Vanamagan (2017) - full transcript

A jungle-dweller finds himself in the city.

This is a pristine island,
along the Indian coast.

Even today,
its people live their lives in a manner...

...which resembles that of mankind
when it first came to be.

Faces that are not on Facebook.

Togetherness that makes
telephones unnecessary.

Food that makes medicine unnecessary.

Nature devoid of artificiality.
Society not driven by money.

Hearts which know not religion.

Even today, this race with no trace
of the modern man's traits...

...lives and dies in the Andaman islands.
This is their tale.

[January 1, 2017.
Andaman Islands]


I don't know if you can understand me.

I can't stop this.
Nor do I have the authority to do so.

If my family is doing well today,
it's because of all of you.

They might even kill you all!

Your lives are more important
than this place.

I don't know how all of you can escape.

But at least, you run
and try to save the rest of them.

Here. Take this.

Take this too.


All of you escape from here!

Don't do it, Jara.

Don't do it, Jara.

I will be back for you.

Now go!

Get going, all of you!

Where is that guy?
The net is torn apart!

Where did he go?

[Two days ago]

Ramesh, dust the cobwebs there!

Where, sir?
-Not in your head. In the corner there.

Murthy, you moron!
-Yes, sir?

Leave the onions. Mix the Mysore tomatoes
and the Kashmiri mushrooms.

It's 9:30, Muruga. Ma'am is about
to wake up! See that she gets her coffee.

Good morning, Kavya!
-Good morning, uncle.

Rise and shine! It's time to go to work!

What is this?
-I'm sorry, ma'am.

Get another flower vase
and a coffee cup with coffee, boys!

Madam dearest, today's menu includes
South, North, East & West Indian...

...Gujarati, Mongolian,
Marathi and Tomroom.

What's 'Tomroom'?
-Tomato/mushroom combo. Chef's special!

-Remove everything else, except American.

Eat it while it's hot, ma'am!

Madam dearest...

Murugan's son is about to get married.

He asks for Rs. 50,000
and 10 days of leave.

It's his son's wedding, right?

Not his, yes?

So, no leave. But he can have five lakhs.

What's the meaning of this, sir?

What do you expect?
Who does she have here?

Her parents passed away
and left a fortune behind.

She was raised by some friend of her dad's.
Business is all that man knows.

How could she learn anything about family?

Even so. But leave...
-What leave?

You asked for 50,000?
Hasn't she offered five lakhs?

Send it to your family.
They'll be very proud of you, dummy.

I'm starving!
Where the hell are you guys?

Just a minute.

Just a minute, Kavya.
I need to speak to you!

You can't go in there, sir!
-I need to speak to you!

I told you to stop right there!
-Go away!

Everyone's waiting at the court.
-Are you ready?

Today's a very big day.
But this time, I...

You will lose. Again.
-Let's see.

Good shot! That's my girl!
-I did it again, uncle!

You call yourself my son.
But have you ever defeated Kavya?

You must always be at the top.
Whatever happens, keep winning. Like us.

Even if I win, you'll take her side.
You tweak your lectures accordingly.

Let's see you win first.
-That's the spirit!

Is that right? Bring it on!

Hold it!
Come with me.

We just bought an asset.
Go back to play after signing it.

You can handle that. Why do you need me?
-Dear Kavya, all of this is yours.

As your father's friend, my responsibility
is to raise you and protect your fortune.

You are the chairman of this empire.
Only you can sign it.

Don't start that again, uncle.
Where do I sign?

We have a small problem.
-What is it?

The Bora Bora resort, where madam
and her friends were going for New Year's.

What about it?
-Visas are not here.

Passports are on hold at the embassy.

I promised this trip to my friends.
They're going to be upset.

What can we do?
-We'll buy Bora Bora! Find out its price.

Sure thing.
But they must be willing to sell!

Is there no place in the world
that's better than Bora Bora?

There is. But we'll need passports for it.
-What about Andaman?

It's a beautiful place.

We even have a property there.

I will make all the arrangements
and ensure that you don't miss Bora Bora.

You have my word.

Let Vicky come along, too.

You know he's everything to me, right?

He'll join you in the US
after New Year's.

This place is really cool!

'Say "Damn Damn". We don't give a damn.
Feel born again, this New Year!'

'Live life to the fullest!'

'Say "Damn Damn". We don't give a damn.
Feel born again, this New Year!'

'Live life to the fullest!'

'I am a Techno Tamil gal, baby!'

'I am a ferocious fashionista, baby!'

'This cuckoo sings karaoke, baby.'

'A train without a track, I am, baby!'

'This storm hits the bulls-eye, baby!'

'A white plumed parakeet, I am, baby!'

'Come on, my darling!'

'Go ahead and tear the sky apart!'

'So what if it rains?'

'Embrace the showers!'

'Come on, sweetheart.'

'Hold my hand.'

'Every step of ours will be a thrill ride!'

'Say "Damn Damn". We don't give a damn.
Shall I raise hell in this forest?'

'Let's swim with the sharks!'

'I'm cool with a nine-yard silk sari!'

'Or a mini-mini bikini!'

'It doesn't matter to me
how old or new it is.'

'I'm down for a classical concert.'

'Or a rabid rock and roll racket!'

'Lady Gaga or Gana Bala, bring it on!'

'Twenty years of life lost to education.'

'Another twenty is lost to love.'

'Dad's lectures results in marriage.'

'What do we do,
when we find wisdom in our sixties?'

'What do we eat,
when we get diabetic in our seventies?'

'Now, when our limbs are working fine...'

'If you say that our dresses
are too short...'

'...or that we've gained a few pounds...'

'...or that we should conceal our hips...'

'...we don't give a damn!'

'If mommy logs into Facebook...'

'...or daddy walks into the bar...'

'...and if someone dares try
and declare their love...'

'...don't give a damn!
Feel born again, this New Year!'

'Live life to the fullest!'

'I am a Techno Tamil gal, baby!'

'I am a ferocious fashionista, baby!'

'This cuckoo sings karaoke, baby.'

'A train without a track, I am, baby!'

'This storm hits the bulls-eye, baby!'

'A white plumed parakeet, I am, baby!'

'Come on, my darling!'

'Go ahead and tear the sky apart!'

'So what if it rains?'

'Embrace the showers!'

'Come on, my darling!'

'Hold my hand.'

'We don't give a damn!'

The forest area.
Entry appears to be prohibited.

Break the rules, man.
It's where the real thrill is!

It's a big risk, man.
-Quiet down!

That cop is leaving.

Kavya, stop the car.
-Make it fast, Vicky!

Just wait and watch!
-Don't do it. It's too risky!

Start it up!
-Quickly get in!

That cop is coming, Kavya. Hurry!
-Drive! Fast!


The police are here. Let's scoot!

Get the jeep!

Go! Go! They're coming!
-Get in the car!

Turn up the engines! Quick!
-Start driving!

A police jeep is coming!

Dude, I think that was a man we hit.

Get down.
-Let's go and see!

Oh my god, it is a man!

His head is injured and it's bleeding.
Let's get away!

Let's get him to a hospital first.

Come and help me pick him up.

Let's not do this, Kavya.

Do you know who you struck?
A tribal.

It's against the law to go there.
And you caused an accident too!

Sorry, sir.
We didn't mean to do this.

Do you know the gravity of this situation?
His head is bruised and he's unconscious!

There's no hospital here
to treat any of this!

And he's a tribal.
No one will touch him!

What can we do?
-Listen to me.

Take the first flight
to Chennai or Kolkata.

Only hospitals there can take care of this.

If he survives, then you will too!

Get down carefully.
-Watch out!

That's my shirt!
-Are you cool with prison attire?

Excuse me.

Need 6 tickets to Chennai.

-Kavya, Vignesh, Arjun, Preethi and Anita.

Why are you rushing like a flight?

The next passenger?

Kaattu (Jungle)...

...Vaasi (dweller).

K. Vaasi.

Yes, he is the one.

The guy with the red turban?


Yes, sir.
Vaasi Singh.


We don't accept cards.
Cash only.

-I only have a card.

Do you have cash?
-Never when we hang out with you.

Stop bothering me on New Year's!

Leave if you don't have cash.

I only have dollars!
Thought Andaman was a foreign country.

Can I get a ticket in exchange for this?

How much is it worth?

25 Lakhs.
-25 Lakhs?

I usually go to the temple with my family
on New Year's. I'll leave now.

We too have an event at home.
-And you had invited me, right? Bye!

What would you've done in Andaman?
-Wait up!

Who is the attender for the patient
with head injury? His situation's critical.

We got him admitted
and our job ends there.

Don't stress yourself out.
I will be back in ten days. Be safe.

'The world was made just for me.'

'The rivers that flow around are for me.'

'The flowers bloom for me...'

What are you doing?

I'm just making sure
that everything is in order.

Dirty ugly goose!

Where are the others?

You said you would be back after 10 days.
So I gave everyone some time off.

Why wasn't I told?
-You didn't inform us of your arrival.

-Thank you.

Do you know to cook?
-Oh dear! That's my job!

I have been cooking for you
ever since you were a child.

-Is it Fortis Hospital?

We had admitted a patient this morning
with head injury. I just want to know...

Oh, so you are the attender?

You admitted him and went your way.

Who will bear the expenses?
Do you know how critical he is?


Madam, don't go there.
He has a head injury. Memory loss.

He has no clue who he is.
He is beating up everyone.

What happened to you?
Why was there an ambulance?

Did you admit someone in the hospital?

He has created a ruckus over there.
They sedated your pal, dropped him here.

My pal?
-Then what?

A lady from our house
had apparently enquired about him.

And, you are the only one here.

I can't speak like a lady. So it wasn't me.
It must have been you. Right?

My brilliant mind figured it out.

So I said he's my boss's pal...

...asked them to bring him over
and settled the expenses.

You Idiot. Fool!

Instead of being happy,
you are thrashing me.

You need to be suspended.

Suspend me?
After 35 years of service!

Where is he?
-In the room.

In your room?

You left the door open!

Do you know who he is?
-Who is he?

Do you know
what will happen if he wakes up?

A savage.

If he wakes up,
he would be in beast mode.

Bring someone and get him out of here.

Just because I'm a cook,
you think I'm a softy?

Pandi is just a part of my name.
My full name is 'Tiger' Pandi.

When I was young I hunted tigers
and wore their teeth around my neck.

Don't you forget that!

How am I supposed to know that?
-Now that you know. Don't forget it.

You are under the protection of a warrior.
Remember that! Go and sleep.

Please go.

Do you know what happened, Preethi?
That jungle guy...

I'm at home. Network coverage is weak.

Kavya, I'm sleeping.
Can we talk later? Bye.

Madam dearest!

Madam, please open the door.

Madam dearest!

What happened?
-Over there. Come and see for yourself!

Come and have a look.

The door is locked.
What's the problem?

Door is locked indeed.

But he has opened the wall!

Where is he?
-Who knows?

He isn't going to be here.

Where could he have gone?
-Where indeed?

Was he intimidated by my history?

'Tiger' Pandi, he is right there!
Beat him up.

Come on, Pandian!

Madam dearest.
-Beat him!

Come on.
Lift him up.

Listen to me, you nut!
-What are you doing there?

My phone!
-Get here! Come quickly!

Shouldn't you be hiding?
Have you no fear?

You said you hunted tigers.
And you are scared of just one man?

Yes I did.
But how can you expect a cow to hunt?

What will it do?
Don't be a kid. Be serious.

Hey, that's a phone!

My iPhone!

What are you looking at?
Be a man and leave!

Well, it's up to you.
I'm going back in.

-Is the door locked? Don't worry.

I'm scared of him.
Send him away.

Madam dearest, this is my job.
Not that!

Everything falls on deaf ears
when I'm on duty!

-Work is 'workship', you know?

What are you saying?

He has gobbled up every single thing!

Hey, that's glass!

Why can't you take the same way out?

Can't you, sir?

The monkey-man has landed!

He hasn't spared a morsel of food.
Doesn't he have a heart?

My share is gone too!

-What, dear?

My stomach hurts.
Do you have any medicine?

The pain has a name. 'Hunger'.
The only medicine is food.

Have you ever felt this pain?
Now do you realise the value of food?

To feed one, we had to cook for 77 people.
God exists!

This is what is left. Don't show it to him.
Or he might end up drinking these too.

I'm hungry.
I don't care.

He's looking.
This jungle boy has eyes like a hawk.

I have figured it out.
I'm sure that he is no human.

If he were one,
he would have saved for his next meal.

This isn't my brand.

The arrow just stopped short of my throat.

He is looking for the lion!
He thinks it's in here!

Doesn't he realise that it's just a TV?

Come, let's run away from here.

Hey! Jungle boy...

...don't create atrocity in the city!

Run away, ma'am!

How many of them were there?
-About five, sir.

Any details about them?
-I didn't enquire their whereabouts.

I only said that this can't be treated here
and must be taken to Chennai or Kolkata.

Why do you scream
every time I turn on the lights?

Only if you can live with light,
you are human!

Am I disturbing your tree house?
Then why is my house...

Why are you jumping now?

The rooster has crowed!

"An animal trainer can administer..."

This is all that he spared.
Hope it's not poisonous!

Head over there.
Open the door when I ask you to.

I always do what you ask!
As if you are going to listen to me...

Do we need to face this deadly test?

Here he comes!



Up. Get up!


Just go.
-Is that all it takes?

This is way too easy.
And to think I was afraid of this guy!

Give me the stick, ma'am.

Sit down, man.

Stop it!

Give me that!


Just relax, okay?


I said "Go".


Get that ball!


Come over here, Vaasi.

Go, Vaasi!

'O rough and rugged one.
Let's change your heart!'

'O rough and rugged one.
You are living in the past.'

'O rough and rugged one.
This is a Wi-Fi jungle.'

'Fashion? Food? Affection?
On Google, you should hunt!'

'O dweller, you forest dweller!'

'Change your ways.
It's real easy!'

'Oh you crazy guy!'

'Just come along
to savour this diesel air!'

'O rough and rugged one.
Let's change your heart!'

'O rough and rugged one.
You are living in the past!'

'To live your life,
that's what weekends are for.'

'On weekdays,
your life is but minced meat!'

'To do all you want,
machines are there!'

'Make sure you earn your degrees,
just so that you can push those buttons!'

'Time is money's new face.
Every day is a rat race!'

'Carving blemishes on earth...'

''O rough and rugged one.
Let's change your heart!'

'O rough and rugged one.
You are living in the past!'

I'm really sorry.
-Get out of here!

Quickly fix that!

Where are you, Vaasi?

'If you cry over a lost match...'

'...a fan, you are.
A true fan, indeed.'

'If you take a selfie
in the scene of an accident...'

' artist, you are.
A true artist indeed.'

'Everything is either a road to fame
or a Vadivelu meme.'

'Be it sadness or joy...'

'O rough and rugged one.
-Let's change your heart!'

'O rough and rugged one.
-You are living in the past!'

'O rough and rugged one.
-This is a Wi-Fi jungle.'

'Fashion? Food? Affection?
-On Google, you should hunt!'

'O dweller, you forest dweller!'

'Change your ways.
It's real easy!'

'Oh you crazy guy!'

''Just come along
to savour this diesel air!''

'O dweller, you forest dweller!'

'Change your ways.
It's real easy!'

'Oh you crazy guy!'

'Just come along
to savour this diesel air!'

Why was your phone unreachable?

You didn't call either.

It's a long story.
I'll tell you all about it.

It's that jungle guy, right?

Is he still alive in the hospital
or is he dead?

Then where is he?

What is he doing here?
-More like what isn't he doing here!

Leaping. Jumping.
Sometimes even flying.

He's turned this house into a zoo!
She's his trainer.

Lot of people would pay to watch him
at my village fair.

Not at all. He's very sweet.

Really helpful, too.
That's why I felt he should be here.

Let's go to the office.

What is he going to do now?

Why are you bringing him?
-Come! It's okay.

Las Vegas is amazing, you know?

We should plan for a trip.

You idiot!

Why did you open the sunroof?

If I hadn't,
he'd break his way out.

Is this Kavya?

This is your uncle Ganesh here!

I came by your office many times
to see you. But I couldn't meet you.

No one's letting me in. I need to...

Didn't my dad tell you to not come here?
-Just this one time...

I'll have you arrested
if you try calling or coming here!

Let me meet Kavya just once...

My father's younger brother?
-Nothing of that sort.

He killed your father for his wealth.
The trial is still ongoing.

Now he's after you
for that same wealth.

My biggest mistake was loving you!

My biggest mistake was marrying you!
I should've just cut you off after a fling.

Given your upbringing,
I'm not surprised.

I'll break your teeth
if you drag my family into this!

I'd love to see you try!

Talk tough just cause we're on the phone!
-Don't make me mad!

If you want to hang up, fine!

Don't pretend like you're being distracted.
-Excuse me! Who are you?

Hello! What do you want?

Who are you?
-Ma'am's calling for you.

Excuse me!
Ma'am wants to...

Where were you, Vaasi?
Today's pay day!

You've worked for fifteen days, right?
Here's your salary. Take it!

Take it!
This is called "money".


Will he come here every day?
-Why do you ask?

He caused a bit of ruckus outside.

He even looks a bit odd.
Everyone's scared!

Where do we put him up
if he's here every day?

Your room!

Even bears are cute.
But only when they're in the wild.

Can we keep them at home
because they're cute?

What are you implying?
-If the forest dept. and government...

The fire alarm!

What happened?

Put it down, man!
My goodness...

Look at what he's doing, ma'am!

Because it's cold,
he's burning everything!

I'm afraid to go in
and turn off the air-conditioner!

That's money, man!

He doesn't know the value of money.
And you want to keep him here!

Yes ma'am.
Let's not put him up here!

You gave a cash receipt
though they paid with a ring?

They said they didn't have cash.

Are you running a pawn shop?

Do you know the penalty for this?

I am not a young man anymore, sir.
Please don't penalize me.

Where were they heading?

Excuse me! He's with me.
Come, Vaasi.

Why did you bring him here?

Take a look at this guy!

What is this?
A new kind of fashion?

Look! His dress is even shorter than yours!

Are you feeling cold?

Want to see him prance and leap around?

Jump around, man!

Why are you glaring?

Shall I get the stick?

Is this how you treat people?
Don't you have sense?

What's wrong with her?

I'm leaving.

Some livelihood this is!

Vaasi doesn't seem to wash at all.

Come in!

You'll be staying here from now.

This is called 'light', Vaasi!

This is called 'fan'.

That is called 'air-conditioner'.

What are you doing, Vaasi?
The air-conditioner is on!

Sir, they look like rich kids.

I will circulate these photos
to all the police stations.

We will fish them out.

I am so sorry.

I shouldn't have behaved that way.

It's okay.
Just relax.

Dad is back tomorrow.
-Is his work done?

He would come even if it wasn't.
Has he ever missed your birthday?

This year is going to be special.


Aren't you coming to work today?
-We'll leave as soon as I take bath. Wait.

What are you doing here?

Have you no sense of decency?

You have shown your true nature.
I shouldn't have let you in.

Get out now!

Are you here?


I didn't want to talk about it.

But when I saw you trying to seek justice
from the wrongdoer, that’s when I decided.

You need to learn the truth.

Just leave!

Don't irritate me!

Get out!

"What are you doing here?"

"Have you no sense of decency?"

Take a look, madam!

Those who live in jungles aren't animals.
All those in the city aren't humans either.

The land value is too low.
If we start a project there...

This is too much.
Everything has a limit.

What do you mean by limit?
Do I need to tolerate you and your torture?

You aren't living with me anyway.
It's been a month!

The separation hasn't made
any difference to you.

Yes, it hasn't.
I don't want to talk to you anymore.

Okay, don't bother me anymore.
Let's meet in court.

Dude, what happened?
Why are you this way?

This is it!
I can't tolerate this anymore.

What are you doing there?

It's nice.

Turn around.

Excuse me!

Who are you?

Excuse me.
What do you want?


My phone!

What are you doing?
-Let go of my phone.

What the hell? What's going on?


Somebody save me!

Let me go!

Excuse me!
Drop me down!

License, please.
Who the hell are you?

Please help.

How can you lug around a woman like that?
Who are you?

What happened?
-I don't know him. He just dragged me here.

He doesn't know anything.
He has never acted this way.

He is an employee of mine.
Sorry, sir!

Madam, she is my wife.

Are you okay?

I’m sorry.

I should be the one to say that.

Had I met you once in person,
our issue would have been resolved.

It's my mistake.
I chose to speak over phone.

No, the mistake is on my part.

I misunderstood you
and spoke hastily!

So, is he the mighty messenger?

Internet and telephone were invented
to enable long distance communication.

But with a phone in hand,
even the near and dear ones seem faraway.

Looks like he doesn't own a phone.
No wonder!

I'm sorry.
-No, I am.

I should have apologized...
-Enough you both!

"This is your Uncle Ganesh.
I tried reaching out to you several times."

"Despite many attempts,
I wasn't allowed to meet you."

Come, dear.
Dhanam, look who is here!

Come and have a seat.

Did you kill my father?

He was my brother
before he became your father.

They said I killed him for his money
and turned an accident into a murder.

I won't blame Rajasekar.
The situation was like that.

Money leads to problems
and trust issues.

My brother had a lot of dreams.
He wanted to raise you well.

But he isn't here to realize his dreams.

It is my duty to fulfill his dreams.

I tried meeting you many times.
But not to demand a share of your money.

Just to say that I'm here for you.

You aren't alone.
You have a father, a mother.

Come here, you both!

You have two sisters.

We need you.
Only you!

That's your elder sister.




Are you okay?

Isn't this the guy with memory loss?
-Yes, doctor.

Don't treat him now.

Let's find out who he is
and where he is from.

Enquire with the police
and send him where he belongs.

That might help him regain lost memory.

Send the girl away.
Don't discharge him.

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'Your heart is like a candle.'

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'As I caress, won't you melt?'

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'Let go of the shyness in your eyes!'

'Hey Tamil girl!'

'Won't you learn his language too?'

'Who are you?
Where did you come from?'

'You made my heart sprout wings!'

'Who are you?
You came in as a gentle sleep.'

'And spun dreams within my eyes.'

‘In moments, some,
you seem like a child.’

‘In moments, other,
you seem like God.’

'And most of the time,
you are beyond all of that.'

'Like blood which provides life...'

‘Like a peak which touches the heavens…’

'Day by day,
you rose higher than all of that.’

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'Your heart is like a candle.'

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'As I caress, won't you melt?'

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'Let go of the shyness in your eyes!'

'Hey Tamil girl!'

'...his language too...'

'You embraced the plants and the trees.'

'You even cleansed the petals
of the flowers.'

'If I were to give myself to you,
what would you do?'

'You were born as a child of wilderness.'

'You were raised under the care of tigers.'

'To a deer like me,
what would you do?'

'Never change.
I accept you as you are.'

'But I ask you for the truth.'

'Say who you are!'

Not during office hours!

'Who are you?
Where did you come from?'

'You made my heart sprout wings.'

'You came in as a gentle sleep.'

'And spun dreams within my eyes.'

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'Your heart is like a candle.'

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'As I caress, won't you melt?'

'Hey lady!
You epitome of beauty!'

'Let go of the shyness in your eyes!'

'Hey Tamil girl!'

'Won't you learn his language too?'

Looks like you have invited
all of us this time.

We aren't just celebrating
Kavya's birthday.

A 2000 crore German project.
They said I couldn't do it. I did it!

Kavya Industries is going to be number one.

It's a double celebration!

Dad! Triple!
-What is it, sir?

That's a surprise.

Go and see if Kavya is ready.
-Will do.

He looks funny.
Is he heading to a fancy dress competition?

I think he looks cute.

Everyone is waiting downstairs.
Dad wants you down. Come soon.

I'll be there.
You go ahead.

Won't you ask me about the surprise?
-What is it?

I can't stand this guy.

Why are you allowing him inside?
Who let you in here? Get out!

Vicky, why are you yelling at him?

Ask him to leave.
I want to talk to you in private.

Vaasi, go downstairs.

Vicky! What are you doing?

Dad is going to announce it today?

About us.

What about us?

About our relationship.
-Our relationship?

-I have told my dad about us.

He has invited all our family and friends
to announce our engagement date.

You and I are getting engaged?
What's wrong with you?

Since when were we in love?

What do you mean?
You always say that I mean a lot to you.

I know that you love me.
-Love and like are two different things.

Don't confuse the two!

Didn't you ever love me?
-No, Vicky! Please understand.

I've told my dad that you love me.
He has told everyone about the wedding.

It would be a big disgrace
if you say no now!

Please, Kavya.
Accept me.

I'll change myself to your liking.
You'll gradually like me.

I am sure you will fall in love with me.

Don't be a fool.
What's wrong with you?

If need be, I will talk to uncle.

He will understand.
It's a misunderstanding.

-Please listen. Don't scream.

I will die without you!

Let go of my hand!

Vicky, let go of me!

I can't stand this guy!


Vicky, what happened?

Are you okay?

-No, madam, don't!

Somebody stop him!

Sir, don't!
Please listen to me!

Hey, stop him!

Everything you say is true, ma'am.
But we didn't arrest him.

They did.
The Andaman Police Department.

They kept him here for 30 minutes,
finished the paperwork and took him away.


Where did they take him?

What savagery this is!
One man assaulted by so many people?

The assault was by a single man.

When will he regain consciousness, doctor?
-Let the scan report come first.

Mr. Rajasekar?

Yes, doctor?

Let him regain consciousness.
Only then can I say anything definite.

He has a fractured bone in his neck.

Even if he survives, he'll have to wear
a cervical collar for life.

Take care.

Sorry to bother you, sir.

Documents for the German project
need to be signed and dispatched.

Why don't you have Kavya sign it?

Because she...

Shall we wrap it up here,
without filing an FIR?

Do nothing here. Take him to the forest
at night and finish him off.

Good morning sir.

A man named Vaasi was arrested
in Chennai and is being held here.

Where is he, sir?

There's no one here like that.
Nobody from Chennai was brought here.

They said he was here...

The cop who arrested him is right there!
How can you say Vaasi isn't here?

I told you there is no one like that, here.

You've arrested and brought him here!
Why deny it?

I said we don't have him here!
You dare question a policeman? Get lost!

Don't get angry, sir.
Please listen to me.

We know Vaasi is right here.

He is not at fault.

I accidentally struck him with my car
and admitted him to a hospital in Chennai.

He is a very good man
and has done nothing wrong.

Please release him.
We'll take him with us.

How many times do I have to tell you this?
Why do you keep repeating? Leave!

Vaasi's right inside...

You dare disobey us? Leave!
-Get your hands off me!

Stop creating a ruckus!
Get these people out of here!

You better leave this place quickly
or we will have to do something drastic!

-Stand back, madam dearest!

That savage is tearing the station apart!
-Turn the car around!

Don't shoot!

-Madam dearest!

Get in!

Did you see anyone go this way?
-Keep going.

Did you see a girl run off with a guy?
-No sir. No one did.

Stop the convoy! Now!
-Yes sir. Pull over!

Seize that man!
Do it now!

Don't shoot me in the one place
which can't be operated on!

I'll live to be 200
if I just make it through today!

Come on, Vaasi!

Let it go, sir!
We need to leave!

But at least, you run
and try to save the rest of them.


You're alive...

Do you know Vaasi?

His name is not 'Vaasi'.
It's 'Jara'.



Here's the honey.


'As the cold wind
sweeps against the bamboo...'

'...listen to this fragrant melody,
my dear.'

'As wave after wave of happiness unfolds
tapping in a new rhythm...'

'...look at the cuckoos dance, my dear.'

'A cascade of waterfalls...'

'...laugh their hearts out.
Pray tell me why, my dear!'

'These trees that shoulder
the yonder skies...'

'...will whisper the secret answer,
my dear.'

Yay! Little bunny.
Don't run!

'The shadow of love wafts through.
Joy rejoices.'

'Even within the body of a boulder,
a vein of tenderness runs through.'

'Sunshine showers blessings upon us.
The hues of the forest change.'

'Truth reveals itself in a stellar show
even without a stage.'

'This is heaven.
Not the one above the stars.'

'Words cannot convey the meaning.'

'As the cold wind
sweeps against the bamboo...'

'...listen to this fragrant melody,
my dear.'

'As wave after wave of happiness unfolds
tapping in a new rhythm...'

'...look at the cuckoos dance, my dear.'

'Even when the thorns scrape our skin,
a kiss is what it is akin to.'

'Even melancholy blooms into joy here.'

'The roots have many stories to tell.
Even time decides to take a respite.'

'And gods come down here to dine.'

'This is us, indeed.
We have changed a great deal.'

'Tell me a way to get back to those days.'

'As the cold wind
sweeps against the bamboo...'

'...listen to this fragrant melody,
my dear.'

'As wave after wave of happiness unfolds
tapping in a new rhythm...'

'...look at the cuckoos dance, my dear.'

'A cascade of waterfalls...'

'...laugh their hearts out.
Pray tell me why, my dear!'

'These trees that shoulder
the yonder skies...'

That can't be cleared.
-No, sir...

It's those tribals!

Sir, let's get going!

Get out!

We've submitted everything
and completed all the formalities.

Please look into it and get it cleared.

How many days will you take leave
citing personal problems?

Sir, I'm really dealing
with a personal problem.

We have a bigger problem here.

A huge sum of money has been invested
in Avalangadi for the Windmill Project.

But the tribals are attacking us
and chasing us away.

Don't you know people
who can speak their tongue?

Vacate them immediately...

...else shoot them right there!

Tell them!

Govt. has sold this land.

Windmills are going to be built.
Move 20 kms away from here.

They say that your laws
aren't applicable to this land...

...and that this is their land
and they get to decide who lives here.

Arrogant savages!

Ask them to vacate in an hour,
else their tribe will be decimated.

Not just for an hour, they say
they are here to stay for eternity.

They say, so far they have only killed
for food.

They ask you not to make them kill
for their home.

I took pity on you
but you continue to be arrogant.

Shoot them!


Guns down.

How did you get here?

There was a tiger in the jungle.
This uncle saved me from it.

After sixteen years of childlessness,
god blessed me with this child.

I don't know how to thank you...

Goodbye, everyone!

I asked you to vacate them
but you're spinning stories about tigers.

Sir, my child...
-Shut up!

Don't let your emotions
get in the way of your duty.

I'm sorry.
-That's okay. Vacate them soon.

Call officer Michael Raj!

But at least, you run
and try to save the rest of them.

Don't do it, Jara.


I thought the cops had killed
and buried him...

...and made everyone believe
that he has run away.

I'm happy to know that Jara is alive.

Sir, where is the rest of their clan?

Without a leader to guide them
and unsure of how to proceed...

...they are residing down south
near Elephant Hill.

You must leave.

Once he reunites with them...

...the entire clan will prosper.


He is right.

It is his forest. He'll handle it.
We should get going.

What are you saying?

How can we leave Vaasi alone here
and go back?

We should help Vaasi meet his people.

We will go back with Vaasi,
but only after we help fix their lives.

Madam, what are you saying?

You may leave if you want to.
I'll talk to uncle.

How can I...?
Without you?

Vaasi, let's go!

I won’t leave you here alone.

He has taken her along.
What about me then? Directions?

Despite knowing it won't go well,
I decide to go along.

No signal.
I'm trying to call uncle.

As if we're in the heart of the city!

We can expect tigers, not towers!

The savage has kidnapped her.
She is not crazy to run away with him.

My son is facing the same situation as you.

I don't care if you have to kill him
but I need Kavya back within 24 hours.

Sir, even we intend to kill him.

Sir, the forest has a radius of 50 km.
How can we search...?

How many people do you need?
How many helicopters?

Who needs to authorize it?
Governor of Andaman? Central Minister?

I need Kavya back!

If a man knows South from North,
he could find Elephant Hill.

We can't even find a termite hill here!

It seems his people are over there.

That was easy! We have Google maps
and they have eagle map!

Madam, it took the eagle ten seconds.
Should be easy for Vaasi!

He can handle it from now on.
Let's get back.

No, Pandian.
We can't leave Vaasi. Come along!

You aren't going to leave without him.
And, I can't leave without you.

Why can't you guys walk?
Don't you see me lagging behind?

Surya Prakash, Commando from Delhi.
Specialist in deep forest operations.

Most importantly, he led
team operations at Dandakaranya.

They know the forest better than us.
We can't do it without the locals' help.

What do you need?

We've walked ten kilometres
and we aren't there yet!

The Eagle map is missing!

Pandian, why did you come along?

Did I want to come?
It just happened...

You are slowing us down.

Listen, madam!
Human beings need rest.

As if Vaasi is going to charge us rent!

Isn't that right?

Why are you getting worked up?
These are legs, not a car!

Operation Zero!

There are only three ways
to get inside or outside this forest.

Trunk Road, Junker and the sea.

We have to use our full force
to cover the three zones and corner them.

If we do so, the radius of fifty kilometres
will gradually reduce to zero.

So that's our Operation Zero.

He might get caught anytime.
Maximum 48 hours!

Don't leave me behind.

Pandian, I'm hungry!

Yeah, madam. The omelette's in the stove.
And the chicken is coming right up!

You always come to me when you're hungry.
But who do I go to when I'm hungry?


Think about the time you ate our food
and burped away happily.

Now we have come to your house.
It's your duty to make us happy.

Can't you see the hunger in our eyes?
Read our face and fill our tummies.

I'm hungry!

Food for thought
when the tummy is in drought?

Madam dearest.

One doesn't need money here...

...a good heart is more than enough.

There is so much space in this forest.
Why are you here? Get lost!

Won't you listen?

Don't forget to wake me up
when you start moving.

It's not a bird! Some camera.
-Anything which flies is a bird.

There they are. Charge!
Keep going!

Get up. Someone is watching us!
-Let me take some rest.

Look at the target.

Someone is following us!

Keep going!

Come, Vaasi!

I repeat, target on the move.
Stabilize and keep going.

No peace even in forest.

Target found.
Direction East.


Keep going.
FN2, come in.

Go for FN2.
-Target found. Direction east, 79 degrees.

Copy M1.

They are not cops, madam.
They are from the army!

What happened?

Yes, I'm trying, sir.
The drone is out of my control.

There is the target.
Follow it.

That is us, sir.

FN2 come in.
Target missing.

FN2 respond!

Madam dearest!


Vaasi, help!

Hey! Look here!

Show me a way out, hey!

Hey Vaasi!

'A forest draped in green.'

'A nest draped in dew.'

'The sky draped in blue.'

'And me, draped in you.'

'A forest draped in green.'

'A nest draped in dew.'

'I fell in love with you, my girl.'

'I fell in love with you, my girl.'

'Thousands of sounds in the air...'

'...I hear, because of you.'

'Thousands of desires within me...'

'...I perceive, because of you.'

'A forest draped in green.'

'A nest draped in dew.'

'The sky draped in blue.'

'And me, draped in you.'

'I once lived in a palace,
but now, that seems a little hut.'

'All the shimmering diamonds
seem like trash, because of you.'

'O celestial plant,
you sprouted in the divine moon...'

'...and descended down here.'

'To be rooted in my forest...'

' exude the fragrance of love.'

'Millions of fragrances in this place...'

'...I felt in my breath, because of you.'

'Millions of colours in this place...'

'...I found, because of you, my dear.'

'For me to rule over your beauty
and for you to dwell in my eyes forever...'

'...a forest draped in green.'

'A nest draped in dew.'

'The sky draped in blue.'

'And me, draped in you.'

'O dainty statuette
clothed in leaves.'

'My heart yearns
for the season of Fall.'

'In the midst of the night’s darkness...'

'...our bodies try to steal the secret.'

'With your breath on my bosom...'

' heart is set on fire.'

'With the warmth of your kiss...'

' shyness withered.'

I have no house,
car, AC or even an ATM card here.

But, I don't miss any of it.

I have one thing for sure.
A heart full of happiness.

I should thank you for that.

Look! Your people are there.


Vaasi, let's go.

Hey, don't keep on saying...

Vaasi, come.

Please, Vaasi. Come!

Hey, don't shoot!
Kavya is there.


No, Vaasi.
Stop, please!

Tie him up!

Your safety is important, ma'am.
Come over here!

Ma'am, we are going to kill him.
Please come over to this side!

Please, Vaasi is innocent.

Come! Please listen to us.

At least now do you believe
that your daughter has eloped with him?

It's not enough to know ministers.
You must know your daughter better.

What can we do
if you ask us to kill him and save her?

If he has managed to travel so far,
he must have gone in search of his tribe.

What do I have to gain by killing a tribe?
My intention is not to kill anyone.

I just need my daughter back.
Please, don't disturb them.

I will provide them all they need.

Sir, they are a terrible lot.
That can never happen.

You need your daughter back, right?
Leave it to me now.

Vaasi! How could you leave me alone?
It took me one whole day to get here.


You are here too!

-Sit, stand!

-Madam dearest!

I'm ranting my head off.
And you're training him here!

You left me behind.
Did you think of my plight?

What if I had run into a lion or a tiger?

-Yes, a tiger!


It won't harm you.

Don't be scared!

Of course, I will be!
How can one not be scared?

Running is good for blood pressure
and diabetes.

Did you see Vaasi?
-That's not important now.

You wished to see them united.
But you have put them in grave danger.

Your uncle has deployed a task force
to get you back.

Is uncle here?

Michael's team will be here any moment.
Danger awaits them.

I'm the one they need.
I will leave.

Yes, ma'am. We'll leave.
Let's take Vaasi along.

Without Vaasi.

We should go and meet uncle immediately.

That's the only way to save these people.

Do you think you can live without Vaasi?

There are so many people here.
Their lives, happiness...

Only Vaasi can provide them that.

Rather than being by my side...

I thought you didn't understand
what you were doing...

...and I made a mistake
by coming along.

A human who thinks only about himself
is an animal!

You thought of saving them...

...I'm so proud to have raised you.

You have risen up in my eyes.

Please wait.
I'll be back.

Hello? Yeah, tell me.
The signal is weak.

Sir, it's Kavya madam!

I treated you like my own daughter.

He tried to kill my son.
And you ran away with him?

What are you doing?
-Shut up! You filthy servant!

Did you tag along to hook them up?

Shut up!

Take him away!

Load him up in the vehicle!

Madam dearest!
-Sir, what's all this?

Beat me all you want.

Vaasi is not at fault.
It was Vicky who...

I made you a fortune worth 2000 crores.
And you run away with this savage?

Am I mad?

My son has to wear cervical collar
for life. Look...

...the two of you will get married.
Let's see how you run away from that!

I'll do anything you ask.

Vaasi and his people are in trouble.

Someone is trying to snatch their land.

Some big company.

You must...
-It's not just someone...

It's you!

They represent Kavya group of industries.

And, you are its owner!

Here are the documents you signed.

I spent two months in the US
for this project.

You wanted Kavya back...

...and you said you wouldn't harm
these people, but help them.

Didn't you try to deceive us
despite knowing their hideout?

That's why we used you as a pawn.

Michael, I'm taking Kavya with me.

The project should be ready in a month.
I don't want any of them alive.

Uncle, don't hurt...

I want to go!

Uncle, how could you?
Stop it!

Let go of him!

Knock him out!

Take him away!


Vaasi, no!

I will leave him be!

I'll spare him.
Now come with me.

You will spare him?

He has spared your life.

Just because I said so!

I did all of this for you!

This is your industry.
-Kavya Industries!

That's your dream!

But not Kavya, right?

Your love and affection
is entirely materialistic.

Just for money!


I don't need any of it!

You can take all of it.
But this land... mine.

I decide who gets to live here.

What are you saying?

For this savage?

You call yourselves human...

...but in pursuit of money, fame and power
you turn into backstabbing savages.

These tribal folks are more human
than you will ever be.


It's not a request.

It's an order!