circumstances, LC has decided
against endorsing you as a candidate.

Did Party get enlightened after I pasted
all the posters and flex boards?

How will I face the people now?

I will not obey.

This is what you call fate,
the chair broke.

There is conspiracy behind this,

you lured a UDP candidate and ditched him.

Party never ditches anyone.

You have to take facts on its merit.

Who is being fielded now?

DC has asked to consider Kunjambu
who is a senior member.

DC, to hoot with them.
I'll contest alone like Shashi.

You are not like Shashi.
You have come from another party.

If you rebel,
they will label you an opportunist.

Don't antagonize the Party.

Hey Baburaj, look at all the work
I have done, I can't take it.

I can understand your situation.

Obey the Party decision for the time-being.
That's more important.

Can you drop me to the next site, please?

Babukka, this is ditching.

The Che Guvera of the poor and downtrodden
has arrived!!

You haven't got the seat, right?

Che Guvera has lost a bit of his sheen!

Now he has become quite ordinary!!!

Father, come here.

Father, have you seen who's arrived.

Your son who has left the Party.

Freedom. Socialism.
Squeeze in a bit of Democracy!

♪ Great mind, the match stick... ♪

♪ Burns when stricken,
blows when it burns ♪

It has all blown out now!


Such a shame.

Stop, Suresh.

Wait! Let me tell you.


What's got on to you, Sunanda?

He really felt bad.

Poor thing!



Can you see this,
the one that is burning is KP's pyre.

F**, everybody is out to make me
lose my self worth!

Stop KP!

Move, man!!!

KP, listen to me.

KP, my foot!

The relatives of the Panchayat Secretary
came again.

When Pappa increased the dowry, they
forgot everything about my love affair,

informed the church.

The wedding is scheduled
after the election.

Let's leave for somewhere, please.

I'm not in a situation to go somewhere.

I want you to escape,
I don't want you to share my failure.

Let it go.

I have realized
that you are a typical politician,

it is easy for politicians to defect
whenever they want, I cannot do that.

That's what I told you. Leave me.


What are you shouting in the morning?

Comrade Kunjambu is adorning
the Party Office wall now!

On the wall? How?

He went home after candidature
was declared.

He fell. He didn't get up after that.

Let's get a wreath. Otherwise, let's not.

It's not the wreath.

Who will contest from the 5th ward?

Comrade KP will contest.

Hahaha, KP!

I don't want any seat or chair.

I called Usman yesterday,

I have decided to leave for the Gulf.

I will do facebook politics now, it's safe.

Leave me alone. Let me sleep.

KP, why don't you give it another thought.

I have thought about it
and I am going back to sleep.

You go.

He will get his chance
as Kunjambu is dead now.

You will have to help me to stop that.

Jesus! Me?

You have to raise
a sexual allegation against him.

Call for a press conference tomorrow.

Don't say things that are against God, Sir.
KP loves me like his sister.

I have obeyed everything
that you told me for the party.

I will not do
such a grievous thing like this.

This is not for the Party, it is for me.

If he wins, the future of my daughter
will be jeopardized.

I cannot, Sir.

KP will be a good husband
for your daughter.

Stop it, You!

Good husband, my foot!

As Comrade Kunjambu has become
a martyr due to advanced age,

let Suresh contest from Ward no: 5.

Contest, right?

Because the campaign has started,
it is better that Suresh contests,

otherwise Party will lose its face
among the public.

The decision of the leadership is not
a big deal. There is a way.

I will appraise them
of the special situation here.


Why are you silent, Comrade Suresh?

Comrade Chenthamarakshan.

- What?
- You, Comrade.

What have you thought of me?

Am your toy to obey when saying contest
and backtrack when you want me to?

I am not in for any of the contests
from now on.

I will justify my defeat,
my sense of shame will remain as it is.

I am a failed politician and
I am ready to live with that label.

Fine, right? Lal Salam!

Baburaj, this is what
happens when you bring people

doesn't know the rhythm
of working of our Party.

It's your duty to solve the issue amicably.

How come there are no posters on this side?

- It has to be written, right?
- Yes.

We have to write on these walls.

You go ahead. I will come on my own.

Let's meet in the morning.

Hey, why don't you drop me home?

My legs are in pain.

♪ Silence flows like a river... ♪

♪ We become two heart ♪

♪ In moments of grief ♪

♪ Embers that pour non-stop ♪

♪ Someone is singing ♪

♪ Tunes are raining in my ears ♪

♪ Nightly hours humming ♪

♪ Like a lullaby on my ears ♪

♪ I have written all the pain in my life
in these hearts ♪

♪ I have tried telling you many times,
through my choked words ♪

♪ Wherever you are ♪

♪ I seek you with all my heart ♪

♪ Words have become dreams
And the childhoods ♪

♪ that we have kept through
Many unfulfilled wishes ♪

♪ All those days that are gone ♪

♪ The smiles that are gone
spring is waiting, will visit again ♪

♪ We are in moments
when silence sings its own songs ♪

♪ Someone is singing ♪

♪ Tunes are raining in my ears ♪

♪ Nightly hours humming ♪

♪ Like a lullaby on my ears ♪

Oh! She's come.


Don't try that old trick
of bringing your own chit

that has been kept in the fridge

and select the same
by getting with the cool temperature.

Let me check!

You have a member position, and a
pickle factory and milk-yielding cows.

Do you need the money from
this chit-scheme for livelihood?

Won't the Party give the money
needed for the election?

Thankamma, sister, I cannot make ends meet.

Fathers legal suit and his medicines,
brother's loan.

I didn't come when the chit was selected
during the last two months.

This time, things are really tough.
I need this money, that's what.

I've promised Yasodha
that I will give her the money.

That's why I have come
even when the campaign heat is on.

No, no!

Let somebody else
select the person this time,

Fathima here.
Let Fathima select.

Sunanda Member has won.

Let me make a move then.

You continue your chit-chat.

-Did you give me the Rs 500?

If Sunanda Member casts an eye on it,
she will take it.

Bindu, where is the money
that you borrowed from me.

I have to buy a blouse.

There's some mistake, I think.
Please check.

I went after everybody and nobody bothered.

Didn't get your fill now?

My child...


Listen everybody. She killed the child.

She hid the application for treatment aid.

She didn't give it even after I persisted.

Can't you see how she's standing here now.
She's merciless!

Why don't you make her responsible, people?

Why did you cheat me like this?
My child is gone.

I don't want to see anybody now.

Leave me.

Rain, all of a sudden!

I got to know, a little while ago.

Nothing is in our hands.

Destiny cannot be changed.

The child had only this much to live
That's what God had decided.

I didn't do anything intentionally.

I know.

I didn't have money.

It's the truth.

I got it today
and had gone there with that.

Pushkaran cannot change your truth,
my child.

Party had to make a decision
under a different, specific situation.

The Party has corrected that error.

I am not speaking as a politician,
but as your childhood companion.

You have to come back as the candidate.

You have only politics inside,
you can only be a politician.

KP, what Babukka said is correct.

This decision will not change, if it does,
Baburaj will not continue in this Party.

LDP candidates KP Suresh and Baburaj

are coming to your midst after accepting
the accolades of millions!

We want your daughter as a Balidani.
We are taking her.

Where were you when she was ill?

There was no one to help me
even to take her to hospital.

You all have killed her.

Now you all have descended before
even completing the 16th day of her death.

Vamoose if you don't want
to hear more!

They want to prick her body now.

Let's make a move, friends.

Think it is the cry of migratory birds,
let's not allow that.

Go and get a mouthful, comrades!

Comrade, have they taken our martyr
as theirs?

Comrade, don't talk rubbish.

Suresh, you go and make her understand.
We will set the agenda here.

Go, Radhan too.

What Varkichan said is correct.

The death of the child
has deeply affected the Front.

LDP and BRP are trying to take advantage.

Sunanda, you should've been careful.

I have told you many times in the past

not to get involved in the wards of others,
pay for this now.

Now, we cannot campaign
projecting Sunanda as the future President.

It will affect the results.

We can try another gear now.

And yes, I forgot to tell you something.

I have fixed her marriage.

Will be after the election only.

Let's get to the point

It was such a death that made
Peethan a hero in this Panchayat,

now another death
has made his daughter a zero.

It might be the justice of time.

Dhanyamol's death is a murder.

The main accused
is UDP who rules the Panchayat.

You know about one member
without me informing about her.

If LDP comes to power, Dhanyamol episode
will not repeat, I promise.

I remember an incident
that happened in Russia in 1939,

it was just a week
before the Second World War,

another daughter of a mother like this
was brutally murdered.

A hospital in the name of Dhanyamol...

Red buckets will start walking now.

Whatever you say, Dhanyamol's death
has struck Sunanda like lightning

We've started.

How's your cold now, child?


They have put
the blame of the child's death on me,

they are using it to get votes
from everybody.

Suresh's explanation added colour
to the whole affair.

What's the stance of our Party?

They are also making it an opportunity.

It's a very tricky situation now.

All the issues in politics are short-lived,

when get a new issue, all of them,

politicians, media and people
will forget this one.

It's a big riot in the offing.

The statue of Keluji, who is the father
of Modern Chakkarakudam panchayat

has been destroyed.

Keluji was part of our soul,

and it has been destroyed.

The unholy nexus of LDP and BRP
who fear defeat is behind this act.

The answer to this act will be given

by the public of Chakkarakudam
through ballot.

We demand the CBI investigate this case.

We will need to wait till election results

to find out who got
an upper hand after this issue.

Hey, not me, really.


Audience, please excuse,
Ive lost the connection with Nimisha.

Nimisha... Are you on the line?


- Brother, please give us a vote.
- I'll never give.

This guy can be bought with booze.

That's our supporter in that house.

That's all that we could tell you.

I suspect if these kids were behind
breaking the arm of the statue.

No, that is UDP guys behind it, I am sure.

It is a way of changing the sentiments.

Do you think they will declare a hartal?

There is a hartal tomorrow, ok.

You get me a full bottle
from Beverages Corporation

Anything below Rs 1000 is fine by me.

The hartal that nobody knew
who declared was complete in Kerala!

Even though the statue issue worked great,

the hartal didn't create
a spark as we expected.

How can it happen?

The two fronts are hands-in-glove
with each other to bring us down.

We cannot predict
who will rule the Panchayat now.

- Ikka...
- We have to demonstrate our strength now.

Please have.

Can we do a street fight
and burn a few shops?

No, that will not suffice.
We need something big.

Chakkarakudam has to burn.

Give me an idea, then.

Let's use religious places
for a photoshoot.

We just need a pic to make it
go viral on FB and Whatsapp.

Let's not delay it then.

Sunanda Member, these people
are planning something.

I'll not allow
such an issue to happen here.

I'll do the needful. OK.


- Sulaiman, it didn't happen.
- Where are you?

We're on the run.

There are police everywhere.

Come over.

What'll we do now?

The plan burst.

Now, we have only one option.
We will turn the votes for the fronts.

We will cast our votes in your Ward to you,

and you do the same thing.

- Run! Police!
- Leave!

[Incoherent sloganeering
by all parties together]

We are witnessing
the last moments of the election campaign.

We are witnessing a sea of people here.

We are watching the grand finale
of the coming together of parties.

We have the leaders of all parties here,

and we cannot predict who is in the front
and who is trailing in the minds of people.

Barring a few untoward incidents,
the election was a peaceful affair.

Augmented Reality. That's what it is.

We have experts with us.

Political Observer
Leftist Co-walker

The attachment to the statue has been
a dampener. LDP trailing.

UDP leads by a narrow margin.

Trends are changing.

LDP has a narrow lead now,
results have started emerging.

KP Suresh is trailing in Ward No: 5

UDPs Neena Koshy has won in Ward No 2

Child, you're way ahead,
nothing can be said about Suresh.

Gopala, come over, cattle feed can wait.

Independent Candidate
Shashi sabotaged UDPs Gunapal to win.

Shashi, Shashi. You've won.

I heard when
I was at Sumathys house to work.

Hey Shashi, where are you going?

You brainless fellow,
don't fall from that Coconut stump and die.

I've told you that you've won, not lost!

Shashi, Shashi


KP Suresh is trailing by 5 votes even now.

Results are changing as we speak.

LDPs Suresh bags sparkling victory in a
sabotage move in the last lap of counting.

Suresh has won by 118 votes!

Results are coming in from other wards.

Didn't I tell you that all will be well.

Burst the crackers!

UDP's KP Sunanda has defeated
her opponent LDPs Jyothiraju

by a margin of 104 votes.

Jyothiraju couldn't even raise
a threat at any stage.

Haven't we won?


As per the final candidate status,

a hung parliament is happening in the first
time in the history of Chakkarakudam.

Do you think your calculation
will become correct, child?

Don't you think
the heartbeat of the political globe

is dependent on calculations?





Shashi 1

This is the final status.

Communal issues, Statue and the
Child's death were the largest issues,

6 seats itself is a big achievement,

now we need to get into power.

How will that happen?

We are short by 2 seats from the majority.

Shashi! PPDP! BRP!

We need to capture two from these three.

We cannot change our stance
by seeking support from fascist powers.

Why are you getting tense?

It's a matter of two votes.

We can rig the ballot
like we did in Wards 2 and 6.



Isn't it enough?

Comrade Radhan,

we need to increase the circulation
of our newspaper, Videshabhimani.

- Now?
- Yes, now.

Everybody get together and lend a hand.

Unity is power!

Go ahead!

Otherwise also it is better
that the people at the lower rugs

doesn't get involved
in the matters of policy.

- Right.
- Let them go and collect funds.

Ok, what is your opinion, Comrade?

Instead of making way for rebellious,
unscrupulous powers to rule,

it is better to suppress and control them.

What Baburaj said is correct,

but Mao has said uniting opposing powers

is materialism and
hence we have to capture power.

Eh! The LC Secretary
has not told me any of this!

Suresh is right.

We have exhausted the opportunity
for historical idiocies.

We need to capture power.

We need to pull strings to make Sunanda
the President.

That's not easy.

Apart from you, Varkichan,
all those who have won are from her side.

She has bursted all those
who oppose her including me.

If she contests, Sulaiman's wife
will support her,

she has helped her get some benefits
from the Panchayat.

It is better to get into power
in the panchayat through her.

No, she will trouble us big time.

That will not work.

It's not a permanent position.

We can demand a change of power
after 6 months.

It's my personal need too to
get her into power,

if not, she will become
the Mandalam President next time.

People have given us the mandate
of trust in the elections

The UDP who got jitters
in this are playing resort politics now.

I never thought
this was so luxurious till now,

that is why they refused
a seat for me earlier.

Shashi has been hijacked!

It's against democracy.

This is resort politics of the right wing.

Shashi has won as an independent.

The LDP is playing resort politics not UDP.

-Well said, Sunanda
-He's been taken to the Party Village.

I met Father;

he is concerned about
the ongoing legal suit.

They are making my father pay
for the move I made to the Party.

Let him go to jail if it comes to that!

He is not a member of our Party!

We have sacks-full of items
to complete on our agenda.

Don't waste time on your father.

Comrade! It is my father.

I have only changed my Party,
not my father. He is still mine!

The Minister has come!

Doesn't she have an escort
and other people to follow?

She is bringing something heavy, I think!

I'll call you back.

Please come!

We've called for this meeting
to inform some very important decisions.

Party is not against helping
or seeking help from BRP or PDDP.

Everybody, please sit.

We cannot go for
such actions publicly though.

While acting, we need to maintain secrecy.

It will be a secret.

We can proceed, then.

Whom do you think should be the President?

LC has decided on Comrade Bijoy.

Right now, we have Comrade Suresh.

The state committee has observed
that Com. Suresh's entry

has played a major role
in the election results.

We have Baburaj
who is the senior member too, here.

We should consider him too, right?
What do you think, Master?

Considering the special circumstances,

I think it is best not to consider
my name for the post.

Let it be Suresh, then.

On the other side, it is Sunanda.

Suresh will be the best for Sunanda.

Yes, that's right.
Good decision,

- isn't it?
- Yes, yes.

Her highness minister
has recommended Suresh's name.

It is the ideologue
KunjiKannan master's game.

He calls shots with his blah blah.

I won't say that I should be considered.

But then, it is two short of majority.

You need to remember that!

I refuse to spend
even a single paisa to buy them!

He betrayed them to come over to our side!

For the time being,
let him remain as a member!

Member Olena will propose your name!

What will your reply to the leadership be?

Special circumstances!

- What's that?
- I don't know.

- What if they ask again?
- I don't know.

We will decide on the President now.

Let us see
if she will give in to our demand.

- Go-matashree!
- Dont touch.

Listen! We have a few demands.

We need to establish a factory
for manufacturing cow-urine in bottles

and cow-dung soaps.

We need you to sign on the decision
in the first sitting of the panchayat.

Is that all?

No. We want to rename Chakkarakuddam
panchayat as Vatsyayanapuram

Vatsyayanan! Who is that?


So, you also don't have any clue.

Do you want our vote or not?

I need to think about it.

We will need to think about
casting our vote for Sunanda too.

See you then, Comrade!

That's it.

Lal Salam.

Lal Salam.

Let Suresh meet BRP.

My wife will cast her vote
for your President candidate.

We have a few conditions, though.

What's that?

You need a curtain around her seat
in every meeting.

Whenever there is a meeting,
you will order food from my restaurant

If you can meet these demands,
we promise our vote.

This won't work,
these are idiotic, non-progressive ideas.

We are offering the position of
Vice President for your wife!

- Isn't it fine?
- Ok, if it is Vice, then let it be.

Isn't tomorrow
the day of the President election?


See you tomorrow as President, then.

Bring our treats without fail, ok.

KP is not easy to tackle,
you have to take care

If mangoes are sour, let's add more salt.

Somebody is coming.

It is not Sunanda.

- Peethan...
- What's it, Contractor?

Member has met with an accident.

Oh! Help!
Hold him, hold!

You've started playing
with my family now, right?

Come on, if you are brave!

My neck!


Stop, you coward!

Leave him!

He is only a dummy.

It is the other one
who is the real culprit.

Hey! Who all are here?

President, Suresh is a Comrade.

The Party will get involved
if you play foul.

Got it?

Let's go.

There's nothing to worry about.

Yes, right. Like we discussed.


What happened to our father?

His blood pressure shot up, and the doctor
said there is nothing to worry about.

Not only father, what about you?

I am alright too.


- One sec.
- KP?

Comrade, it is not KP, Radhan here.

Give the phone to KP.

KP is not with me right now.

KP, LC Secretary had called,

he wants to meet you immediately.

I cannot leave now.
Tell him that I'll meet him tomorrow.

He said it is very urgent.

- Immediately, he said.
- Why don't you go? I am here.

You leave, it is alright.

Talk! What's the decision
of Comrade Shashi?

I'll not vote for Bijoy. That's it.

-Is the decision final?-

Are you not happy
with all that you have got till now?

I will not vote for Bijoy
even if you kill me.

You b****d!

Party will decide, and you will act.

You heard me?!

He's not there in the resort.

He escaped.


It was your responsibility
to safeguard him, Alexji.

Where can we search now?

You will be solely responsible
if we lose tomorrow, Alexji.


It is a crucial day for the ruling party,

the opposition
and also the regional parties.

Chakkarakudam Panchayat will
come to know who will rule them today.

Leave me, let me walk, you!

Leave me!

We are initiating the procedures
of the election.

We are waiting for a member from our side.

Don't wait, let those who
are present cast their votes.

[Incoherent noises]

- How can we say that?
- This is how it is.

Let's give one more minute to wait.

Shh... Fathima...

You remember what I've taught, right?

Cast your vote as I have told you, ok?

- Excuse me, Sir.
- Yes.

Sorry, I am a bit late.

Our President has arrived!

The quorum is complete now,

you may please propose
the names of the candidates

for the position of the President.

I propose the name of Comrade KP Suresh.

I am supporting it.

I propose KP Sunanda.

I am supporting it. Isn't it enough?

Next level is voting.

The Panchayat is eagerly waiting

to find out their leaders,
whether it is the UDP or LDP.

We are going to declare the results.

Total votes 14.

KP Suresh got...

8 votes.

KP Sunanda received 6 votes.

I declare that KP Suresh
has been elected President.

- LDP Zindabad!
- Comrade KP Zindabad!

Our President Zindabad!

Comrade KP Zindabad!

Hoot! Hoot!

No. Please don't!

Hey you, Smartie! Please Wait.

Do you consider me a dunce?

I don't want to talk to you now.

Our father is the same.

You failed me by making me win.


Like you don't know.
I understand all your games

What did you understand?

When the number of parties increased,

you bagged a crucial element
by giving him Kera-Shreshta Puraskar!

That was acting in advance considering
the possibility of a hung panchayat. Right?

You made Shashi demand a seat
and leave the party in a huff.

You made him enter the fray
as an independent.

You paid for everything
including posters and flex boards

You will stay in this resort
till I contact you.

You played resort politics once Shashi won.

I will cast my vote in favour
even if you field a broomstick,

I will vote even for this guy
who ditched his party and came over

but not Bijoy!

Towards the end, you facilitated Shashi's
escape and made him propose my name

when it was becoming difficult for me.

You made Shashi cast his vote for me.

Our aim is a khadar-mukt Bharat,

and we will do everything
to ensure the same.

You know where our vote goes, I hope.

Wait, there's more.

You antagonized BRP to ensure
that they will vote for me.

All your moves worked well, am I not right?

That was all, is it?

Did I cast all the 978 votes that
you received from your Ward?

Will you make me responsible
for Kunjambu's death too?

Instead of fighting with me, you go
and get Aleena as your bride, little bro!

She failed for the first time in history.
But her smile remains the same

I was to fail again, actually.
It's she who really won.

If you ask me, she is now after
something bigger than this

What bigger than being the President?

I know her, man, she is my sister!

LDP Zindabad! LDP Zindabad!

You cast your vote for Sunanda, right?

It was the Vice President position
that you've lost now.

Inquilab Zindabad! Comrade KP Zindabad!

Inquilab Zindabad! Comrade KP Zindabad!

Comrade KP Zindabad!

Are you coming now,
after the wedding is over?

Where were you? I got married.

Didn't you tell me
you will come in the morning?

- Sunanda, there!
- What happened to her?

Our next step is to get ready for
the by-election in Erumakuzhi constituency

where Chakkarakudam panchayat is part of.

High Command has arrived at a decision.

Our candidate is KP Sunanda.

Politics is like circus.

It is a game where you need great balance
and a stronger mind in every step.

And Sunanda has won.

She sidelined Alex Vettukala
and CM Pushkaran

who tried to destroy her family with elan.

A different kind of revenge!

She has understood
the new working-class ideology

that when you water the big plants,
the ones nearby need to grow too.

She implemented the rules in politics
by making her younger brother president

when she moved on to find larger
and better pastures.

My dear colleagues,

let me start with a small word,

Thank you.

Can KP rest in peace after hearing this?

KP, are you planning to run
to Thiruvananthapuram now?

Don't know how long it will take
me to run to become an MLA now?

He started running towards
Party Headquarters, LKG Centre for help.

This man has bequeathed
all his ancestral wealth

on the panchayat, depriving
his children and their children.

There was no politics behind
the destruction of the statue

which was the main item
of contention in the election

It was a form of revenge too,

the revenge of a son towards a father

who lived for the public
at the cost of his family.

♪ Like somebody said in the past ♪

♪ Even if the sky caves in;
Our politicians are least bothered ♪

♪ When sharks are caught
Using khaddar nets ♪

♪ Who cares if the fishes die? ♪

♪ Who cares when the fuel prices
Go up like Kohli's centuries ♪

♪ What is there if lies are told? ♪

♪ What is there
If the lies are irrational? ♪

♪ Nothing happens upon
Shouting slogans on the road. ♪

♪ What is there
If the paddy fields are raised? ♪

♪ What is there
If the lakes are encroached? ♪

♪ What is there
If people are tied in red tapes? ♪

♪ Is it not for the country?
Is it not for the citizens? ♪

♪ Is it not to fill up the treasury ♪

♪ Is it not to serve the countrymen,
That we call for strikes? ♪

♪ If this mockery is over sir ♪

♪ Please leave
Without making this a hellhole ♪

♪ My dear sir, why can't you do
something useful to the people... ♪



♪ We shall go around wearing coats ♪

♪ We shall buy seats with money ♪

♪ In a single night
We will forget our obligations ♪

♪ And sit proudly in the TV ♪

♪ Let the flyovers fall down one by one ♪

♪ Let the money value go down day by day ♪