Vanilla (2018) - full transcript

I have already informed
Ok dear

Careful brother
Drive carefully

Why are you stopping the vehicle?
Eyes are getting blurred madam

What is wrong? What happened to you?

I need Venilla mother
What is that vanilla?

Why are you acting so weird?
Oh god

Too many students from our college
Has been effected by this

Not only students,
many other people as well

I was not sure what to do,
that is the reason I came to you

Can’t think bad outcome in Business
These are common in business

We cannot do anything
It is cheating Sir

Why does cow give milk?
For the calf do drink

You tie the cow and won’t you drink the milk?
Is that not cheating?

This is rule of the world
We have to stop it Sir

Everything will be fine in four-five months
Ok Sir

All the details about this is in this file
I will take a leave Sir

Are you able to hear Praveen?
What time is your flight?

That means we are meeting up!

Eat at the right time

I miss you Praveen!

U take care

Hi Avi

Tell me Suni
What time is the flight?

At night 10pm, but will check in at 8pm
For Dad it is fine

As this is first fly for Mom,
Take care of her as it would cause her jetlag

It is very cold here in New Jersey
Ask mom to carry eucalyptus oil!


Anu! what happened?
Open your eyes


Anu? Avi?

How are you? I am good
How come you are here?

We have shifted to this place
After father got promotion as manager

Is it so?
Its been eight years since we came here

This is our place now
I and brother got shifted here fifteen days back


Luck is mine!


Luck is mine!

I said it first
No, I said it first

Ok, I will buy you

Will buy you vanilla for this happiness
Come let us go home

Our house is just a five minute walk
Let us go to our house

Ok, let us go

To the beach house?
I am busy tomorrow


Anu? What happened?
Nothing as such, you come!

Have completed Mechanical Engineering
Have got offers from many companies

But I am not willing to join now
Want to spend two month as vacation

My Environmental studies is almost completed
I have to submit my project

What about Praveen?
He completed Pharmacology in Germany

He has gone to Washington to attend a seminar

When did we last meet up?

I remember well
I have written that in dairy as well

It was raining on that day!

Your uncle was relocating you
and your brother to Bangalore

I came running to you
And gave you a letter

Did you read what was there in the letter?

That place, river, our house
was adjacent to each other!

We were going to school together

We used to eat vanilla
ice cream after school without fail

Those days were the best

New vibes are passing as we are sitting besides

The remembrance is no more as
the life is lost for the cute smile

The new wish of trekking is
planned hand in hand

The dream of small examples leads to silence

How is your sister Sunanda?

She is settled with her husband in States

Father and mother are leaving tonight
To New Jersey to see her

Do you smoke Avi?

Thank god

Just asked

Save your number in my phone

What time is the flight?
Night at 10pm!

But they have to check in at 8pm

Have given a missed call to my number

Have to shop few things in the city Anu
Night after parents board the flight I will be free

Will talk open heartedly after that, ok!
Will take a leave, ok

One minute Avi

You see for yourself

I had given this twelve years back Anu
You are keeping it safe in the book still?

Not only in the book,
I have it in my heart as well

Enclose to me slowly

Occupy without hesitating

Shouldn’t the time stop for a while?

The heart has to be won over yet!

The road to the love is been firm

Few steps are yet to walked

Have the wish to write the
Poem lyrics on your sole

Enclose to me slowly
Occupy without hesitating

Did you come?
What took you so much time?

Have you filled the vehicle with petrol?

The letter that I had written long back
Is permanently stamped in your heart

Have been breathing the memories
Have been playing hide and seek in the heart

There is a force that makes me want to see you

Enclose to me slowly
Occupy without hesitating

There is no more hesitation of the darkness
Your episode is going to be on my dream

I surrender to the first love
Surprised for the blossom of life

Have a desire to mix up in your shoulders

Enclose to me slowly

Occupy without hesitating

Shouldn’t the time stop for a while?

The heart has to be won over yet!

The road to the love is been firm

Few steps are yet to walked

Enclose to me slowly

Occupy without hesitating

Dad! Mom is going for the first time
Take care of her

Not to worry
Is this the first time I am going?

I will make sure she is safe
Ok Dad

It looks like it is going to rain
Drive safe, ok

You guys leave,
Take care and be careful

What happened?

Who is he?
Why is he lying down here?

Who is he Anu?
Ok cool, Come and sit inside the car

Anu what happened?
Who is he?

He is dead!
Why did you come here?

Did you kill him?

Relax Anu
Calm down

Be brave, everything will be fine
Drink water

You are in highly tensed Anu
Go home and take rest

Do not go anywhere until I come
Do not discuss about this matter anywhere

Do not attend any calls
Ok? Go inside

I will come in the morning

Good morning Sir
Have found a body in Kalgudde Railway track

Call up the forensic team and inform them
I will there soon

They are already on the way Sir
Ok, I am coming

Dear give me coffee
There is no milk at home

If you go and get it, I will get it prepared
My fate

According to this dog squad movement
There is a vehicle which has come over here

Definitely there is a vehicle committed
Mr Poojary! Yes Sir!

Get me any of the nearby house members
Ok Sir

As it rained heavily in the night,
The wheel marks, foot prints are destroyed Sir

Wishes Sir
Do you have any details about this body?

I am a watchman by profession
I finished my shift and came to the karavali hotel by 9:30pm

I had parota and chicken fry
It was so tasty Sir

What should I do with your parota and chicken fry?

I asked you for the body details,
you should only tell me about it

Sir it’s my request,
When I am talking, you should not talk in between!

Because I will forget the matter
Ok continue

I finished my shift and came to
the karavali hotel by 9:30pm

I had parota and chicken fry

It was so tasty Sir

From there I left to house
My wife was not at home

I looked at the time
It was ten

I switched on the TV
At that time a serial will be telecasted Sir

There is an actress in that serial Sir
She is so beautiful and seductive

She is a curvaceous fish
What should I do with your fish and figure

I asked for body details
Tell me only regarding that

Sir when I am saying about the matter
Please do not interfere, I will forget the matter

Who is he?
Where did you get him from?

Ok, tell me now
One minute

No one should talk in between when he is talking
Is it ok? Ok sir

Should it rain at the same time?
Heard a sound of a vehicle halting at that time

What happened after that?

I asked you not to talk in between
I will forget the matter

What is this Poojary?
Is your job to interfere in between?

Can’t you stand silently?
He had said right? Sorry Sir

You continue

I had a doubt that why did the vehicle halt on the bridge

I wanted to go out and see
But there was heavy rain

Why do I need all these tensions?
I continued watching the serial

After five minutes, heard the sound of the vehicle moving
I opened the window and seen what is the matter

Why are you guys standing like a doll?
Talk something!

Can we talk Sir?
You won’t say that we interfered or start from 9:30

Fish, chicken curry nothing as such right?
No Sir

Did you see the number of the vehicle?
No Sir

What was the color of the vehicle?
Red color

Do you have any other details?
I promise on the god I trust I don’t know anything

You should not look back
Keep going, go

Sir is that all?

Really that is it?
Shut up and go

After the job is done this is what you guys do
According to what he said

The vehicle has arrived here at 10:30 pm
There is a check post three kilometer from here

Any vehicle which has to come here
Has to come from that route

We would get details if we go there

Good morning Sir

Yesterday night around 10-11pm
Check and see which all vehicles have passed

A maruti 800, An Qualis and Tata safari Sir

Do you remember which one of these was red in color?
Tata safari Sir

Take that number and get the details from the RTO
KA-20 B1419

The subscriber you are calling is switched off
Please try after some time

It is the same vehicle right?
Yes Sir, this is the one

Look who is inside and get them here
Ok Sir


The subscriber you are calling is switched off

Sir there is no one in the house!

Get him here

Wishes Sir

What is your name?
Hemanth Sir

What are you doing?
I am an advisor in asian paints

You should apply some for your face
Do you know these house members?

We are just facebook friends

Only likes and comments
That is all?

Does this vehicle belong to these house members?
Yes Sir

After these house members come home,
Ask them to come and meet me

Ok Sir

What is the problem Sir?

We have found a body near Kalgudde railway track
At that spot this vehicle has passed

Hence wanted a general enquiry
Inform us if they come home

Yes dude?
Where are you?

I am coming home, wait
Do not come home dude

Why? What happened?
Police had come home

They are enquiring about your car
There was dead body near Kalgudde track

They are saying your car had passed that route
What is all these dude?

I will let you know everything
Come near the deer pond spot

Do you know what you have done?
You are involved in a crime

Who is that Anu?
Trying to save her you …!

Dude tell me the truth about what happened there?
I don’t know dude!

Did Anu kill her?
I don’t know

Who is the one who is dead?
I don’t know

Did you check that he was dead or alive?
I am cent percent sure that he was dead

Have no information about him
He has thrown the body of the bridge

What did Anu say?
She was not in a position to talk dude

She had asthma as well
She was frightened

Where is she now?
I don’t know

I am calling her since morning
Her number is switched off

You are brainless dude
You are saying that you have seen her 12 years back

Is it really her?
Yes dude

I was the one who talked to her first when we met
She is keeping the letter that I had given 12 years back

She has feeling for me dude
Will go to her house and have a look once

Again it says switch off, switch off?
I doubt it dude

It looks to be a fraud case
Anu is not that type dude

Not sure what trouble she is in?
You are talking no sense dude

You have saved her in such a situation
She is absconding with informing you

Do you still believe her?
Who has called? Is it her?

It is an unknown number
Do not receive that call

I said don’t

It could be she calling from other number
Police would be tracing the number

Do not receive that call
Give it here

Sir I am calling from Digitech

Do you need internet connection?
I don’t need internet connection

I need your connection
Will you give?

Sorry Sir
I am committed

Will break this mobile

Dude what is his brother’s name?

To whom are you calling?
I have a friend who is working in telecommunications

Yes Hemanth

I will give you a number
Give me his details dude

Tell him Anaga’s number
Is it ok? Ok dude

Will whatsapp in ten minutes
Please do soon

Dude when you met Anaga?
What did you talk about?

Remember some
We could get some information’s or clue

I and my brother moved on here fifteen days back
He has gone to Washington to attend a Seminar

What time is the flight?

Tell me dude
Hey Hemanth

That number has switched off last night at 8pm
The last location is Manipal city

Is it so?

Ok, Hey dude
Send me the details of last dialed number from that mobile!

I will whatsapp

Hey Avi
You have met her last night at 10:30pm

But she has switched off the cell at 8:30pm
How is it dude?

Ok dude
Check to which number she has dialed last?

Super travels

I am calling from Mulki Police station
Yes tell me Sir

Had a girl named Anaga called you?
Yes Sir, she had called to book a ticket

Where did she book the ticket for?
For Malaysia Sir

To which date?
Today morning it has departure at 6am Sir

She is already left

She is left!

Hey Avi
What I had guessed is correct

She has made you involved in this case and has escaped
Hundred percent she is not innocent

Did she mention that she is going to Malaysia
When she met you yesterday?

No dude

You are screwed dude

Police are searching near the house
What to say if they enquire?

Say that she is my old girlfriend
and she gave me love letter

Until she is found you don’t go to home
I will arrange other place for you


She has thrown you into the ocean before going

You don’t know to swim as well
Shut and come dude

A man has been dead near Kalgudde railway track
In Mulki

Police are investigating whether it is suicide,
or accident or a murder

The body is torn apart that the face is not recognizable

There is not wallet or marks left near the body

It has been difficult to find out
who he is says the Police Inspector

Wishes Sir
What is it madam?

My husband has gone to work and it is been one month
But yet he has not come

I have seen in a TV that there is a body found
near the Kalgudde Track

Come and have a seat

What is you r name?

Where are you staying?
In Hosahalli, 20km from here Sir

What is your husband name?

Who is he?
He is Ramanna, my neighbor

He has come along, that is it
What work was he doing?

He said he was doing some Real Estate business
Hi character was not good Sir

He used to drink and come home daily
And used to thrash her

Mr Poojary

The things that we found near the body in the morning,
Get those and show it to them

Body is torn into pieces
You won’t be able to recognize the face

Just see if it belongs to your husband

Sir these belongs to my husband

Mr Poojary, Sir!
Call the hospital and ask them to open the mortuary

Come, let us go

Where is the body? It is there!

Oh Ramanna
Be calm

Sir that tattoo on the chest
It is my husband Sir

The god has made me survive to see all these

Was there a fight between husband and wife often?

He used to drink and come and beat her regularly
She never used to say anything

Did he have any enemies in this business?
Or did he quarrel with anyone

He was an angry man Sir
But I am not sure if he had enemies that would kill him

Get the voter ID, Ration card or marriage certificate
Get any of these so that we can verify

You are dumb dude, you are dumb
What will you do now?

If I get anyone’s contact number from her contact list
I can gather some more information’s

Dude, I will let you know how our situation is!
That girl has left a blank screen in front of your eyes

I have no problem that she has left
But who is that mystery man that is dead

Is he ordinary or extraordinary?
Is he a rowdy or a thief or is he a rapist?

What is the secret behind his murder?

How the police caught hold of your cars
Smell and came in search of you

In the same way if the relatives of mystery dead man
Come in search of us?

We will be caught
What to do if we will lose the alcohol services dude?

We have only one option for this dude
What is it? Let us go! Where?

Who is this figure who looks like a
Malayalam film heroine

She is Anu
Is she?

That is the reason you are
Bowled for the display of her

Shut up and come

Who are these two?
Their parent’s dude

This has to be his brother’s room
It is locked

Look here!
Your girl has collection of only murder mystery

The girl who killed the love is the
Inspiration for the story that I tell

Mr Poojary,

Has that vehicle owner come?
Not yet Sir

Did you enquire in the opposite house?
Yes Sir

Send him to me if he comes
Why is that you are calling me Swamy?

Call me Sir
Sorry Swamy Sir

Sir Swamy
Sorry Sir

Sub Inspector Sir had called
A lady is murdered in Hejmadi

The forensic team has already arrived
We will have go it seems

Ok, let us go
Ok Swamy, Sorry Sir

Wishes Sir

I have bought all the documents that you had asked for

Please give my husband to me Sir
We cannot give immediately like that

We will have to check the
proof that you have bought only then we can give

Sir it is all perfect
Have a look at it once Sir

We have many problems madam
There is another death which has happened

And I have received a call
I have to go for the investigation

Mr Poojary, verify all the documents that they have bought
And call me if everything is correct

Madam please come

She has to be in young age
Yes sir, her name is lavanya

She was all alone in the house

Is there anyone who belongs to this house?
There is a lady called Yashodamma

Ask her to come
Yashodamma please come here

Send this body to post mortem
Ok sir

What was lavanya doing?
She was a lecturer in a college

Her mother died six months back
by falling down the stairs

Her Father?
He died by snake bite when Lavanya madam was at young age

Since how many years you are working here?
Since ten years I am working here

After madam died lavanya madam
said that she will do her work

She used to be alone always
Was anyone coming often to this house?

A man used to come often
He was a well built man

Do you know his name?
No Sir I am not aware

You will have to come to station when we inform
Ok Sir

Sir cash, jewels or items as such are
not missing from the house

I think this murder is committed by psycho killer

Else someone should have done for personal revenge

Explore her contact details and report me

Loki, I will go to Udupi and meet Commissioner Sir and come

Finish all the formalities and report me

Yes Sir

Do you need water?

Have you not left yet?
Sir is not coming today, he will come late

Why do you want to waste the time?
You leave now, I will inform and you can come then

Let us go come


Wishes Sir
Hi curvy fish

How come you are here?
Nothing as such

I was passing by and came in to wish you
Is this your aunt’s place to come and have coffee and go?

I remembered as soon as you said coffee
I had a coffee in karavali hotel made with jaggery

Stop it,
Do not play your old cassette here

Go from here!
Brother did you find the car and the killer?

Why do you need all that?
Go from here

Swamy, swamy

You said we find something if we barge into her house?
What did you find?

4-5 piracy CD’s and vanilla cup to my hand
And the frog shell in your hand, that is all

I found a number of a person called as Sparsha
Sparsha? Who is it? Even I am not sure

Hello! Is it Sparsha?
Yes tell me what the matter is!

I and Anaga are childhood friends
It had been ten years since we had met

Three days back I met her
I wanted to meet her again but she is not in town

Even her phone is switched off
We got your number in her book

Hence I called you madam
I don’t know her very closely

She used to come for counseling
to our Dr Chandrashekar

She used to call me for appointments

Did she have any problem?
She was diagnosed with capnophobia disease

What does that mean madam?

It means, she fears smoke and
she hates the one who smokes as well

Avi do you smoke?

It was not very serious
It was in initial stage

If you contact her uncle he will give you more details

His uncle?

You are son of cashier Gangaraju right?
Yes uncle

Dad is transferred back here in Mulki
And we are settled here since eight years

Now Praveen and Anaga is also settled there

He has gone to Washington
She has gone to Malaysia on some work

Do you have any idea when Anu will be back uncle?
I am not sure, will have to enquire in her college

Anu is studying in which college uncle?
Arya Educational Trust in Mangalore

It is our Ratnakar Shetty’s
I know uncle

I will take a leave uncle

Dude some celebrity has come

Our farmer’s credit is not waved off
in this budget as well

How will we survive If this is the case

Dude he is Ratnakar Shetty

Is he a politician?
No dude

He is the founder of Arya Educational Trust

There is only one way to solve
the problem of our farmers

We have to grow strawberry, vanilla and lavender
These are commercial crop

These crops are in demand in cosmetic industry

Whether people will eat food or not but
They need powder, cream and soap

They use this crop flavor to prepare all these

I will talk to that company and
will arrange for direct sale from you

Who are you?
I am Avinash

I need some information about your college student called
Anaga who is studying Environmental Studies

Yes Sir

Environmental Student!
Correct Sir!

What is the relationship between you and her?
Sister, friend Sir

Sister and Friend
Friend’s sister Sir

Oh she is your Friends sister
Is that all or is there anything else?

That is all
Be careful, she is very notorious

People who ran behind her are not to be seen
Be careful

Sir wishes

A student called as Anaga who is studying Environmental
Studies In your college

I and she are family friends
I got to know that she has gone to Malaysia

There is a conference called Environmental
Studies going on in Malaysia

We had received an invitation to our college

We have selected Anaga and have sent her there
What are you doing?

I am Mechanical Engineer
I am travelling to Malaysia

Her number is switched off

If wanted to meet her if I get to
know where she is in Malaysia

It is called as Bogar University of Agriculture
It is in Pondarseri Jampola state

Will take a leave Sir
Thank you very much

Will meet you Sir
Good wishes

Dear viewers,

There is been 2 dead bodies in one week in Mulki
This is the place famous for peace and calmness

First one is Lavanya Joseph’s murder
Second one is the Kalgudde Railway track orphan body

Our Police department is unsuccessful
in investigating these two cases

Who is he?
He is talking as per his wish

What is it madam?
We have given all the documents you had asked for

He has seen yesterday itself Sir
Will verify once again and will hand over the body

Give me my husband Sir
I need to cremate him Sir

Tomorrow is no moon day
And all the relatives are waiting

Wait for a minute madam
Loki, Sir!

What about the Safari vehicle?
The house members are gone to America

Their son Avinash is here but was not at home
He should have gone out

I will go and check once again Sir
Mr Poojary collect that boy’s phone number

Give me my husband soon Sir
Can’t you understand If I say you once

See madam I need to call Hosahalli Police station
Was he residing there, is he your husband?

We will verify all these and
only then we will give the body

Come after 2-3 days
Please go madam, call up and come

This idiot Inspector is not supporting
It is taking more time

What is it mam?

You were talking that there was an
orphan dead body near Kalgudde track!

That is my husband Sir

Is it?
Yes Sir

I am asking for the body since many days
But they are making me roam around

Have given all the documents but even than
They are making us come often

You tell them once Sir
See madam, these are police men

Without bribe they won’t work
Give five thousand rupees

Your work will be done quickly
We are poor people and where will we get the money from Sir

If so, do one thing mam,
Lokayuktha people have come from Bangalore

You please go complain to him
He will help you out

Where is he Sir?
Near the IB

Ok, do a thing
Get into the vehicle, even I am going there

Is your husband Police?
My husband is not Police

He is Inspector

Lokayuktha Sir has come, go there mam
Sir! Sir!

Who are you madam?
My husband died three days back Sir

If I ask for his body the
Police are asking for bribe

We are labor people and from where
would we get so much money?

Ask that Inspector to come here!

Cancel that town hall meeting
and ask the media to come here

Let the press meet happen here
Ok Sir

He has good name in department
His name is announced in TV and paper as well

He is very discipline officer

Government has given salary and power
Not to extort these innocent people, to serve the

Sir what happened now?
What are you thinking?

Sir those documents
Do not talk

If I get angry then
I will get you transferred to dry place

These are the labor people who are poor

She is asking for her husband’s dead body
You are asking for a bribe to her?

Sir bribe?
Do you have manners to ask for a bribe to her?

To handover husband’s dead body
Hey Pallavi! That is your husband right?

Have informed that in future if any complaints as such
Then will have to face a severe punishment

Get her job done immediately
It is my order

Due to people like these
Police department gets bad name

Sir why do we need this headache
let us give the body and finish this

Come Sir
Get her along with you

Till I am there in this position
I will be as sincere as possible

Bad things to commit and
good words to be spoken

Did our Sir ask for bribe to you?
No Sir, I did not say so

That Sir has the likes of speaking in front of media
He degraded our Sir’s name in front of media

Mr Poojary send her away and give that dead body to her
Sign here

I don’t want lead a life with you
I am going to my parent’s house, good bye

Hello, what is this?
What is that message you have sent?

Do not talk to me
I am ashamed after seeing in the TV

I had briefed about you to my friends out of pride
Now everyone are teasing me

All that is false dear
I don’t need to know all that

I don’t like to live with you
Listen to me for a minute, Hello

We have good news Sir Swamy

That Kalgudde bridge case Swamy

We have got all the details of that Red Safari
His name is Avinash and we got his number

Shall I call him Swamy?
If you get this Kalgudde case to me again!

Will smash a stone on your head

Some stranger went and died on the railway track
I am not sure if it is a murder or a suicide?

This guy came and said there was a red vehicle
She came and asked to give me my husband’s body

Another guy came and asked why bribe for the body?
Is it a mistake to work with sincere?

Because of this our personal life is scattered
My wife has left the house

(Khali Quarter song )

You idiot

I will go to Malaysia dude
Have you gone mad?

It is a foreign country
Where will you search her there?

Will go to the address that Ratnakar Shetty had given
I will search her for sure



Is it fair what you have done?

I was in love with you and had trusted you

Police is looking for me
And that to because of you

Please listen to my words
I am very scared of blood, smoke and accidents

Veezing will start all of a sudden

That is the reason
I could not say anything that night

It was 11:30 night when you
had left me home that day

I did not get to know what to do

I remembered later that flight is been booked for Malaysia
At 6:30 in the morning

Even the cab was booked to leave to Airport
At 3am

Was it necessary to come here at that situation?
Bogor University had sponsored me for this Seminar

Ratnakar Shetty had recommended me as well
I was the only one selected to represent India

Let that all be
You could have informed me and go right

I had lost the mobile Avi
I did not have your number

I do not even know your house
I even searched for you in facebook to inbox you

I did not even get that

That you had given in the childhood
I had mailed you everything

Did you check that?
What? Mail?

I am sorry Anu
Really I had not seen this mail

I am really sorry Anu

What happened there on Kalgudde Bridge?

do you know what happened on that day?

do you know what happened on that day?

Hereafter you have to do what I say


Let us not directly go to Mangalore,
We will go to Chennai from here

And from there we will go to Mangalore by road

Have this phone with you Anu
Hereafter use this number

Do not use the old number for any reason
Will call uncle first as he would be anxious

Hi Uncle, it is me Anu
Where are you dear?

I came now from Malaysia and
I could not call as I lost my phone, Sorry

Where is Praveen?
Had he called you?

I am not able to reach him on phone uncle

Contact him on email or whatsapp and get to know
when he is coming from Washington

Ok Uncle
Ok let us go

Where are we going Avi?
To the Police station

I am there right, let’s go

Give her husband’s body
That was found near Kalgudde Railway track

Shantamma has complained to Lokayuktha
That police had asked for bribe to

Have received the forensic reports of
Yejmude Lavanya’s murder case Sir

According to that there is
severe injury to head and stomach

I am getting the call records of Lavanya’s
To get to know who all had called her

This way Anu

There would be a regular call in her contact details

Wishes Sir
Who are you? What is it?

The car that you were searching for is mine Sir
My name is Avinash

We have closed that case and you can go
Sir what happened on that day is!

I said that case is closed right
Do you understand or not?

Go from here
There is a mystery behind that murder Sir

I need to tell you in detail about it Sir

Ok, have a seat
Thank you Sir

On 4th of July I was coming back from airport
After I dropped my parents


I left the body to the side and we left Sir

What? Did you pushed the body to aside
Then how did the body come on the track?

I have no idea about it Sir
Ok wait there

Why did you go there at that time?
I am not sure Sir

Who took you there?
I don’t know Sir

Who is the man that is dead?
I don’t know Sir

Who is the man that is dead?
I don’t know Sir

Who killed him?
I don’t know Sir

Are you kidding me!
Are you playing games?

Am I looking like an idiot?
Am I looking like a useless?

You are saying I don’t know for everything
Then why did you come here?

Sir I will explain it

That evening Anagha had been
to Super travels in Manipal

She collected the air tickets from there
And left to Scirocco coffee shop

I had coffee and left to wash my hand
I had head wrap and fell down unconsciously

When I was awake, it was raining heavily
I was on Kalgudde Bridge

Some stranger is down dead
That is all I know Sir

This means you don’t know what happened
Between the coffee shop and the Kalgudde bridge

No sir

Come let us go

Is this the coffee shop? Yes Sir

Where were you seated?
That place Sir

Over there?

Loki! Get the footage of all the CCTV
Ok Sir

When was it that you had come here?
It was on 3rd of July Sir

What time?
Around 8pm Sir

All the footages are here Sir
Open it

Yes you are right
You are seated here

You are going somewhere?
Had been to get sugar Sir

Zoom in zoom in

He has put some tablet in the glass right?

Zoom in into his face
I have seen him somewhere

He is Siddaraju Sir
The car thief

We had arrested him three months back
And had interrogated him

Such a looser
Thrash this bastard and get him to me

You will have to come to station when we ask for
Sure Sir

Ok Bye
Thank you Sir

Your brother is not home Anu
It is not safe to be alone at home

Until your brother is back
Come and stay at our house!

Ok Avi


Why are you crying Anu?
I am not able to contact my brother

Phone has been switched off
I am very scared Avi

Not sure what to do
Why are you getting tensed for all these

Is he a small kid?

He has gone to attend Seminar
and he will be back after that

Why are you crying for that?
Cheer up

Hi Kondandu
Hello Sir

How are you?
I am fine Sir!

How are you?
I am fine

Do you know this lady?
She? She is Shantamma!

She is not Shantamma
She is Vijaylakshmi

She is basically from
Chittor of Andhra Pradesh

She and her husband
is a big time fraudsters

Did you handover any
dead body to her last week?

Yes Sir,
we handed over her husband’s body to her

Is he that person?

He is her neighbor Ramanna

He is her husband

She will apply lakhs of rupees
insurance in his name

Later she will search for a
body that cannot be recognized

She will prepare duplicate documents and
Claim the LIC insurance

You should have been
calmer while investigating

Till now she has claimed crores of rupees by
From LIC by showing six bodies and is been absconding

We were calm when we investigated

But she has given complaint to Nanjundaswamy
He without verifying embarrassed me in front of media

My personal life is disturbed because of this
I am sorry for that

Please inform to CCB if you get any information about her
Sure Sir

Ok then
Thank you Sir

This means the body found on Kalgudde Bridge
Is not Shantamma’s husband Seenappa

Whose body is it then?

Her name is not Shantamma,
she is Vijaylakshmi

Sir Swamy

If we catch hold of car thief Siddaraju
We will get to know whose body it is

Yes! You are correct
Search that Siddaraju! Sure Sir

His name is Siddaraju
Car thief! Oh he is a thief

How is the business?

After the note ban it is very low Sir

You used to sell the spare
parts of stealing the car and bike

It looks like you have started a new business

Stealing? Me?
I have stopped it long back Sir

Will you drink coffee?

No Sir, not required

Will have it just because you are all forcing for
Then order for one cup but more of sugar

Will it be ok if I put tablet instead of sugar?

Will it be ok if I put tablet instead of sugar?

Was camera there Sir?

I am the photographer for all the
marriage that happen in city

That is why I had placed a camera there
Why did you put tablet in the coffee cup?

If you say the truth it is good for you

Why are you taking so much risk brother?
I will say everything

A guy came to me and said we will have to kidnap her
And fixed three lakhs for the deal

He gave one lakh as advance as well

From the next day
I started following her Sir

She left from the house and
went to Super travels in Manipal

I followed her from there

She went into Scirocco coffee shop

She stood up and went for some reason

I thought this is the ideal time and
I dropped a tablet in her coffee cup

Finally my plan worked Sir
I took her into the car called the client

He asked me to come to Kalgudde Bridge
I came here Sir

Boss I have delivered your item in time

If you pay me the rest
of the amount I will leave

Settle the amount first dude
Our policy is cash on delivery

Hey Sunday Bazaar

What I have paid is more for you,
move away

You idiot! Will cut your
fingers if you touch the door

Will you cut?

He had money in his pocket
I took it Sir

I went to the car
This girl was lying down in the car

What will I do with this girl?
Hence I threw her out and left from there

This is all that happened Sir?

What is his name?

His name is Pandu Sir
Had you seen him anywhere before this?

Had seen Sir

When he gave the advance amount Sir
Hey you idiot

Shall I take a leave Sir?
You have given so much information

Drop him in the jeep guys
Sir not required Sir

Government vehicle won’t have air condition
I will feel uncomfortable Sir

I will go in my vehicle Sir

File murder and kidnap charges
against him and thrash him

What are you saying Sir?

Pandu is dead on spot for the
way you have beaten him

That is not the body that will die;
I did not beat him so hard!

Come with me
Listen to me once Sir, leave me Sir

Avi! Sir!

We won’t get to know until we enquire why
Pandu gave a deal to kidnap Anu

You leave for now
And come when I ask for

Give me that Pandu number

I was checking Lavanya’s call records Sir
Siddaraju had given Pandu’s number right Sir

Lavanya has received a
last call from the same number

Sir according to forensic report
Lavanya died on 2nd of July night

On the same day evening around 7:45pm
Siddaraju has called Lavanya

Which means Lavanya and Pandu knew each other
Why did Pandu try to kidnap Anagha?

Is there any connection
between Lavanya and Anagha?

We will have to enquire and see Sir

Ask them to come here immediately
Sure Sir

What is the relationship between Lavanya Joseph
And Pandu who had given a deal to kidnap Anagha

There is a big turning point in this case

I checked the finger
print traces of Lavanya’s murder case

That finger prints is none other than Pandu’s

This means Pandu has murdered her

Where is Anagha?
They are on the way Sir

Do you know who this girl is?
I know her well

Her name is Lavanya
My brother and she were in love

What is your brother’s name?

Where is he now?
He has gone to Washington

To attend some seminar

Why are you asking in detail Sir?

Nothing madam

I am sorry, she is murdered

What? Enquiry is going on
No, Avi! Control yourself Anu

Please take her out

Relax Anu, I am there right
What is all these Sir?

The one who tried to kidnap
Anu is the same person who killed Lavanya?

Anagha is too disturbed=

Do one thing;

Get the details of her brother Praveen
We will contact him

Ok Sir

Write down your brother’s number here

This is Praveen’s number
Ok, Will leave Sir, ok

Hey Avinash!

You have given Pandu’s number
if I asked for Praveen’s number

This is the number that Anu has given

How come Pandu was using Praveen’s number?

Wait! Wait! Wait!



Where did he go?
Why did he go? When did he go?

When will he be back?
Collect these details

Another thing
That girl? Anagha

She should not know this ant any cost
Ok? Sure Sir!

Loki! Sir

Inform that Siddaraju
and get a sketch of Pandu

Avi do you know how much my brother would feel
If he gets to know, what should I do?

Do not get tensed, we will search!
On which date did your brother go to Washington?

You remember the day we both had met
A day prior to that, 2nd of July

Where did your brother do the studies?
When dad and mom died

Uncle took us to Bangalore with him
We completed degree there

Later he left to Germany to study Pharmacology
Lavanya had gone there for higher studies

They got to know each other and were in love
Where were you when your brother had been to Germany?

I was in hostel where I was studying
Environmental science in Mangalore Arya Education Trust

The PA of president used
to irritate me very much

Hence I left there and stayed
in uncles place in Udupi

When brother came back we shifted to Mulki
Why did you shift to this place?

Lavanya belongs to this place,

Six months back her mother
Slipped and died.

As she was feeling very lonely,

She forced brother
to come and stay here

If he was near then she would feel better,

So me and brother
Shifted here

Anagha was saying the truth

I have collected the
reports from super travels

On July second tickets were booked
on the name of Praveen to Washington

Travels had sent the cab to
pick up Praveen to airport

And he has reached airport

But he has not boarded the flight

So Praveen did not fly to Washington?

This means he is here
Who had seen him the last?

His sister Sir
Actually the cab driver Sir!

Cab driver!

Search that cab driver
and get him here

We will enquire

Ok sir,





Why are you not talking?

Anu speak up

Are you hearing me?

No please!


Who are you guys?



Can I borrow some spark from your eyes?
Anu! Open the door

I will light hundreds of lamps in my heart

Experiencing the care you
show has increased my love

Mocking the silent song
It is scared that it would turn into poem

I will explain everything in one word
I will be with you always

The cloud that is paused at the eyes
Has melted slowly

Do look at me once with confidence
Do let me know if I am stranger to you

I will explain everything in one word
I will be with you always

I will hug and stand by you
Even when the storm is here

When the darkness is overshadowed
I will switch on the torch

Even when the shadow walks leaving the hand
When the watch breaks on the way

The words are not enough for the pain
Do let me know if I am stranger to you

I will explain everything in one word
I will be with you always

I will be the flower in the plant
That leads the hand for you

I will be the lines
Of the book that you read hiding

Do let me know if you have any issues
We do have equal share of happiness in the dream

Do the feelings require simple things to be said?
Do let me know if I am stranger to you

Hey stop

Who are you?

Brother vanilla
Vanilla brother

What are you saying?
Brother vanilla

you are here?

How much should I search for you?

Who are you?
Police have told no one should come here

Why did you come?
I am Lavanya’s friend, who are you?

I am Yashodamma
Can’t you stay in one place?

Everything is my faith
This is my son Shambu

He was fine before but after lavanya made
Him join the college he is acting like this

Evil spirit has caught him
Will you run away?

What are you doing?
Evil spirit is caught him so I have applied

Why are you standing here?
Haven’t I told you police will scold me?

Go now

Brother give me vanilla

I will buy you vanilla
but do you know about lavanya

Lavanya sister was very good
But someone killed her

Brother give me vanilla please

Avinash! Why did he go there?
I don’t know sir

Keep an eye on him
Ok sir

When will all these end and where will all these stand?
Am afraid

Don’t get scared Anu
There’s a solution for everything


The coffee is so nice
Its vanilla flavor

Anu is there vanilla at home?
Yes it’s there

This is not vanilla
Then what is it?

You get vanilla there only

Brother here only

Brother give me vanilla

Which brand is this?

Its vanilla wing, it’s a new brand
Guys these days prefer this

There’s a huge market for this

Hey what is all these?
Give it to me

Brother please

Tell me Avinash

Behind lavanya Joseph’s
death there’s an information sir

I wanted to talk to you
Can you meet near Riverview hotel?

Ok I will come

There is a link between Hejmadi lonely house murder
And Kalgudde bridge murder

Same person as murdered the both
Inspector Kodandaram has suspected strongly that

The murder as been done by the locals
They have detected the murderer

What is this now?
Sir, take the purse and keep the watch with you

Why are you giving this to me?
Sir I have hidden something from you

What is it?

After that red vehicle passed,
I could not sleep properly

With a doubt I went and saw out
I took the ring, purse and watch

Otherwise I don’t have a
connection with the dead body

You idiot

If we had found all these before,
the case would have solved by now

Sir please forgive me
Can I leave now?

Where will you go now?

Thrash him and keep
him in the jail for two days

Please leave me sir

I had been to Lavanya’s home
I got a pen drive there

I saw the details
I found out there’s a link between Lavanya’s death

When lavanya returned from Germany
She was a lecturer is Mangalore Arya college

The servant in Lavanya’s home has a son
Lavanya had joined him to college with her money

In our home they will scold me
I have not done it before

See madam! what is he doing?
He is smoking

Lavanya observed youths
were addicted toVanilla Wings

Irresponsible fellows

Because of your future I am quite or else would have
Complained to president of the college

Shambu was innocent
Even he got addicted to this

Madam Shambu is acting very weird

Shambu open your eyes

Yashodamma let us take him to hospital

His nerves are getting weaker..

I think he is losing his state of mind

Praveen! Look at this cigarette
It says it is nicotine free

It is mentioned that
they have used vanilla flavor

Vanilla wing looks to be a new brand

Nicotine free!
Then it is harmless

Too many of them
are addicted to it Praveen

And Shambu is very much addicted

When we had him checked with Doctor
Doctor said his nervous system is weak

They doubt that he
must be addicted to drugs

Why doubt?
We will check in our lab


Vanilla wing is as Indian based
company located in Nagpur of Maharashtra

Youths are getting attracted because
They use vanilla flavor in it

They have claimed license from
Tobacco Tax and Trade bureau six months back

It is not only in India but has created
Demand in foreign countries as well

The Chairman is R Niranjan

Praveen is an expert pharmacologist

He has done research and
found addictive chemical in the Vanilla wing

There is no nicotine in this Vanilla Wing

But they have used more
dangerous chemical than that

That is Acetyl dehyde

This chemical is breaking down
human nervous system

Just to establish their brand and smokers should get
Addicted to it so they use Acetyl dehyde

And that is illegal

From the reports I made,
I can file case on them

This is Indian court

By the time accused is punished it might take
Ten to fifteen years

By that time many of
them would lost their life’s

We should expose this issue to the media

Yes you’re right

You do one thing

You interview people who are addicted to vanilla wings
And prepare a case file

By then I have a seminar with Pharmaceutical Company
To attend in Washington

I will be back in ten to fifteen days
After that we both can file a case regarding them

Here are the reports and
videos which is captured by her

Even I have gone and met them

That driver was a drug addict
Due to the driver I lost my family

I was CEO of reputed company
But today am sitting in rehab centre

My life is spoilt due to this cigarette

Doctor is claiming that it’s not because of tobacco
But instead of drugs, I have smoking cigarette

Doctor is lying
I don’t know what to do

My two children are alone now

Doctor is claimed about drugs
but he is not such a person

Lavanya had prepared a
detailed report about this scam

She could be murdered
for bringing out this scam

The way Avinash is given
statement and the way he is

Acting, I doubt him

Now what are you trying to tell me?
According to Avinash

He moved the dead body and moved forward
We have found the body on the railway track

Other than that after Avinash vehicle passed no other
Vehicle passed from there

And without our permission he is gone to lavanya Joseph’s
House in order to spoil the evidence

It was difficult for us to track
the killer Pandu identity due to

The drunkard had stolen the purse and mobile

While Shantamma diverted the case to another angle

Mr. Loki catch hold of the driver who dropped Praveen
To the airport

Mr Avi!

According to the reports what you have collected
We can file case against vanilla company

But we cannot assure if
Lavanya’s death is due to this

Since we don’t have exact evidence

For the doubt we have, we can enquire the owners
And managers of vanilla company

One among them would have killed lavanya
We need a clue and who all are there behind Pandu

Sir driver swamy is in the town
Get him to the custody

Avi someone is murdered lavanya and brother is not
To be found and they have tired kidnapping me

Let’s leave this matter here
Am really scared

I want brother to come back home safely

Does that mean for our purpose we will let go
Lavanya’s hard work

Lavanya has lost her life for this
It’s not like that Avi

True the matter should be out but
We should not get caught


There’s a person for this

Oh my god

To help the society, lavanya has faced this situation
That’s why I came to you

We have to bring out the
crime behind vanilla wings company

Tomorrow I will arrange a press meet
The proof what you have present it before media

From Arya institution we will file a case
Let the enquiry go on

Remember one thing
Till the press meet is held do not discuss it anywhere

Sure sir
Thank you

I will leave now

He is the one Sir

Sorry you have bad news
Your brother Praveen is no more

What are you saying sir?

How did this happen sir?

The cab was not found from a very long time,
Now he was found, we enquired him

Before the driver dropped Praveen to airport
Day before the driver met Pandu

While you pick Praveen stop your car at heriganji for
Two minutes giving a reason you need to attend nature call

I will give you one lakh

Will you give one lakh for nature call?

Awesome sir
Definitely will do

You will not meet me today?
I had met you yesterday

Why are you scared?
What time is your flight?

Midnight 2’o clock

It’s a new place, don’t get scared
Take care of home

If necessity call up uncle or message me


Why did you stop the car?

I will go attend nature call

Ok come back soon
Am getting late

Who are you?

Sir what are you doing?

What you said and
what you are doing is different

You killed him
There’s still two lakhs

Reach the airport, come back and burn the body

Sir mobile and laptop?

I will take the laptop and mobile
Don’t worry about it

Do what I say

Firstly the killer and Pandu go to Lavanya’s place
And murdered her

Later, followed your brother and
killed him at heriganji Cross

They took his mobile and to kidnap you the deal was
Given to Siddaraju

So we were confused with all these

Sir who are there behind Pandu?
We have found his mobile and purse, we are tracing him

Hemanth, where is Avi?
He is gone to Mangalore Arya institution sir?

Yes sir

Before any serious crimes happen
We have to catch hold of him

Come fast

Sir one minute

Anu, sir stay here
I will be back

Sir he is not answering the call
Call him once again

No response

Hey get up

Hey Avi

What happened to you?
Mr. Avi are you fine?

Someone tried killing me
What? Tried to kill you?

Someone has given a deal to the lorry driver
To kill me and he is lying down there unconsciously

He has received twelve messages on his number
Asking is it a success or a failure?

Reply to the message saying its success

Sir it’s the call from same number

Answer the call and record it

Why aren’t you answering my calls
and not replying for my messages?

Did you finish the work assigned to you?
Did the boy die?

Directly go to Nagpur, you will meet Niranjan
He will help you out

Who is he?

This voice is Ratnakar Shetty
Ratnakar Shetty?

Why will he try killing you?

This issue is not known to anyone
else other than us and Ratnakar Shetty

There some connection between
vanilla wing and Ratnakar Shetty

Hey dude what did he speak over the phone?
He said Nagpur and Niranjan

Vanilla wing is located in Nagpur

It is Indian based company
located in Nagpur of Maharashtra

And the chairman is R. Niranjan

Can’t think bad outcome in Business

Can’t think bad outcome in Business

Here painkiller should be given without pain

It is cheating Sir
We will have to stop this Sir

I was not sure what to do Sir
That is the reason I came to you Sir

No need to worry Dad
It is going to be ok

Yes Sir
The killer Pandu’s number was traced in Nagpur as well

Mr Poojary! take that driver to the custody
Yes Sir

This phone call is enough to arrest Ratnakar Shetty
Loki! Arrange for summons in the court

Until Ratnakar Shetty is arrested
let this not revealed to anyone

Until Ratnakar Shetty is arrested let this not revealed to

We are doing the same mistake again Sir?
We are causing danger to ourselves by hiding this matter

What will you do now?

My name is Avinash

By the time you receive this video
I am not sure if I will be alive or not!

But before I die

I will have to tell you the serious
crime that Vanilla Wing has committed

The disguised criminal Ratnakar Shetty
And his son Niranjan Shetty

Are causing crime to this society
Let this be dear, see the TV!

The Arya University CEO, social activist and farmer union
leaders, Real face has been revealed

Ratnakar Shetty’s son Niranjan Shetty owned company
Vanilla Wing Cigarette Company

Is been using the illegal chemical Acetyl Dehyde
And it has been revealed

It is proved that father and son duo
Is involved in this dual murder

Police have arrested the victim
Ratnakar Shetty and Niranjan Shetty

And the crime that Vanilla
Wing committed was explored by


Praveen and Lavanya has not
done anything for themselves

They lost their lives trying to do good for this society
Will plant this in their memories

Hey Suma
Have you seen the news in TV and paper?

My husband is been promoted and transferred to Mysore
He is ACP now

Hey disconnect the call
Father! Hand up

Dear please
Stop it

Where did the bullet come in this entire sequence?

Sir! Mr Loki! Yes Sir

Open that Kalgudde bridge case file
One minute Sir

In that case along with body
What else did the forensic team find?

On that day they found Pandu’s shoe
Clothes and a bullet Sir


Where did the bullet come
in this entire sequence?

Sir that is what I have been saying since day one
We do not know where that bullet came from

Siddaraju hit him on the bridge
But we found the body on the track

Something has happened in between Sir

Give me two biscuits

Hey dude
Will you get Vanilla?

Will cool ourselves
Will get it

Get water while coming for the plant


What happened on Kalgudde Bridge on that day?


I got conscious in mid way of the route

That kidnapper stopped the
vehicle on Kalgudde Bridge

They both fought for the matter of money

He threw me out of the car and left

Who are you?
Why have you kidnapped me?

Do not come close to me

Do not come close to me

I will shoot if you come close to m