Vanished (1998) - full transcript

Without warning, millions of people instantly vanish from the face of the earth! In the following hours civilization is torn apart as anarchy and chaos reign supreme. It is a time of Great Tribulation for those left behind...

It's still not as good as the

The wedding cake.


So you're going to Peach's
wedding on Saturday?

Sure. My wife loves weddings.

The bigger the better. Ours was
just us and the preacher.

Oh, this one is gonna be a big
one for sure.

Plenty of eating. Plenty of

I guess that drinking part don't
make much of a difference to you
and the missus does it, McNeely?

Where did he go now? McNeely?



Where did ya go, McNeely.


Ah Sarge, Sarge, did you see

Hey, grab a phone will you?

They're going crazy.

Now, I've heard of husbands who
go to the corner store for a
pack of cigarettes and wind up
in California.

You just give him a little time
and see if he doesn't show up.

Grab a phone.

Have you see McNeely anywhere?

No. No! Look, I understand - no
I'm sorry,

we can't file a missing person's
report until the person has been
missing for 24 hours.

Yes, ma'am, I understand.

But if you can just hold for one
moment. Thank you. Hello.

Yessir, please, can you hold?

What's going on?

People are calling. Something
about disappearances.


I don't know.

Car 97 has been in a crash.
Driver is hurt. We're sending an

How's Reece?

He's not there.

Not there? Where is he?

Well I don't know, Lieutenant.

Bradford said he was driving and
then he wasn't there and then
the car crashed.

Bradford is hallucinating. Send

Yes, Lieutenant.

Help me please, help me!
Oh you've got to do something!

My husband and daughter are

They were there. I looked - and
then they vanished.

Just relax, relax. Listen. We're
going to help you.

Let me get you a glass of water.

You don't understand! My
husband's gone.

They were there and then they
vanished! I've looked and
they're gone.

Excuse me, ma'am, excuse me,
Lieutenant, you've got to hear
this news!

This is the kind of thing we've
been witnessing since just a few
hours ago -

I said shut up.

-in case you've just joined us
this is WNN's continuous global

of what can only be described as
the greatest disaster

or possibly attack in human

It's uncertain what has brought
about the catastrophic events
we're witnessing.

There is still no explanation

It seems that all efforts around
the globe are aimed

at trying to control and
stabilize the situation.

Here's what we do know.

At 4:59 Eastern time, millions
of people literally vanished off
the face of the Earth,

both from this country and
from around the world.

Get me somebody, anybody that's
got any idea what's going on.

Reporter Mark Parsons has been
collecting information from
various sources

and files this global report.

With the sudden disappearance of
literally millions of people,

the entire planet is
experiencing fear and confusion.

You never saw it coming. You
never imagined it could be

But it did happen. You've seen
it with your own eyes.

Millions have instantly
vanished, yet you have been left

What happened? Where did they
go? What happens now?

Stay tuned, because this is an
urgent message for you and for
those who remain.

This filling station was
destroyed when an unmanned
vehicle collided with the pumps.

Highways are plugged with
accidents caused by moving

whose drivers seem to have just

Two helicopters collided over an
airbase in the Philippines

as their blades touched after
one of the pilots vanished.

Fear has launched the greatest
mobilization of military force
that the world has ever seen.

All over the world skies are
filled with...

Hello, I'm Pastor John Hagey and
I'm one of those

who have vanished off the face
of the Earth.

Yet I knew this event would take
place so I wanted to send this

to personally explain what has
happened to you

and to help you make the most
important decision in your life.

I know you're going through
terror and confusion right now.

Your nerves are frayed and if
someone you love was among those
who vanished

you're probably almost out of
your mind.

But if you will listen to me,
there is hope.

There are answers to all of your

Let me start by saying that if
you did lose someone you love do
not weep for them.

Rejoice for them.

Because this very day they're in
the presence of the Lord that
they love so dearly.

That's right.

No matter what other
explanations you may have been

the truth is that this event
that you have just witnessed

is something we Christians have
called the rapture

and as true believers in the
Bible and in Jesus Christ,

we knew that this would happen.

We've been taken home to live
forever with our heavenly

That is what's happened and that
is where all the people have

You ask, how could we have known
that such a day would come.

We knew because the Bible
predicted this incredible event
before it happened

and because of the detail the
Bible has given to us,

we can see into the future where
you're living

and know exactly what you're
going through right now.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are
receiving reports from all
around the world

that may shed some light on
exactly what might have

We'll start with videographer,
Allen Camborough in London.

The situation here in central
England is absolutely out of

There are hardly words to
describe it.

With reports of tens of
thousands of I guess what you
would have to call

vanishings now reported, the
impact has been staggering.

Here on a highway not far from

thousands of vehicles suddenly
became deadly projectiles

when their drivers simply
disappeared into thin air.

It's almost impossible to

In a tiny Swiss village, this is
the scene after a suddenly
unmanned passenger train

with more than sixty cars raced
into a train station at full

smashing into the back of
another train without warning.

This aircraft plummeted to the
ground in a huge fireball

as the tower lost contact with
the pilot.

This helicopter lost altitude
without explanation and crashed
into the water below.

The pilot's clothes were found
but no body was recovered.

And citizens around the world
are reacting in the only way
most people could expect -

with total panic.

Here in Tokyo, hundreds of
people were gathered around this

listening to a top government

As he spoke however, he vanished
in front of them.

No one at the time could
possibly have known

that the same thing had happened
in every city on Earth.

And no matter where you look
around the world

it seems that almost everyone
has lost someone

and there is total mayhem on
city streets everywhere

as people rush around trying to
find their loved ones.

Where the people went, however,
is anyone's guess.

NASA and the crew aboard the
space shuttle Columbia,

report no sighting from beyond
this world, at least none that
our instruments can detect.

On the military front, all
hostilities have simply ceased,
in chaos and confusion.

Any military forces that can be

patrol the borders of their
respective nations

but not one of those nations has
any idea who or what they are
looking for.

Looting and rioting are

And as one New York police chief
told us,

it's as if a cloud of evil
suddenly descended upon us

Unfortunately many of the
world's peace officers are being
forced to pay the price.

Why were they taken? Why were we
left behind?

For WENN I'm Janet Shutt.

One world, one network.
This is WNN.

My name is Lieutenant Scott.

I know this is a difficult time
for you, ma'am,

but if you can answer a few
questions it might help us.


She's been like that for an
hour, sir.

She's not the only one. Even
Mason is pretty messed up.

We've got reports of looting all

I want every available man and
car on the street now.

Yes sir.

And get me some answers!

The world is not going to know
what hit it.

It's going to be a disaster
beyond anything the world has
ever seen.

It is going to be a time of
chaos and pain.

With this massive disappearance,
countless problems will
instantly arise.

Cars without drivers will cause
horrific accidents.

Planes will crash as Christian
pilots suddenly disappear.

Fires are going to spread.

Emergency crews will be depleted
and unable to cope.

Stores and counters left
unattended will be looted and

Communications systems like
phones, radios and televisions
will cease to function.

Hospitals will be overrun.

But that will be far from the
worst of it.

Many will lose their minds.

What you're going through right
now is almost beyond

You may have even seen someone
that you love vanish right
before your eyes

and there was no chance to say
anything, not even to say

I'm just trying to establish if
your experience is the same as
the others.

Okay. We were at the store, all
of us, my husband and Samantha.

Samantha is your daughter.

Yes. We were in the store and I
was looking at things

and then my husband started to
say something.

There was a pause or maybe he
inhaled, I don't know.

But when I turned he was gone
and so was Sam.

Could they have gone somewhere?

No there wasn't time. They were
there and they were gone,

and then everyone started


We're going to talk to everybody
else and then I'll get back to

But I want you to know that
we're doing the best that we

Come on, ma'am. I'll get you
some coffee.

You're not going to find them
are you?

Of course we are.

They're everything I cared
about. They were my life.

I know.

In a massive world crisis there
is no doubt that you will be
desperate for answers,

so please listen to me.

Many theories will begin to form
about what has happened.

Everything from aliens from
outer space

to theories about human
evolution will begin to be put

There will be news stories and
special reports looking at every
angle of the vanishing.

No matter how far fetched, in
calmer times,

these theories would be laughed
at and totally rejected.

But now in the face of the

these bizarre theories will
somehow sound possible.

Experts from many different
fields including religious

will sound like they have the
answers, but they do not.

They're feeding upon the panic
and the chaos of the world

and they're using man's
intellect to try to explain
God's plan.

The one thing that I can
guarantee you

is the one thing that will not
be believed is the truth,

that Jesus Christ has appeared
in the clouds of heaven with
power and great glory

and called his people home.

...explanation for what has

Ronald Westin is standing by in

Ronald, how are the people in
Britain dealing with all of

How are they dealing with the
disappearance of literally
millions of people?

What possible explanations do
they have?

I have with me Professor
Thornton from the sociology
department of Oxford.

He has dedicated his entire life
to the study of social

Professor, what happened today?

Well I was able to hear Bishop
Messajay a moment ago and I
agree with him.

What the Bible spoke about
concerning human evolution

has been spoken of by great
leaders of all religions in
years gone by.

The fact is while this is
startling, tremendous startling,

this is not a surprising event.

In fact, this is simply the next
step in the social evolution

Bishop Messajay made mention of
the same thing.

But how does this tie in with

Look, do you think evolution was
something that happened in a
rain forest somewhere a million
years ago?

Evolution by its very nature is
an ongoing process.

This step in evolution was the
final one humans needed.

And what has just occurred all
over the world was not physical
evolution, it was spiritual.

Don't you understand, we are

Gods huh? I thought I was
searching for answers.

So what do you make of it?

Oh you don't want to know,

What about our people? Who's

McNeely, Reid, Rathwell, Levy,
that we know of.

There's gotta be a connection.

Come on.

This is McNeely's locker. Open

Hey, Lieutenant, do you really
think it's-

Open it.

Look at this. Nixon what do you
make of this?

Yes, sir, McNeely was really
into the Bible, born again and
all of that.

Wasn't pushy about it.

Yeah Reid's got one too.

How about Rathwell and Levy?

I don't know, they were all good

They were all Christians,
Lieutenant, every one that
you've named.

Talk to those other people.
Find out.


Mrs. Berry, can I ask you about
your husband?

Yes, Lieutenant.

Well, was he religious in any

Yes, yes he was. He was a Bible
believing Christian.

He asked me to go to church with
him once-

Thanks. Thank you.

Miss, please try. We have to
know. Was he a Christian?

This was a present. It was his.

Christians, sir. The vanished
come from every race and social

but every one was a Christian.

Lynn? Lynn, answer the phone.

Honey, pick it up. Lynn?

When you get this message, call
me. This is an emergency.

There will be confusion for a

But in the midst of all this
chaos and speculation,

one man will emerge who seems to
have all the answers.

I want you to listen to me very
carefully right now.

Your instincts, your intellect
and every bit of experience you

will urge you to follow this

He will seem like the greatest
leader who ever lived.

He will seem like a Messiah to
you. But he's not.

He's the most clever impostor in
the universe.

He will speak to every nation as
a friend.

He will support their beliefs
and causes.

He will captivate the world with
his speeches of unity and peace.

He will captivate what has
happened and offer hope for a
better world.

The world will fall in love with
this man.

He will become a world leader,
spiritually, financially and

Nations will no longer be
divided one from another by
social ideologies.

People will no longer be divided
because of religious beliefs.

Everyone will follow this new
world leader as a man of world

He will be seen as the returned
Messiah, a man of great wisdom
and power.

But it's a charade.
He's not God.

He is a wolf in sheep's

He is the one the Bible calls
the anti-Christ.

And if he has his way, he will
win you over to his side and
steal your very soul.

The entire world is in a total
state of shock.

The entire world except for one
man, that is.

European Union President, Franco
Macalusso is the one world

who seems to have been prepared
for this incredible event.

As reported yesterday, Macalusso
has been calling for world unity

and predicted that absolutely
anything is possible,

if we all only believe together.

We now bring you to the Mount of
Olives in Jerusalem

where President Macalusso
addressed the world a short time

My children, I come to you today
not in the name of another but
in my own name.

Let there be no mistake and no

I was the one who created you,
who loved you and watched you

Today you know the truth.

You know that had I not

you would have destroyed
yourselves - my creation.

But that intervention has come
at a cost.

I have had to remove some of the
children because they had chosen
the way of hate.

But today it's the dawn of a new
era, an era of peace and

I am the god of your father.
I am that I am.

I urge you, don't believe this
man. He is not the Messiah.

He is the devil incarnate and he
will bathe the world in blood.

He will rule the world
politically but that's not his
ultimate goal.

He wants to destroy your soul.

It may seem that he has all the
answers but he plans to deceive
the whole world.

His promises may sound tempting
but they are a clever plot that
will lead to your destruction.

Although many will believe that
he is the true God

and that all that came before
him were impostors,

he is really the prince of

He is the son of Satan.

Don't listen to this man and
don't listen to those who would
follow him.

You will have to be stronger and
more courageous than ever before

to resist this man's clever

We've been waiting for our feed
from Jerusalem

where President Macalusso has
promised to shed some light

on the absolutely incredible
events of the past 48 hours.

Well clearly the world is ready
for this broadcast.

In fact, the numbers that I've
been hearing

are suggesting that this is
going to be the most watched
telecast in history.

Clearly all the people out there
are desperate for some answers.

Oh, we're about to go live to
Jerusalem for that speech

and our coverage will continue
from London.

So for Bronson Pearl, I'm Helen
Hannah. See you again tomorrow.

One world, one network.
This is WNN.

Children of the world, welcome
to a new age of peace and

Welcome to an age of human

Welcome to heaven on Earth!


I hold in my hand right now the
most important book in the
history of the world.

Unfortunately it is also the
most misunderstood.

A long time ago a man, a
deceitful and evil man,

a man named Jesus, came in my
name and deceived many.

But his deception has come to an

His lies of hate, his lies of
division and intolerance

led you to the brink of

But I have removed the terrors
from the weak.

I have come in peace and I have
brought peace to the world.

I have saved you all from
certain destruction.

This book has told you by my
fruits you would know me.

Now you have seen my good deeds
and my miracles.

My children, I am here to tell
you today that we are ready to

There will be no mistaking this
world leader when he arises on
the world stage.

He will come from somewhere in
Europe and he will take control
of the world with peace accords.

One of his acts will be to form
a 7 year peace treaty with

This 7 year treaty will seem to
prove to the world

the commitment to peace that
this man represents.

The Jewish people will welcome
this peace agreement

because they will also believe
that he is the Messiah.

As Jesus himself warned the
children of Israel,

he said I am come in my father's
name and you received me not.

If another shall come in his own
name, him you will receive.

After this peace agreement
between Israel and her

the world will completely
believe that this man is more
than just a political leader.

Everyone will believe that he
holds the answers to all the
world's problems.

Right now with more on the
situation in Bonn, here is Sam

It has now been confirmed that
foreign ministers from the
European Union,

as well as leading religious
dignitaries from around the

have been meeting all night in
this German government building.

The attendees began arriving
late last evening

apparently being summoned by the
man we had all believed to be
the European Union president.

In fact, however, it is now
agreed by virtually the entire

that he is much more than that.

Sir, can you comment on your
meetings with President

Well, even with the planet being
saved from the brink of almost
certain destruction

and the haters of peace and
unity have been removed,

the most incredible sign we have
seen has been the realization by
the entire world

that President Franco Macalusso
is indeed who he says he is.

I think we can say that we are,
yes, living in Biblical times.

The messiah of Israel, of the
whole world, is living with us
and he's living today.

And thanks to him, we are living
in peace.

He brought peace. That we knew
was how we would recognize the
true Messiah.

He would bring peace.

The one they call Jesus did he
bring peace?

No. Only the true Messiah can do

I've just received word that
we're ready to go live to the
embassy in Bonn.

As you can see on the monitor,
the Messiah has achieved
something today

that no person has been able to
do before now.

He has brokered a full and
comprehensive peace agreement

between two brothers who have
been separated for more than
6,000 years.

This 7 year far reaching
agreement, however,

goes beyond a simple peace
between Arabs and Jews.

It establishes the basis for a
newly agreed to constitution for
planet Earth.

The Messiah will speak to the
world shortly about these
incredible developments.

Thank you.

Don't be deceived by this new
world leader.

He is the anti-Christ, the devil
incarnate and he will bathe the
world in blood.

He will tell the world that
Jesus Christ is an impostor

and that all those who believe
in him were terribly deceived.

Don't believe him. Your very
soul is at stake

and to believe him is to welcome
eternal damnation.

Resisting his seductive words
and great promises will be very

You will be tempted as never

Even the lines between good and
evil will be blurred in your

You live in a time of great

It is a day of delusion, a day
of deception and trickery.

It is the Earth's darkest hour.

God's holy spirit by living in
all true believers held back the
spread of evil.

But now that restraining
influence has gone,

along with those who have

But for those of you who have
not heard the gospel of Jesus

there is still hope for you.

You can still choose to stand
for God.

Hold it, Freeze that picture.
Change that crowd.

Next time this airs, I want you
to edit in a properly
appreciative crowd.

Yes sir.

Even God needs your help?

Get out!

You don't think that he can
convince the world who he is

without you editing out the
people's right to decide for

Well, I see your version of God
didn't do much to help you, Miss

You've got no idea what you're
up against.

I'm not afraid of you.

Well you should be.

Don't mistake our talk of peace
and unity for weakness.

People want peace and we'll give
it to them.

They want to believe they're
more than just flesh and blood
and we'll tell them they are.

I bet you won't tell them the

There's no price, Miss Hannah.

All they have to do is worship
their Messiah.

And if they don't?

If they don't, if you don't,
Miss Hannah,

you'll see a side of President
Macalusso you can't even

I don't have to imagine, Mr.

You see, I know what's going on.
I've read the Bible right to the

Then you know you can't win.

It's a battle for souls, Len.
And every man will make that
choice for himself.

They don't even know they have a

Do you have any idea who he is
and what he's capable of?

You worship him or you die.
That's your choice.

So did you find her?

What's going on? Anything new?

Yeah this Macalusso guy seems to
have calmed things down.

People are going home, the
phones have stopped ringing.

Whatever this guy is selling,
they're buying.

I don't think so. It's too easy.
We're missing something here,

Yeah like the chaos and
confusion, but there is finally
some order again.

At what cost? Have you ever
heard of Big Brother?

Hey, this guy really is the
Messiah then what do we have to
worry about huh?

So if someone steps forward and
calls himself God - maybe I am
Messiah, maybe I am God.

If you can do what this guy has
done then I'd believe you.

So you think this Macalusso is
the Messiah like those Israelis?

Yeah, I guess so. I mean the
rest of the world believes it

And look at what he's done.

The world is at peace.

You're forgetting we're missing
a few million people.

Lieutenant Scott, I understand
you're in temporary command of
this precinct.

That's right. Who are you?

Rick Payne. One nation Earth.

Never heard of it.

It's heard of you.

For lack of a better term, let's
call it military intelligence.

Military intelligence, huh?

So what do you want?

It might be better if we discuss
this in your office.

Make no mistake about it, this
is the devil's day.

The truth about the rapture will
be hidden.

The truth about the anti-Christ,
the new world leader, will also
be hidden.

And every shred of truth about
the true and the living God will
be hidden.

Now that the ant-Christ rules
the world,

he will use all of the world's
technology to further his plans.

The mass media will be
controlled by him.

All of the world's powerful
surveillance and computer

will also be controlled by him.

All of the world's military
forces and weapons will be
controlled by him.

Big Brother is now watching and
Big Brother is Satan.

With all of this power, the
anti-Christ will enforce a

whereby everyone will have to
pledge allegiance to him.

It will involve a mark on the
right hand or forehead

and without this mark no one
will be able to buy or sell.

But it' not really just about
buying or selling,

it's about choosing who you will
serve - God or the devil.

As it was true in Joshua's time
it is true in your day.

You must choose who you will

and to choose God puts you at
odds with the prince of
darkness, the anti-Christ.

I know what's happened.
I know what's happened.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Let me through. I've got to see
the Lieutenant.

I know what's happened. I have

Sorry ma'am, he's in a meeting.

You don't understand. I know
where they've gone. I know
what's happened.

Really? Well, if you have a
theory ma'am, I'm sure we'd all
like to hear it.

It's not a theory. It's in the
Bible. The Bible predicted this.

My husband gave this to me.

I'm supposed to read it but I
didn't. Please take a look.

Lower your voice.

I'm sorry, but you will not be
allowed to create further

Hysteria? I'm trying to help.

In the Bible it says that we-

Detective, you better confiscate
that material.

Now wait a minute. I support the

but last time I checked this was
still a free country.

It's a free country. But no one
has the freedom to stand up in a
crowded theatre and yell, fire.

Confiscate that material and
take her into custody.

On what charge?

Incitement to riot. Incitement
to civil disobedience.

And for her own personal


You better do what he says.

What are you doing?

Sorry, ma'am.

No! You can't do this! You
can't! Please!

Very quickly, if you choose to
believe in Jesus Christ you will
be persecuted for your belief.

The anti-Christ will try to kill

It's going to be very, very

You are a baby Christian but God
has placed 144,000 evangelists
on the Earth

who are preaching the Gospel of
the kingdom of God.

Listen to them.

Mason, what exactly are you
trying to say?

I'm saying that the lady is

McNeely tried to warn you that
catching the wave,

the vanishings, whatever you
want to call it, it means that
the Bible is true.

Am I interrupting anything?

Not at all, Mr. Payne. Officer
Mason was just going out on

Heh-heh-heh, nostalgia. It could
be dangerous, Lieutenant.

This book promises only chaos.

We have a great leader now
leading us forward into a world
of peace and order.

You're a law man. You should
understand that.

I only understand that my wife
is missing.

And I don't remember voting to
let you run the world.

We don't need a vote.

Wake up, Mr. Scott. Put aside
your personal concerns.

Your wife chose her beliefs over
her own husband.

Now she's left you for another.

Does she really deserve your

Take a look at what's happening
all over the world.

You need to think carefully and

Which side are you on,

Today is your day.

I'm about to show you wonders
beyond anything you have ever

I am here to lead you into a
whole new world of

In this new world you will
discover the powers of divinity

that I have buried deep within
your soul.

But you must go together as a
single creation.

You know how I have removed the
terrors from the weak.

But even having seen this, there
are those who have chosen not to
join in this great moment.

It is as if they are cancer
cells in our collective body.

And I tell you today that until
they have been removed,

you cannot experience what I
have prepared for you.


In every nation the reaction to
the Messiah's speech is the

Down with the haters.

I'm reporting live tonight from
just outside County Stadium

where tens of thousands of
people gathered to watch the
Messiah's speech

on a big screen only a few hours

And as the crowds poured out
into the streets afterward,

we saw tremendous

not only of the excitement about
what lies ahead

but also of the anger towards
those who are still standing in
the way.

Yeah I don't see how these
haters think they can put

and their paranoid ideas ahead
of the rest of the whole world.

Let's face it, these are the
same narrow minded, religious

that have kept the world away
from peace for far too long

and now the Messiah is finally
here and they're standing in his

It's wrong.

I can hardly wait. The Messiah
says that we're all Gods.

That we have unbelievable powers
within us all.

Yeah we do.

Ah, whatever it takes we've got
to get rid of those haters that
are standing in our way.

And that's exactly what's
happening around the world.

NChristians everywhere are being
hunted down and arrested.

They've been taken from their
homes and from their

many of them in broad
daylight while crowds of

NDespite the arrests they refuse
to renounce Christ or

N...never seen anything like it.

In fact, the Christians'
unwillingness to band even in
the face of such adverse

have caused some officers to
question their own resolve

and yet the number and the
severity of attacks... is clear that the world
has set its mind to destroy the
haters once and for all. the streets have been
quickly scattered...

...churches around the world
are burning tonight as the

...churches around the world
are burning tonight as the

...Everyone has turned
against those who stand in the
way... jails and no longer on
the streets...



The reports continue to pour in.

Jails across the world are
filled to the brim with those
arrested tonight.

At this facility in Paris, world
citizens are so enraged

with those they truly believe to
be standing in the way of world

that they are continuing to try
to attack them over the prison

Meanwhile, the hunt for New
Testament Bibles continues

and the once revered books are
being burned from one side of
the world to the other.

What is truly ironic is the fact
that the very book that had once
divided the world

is now bringing it together.

Indeed we are now witnessing the
very unification of mankind

that President Macalusso
predicted before any of this

The world is indeed united in a
common hatred of Christianity
and of Jesus Christ.

And that's the point I want to
make publicly right now.

The anti-Christ will make it
seem very logical and very right

that those who do not follow him
should be killed.

It will seem that those standing
against him are being narrow
minded and enemies of the state.

But don't be fooled.
It's a deception.

Remember that this is a battle
for human souls and for eternal

Even though all the world turns
against Jesus Christ, you must

Mason, something's going on and
I don't like it.

What do you mean, sir?

Mr. Payne has been telling me
some pretty unbelievable things.

I've been doing some of my own
research, sir.

The Bible was right.

It predicts that the entire
world will be forced to worship
an anti-Christ.

I think that's where Payne comes

Yeah, that's what I was afraid

Mr. Payne, you can arrest him.

Lieutenant, what have I done?

I'm sorry, Mason, you've become
a threat. Take him away.

Lieutenant, you're going to be
sorry about this.

You're all going to be sorry
about this.

I'm very pleased, Mr. Scott. You
made the right decision.

I took an oath, Mr. Payne,
to serve and protect.

Exactly. Why don't we fix you up
with the Messiah's mark of

What do you say to that,
Captain Scott?

As I've said before, there are
144,000 evangelists that God has
placed on this planet

and you need to listen to them.
You need to let them guide you.

You live in a time of divine
judgement and great tribulation,

but they can show you the truth.

God does have a plan for you.
He has made a way for you.

In fact, do you know that even
death cannot stand between you
and God?

In fact, when the rapture took
place do you know who were the
first to go?

It was those who had accepted
Jesus, but who had died before
the rapture.

Hi, dad.

What was it, dad, what made you
decide with all of your heart to
believe all of this stuff?

I mean you never saw in your
entire lifetime what I saw in
this past week.

This Macalusso guy, well he is
the real thing, dad. I saw him.

I saw him do things that nobody
could possibly do.

He did something not even Jesus
could do. He brought peace to
the whole world.

You know, I feel as if everybody
wants to believe what this guy

I want to believe what he says.

But there's just something
that's holding me back, but I
can't explain it.

But it's as if something is
tugging at me.

Well Helen is part of it, dad,
but there's something else.

[crying] Oh God, dad, I wish you
were here right now.

You always knew what to do, what
to say. You always did.

For the Lord himself shall
descend from heaven with a

with the voice of the

with the trump of God and the
dead in Christ shall rise

Then we which are alive and

shall be caught up together
with them in the clouds

to meet the Lord in the air and
so shall we ever be with the

♪ ...and as I looked into his
eyes, ♪

♪ love was shining out from him
like sunlight from the skies. ♪

♪ Guilt and my confusion
disappeared in sweet release. ♪

♪ Every fear I'd ever had just
melted into peace. ♪

♪ He's alive, he's alive.

♪ He's alive and I'm forgiven.

♪ Heaven's gates are open wide.

♪ He's alive. He's alive.

♪ He's alive and I'm forgiven.

♪ Heaven's gates are open wide.

♪ He's alive. He's alive.

♪ He's alive and I'm forgiven.

The trumpets shall sound and the
dead shall be raised.

Death is swallowed up in

Oh death, where is thy sting?
Oh grave where is thy victory?

Now because we have recorded
this message before the rapture

I know that there will be many
of you watching before these
events take place.

And you might be fooling
yourself into thinking

that you can wait for that day
to decide whether to serve God.

I want to tell you that would be
the worst decision you could
ever make.

How do you know that you will
live another day?

You're not guaranteed one breath
beyond the one you are breathing
right now.

In fact, the Bible says, boast
not thyself about tomorrow, but
there is something else.

If you hear and understand the
gospel message today and reject

and if the rapture takes place,
you will not only face the
deception of the anti-Christ

but the Holy Spirit will not
call you to repent during the

Today is the day of salvation.

Now is the time of decision.

The Bible says choose you this
day whom you will serve.

♪ Life was filled with guns and
war, ♪

♪ all of us got trampled on the
floor. ♪

Grandma, Grandma, are you there?

It's me, Helen.

♪ Children die, the days were
cold. ♪


[tv newscast]...
apparentlycaused by anxiety and
fear over the events.

[montage of voices]

Grandma! Are you there?
It's me, Helen.

Please call me as soon as you
get the message, all


♪ Two men walking up a hill, one
disappears and one is left
standing still. ♪

♪ I wish we'd all been ready.

♪ Man and wife asleep in bed, he
hears a noise and turns his
head. ♪

♪ She's gone.

My dear Helen, I may be gone
but don't worry.

I'm with the Lord now and
please believe it's true,

It's not too late for you.
Godwill help you. All you have
to do is ask.

I love you. Grandma.

[overlapping with singing]
Dear God, please forgive me for
being so stubborn.

Somehow I always knew Grandma
was right when she told me I
needed you to wash away my sins.

I'm asking you now, please, come
into my heart and my life.

Forgive my sins.

♪ The demons died, how could you
have been so blind. ♪

There will be many reasons not
to follow Jesus Christ in this
time of great tribulation.

But remember that the rewards of
heaven far outweigh the pain you
may endure here on the Earth.

The choice you are making will
decide your eternal destiny.

You can avoid persecution here
on Earth but for that decision
you pay with your eternal soul.

Or you can follow Christ and die
a martyr's death.

The anti-Christ most definitely
will kill you in this
tribulation period.

Your only chance to be saved now
is martyrdom.

Heaven and all of its glory is
worth it.

Make sure you choose the gift of
eternal life that only a belief
in Jesus Christ can give you.

Don't delay another moment.

Make the decision now and give
your life to Christ.

Only he can save you.