Vanished Girl in the Woods (2011) - full transcript

(Japanese English subtitles) Two young girls vanish without a trace inside of a forest. Mana, the mother of the seven-year-old disappeared Sakura, desperately searches to learn out what exactly happened to her daughter within that forest.

Pass through, pass through

Whose little path is this?

The narrow path to Tenjin Shrine

Will you please let us pass?

You can't pass without a reason

We come for the child's 7th birthday

to pay our respects at the shrine

Coming is fine, leaving is frightening

Afraid, but still
pass through, pass through

What's the matter?

You?re hungry?
Wait here.


Sakura? Sakura?


Sakura? Sakura?


According to police reports,

100,000 people are reported missing
in Japan every year

These are only the cases
where an investigation is requested.

Including all others, that are
over 200,000 missing persons cases a year.

However, of the
100,000 cases investigated,

about 90,000 are accounted for.

Over 100,000 people every year
remain missing...

Vanished: Age 7

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ
and the love of God.

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

be with our beloved
brothers and sisters.

Are they your friends?

Are you all right?


I mean...

Well, don't worry about it.

You don't have to rush things.

It's just...

In the long run, school is...

The light's green.

You want to watch that?


It's all right.
I know she's doing fine.

-What about for Mom?


We rented this before.

-We did?

Are you sure?

We saw it already.

I'll pay today.

-Just let me.

All right.

Members card, please.

Sorry. I can't.



You're sure?


Shouldn't we call the police?

There's no time!

I can't take any more of that.

Are you all right?

Call the police!

Wait! Where are you going?

To get his license number!

Don't worry.
I'll be right back.

"No signal"

Are you all right?


Mayu. Is that you?

Help! Please! Help!


Stand up! Hurry!





What's wrong?
You're hurting me.

Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry.

Mommy had a bad dream.

A bad dream?

You were still a baby
in a stroller, Sakura.

Then, you disappeared...

I looked everywhere,
but I couldn?t find you...

That's weird.

I'm glad you're all right.

I'm gonna go, okay?

What? Where?

Yoroi Mountain.


I told you. I'm meeting friends.

Mom? I'm gonna be late!


Take this charm.

-I don't want to.
-Take it anyway.

If something happens,
it will protect you.



Have fun. Be careful!



Aunt Eri? Shuichi?




Did I scare you?


You don't have to get mad.

Are you done?

Not yet.

Better hurry,
or you won't finish.



Do you have a boyfriend?

Have you done it?

Done what?

Kiss, or...

Or what?


-Where are you going?
-To the bath.

Can I come?


If you're not done when I come back,
I'll tell your mom.

Good luck.

Oh, and I don't have one.



So I've never done anything.




Hello, Kaoru?

Aunt Eri!

Thanks for babysitting on such short notice.

It's okay. I wasn't busy.

I wanted new clothes too.

I know. I'll chip in a little extra.

I can't wait!

Oh, how's my little brat? Is he behaving?

More or less.

Give him what for if you want, okay?


I'll be back tomorrow evening. Bye.

Oh, Auntie?


What is it? Is anything wrong?

It's about the dolls...

Again? You're such a scaredy-cat, Kaoru.

I don't mind the others, but the new one...

Which one?

The Ichimatsu doll. The life-sized one.


That one is different, somehow...

It's creepy.

There's no doll like that at our place.






Kaoru! Kaoru!

I see...

I'm sorry to keep calling. Yes.


Hello? I'm sorry to call so late.

This is Sakura Endo's mother...
Is my daughter staying with you?

Oh, I see. I understand.

Thank you. Goodbye.

You're worrying too much.

She's probably playing somewhere
and forgot the time.

You know she wouldn't!

Hello, police?


This is Mrs. Endo from Kozukata.

My daughter hasn't come home from...

Yes, since this afternoon.

Honey... Honey!

Talk about cool, the guy in class 4...

I thought for sure we'd get caught.


Why not?

What if someone sees us?

Like who? Saori?

The whole world would know in an hour.

So what? Let her tell everyone.


You're going to make me mad.


Oh, um...

This is... It's not
what it looks like. Right?

It's exactly what it looks like.
Go tell everyone.



Do you have a minute?

"Tengu Rock"
Wow, you really went?

She's got guts, sitting in the middle!
Who is this?

Yuki. I told you about her.

Right, your cousin.


So, how was it?

Did anything scary happen?

Not when we took the picture.

That's no fun.


I can't get a hold of Yuki
since we got back.


I called her house, but...

...they said she never came home.

You're kidding.

Since yesterday, Ayano also...

You're joking, right?

It's not a joke!
I'm not kidding!

It's the Tengu Rock...

You disappear,
starting from the middle, right?

It's just an urban legend.

I'm next, aren't I?

We never should have gone there.

Hey. It's all right.
I'll walk you home.

And I'll walk with you
to school tomorrow.


So you don't have to worry.


In exchange, about Yosuke...

All right.

No tweets, either!

I won't, I won't.

You have to promise.

If everyone finds out,
tomorrow morning...

I'd be too embarrassed
to come to school.

Oh, right. You know there's
a new waffle place at the station?


You didn't know? It's really good!
We can stop by on the way!





It's the Tengu Rock...
Starting from the one in the middle...


What are you doing?
I said not to close your eyes!

But... You told me to,
during the test run.

I never said that!

He did, didn't he?

Um... No, I don't think so.
Yeah, he didn't say that.


Do it right.
Reina messed up, so we're going again!

Well, sorry...

Thank you!
See you tomorrow.

I watched this.

Oh, thank you.
How was it?

You sure get killed a lot.

Hey, can I get your email address?


I paid for this myself!
It's not a sample.

Who asked you to buy it?

What was that?

No, nothing.

So anyway, what's your email?

Um... Which way is the station?

The station?
It's right through the forest.


Yeah, over that way.


Isn't there a different way?

Scared, huh?

Of course not.

A scaredy-cat!
You're pretty cute, after all.

You know...

There was a girl who went missing
around here a while back.

An elementary school student.

She went to play in the forest
with her friends and disappeared.

Some say the mountain took her.

People commit suicide there, too.
That forest is twisted.

It's perfect for a horror movie, though.

No way...

Wait! Wait for me!

What am I doing?

Oh, you're awake?


The hospital.



Your agent is coming to get you.


You must have had quite a shock.

Are you a doctor?

Not exactly.

Do you know what PTSD is?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Lots of people get emotional damage...

after being in wars, disasters, or crimes.

I'm a specialist.
Usually referred to as a counselor.

A counselor...

I have a few questions for you, okay?

There's no rush.
Answer at your own pace.

Is Mayu Izumi your friend?


What about Mayu?

What about Kaoru Kishimoto?

What do Mayu and Kaoru
have to do with this?

That's what I want to find out.

We used to be inseparable.

I haven't seen them in years.

Since graduating?

Kozukata Elementary, right?


How do you know that?

I had a patient.

A woman. Years ago.

Her daughter was a student
at Kozukata Elementary.

One day, her daughter went missing.

The police looked everywhere,
but they never found her.

The woman...

...started coming to see me.

Where are you going?

I'll be right back.
I have to talk to your friends.

Mayu and Kaoru are here?

Yes. All three of you were brought here.



You still don't know?

How forgetful...
For someone so young.

Wait a minute!
What's going on?


Mayu? Kaoru?

Hold on.
I'll untie you.

Are you all right?

Why are we all...?

Do you two know where we are?

You don't?

I was blindfolded the entire way.

Why? Where are we?

We're right near...

Yoroi Mountain.

Then... You mean...

It can't be!

But today is...

I know, but...!

It is, but... Why now?

Neither of you ever forgot, did you?

I tried to forget... I tried, but...

Let's get out of here.

Are you okay?


What is this?




"Keep Out"


So this is where you were.

A place like this...

It's so cold... So awful...

Um, I...

She went missing on December 10th
at Yoroi Mountain.

Please help us.
We're looking for our daughter.

Please help us.
Our daughter is missing.

We're looking for
our 7 year-old daughter.

Please help us.

She went to play at Yoroi Mountain
on December 10th and went missing.

Has anyone seen her?

-See you.
-Have a good day.

Children belong to the Gods.

In the old days, people believed
children under 7 belong to the Gods.

Existing between two worlds...

...but more to the other.

They were thought to come
from that other world.

That's why, until the age of 7...

It it was the will of the Gods...

...they could call them back any time.

The children had to be returned.

That's what I told myself,
to try to accept it.

But I couldn't...



Do you know what it is?

A diary.

She wrote all about you girls.

Everything you girls did to her at school.

She was such a gentle girl.

It was so hard for her.




After all that, she still forgave you.

After all that, she still forgave you.

Can you guess why?

She really looked forward to that day.



Are you busy this Sunday?

We're going to play at Yoroi Mountain.
Want to come, Sakura?

Why are you asking me?

We all talked about it.
We want to be friends again.


Sorry we ignored you and stuff.

We're sorry, Sakura.

We're really sorry.

So... I can talk to you again?

Of course!

Even at school?
In front of everyone?

Yeah. We'll play together
from now on!

-Let's go!

It never occurred to her.

That she was going to be killed.

We didn't kill her!
We didn't kill her!

"Keep Out"

Come on, let's go.

Hurry up, Mayu!

-Let's go.

If you can touch the back wall,
we'll let you back in.


You want to play with us, right? Go!

-I don't want to.

I'm scared.

What about the Gods?
Aren't they supposed to protect you?

Yeah. Your mom is
always cleaning the shrine.

Nothing scary should happen
if the Gods are on your side, right?


I don't think we should.

What are you talking about?

Give it back!

Come on! Kaoru!

Give it!

Catch, Mayu! Here!

Please, Mayu.
Give it back!

Over here!


Throw it already!
What are you doing?

Mayu! Hurry up!


Bad throw, Mayu.

I can't believe it!

What an idiot!
Like there's any such thing as Gods.

All this for a little charm?

No... No way...

What are we going to do?
What do we do?

I didn't see anything!

Me, either!


It hurts... It hurts...



It hurts... It hurts...


I'm sorry...
I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

She'd lived for 7 years.

Only 7.

You three kept on enjoying life,
as if nothing happened.

No I didn't!
I didn't forget!

I never forgot that day...
Not for a second.

I... I'll do anything.

I'll spend my whole life
making up for what I did.

What are you talking about?

You don't understand.


Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who
trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,
for ever and ever.




Help me!

Help! Help!

I don't want to die!

Daddy! Mommy!

God! Oh, God! Save me!

I don't want to die! Save me!

Screenplay & Directed by Ryuta Miyake